Play Tales of

Play Tales of

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Tales of what

>>600920432absolutelynot that one though

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>>600920475Tales of Tummy (ToT)

God i wanna rape Edna


>>600920432>Tales ofAndrogyny

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Edna sexo

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What is this?

>>600920475tales of cunny


>>600920432You will hang pedo tranny groomer, of that I am sure.Your IP is showing btw.

They are kinda boring and only like two of them have cunny

>>600922051Post my IP

>>600920502Kooky at those hips and tits. That's no child.


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>>600922164*Look.Fucking phone

>>600922158This is your 1 free warning for being a pedophile on my watch. Next time will be much worse.

>>600920432I do and they continue not being good anymore. At least we got a proper Vesperia re-release.

Tales of Nadakashi

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>>600920432>>600921982>>600911683>>600919426>>600908851>>600920638>>600903108That's alot of play this spam


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>>600922405>it's real

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>>600920502is baseddtahx

>>600922405>>600922592This made me order the limited edition

>>600922379fucking tranny mods not doing their job

>>600920678please jump into the volcano thanks


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>>600922592Jesus Christ. how are 'uohhhh' fags everywhere now.They post the most inflammatory shit yet I rarely see anyone initiate arguments with them.maybe they're just immune because it's strange enough to be dismissed as humour and no one wants to touch this stuff.

>>600922868Done. and?

>>600923023It'll die down eventually after redditfag get bored of spamming it


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@everyone is being a pedophile the "cool" new thing? why not call your mother and tell her how "based" it is that you're a pedophile and post results in this thread?

>>600920432Good thing Arise makes mentally ill lolifags seethe


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>>600922248Do your worst, weakling.

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>>600922405>>600922592>Patreon's Nobeta removed the entire lewd stuff nowWhich one of you rat fucking snitched

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>>600923181I don't think you understand the purpose of an anonymous imageboard user.


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>>600920432>Best girl>Worst gameWhat did bamco mean but this?

>>600920432Tales of Androgyny

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>>600924516Tales of EDGE

Top tier tales games:>Xillia 2>Vesperia>Arise to some extent>Destiny DC>Innocence RBottom Tier tales games:>Graces f(aggot)>Zestiria>Berseriai don't make the rules

>>600925089Graces was okay

>>600925195true but i hate the arte tree

>>600925089>Xilia 2>top tierbased>gracesI take that back

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>>600925089Xillia 2 had some serious issues with the co-op and the story was fucking weird.Replace it with Eternia.

>>600925292can you do this in Eternia? No? Yea i thought so

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>>600925089you are correct but where is symphonia?


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>>600925483in the trash where it belongs

>>600925486>couldn't even beat his nerd brotherlmao

I want a high budget Tales of game with Edna as the MC adventuring around the world.

>>600925423Xillia is the last Tales game with classic Tales gameplay right


>>600920432I recently beat Arise, outside of the weird second half it was a solid game.Then again the last Tales game I played before that was Xillia 2

>>600926406yup. Zestiria and onwards tried to cater to Graces fags. Arise went back quite a bit but is still too much nuTales.

>>600926514I put down Arise after I got my full party, all I do to maximize my damage is Reigning Slash and Infernal Torrent, does the game at all let me do more than just that to do better damage or is it like that for the rest of the game?

>>600926671anon you're supposed to do combos and not "max out your damage". This isn't genshin impact

I'm an extreme Kisara fan and i don't regret a thing.

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>>600926740why would I do combos on enemies or bosses that don't stagger of flinch when I hit them until I Break them when I could just kill them with high damage?Sure I could combo with any character but so what? If its less damage its pointless in comparison to do as much DPS as possible


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Where do I start with Tales? I love JRPG but there’s so many. Is there an order or are they standalone stories like FF

>>600927206You start with the one that looks the most interesting to youThe only time you gotta play in order is for direct sequels like Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2

>>600922592back broken

>>600926927you're supposed to have fun with the game and not try to optimize your damage output. It makes perfectly sense. You're trying to enjoy the game and not speedrun it. You don't need a carrot in front of your nose to be incentivized for using game mechanics.Yea as you said you can inflict break on normal opponents to combo them.Bosses can be downed with some Boost Strikes, Alphen's is always a free wild card. I admit it's absolutely not ideal and that shit should be reworked by the devs, but it's better than nothing

>>600920432Played Arise last year and started Berseria about a week ago. Pretty fun game. I love my retarded wife Magilou!

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>>600925286Only the future arc is any good, but it's not enough to redeem the rest of the trash story. It's incessant focus on certain stats for higher difficulties is retarded too, and dualizing gets to be a pain in the ass.

