Enlighten me on this Holla Forums I do not like lobotomy's gameplay so would I like this...

Enlighten me on this Holla Forums I do not like lobotomy's gameplay so would I like this? How important is it that I know the lore and story of the former?

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It's a direct sequel.LoR sucks gameplay wise as well, however. Don't let Holla Forums fool you.

It's a direct sequel.LoR ganeplay's pretty good as well. Don't let Holla Forums fool you.

>>600919658It's a direct sequel.It's gameplay is pretty divisive. You should probably listen to Holla Forums on this one.

It's a direct sequel.In this one you'll get to Angela's past and learnt that she did nothing wrong. She's also hot as fuck so I have no idea why A didn't fuck me. Do absolutely play this one for the lore.

It's a direct sequel.I suck cocks on Holla Forums

What's the gameplay like? I didn't like lobotomy because I am not into management games.

It’s not a direct sequel. It’s fantastic gameplay wise unlike LC, but let Holla Forums fool you.

>>600922139Get it for free or check some gameplay on youtube. It's a deck building game

>>600922139It’s a deck builder with turn-based battles and lots of reading if you want to winIt’s really fun, and there’s good options there, but the games tutorials do a bad job at explaining the systems

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>>600922286>Lots of readinglol. Just put cards with big numbers in deck and win.If enemy attacks a lot, put bleed too, why not.Gebura does both things too, so game is easy.

I think I've gotten to the point that I've been obsessing over these games too much. I had a dream about it last night, sort of. "Binah" was there (or at least someone I seemed to know as Binah? Really only had her color scheme and otherwise had too many differences to be her like shorter hair and not even visibly in her 30s. Closer to Zena now that I think about it) and we were hanging out in a city. We met up with what was either as close an approximation of Chesed as the dream could manage (only really remember the blue hair). Can't remember much past that but when I woke up I felt like my stomach was about to force its way out my throat. I don't even really like Binah and I haven't reached her yet in either my current LobCo or Ruina playthroughs. Get her out of my sleep!

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>>600923830Jesus, man. My only obsession is drawing Angela from time to time because I like her character and her style.

>>600923487Dis. Teknologie smas guesst gud. Big number eat little number

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>>600919658It's a direct sequel.Fuck off we are full

>>600919658It's a direct sequel.Depends on you, would you like story-heavy, linear Slay the Spire-ish game?Story of LoR can be viewed from the perspective of a character who knows nothing about LobCorp, but you will miss a lot of references. Watch LC story segments on youtube if you want.

>>600919658It's a direct prequel.Don't listen to anyone in this thread, including me.

>>600919658It's a completely new story about a new character.The gameplay is enjoyable but difficult to understand when first playing due to the huge amount of nerfs to every beginning fight over the years.You should play it as blind as possible while telling Holla Forums what you think about the little snippets of story and worldbuilding

Do I need to run 3 copy of unlock? Or how that shit even works? Can you draw unlock 3 or you need to start from default?

>>600928606you need to unlock, each card individually, so just run one and the rest of singleton cards. I know people like unlock in non-singleton decks but i always found it a hassle

>>600919658Game made in way that new players will enjoy it. It will be different experience from what LobCorp players have in Ruina but not worse Watching plot of LobCrop without playing it is worse experience anyway

>>600928606Unlock 3 gets discarded like usual and you draw it again, it's also a high value card.Unlock is good for proccing the passives of the index trio, the ones requiring to play N cards with different names. 3 copies in your deck is a little too much.

>>600929005>each card individualy Shame about that. Could be usefull on non-singleton. Since everyone have a same card draw problem that singleton just skips. Smoke too, but there is light gen problem.>>600929223Fair enough.

>>600928606Unlock is kind of a meme because multi-slash already does the same thing way faster if you're singleton, and there's almost no reason to not go singleton.

>>600923830All fun and games until you're seriously considering writing some crossover fanfic shit about Jack from Repairman Jack being a fixer.

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>>600930089Unlock is god tier for realizations.

Started not that long ago. Is it possible to move assistant librarians around to different departments like how I was able to in Lobotomy? Because right now it doesn't seem like I can do that.

>>600930601Nope. Nuggets stay in their floors so you're stuck waiting for abnormality fights to increase manpower.

