Vidya brappers thread

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>>600911968>inb4 dud thats a manga character not vidyaAnyway, and they tell me 13-17 years old aint that sexy at all sometimes

>>600911989This is so traced I thought it was a shader.

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post it

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>tranime thread

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This thread stinks

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>>600912291i-its not traced, they're using a reference!

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>>600913479If that was the case it wouldn't look traced. Using references is fine and everyone does it.

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>>600914621>>600914675>>600914728The few months this game was playable were great, I don't know how you can still manage playing it though

>>600913104Where is the butt?

>>600913286>tranny-meYou already are a tranny no worries

>>600914783you're right about the early release days, but what do you mean when you say playerbase? because the people i hate the most in this game are the people who wish and pretend almost everyone who killed them is hacking because they can't accept dying and starting all over


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>>600914982dude, she's like nineteen!

I love me some braphogs

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>>600911968R34 posters should be banned.

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>>600917243agreed, eldentranny>>600908851

>>600913286>tourist post

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>>600917427And 'Blacked' posting started when your mom came here.

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>>600917427Fuck off, Hikki. Tell Fedora he's a faggot.

>>600917597>anti-anime>immediately starts talking about interracial cuck pornimagine my shock

>actual good taste ITT instead of huge monkey asses Not bad.


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>>600917187ugggghhhh sayaka's lolibutt

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Am I the only one that when he sees a nice girl ass I fart a fart so loud and smelly and then I pretend the fart came from the girl's ass and I smell it and whisper to myself how nice it smells? Am I the only one?

>>600918002only when i am watching brap hentai

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>>600911968Brapblue Fantasy

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>>600913267>>600913316What game?

>>600911968what gaym?

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>>600918746Earth defense force. Dont know which one though.

>>600917739Imagine those monkeys going ape on that butt

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Le classic

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>>600917427Based user weeding out the tourist retards

>>600917875does world run well on pc? the loading times were dogshit on ps4 pro

>>600919419whats this from

>>600918002Probably. I don't enjoy braps that I'm not 100% sure came from a girl I'm attracted to. Otherwise they're just what farts are to normal people

>>600918826but which one smells the worst?

>>600911968nice hidden butts thread but im not getting into farting anytime

>>600919696>touristwhen did newfag become oldfag?

>>600919707MHW has been running fine on PC for years.

>>600911968what game?


>>600913104>skirtless Honey Whipharam

>>600913286>>600919863shut up zoomer

>>600919712Shred and TearNot released yet. There's a beta on steam.


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>>600917427>user discovers you can derail any thread with a 1 word post>"why do the shills keep doing this?!"


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>>600922279damn that must be a strong ass

>>600920363Thanks.It looks awful.


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>>600911968>>600911968>>600911968>>600911968Imagine huge log of shit dropping from all these asses you post ITT

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>>600920369>KoikatsuI’M SO FUCKIN’ SICK AND TIRED OF THE KOIKATSUshow me something natural like traditionally drawn h gamesshow me something natural like flash games with some anal

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>>600918826Don't you know how terrible that'd smell?

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>>600927164>made me laffWhat's that little shit so angry about?

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>>600928548>>600928778anon pls, a little sauce to go?

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>>600929218Action Taimanin

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>>600929341>f2pits bad, isn't it


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>>600929530There is also TABA and RPGx to enjoy after the VNs

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imagine the massive logs

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>>600915072its okay, i like em a bit older

But user butts are smelly!


>>600911968>>600911989>>600913591>>600913613>>600914675>>600917480>>600917734>>600918664>>600924597>>600924684>>600924747>>600924871>>600925056>>600929170>>600929578>>600928548GOD i wish my ass were that PHAT>>600919579>>600919476>>600913267>>600913316>EDFholy based>not an air raidercringe

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>>600936991im glad you liek it my discord friend

>>600922279What poor animation

>>600936991When the hell are you gonna post your ass? I need context.

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>associating butts with farts and shit>not with the round smooth shape aloneMen of puerile and repugnant souls unable to enjoy exquisite aesthetic beauty.

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How come nobody has posted THAT butt yet?


first for visual novels. wegs > h-games btw

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>>600911968Is this supposed to be that one girl from MHA?

>>600919863in 2014 when the ancientfags left because the site went from newgrounds weeb humor to Holla Forums faggotry


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>>600924747Goddamn look at that shitter

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>>600929787>Photo: By my step-dadevery fucking time

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>>600941516>Oh, it's you, butt!

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>>600939910>he never saw my asswhat are you a newfag?

>>600929787Typical anime fan lmao

>>600925120Head up, cock outSilence, I'm coomingJust fuck off, I'm cooming cooming, cooming, cooming

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Did they really make urarakas ass that big in a MHA game? i dont believe it

>>600943376Poop stained brapper

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I don't like braps but I would love to sniff a cute girl's butthole.

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>>600922148state of decay 1

>>600944667Fucking post it then pussy!

>>600929787>Photo: By my step-dad

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>>600913453that one perfect nude mod lost in time. found it on some all in spanish forum. no, it's way better than the one you're thinking of.

Ochako is for getting plapped

You will all die in hell.

>>600950172What happens when you die in Hell?

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>>600950249a big red guy shoves a giant dildo up your ass, then he challenges you to a pissing contest

>>600950249you will end up in hell again, duh

>>600950578SUPER HELL!

>>600949871for rev2?



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>>600950249It probably just loops otherwise hell would be filled with way too many talking skeletons. It would be a fucking comedy.

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>>600917427>video games>not animeKill yourself, tranny.

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>>600911968I love ass Holla Forums! I LOVE ASS!

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>>600917427I'm confirming, then saving that shit.Goddamn, not even 2018 or 2016, 20 fucking 20, that's pathetic.

>>600955458Sunset Overdrive

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>>600955832huh, I swear I've played through that entire game but it looks completely alien to me now

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>>600918508the only thing people remember from this shit game

Why do I want to stuff my face onto a cute girl's butt?

>>600911968Is that My Hero Academia?

>170 replies>Garnet Til Alexandros tight ass not posted yet

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As punishment for being horny, you have to smell ALL the butts in this thread Holla Forums.

>>600959015And that's supposed to be punishment?

>>600922279God that slow zoom like it's a news helicopter makes it even more comedic.



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>>600917875>granny pantiesneurons activated unf

>>600941351...and last, rightfully

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>>600960116what happened to the one with the time janny?

>>600911968So how does this differ from "you-know-what" threads?

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>>600961264It's not. Jannies are coomers but don't like being outsmarted. It's why they get payed NOTHING.

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I want to sniff a cute girl's butt

I cant stop brapping bros

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>ywn huff her exhaust fumesWhy even live

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>>600963518bumping with more brapp

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>>600964908gaw damn

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>>600919707you have a good pc? I can barely eat before quest is ready and load times take like 10s

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any games with booty physics?