>>600927521I have fun optimizing my damageIts fun in Tales of Symphonia to do long combos with my party attacks and spellsIts fun in Vesperia to use Yuri's Combination skills to increase damage on top of adding all the extra artes with Super Chains, Ability Pluses, and OverlimitIts fun in Xillia 2 doing different artes because your combo damage is multiplied based on how many different elements you use on top of battle skills that increase damage based on specific conditions and then doing infinites with ChromatusI don't speedrun these games, I just play with what they offer and I have fun doing itIs there a point to doing combos in Arise or is it just to be flashy? Do I get battle skills if I do certain attacks in certain orders? I want more engagement in what I'm doing

>>600925089Top tier tales games:>Graces f(aggot)>Zestiria>BerseriaLow tier tales games:>Xillia 2>Vesperia>Arise to some extent>Destiny DC>Innocence Ri don't make the rules

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>>600927521>Bosses can be downed with some Boost Strikes, Alphen's is always a free wild card. I admit it's absolutely not ideal and that shit should be reworked by the devs, but it's better than nothingThat reminds me of this video i saw's fancier than you guys give credit for though. just look at all these other games that have elaborate combo system but don't even give you that much. hell, dmc3's boss fights are all super amor except vergil. crying about arise to me sounds like a baby crying about his toy not being shiny enough

I make the rules.

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>>600920432Edna's panties

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>>600922967How do you pronounce Hebe? In my mind, I keep reading it as "heebee"

>>600928316Based Magibro

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>>600928096>Zestiria>top tierI know I can ignore this


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whats the best tales game to play on my steam deck if I havent played any of them past Vesperia?>what do you like about talesgameplay and great characters, could give two shits about the story cause I cant even tell you whats the story to Eternia but its one of my favorites

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>>600928691Xillia 1+2 via RPCS3, they should be fairly light to run.

>>600928691any Tales game fits the bill though. The story is always garbage but the gameplay is explosive af. You can try Berseria if you're ok with an Arte tree limiting your combos.Arise has more freedom but caps you to 12 active Artes mid battle. Symphonia is more classic Tales and only really has 2 (or 3 if you're generous) characters worth playing

perfect girl

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Sex with Magilou

>>600929035did they ever get around to fixing the Steam version of Symphonia's issues or is the ps2 version too fucked? if I just emulate the GC version am I missing out on a lot from the ps2 stuff?

Xillia Elize was cute.

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>>600928604And yet, you didn't

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>>600929213i never played Symphonia on steam unfortunately so i can't really tell. But if the Steam deck can run emulators like one user said in here, then you have access to lots of Symphonia versions other than Steam's. The PS3 Remaster is pretty good. I also recommend checking out both Xillia games. First game is not so dandy but short. Second game is straight up an upgrade and features the best gameplay in the series. You need to grind a little bit for that though

>>600922592They missed their chance, they should have released the game on 6/1

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>>600920432I played tales of arise. It wasn't that bad but at one point, every enemy turned into a massive damage sponge. It made the gameplay son fucking tedious, I almost quit.That being said. Kisara is a top tier waifu.Kisara>Shionne>the evil female lord>the merchant girl in city>librarian>>>>the annoying loli trash.


>>600920432there are no good tales games

>>600929213The game was patched to improve performance a bit. Textures are still crusty, and sound is still absolutely fucked. There is a mod released on the game's community page that fixes the audio issues. TSFix cleans up textures, but I get crashes for whatever reason.The only upside the GC version has is 60fps. The PS2 version comes with extra events and costumes, new mystic artes, new enemy artes, and additional floors in the bonus dungeon. I think you're much better off grabbing the Steam version.

Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.

Why do birds fly?

>>600929881is that from HIgurashi

>>600927996Arise is specifically designed against combos with the way hitstun (or lack thereof) works on larger enemies and bosses.

>>600928971>up for over 15 minutesjannies dead

Can I romance her?I haven't played a Tales game in years. I NEED TO KNOW.I NEED PUSSY.TIGHT.PUSSY.

>>600920678Morally, there is no difference.

>>600920432Oh no I hope Candlejack didn't get you during your sle

>>600922405OH GOD

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>>600920432kill yourself shitter


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>>600926263Yeah, and she becomes increasingly sluttier as she gets into different sexual situations.

>Edna is only in ZestriaI heard that game was garbage, is it worth it just for her?

>>60092799690% of the time you are rewarded for carrying a combo (human sized enemies and down) by getting a free instant death boost strike, which can be chained into the entire encounterWhen you are up against a large enemy you should be playing Rinwell if you actually care about optimizing damage

>>600930892No. The game is absolute trash, among the worst in the franchise.


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>>600932486aside from Phantasia GBA and Legendia I can't think of any that are worse. I'd even rather play fucking Symphonia 2.And Legendia had a better story and soundtrack.

>>600927159Tales of Shotacon

>>600923023Fear usUOOOOOHHHH


>>600932584What about Tempest? And would Destiny PSX be considered low? I haven't played that version, but I'd assume so given how the devs deliberately changed the gameplay and some events for the DC re-release.

