Hollow Knight: Silksong

What are the chances of it being announced in the summer game fest?

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It has a high chance being shown off in a Nintendo Direct more than anything, and Nintendo aren't getting involved with the Summer Games shit. They'll still probably have a Direct soon though.

>>600922670It was announced years ago. You mean have more news about it. >inb4 nitpicking fag


>>600922670post bugs

>>600923452TC is more involved with BITCHley than nuntendo nowadays


>>600922670Silksong is never coming out. Check my 5.

>>600922670Vaporware due to internal drama, so 0

>>600927000>internal dramaWhat

>>600927000>tripsIt’s over.

>>600927000Trips of truth

>>600927198Fake news about one of the 3 main guys trooning out, having a fight with another member, and sending the entire project in indefinite hiatus.Other memed fake news that circulates was one of the main team (or close relative) dying to covid.All these news are fake. Literally nobody has any clue on the real status of the project, if it is actually being worked on, or Team Cherry members' life situation.There are literally no news about Silksong. There is an entire channel making fun about it on youtube.You should consider this game vaporware and don't ever hope to hear anything about it until it comes out, if it ever will.

I predict It'll get an announcement some time after Downpour comes out

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The Hollow Knight clone that got announced after Silksong will probably come out first.

>>600928424So never?

>>600922670Hornet is a shit character so I'm glad she isn't getting a game.

>>600923289It's already been announced years ago.


>>600928809Last Rainworld trailer was only 2 months ago

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What are the chances of the game coming out this year?


>>600932112The same chances of Hollow Kniggers getting Shitsong before Metroid fans get Prime 4: zero.

>>600922670The game was finished for a long time now but they are still trying to polish it to its ultimate potential.

>tfw been profiting off the Silksong name for 3 years on my etsyand it's not even out

they probably got in over their heads with content bloat, making it even bigger than HK, while struggling to come up with new ideas. combine that with complacency and lack of motivation due to all the money they already made. it could be over but I hope not

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>>600935474So is silksong a DLC or a sequel?

>>600922670Negative chances.

>>600935565it's a sequel. it was originally meant to be playable Hornet DLC in the kickstarter stretch goal, but they decided to make a whole new game with her. and they said early on it was already growing bigger than HK

One of the devs had a baby in 2020, which means that he probably has to spend more time with family. One of the key playstesters, who is also a childhood friend of the aforementioned devs, has started developing his own game right now. There's also no way covid influenced the development since Team Cherry was already used to working remotely. Plus, it's only fucking three people. Chances are, the game is going to be released later this year -- can be July, can be December, or definitely going to be released next year. The only reason for the lack of news is that both devs are some kind of old school newgrounds/nes/gba nerds who believe in "going blind is the best" concept, and they also don't care about being active on socials (nor do they have any reasons to be). There's no way they're going to shadowdrop it, but the new trailer and new bunch of info will prooobably contain the release date.

>>600935819edit: sorry for typos :pedit 2: wow thanks for the gold kind stranger!

post hornet

>>600935819that Nintendo direct contained a lot or info if going blind is what they're aiming for

If nothing is show at Summer Games Fest or the Nintendo Direct then there is a 0% chance it gets released this year.

>>600922670didnt they win some award shit recently and one of the devs said something like: it cant be too much longer now!

>>600938281that pissed me off rather than got me hype. He'd have been better of just maintaining the silence

The game would be better if Hornet was a boy.

>>600922670Honestly this is one of those games that is so overly hyped it is fucking disgusting. It just makes me sick seeing people disregard every other game around them to fixate on this.

>>600939960BotW2 is just as hype with lots of copium being huffed

>>600938281So, it may come out this year?

>>600939960It's also the fanbase that try to kill the competition if you know what i mean

>>600941716based fanbase

>>600943406This won't save this shit to be a boring overrated garbage

>>600939960are there any other good indie Metroidvanias coming out?

>>600940068There no hype for botw2 lmao ER killed it

>>600941716I don't, elaborate please

>>600938281that was like two years ago

>>600939960now that Elden Ring is out there's nothing else to look forward to except maybe BOTW2

>>600946112The cancer fanbase shits on every better game in the genre

Why is hornet so cute?

>>600922670>last real tweet was 4 years agoZERO.


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>>600948653I don't like that.

>people are making SS rip offs before it's even out

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>announced and shown off in 2019>chink flu hits>haven't heard from them since

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>>600951493nah they made a comment on their kickstarter an did an Edge interview on the game

>>600922670None, one of the devs killed his wife.


>>600953591I am the dev's wife. It's true, he killed me.

>sorry for the long radiosilence>we accidentally made the game bigger than hollowknight 1Thats the future i want

>>600953771>Sorry for the long radio silence, we cancelled the game!This is the future you'll get.

>>600953771Anon the game's been bigger than HK for a few years now

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>>600954172Did the creators say this?

>>600945029Theres like 500 good ones every week they just arent hyped to the end of time

>>600955240teamcherry.com.au/blog/11xf7azcuebhybgossfhdc0mphiqbsIn this blogpost they said they are up to 165 enemies in silksong. HK with all the DLC had 165 journal entries (some of which weren't enemies).In the same blogpost they say they were still adding new stuff as they thought of it.This blogpost was almost 3 years ago.It's gonna be a big one.

>>600956014scope creep is frustrating

>>600956014I hope the game doesn't end up feeling bloated.

>>600949964that's feature creep for you

Post Hornet being cute


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>>600959767i don't get it?

>>600960128Anon...search Glowing Womb


Confirmed vaporware

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>>600961381They’re just two guys how the fuck would it affect their work?

>>600962023They took the vaccine.

>>600962118If that were true they’d be dead, not slacking off

>>600962347Death is the ultimate form of slacking off.

What would happen if Hornet was pregnant?

>>600928353>You should consider this game vaporware and don't ever hope to hear anything about it until it comes out, if it ever will.God damn it, I just want to believe! Is it really so wrong to hope things go alright for this at the very least?!

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>>600961381Keighley is such a fucking tool, sheesh. Pardon the leddit link, but reddit.com/r/HollowKnight/comments/payeho/comment/ha9jzty/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3