Kill Paarthurnax

Kill Paarthurnax.

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Nah I'd rather live peacefully with my minotaur wife

>>600917660If only she was this hot ingame then maybe I would

>>600917660>Another "Play (insert game) coomer thread by MindGeekFuck off.

>>600917915I unironically think the statistics for killing Paarthurnax would be way higher if Delphine had a sexier character model/voice

>>600918047true, i didn't kill the lizard because she sounded like a bitch

>>600917660has anyone ever even finished the skyrim storyline,

>>600917847Are you gonna spam this in every ES thread you obnoxious dork?

>>600918259I have over 2000 hours in Skyrim and I never even reached diplomatic immunity in the main quest

>>600917660Kys, bitch


>>600917660>tfw failed the speech check to whiterun the first time I played the game>realized it's supposed to be about saving the world from dragons on my third playthrough


>>600918325more like ESL thread, amirite boys?

>>600917660Anyone who doesn't kill Paarthunax failed as a Dragonborn

>>600917660i will never do anything a woman asks me to

>>600917660Can Delphine offer me greater power than the voice?I didn't think so.

>>600917660Skyrim story and world don't evoke any emotion in me at all.I just don't give a shit.

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>>600917660I didn't kill the dragon. To be honest, the thought didn't occur to me until the Blades said I should.Also, that is a slightly inaccurate depiction of Delphine

>>600918259I played skyrim for the first time during corona. Finished thieves guild, it was shit so tried mages guild, it was shit, so tried not-fighters guild, it was shit so tried dark brotherhood, it was shit so tried civil war, it was shit, tried vampire hunter, it was FUCKING DOGSHIT, so finally tried main quest, it was boring. Dragonborn dlc was ok I guess


>>600918803thats what aspergers is, take your meds

>>600917660Fuck off Thalmor

>Ugly old white woman asks me to kill a cool dragonno

name one time listening to a woman wasn't a terrible idea

>>600919070When your mom told you to get a job. Too bad you didnt listen.

>>600918259It's hilarious to me that people complained the setup doesn't give you enough self-determination when in reality Skyrim has the most irrelevant main quest in the series. I swear they made it boring on purpose just so that you don't bother with it and do your own thing instead.

>>600917660>WE SERVE YOU >E-EXCEPT WE DON'T lollmao even, back to cooking and cleaning with you


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how about i genderbend paarthurnaxa and marry her instead

>>600918993I want to fuck the Thalmor. I openly worship Talos to get the attantion of the banana cuties.

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>>600917660never would I ever harm my cute dragon wife

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Never.Why do people pretend there's any ethical dilemmas in Skyrim? One side is always obviously in the right, every time.If you've read the main story, you know that the Stormcloak Rebellion works in favor of the Thalmor, and that Ulfric is an useful idiot.Same thing with the Blades. Paarthurnax is a very useful ally and he is 100% in the right in his argument about overcoming evil with great effort.

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>>600919281>Openly worshiping a god just to lure elves into your sex dungeon when they try to assassinate youTalos would probably give you a divine blessing for being so fucking based.

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>>600919468The dragonborn is like literally a dragon right? Like they look like a person but their soul is some divine dragon aspect right? Why the fuck would a dragon do what a human tells them to do? If anything you should be able to murder her on the spot for even suggesting to dictate your whims to you and stepping on your draconic pride.

>>600918259My fully roleplayed modded Skyrim playthrough that lasted from 2015-2018 was one of if not the best single vidya experience I've ever had. 200~ hours and a full playthrough of everything there's to do in the game except the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood which didn't fit my character. Skyrim actually has a good enough plot which both continues off of Oblivion's, successfully introduce new super important concepts like the Thalmor or the Great War, and have a cool looking Nordic aesthetic throughout. A shame more people don't play the main story because trapping a dragon in Dragonsreach, riding it to a hidden draugr ruin in the mountains, making your way through a portal to the Nordic afterlife where you join forces with heroes eons old to defeat the World Eater and then end up worshipped by a dozen dragons at the Throat of the World is kino of the highest's a shame the game was trapped in the PS3 generation and they rushed the meme 11/11/11 date but at least we've gotten mods for a decade

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>>600918259I have because I have anticipated this moment for ten years. What a disappointment it has turned out to be.

meek dragon wife...

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>>600919472>>600919281Talos is not a real god.

>>600919468>If you've read the main story, you know that the Stormcloak Rebellion works in favor of the Thalmor, and that Ulfric is an useful idiot.>A Stormcloak victory is also to be avoided, however, so even indirect aid to the Stormcloaks must be carefully managed. Thalmor are in favour of a stalemate and want neither Empire nor Stormcloaks to win

>>600919664You are not a real woman.

>>600919560My little zoomer ass was very excited the first time I got into Sovngarde.Goddamn, they knew how to set up the mood for the final fight, too bad it was too easy.

>>600919664is so

>>600919674That's because a stalemate is going to keep the imperial troops occupied on another front, but a side was going to close the war, the thalmor would definetly want the stormcloacks to win.

>>600918983Nah, he's right. Elder Scrolls games are nothing but sandboxes, they are the antithesis of immersiveness.

>>600919664so ka...

>>600919281God i want her to cut me, i want her to drift off to sleep to the soothing sound of me sobbing like a baby.

>>600919809But the ledger says a Stormcloak victory is to be avoided

>>600917660man is always right

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>>600919664ywn attain chim.

What are some other optional murders in gaming that are easy passes?

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>>600917660Already did. I don't recall any reason not to?


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>>600918538>things that never happened

>>600919862avoided, not not allowed, it's not what they want but wouldn't shed a tear if it happened all the same

>>600919559The Dragonborne is a mortal human with the innate powers of a Dragon.>>600919659Odaviing is my favorite from those. The part about "talking like a captured female knight" gets me every time.Skyrim is a harem anime except the dragon girls are actually dragons.

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>>600919862Yes, to prolong the war.Do you remember how the game starts? Elenwen wants to take Ulfric from Tullius so he doesn't get executed. She wants to later free him, that's why Tullius decides to do the execution immediatly, at Helgen.

>>600919972Unluckily for her I have a snuff fetish

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>>600920032>>600919972>>600919659Why do Japanese put wings on humanoids on their wastes? Why do Westerners put wings on humanoids on their backs/shoulders?

>>600919468The same dossier that states "a Stormcloak victory is also to be avoided"? Very cool, keep trusting the plan! Maybe the Thalmor will let you have an extra sweetroll in another lifetime if you keep being such a loyal slave.

>>600920094more like a sucking cock fetish you fag

>>600920138flying with wings near your scapulas would be extremely awkwardwaist is where your center of mass is

>>600919986>>600920043I see... Stormcloak victory is still the most favourable outcome of the two for the Thalmor

>>600920165>yellow pointy ears posted this

>>600920172no, those are very different things. ESL?

