>announced for like a day>already has artists drawing her non-stopSada confirmed for best pokigirl

>announced for like a day>already has artists drawing her non-stopSada confirmed for best pokigirl

Attached: sada.jpg (1750x2265, 1.39M)

>>600924932idk what is worst the fact that the game looks like nintendo's patented graphical shit or if 30 year old boomer fags jizzed themselves over a fucking kids game and now are drawing lewds of it imagine being bald and playing a kids game


>>600924932She looks like a drag queen in this one.

>>600924932this happens with literally every pokemon game released, artists just know what the depraved masses want to see, and its sexualized characters from the latest childrens game

>>600925323(and that's a good thing)

>>600924932the art is shit and her design is retarded but ig you would have to have mush for brains to enjoy it which is basically the average pokemon fan. Imagine getting excited for this yearly released garbage, everyone already forgot the previous one soon as this one came out.

Attached: 1654125419078.png (379x450, 242.31K)

>>600924932i dont really like her design to be honestthey are only drawing her because its pokemon

>>600925468I like drag queens unironically, but no, she's just uggo-drag.

>>600925493The coomer design is already a tell-tale indication that the game is gonna be garbage, as is the presence of the pedophiles sexualizing the main characters. It's why I consider Splatoon and Xenoblade to be terrible games.Bad games attract bad fanbases.

>>600925868Xenoblade games are pure kino and has well written and developed characters with actual character arcs and a fantastic story>muh chara designBrainlet low iq one dimensional narrow viewpoint

>>600925236>balding at 30Genetically inferior

>>600925951>pure kinoYou mean pure shit?

>>600924932Did some guy commission a bunch of these? I am not exactly complaining, but why are there several? And why is the same spelling error present in both?

Attached: 1654127161236.jpg (1413x2023, 376.95K)

>>600924932>already has artists drawing her non-stopArtists nowadays just try to churn out whatever lewd/meme art of whatever new thing got announced as quickly as possible for retweets and patreon subs.

Attached: 1607110392345.jpg (640x480, 40.83K)

>>600925951>pure kino

Attached: 1592423756730.webm (426x226, 1.05M)

>>600926289>Be anime game>Expect anime moments>"WTF? WHY IS THERE ANIME MOMENTS IN MY ANIME GAME?"

Attached: 1652256858101.jpg (667x468, 166.91K)

>>600926391>want video game>get cinematic experience with no gameplay>"WTF WHY ARE YOU UPSET AT BEING LIED TO?!"

Attached: 108-1083804_think-big-discord-emoji-discord-thinking-emoji-transparent.png (860x854, 143.43K)

>>600926181It's usually either this >>600926181 or >>600926082As both an artist and a commfag, I've been on both sides of this fence. I've drawn FotM waifus galore just for the money on subscribestar on ko-fi, I don't even remember most of their names, and I've also machinegun-commissioned the same pic of one of my OCs spread out over different artists. "popularity" like this is always artificial, it's either people like me following the money, or people like me with too much money with fave-brainrot.

>>600924932stop shilling your shit on Holla Forums and /vg/ dudeyou can't even draw a face with soft characteristics.

Attached: hard ass lines goddamn.png (470x456, 489.43K)

>>600926289>one cherrypicked sceneand? Still a great game

>>600924932Kek, doesn't the male prof have tons and tons more though?

>>600926052t. early malding 29 y/o

>>600927115That represents every single scene in the entire game. Every. Last. One. Infact, I dare you to find a single cutscene that isn't cringeworthy cinematic garbage ripped straight from a marvel movie.

>>600927359Terrible baitYou must be young

>>600927473I'm not seeing a rebuttal.

>>600924932>best pokigirl (hag)I don't think so.

Attached: __gloria_pokemon_and_2_more_drawn_by_kairunoburogu__1fafa277175e5d3d3a5e2f94e35c9cdf.jpg (2462x3283, 636.83K)

>>600924932They draw her because they have to, because they're obligated to. Not because she's actually good.

