Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Less than twenty four hours until the demo is released, with transferrable save data progress, we can only hope.

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>>600911007I'm just here for the FutaShez x FemByleth art.

>>600911007Felix and his two wives are super cute

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I have to wonder if the next game will have a pairing as groundbreaking and popular/iconic as F!Edeleth

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>>600912459>as groundbreaking and popular/iconic>not even the most popular couple in its game

>yeah let's just completely ignore the church characters cause nobody cares about Rhea or Seteth or Flayn or ShamirBravo IS/Koei, very smart

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>>600912459>Edelgad has been co-opted by yurifags and trannies>Dimitri's heel turn is completely wasted on a generic "return of the king" story>Claude gets a copy-paste of the Church route he is barely relevant inThis new Warriors game's Leicester campaign actually being a distinct route appropriate for the cast is the last hope I have.

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>>600911007The best ship of the game. I dare you to name a better one.---user's Fire Emblem Series Emulation/Modding Guide:>includes updates, DLCs, mods, patches and save editors/CE tables for:>>Radiant Dawn (FE10)- UNDUB version (JAP dub, ENG text)>>Shadow Dragon (FE11)- Full Content Patch & cheat codes included>>New Mystery of the Emblem (FE12)- ENG translation + restoration patch & cheat codes included>>Awakening (FE13)- Unit Select Voice included- mods: class sex-lock removal, Marriage Patch, a "what-if" chapter etc.>>Fates (FE14)- Ghosting Shader Fix and Marriage Patch included- unlock Hero Battles (Robin, Lucina, Ike and Marth)- mods: a texture pack, retranslation, Fates+, NSFW live2d etc.>>Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (FE15)- unlock Amiibo units (Corrin (M & F), Ike, Lucina, Marth, Robin, and Roy)- mods: class sex-lock removal, make everyone into a villager etc.>>Warriors (3DS & Switch versions)- both versions are identical, but Switch offers a superior experience- if Switch emulator performance is bad, stick with the 3DS version or wait for updates>>Three Houses (FE16)- Sothis, Rhea and any other NPC playable in combat- randomizer tools and "unlock all classes for everyone" mod included- character modding and swapping (e.g. play as Edelgard while Byleth becomes the Empress)>>more SOON™>FAQ:Can I run 3DS FEs (Awakening, Fates, Echoes, Warriors) on my PC?- Most likely yes, but you'll have to test it yourself.Can I run Switch FEs (Warriors, 3H) on my PC?- Check Yuzu's HW requirements: I transfer save files from my device to an emulator?- Yes. There are instructions for it in " Emulation" sections of the guide.

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>We belong to Felix Fraldarius

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>>600916864Felix "The Cunny Magnet" Fraldarius

>>600916864>those facesJust stop


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>no Seteth - Sylvain supportwhat other missed oportunitites are there?

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>>600917150Because Slyvain already knows that he's full of shit and doesn't need Seteth to point it out.

>>600917407>Sylvain is as wise as Setethbest boy

$60 for a fucking warriors game

>>600912459>>600912529Turns out Edel/Frog isn’t that popular on its own and is actually over-represented thanks to the trannies who commission most of its art.

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>>600917569>bought Age of Calamity day one>bought Persona 5 Strikers day one>will most likely buy this day one, but not until I see how the demo isfeels good to be a KT fan

>>600917407maybe it could be a learning experience for seteth then

>>600912584Maybe there will be a Church trailer tomorrow. Either way no Shamir no buy.

>>600917569I got mine for £40

>>600918827If there's no Church trailer tomorrow it basically confirms they won't have a route which makes me wonder if they'll be playable and if so, which faction they'll join.

>>600917626>hubert ferdinand>marianne hildaall of these are straight, must be a reddit troon poll and also doesn't reflect the actual popular pairingscatering to trannies is the biggest mistake FE has done, this shit will only get worse in the future

>>600922257polls rarely reflect the majority - only those who took the poll, and i doubt even 1% of player took it

>>600922257At least Shamir/Catherine isn't on there

>>600922257Well, it's a ship poll, is it not? It reflects the popularity of ships, not actual endings people had. besides less than a thousand people took the poll, you'd have a more accurate metric for ship popularitites if you just looked at tags on ao3

>>600922878>It reflects the popularity of shipslol>ao3lmao

>>600922257Notice how top winner supposedly englobes male and female Byleth with Edelgard, however 9th place is female Byleth and Edelgard again.This means #1 is actually male byleth, and got changed to protect Troon feelings.