>>600930421true, the fact that the first fight in a realization can be used to set up gives you plenty of time to fully unlock yourself

>>600930601You can pass a key page and its attached combat pages between librarians, but the librarians themselves can't be moved, no.

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>>600932597>Floor of philosophy>Filled with screeching retards that can't stop shitting themselves>There is also a hag But what director mean by this?

>>600923830The one dream I had about this series was red dusk happening in my bedroom. So things could be worse.

>>600933341Philosophers are just eloquent schizophrenics

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>>600923830Do you hear the voices too?

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>>600923830I want this, but with Tiph

>>600934489Feel the warmth of eldritch sun. Give in to the voice.

Just saw this, the assortment of characters feels kinda random.

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>>600919658It belongs on >>>/vg/ just like LobCo and the rest of PM general.


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>>600936003didn't ass

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>>600936003Under your logic, every single recurring thread on Holla Forums should follow the same thing. The rules are pretty simple, no information in the OP being posted as a recurring thing like a general to guide newbies done every single time, or no "edition" in the OP? Not a general.

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>>600936215stop watching underage ass, lolan

>>600919658Very important, honestly. The game does make an effort to catch you up but the entire narrative is written with the player having certain feelings and experiences in mind. You don't get nearly as much out of it if you aren't fresh from LobCorp's True End kicking your fucking teeth in. It's essentially designed to deal with the emotional baggage that you get left with.That said, if you really can't stand LobCorp, and you can't even stand to read an LP of it, then it stands up by itself fine. It just won't be as impactful.Also, it's a completely different genre to LobCorp. Do you like deck building card battle games?

>>600935668>But also women Two in fact.


>>600935154I have already distorted

I want Gebura to kill me with her thighs

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Vermilion cross sounds kinda gay.

>Binahfag archive got updatedHuh, i thought he died from old age or something.>>600936252Nope.

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>>600937713Finally LoR Tiph.

Tiph sexo

>game gives you tons of new cards and key pages to play with during and after the endgame>Nothing to test them postgame, everything is way too easy for thoseWhat a shame. At least I had fun with the blue reverb cards I guess.

>>600938057You could always try modded receptions, there's a ton of high quality ones available.

>>600937995Stop thinking that way about my daughterwife

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>>600938057It's kinda weird how general invitation just don't exist post SotC. But make sense story wise. NG+ mode would be good option.

>DorohedoroGet over your autism about the series already and start drawing it again.Did that user who wanted to commission a drawing of BongBong to him ever actually try it?

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>>600935668Almost everybody here is more feminine, especially Harold

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>>600938186>modded receptions are either gimmick fights that require you to read an essay and build an exact counter to every card otherwise every die gets +99 power or an ungafest that turns into dbz scaling with other modded receptionsit also sucks that almost everyone place their receptions in SoTC which makes finding cards hard as shit with how unreliable the keyword search is

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>>600938186>2022>no mod that causes Furioso's damage to be based on the target's weakest resistances>no mod that buffs every single card and keypage in the game to create a higher power gap between tiers

>>600941753is there any mod that converts furioso into a multidie attack yet?it'd be broken as hell but seeing roland shitting out a mountain of dice would be sick

The only mod that I like is Grade 1 fixer Loland

>>600941152That just modding autism thing. People still can't grasp idea that having all stat in stratosphere is not a synonym of "challenging" fight.

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>>600942408>got cuck'd by himself

>>600935668I think it's specifically all the characters with hair covering at least one eyeAnd also a nugget for some reason

>>600943575That Nnugget is the one that Yesod played word games with back in Lobotomy Corp before he got abno'd, I forgot his name but he always shows up on Yesod's floor as a reference to his story in LobCorp.

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Terrible thread Politesage

Great threadPolitebump

>>600941152I guess I haven't really noticed that because I'm using a shitload of mods at once. No fight requires me to build around it other than not using a damage type it hard-cucks, really, but none of them are thoughtless either.


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>>600947019What is there not enough space for all the Elden ring threads or twitter screenscaps?

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>>600923830I had a dream with road home. Apparently I had to gun her down for some kind of ritual and someone that look like Naruto was with me at all times making sure I did the job. It was pretty dunny

>>600947019Cry about it.