>>600924932This is normal for day 1, the fanart will slow down to a crawl because they're all kinda ugly for some reason this time around.

>>600927359>initially complains about anime nonsense>now brings up marvel moviesI see you are already moving the goalposts before someone makes a rebuttal

>>600928139Anime nonsense AND Marvel Movies are one and the same. They're full of obnoxious "quirky" characters making snarky one liners and acting like walking cliches, and they waste the player's time with unnecessary things that don't belong in video games.

>>600924932of fuck yeah fr fr these muslcefus be straight bussin! I love licking the abs bro haha #tomboysupremacy hahaI kneel.... muclefu sama. I'm so quirky 'cause I like muscular women lol! did I mention that yet? liking muslcewomen is BASED haha I'm BASED haha check my twitter posts *chad yes* thats me lol

>>600924932This is mildly muscular?

>>600928369The fact you're able to replicate their speech pattern so perfectly is making me sideeye u fr fr no cap.

>>600928446No, its just some stupid fucking tiktok meme line

>>600924932>what is perspective

>>600928874An artist's worst nightmaret. begginer artist

>>600924932I could beat her

>>600928369imagine acting up for attention like this like a monkey dancing for peanuts

its called chasing clout nigger

Attached: 1642040550841.jpg (699x656, 78.71K)

pokemon can shit out the worst design ever made in the history of videogames and she'd still get 1k pics on day oneit's all about that patreon money

>>600926082No its just another meme twitter artist template. They redraw this same picture and pose with same sentence with muscular/fit anime chicks now. There was another meme about redrawing Ryuko from Kill La Kill putting on her panties recently. Twitter artists are niggers.

>>600929752Is the spelling error part of the meme too?

>>600929938I think so yeah

Attached: 7mdcPyt.png (850x1263, 656.51K)

>>600928369This but unironically

>>600927608those look very kissable and suckable

>>600930074where is the giant bulge?

Attached: BBC (big bunny cock).jpg (737x1049, 57.26K)

>>600925323that's western art for you

>>600925951xenoblade 1 and xenogears I mildly agree, but xenoblade 2 is complete dogshit

>>600930074wow he somehow managed to make mirko ugly, that's gotta be some sort of achievement

Attached: 1653846486623.jpg (2047x3341, 393.89K)

>>600929938Yes. The original was made by a fitness IG girl named LeanBeefPatty on her TikTok to mock the post someone had made, with the shitty spelling intact.

Attached: FAFYgTfXMAUlOso.jpg (675x1200, 68.67K)

>>600931212gross dude

>>600931806>the origin is a 3dpd memeWhy are young people's memes like this?

>>600926289>calls him a dickIsn't that a good insult, though?

>muscular women>but no futa cockswhats the fucking point?

>>600933614this, can't get any more straight than that

>>600933614They dont need a fat cock to dominate you user

Attached: 1647440622536.png (592x511, 525.41K)

>>600934023>>600933614Wait FUCK wrong image

Attached: acf.png (811x546, 612.32K)

>>600924932what happened to her face

>>600933946>>600934023>>600934121but taking fat futa cock in the ass is the only REAL way to sexually dominate you.

Attached: bunny bitch futa with ochaco.png (843x402, 373.3K)


>>600926052not him, but im 26 now and all men in my family have lost their hair at 20, meanwhile i still have lotss of hair. Did i dodge the bullet or is it going to smack me in the future?

>>600934023Bros why did we do it?

>>600934023I didn't mean to, I swear

>>600924932She's 12.


>>600934574I'm 26, still have hair but it's starting to pull back. Feels bad.

Artists make half finished sketches and fill in the blanks. It usually takes a week or two before you start seeing wholly original quality pieces and not junk art like that.

>>600934584>>600934684Don't worry he just molted :)


>>600934978I was thinking this would be the best way to get ahead of the FoTM game.

