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Requesting The Courier from Fallout New Vegas and the protagonist from Underrail killing the White Leg tribals and the Sørmirbæren savages from both of their games together.

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Requesting (You)r artist’s rendition of one of these AI generated images

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Requesting Rivet and user out on a romantic dinner date.

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>>600914510Requesting Cogita from PLA as a bound & gagged damsel in distress(preferably with her hands tied in front of her) More pics of her if needed:files.catbox.moe/3gm440.jpeg

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Requesting Nemona as Chell, the male trainer as Tulio and a blonde female trainer as Miguel looking jaleous in the background. Please make sure that Nemona is taller than the male trainer.

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Requesting Midna with whipped cream on her body, inviting Link to come lick it off her

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Im drawing Geiru Toneido for art trade with a foot fetish artist. We both picked a girl neither of us had drawn before.

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Requesting Magnus and Diomedes from Ogre Battle 64 battle worn after fighting a horde of Ogres together to protect a village.

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>>600914965Clown feet are a delicacy, I'm looking forward to the final drawing.

Requesting some paizuri with Fumirul's big titties, and with cum ending on her drills.

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Requesting Carol, Hat Kid, and Beebz boasting about how tough they are only for Jas to pop in and casually mention she leglocks the farmer every night.

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Requesting this Dr. Pepper ad with Arashi Spring from Scarlet Nexusfiles.catbox.moe/irjif0.jpg

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Requesting Dolce from RF4 eating a burger.

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Requesting Tandi (Fallout 1) on her back presenting her pussy and butthole.NSFW ref sheet:i.imgur.com/ehmc6vp.png

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requesting Charlotte and Jonathan from Castlevania. That's it. That's the request.

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Requesting fishification with Arezu and a Whiscash.

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Requesting Liese and her human lover who works as a city guard sneaking into an alleyway to have sex.

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>>600915661do fundamentals first an formost then the rest is easy. start eith pic related and google the rest of the fundamentals(shading and what have you)

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Requesting Kama as Tiktaalik

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requesting peony from fae tactics doing cute tomboy things (like fixing her bike or something)

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Requesting Nahobino wearing Safari with Animal Team

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Requesting an outfit swap between Daena and Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter.

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Requesting Metal Slime, Tabby Slime and Pusumon hungry and feeding Radish!

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>>600917774>Hunter x Hunter.>togashi is back i hope he doesn't fuck off after 10 chapters this time around

Requesting Professor Sada wearing Samus' Zero Suit.

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>>600917423>requesting peony from fae tactics doing cute tomboy things (like fixing her bike or something)do tomboy's repair computers?

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Requesting Plum from Chenso Club sweeping quickly back and forth in a very cartoony fashion with motion lines for legs and maybe tons of clouds on the left and right.

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Requesting Kiera going insane

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>>600919327thanks for the delivery >do tomboy's repair computers?she repaired a fridge before so she probably can repair other mechanical stuff

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>>600914510OK, what. Arlo was the FIRST person to bring to light the fact that she resembles a caveman. I literally did not see it when I first saw her and I refuse to believe anyone else did.

>>600921382I noticed the resemblance immediately since the whole theme is past vs future. You're just braindead, sorry.

>>600921549>the whole theme is past vs futureYou mean the legendaries?

Requesting a drawing of this ass

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Can someone post that Meopatra delivery from like 2 weeks ago? Link to image is ded


>>600922578Botfag makes the threads, do you expect good taste?

Requesting Rinkah with glasses

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>>600919581>>600922004>>600923045>>600923294Put in more effort botfag

Requesting Chun Li winning a fight with her hula hoop

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Requesting Misogi from Princess Connect eating some cotton candy she's holding in her hand, holding a candy apple in the other.

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Requesting Little Cheshire from Azur Lane getting lewded. Either as an oppai loli getting her huge tits fucked, or a loli and getting her meaty thighs groped.

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>>600914510Draw Doctor robotnik giving the thumbs up after buring a box filled with every maidoutfit in existance and saying>>I have Cured Fatherlessness!