>>600919986Why would they rather have an openly hostile regime in Skyrim than a compliant puppet regime? Don't give me that "stronger together" crap either; Hammerfell threw off the yoke of the Dominion without any help from the Thalmor-occupied Empire

>>600920279Two septims have been deposited into your account

>>600920471because they don't give a shit about Hammerfell or Skyrim right now, they want the the Imperial city, weakening it by removing soldiers to draw from is the most basic of logic of warfare

>>600919560you played that savefile for 3 years and only got 200 hours in it?

>>600918693How? The sole task of the Last Dragonborn was to kick Aladuin's ass and force him to run to Akatosh. Everything else is just a means to that end.


>>600920258IDK, user. If you are taking off from vertical than it doesn't matter (it might actually be easier for higher mounted wings). When you are actually flying the air flow would keep your lower body aloft and ensure you always stay in the upright position. Wings above your center of mass may mean that if you dip your head then you start tumbling.

>>600920681Sounds like the Empire should bring its troops home rather than waste them on enforcing Altmeri law against their fellow man - that is, if the Altmer are even still their enemies.

>>600920771tail of a bird acts as a third wing that generates lift as it's pushed through the air in order for the bird to remain stable about it's aerodynamic center of gravity, the wings are placed near the "shoulder area" If you were to give the human wings AND a tail like a bird, then the wings could be placed higher near the shoulders

>>600920996>should brings its troops homeWhat troops? The "Imperials" in Skyrim fighting the Civil War are Nords, you can actually see this ingame. The true Imperial Legion is back home.

>>600920996The imperial soldiers you see in Skyrim are all nords.Tullius is not fighting we a proper legion, he even says so, and that with a real army he would have ended the conflict already. Since the troops have to be stationed in Cyrodill for the altmer, they rely on nord volunteers, which also goes to show many nords still consider themselves part of the empire. If the humans want to defeat the mers, they need to stay united, Cyrodill alone can't resist the Elves, they need Skyrim and High rock.

>>600921016Bird wings are inline with the center of mass, not above the center of mass inflight. Higher wings would be further forward to bring it back inline with the center of mass.

>>600918259I just finished it today, kind of an anticlimax. should have ended with the fight on the throat of the world.

>>600921284why would it be above lolwhat are you smoking


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>>600921412Your back is above you when you are flying prone.

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>>600918259It usually goes like this>Denial: UnboundI don't need more mods, I don't need more mods, I don't need more mods...>Anger: The Way of the VoiceHoly shit this takes forever. Oh god, I don't want to sit through this cutscene again. Bori or whatever, hurry the fuck up. Where is the skip button? FUCK>Bargaining: Alduin's WallOkay, so if we just finish a few more quests I unlock some cool stuff, a stopping point, a new unique weapon, etc.>Depression: Season Unending/civil war questlineI want to die>Acceptance: The World-Eater's EyrieFuck it

>>600920728It wasn't nonstop play for three years, sometimes I'd play every day some other times I'd get burned out and not touch the game for who knows how many months. The idea is the playthrough started in 2015 and ended in 2018, with whatever happened in-between.

>>600917847Show us some screenshots, please

>>600921648and how do you plan to keep from falling without a tail to balance your back (cervix and legs)

>Not installing the Paarthurnax Dilemma to tell her to fuck offWhat's next? You're telling me you didn't install Wintersun and regularly pray to the gods ingame?

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>>600919917GTA IV killing Dwayne or that druggie irishman

>>600918047Should've modeled her more like her namesake.

>>600917660I'm not killing fucking Super Mario.

>>600917660sparing paarthurnax is peak reddit

>>600921889I am a god in my own right, so I worship myself.

>>600920138Wings on shoulders enhances a male shape (wide at the shoulders). Wings on waist enhances a female shape (wider hips). in short: the Japanese are coomers.

>>600919468>Paarthurnax is a very useful ally and he is 100% in the right in his argument about overcoming evil with great effort.I liked this user's explanation that he is still following his nature but in a more twisted way. His name means ambition, overlord, cruelty. His ambition shines through his desire to overcome his own nature, his status as an overlord is manifested as his status as the unquestionable leader of the greybeards and his cruelty comes from torturing himself and (later) his own kind by teaching them the way of the voice, plus training the chosen one to kill his brother.

>>600921226Stormcloak kiddies will say "Nords can defeat the thalmor themselves because they will have a super cool alliance with the Redguards and Bretons, nobody needs the empire" as if they will be stronger that way than the empire was with all of them combined and no fucking legions. They cant even win a rebellion against an incredibly shitty garrison of leather clad raw recruits, shat are they going to do vs an actual legion, with battlemages and real shit?Nords act as if they shed the most blood in the war while the imperial city literally got massacred and raped nonstop for months.

>>600918259After like 800h I finished it. After all was said and done with the DLCs and almost every non-radiant quest, I clocked in at around 1200h, at which point I finally retired my Imperial in a wooden shack (mod) next to a river in the woods of whiterun.

>>600919659PartySnacks would be an old grey rag and not a humanoid Loli, sorry to disappoint you

>>600919560Based>200 hoursCasual

>>600922375All dragons have the ability to turn into lolis

>>600918259I put around 200 hours into the game but was only able to finish the story when SE came out. Oldrim would always get fucked up by too many mods and start crashing nonstop around 20-hour mark, forcing restart. It's a pretty cozy adventure

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>>600918259I have never even reached level 81 or fought the Ebony Warrior. Furthest I've been is early 50's.I still have some Daedric Prince quests and the Thieves' Guild questline to complete. But that's because I play other games as well and take it slow.

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>>600922321Nords don't have magicka expertise, discipline and logistics, they'll never beat a single one Thalmor battalion. All Men, once time more will see that the Imperials is more important to Tamriel than they think

>>600919664Actually based

>>600923061Do the daedra and forget the thieves guild, its not worth it

>>600923246The empire dying is a recurring theme in these games. Not defending the rebellion but the alternative is just as fucked but for different reasons. They need a new royal bloodline, a new symbol to symbolize a new, fresh start.

>>600923061>Thieve's GuildI remember playing it once, thought it fucking sucked and have no intention to do it again, so don't bother

>>600917660I'll kill whoever she wants in eschange for her taking off her clothes and letting me punch her abs all night long.

>>600918259Yes.Alduin is one of the worst boss I have ever fight against.

>>600919559>The dragonborn is like literally a dragon right?Basically.You have the soul and blood of a dragon.You are different because you are born instead of existing since the existence of time.

>>600917660Kill Delphine

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>>600919659That Delphine's face in the corner

>The Dragonborn could technically create a shout that turn dragons into anime girls.

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>>600918259I did it once on xbox in 2011.Most playthroughs i avoid the main story to prevent dragons from spawning everywhere.

>>600923807tes dragons will always be maleIf you want women you should CHIM up and get the Jill ladies

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>>600923807>he didn't learn the "turn anime" shout

>>600918259I just replayed it yesterday and dropped it after I met Delphine.

>>600917660I not saying he didn't kill people but 6 million seems too high


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>>600923508>They need a new royal bloodline, a new symbol to symbolize a new, fresh start.Shezarrborn?