>>600932119Because is funIncel tear

>>600924932This is so weird this girl is not appealing to me at all but the rival is qt

>>600937328It's the art style, gives her a drag queen look.

western artists are only drawing her because they won't be called pedos for it, they'll drop her the moment a hotter adult female gets revealed.at least the nips don't care about their age and have better art.western artists should just commit collective suicide

>>600939712Why not draw Nemona then? She has a mature body.

Attached: 1654098445073.png (1280x720, 381.68K)

>>600937093Most of the "holy shit he's so fast" porn artists do that, or even just have templates. Just have the girls posed a certain way, have a penis or a faceless male right off screen, color in the details as need be. Post it and you're dominating the art tags and getting free publicity for "holy shit he's so fast"

>>600931806>zoomers falling for this shitThey really are dumb as hell

>>600932119Because zoomers live in the era of social media. There memes are derived from the intersection of the internet and your real life.The internet was far less consolidated and less Web 2.0-y in the '90s and early 00s, so the best you got was just repeating weird shit people said in video games or movies like "all your base are belong to us" and putting Impact font text over pictures or putting it in a motivational poster format to convey some inane idea.

>>600931806>great body>trashy tattoosExpected by this point. Women are fucking retarded.

>>600934023I can't believe 4chan would do this

Attached: jaymarvel professor sada pokemon.png (1932x2174, 2.3M)

>>600934978I just think it's funny that rule34 went from obscure meme to internet clout race over the years.

Attached: [011406].png (400x400, 7.78K)

>>600934837Good>>600934918Based I want to deepthroat muscle girl dick!

>>600926289the facial animations are the only problem i have with this gamethey need work

>>600943545what is with you futafags and announcing your cocklust?

>>600934023That doesn’t sound right. If there’s one thing 4chan actually likes, it’s animals.

>>600941919Porn(and sex work in general) has been heavily destigmatized in the age of the internet, especially with the rise of smartphones, well-curated porn websites that don't give your PC every disease known to man. and smartphone apps that are basically just doordash for callgirls. Being willing to draw porn gives you an edge in the extremely crowded internet artist market. Everybody jokes about the suspiciously wealthy furries, but even then, a commission-based artist doing NSFW requests is an easy way to make beaucoup bucks.

>>600934978Wow that's like so soulless...

Attached: 1650465656612.gif (498x395, 603.87K)

>>600943932Yeah because sociopaths only have empathy for animals.


Attached: 1654179591411.jpg (720x303, 46.92K)

>>600944079These "sow see oh pats" sound like nice people.

>>600945342Does anyone on 4chan look like "nice people"?

>>600945424yes, but I'm not saying wheredon't need you Holla Forumsirgins going over there and fagging up the place

>>600941263>talking to a girl in work>"ow, this hurts, just got my first tattoo">proceeds to go into great detail about the many tats she will get in the future (where they will Will go, what they will look like, the "meaning" behind each one)Tragic.

>>600945424Yes, there are plenty of nice anons. You must just be an antagonistic faggot if you haven't met any.


>>600945520You can keep your dead board, /po/fag.

>>600935237>4chan teases crab>crab powers upYou nerds could learn something from his crab.

What kind of new pokegirls are you hoping to see? I'm hoping for>someone in a flamenco dress>flat redhead with a fivehead>gyaru cougar >preggo>messy barefoot NEET>someone wearing a bodysuit

>>600946424I just want a straight up dominatrix, with no dancing around the subject or design theme.>gyaru cougarBased, and also add>manba trainer

>>600926585Why should an amazon have soft features?

>>600924932I really really and i mean REALLY want to look like her >.

Attached: 1654108637693.jpg (1932x2174, 283.08K)


>>600946950Then start working out instead of staying slouched on your chair all day long

She still has a ways to go to catch up to Turo's amount of pics.

