Owlcat have sold out

Owlcat have sold out

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owlcat was never good

reddit tier writing in warhammeroh great...

>>600923778>sold outHow exactly?

>>600926037>warhammer>good writing

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>>600928806Took the warhammer money. It will be shitty turn based and the ruleset is from 1985. So theres no way its gonna be better than prev games

>>600923778>Sold outWhoooaa like you can't even buy the game anymore, cause they sold so much, based.

>>600928989>So theres no way its gonna be better than prev gamesYeah because taking money from Pazio and using the worst D&D ruleset is so much better, right?

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>>600929421die casual scum

>>600928889Never said thatBut at least wasn't reddit cringe tier.

zero hopes for it

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>>600929694>wasn't reddit cringe tier.OH NONONONO

>>600928989>1985Already said they're using the ffg system

>>600929770you have to embrace the cringe not modernize it with nu-rpg marxism a la owlcat

>doing pathfinder games>start doing w40k game>sellouthuh?

>Company just makes good games, partially through meme magic >No things can't be good! >L...look they included hecking, negros, jews, gays, women, cucks, sluts >Noooo thing we know nothing about is badHoly based cringtards

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how the fuck did they get w40k rights?

>>600923778This looks so cool, though

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>>600930058they are doing it for the moneyalso warhammer games mostly suck so theres no pedigree there

>>600923778Sometimes feels good being a fantasyfag. 40K ends up absorbing all the unwanted attention.

This will probably unironically be better than 90% of Wahrammer games.

>>600930686>they are doing it for the moneyyeahthats how development that worksi still fail to see how this is them selling out

>>600930946of course it will be. this one will let you romance all sorts of xenos xDD

>>600930686>pedigreeWhat cheap dog food has to do with warhammer?

>>600931187can't wait to get cucked by an eldar

>>600923778>Turn based only It's like they want it to fail. Already forgetting the fans who brought them where they are.

>>600930946Lol no, it's just WoTR with guns and without list-building (because Warhammer TTRPG done by FFG aren't designed for dungeon crawling)

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>>600931402FUCK LARIAN

>>600923778>foulcunt have sold outNot surprised at all.

>>600931424A Rogue Trader game in the style of WotR is literally my dream game, faggot.

Cry more faggot.

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>>600929694Delusional post

is this going to be an x-com clone?itll be cooli want to play x com again

>>600931424Yeah I remember all the Forgefriends in WotR, looks like a lazy asset flip

>>600931712a warhammer xcom game just came out,

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>>600929421>worst dnd rulesetLmao 5th babby filtered by math. >>60093094690% of warhammer games are literal shovelware, it’s like saying your hot pocket is better tasting than the average content of your toilet.

>>600931424I hope it's more like Kingmaker than Wrath.

>>600923778>40kyikeswe will never get an age of sigmar game thats over a 4/10

>>600931843oh i might check it out

>>600931712The announcement trailer has some footage from the game. Its like their previous games + guns.

>>600931790>Yeah I remember all the Forgefriends in WotRLiterally Blackwater dungeon

>>600931424>it's just WoTR with gunsSo better than 95% of 40k games then?I think you vastly underestimate the amount of zero-effort shovelware that GW has licensed.

>>600931891That's because age of smegmar is barely a 2/10.

>>600931959well they wont bring back the old fantasy so its the best we got.40k is just oversaturated poodoo

>>600931862>B/X is better for adventuring and freedom>5e is better for normie narratives>3.5e is just munchkin bullshit and infinite shitty minutiaeIt's the worst ruleset.t. Fa/tg/uy.

>>600931891>>600931959AOS is much better as a tabletop game than Old Fantasy was.The fluff is mediocre at best still but AOS has come a long way from the travesty that was end times.

>>60093201440k is infinitely better than the dogshit that is AoS and I say this as a fantasyfag.

>>600929532uh oh pathshitter melty

>>600931891They need to make an AoS Musou game. The tabletop game already jerks off named characters. You could even do 4 campaigns, one for each grand alliance.

>>600931913ohthat's a bit disappointingI don't think pathfinder ruleset will work well with 40k setting>i hit you with the bolter and deal you 23 damagesounds silly if you know what a bolter is

>>600932348Well that doesnt mean it uses the same ruleset. But visually its similar and its obviously made in Unity again, iterating on what they did for the two previous games.

>>600932348There are multiple TTRPGs for 40k user.I've heard they're using one of the existing rulesets.>i hit you with the bolter and deal you 23 damage>sounds silly if you know what a bolter isSame logic could apply to great swords and stuff. It's a required abstraction of ttrpgs

>>600932348They might use the wrath and glory system and homebrew something with it. Pretty certain bolters deal a certain amount of wounds on tabletop so it's kind of similar.

>>600931891>>600932239For me it’s an AoS arena fighter like the old Budokai Tenkaichi games.Customize your guys armor and what weapon he uses.Add big guys like Gargents, Mawkrushers, Ghorgons.Fuck balance just make it fun.

>>600932623>I've heard they're using one of the existing rulesets.They should just homebrew something themselves. They have enough grogs on the team to do so.

>>600932623still 40k isnt a good setting for a an adventure story like their previous gamesoh and god forbid they will add romanceplease not in 40k game

>>600931915Except their were none >the homage to 40k part of golarian looks like 40kwell imagine my shock

>>600923778rogue trader had the best concept of any pnp rpg, and owlcat has quite a bit of experience under their belt now, so i am hopeful this turns out well. nugw is turbosoy but no more so than paizo.

>>600932930>t. never played rogue traderYou’ll get a salty commissar, felenid, earth caste, and harlequin romance and you’ll fucking like it

>>600923778Cant wait to see how many niggers and trannies they'll manage to stuff into this one

>>600929946Where? I don't see how they managed thisFF system is fucking awesome and will be a very easy rulseset to use for gaming but Fantasy Flight owned the rule set and GW isn't working with them anymore. There's no FF branding on this anywhere.Plus while it's a great system it also leaned HEAVILY into things being at different power levels. There's no way a space marine and Eldar are hanging out with RT elements with how supernatural stats work.The other alternative is Wrath & Glory which is made for such weird party comps but has that lame new age style of TTRPG rule craft like not having any true failure states and other soft glove stuff like that.I'd rather FFs system over that but either way Owlcat has to do a lot of heavy lifting on the ruleset and they could fuck that up

>>600932930hello secondary

>rpgI always thought of 40k as an RTS or 4x game But an RPG? idk feels weirdeveryone dies left and right in 40k so having the same characters and have them growing on you doesnt feel right?

>>600933787If it's based off the FF rulseset you have around 20 HP and a SM bolter does 2d10+9 re rolling damage.That said the system is also built that you only die at around -7-9 HP but each time you go negative you get horribly disfigured and permanent negative stats/lose limbs.Healing is easy because of 40ks level of technology, especially for a rogue trader but you're going to be heavily relying on your gear to mitigate damage like that

>>600933787Fucking secondaries, holy shit.There are dozens of novels set in 40k that follow regular humans. Tons die but there are still consistent casts making it into sequels.

>>600934323>regular humansMore like exceptional humans. But yeah, its a weird complaint about the universe.