>>600917660>belongs to a race naturally inclined to crime and evilDragonborns have done more damage than the dragons kek.

>>600919827Morrowind was alright


>>600924203Realistically, just think about the logistics of it. The people are not concentrated, so he would have to fly around constantly killing people left and right.Even if he relentlessly did so for years, how could he kill 6 millions in the span of the war?It just doesn't make sense.

>>600918259Both oblivion and Skyrim had a super short main quest from what I could remember I think they knew these weren't the draws of the game and to just explore and do anything you want

what's the mod for these clothes?

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>>600924526Not to mention the population of skyrim shouldn't even have a population this big, especially old skyrim.

>>600924451Ancient Nords ≠ Modern snoy Nords

>>600917847Alessia moment

>>600924818Well now that the Gaybeards are free from Paarths coruption perhaps the Thu'um will go back to being used as intended.If that happens current Nords will surpass ancient Nords.


>be a nord>your ancestor lose a war against the race that invented Tonal architecture which is an improved version of your ancestor's shout + chimer>a retarded grey beard came up with mental gymnastic cope as to why your ancestor lose the war>can't even use shout in war anymore

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>>600918259>Millions of people buy game >Did anyone out of the millions who buy game finish the storylineQuestions like this are so fucking retarded. If you start a question with "Has anyone" you're an imbecile.

I'm the dovahkiin. The blades serve me. They will not kill Paarthurnax.

>>600925093>Shitting on your head goddess in order to appease a god that isn't even in your pantheon

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>>600925463>giving a shit about the head goddess when Akatosh does all the work.

Why are developers afraid of letting you have sex with dragons? I don't mean anthropomorphic dragongirls. I mean full on, huge, scaly, winged monsters.

>>600917660>crime and evilLike all Americans!, we know what to do Boys!

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>>600925632no female dragon sexonly male

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>>600919468>If you've read the main story, you know that the Stormcloak Rebellion works in favor of the Thalmor, and that Ulfric is an useful idiot.You're the idiot hereThe dossier clearly says the Thalmor dont want him to winNow if you'd rather side with the cowards who allow Thalmor troops to roam their lands and massacre everyone while Tulius tells you "Trust the plan dude! Two more weeks and we'll stop being their bitches"....

>>600918259I finished the main story and all of the guild quests using the same character build and strategy, charging in face first with blades armor, dragonbane and spellbreaker. No sneaking or magic

>>600925778>the dragon doesn't eat herCringe and gay, would have fapped otherwise.

>>600925778sauce me up familia

>>600917847At least let the anons know who you're talking

Isn't it weird that empire just ignore the Dragonborn status ?They don't seem to give a shit about someone who is related to their emperors.They don't even apologize about wanting to cut your head off.

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>>600926009their old emperors*

>>600925778>kissed by a woman>backs up and looks at her with fear and hate in its eyesLadies and female-allies, the first incel dragon!

>>600926009>someone who is related to their emperors.he's not, he's A dragonborn but multiple exist that aren't from the Septim lineage, like Miraak

>>600918439kinda based ngl

>>600924651hello? i want slutty argonian

>>600926009Because he has a pretty good claim for Emperor, so why would the current holders want him o board?

>>600926217dragonborns are soul-brothers though.

>>600920094tranny fetish

>>600920471Because if Skyrim goes independent the Thalmor can ignore it while they sack the empire

>>600917660How hard/large do nipples have to be to poke through hardened leather armor?

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>>600918259I did in my first playthrough and never bothered againHowever I have never finished the civil war quests

>>600919147holy shit dude you fucking killed him

>>600919972>ambition>overlord>crueltyAnd I'm supposed to trust him?

>>600925979that isnt the one i usetoo human

>>600926931did you know play the game? lollmao

>>600925362I would post the nerd glasses emoji but you'll have to be sated with just this


>>600926931>ambitionTo rid the world of the Almderi dominion>overlordOverlord to enslaved Altmer whose work will be necessary in the war effort>crueltyCruel to the enemies of Skyrim. Come on bro.

>>600918259I did. I unironically love Skyrim main quest. Specially if you actually roleplay and give a personality to your Dragonborn rather than do what most trannies here in Holla Forums do and just play as a woman and go around being a dyke and killing men. And yes, I do kill Paarthurnax, but only at the very end when I kill Alduin because he literally crowns himself king of the Dragons. Reminds me of Hunger Games when they are about to kill Snow and the bitch Coin crowns herself president showing she was just as evil and powerhungry.

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>>600926009Tiber Septim's descendants are not really the same vein of Dragonborn as those who actually have the soul of a Dragon, but their blood does have some unique properties that will probably only ever be used to try to unlock something.


>>600919147M-M-M-M MONSTER KILL


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>>600921889what is the context here?

>>600927123>I would post the nerd glasses emoji but you'll have to be sated with just this

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Anyone played with Interesting NPCs?Is it a meme mod or actually good?

>>600920032Why are they all so fucking generic holy shit. Creativity is truly dead in Japan.

>>600927650Mixed bag.NPCs dialogue dump you with their whole backstory the first time they meet you sometimes, and it's A LOT of dialogue, so it can be tiresome.On the other hand, some characters are pretty good, and add interesting quests.It also adds little pieces of content spread over the world, something that very few mods do, so that's nice.

>>600927650Zora Fair Child best waifu

>>600927650its pretty gooddoesnt change the game much, just adds some characters u can listen to and some interesting side quests

>>600925950I Am Dragon

>>600927839Sounds like it's "Please read my fanfiction": the mod.

>>600923061>human hands and feet. >drew a woman made it a tiger

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>>600925608>a comatose schizo that is literally an Aldmer god mindbroken into turning human by Lorkhans' shenanigans >Running anything There is a reason Nords only knew of Alduin, Lorkhan corrupted and confused both and turned Auriel into a transdragon and Alduin into a retard.

>>600926009With cult of Talos being outlawed it's not surprising.

>>600928131Dragon and Dragonborns are confused and corrupted aldmer?

>>600927197Are you the same faggot that was raped by the Cyberpunk dude and that wanted to suck Eric's toes in House of Ashes? Why haven't you kys yet

>>600927841Actually it's Anum-La

>>600928392Dragons and Dragonborn are but tiny shards

>>600928592but they are technically still confused tiny shard aldmer?

>>600928062NTA and yes it felt like that to me far more often than not

>>600928073Furfags may seethe but human hands and feet are optimized for upright posture. Digitgrade legs dont lock knees to stand and strain more with the weight of the body pushing from above, they fare better with long horizontal bodies because there is a forward torque instead of verical compression. And the smaller feet mean more effort to keep the center of gravity stable, besides having higher ground pressure and leverage.Also human hands are one of nature's finest accomplishments.

>>600918259I never even touch the main quest line until I explore 90% of the map. You're supposed to randomly wander around in that game.


>>600928439Ohhh I loved Eric he was such a cutie pie. I hope their next game has super hot gay men.