Attached: daddy.jpg (720x1080, 319.74K)

>>600924932>>announced for like a day>>already has artists drawing her non-stopliterally happens every time a new Pokemon game is announced

>Femdom>Muscular women>Mommy gf>Tomboys

Attached: 1629317746810.png (427x400, 12.25K)

>>600924932>already has artists drawing her non-stopHappens with literally every new popular game announcement/release because most video game lewd artists are panhandling beggars and want to cash in on popular thing

>>600946937They're better that way

Attached: ESJMK6HW4AAKR3N.jpg (1037x1381, 112.9K)

>>600950243Femdom fucking sucks, but the other 3 are alright.

Attached: one_more_by_vanheist-d6oye53.png (1680x1260, 2.87M)

>>600950243Why are Holla Forumsigins so obsessed with reddit and believing they invented everything that exists?

>>600950497gentle femdom is good thoughbeing the little spoon

>>600951058He's just hating on the current trend.

>>600930074>>600924932I keep thinking that black gap on the left is a leash she's holding

>>600926289I like her Smash Bros outfit more and you can't stop me.

Attached: 1615766888293.png (565x565, 873.82K)

>>600924932Daily reminder the artist got destroyed by a bunch of trans niggas in WoW

>>600951124I don't want to be the little spoon! I want to dominate and force them to be the little spoon!


>>600924932Not for being specially hot, but because she's the least bland of all the ones they've showed.

Attached: 1628034820699.png (1516x1492, 3.34M)


>>600924932>>already has artists drawing her non-stopThis is because if artists want engagement they have to follow the trends, otherwise they will fade into obscurity. Even the art we produce is dictated by the algorithm.

>>600924932I feel like pokemon is just cult and safe space for these nerds so now we have 30 year olds who will never wanna leave that comfort zone, games might be boring as shit, but it's probably the fanbase why they still love this franchise, Nintendo is good at nostalgia trapping weak minded.

>>600924932>chiseled manface>p*besstraight outta binley

>>600931212in your mother

>>600955709>Holla Forumsirgins shart themselves into frothing furies over trannies while hooting and jizzing themselves onoinsfaced over dickgirls and futas>BUT ONE IS REAL THE OTHER ISN'T THEY'RE THE OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE UNIVERSE!!You slobber and obsess over male genitals on female bodies. You're faggots, degenerates, and tranny lovers.

>>600929752>There was another meme about redrawing Ryuko from Kill La Kill putting on her panties recently.I need examples.

>>600924932Yeah, I am sure this never happened before :)

>>600956269you actually made me spit out water with how neurotic you are.thanks for the chuckle.

>>600924932>fotm character get tons of art madewow what a surprise this definitely didn’t happen with sword and shield characters

>>600924932>peeking pubesshe definitely rapes shotas

>>600926492do you agree with the statement that eastern (asian typically) artists put out works that are consistently higher in quality than western ones?

>>600931212Now we're talking

Attached: gummy-smile-300.jpg (300x300, 27.43K)

>>600931212>B*XCall me when the insufferable niggerfaggot draws futa on futa penetration.

Attached: 1595332028636.jpg (567x493, 86.33K)

needs hairy pubes and armpits to complete the wild woman package

>>600931212>this lazy faggot artist still hasn't finished this one

>>600924932>already has mediocre "artists" desperate for likes drawing her non-stopfix'd

>>600943932misinformed takego to the literal animal board and try mentioning catsor you can go to veepee and make a confession thread, you'll get at least two or three confessions about animal torture guaranteed

Attached: sup.jpg (415x324, 17.42K)

>>600924932I've only lifted seriously for like 2 years and always natty but I can still bench more than most female elite powerlifters.Muscular women aren't all that strong if you're a decent lifter yourself.

>>600926082English not my first language, please detail the spelling error.

>>600924932That's basically par for the course when it comes to Pokemon characters.

>>600925236Pokemon has been about the girls for at least 6 generations

I could rape her.