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Requestin duo buttjob with Fire Emblem Aqua and Konosuba Aqua.

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Requesting Bea and Bianca kissing each other goodnight

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>>600923885>always one sentence requests with no punctuation

Requesting succ face

>>600925415watch out boys, lack of periods makes you botfag now

Requesting Arle Nadja's funeral with her in a coffin holding a sword with flowers on her. Her face looks peaceful and serene

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Requesting Fujino cosplaying as Gharnef

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requesting le chonk being le cute

Requesting Julius playing with Fuecoco

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>>600927576That guy is clearly using a bot for these completely random requests so it must be true.

Requesting box art Bowser posed like this ssb.wiki.gallery/images/a/ac/Bowser_SSBB.jpg

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Requesting my MMO character from the game "Mabinogi" wearing her Long Maid Outfit playing a violin elegantly as colorful and slightly luminescent music notes coming out of her performance start surrounding her.If background is added, either her being in the open at night under the moonlight orin the center of a theater stage would be perfect.Non in-game reference: i.imgur.com/GGhgzao.pngNothing lewd please.

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>>>/vp/Get back in your cage

>>600927976Quit bullshitting, there’s a clear pattern in the wording and kind of reference images you use, everyone knows. You request low effort garbage not because you care about it getting done, but only for the dopamine rush of getting a delivery.

Requesting Momohime from Muramasa dressed as ama diver

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>43 images>34 postershmmmmmm

>>600928668List all my requests in this thread then, let's see how you're able to recognize patterns.

Why did OP used a /vp/ delivery as the pic for this thread? We had some deliveries in the last thread (or use something from the booru)

Could someone draw Jas from Stardew Valley wearing the shirt from the reference? Please and thanks.

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>>600930515Because we're a Dilated festering cavity 'vagina' deep into pokemon hype for the next couple of days or so because a teaser trailer for the next game came out. and OP is a faggot

Requesting picrel but with Link saying "Ben?"

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>>600930917To be honest that trailer was pretty shitty. I hope that was only the unfinished product coz the whole world plus battle looks like crap

>>600930515It was posted here as well>>600900691

Requesting Professor Turo drawn as a robot, please

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>>600931184After the last 4 pokemon games that have come out, it proves how braindead and cultist pokemon/Nintendo fans really are to still be excited for this shit

>>600931380>>>/vp/50595579go back

>>600931379Oh... I see.I just saw the /vp/ thread and didn't see it. my bad.>>600931520Even the camera angles were so zoom out, the pokemon takes 10% of the whole screen (when that pikaclone appears) The colors are full bright, the textures looks like shit. The pokemon trainer have the personality of a wet white bread. >OMG!! BEST PK EVER

>>600914818Delivery! This one was fun to make, I love Road to El Dorado.

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Requesting you draw vidya females wearing qipaos with covered hairbuns style

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Requesting Glamrock Chica, or another version of Chica if you'd prefer, folding a pizza and eating it like a burrito

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Requesting Wicke from Pokemon Sun/Moon looking sleepy and wearing a loose shirt as pajamas

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>>600932389You need to be over 18 to post on 4chan kiddo. Unless you're Autistic as fuck to explain why you draw like a child

>>600932389That's pretty good user, nice stuff

>>600929439Lmao not getting banned for pointing out all your shit

>>600933189Meh, I did it for fun and that's what I got>>600933232Thanks!

>>600932389Soulful and pleasant

>>600914543>>600509198god why did i do all the details

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>>600932389THANK YOU! This is awesome!

>>600928816now that's some based art if I've ever seen it

Requesting Abe from Oddworld holding up a docile Paramite like the girl with the giant spider.

Attached: Paramite pet.png (1670x2582, 3.29M)

>>600934919Damm! This is a fine piece user, The characters looks very good and the pose in on point. Real good stufff.

>>600934919That's some damn fine work there though. Very nicely done with the details, especially that nice Veran cleavage.

>>600934919Well, I'm glad you did. This is sweet!

>>600934919You did a damn good job here!