>>600946985Why is this guy such a massive fucking meme to the asian fansI swear like half the mods on the workshop are Walter shitposts and none of them have been translated to english

>>600947308Yeah we need space for actual good threads, you got that right chief

>>600947532I have no idea, but him and the "PROMISES" thug are memed a lot for some reason.

I installed the roguelite mod and I love it but it kind of freezes up during black screens sometimes and fails to load anything. It makes me close the game. Any fix for that?

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What is objectively the best floor? Not the strongest but the best. I'm talking about power, music, theme, everything. For me it's Cheesed but don't ask me why


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>>600923830>I think I've gotten to the point that I've been obsessing over these games too much.Same, I started watching youtubers playing this game as well. The fucking horror.



>>600928606i only took multiple copies on slash purple tear

>>600950130Based and to elaborate more, it was an adult Naruto and we where in a desert similar to the coyote and road runner cartoon

>>600950003hokma kino

dress girl is cute

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>>600951810i concur

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you can't just pull the arms off a girl and call it a monster design


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>>600952592Shut the fuck up. What should a monster based on a girl who's explicitly the normal human one in a backwards fucked up world look like?

>>600952592>he thinks monster have to be le lovecraftnian design to be called sokys, hopefully you find that one rabbit from monty python one day and he mauls your ass

>>600953015top kek

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>>600941152>insane powerstacking>powernull out the ass>shimmering>bullshit base rolls>mandatory big attack with a 5 minute long animation>clears out all status effects every scene just in case ;)yep it's modded ruina time

>>600923830I've only had a couple dreams with Binah in them

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>>600952592This. She needs to get rid of the dress

>>600953015i got veins comin out of every orifice of my body, i'd fuck a rabbit up any day

Tell me about the shi association, why were they so sleepy?

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>>600953015Vorpal rabbits.

>>600953176>Either distorts or manifests EGO on final stage>Has some really unfitting music/artstyle for ruina>Dodgy translation>Keypage breaks balance in half or is utterly useless

>>600930272mirinae a cute! a CUTE!

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>>600950003For me it's hog and cheese. I can't rate one above the other, i love both.

>>600950003kether because of the music and also roland

>finish second rabbit reception>not a single book of Myo or the commanderI fucked up

>>600953176I love the arms race of finding and making your own batshit insane powerful builds to tear even more OP mods in half.>+6 slash power from scene 1 plus Ryoshu combat pages that fill gaps in slash-based light and draw>local librarian is literally too dumb to stagger, but can still copy your pages, on-use effects and all>EGO Myo with built in Myongest combo that, when paired with another copy of The Strongest (say, from Reverse Library) will roll ∞ ∞ 99 99 pretty much every scene>Entire pre-built floors in the form of Magical Girl of Fiction, a couple from Reverse Library, etc.>And if the reception is STILL too hard, you can always break out City Wide Revolution with shit like "restore all light every scene", "immune to burn and protection does not decay", "if there's 1 enemy gain 3 strength (stacks with Lone Fixer)"...

>>600955301Have you seen the shit you can pull of with the true head reception?Think city wide revolt, but you get like 3 draws a turn, max light and a chunk of hp.

>>600955598>true head receptionis that garion + zena + bharal, with incomplete and complete pages/books?

>>600955993fuck yeah brotherthat shit takes the balance of the game and snaps it into millions of piecesi beat almost every bs hard mod with them

>>600919658It is a direct sequel you fucking retard. It expects you to at least know the bare fucking minimum about Lobcorp before you play it. Holy fuck I despise Holla Forums.

>>600956145Almost wish I'd checked it out sooner, I thought at a glance it was just "unlock the reception of the head to let you use it on normal fucking floors"That said my game balance is already fucked

>>600956556you think that's bad?my game takes fucking 5 minutes to load, on a good PC.also, just as a general question, what's the most bullshit mod you've seen?

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>reach max qliphoth meltdownHow much is that? Losing pause and FF is actually way more annoying than I expected. I don't think I want to fuck my first try up.