>>600934162im talking more about narrative i used for my marines be faceless guys that are shooting what they were ordered to>>600934323who cares about thoseits a tabletop game that has a videj game adaptationeveryone knows games, few knows booksthey should understand that

>>600934539nothing exceptional about the imperial guard who have survived 16 novels, just lucky as shit

>>600932769They've stated they're using a system mostly based on FFG's.

>>600934579>its a tabletop game that has a videj game adaptation>everyone knows games, few knows booksYes, thank you for your hot take, mr secondary.>everyone knows DnD, nobody knows Pathfinder>why adapt Pathfinder?

>>600934920>nothing exceptional>lucky as shityou might even say.. exceptionally lucky

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>No! owlcat is bad!>Warhammer is shit!Just enjoy games you niggers.

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>>600935276>just mindlessly consoomftfy

>>600934579>its a tabletop game that has a videj game adaptation>everyone knows games, few knows booksThe tabletop games have always had named characters. Guardsmen have had named characters for decades and some are only the heads of individual squads (Bastonne and Harker for example). They're not much stronger than an average person but are smart/lucky enough to survive.

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>OwlcuckIts over

>>600935075We get it you are nerdI don't give a shit about books>mr secondaryIf that's an insult it doesn't mean anything to me

>>600935276There is literally nothing to enjoy>Pathfinder KM and WotR game design but with system which doesn't fit such gamedesign>Reused assets>No aesthetic>No adventure

>>600935276The only thing Owlcat is good for is build autism. The story, writing and companions are for the most part terrible. They are lucky they get hard carried by appealing to my autism so much.

>>600935438Its a table top that is about one army fighting another armyOn that scale nobody gives a shit about names

>>600930686>they are doing it for the moneyYes, they are a company. It is literally what they do.

>>600935276I enjoy pfI just don't think a similar rpg is a good match with the universe

>>600935626>make boring shitty product and ruin your name instead of making a new pathfinder game>get 0 sales and go bankruptwaow nice move owlcat

>>600935434>No, you can't enjoy anything! That's consuming>>600935559>>600935596So don't play. There are plenty of people who would disagree with you.Even if you want to complain about something there are better candidates than singleplayer rpgs games that are almost non-existent nowadays.

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>>600935624Buddy, it's the interactions on the board that give characters names and backstories. You have a unit that never seems to die? You'll end up giving him a name, he's a veteran of hundreds of battles, stalwart but distant from others, seeing his friends die over and over again.

>>600934323Pay no mind to them. True fans have wanted a game like this for years.

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>>600935863They are working on new pathfinder stuff at the same time.What is the point of your low effort shitposting? That desperate for human interaction?

>>600935493Yeah, because you're a newfag, kill yourself.

>>600930686>they are doing it for the moneyWas wotr really that bad?

>>600935624>t. I've never played the gameHoly shit user, stop posting about shit you've never played. The rules for the tabletop include specific named dudes. There's even unique models sold for them. Named characters a re a huge fucking part of 40k.

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>>600935863How was Rogue Trader user? What was your favorite and least favorite moments in it?

>>600935863I mean we don't know if its shit yet?Its been one day since we know about its existence

>>600935493it means that your input doesn't matter because you have no idea what you're talking about

>>600935624The armies have dozens and dozens of names characters each what are you talking about? Even the RTS has hero units and if you're any good some squads live from the start of the match to the endWhat are you talking about?

>>600930686>they are doing it for the moneyIf they wanted money they would go make mobile games like almost all slav game studios these days.>>600935624That would be true if there weren't piles and piles of lore and stories around this board game.

>>600935938>There are plenty of people who would disagree with you.And this site exist for conversations, Deal with it

>>600935984>They are working on new pathfinder stuff at the same time.nowhere has this been said retardAnd they are a small studio they cant make 2 games at the same time.>>600936043warhammer is shitTheir games got carried by the stories and characters that paizo wrote. Without that we will get a generic woke bitch saves the world story and it will get a 60 on metacritic>b-but that wont happen anonI have a tested IQ of 145 and am the 'Shazam' you people must already know of. Its over for owlcat.

>>600936327>Their games got carried by the stories and characters that paizo wrotebait

>>600935624>nobody gives a shit about names.>The game has literal lists of named characters, named weapons, named vehicles>Most of them have bespoke models made for them>You can then also make your own, giving them specific items and abilities to have them stand out from their compatriots.>One of the main selling points is being able to make up your own army, with it's own officers and story, and slot it into the canon of the overall game because gaps were specifically left in it just for that.>nobody gives a shit about names.

>>600936327Your move, retard.

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>>600936301>this site exist for conversationsAnd you're just whining.

>>600936327>barely any punctuation>can't back up arguments>knows nothing about the setting he is complaining aboutShouldn't you be at school? I didn't think it was summer yet.

>>600936474>And you're just whining.Nope, it's simply sharing your opinion, get over this

>>600936440They are talking about wotr dlc not a new pathfinder gameWith a 3 year dev window it till be 2027 till the next pathfinder game comes out. A flopped warhammer game's sales wont keep paizo afloat till then. Its OVER.

>>600936761genuinely retarded

Lmao pathfinder is small baby franchise compared to 40k. Glad they are moving on to bigger and better things.

>>600936761Where exactly did I talk about new pathfinder game? I talked about more PF content, just like they did.Swing and a miss my friend. Better luck next time.Both of their games are massively successful for studio of their scale by the way. Again, are you really this desperate for human contact? Call your mom or something.

>>600931625>t. retard who never played actual RT TTRPG

>>600936959>bigger and better things.

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>>600936971>I talked about more PF contentbackpedal more clown bitch

Its not dawn of war so i don't give a shitAnd if its gonna be like wotr where i have to baby sit a party that escaped from a circus it will be so bad it would turn to be hilarious

>>600937110Learn to read. Might help on a message board.

>>600931363>Trying to romance an eldar.They'd treat you like a pet in the best case scenario.

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>>600937213No one cares about 1 small dlc.

>>600931363If she's a ranger you could very likely be her first. Cucking every other Eldar until the end of time.

>>600923778Nigga all they've ever done is make games based on other properties.That said I'm not a big fan of Owlcats games since it feels like it's less "make your character however you want" and more "we made the encounter design bullshit and bloated the enemy stats to try and force you to go full autismo and only make a broken build

>>600937409Nowhere in the post from the devs does it specify its just one small DLC. In fact they are talking about second season of DLCs and implies further future content.How does it feel to be THIS wrong THIS many times in a row?

>>600931363That would be a Larian game.>>600937367There is enough of stories about interspecies romance(especially Eldar) for it to be a thing in the game.

>>600923778>>600928989I mean, no more than making a Pathfinder game. They're both existing properties.

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>>600937584>There is enough of stories about interspecies romance(especially Eldar)Like...

>mfw this reveal exposed just how little if anything their target audience even knows about Rogue TraderI best people just saw 40k and stopped there.

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>>600937758Girly man and that one cunt

>>600932930Its a rogue trader, They're canonically space privateers that can get away with almost anything so long as they're good at dodging inquisitors.Their letter of marque literally gives them provision to trade with xeno races for gods sake.