Requesting Rocky and Melody got married.

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>>600934919Poor link, that must be a truly horrible situation he's found himself in.

Requesting Junko cosplaying as this funky whore

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>>600935353>>600935445>>600935567>>600935963>>600938275thanks for the (You)'s


Requesting the bottom right image with the Sniper from Team Fortress 2 using Widowmaker from Overwatch's ass to aim his sniper rifle while she's aiming hers while bent over. Bonus if they miss all their shots and contribute nothing to their teams.

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Requesting Maliketh doing a marriage proposal to Vicar Amelia

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is there even any "real" requests here anymore?


Requesting The Minstrel playing in any video game location you can think of, or like.

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Requesting Futaba Sakura, wearing a Oracle-inspired cheerleader uniform, that's similar to Juliet Starling's from Lollipop Chainsaw.

Attached: FutabaCheerleaderRef.png (1080x1080, 1.1M)

Requesting Severa in fashionable tight-leather pants and high heels. Something like the reference just as an example.Definitely keep some of her bitchy attitude, maybe standing arms-crossed but with a sexy hip-sway.

Attached: Fashion Severa.png (1163x1193, 1.56M)

Requesting Estelle Bright in just her tight spats + white shirt bending over while looking at something and unknowingly showing off her butt and cameltoe in all its glory.If you wanna go the extra mile; maybe it's Joshua stealing a peek at her and Estelle is distracted by the landscape, or exhausted from running ahead.

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Requesting Friday Night YIIKin'youtube.com/watch?v=7hFR8_d49_Q

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Requesting sexy fanarts of B-Sha from Neptunia in this bunny outfit

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>>600942646requesting yiik smoking a leek

>>600942064>>600942328>>600942520>>600942646Lmao always around the same order

Requesting saki from acceleration of suguri underwater gazing at the sealife around her.Kinda like:pin.it/3DkspDd

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Requesting Shouhou giving a footjob or being fucked in the ass by a big dick.

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Requesting The Iris Swordsoul wearing a summer dress

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Sorceress wip.

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>>600944090nice armpit

Requesting a reverse mating press with a horny Velvet forcing herself on futa MercedesSimilar like this files.catbox.moe/3y3tap.jpegVelvet bottomless and barefoot with stockings on

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>>600927035A chocolate popsicles

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>>600944848I chuckled

>>600914543Mizu’s boyfriend got a new home in the Citadel. A giant yellow piss-swamp just for the two of them>>600944090Luve me some sorceress, looking great

Attached: Almu.jpg (775x1250, 615.19K)


>>600945052The estate in question, hoping for some more Almudron in Sunbreak>>600944848I'd like to imagine he's the shithead Mew from the Clefairy manga and the kid just dodged a bullet

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Requesting an image of Momohime in the middle of undressing or getting dressed. Something that feels incidentally sexy, like we get to have a peek at her.

Attached: Momohime Undress.jpg (3436x1876, 511.36K)

>>600945052now draw her becoming my wife


>>600943278Not videogames

Requesting Cissnei from Crisis Core. Either; in her swimsuit and chilling in a lounge chair at the beach. Alternatively; maybe her opening up her jacket and unbuttoning her shirt. Either with her usual stoic expression preferably.

Attached: Cissnei Crisis Core.png (1302x695, 763.44K)

>>600944848This is great

Requesting Jas and the farmer dancing together at the Flower dance festival.

Attached: 129482957235.png (1086x812, 1005.79K)

>>600938687You sure are gullible, you drew for the bot.

Requesting Blueberry being chased by Kirby whose trying to eat him while Carol is chasing after Kirby trying to stop him.

Attached: 1274627856235.png (681x801, 781.44K)

Requesting Rydia sliding the straps of her top to the side and revealing her breasts while she has a lewd blush.

Attached: Rydia.jpg (800x1185, 249.16K)

Blacked mating press?

>>600949647Still better than drawing for you

Requesting Aradia as an anthro bunny girl getting fucked by a human male.