>>600955598>true head receptionit was broken for me and just ended up being zena and baral standing there and smugly staring at me

>>600956868You have to beat midnight iirc


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>>600956976God I love girls masturbating, it's hot

>>600956976HODH - HodO - Obsessed withD - Dicks

>>600956976Yes, I love Hod.

>>600956976She is loose and her pussy's soreShe is always wanting more!Slut! Bitch! Useless! Whore!Just talk to her and you'll always score!GOOOOO HOD!

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>>600956976I'm certain she wouldn't have ratted them out if they had just fucked her.

>>600956775Mine took around that too for awhile, but then I removed basemod for workshop and now I'm down to 1 minute. Breaks a couple small things but it's all cosmetic.The absolute most bullshit I ever saw? hard to say for sure. Ruins Angel is a tempting choice, but the one I probably struggled the absolute most with was Akzeriyyuth (Reverse Library). This was relatively early into my time modding so it might not be as hard as I recall, anymore, but it was fucking absurd at the time.

>>600956976Good, but now post Tiphereth

>>600956976Sauce?I mean artist's nameIf you please.

>>600957425>Angela needed dick>Hod needed dickI'm sure Tiph, Carmen and binah also needed some dick. In fact, the whole city would probably be cured with some dick too

>>600956976I wonder if angela cuckqueens herself by spying on the various librarians wacking off or fucking each other

>>600956976Why is there 0 porn of the seraphiras without cognition filter?

>>600957472>Ruins Angel is a tempting choicePeople found that hard?Also I think the final floor of the reverse library was hardest for me due to the fucking instant kill mechanic/card.

>>600957628>>600957658That's reposting, but okay.files.catbox.moe/z2hp8e.pnghttps://www.pixiv.net/en/users/35398953

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>>600953227So, remember that guy Argalia gave to the "Get Smoked" syndicate?So basically he was the leader of Shi and was sending them on suicide missions non-stop. This was a plan by Argalia to basically remove another piece on the boardBy the time they get to you, they are all on their last legs from dealing with other Urban Nightmares and suchPraise Yujin

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Leaked images of the upcoming Distortion Detective game

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>>600957780I can't contain my happiness right now user, and by happiness I mean b*nis, brb

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>>600957884roland really should have been a girl

>>600957763Its bad to lie

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>>600957995My Moses will be sober fascist.

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>>600957684Absolutely. Lisa should have confessed to Enoch, maybe then he wouldn't have felt without purpose.

>>600958070holy shit post more I was searching on pixiv and I found nothing

>>600958035You a fag or somethin?

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>>600958195You occupy a niche I cannot satisfy sadly

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>>600958309nah I just think girls look cute in suits nothing personal its just buisness

>>600958309NTA but i too have a DESIRE to breed a broken man

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>>600957780Danke user.

>>600957995I've trying to make "Roland eating hamhampangpang" to no avail.

>>600957778>First reception introduces you to the Heralds, Heralds happily throw nearly-unbeatable evade dice at you, pretty much necessitate singular strike builds and stuff like Duel>The design of Heralds makes it so that if you're building emotion against them, you're either hitting them fucking hard or dying fucking hard, with little in-between>Second reception starts with an act of Heralds, then leads into an act of Black Samurai>If you do not burst down Paige Huang instantaneously she becomes an unstoppable self-power-stacking beast with like six speed dice and way too much power to ever lose a clash>Mayumi is also a ridiculously powerful slash-heavy beast>If you don't have a mass attack to play at the start of Act 2 you will eat five copies of Shatter the Precipice, without questionIt's pretty hard.Also, the instant kill there is mostly just a "play well or die" with a touch of reiterating The Knowing I. Didn't find it nearly as tough as "2 free strength + endurance + Conversion - Role of the Wolf-based strength and endurance".

>>600958715There's this

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>>600958718All I remember of it was the recent update and the whole feeling of ocwank, was it really *that* bad?

>>600958892If you receive act 2 on the floor of literature, Paige will engage in a duel with Gebura and give her a Full Commitment-style buff, which also gives her power and reduces her entire deck's cost.And then Paige will proceed to shitstomp you if you were dumb enough to bring the Page of the Red Mist, because her passives and pages alone are more powerful than The Red Mist + Myo's Prowess + Abnormality Pages.