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>>600937367>user doesn't know that love can bloom on the battlefield

>>600937584>That would be a Larian game.Did you forget all about Wenduag or Cam dumping you?

>owlcatNooo, I wanted 40k turn based tactical game by Firaxis, like Xcom where you burn the filthy xenos and mutants and cultists.

>>600937984Oh I am going to trade something with xenos species alright... Gonna have my own crusade to prove to all the haughty eldar bitches why humanity should rule the galaxy.

>>600938039I haven't romanced Wenduag so I wouldn't know, but I never heard of anything of the sort. But considering you think Cammy dumps you, I'll just assume you're autistic and don't know why she did that.

All want to know is>How much will I be able to augment myself with cybernetics>Is the mechanicus party member going to be a woman>Will I be able to put my USB into her slot

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Nobody likes Starfinder, get over it.

>>600938061You have Mechanicus for that already.

>>600938240>But considering you think Cammy dumps youNigga her romance ending is she leaves you because she's such a self destructive dumb bitch she can't control her urge to murder you even though she'd rather not.

>romancesI'm far more interested in what grim shit we can get away with away from Imperium's yoke.

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>>600937792do you expect anything else on nu/v/?niggercat better give me my vanaheim shotgun with executioner rounds back

>>600937979>Girly man and that one cunt>stories

>>600938293No, I won't. I'm going to make this my pathological obsession until launch when I will spam threads with how garbage it is and for months afterwards. Get over it.

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But what about the greater good? Any chance for a based tau companion?

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>>600938362But user, Imperium now a liberal social-democracy

>>600931251it will fill you up but has a decent chance to make you throw up afterwards when you realise that you just ate dogfood ,exacty like WH40K does

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>>600938454Based schizo

>>600938362Ever heard of Halo Devices?

>>600938354The canonical ending is Cam getting put on the altar so that you can get a real boner and save the world with your skeleton bros.Just for the fucking irony of the situation when you summon her up to the ziggurat.

>>600938463Game takes place on the literal other side of the galaxy from the Tau empire. Any tau being there, be it of their own volition, or as prisoners of anyone else would be highly unlikely.

>>600938362Can we have a serious game without romanceCause romance is the first fucking thing that comes to my mind when we are talking about 40k

>>600938362Well it seems like from the trailer becoming a chaosfag will be a option anyway.Wrath could let you do some fucked up shit iirc so hopefully it'll be good for that.

>>600938354Which is 100% consistent with her character. She doesn't just 'dump' you, retard. She leaves on her own accord because she doesn't want to kill you. She never felt a shred of remorse about those she killed until then. This is as good of an ending as you will get with her. She is irredeemable.

>>600938562There’s a Tau in the splash art

>>600938362Knowing Owlcat you will be able to do some fucked up shit, if WoTR is anything to go by.

>>600938553>3 runs of Wrath>The further Cam survived was the Lich oneHonestly I don't get the appeal with her. Outside of the novelty of "haha penis in psycho lady" she's really boring.


>>600937504Not in an Owlcat game.

>>600929954yea I have to say I agree. I rather it be corny and fucking weird then gay and pozzed.

>>600937584>>600937985I didn't say you couldn't fuck em, Its a ranger so they've quit the craftworld for being too normie but aren't quite hardcore enough to fall in the Dark Eldar, its absolutely possible they might be degenerate enough to fuck you, they might even like you.But An eldar is almost incapable of viewing you as an equal because they're packing millennia long lifespans of sensation and emotion so intense they accidentally made a chaos god after one too many orgies.You might have slightly better odds if you're a psyker though.

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>>600923778You mean they ran away from a setting destroying itself with wokeness

>>600938761how do you replay the same story 3 times and not get bored

>>600937367The ranger is basically a white woman so it checks out.

>>600923936Wait is it actually or it it like wrath where it has a turn based mode but is designed around real time with pause

>>600938039>wenduag dumping yousorry you got the bad ending bro

>>600938869Aeon and Angel were fun, I got bored of Lich but honestly I turned the difficulty down to story mode and just rushed it by the abyss section.

>>600938240Wenduag can dump you and join the daemons if you don't get her romance flags right. kinda comes with the territory of romancing neutral evil.Unlike Cammy though you can actually fix her.

Can't wait for cuck romance

>>600938941Its only turn basedThey are pandering to the divinity crowd nowbetrayed their main audience


I don't like Combat Maneuvers or how to pick your nose you need the right Feat. Feels like you needed a Feat for everything. I grew up playing cRPGs but never touched Pathfinder til Kingmaker and I gotta say, while playable it adds a lot of unnecessary overhead.

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>>600939023You've already got BG3, now shoo

>>600938061There's mechanicus and another one that just released and I forget the name of, nerfnoe recently did comics on it go check there for the title.

>>600938940>Biel-Tan guardians laughing at your ranger companion when you meet them during her loyalty quest. asking her what sort of tricks she's taught her pet.It would be pretty based if this happened.

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>>600938869Those are rookie numbers.>>600938761I dont really like her that much either. But its not like you can romance anyone else as evil, and again, I really like using her as the sacrifice when doing lich.Sure, Wenduag is an option, but the portrait doesnt do justice to just how ugly she is- I might not be shallow, but there are limits to what I am willing to fuck, even imaginary.

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>>600938463>Game takes place over 15 years or so>Tau party member dies of old age halfway through

>>600939000Not that she dumps you but she spends most of her time talking about how she fucked Lann and getting fucked in a brothel.

>>600939412what's wrong with her eyebrows?

>>600936327>warhammer is shitso you just don't like the franchise they're basing the game off of and have nothing else to explain why it would be shit other than your own personal taste

>>600939318Chaos Gate: Daemonhunters

>Going to be entirely turn basedlmao Owlcat finally saw the light.

>>600940090This game will flop and they will go bankruptServes them right for betraying their main audience

>>600928989>Took the warhammer money.Games Workshop GETS PAID to hand out the license, not the other way around.

>>600930537Games Workshop hands the license out like candy, just a lot of rules and stipulations that you have to follow pretty much keeping the story in the status quo.

>A flopped warhammer game's sales wont keep paizo afloat till thenLmao this is going to sell like hotcakes


>>600940253>Warhammer game sales>PaizoWhat are you even talking about, user?

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>>600939052I'm not familiar with the FFG system, maybe they decided it just couldn't work in real time.Which is fine by me, turn based is better, it's what these systems were built around. That said it was kind of nice that if all the encounter had left was one trash mob I could switch to real time for a moment and they all ganged up on it. Automatically

>>600940253Back for a second round? You are off to a great start.

>>600940465>turn based is better,KILL YOURSELF STUPID CUNT

>>600939863not even 25% of the time does she mention lann and the brothel scene was a jebait to betray you, she arguably has the most intimate scene with you of all the romances

>>600940465The fact that Rtwp survived this long is baffling. It was never a good experience. But you are right, it was convenient.Hopefully it makes Owlcat cut down on trash fights and put more effort into the significant ones.