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>>600928073>>600928707not to forget there's like 12 different shapes of khajiit that's determined at birth depending on the position of the moons

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>>600928623Everyone is an Ehlnofey mutt when you get down to it>>600926009>>600927242Septims were not even blood related after the second generation. The gods literally grant you dragon blood when they feel like it.

>>600929089a cat is fine too

>>600918259I beat it on my very, very first playthrough on PS3 fucking 10 years ago. It was meh. Ever since then I either just got to the part that unlocked dragons and fucked off or installed a mod that marks it as complete and dumps the important items into my inventory.

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>>600929089A Khajiit brothel must be interesting.

>>600917660>a race naturally incline to crime and evilhmmm...

>>600929089This. They are described as "beast-folk". And they have a lot of racial differences. Chances are there are some Khajiit that look a lot like Humans or Elves.

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>>600918259I would have but I ran into a glitch when the door to the blind guy in the sewers wouldn't openI could have skipped past it with console commands but I didn't want to miss any dialogue and was too retarded to realize I could just watch a video on youtube

>>600929089Khajits are weird

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>>600918259Only the first time I played it. Now I just use a 100% save for every new character

>>600928707digitigrade bipedals are very much realistic and are plausible to exist, using high heels even gives you an impression how would it feel like (without your spine and muscles being adjusted that is)kangaroos, despite being plantigrade, pretty much act like they're digitigrade and bipedal digitigrades existed before ex. dinosaurs

>>600920094Based Chad folks

>>600918259I finish it because I want Dragonrend, and then it's only a single dungeon and boss fight away from completion.

>>600919972>パーサーナックス>PaasaanakkusuThat's not Paarthurnax, friend

>>600930351The Japanese simply have a retarded language and alphabet(s).

>"war criminal">they're just evil, ok?is this the best you could do for a "chad" argument

>>600930351How would you rather transliterate it?

>>600925463Kyne doesn't care what the Gaybeards think.See the player character, Tiber , and Ulfric. If she thought kike the Gaybeards those three would not be able to use the Thu'um as a weapon of war.

>>600930351?sounds accurate what are you on about schizo

>>600930351It's just paarthurnax in jap speak, what do you mean

>>600930441>Retarded alphabetsTechnically not. The kana are syllabary writing systems rather than alphabets proper.The Japanese writing system would be a lot less retarded if it had an alphabet.

>>600929210I wonder what a Khajit buffet would be like. Do each of the different variations have a unique flavor?

>>600927197>he literally crowns himself kingLike Ulfric Stormcloak

>>600928131>The sovereign of the high elf pantheon was turned into a crazed schizo who sent a homosexual robot to genocide their breathren>Trinimac got turned into an orc godBeing an Altmer is suffering

>>600931596>being an (((altmer))) is sufferingThen kys pls

>>600930850spotted the chinaman

>>600919147My fucking sides kek

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>>600931687>implying I am a shitmer

>>600929621Every digitgrade walks hunched over or doesnt have a regular gait, look at birds trying to walk step by step. The biggest digitgrades ever were dinosaurs and thry more or less still locked knees and put a full foot plant down.>>600930850Felines, and Carnivore animals in general taste fucking awful

>>600919468>you know that the ongoing civil war works in favor of the Thalmorfixed that for youas long as one side wins it's fine

>>600931596The Dwemer also beat them in their goal of escaping the mortal plane albeit the dwemer method is more based, they literally do not exist anymore.

>>600918047What you wanna bet Todd learns nothing and has an equally retarded, "Make your choice" in TES6?

Kill>Delphine >Serana>MavenHappy world.

>>600919147You fucking obliterated user

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>>600932384How would killing Serana improve the world?

>>600931998Yeah, but most didn't ascend, they just zero summed.

>>600931768Why do you think feasting on Khajit is meant to be a culinary experience?It is meant to remind them of their place. To add insult to injury you could have a khajit waitstaff as well.AlsoAlligator is pretty good if a little stringy. Hist lickers don't get comfy. You are on the menu as well.

>>600922090Oh shit, that makes sense

>>600918259>Go to Sovngarde>Laugh at Ulfric there

>>600931998They got trapped in the soul gems that power the automatons they created

>>600922375My cute hag wife Paarthurnax...

>>600932384Easily the most based opinion I've seen in a Skyrim thread.

>>600918259>Mod the absolute shit out of skyrim>Get out of the cave from the tutorial>Jetpack away to start gathering anime girl dragon-moans and fighting Thomas the Tank Engines to unlock them

>>600926009The Mede took the throne by might, they didn't have a pact with Akatosh, their founder being the son of a hill or anything

>>600919468>the Stormcloak Rebellion works in favor of the Thalmor, and that Ulfric is an useful idiot.S-see guys?! Ulfric is just a false flag! T-T-Trust the plan! Suck a little elven cock now so the empire can gain strength. Q will guide us!

>>600932985Mod support was a mistake. I truly hope Microsoft doesn't allow it going forward just for the salt The histrionics will be more entertaining than every mod ever made combined.

>>600933140To understand the Thalmor consider the US position on Ukraine.They don't want Russia to win because they are the aggressors.They don't want Ukraine to win because somehow they will end up having to foot the bill to rebuild Ukraine They are going to do just enough to keep it going.When Russia was considering bailing we tell the Ukes where the Ruski flagship was. Wala the war continues.Like the AD the US does not want either side to win

>>600932384i vaguely recall being able to put her in jail by making her jarl in the talks and then siding with the Stormcloaks4D chess if i do say so

>>600918259I dropped the main plot when I started the dwemer cube quest in Winterhold. When I was close to dropping the game I decided to finish it at least

>>600919468>the Stormcloak Rebellion works in favor of the ThalmorA PROLONGED rebellion is beneficial to the Thalmor. An actual Nord victory is bad for them.>Ulfric is an useful idiotTrue. He really is. That's why I like the idea of the Dragonborn taking over and killing that fuckwit. Shame you couldn't do that in game.

>>600932585No more necrotic molagized beef curtains stinking up the place.

>>600933554>wala>inb4 just pretending

>>600917847>>600926954Screenshots or bust.>>600918259One of these days I will.

>>600918259I've never finished a single Bethesda game because they have always hard crashed on me at certain points of the main quest. I must have tried Skyrim on at least 3 different machines, one completely vanilla unmodded, and it would still fuck up on me. Fuck Bethesda.


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>>600933886Todd has cursed you for not buying Skyrim an unnecessary amount of times.

Attached: image_2022-06-02_073909281.png (225x225, 67.92K)

>>600918259>First runMost people will diligently follow it until they get to High Hrothgar, at which point they'll go "That troll was kind of scary, I better level a bit before continuing">never doesIn later runsThey'll not bother with running to High Hrothgar, perhaps not even with Bleak Falls Barrow, as dragons won't spawn before you kill the first one at the Watchtower, and I'm pretty sure neither the Dragonborn Cultists nor the Volkihar vampires will harass you on the road if you've not done it

>Provides 0(zero) aid to the dragonborn>only help provided by the blades was by esbern finding and translating alduins wall >invite herself to the peace negotiations despite being a literally who >risks the dragonborn's life by sending them to the thalmor embassy over a schizo hunch DUDE THE THALMOR CAN CONTROL THE ANCIENT TIME TRAVELING WORLD EATER BECAUSE..THEY JUST CAN>Ruin's the life of the bosmer who help you or just straight up get him killed and makes the dragonborn a thalmor target>Talos wouldn't found the empire if he listened to the graybeards, who told him exactly to do that!>Makes herself the leader of the blades despite not even being the ranking member>Refuses to talk to the dragonborn if he stopped listening to her schizo ramblingsNever have I seen a charecter in a game, a show or a movie that is as half as annoying is her. Don't even care about the dragon I just let him live out of spite.