>>600958881>angela purposely lures a hamhampangpang employee to the library so they can make sandwiches for roland whenever they wantwould be cute

>>600958997>>600958892>floor of literaturefloor of language*Fuck, I'm retarded. Still, point stands. It's batshit fucking crazy.

>>600923830you too?had a dream i had to be the Company's tard wranglerfor like 2 hours in a row i had to care for that one kid with the cosmos on his skin, then get washed down and disinfected like in a proper lab before going with the faries and so onIm not even that into the game so im not sure why the fuck im dreaming this

No fucking way

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I want to jizz in hong lu

>>600958530I respect that

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>>600952592Are you one of those people who question why Murderer or Granny are abnormalities?

>>600958892>ocwankThat's the only thing I could think of as I played that as well.Doesn't one of the bitches get EGO as well?And I remember Angela saying something to the effect of "she's not dead" after her reception.

>>600959518Yeah, they added the apparent final act for now and you get the Incomplete Page of Paige Huang. The real thing is still out there. I shudder to imagine what they'll throw out that's even more bullshit.

>>600958626Without horny I would like the idea of a super jaded female Roland in kind of a reverse role for Angelica.

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These threads no longer discuss the games and. are basically /vg/ garbage.

So who was the dumbest Sephirot? My vote is for Malkuth for chugging experimental Cogito juice and being surprised when she dies horribly.

>>600959848It's worth for the OC and some people still have questions from time to time, shitposting aside.

>>600957684funny you say that

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>>600960098I don't understand.

>>600959989HodIt's Hod

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>>600959848correctlet's go to PM's headquarter and force them to release Limbus to remedy this

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>>600959848cope and seethe

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>>600959998I hate you. We shouldn’t encourage the zoomie mod but you are correct.Angry sage

>>600959740>tfw you will never have the perfect wife who would go on a murder rampage to avenge your deathfeels bad man

>>600959989Hod literally kills almost everyone and then herself. Can't get more retarded than that

>>600953227To add too>>600957949Yujin was on the path to being promoted and had a stance of trying to rid the corruption of the association.Which troubled the section 1 leader Thelma who was in contact with Argalia.Argalia had made a deal that he needed a list of things dealt (presumably in exchange for some support to Thelma) which Thelma exclusively used Yujin's section for attempting to kill her with it.As association fixers can't deny a job given by the association Yujin attempted to clear all the jobs while compiling evidence on Argalia to report to the Head/Hana, which would probably also give her the means to deal with Thelma.

bit out of the blue, but what do we think about Wonderlab?i liked it

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Thelma balls

>>600960815Could be betterI'm going to Catt

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>>600960164come on now user

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>>600960815It was okImportant story bits being the existence of Aberrations is ok

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>>600960991t. leviarhea mouthbreather



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here's your new Office bro

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>>600960815It could be better but road home is top cute

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>>600919658I didn't have it in me to finish LC and just looked up the story by day 40-ish, but I blamed that mostly on the memory leak. I legit had maybe 45 minutes in a lategame day before it slowed to an unplayable crawl on my dinosaur PC. LoR ran fine, I did everything (except the battle symbols achievement because fuck battle symbols) and didn't constantly feel like it was wasting my time, but I played the finished product, I hear the grind was pretty brutal in early access. Definitely read about/watch LC cutscenes beforehand.

>>600960815its alright. I appreciate it stayed in its lane as a supplementary material providing small info here and there and didn't affect the mainline games

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>>600960176nah fuck off, were fine without gacha

>>600962556They are going to affect the main line games because Catt is our Alice and there won't be a cute and funny abno Alice like with road home or scorched girl

If there are actual schizos posting in these threads does it mean that we also have actual hags in here? Asking for a friend

Sex with...

>>600962556God, i want to be her Tea maker every day

>>600962882No but there are actual hods posting in these threads but only in intelligence

>>600962932(You), user.

>>600962932QoH of Hatred

Hod did nothing wrongReporting illegal activities to the Head was objectively the correct thing to do and she shouldn't feel guilty about it.