Attached: 1823717467356545.png (635x817, 665.13K)

Requesting Yomiel unzipping his pants in front of Sissel about to do some horrible things like in this comic

Attached: a_ghost_cat_is_fine_too.png (1308x870, 480.49K)

>>600950012Make sure she enjoys it a lot

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Requesting the "Laughing Leonardo DiCaprio" meme but with tea-enthusiast Danjo / Matsunaga Hisahide from Nioh taking a sippy from a teacup.

Attached: Danjo smug.jpg (3214x2296, 457.55K)

>>600950012Ashley please, or Belladonna.

SFW requests, (sexy ok, porn not)

>>600951665Art sample

Requesting Utage in miko robes

Attached: Utage swimsuit.png (1024x1024, 268.82K)

Requesting a chibified Ranni doing the club penguin dance

Attached: Ranni.jpg (1800x900, 155.37K)

>>600931380Is that Mr Fantastic?

Requesting Princess Elincia in a sexy yet elegant white one-piece swimsuit. Maybe something like this: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=6975731

Attached: Elincia_Path of Radiance.jpg (2521x1998, 560.52K)

>>600951665I have this one>>600933151

>>600951665Ishtar balancing apples with her horns

Attached: Ishtar.JPG.jpg (1436x2316, 509.16K)

>>600951665Summer is almost there so I'd like to see Mediana trying out a black swimsuit, showing off how beautiful she is in it.

Attached: Mediana_SchoolNurse.png (700x700, 341.7K)

Requesting beach skin Hercules from Smite doing the Chad stride.

Attached: CHADcules.png (388x512, 224.41K)

>>600934919Because love requires details.

Requesting Himeko wielding the Devil Sword Dante and wearing Dante's jacket

Attached: himeko_devil_sword.png (881x811, 815.81K)

Requesting Wakasagihime emerging from a toilet and spooking the owner, or rummaging their house for things to steal.

Attached: Toilet Waga.jpg (2472x1200, 2.24M)

Requesting Zanik and the player character from Runescape making love.

Attached: 1643167856219.png (550x864, 890.18K)

>>600947195Sorry user he's taken

Attached: mizuscrop_s.jpg (1106x1350, 501.35K)

>>600951665Aru from Blue Archive skateboarding

Attached: outlawpunkaru.jpg (3308x1676, 918.08K)

Requesting Lucia from Chronicles of Mystara taking off one or both her boots to relax and exposing her cute foot, maybe while she's sitting at the tavern with her legs crossed. Would prefer it to feel candid and incidental and her having a natural expression rather than feeling too staged for the viewer.

Attached: LuciaRef.png (2214x1754, 3.63M)


>>600923791How much more effort should I put in this request? There's no sfw image of the succubus' ass to go with other than the in game model.

>>600951665Kyoko Kirigiri as an office lady, she need to be sexy for work.

Attached: 21997192.jpg (1000x1643, 234.67K)

Requesting Corrin facesitting someone at the beach while he pops a huge boner and she teases him about it.

Attached: 1642634725747.jpg (736x1024, 172.71K)

>>600952514new professor from the upcoming Pokemon games, seems to have s futuristic theme going on

Requesting her looking very chill while the monster hands do an ok sign or anything silly.

Attached: __outer_southern_sea_destroyer_princess_kantai_collection_drawn_by_konishi_koconatu__e3ae64a4f459a68b238d0c528e84ebe9.png (721x948, 722.55K)


Requesting the miqote doing the poison dance from scrubs.Also taking and working on coloring requests!

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Attached: 595e5bc6e44f1ac769a5ec6102933935.jpg (320x401, 46.24K)

>>600957954Fuck off

>>600958139>instant bot reply Everytime

>>600958243>implying the bot has good taste in furries He only likes that fake ass furry Belladonna from the Mana games.

>>600957954Seconding the last thread's OP >>600803097

>>600958717No botfag stop spamming the prompt.


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>>600951756eat shit


Requesting Red and Leaf hanging out with their children to make someone very happy!

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>>600958717Guess i forgot to post it. Here you go.