>>600934120>and I'm pretty sure neither the Dragonborn Cultists nor the Volkihar vampires will harass you on the road if you've not done itThe Dragonborn Cultists come at a certain level, not sure on the Volkihar vampires, i never encountered any out in the world untill i started the Dawnguard questline regardles how high leveled i was or how far in the main storyline i was

>>600934183>I just let him live out of spiteThat's what people fail to understand. I truly have zero opinion on Paarthursnaxs, but the fuck this insufferable cunts ORDERS you to kill him made me instantly want to protect his life. Delphine might be one of the worst RPG characters ever made.

>>600934573I've never seen Dragonborn cultists before doing the watchtowerwhich makes sense, because they're looking for a "Dragonborn", which only makes sense if you've absorbed your first dragon soul (which is always at the watchtower)The vampires is the one I'm not sure about, I think they burn down the Hall of the Vigilant around level 10 every time, at which point the Dawnguard starts going around recruiting (and vampires start invading cities/towns)

>>600926163>Dragon is Gay>Keeps kidnapping Princesses in the hopes of fishing in a big, strong knight to bang the shit out of himWe're dealing with a master of deception here lads.

>>600920032Odahviing for me please. Where do I find her in the game? I met only Aldi, western tower dragon killed by guards, the Kynesomething sleepy dragon and mountain grandpa, but no big red one.

>>600926163All dragons are incels, this one is going to be cured of it. >>600934832Send ladyknights to avoid rape.

>>600934836main quest, near the endiirc right after you get Dragonrend

>>600919664neither are you merlet

>>600917660>kill PaarthunaxNo.

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>>600920032I would unironically play animeScrolls, I'd whale hard for Alduin.

>>600917660I will kill the dragon and that annoying bitch.

>>600934593I let him live in all my playthroughs. Imagine killing the one who indirectly caused alduin's downfall twice and made humans win the dragon war because a useless bitch belonging to an irrelevant faction wouldn't speak to you otherwise

>>600927662Coomer designs>>>>>>ugly westernshit.

>>600936395They cluld be coomer and also interesting looking, these bitches are all sameface and wearing the same frumpy dresses with no personality of their own.

>>600936395Coomer design is fine, but copied and pasted anime heads is not.

>>600936395>this is ugly according to Gijinka fetishists

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>>600925136You need decades of training to be able to shout and control it. Didn't you notice that in the graybeards only one of them can speak while the rest make the earth shake just by saying a word? Why the fuck would you want a population full of people like these?

>>600937195>Why the fuck would you want a population full of people like these?to fight the Altmer.Magic is hopeless for them even if they don't hate it.

>>600937356is hopeless for the nord*

>>600917660She clearly owes me sex for killing Alduin, I’m not killing any more dragons until I receive the sex I am owed.

>>600917660I listen to the guy because women are stupid and always wrong.

>>600917660Already done.

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>>600926009Nobody in the empire even knows you were going to have your head cut off.

>>600917660Why does the store-brand Larxene have a problem with Partysnacks?

Why does any of this matter if it is all just a dream?

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>>600919972how big is her penis

>>600917660Bitch, you work for me, yo don't tell me what to do, understand?>installed paarthurnax problem mod

>>600918259Yes, user.

I finally decided to give this game a shot, figure 10+ years of mod support would turn it into something amazing. And yet, 500+ mods later, the combat is still jank as hell, it's super buggy, and everything feels unfinished or half-baked. How do people enjoy this? Is it just for Osex mods?

>>600917660>Bitch looks and acts like a bitch (whos also a whore)>Old guy is speaking in memetongues.Ya know?... Im playing it safe and kill the dragon AND these 2 fuckers.

>>600940076>Installing mods to make the combat like dark souls ngmi> How do people enjoy this?Not by caring about the combat.

>>600917660My canon Dragonborn is an Altmer, you think I give a fuck about a bunch of dead swedes, I'll feed Paarthurnax Delphine's raw quivering ass before I betray a bro to appease little people.

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>>600921941Shut up you worthless faggot.

>>600940184>make the combat like Dark Soulsactually, I tried the opposite, it was still trash.

>>600940193>the Strongest Delphine simp vs the weakest Altmer supremacist

>>600940076The game can be an unholy mix of sims, minecraft, survival outdoors and actual horror mixed in with coom its interesting to experience so much confluent disparate shit. The combat can only be fixed so much, and you should strive to make it feel like Dark Messiah mpre than Dork Souls, always go for the more hardcore, AI focused ones like Ultimate Combat and forget about dodge roll autism fucking shit. Its a first person shooter with swords not a tank controls weeb cope press.

>>600940345The combat in Skyrim is serviceable. It does what it needs to do. It's honestly not trash, and I mean it unironically. If you play the game for the pleasure of dynamic combat, then you are playing the wrong game.Does it mean I wouldn't like to see an improvement? Of course I would like an improvement in TES 6, but as far as skyrim is concerned, I really don't care.

>>600940812Most of the problems with the combat come down to how old and shitty the engine is, because hit detection is seldom matched to animations, hitboxes are terrible and there is no real feedback to hits until you get a ragdoll or dancing death animation.

>>600919664Yes, in sense that he supperior to all other gods.

>>600942419Except the daedra who don't become weak bitches once they lose followersimagine obtaining godly power and trying to join the aedra instead of going full tribunal

Attached: falmer lockdown.png (960x934, 1.33M)

>>600937356>>600937448Nords used to produce decent enough mages as late as the winterhold collapse, it all just goes to show how fucking stupid the stormcloak rebellion is when they think they can take on both the empire and the dominion while Skyrim is at it's literal worst moment in history, being a depopulated, dilapidated, decaying shithole of a province, and that is without having been ravaged by the great war and only suffering due to their own rebellion at the time.Even if the dragons hadn't come back, you have an absolute plague of banditry, falmer getting rowdy, necromancers and vampires taking over everything two steps away from every city, it's insane.

Attached: not my nwah.png (686x609, 580.47K)

>>600939495It doesn't. Go nuts.

>>600917660>setstage MQPaarthurnax 100now we can advance the plot

>>600918259I never finished Skyrim or Oblivion, but I play through vanilla Morrowind once a year or so.

>>600917660I moded it so that Delphine is fine with sparing Paarthurnax and there's nothing you can do about it

Is there any reason to kill paarthurnax? does delphine give you additional quests if you do?

Overall thoughts on Destroy the Thieves Guild?