>Already speculation that one of the alien companions is a tranny

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What the fuck is a paizo

>>600933519twitter.com/OwlcatGames/status/1532075632317767680Is confirmed here

>>600940181There was enough interest in turn based from their main audience there was a popular mod for it that got copied for the second gameRtwp was done in the past because it was novel to see these tabletop games play out in real time, but 2 decades has made it clear turn based is the better option and real time only stuck around as long as it did because baldurs gate did it

>>600940846there are a lot of parts of kingmaker that were triple aids to play turn based. real time is good for some things that turn based is bad at, and vice versa.

>>600940846Fuck off dude. It will take like 50 more hours to finish wotr if you play it turn based.

>>600940757Company that makes pathfinder, before that they made d&d stuff, interestingly the pathfinder setting predates the pathfinder game. The pathfinder game just being 3.5 with an even worse skill system but cooler bonuses for reaching level 20

>>600941079Keep in mind that Kingmaker was designed fully for RTWP. Turn based was a mod back then.Wrath encounters are mostly fine.

>>600940846to be honest, rtwp is better when you want to breeze through an encounter

>>600939418I have like 600 hours but I stopped playing at the end of October. I thought the first DLC would give me a reason to play again but I was wrong.

>>600940675Its the elf, its always the elf.

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>>600941584Dont blame you, they dropped the ball with DLCs this time.The first one wasnt anything to write home about.The second is pointless side campaign.Third is going to be the randomly generated dungeon again.Id rather get more mythic 7-9 content, but hey, apparently thats just me.

>>600936440>>600937104nice "grimdark" you got there owlshit. looks crap.

>>600940675The 'leak' that was floating around (which may have been disproven already) stated that the Dark Eldar companion was a woman who identified as a man.

>>600941776>mythic 7-9 contentIt's genuinely insane they though mythic 10 at Threshold was reasonable. The late game is such a slog to go through and feels like such a waste. The encounter design also feels poor, like I was minmaxxing sure but there was no fight where I had to redo my strategy or make me think.

>>600926037You say that like WH wasn’t Redit tier ages ago.

>>600942015>Dark Eldar>Notorious torturers who are skilled at inflicting suffering, body mutilation and creating things known as "Grotesques" are your representative for the Trans communityBased

>>600940617turn based can be good like solasta/bg3, trying to do both will never be good

>>600942316fighting all those foiling the demo plot on core is suffering and i have no idea how people minmax that fight into not being cancer

>>600943583>foiling the demo plotI'm not sure what you are talking about. Which chapter and quest is this related to?

>>600938836Good post. Too many lorelets err too far to either side of>lmao space elfs love can bloom just like muh Arwen and Aragornand>nooooo they see humans as animals so literally nothing sexual can ever ever happen between them ever despite humans fucking animals irl all the time

>>600929770I assume you didn't play Owlcat games then.

>>600929694Have you read black library?

>>600944124Sometimes stuff from the black library can be amazing other times it is Goto tier.

>>600941934They literally using Blackwater dungeon for manufactorum level and terminals from that Fallout referenceSeems like they fired most of the people durring their relocation

Attached: mintara.jpg (1200x677, 142.42K)

How's Martyr and the other arpg one?

>>600944921>How's Martyr and the other arpg one?Bad


Attached: 1426532358507.jpg (450x800, 71.46K)

How does a guardsman compare to a sister of battle to a Inquisitor to a space marine?


>>600943852when you are in hell and have to do all the obtuse steps to stop the demodand plot, i dont think its a quest persay i think its one of the secret boss/encounters. Its the shit where you have to put things in walls

>>600938562RT has a Tau character guide supplement I believe>>600938718thats a navigator

>>600945370They're all completely different things with different battlefield roles.If we're going to simplify though, taking physical abilities, training, likely experience, and equipment into accountGuardsman < SoB

>>600938769Behind the eldar, the blue chick( or guy, not like there’s a difference for Tau) in the hood

>>600945723That's not a Tau, that's a Navigator.

>>600945596You are talking about the Hidden Abode right? Like you have to collect the runes to enter? If so I treated it like all other fights and prebuffed my MC and just had him murder literally everything with ease.

>>600923778It's neat but I'll probably only start giving a shit a year after it's out given how much of a mess WotR was at release.

>>600923778>space furryI hate owlcat so much

>>600938061check out WH40k Chaosgate: Daemonhunters. it's good

>>600946128I wonder if they'll put in another space marine party member.

>>600946128GW made them replace the planned Templar with him.

>>600942015>stated that the Dark Eldar companion was a woman who identified as a man.not true, it just said there is a companion identifying as a man, it didn't specify race or anything about being a womancould be an orc for all we know

>>600929769t. ratfag

>>600923778thank godimagine how shit paizo is if they fled to games workshop instead

>>600944839>Seems like they fired most of the people durring their relocationWait, they fired most of their employees? If that's true then I've lost any faith that I had that this game will be any good.

>>600946906They have doubled their studio since kingmaker days, so my guess is 'what if we milked two fanbases at once)

>>600946979>Wait, they fired most of their employees?It's usually happens when company is greedy and moves to another country

>>600946979Yeah they actually fired like 90% of their staff and went to San Fran on a hiring spree, got their numbers back up with the Pozz Squad. It's all trannies there now. Trust me, my dad worked at Nintendo and he quit when he heard this.

>>600946994honestly I'm fine with thatthey make buggy messes but eventually fix them in time for when they go on salethen they're pretty solid games, I enjoyed both kangmaker and wrathfinder

So what are some genuinely good 40k vidya?Chaos GateDaemonhuntersBattle Fleet Gothic 1/2MechanicusDawn of War 1/2

Sounds pretty fucking neat honestly.

>>600947242You have no idea how companie operate or why they move to Cyprus.

>>600947563>Battle Fleet Gothic 1/2>Mechanicus>good


>>600947563there aren't any

>>600947563Battlesector's campaign was fun, I thought it dragged a bit cuz it was only tyranids


>>600947735And you have no idea from where owlcat were getting money for salaries.

>>600946979He is a BG shit poster, they have not moved, let alone purged their staff.

>>600947746BFG games were both great.

>>600947746They are though? BFG has some great variety in factions and Mechanicus's plays a lot better than modern XCOM imho. The art direction in both are great.

>>600947903>they have not moved,They moved from Russia to CyprusThis is why they re-using models and animations

>>600947887They do have a public list of investors, you know.

Owlcat is trash and their games are clunky garbage with shit writing.

>>600947934>BFG games were both great.Only if you are Warhammer fan, but this puts on the same category of living beings as Eric Butts

>>600937792I think it's an rpg about a rogue trader, not about rogue trader.

>>600948008The company was based on Cyprus for tax evasion purposes since Kingmaker days, user. They actually worked in Moscow. Not very observant, are you?

>>600948016Yeah and the main was Mail Group which been sanctioned.>>600948134>They actually worked in Moscow.Yes and now they moved out of Moscow

>>600948008>This is why they re-using models and animationsIts called video game development.

>>600923778Pathfinder has literal trannies and orcs fucking all the elves. They sold out long ago you dumb spazz.