I wanna take one or two simple draw requests while I’m stuck out here with approx. fuck-all to do

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>>600964053the two head niggas you fight at the end of LOR dabbing on roland, geburah and binah

>>600964053Date from AI: The Somnium Files and Moses investigating something

>>600964053Ayin drinking Bloodbath's bath water

>>600964053Tiphereth giving a good 1-2 jab on Roland

>>600964053angela accidently spying on two assistant librarians doing lewd stuff and becoming really flustered

>>600964053Ayin, Abraham, Abel and Adam pointing at each other. Kind of like that spiderman image.

>>600963325>Queen of hatred of hatred

>>600962932Not sure about you. But I would cream my pants if Mo talked to me dirty. While stuttering.

>>600960815I liked it. Did some cool stuff with aberrations instead of just 'this abno but with a different design', and I liked most of the character designs. Especially Catt.Can't say it did anything exceptional, though. It was just a fun comic.

>>600964053Road home making an user go insane

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>>600960815The artstyle is way to trannylike for me. It was a decent story though.But the whole point of aberrations vs abnormalities is most likely going to be forgotten or not canon in games probably.

The gameplay is fucking filtering me, Gebura's floor realization is fucking aids, with Red lowering my team's HP too much by being a fucking tard, and I have no idea how to actually beat the wolf. Then for non floor related shit, the fucking bird bitch wreaking my anybody I bring to dare face her and her fucking faggot buddy, likewise, the charge teams are a pure attrition match, and too much to handle. I literately can't advance anymore, anywhere. Am I just getting unlucky in my attempts, or are my builds just not working? Lobo corp was also aids late game, but this is just silly compared to that.

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>>600964724Isn't that Ivory apple queen or whatever from limbus an aberration?

>>600964817I don't know, I don't follow the gacha news at all. But I hope it is.

>>600964053road home, scorched girl and Laetitia having a tea party. But don't ask me how scorched girl and road home drink. You could add servant tok if you want

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>>600964747>Give Fervor to all your nuggetsThe first two phases of Gebura's realization are cancer are heavily random.Take consideration that the second abno in the realization is weak to Slash stagger damage.Some things that would help you are Nikolai's, Dante, A good ranged nugget to eat counter attacks. Bring heavy damage like Maxim or the proselytesRemember to do your general invitations.

>>600933341>>600933810people, so easily FILTERED

>>600964747Yeah, red fight is RNG hell. Albiet you can kill them both. Also this build won't do. Avoid bringing anything slash related on Geb realization.

>>600964747>has Red Mist>has Purple Tear>runs Myo on Red Mist>still struggles with that shitLiterally just get Geb stacked and start rolling them over, her whole realisation kneels to her EGO+Absorption.

>>600964747I think I just need to make an ms paint guide on her realization but you REALLY need nikolai for every realization

>>600962932Tiph! there needs no be more of Tiph sexo!

>>600965334I beat her realization with a Slash oriented party. Seriously, people shouldn't overlook the combination of Dante + Nikolai.

she's cutewhere can i read the bios for these fucks?

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>>600965515the limbus company website

>>600964053Any character with a groucho marx disguise

>>600965472Irc at that point I just said fuck it and brought Xiao. Not PT tho. Which I think my biggest mistakes. But idk Nikolai just feels way forced in SotC and later one. Which sucks.

>>600964053Angela cuddlng with Ayin bodypillow angrily

>tfw finally finished the modded reception that is literally every enemy in the game in one long rushIt's over. I am done. That is me finished with LOR and Project Moon content for the forseeable future, until limbussy.Fuck that was fun.

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What the fuck just happened?

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>>600966280wew lad

>>600966280wtf how many acts?

Hello i wish you all deathGoodbye

>>600966361Did you, uh... pause by any chance?


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>>600966409It's like 11.All CanardAll MythAll LegendAll PlagueAll NightmareLower Half of StarStar bossesHanaReverb 1LolanReverb 2HeadPurple Tear (she fucks off at half in star phase)

>>600966361Birds are important.

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>>600919658>I do not like lobotomy's gameplay so would I like this?That was the case for me, dropped LC early but enjoyed LoR to the end.>How important is it that I know the lore and story of the former?Surprisingly not. Yeah it is a sequel, but the protagonist knows about as much of the last game as you would, so you'll slowly get exposition for everything important that happened.

>>600966361>What the fuck just happened?Im always paying my price

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>Surprisingly not

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