>>600945637You rebuild the blades in the temple where the wall of alduin is by recruiting a couple of morons for it, but not really, you aren't missing out on content if that's what you are asking.


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>>600927478Some time ago a Cap America comic had him betray some dude and say "hail hydra", implying he worked for the baddies all along. Lots of meme variations were made with people betraying their side and saying something like that.

>>600918259I actually think most people have completed the main quest but they just didn't notice because the ending is so unnoticeable and anticlimactic.

>>600929126>Septims were not even blood related after the second generationYes they were. Mind you, they're descendants of the enantiomorphed Talos, not necessarily descendants of Hjalti Early-Beard aka Talos Stormcrown but most likely descendants of his "mysterious brother", Zurin Arctus. When their souls were joined into one in Daggerfall, the Septim bloodline was retconned in universe so it became descendants of the Talos oversoul.


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>>600946954But were they joined?The underking was stilll around after all.

>>600946954Idiots guide to TES.Always believe characters that tell you they are liars. Pasrth and VivekAlways believe sources that tell you they are not reliable. The Arcturian HeresyWhine line a bitch when people point out the unreliable narrator.Take teslore on re**it as canon and source liberally.Do this and you to can become a Heimskr regarding TES lore.

>>600948891Don't question it. They will just chim a dragonbreak to explain inconsistencies.

>>600949010>T-tiber Septim was a nord!lollmao even

>>600938584YES. This user gets me!

>>600949476Hello Heimskr.

A question for the user who thinks the Dumner are following Lorkhans teachings.Who taught them Lorkhans teachings?


Why did they make Delphine such an insufferable cunt?

>>600949841Heimskr thinks Tiber Septim was a nord

>>600918259I did it once on launch with no mods.I keep meaning to do it again so I can then go into Dragonborn since I feel it makes more sense thematically having already defeated Alduin before facing Miraak, but I never get around to it.

>>600950207She is only an insufferable cunt if it turns out you are not worthy of her loyalty. If you turn into a disappointment she has no obligation to follow someone not worthy of respect.

>>600950058Does Lorkhan even HAVE teachings? All of his avatars have been fucking lunatics

>>600950297Stopped clock .

>>600950487>men good mer badseems pretty consistently lunatic

>>600928803kek i remember your fake leaks for cyberpunk too, to this day I still tell my friends about how a schizo said V was going to be canonically gay and wear a pink shirt with 'bitch' written on it in girly cursive text

>>600917660pokies are so hot bros...

>>600950487One user thinks the Dumner are following them. I read something interresting in one of the books about Lorkhan and would like their take.user doesn't like to respond without knowing all the details out of fear of unintentionally giving a straight answer

>>600918259I only did it after beating the rest of the game. Never done any of the DLC because the game bored the hell out of me by that point.

Attached: 4631.jpg (754x777, 79.73K)

>>600950937A shame, the DLCs are arguably the best content in the game

>>600950576He believes everything you do about Talos. That he was nothing more than a super chad nord dragonborn who conquered the world an achieved apotheosis. He's a parody of those with surface level comprehension of the cosmology. And also a parody of people who pretend daggerfall isn't canon.

>>600950627That was mostly just pelinal, and he din't even know what elves are

>>600918259once and i just remember it being unimaginably short.

Talos technically was just three dudes in a trenchcoat.

Lol I brought Esbern along for that oblivion gate quest and he was like ';_;

>>600951151Yes.The stopped clock thing. Just because he says idiotic things doesn't mean he is wrong about everything.I mean you say things that are factually true on occasion.

>>600918259I did. I especially liked how the entire story and lore deepthroats you for being the Dragonborn, but then at the final battle you have to be helped by a bunch of dead faggots instead of 1v1ing Alduin. You're basically just ganking him with some random people you just met 2 minutes ago

>>600950207>train to become a super special spy and the Emperors bodyguards>The Empire is a husk of what it used to be and so are The Blades>get outdone by psycho elves in a costly war>psycho elves demand you disband and hand over yourselves to be executed>Emperor does it because hes weak >you're forced to go into hiding and cower like a rat while being powerless to anything that goes on in the worldI mean I can see why shes pissed. Age, misfortune in a bleak, post apocalyptic Tamriel. She wants to recapture those glory days using you, which is why she gaslights you into attacking Thalmor bases and other nonsense.

>>600950207I miss Caius and Jauffre so much bros

>>600919827i mean, it's a real seesaw, make it scale naturally and the player can only go a certain route, make everything scale linearly and you can go anywhere, but every place is the same. So what's the best for player choice? How do you keep it open world and let the player go anywhere, seriously, i don't have any idea.

>>600951053Dragonborn sure, but Dawnguard is garbage and Hearthfire isn’t even content.

>>600926009You're not related to the emperors. You're not even made by the same god. Tiber Septim was a Shezzarine, created by Lorkhan. You were created by Akatosh.

>>600918259Only on the first run of Skyrim would anyone ever finish the story. Only reason to progress the story is to get all the words for Fus Ro Dah.

>>600929089what happens when alfiq khajit gets pregnant during senche month?

>>600951891> GaslightI hate victimspeak with a passion

>>600952426Make the different parts of the world interesting. Black reach and solstheim are great departures from Skyrim proper and feel cool to explore. But the varying holds are really samey outside of the reach having forsworn instead of literally every other enemy.Like Hjaalmarch is a big swampy mess but it doesn’t feel different to explore. Give it a bunch of ambush predators and sunken ruins that prioritize things like water breathing and light sources would have made it stand out rather than just shitty town in the reeds.

>>600952685Dawnguard is really only garbage if you have an unsurmantable unreasonable hate for Serana.The soul cairn and the forgotten vale are certified kino

>>600919468>>600919492>tfw no R18 Paarthurnax moditsover

>>600953341It’s garbage because it’s storyline is fallout 4 tier retarded.Hey join some vampire hunters, but don’t kill this vampire, also help this vampire collect elder scrolls as a vampire hunter. Isran was literally ready to murder his own friends at the slightest chance they were vampires but just had Serana wait in his bedroom despite being a vampire carrying a reality breaking object.

>>600918259It's nothing special, Alduin is just a regular dragon.

>>600953392see >>600923726

>>600952975Tiber (or one of those known as Tiber Septim) was able to wear the amulet of kings which require some connection to Akatosh didn't it? Besides the line between Auriel, Akatosh, Shezarr and Lorkhan are kind of weird

>>600919147Why are you getting replies like this is some clever insult? Could it be some samefagging going on?

>>600953831The start of the questline is awkward, but it becomes complete kino the moment you start looking for the moth priest.Also the vampire side is better, because it doesn't have any of the problem you mention.

>>600917660No. Delphine's a moron. His actions indicate that he has actually reformed, shit happened centuries ago anyway, and there's no good reason to just throw away your best source of information regarding dragons just because some paranoid wannabe from a defunct organization told me to.

>>600917847This but khajit wife.