>>600948301>Its called video game development.It's called laziness or production problems,

>Nu-Hammer>Trannies already confirmed>Ugly characters>Made by subhuman russoidsBuy, bad review, refund, in that order. Same with whatever trannyshark is making, I already forgot the name lol

Attached: EV1u7jCWoAAPXwX.jpg (1080x1041, 145.89K)

>>600948387How to tell everyone you know NOTHING about gamedev in 10 words or less. Congratulations.

>>600948251Mail group stopped being an investor after kingmaker, partly because it was successful.So they were not taking money before sanctions.

>>600948463Look at Larian, you could easily trace evolution of their games D:os1, D:os 2, BG3

>>600948387Or it's called 'people will buy it anyway, use the same shit' as companies 100 times their size do.Are you fucking retarded?


Attached: 1643132322290.png (1078x1113, 75.2K)

>>600948554Yes, their quadrapled their size and waste 2 plus years on early access with no end on sight. I will take using the same models that work

>>600948741>Yes, their quadrapled their size and waste 2 plus years on early access with no end on sight.Which is already superior to WoTR and RT.

>>6009487413 years in early access is a massive L for larian desu

>>600948920They can't even finish a class, let alone finish the game.

>>600948920Sure, if you are a demented faggot who likes watching badly animated sex scenes and making 5th edition ruleset clunkier.Enjoy your toilet chain

>>600949191>and making 5th edition ruleset clunkier.>says he while Owlcat utilizing Pathfinder level-design for FFG ruleset

Attached: Baldurs-Gate-3-Save-Halsin-Hidden-Vault-finish-act-1-.jpg (1920x950, 374.9K)

>>600949404It took them 8 months to make cantrips work properly and a year to adjust spell scaling with how they bloated HP.

>>600947563Don´t forget Space Marine, it was great for what it was, with lot of attention to detail and the background lore. Space hulk is sort of similar but it is straightforward FPS with light tactics and character-building elements, as opposed to a 3rd person action game.

>bro look at these femoid narrators>bro listen to these femoid charactersWarhammer games are fucking dead.


Attached: elf hate.png (965x1949, 1.95M)

>>600944124I have. What about you?

Attached: house.jpg (1400x2148, 215.19K)

>>600948391>>Made by subhuman russoidsShouldn't Steam and Epic delist their game then?

>>600949914>It took them 8 months to make cantrips work properlyMay be because Larian makes much more complicated levels and physics unlike Owlcat?

>>600931891Stormground was a 5/10. Would been a solid 7 if it had the budget for more than 3 factions

Attached: large.jpg (720x720, 164.29K)

>>600950436Why would they?

>>600923778>by far the best game dev in the industry right now>started the crpg renaissance and saved western rpgs in general>hired 300+ devs and trippled in size just to deliver BG3 in the best state they can and to live up to its legacy>BG3 shaping up to be the best game of the decade and best rpg of all time>core team are true rpg fans and aficionados unlike the Owlcat cuckolds and Obsidian tranniesLarian won. Swen won. RPG fans won.

Attached: 1646680421680.jpg (450x600, 74.26K)

>>600950621They could've squeezed a faction more if they didn't waste development costs on making an online pvp function that was dead a few days after release. They put all their eggs in the online basket and than almost never works out well for developers. Moreso for a turn based squad tactics game. Most people who are fans of this type of game just want to have a solid singleplayer experience.

>>600950590based on what? original sin 2 was their last game and its been like 6 yearsThey are an unproven upstart at this point

>>600950590Yeah, it takes a long time to make your spell NOT create fucking surfaces when it should not

>>600951248>based on what?Based on BG3 EA

>>600950652Look, I love Larian as much as the next guy but they're taking an eternity with BG3 with only the first act to show for it. And they plan to release it early 2023. You can be absolutely sure that act 1 will be 90% of the game with the latter ones being buggy and short.

>>600950652>Larian won. Swen won. RPG fans won.Kinda can't be mad at him. Larian was coasting on the verge of bankruptcy until Original Sin 2 bailed them out big time.

>>600951403Actually yes it does when you are working with fully interactive environment, not with empty and flat levels with broking LOS

>>600951518>You can be absolutely sure that act 1 will be 90% of the game with the latter ones being buggy and short.So like D:OS2, then.

>>600929694You're right it is much worse.

>>600951248The combat in Pathfinder fucking sucks. I like the high degree of customization their games have, but combat just doesn't feel remotely interesting or fun outside of boss encounters. It's a total slog.

>>600951640Exactly. And that's not a good thing, even if OS2 was good overall. Owlcat did it too with WotR and it fucking sucked with acts 4 and 5 being a complete mess of unplayable garbage on release.

>>600951881>Exactly. And that's not a good thing, even if OS2 was good overall. Owlcat did it too with WotR and it fucking sucked with acts 4 and 5 being a complete mess of unplayable garbage on release.At least your theory would explain why they haven't shown anything beyond Act 1 so far.

>>600950652I swear to fucking god, how long is it going to take to add Paladin as a class? Who gives a flying fuck about Druids and Barbarians?

>>600952279Please understand oaths are very complex so we had to cut the class.

Oh look ANOTHER dungeon crawler! Wow how original!

>>600948353>orcs fucking all the elves>Orc is getting cucked by his gf and coping with "If your waifu cheats on you and you dump her you don't really love her">Troon in Wrath can either get devoured by insects, be just murdered normally, have their waifu die and break them, die alone and you can say they're unnatural when you find out they're a troon

>>600950652I don't fucking care about your autism of doing mocap for everything Swen, just release the fucking game and don't make the quality drop off as hard as OS2 does after Act 1

>>600951449its 1 act

>Obshitians have gay fish>Owlcucks have trannies>Larianniggers have gith cuckoldry (inb4 "but muh lore tho")Why are cRPGs so cucked these days.

>>600951808Let me guess you are a turn based using retard?Combat is fast and fluid in rtwp.Go dilate your wound

>>600944124Unlike Owlcat Games there's many more things to Warhammer than Black Library books, which are a mixed bag in of themselves.

>>600923778If it's anything like their other games it should be fun. A rogue trader CRPG is pretty much my dream game so thats nice.

Attached: 1543592006122.jpg (717x717, 117.81K)

Can't stand Owlcat but I'm gonna give this a fair shot just because of the setting on my pirated copy

>>600931402You aren't fan unless you also play tabletop PF. And if you do, then you should be ok with game being turn-based.

>>600953087Anon you do know this game is exclusively turn based right?Owlcat took the Turn Based pill.

>>600951518>Look, I love Larian as much as the next guy but they're taking an eternity with BG3 with only the first act to show for it.I don't know why every moron says this. It's only been a little over 1.5 years in EA. I guess covid fucked with people's perception of time. And they're not planning to go past Act 1 in EA. It's effectively just a big demo they use to beta test the game. They did the same with DOS1 and DOS2. Only 1/4 of the staff is still working on act 1 while the rest of the staff are working on other acts. > You can be absolutely sure that act 1 will be 90% of the game with the latter ones being buggy and short.It 100% won't. The biggest act/map will obviously be Baldur's Gate itself. Act 1 in BG3 is like 50 hours? That's just 1/5th of the game at best. Swen said BG3 would be bigger than DivOS2, but they might be forced to cut it short to release sooner, or it could grow bigger than what they originally had planned.

how does this ffg d100 thing work, i know nothing of ttrpg systems outside of pathfinder

>>600953457>The game just came into existence when early access began, they weren't working on it for any period of time beforeFucking retard.