>>600959592and rapeful tendencies

>>600961462dumb ESL

>>600961789>1789Together, brother

>>600962193dumb UOL

>>600925236Imagine putting any of your self-worth in the presence of hair on your head. Hair is disgusting. Flesh is disgusting.

>>600934574it's based on your mother's father so if he had hair then you're fine.

>>600931806funny thing is she's a jiggaboo chaser, so all these whites crying incel never had a chance anyway.

>>60096367201000010 01000001 01010011 01000101 01000100

Attached: 1607710586176.jpg (440x439, 88.37K)

>>600941021We have to go back.

>>600935237more like crabed :^)

>>600945583let her pretend she's interesting user. It gives her something to talk about.

>>600924932this character already has better porn than my waifu that has been around for 18 years

>>600963672honestly yes. I hope I dry up into one of those ugly bearded guys in a biker vest.

>>600931762That pic wasn't ugly

>>600944537Fabricated cap she has 70 pics so far

>>600964131>>600964534The human skeleton is aesthetic perfection and all this vile, wet shit we have wrapped around it is an affront to that. One day we will all be free and perfect. Place no stock in this temporary covering.The perfection of the machine is also a worthy pursuit.

>>600926052Yes, have you seen photos of nintendo manchildren ? bald all of them

>>600927803You're not, as an artist, forced to chase the fotm. It just makes it easier but you might lose your soul jn the process.

>>600944537Wait why the fuck did they change the tag to Porkyman? Copyright spook? I swear it was just Pokemon recently.

>>600931806honestly even though I'm a fat pig man who barely works out. I could still crush her and it's the funniest fucking thing to me.

>>600964806The body is the machine. Spirit is the ghost in the machine, we are more like than not.

>>600956283Kill yourself.>>600925236>>600925323>>600925441>>600925493 >>600925586 >>600925868 >>600926181 >>600926492 >>600926585 >>600927803 >>600927903 >>600928369 >>600928757 >>600928874 >>600929714 >>600929634 >>600929752 >>600934978 >>600939712 >>600946950 >>600950091 >>600950243 >>600955410 >>600955451 >>600956771 >>600960050 >>600964890Holy fucking based. Who knew so many anons realized the truth. So many people hitting this fucking bullshit where it hurts.JUST BUY A FUCKING HOOKER COOMER FAGGOTS!>>600925951>>600926053>>600926289>>600931530The fact that 2fags aren't responding is a telltale sign they already gave up. XB2 will remain one of the worst games ever made.

>>600964896anon it's been porkyman for years

>>600965325inb4 Afroshit comes back again to damage control the godawful design and the coomershit """""""""""artists"""""""""""" drawing shitty porn of it

>>600964273Who is your neglected waifu? I glanced at everything Sada has on Paheal and wasn't appealed to by any of the previews enough to open the full images.


>>600964806Yeah but only if we look really fucking cool

>>600964273The porn is all shit on the basis that it is FOTMshit and one of the worst character designs of all time on the level of Xenoblade 2

>>600924932Is there a way to force myself to be attracted to women like a normal person because I see characters like her or the Resident Evil lady and feel so repulsed. It makes me feel like I'm missing out or that I'm not normal because I only feel attraction to a character if she's younger.

Attached: 2330840a865059c42ed522a566d4d3e6.jpg (1987x2012, 630.93K)

>>600929714Shhhhh, you're exposing the truth, now Afrotranny's clique is gonna come after you for hurting their bottom line.

>>600924932all her art looks like dogshit

>>600931806i like her

>>600926053Absolutely fucking this. We hope XB3 flops hard.>>600927115>Still a great gameNo. It's one of the worst JRPGs ever made, we've been over this many times for the past 5 years.

>>600926289Oh fuck that was physically painful to watch. I hate weebshit so much it's unreal.

>>600966840This. Xenoblade 2 makes my day worse everytime I think about it. Maybe that's why I'm so miserable all the time. It's time to truly push back against weebshit.