>>600919559The bigger problem is that she's the leader of the Blades, and the Blades serve you, and SHE is giving YOU orders, and Bethesda didn't think it was appropriate for the Dragonborn to be able to tell her >fuck offThe very epitome of Bethesda's writing. They spend so much time telling you that you're the epic Dragonborn, but everyone treats you exactly like a common adventurer. Outside of the main quest, you're never treated with any of the respect that should be afforded what is essentially a living god, especially when you're capable of Shouting in the land where Shouts are sacred as all fuck

>>600956198You have a juvenile view of leadership Throwing a petulant fit because people that follow you have expectations of you to set the example is childish and immature.You will never be a leader because you are a child.

>>600956198I haven't played it, but didn't they do the same in Fallout 4? like the player can quickly ascend to a leadership position in all the factions, but they still have to take orders from their supposed subordinates.

>>600917660A quick reminder that the Blades disbanded hundreds of years before the events of TES V.Delphine is a LARPer and has no first hand experience leading anything. She basically knows as much as you do.

>>600957275Once you become guild leader you can get quests that fit that faction. Not sure where you are getting the ordered around thing.

>>600957478Who did the AD behead then?

>>600957539He's thinking of the Minutemen, where you're the supposed general but you never give any orders, constantly going on errands your subordinate gives you

>>600957275Depends>The MinutemenYes, you're the leader from the very start but you're actually a grunt doing ground work. The Minutemen grow with you but nothing really changes>The BOSYou become a high-ranking officer but not the leader of the whole gig. You get assignments from Elder Maxson, who is happy to have you as a loose associate (so it doesn't interfere with the openness of the game) and lets you come and go as you please.>The RailroadYou're a very efficient agent but not the leader of anything, I don't remember if there's radiant quests or whatever to do other than the strong fiber ones>The InstituteYou do become the leader and you're supposed to lead the Institute as you see fit, but there's little to do. I don't remember anyone giving me radiant quests after the ending so you have nothing to do after the end.

>>600957478>>600957478Nah, it was some 25 years before Skyrim

>>600953254they all start out as kittens and rapidly grow into whatever form is appropriate

>>600918538I love bait, so here I go.>Bought game where advertising revolves around Dragons>played the opening of the game, where you're attacked by a Dragon>probably followed Hadvar/Ralof to Riverwood to get direction to whiterun specifically to tell the jarl about the dragons.>failed the speech check, which under normal circumstances is impossible to fail>didn't bother to use the other dialogue options to be let into the city.alternatively, you knew how to install an alternate start mod without any prior knowledge about the game, and on your first playthrough.

>>600917847this dude is actually cool.

>>600957087I'd usually agree with you, but in case of the Blades it's just 2 schizos who were trying to find the Dragonborn (in Esbern's case for decades) and then when they find him they refuse to talk to him like children if he doesn't do what they want.

>>600957087lol what? If you consider the context of your character in Skyrim, a whole lot of reverence, especially from the group that is pledged to serve you and your blood, should be afforded. She doesn't ask you to kill Paarthurnax, but demands you do. She literally tells you that you're either with her or against her, after having given you an oath to serve you like the ancestor Blades did for Septim. This isn't about what I want to do as a leader, but rather that it makes zero sense from a writing standpoint, and it shatters all delusions of the role Bethesda insists you play in the story

>>600918047And if she didn't act like such an authoritarian bitch mainly. If she had just counseled us to kill him using argument instead of threatening to abandon us as if this tavern wench was in charge of anything.>>600918259Multiple times, and I 100%ed the game once

I've been replaying Skyrim after many years, thought I'd try doing it on Legendary difficulty from the start. What a fucking mistake this was.>some enemies take 30+ arrows to kill (and can oneshot you)The past 10 hours have just been exploiting broken path finding and cheesing enemies, and I've made so little progress because even a bandit cave takes an aeon to get through.

>>600933616Kill yourself, jew-cuck. Go fuck more summer-isle incest fags elsewhere.

>>600958651Lower the difficulty. It's not worth it if you're not having fun

>>600958340Just ignore him. He's a libtard faggot who cries at the mere existence of warranted authority.

>>600917660Paarthurnax has so far helped more than Delphine ever had, so nah

>>600957087Lol LmaoHolding expectation and being dissatisfied when they aren't fulfilled doesn't give you the right to give orders to your superior. And in case where you are bound by an oath to serve, one that also involves your ancestors, what gives you the right to give up serving when your leader doesn't want to do something YOU ordered HIM to do? It's a pick-a-side situation that shits on lore.

>>600954363This. Also get wifemod and bang the shit out of that thicc vampussy

>>600959067he turned traitor on his own kind out of vanity so he's still worshipped by a dragon cult with a different name. Nigga is a collaborator who got a cushy position and believes he's above his sins.

>>600958958I've got the sunk cost thing going for me nowThough it is getting easier as the sneak archer busted-ness starts kicking in more. Double damage bows with 3x sneak damage is already starting to destroy some enemies.First hours were peak un-fun, maybe now it'll be okay... Also I remember some mage enemies being disgusting overpowered on lower difficulties, I dread facing some of those.

>>600959281>Nigga is a collaborator who got a cushy position and believes he's above his sins.Nah, he doesn't believe that, which is why he forces himself to stay on the mountain

>>600959281Meh, Greybeards helped me out with cool dragonshouts, if she wants to kill him so much Delphine should justify her LARPing as a dragon hunter and go up there and kill that dragon herself

>>600959281Paarthurnax is not worshipped by the dragon cult. Because of Alduin conflating himself fully with bormah western Skyrim completely ditched dragon totemic worship and it remained only in the east but as worship of Akatosh through influence of Niben.

>>600959281this kills the headcanon

Attached: En4s.png (308x318, 158.32K)

>>600959332Well, if you insist on playing in the hardest difficulty, I'd recommend you spend some time improving your armor and especially your weapons if you're going to be stealthy, increasing your smithing and enchanting/alchemy for the loop is necessary in Master and Legendary.

>>600959725>increasing your smithing and enchanting/alchemy for the loopI don't want to fall into the loop again, it's basically just cheating when you can get a 4,000 damage weapon that one-shots everything

>>600958340This is completely incorrect and bizarre understanding of the blades. Tsaesci dragon guard were entirely focused on consumption and eradication of dragons, later dragon guard worshipped dragonborn not because they apriori liked dragonborn but because they saw him as the ultimate dragon killer.Blades during the empire were an anomaly caused by Talos violently purging everyone that mildly disagreed with him, case in point he made blades cope with Nafalilargus.Blades will try to cuck you because that is what they always wanted.

>>600926578Pretty sure the armor had to be designed with nipple indents.

>>600959237>Wanting to bang unrepentant Molag Bal used goods with daddy issuesAre you retarded? She is even wearing a choker with his emblem.

Attached: Bomen.jpg (419x304, 14.04K)

>>600959456Funny thing is that current blades have basically zero means to fight dragonsThey don't know how to make tonal dragon horns etc

>>600959875Unless you use mods, the alchemy/enchanting loop has a limit where you only improve things a small 0.1 and it doesn't do anything anymore. As for armor, they're hard capped so even if you have 1500 of armor, you're capped to 567. Not sure if weapons are capped but they probably are.