>>600935624this is actually the exact opposite of the culture of the game

>>600953747The games website.

>>600953457I remember watching a gameplay trailer for bg3 in january 2020Its june 2022 now and its not even close to release.Take the L lardianfag

>>600953747Not him but any marketing thing I see about combat only mentions turn based and I think on Reddit they said the system is designed for turn based.

How many trannies will they put in this one?

>>600953426Ya and thats why i said they are sellouts. This game will fail because they betrayed their main audience.

>>600950652Honestly, what is actually taking them so long anyway? What's the thing that's making it so slow to release?

>>600954052>betrayed their main audienceThey did that when they initially made Kingmaker only RTwP, which is why they corrected that mistake in the ENHANCED edition, made both a option from the start in Wrath and then trimmed the shit in Rogue Trader.Tabletops are inherently turn based, therefore cRPGs should be as well.

>>600926037Warhammer is THE most reddit thing going and you are delusional if you think 40k of all things has anything even approaching good writing

>>600954119adding more trans romances

>>600953412pathfinder is shit>>600953535most rolls are to roll under your stat to pass, with your stat modified up or down depending on the difficulty of the test and other circumstances. the ffg line with through a few revisions as they worked on more and more games, with only dark heresy (which was not created by ffg) getting a true second edition. the selling point of the rogue trader game was the party were rogue traders: extremely rich and powerful members of the imperium with resources and freedom the average pleb couldnt even begin to fathom. instead of being an inquisitors lackey digging through shit for a rusty handgun they discovered lost star systems and smuggled xenos artifacts

>>600954334die tranny

>>600954119They want to mocap everything. They're way to fucking autistic about the presentation of the game. Also it's got a 90% chance of the games quality dropping slowly but surely after act 1 and then just being shit in act 3 like with Original Sin 2.

>>600954465Cope, real time with pause is for casual niggers who want to be able to pause anytime they make a fuck up because otherwise they'd cry about it instead of working around it.There's a reason good RPGs then to be turn based.

>>600953535>Your weapon skill is 45>In order to hit with a melee weapon, you need to roll BELOW your weapon skill>However far below you roll factors into your degree of success>Rolling a 1 is the equivalent of a 'nat 20'. Rolling 99 means complete failure.

>>600953631Another year or so, maybe. They made a new version of divinity engine for BG3 so that likely took most of their pre-EA development time. Realistically, it's been in development for about 3 years and will release next year. You think 4 years for a game of this size and scope is a lot?

>>600954702>You think 4 years for a game of this size and scope is a lot?Yes.

>>600954520I doubt it. OS2 was rushed. They're taking their sweet time with BG3.

>>600954901It's a Larian game. Not expecting it to have a steady drop off in quality after the first act is like expecting Owlcat or Obsidian to put out a game that won't shit the bed at launch.

>>600954667ya thats why elden ring is turn based

>>600954893Then you don't know anything about game development.

>>600955124Elden Ring isn't a cRPG.

>>600954702BULL SHITI remember watching the gameplay reveal 2.5 years ago. It was a proper gameplay demo. They have been working on it for 5 years and will take 2 more at least.

>>600955274>>600954702also they promised a october 2021 release date then delayed it by 1.5 fucking years as if thats normal>hehe ok take our money then deliver the product 2.5 years later larian!FUCK LARIANIGGERS

>>600954667>There's a reason good RPGs then to be turn based.Theres just more turn based games. Because turn based is easier to make and appeals to a wider, more casual audiences.

>>600955045It's not the same Larian. They went from 150 developers during OS2 development to 450 developers and 7 studios around the world working on BG3. And they don't have any financial pressure to release the game. They've got WotC's support and on top of that they've made a fortune with EA already.

>>600955124nice b8

>Larian has an entire city of faggots in their gameNo amount of shilling will ever convince me to pay any attention to this piece of shit developer.

>>600923778Main question is: will I be able to fuck some xeno pussy?

>>600955880That's what being a rogue trader is all about.

>>600955553ha ha ha ha halariafaggots on suicide watch

>>600955880That comes with the territory.You essentially have a monster fucker permit as a RT. Just don't tell the Inquisition about it.


>>600955274>I remember watching the gameplay reveal 2.5 years agoWhich was very buggy and bare bones. You are clinically retarded if you think they worked on that demo for several years.

>>600947563necromunda hired gun

>>600955880Yes, filming their own human on xeno is just one of many markets RTs take advantage of.

Attached: uvotqc.png (767x853, 787.02K)

>>600950621>New book fixes most of Nighthaunt>Glavewraiths are still as shit as they were

Attached: Partial-Resurrection.png (300x181, 94.41K)

>>600956957Girlyman got lucky

>>600955880>Trading permit also comes with a free xeno fucking permit

>>600956092It wasnt retard it looked good graphically and mechanics wise

There is a severe lack of SoB posting in this thread.

>>600959083not needed


Attached: 1654112611643.jpg (640x625, 69.5K)

>>600959083Does me drawing SoB porn count?

Attached: crop.jpg (746x1198, 248.58K)


Attached: 1653649815828.jpg (1536x2048, 407.04K)

>>600959301Why's it always gotta be some degenerate shit instead of wholesome vanilla?

>>600930686>they are doing it for the moneyHow retarded are you.Of course they're doing it for the money.

Attached: 1654111878739.png (694x982, 647.05K)

>>600959431>grimderp>literal rape demons>shit like daemonculabaWarhammer might not be for you, friend.

>>600959408they look like dwarves

>>600939052real-time with pause is for shit-eating casuals, go fuck yourself

Attached: 1649464852896.gif (541x291, 1.09M)

>>600923778I'm tired of every developer I like making warhammer shit. If I were a right wing dictator I'd holocaust the warhammerfags before the jews.

Attached: 1654110302174.png (609x788, 1.23M)

Attached: 1643359599381.jpg (1597x2048, 468.78K)

>>600959548luv Khorneluv Tzeentchluv Malal'ate Slaanesh Simple as.

Attached: 3ba9c7b1a986f8c2f772e9ca430e523b_b0bb3a87_640.jpg (599x960, 166.63K)

>oh jee whiz i sure can't wait to discuss a new 40k RPG in this thread>mfw>>600959083I'm surprised there's no one spamming fem-primarchs considering the state of this thread.

Attached: 1641931779077.jpg (1000x1023, 386.48K)

>>600959975Since you asked.

Attached: 1638305569712.jpg (361x810, 92.44K)

>>600959301>extreme french kissTruly fucking top tier, user

Attached: noctiGD.jpg (2508x3200, 714.67K)

>>600954335warhammer have cringe comedy and "lol so random!" moments made by colored hair quirky girls?Damn I had no idea.