>>600932295>>600932486>>600930892yea Zestiria is an absolute dumpster fire. you will hear fags complain about the story (i agree with the Alisha thing though) but gameplaywise it's incredible how much they managed to fuck up. Capped party constellation, stuns being broken out of nowhere, obstacles in battles that hinder your actions (you fight more with the camera than with the enemies) and of course the Arte Tree as the cherry on top. Wouldn't be a problem if Seraphs wouldn't be limited to E.Art Spells only. Playing that shit isn't fun and to make post game shit to work takes countless NG+ beefs if you don't plan on utilizing cheats

I play Edna's game with my penis ;)

>>600934798I just really like the designs of the girls, why did it need to be the absolute worst...

I've already beaten the only good Tales game several times

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>>600935709You can just jerk off to their designsEdna is kuudere loliAlisha is your generic KnightgirlLailaih is your generic big titted girlRose is your generic girl who suck Baba's dick for rolesThats all you need to know

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What were they thinking

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>>600935814you receive my highest honor

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>>600923181>@everyonebitch this 4chandiscord tranny is letting his discord show

>>600923181A petite girl exist since humanity was born.

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>>600920432All that and she isn't barefoot 2/10

>>600930168There is because biologically speaking men find women who have got through puberty (aka teenagers) attractive.Am I saying you should fuck a teen? No, but there is more of a justification for it. Morality is subjective anyway.

>>600923462It's for the better, their fanbox is getting lewder with each reward

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>>600922248You should go to reddit if you want to find people who actually care lol.


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>>600937252wheres her tits

>>600937917What tits

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>>600920567hello twitter


>>600922164Retard, most girls start to develop tits and hips at 13.

>>600936982Shut the fuck up, retard. Also people who are attracted to little children aren't men but ugly blobs.

>>600920432If this is in game and not a mod I will buy it right now even if it's not on sale What game is this ?

>>600920502>You sick fuck, she's only 26 years old!!

>>600941003t. Little kid fucker

>>600920432Tales of micro bikini?

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>>600923319fuck you you faggot you made me whip out my vr headset and open up this exact scene in VAM just to fap to a DFC rubbadubbaalkjgfhalkjfdhgadfv

>>600941587When you find models in VAM with the right sliders oh dear god it's the perfect porn game

>>600928593mein negger

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>>600920432tales of MUH FUCKING DICK

>>600941549thats a loli

>>600941114Answer this question please !!!

>>600920432they sold out to the west

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>>600941736oh yeah babyfuck the physics and stupid flopping fatboobies.smol DFC is where tits at

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>>600942875I still have no idea how to use VAM

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>>600945389Edna cum

>>600944127whatever do you mean good sir?

>>600945604VAM is koikatsu but with tween loli girls

Nothing but pedohiles in this thread. Pathetic.

>>600945789Do you even know what Pedophile means at this point


>>600946172I dunno man,when I look at little girls and I feel disgusted. But when I looked at petite women (know the difference) my dick feel hard

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>>600945789But you're in this thread, user. You know what that means.

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>>600944127what is this 'VAM' game?


>>600920432Tales of arrested for masturbating to children

>>600951494>145cm>Flat breasts>Children

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>>600952792why does her game need to suck?

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Daily reminder that Holla Forums is a raging pedo lair


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>>600954626Reminder you will never be a woman

>>600954626Based thats why I come on Holla Forums


>>600925089>Arise is top tier>But Gracesf and Berseria are on the same level as Zestiria Is your entire criteria for good or bad if the game has CC system of LMBS?

>>600923023>I rarely see anyone initiate arguments with themThey're too scared of them.

Ok give me some essential hebe games

>>600957227Tales Of Hebephillia

>>600954626ok so by newton's third law, there should be an opposite - so where's the fucking loli lair?

>>600928691>cause I cant even tell you whats the story to EterniaFour kids have to get their two worlds to work together so they can stop them from smashing into each other. It's pretty simple.>>600935814Eternia is all you need, it doesn't get any better from there. The ones after it just recycle its themes over and over.

>>600957227Code Hebe

>>600941003>retardPot kettle black.

>>600941003>little childrenhebe are taller than seething manlet like you

Ports of the PS1/2 games yet?

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>>600937006Did anyone upload these anywhere?

>>600958571tales of destiny 2 translation when first


Ask velvet out

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>>600940626Yeah, START to develop. Those are well developed, womanly curves and contours, especially the hips.

>>600958571Ported to the 3DS lmao

Sometimes I want toBut that time has long long

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This is a Symonne post.*posts*

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>>600965338that's a big buttplug

>>600965338There's no way that's gonna fit in that little girl

>>600965508>>600965583Don't worry it's just a lava lamp

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>>600966019Looks a little too rubbery, I'm not aware of any lava lamps that can bend slightly to the left like that

>>600966019stupid brat gonna burn herself, lava lamps are hot

>>600954626This is like going into a church and reminding the people there that religious people exist.

I've asked Holla Forums about this series and apparently all the games are the worst in the series

>>600920432I'm going through them all actually, finished Eternia last week and now I'm on Symphonia. When do I stop?

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>>600920432I did, arise was utter shit.Fucking braindead story.

>>600920432After arise I'm never touching this series again

>>600966972Skip vesperia

>>600966712I only beat Phantasia and Destiny, the rest just didn't click with me

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