>Western character designNot even once

>Western character designNot even once

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>>600922383That's what western women look like though


>>600922383Westerners simply have no taste. No point even complaining because it could always be worse

I would fuck her like my life depended on it.

>>600922383To be fair she's literally a joke character.

>>600922383Only hot character in Borderlands.

don't her tits bounce like crazy in the game toohow can nip skellingtons even compete

>ignores moxy's fat milf titsTry again retard

>>600922462only in america

>>600922383This was a based character tho.I literally know like 3 people who are like this living in America.

>>600922383Not western enough. Turn that heart into a spade.

>>600922383not trying to be >muh diversitybut i like that theres a fat fuck female character in this game, i wish more games gave our eyes more to look at. This isn't about coom, or attraction, i just like games with variety, games that put new things in. When do we ever see fat fucks in games? Good 4 them i guessI just get bored of the same archetypes over n over again, btw this is coming from someone who literally hates fat ppl

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>>600922383Genuinely a good character design. I'd never buy a game if every female character looked like this, but a variety of plain-to-wacky looking ugly folks to balance out the beautiful babes and different flavors of attractive dude is nice. Zelda and Persona are some of my favorites when it comes to this.

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>>600922383OP is a stooge. BL2 Ellie is based as fuck.

>>600922839europe becomes more and more american every day

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>>600923906Go to bed, Randy

One of the only remaining likeable borderlands characters.I miss scooter


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I actually liked her a lot. She and scooter were fun characters.

But she never said anything like IMMA STRONK INDEPENDENT LESBO she was just different and cool. You also got characters like Moxi so why is it such a big deal when not every womxn is a bimbo?

We all get the idea of Randy himself being 24/7 on forums defending Borderlines à la Todd Howard, but be serious for a momenthe's probably in some toilet being pissed on by a hooker.

>>600924379BL3 Ellie was written way too horny/rapey though. Nobody made it out of that game alive and well barring maybe Moxxie.

>>600922383This is a 9/10 in US of A

>>600927535was* she's not brown enough now

>>600923102I guess more often than not it has to do with having to reuse the same model skeleton and fat people either requiring slightly different animations or suffering clipping

>>600926434BL3 butchered pretty much everyone, Maya and Aurelia got it worst

>>600928112The Casino dlc had surprisingly decent writing outside of overdoing Jack but i wouldnt say it was "great".

>>600922383Ellie was unironically one of my favourite characters in BL2

Ellie always had the demoman effect for me where I didn't think of her as fat because they had a decently personality outside of being fat. I might be biased because I don't mind fat chicks.

>>600922383Even when it comes to fats, once again the East does it better.

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>>600922383>moxxi goes from being the slut of pandora who's somewhat entrepreneurial to absolute tech geek with several children>one is an autismo tech whiz manchild>the other is a #fatpridematters tech whiz who thinks her mother is wrong in trying to appear somewhat femininewhat a mess this franchise became the moment they decided the series needed actual writing.

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>>600933846Gonna need some more evidence

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>>600922383Did they dyke her too? If so, why? and how?

>>600922383gearbox really likes making fatasses that keep talking about sex. her and typhon were disgusting

>>600934756Worst one is that randy character

She is posted a lot, but she is made for laughs, they are mocking her obesity. They arent like “this is an average womyn, shitlord”


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That gang warfare sidequest between the Space Rednecks and the Space Irish was so fucking boring. How do you make something that sounds so cool be so fucking boring

>>600923102This, I thought Ellie was cool regardless of how she looked, its her personality that won me over and makes her a cool character.

Are there any games where you can romance/date fat girls?Seems like an untapped market.

>>600935082That it? you can go bigger than THAT user

>>600935538Real life

It's okay when Japan does it

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>>600922383I've seen people on Holla Forums asking for this before though. Physically strong females that are like 110lbs don't really make sense.

>>600924514>IMMA STRONK INDEPENDENT LESBODrop the lesbo and yes. exactly that but mixed with "dont mention that im built like a fridge! HAES! BIGOT!"i sided with the rednecks instead of the irish just because she forced me to listen to her sob story

>>600935745That game sucks.

>>600922839You're stupid as fuck, you know that? The fucking health minister of one of your faggy eurotrash countries literally looks like Ellie.