>>600959975homos leave

Attached: 1643592873168.jpg (1414x2000, 1.48M)

>>60096013920 years too late on that one

Attached: a19.jpg (450x619, 56.2K)


Attached: 1643137531292.jpg (1414x2000, 1.34M)

>>600926037So long as we don't get Matt Ward tier writing I'll take it. Hell make it shit piss cum GRRM tier writing and it'll still be infinitely better than Matt Ward dogshite.

Attached: 1653964489572.png (625x721, 500.49K)

>>600931843Yeah, the models look like ass with a heaping helping of cringe voice acting. Can’t want to drop $40 on this shit.Pro tip: wait 6 months and it’ll be $5-$10.

>>600959548Sometimes you just wanna see some wholesome shit instead of never-ending rape demons and tyranid bestiality. Is that too much to ask for?

do people actual spend hundreds of dollars on tiny figurines


Attached: 1638306091260.jpg (1414x2000, 1.97M)

>>600960349>Is that too much to ask for?Yes.

>>600960352>only hundredsngmi

Attached: 1654115494371.jpg (526x812, 109.54K)

>>600959589How? You need to have faster reaction times.

>>600960349Yes. Kill yourself.

>>600960059>>600960262What names did the female Primarchs end up getting? I remember something about Angron getting called Angra.

>>600960109Thanks user, it is one of my favourite fetishes. I never got to draw more of Pathfinder, I should rectify that sometime.>>600960349You have a fuckton of 'wholesome' shit out there, you just have to look for it.

>>600960302Your wish is granted. It will be C.S Goto tier instead.

Attached: Simpsons_monkey_paw.jpg (512x384, 27.43K)

>>600960352>hundredsI've just started collecting (6 months or so) and easily spent that. People in the hobby have probably spent thousands if not more.

Attached: 1629632711019.jpg (850x1202, 300.21K)

Attached: 1639682342190.png (999x762, 503.45K)

>>600960352I was gonna play warhammer once and 1 tank cost $100. I needed 3 and that wasn’t even the bulk of the army. Fucking money sink.

>>600960832I would gladly serve in the Thousand Sons Legion as a sorcerer

>>600959548>daemonculabaThis is the most incel shit ever. This guy hates women so much it's unreal.

Attached: GrahamMcNeill.jpg (200x276, 38.79K)

>>600928889"The Infinite and The Divine" is pure kino

>>600960926Stop making me want to fuck the heretic.

>>600960352I got most of my army second hand or recasts, and it was still very expensive.

>>600961273What if she reformed?

Attached: 1652386704181.png (1000x1081, 455.86K)

>>600961126>the entire court case>trazyn hijacking the ghost ark and sending orikan flying straight through an exodite carnosaur

Attached: 1576486934991.gif (384x216, 2.68M)

>>600961782>hate larian>hate obsidian>now hate owlcatsimple as

>>600962024You're one miserable human being.

>>600960996>I needed 3no you didn't.

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Attached: 1614957674023.jpg (600x800, 198.1K)

>>600962385keep seething, I love your chimpouts

>>600962385Yes? a 40k crpg is one of the best game announcements this year.

Attached: 1643133366027.png (935x758, 680.58K)

I want to fuck the Eldar.I want to fuck the SoB.I want to fuck the asstropath.and I want the female inquisitor that shows up to stop my heretical ass to watch.

>>600930537It's probably the easiest license to get nowadays, right after World of Darkness.

>>600961060>not going blood angels to serve with big tiddie angelic fem sanguiniuspathetic

Attached: 1630150051605.jpg (326x371, 49.23K)

>>600962715I wish Warhammer Fantasy will get one someday.That setting begs for an RPG similar to Kingmaker.

>>600960352I do yeah, so what?

>>600962838Same bruhIt's the perfect fit

>>600960352I have a dwarf army for fantasy and I have a IG and Mechnicus army for 40K.I don't even play

>>600962756I think they just give the license to anyone that gives them a greggs pasties at this point.

>>600963153>>600930537Are you really surprised when trash mobile-tier games were being made on the license probably for a decade?

>>600945723The rather distinct nose and four fingers and thumb, and the fact that they're dressed like a navigator is a pretty big clue that it's not a fucking tau.

>>600962140It was for one of the battle squads that had to have certain vehicles in it to get bonuses.

Attached: 1643691155511.jpg (640x905, 78.16K)

>>600945692>tau character guide supplementThe game is still taking place on the literal other end of the galaxy.

I want to slowly corrupt SoB in a way she doesn't even realize it!

>>600960352>buy 30 buck box of infantry>get a good couple weeks out of building and painting>get tons of table top hours out of them>get a cool display piece>buy 60 buck video game>finish it over the weekend

>>600963473imagine the smell

fuck warhammerfuck star warsfuck marvelget this cancer OUT of gaming

>>600963831All this talk about warhammer makes me want to resume working on my Tomb King army

>>600963931its not like there's much better going on.

>>600963503t. tertiary nogamesfag

Attached: 1647075078564.jpg (1080x1405, 374.61K)

Attached: 1654114674881.jpg (752x1063, 79.63K)

Attached: 59625489_p0.jpg (3200x2140, 767.06K)

>>600964250You just know.

>>600960789>I should rectify that sometimeEbin, love your shit man

Attached: 1601340475564.jpg (640x640, 169.34K)

Attached: 1617148516227.jpg (1920x1080, 1.36M)

>>600923778Did they fix performance in Wrath yet?

Attached: 1631253879341.jpg (600x703, 23.98K)

Why do so many Sisters of Battle have white hair? Do they dye it or is something else going on?

Attached: 1625077023835.webm (280x262, 340.42K)

>>600964182What does this have to do with anything? The Halo stars are still on the other end of the galaxy.

>>600964452Only the ORDER OF OUR MARTYRED LADYbecause Alicia Dominica's hair turned white after an audience with the Emperor.

Attached: 1618708190940.jpg (1920x2285, 204.27K)

>>600964452yeah in honor of the sister that saw the emperor and proceeded to kill van dire

>>600964581means youre a faggot and I win.

any decent warhammer game i can play as an intro to the universe?

Wonder if we'll be able to play with a sororita>>600964452It's just effay

Attached: 40K-20191211054732.jpg (819x975, 53.28K)

>>600964442a bit yeah, still has a bunch of tiny bugs though

all i want is one game that isn't about humans

Attached: 1595801457823.png (1280x703, 1.35M)

>>600964683A sorortia is confirmed to be one of your companions

>>600964452I don't remember name for how SoB are organized but they are splited in similar way Spehs marines arewhite hair SoB are part Of Martyred Lady order, basically Ultramarines of Sisters

>>600964645Dawn of War.Dark Crusade and Soulstorm feature lots of the races and factions and can give some insight into each. Dark Crusade also has some great bants.

>>600964182the expanse is on the other side of the galaxy as the tau, and integrating tau into the game (by the fluff at the time) required a bunch of finagling. thats why tau pcs were reduced to a shitty supplement. nugw gave their mary sues warp travel so its no longer an issue

>>600964452The order of our martyred lady are the poster girls and they bleach it to reflect the martyred lady in her honor.

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>>600964743The only thing I'm pissed off about is a space wolf companion. Worst marine chapter.