>>600959725>>600959875wait, you guys are playing without the unofficial patch? I tried doing that but the bugs were obnoxious and it disables to the loop

>>600958882Have fun slurping daedric AIDS pussy you desperate waifunigger.

>>600960068>unrepentantNot really, from her dialogue it's clear she regrets it but doesn't want to admit it.And it wasn't really her choice in the first place, she was born groomed in a cult.You know those kids that become "trans" at 8, but you know who is making the decisions?Her father offered her as sacrifice to gain power, and she's been coping in her little autism garden with her mother ever since.

>>600960214>As for armor, they're hard capped so even if you have 1500 of armor, you're capped to 567Why though? It makes sense to not be damaged in the slightest by weak mobs if you are giganigga-ing in the late game.

>>600918259>>600918259was one of the first games I played on PC back in the day. I nearly finished the alduin questline and then fucked off to mod the game. Haven't touched it in 10 years.

>>600959913At any rate, Bethesda presents the Blades in the same manner as they were in Oblivion. They make a pledge to you, can't function with out and yet they still give you an ultimatum that the game doesn't even allow you to argue against. I'd much prefer to play as a no name adventurer if this is the best Bethesda can do with a chosen one character of godlike status

>>600960609it's a hard cap at 85% damage reduction, same as other resistances in the game

>>600917660She doesn't reward you with sex/marriage after killing paarthurnax, so I went with the old way of the voice.fuck simps

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>>600960691Dumb. Is there are mod that gives immunity to damage if the damage is lower than a certain threshold percentage of armour value, yet stays a % reduction abose the threshold?

>>600959580>lore has never been up for debate in Elder Scrolls with interpretations or even whole books existing solely for propaganda>this stone tablet written by a slave proves me rightcritical thinking will set you free

>>600959436>watches the stupid human ants from the highest point in the world>literally above his sins

>>600960468And all of this only reinforces to stay the fuck away from this mad bitch

>>600961025Literature studies were a mistake

>>600945227brb going to install every futa orc mod I can find.

>>600961034For your own good? yes, absolutely. She's a vampire, even if all of that wasn't true, that's enough of a red flag.If you have basic empathy? Not really.She also refuses to marry you probably because she knows how fucked up the situation is, so it's not even really a problem.

>>600919917anytime one of the choices is a woman

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>>600958340The Blades were dragon slayers first and sworn to protect the dragonborn emperors second. The dragonborn's role is only to be the ultimate dragon killing machine, if he does not want to kill dragons then he deserves nothing from them.

>>600921912funny that i don't remember the irishman.i do remember killing dwayne because dude sounded entirely unstable to be left alive, death seemed like a release to him.

>>600925979you call that a fucking minotaur? thats just a slightly modified human. fucking GARBAGE.

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>>600961410Again, that's not the Blades that Bethesda presents to you in Skyrim. They have pledged to serve you, cannot be dragon hunters without you and you fucking saved the entire world by stopping Alduin from eating it, and yet they have the balls to make an ultimatum to you without even accepting an argument to the contrary? It's awful writing, and it's the typical Bethesda style of telling you one thing and then showing you another

>>600927197>calls others tranny>when hes an aids ridden prolapsed anus having faggotthe lack of self awareness is astounding

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>>600961410The LDB slays mother fucking Alduin. Who else is slaying dragons on that kind of level? One of the reasons Isran doesn’t get shit on like Delphine does is he doesn’t say some dumb shit to you like>Well thanks for killing Harkon, but if you don’t kill Serana I’m never talking to you again

>>600919827speak for yourself but its pretty damn immersive for me. then again i play with huge modlists.maybe you lack the part of the brain that allows you to get immersed. too low IQ i guess

>>600962194this, fucking this.>>600961783it's how the character presents it to you when there is a specific power point, see how isran isn't really shat on as delphine, because he doesn't stomp his foot like a spoiled kid and make retarded demands to a being far greater than him.

>>600954357yeah it really wasnt that witty

>>600959237>thicc>0.67 weightI hate zoomers

>>600953831being honest isran does tell you that serana came to them "peacefully" looking for you and that she had a elder scroll in her back.i think that todd played it safe, if you become a vampire isran just bans you instead of killing you, becoming hostile after siding with harkon.maybe todd didn't want the player going against essential enemies and fucking up the DLC royally.

>>600961924You'll have to remind me of that, dead post.

>>600963321it was the alpha protocol webm where you can kill everyone route, in this case it was the women only.

>>600960609>Why though?Even in the highest difficulties, the cap is high enough to endure a few blows from bosses and such. It won't mean shrugging off blows like in Normal but you'll be able to tank without trouble.

>>600963558I meant the DA2 knife murder, the Alpha Protocol webm is still up. Pretty based, similar to my ending, though I sailed into the sunset with that crazy muscly German MILF in the end.

Death to elves, death to the Thalmor

>>600917660>but I could just shout him out of the sky without any effort>n-no, that's just powergaming!! it's not realistic!>lol setessential go brrrrrr>NOOOOO YOU CAN'T JUST' KILL THE HECKIN' DRAGON HATER!lmao get.CHIM'd

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>>600963264>maybe todd didn't want the player going against essential enemies and fucking up the DLC royally.That's the problem with Bethesda game design. They are so utterly terrified of having the player make mistakes or miss out on content, and that makes the game feel so much more artificial. Also there's a lot of laziness when it comes to roleplaying. It was a very odd decision to make a DLC where you join vampire hunters, but then have it force you to be friendly with a vampire 1 hour into the story because the story says that she's a good guy. I can't remember if you even have a choice in whether or not to escort her back home. You certainly can't restrain her or prevent her from leaving. Such an obviously bad way of railroading you, and Bethesda did it anyway

>>600920032cringe, mods do your job please

>>600937127least is not furry bestiality or whatever you like t ocall it

>>600918259it's comically short.


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>>600964162it seems to mass appeal, imagine if a regular nigger that doesn't autosave much just loses hours of progress because he was locked out due to his own roleplaying like a gotcha move, for dedicated players that would be nice but for your regular player that's a no-no.>>600921885>and how do you plan to keep from falling without a tail to balance your back (cervix and legs)>what are the bigass legs humans have forfunny that would imply shoulder wings to be strong as fuck to counterbalance the legs weight

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>>600963735Anytime you wanted to kill someone in a cutscene in DAII Hawke would pull out the same knife to shiv someone. It's funny that a mage hawke would pull a blade to stab someone instead of turning their face into a light socket is all.

>>600964162it's not that they're terrified of players missing out on content it's that all the content is extremely scripted now so npcs getting killed would break large parts of the game. this is also why they removed teleportation spells.

>>600917660its really annoying how nobody ever portrays delphine as she looks ingame whenever i see images of her here it's always some generic bimbo doesn't look like her at all

>>600919281I want a thalmor sex slave wife

>6 million

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>>600966103simply install the proper mods user...

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