Attached: 1654197307244.png (2981x2591, 1.92M)

>>600960258Pretty good

>>600960258>coloring for the botYou really are clueless, aren't you?


>>600960425>Says the botfag, accusing someone of being a botfag

>>600960385>>600960456>>600960506>already samefagging

>>600960537Nice fucking try

>>600951084>>600914543Nioh is cool, i'm having 1099 deaths so far

Attached: smug danjo.png (932x930, 271.83K)

>>600932389Now with 100% more background ripped from the movie lol

Attached: IMG_20220602_211217.png (2434x2625, 3.18M)

2koma instant loss requests? Only catch is that the girl can’t be popular or trendy

>>600960683her I guess?

Attached: VelvetImage.JPG.jpg (1871x2761, 1.03M)

>>60096042When everyone's botfag nobody is botfag, schizo.

>>600960683Requesting Courtney Gears mocking a human calling him a dumb squishy unable to satisfy her with the next panel showing her getting mating press'd and screaming she loves squishy cock.

Attached: 1564784971033.png (1920x2300, 3.33M)

Requesting anything cute and wholesome, yet sexy with Shamir from Fire Emblem 3Houses

Attached: shamirreference.png (995x1401, 1.5M)

>>600960863This but she's going haywire since the cum leaked into her internal components.

>>600960660The quality seems kinda scummy compared to here mhh>>>/vp/50611797

requesting wadanohara getting dunked

Attached: Wadano.jpg (3686x2082, 1.92M)

>>600960258lovely coloring as always, big ups!

>>600914543>>600902831 Realistic knight helm?

Attached: C83B84DB-92AB-4D03-9B9F-0C0A64E378EC.jpg (4032x3024, 3.58M)

>>600914510Hey that's pretty good. Can't believe you useless drawcucks actually produced something momentarily entertaining for once. Good job, not that any of you would know what a real job is.



Attached: Olivia from GOD HAND.jpg (2380x1868, 696.98K)

>>600961786Would unironically love that, but why pony shit as ref

Requesting Soleil proudly showing off her nipple piercings by either pushing both of her breasts up, or stretching her arms above her head.

Attached: 1613689372994.png (979x962, 973.5K)

>>600962210because its the only one i could find.

Requesting Tataru and the WoL playing Strip Triple Triad, with the both of them being down to their underwear.

Attached: Tataru&WoL.jpg (833x678, 125.45K)

>>600962210Nothing wrong with anthro ponies, especially the ones drawn by Twistedscarlett.

>>600960598supremely basedlove that guy

Requesting Sada and Nemona /ss/

Attached: Sada Nemona.jpg (4332x3780, 1.74M)

>>600922578>he doesn't know primitive sponge is a /mu/ meme

>>600922578>Drawing of a Pokemon character>NOOO DUD ITS SPENGBIB!!! GOBAG TO REDDDDEEEEEEEEEEShadowposters, everyone.

Requesting lopunny wearing an outfit similar to astarte or shantae in pic related. Try to keep lopunny pretty on model though I wouldn’t mind her hips or thighs being a little thicker and her butt looking like an actual butt would be great.

Attached: 59C9BBDE-3D7F-4D62-BA7C-611ADED5ECA1.jpg (2000x2000, 367.98K)

>>600914543 >>600902831Grim Scarab


>>600960598Lmao. To think I was about to give up on the idea. You nailed it, this'll get plenty of use. Thank you! And enjoy the game my dude, drop by in the threads if you need advice.

Attached: 1647709551439.jpg (1095x1200, 148.96K)

>>600854348You were the last one, i think.

Attached: 1654200171931.png (856x793, 304.86K)

>>600964962Sweet, thanks for the coloring.

Requesting user motorboating Belladonna's big, fluffy breasts.

Attached: bellabella.webm (1280x720, 2.87M)

>>600965891requesting Belladonna's butt being played as a bongo. nyhahaho

>>600964353Just make her look like something like this except with an actual ass

Attached: 2F2D4B2C-89BC-4008-AAE7-14940E35B4F5.jpg (1600x1224, 227.81K)