Who's the Regill of 40K? Perturabo?

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>>600950253fuck off schitzo poster

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>>600964758by introduction i meant like a good game that will make me interested in the seriesLike what fate zero does for the rest of fate

>>600964743But what about player build/character


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>>600960497>You need faster reactions for the play style where you can pause everything whenever you wantAnon...

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>>600964452Because it's hot as fuck.

>>600964810Angry dustboy detected.

>>600964993Out of all the loyalists the furries are the worst. Even Ultramarines are more tolerable.

>>600964940compared to turn based? yes

>>600964940uh and? it takes more skill to pause rather than literally spend a whole turn managing every single character's movements

I don't know shit about Warhammer 40k outside of spesh muhreens, how much trading do rogue traders do exactly? Because if there's some economic component to it like smuggling artefacts or whatever then it will be right up my alley.

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>>600964993reminder that there were no traitor thousand sons before the furfags attacked them

>>600964406Anything you'd like to see? I might plop it on my list of potential candidates.

>>600964921Human Rogue Trader

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>the one Starfinder fag sperging out about Owlcat selling out to Warhammer

>>600964826Perturabo is pretty based but he acts out of tard rage frequently. Ferrus Manus is more akin to Regill.

>>600965356Because he's a head shorter than the other guys?

>>600962838This but I'll take a rogue trader game as well.

>>600965330More like its pathfinder fags being mad they dont get a third game with their shitty system.


>>600965174Rogue Traders are licensed explorers who basically get to do whatever the fuck they want as long as they don't join Chaos or mess with Imperial interests.They're basically privateers, and most who make it big are eccentric as fuck and know their way around.

>>600965489>implyingWe're still waiting for DLC that's not total dogshit. We haven't even gotten EE yet

>>600965174they can and often do do lots of trading, but they often do other things at the same time like piracy, exploration, colonization, and slavery>>600965330owlcat making a rogue trade game is a strong sign that they will make a starfinder game down the road. any starfinder fans there arent any should be very pleased with this announcement

>>600965203Not them but would love to see something involving the twins and extreme french kissing

>>600964810>Worst marine chapter.He's not a ultra marine though?

>>600965174Some of the only truly free humans in the galaxy. They can freely trade with aliens on the fringes of imperial space, explore uncharted systems, establish colonies or conquer long lost human worlds. They can pretty much do anything they want.

>>600965489I've only seen someone sperging about that on their general because they know it'll be taken over by Warhammerfags like /twg/ was.

>>600965203Tarnished gold dragon raping and corrupting your waifu of choice


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>>600965330And? We pathfinders made owlcat what they are today and now they stab us in the back like this just to chase the warhammer money.

Reminder that Owlcat have never made a good female romance option and they're always used goods.


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>>600965843The goats were GOAT.

>>600965785what fucking warhammer money. name me 3 indie 40k games that have come out in the past 5 years that haven't been flops

>>600965785God bless. Fuck Pozzo.

>>600965785>Nooooooo a hecking company is making vidya in a different IP I don't like!?

>>600965843>blocks your pathliterally the only one tho so yeah>muh soldier kissshe marries that guy if you wipe yourself from everyones minds on aeon path.

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>>600965908The goats were fucking lame. The only reason people still talk about them is you could fuck both at once. If not for that they'd be completely forgotten.

>>600965572>>600965749Both sound great, I'll add them.>>600965860Sorry bro, but as much as I'd like to indulge my sick side too, I can't be bothered to draw all the bugs. So much work involved in that.

>>600966053>A granny using magic botox who gets so butthurt about you upstaging her she strips you of your rank and sends you to hellNo.

>>600965634I'd take ultramarines over space furries.

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>>600966053>forgetting the part where she says it's been a while since she's relaxed like that after sex>forgetting how she admits to sneaking out to meet the knight

>Its ok if your favorite dev changes ip and makes their next game turn based garbage with easy mode systems!!die warhammerfags you dont belong here

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>>600966178Nowhere is it implied in her relaxing comment that she's gotten laid, and she admits that she only got a kiss before he bailed. Again though, they end up married if you change everything and wipe yourself as aeon. Also again, this is as good as it gets so yes the WH ones will probably be even more pozzed.

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I love Arue!

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>>600966278>Its ok if your favorite dev changes ip and makes their next game turn based garbage with easy mode systems!!Yes?

>>600966358Anon, that's like saying Cam is a virgin even though she knows getting a rough fucking helps her calm down.


>>600966278>people played owlcat games for pathfinder systemsI seriously hope you guys don't do this. They're lucky they can make crpgs well, not that they picked a good system.

>>600965209>HumanNot even gonna pirate it.

>warhammer hate thread>warhammerniggers think they are welcomeget out faggots

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>>600966358What do you think 'It's been a while' is referring to? Look at the track record of their romances and try to tell me in good faith that she didn't sleep with him.

>>600966278>turn based garbage with easy mode systems!!You say that like RTwP is somehow hard in comparison.

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>>600966583You got cucked out of your thread nerd. kek

>>600965926GW is more pozzed

>>600966498>>600966616There's a psychosis at play here. There must be.

>>600966540They story was fully written by paizo and so were the systemsOwlcat did nothing

>>600966389She's cute but her ending is trash.

>>600966119Kek, don't worry about it. I understand it's a total pain in the ass. What are your commissions rates like?

Attached: Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 16-21-13 DALL·E mini - a Hugging Face Space by dalle-mini.png (765x827, 1.27M)

>>600966616Her admitting to only getting a kiss out of him is plain text user. Why do you want it to be cuckshit?>>600966498Relaxing like she just said? You realize she's been at war with hellspawn for over a century right? Probably not that many chances to relax.

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>>600966678If I sleep with a girl and she say 'It's been a while' it's pretty obvious what she's implying. Ironically you need psychosis to think she's a virgin.

>>600966583>Cucked out of your own threadSo sad...>>600966747Yeah, I liked her for the most part but the ending is fucking retarded and goes against what she says she wants in the end of her quest.>Quest ends with her saying she wants to live in a cottage together>Ending has her living alone while you visit

>>600966680Owlcat made it functioning vidya, which is a lot of work and skill considering how shit Pathfinder is, and made KM's story better. Cope tranny.

>>600966868>Cuckshit is sleeping with someone who had a previous relationship before even meeting youYou fuckers are peak schizo.

>>600967021No one likes used goods dude. Might accept but never like.

>>600966749About 150-200 depending on the complexity, this is full render + background. I am pretty flexible though.Hit me up on twitter if you want. My DMs are open.

>>600967005owlcat will pay with bankruptcy for betraying pathfinderfags

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>>600966868I don't want it to be cuckshit but it blatantly is especially given what else the guy has written.

>>600967113>Nooooooooo every woman should remain celibate until they meet meeeeeee!Okay psycho.

If you care about """""""romances""""""" in these types of games you need to die.

>>600967134I somehow doubt the few hundred sales will hurt. Especially when its CRPGfags who are always fiending for their next hit. Pathfinder is not what drove these games forward.

>>600967218>play fantasy game>get upset people want their fantasies realised