>>600922383god imagine what her farts smell like

>>600922383In a game with outlandish over the top characters your mad because one of them is a fat woman?

>>600936125>this one politician looks like this, so you all look like thisMutt IQ, everyone.

I don't remember being disgusted when I interact with her so I don't mind.

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>>600936451>that wasnt exactly what eurotrash was just doing with muh fatmuttsdo they have mirrors in europe?

>>600922383That same game has Maya who is a qt though.

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>>600936689You literally worship the act of being fat, for the past 6 years you've been telling everyone that being fat is good and you unironically keep pushing the idea of being fat as hot with your "THICC" shit.

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fat thread now

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>>600935980this monster isnt strong either. sure it has muscles but only from and their capacity used up by all that weight.

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>>600935980Probably because Holla Forums is full of brain damaged, low IQ zoomers.I rather see a hot skinny girl fight other people than some landwhale or some tranny-looking muscle "girl".

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>>600922383Ellie's cool. I wouldn't fuck her, in spite of my fat fetish, but she's cool and I'd like to see more characters like her.I'm still waiting for the fat acceptance movement to create an actually fuckable fatfuck vidya character so we don't have to rely on "vidya character but they're fat now" or fat OCs for our stealth fat threads.

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Ellie was fun and all, but I really feel like they made her not cute on purpose. We need cuter fatties in games.


>>600937276Imagine posting this with zero self-awareness whatsoever.

>>600933846You're digging out Bishoujo characters. Most Japanese artists do not draw Bishoujo characters, the ones that do the realistic Gekiga style make their women accurate caricatures to the real thing.

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Post more vidya fatties

Aw yea post more cute whales

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>>600934408No problem friendo>>600941125Here's the difference while its true that they usually make them gonk, thats them purposefully making fatties as ugly as possible(when they aren't doing that you get really cute designs), in comparison the west want to force their ugly fatties as being attractive.I'm not even digging into the Japanese fat fetish fat character yet either

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>>600937420You literally won't ever get them from the west since they want to git rid of the male gaze as much possible. You'd think making a character fat would be enough since arguably most men don't like fat chicks, but then they realize some guys do so they have to make said chicks ugly on top of that to make sure no one attracted to these characters.

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Remember to bully fatties until they want to lose weight. Then tempt them with delicious food so they never lose or gain a gram.

>>600944210Don't you get tired of posting this tripe with zero basis in reality?

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>>600949905By calculating out a proper diet for her.

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Do you cowards even dare to dream BIG

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>>600950661If your waifu's not filling the room with her flab, you're doing it wrong!

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>>600922839>>600936451>>600936824European obesity is rapidly climbing. Cope.When's the last time you've been to the UK?Overwheight alcoholics everywhere you look.The only reason their obesity rates aren't as high as Muttlards is because of all the shitskins in the country keep the numbers balanced.Probably the one decent thing they're doing for their host nation.

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>>600947529Damn dude a fat ugly monster is the best you have to represent, wow sure showed me

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>>600954871>Dis>uglyYou're either trolling or have terminally shit taste.

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Share your ideal vidya girl for architecture

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Alirght we all post girls from fat games does anyone else here work on making girls for fat games?

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>>600957784Prime material

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>>600957784Can't beat the classics

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>>600936724i want to gently nibble on that blue bush

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>>600922383I'd fuck Ellie any day of the week. Only flaw is the kind of weird square head and neck they gave her, presumably because they weren't skilled enough to rig a full double chin.


>>600941125>that pic>Gekiga

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Is this the thread?

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>>600963169It better be.I'm bored anyways. Drop me some underrated vidya girls and scenarios, I want to do some greentexts.

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>>600963169i completely forgot that it's thursday

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Need to get more new material in these threads so it's not the same photos dumped every time

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Big cat

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>>600965202Fat cats

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>>600965375Love me some big kitties

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>>600934364>Game series with story written by the devs suddenly gets "real writers">The series' writing somehow becomes way worseWeird how often this happens

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>>600923996Now use the same thresholds for overweight and obese between EU and US, as don't lump those two categories together :). Still way more fatties than there should be, but not even close.

>>600951389Still too small

>>600966573Fat Malon is such a treat to see

Best man

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>>600967087ain't that the truth

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