>>600923228i have a feeling that most people played manleth anyway


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>>600917626Wait wait waitWhy is Femleth/Edelgard in the top ten and Manleth/Edelgard isn't when the first place ranking implies that Manleth/Edelgard got way more votes? Nearly twice as many in fact.Byleth/Edelgard = 106Femleth/Edelgard = 37That means that Manleth/Edelgard got 69 but they didn't put it on for some reason? Lmao

>>600923612i'm pretty sure that all 106 votes were for manleth/edelgard, but they didn't want to offend the troons so they used the disingenious wording

>>600923612Admitting that trannies are a mentally ill minority is the last thing Reddit wants to do.

I bought my wife Annette a new hat. Say something nice about her.

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>>600923965this is the best Annette has ever looked

Give me all your Clown Felix memes and fanart

Does anyone know if the Fodlan Tea Break and Tea Collection will be released outside Japan? I'm only seeing it available on JP straw purchase/resale sites and whatnot. Seems like something that would be in demand elsewhere, not to mention there is no version that has 2 teacups and/or a matching teapot.

>>600917626kek the Edelgard obsessed negro can't even read the image he posted


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>>600917626>>600923612The image has Byleth Edelgard at first placeIs this a discord raid talking to themselves?

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>>600917626>Edelgard/DimitriI love this meme, it's funny that it always exposes the AM-only-played retards that never understood the point of the story

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>>600924582it also has frog/edelgard at 9th with only 37 votes. which means that the first place is either strictly manleth (most likely) or combined byleth (unlikely) which still makes the yuri ship significantly less popoular than troons want you to believe

>>600917626>sample size: 100 redditorsuh, lol?

>>600924724edelgard/dimitri isn't on the list. and an am-onlyfag would actually know that dimitri has zero romantic feelings for edelgard

>>600917626Hilda x Marianne is the biggest tranny cope

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>>600924724>can't read>marvel>doesn't know the story>trying to start an argument over nothingWhy are edeltards like this?

>>600924724But Edelgard/Dimitri is just bait to make you misunderstand Dimitri's hang-up in non-AM routes.

>>600925167hilda and ferdinand have a support?

>>600915356I get error dex64 when I try to start up yuzu FE 3 house what gives?

>>600925295of course, ferdinand is an honorary golden deer after all>best friends with lorenz>paralogue with lysithea>can marry hilda or marianne

>>600925295Yeah. She trains him to be her perfect simp.

>>600924724N___ N___ H_ H__ N_ D___

>>600925543I am positive i've seen it, yet I don't remember anything from it

>>600925912Me neither. I had to look it up to refresh my memory. It's peak one-note character traits.

>>600925912>>600926135yeah his support with hilda is trash, the marianne one on the other hand is kino

>>600925912in fact the only hilda supports I remember are caspar, cyril and balthus. the rest are just so forgettable they might as well not exist

None of you hear actually like Edelgard right? It's just lust?

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>>600926589>hearmeant to type "here"

>>600926589on 4chan? i'm sure its' 50% ironic shitposting and 50% incel lust. on leddit and twatter i'm sure it's 100% unironic

>>600925167why does HildaxCaspar have more than double everybody else's?

>>600926937it's the only event in the game where sex is outright suggested and implied.

>>600926937Because they're based

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For a dumb shonen protag Caspar sure gets all the best girls in fodlan

>>600927043Dorothea and Caspar as well.

>>600927043doesn't Petra suggest showing you here more risky tattoos in her C support?

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>>600927363i haven't seen that one. is he a clueless dumbass in that one as well?

>>600927515i wouldn't call arms risque

I love my wife Bernie!

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>>600927753very flammable dress

I literally don't care about Fire Emblem or Three Houses. I just want a better Musou than Age of Calamity.

>>600927515Petra did not imply sex with her offer. It was an innocent gesture meant to display a cultural disparity.

>>600928004I'd like to culturally exchange my semen into her womb if you catch my drift

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If a support doesn't add to the worldbuilding it was pointless

[#Marianne x Bishop].The Bishop is one of Marianne's specialities.Her phosphorescence-attached attacks have a wider range than Priests', and by pooling her attacks, her range is further extended.Also, when Marianne's attacks reach a certain number of hits, snowballs that deal ice damage will rain down around her!#FE無双風花雪月 #FE無双

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I'm so fucking sick of Musou spin-offs. And mainline stuff haven't had character stories for what, 15 years?

>>600927174he should move to Almyra and marry all the bitches at once

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[#Leony x Paladin].The Paladin is one of Leonie's speciality soldier types.Leonie can lead from the finish of a weak attack to the first attack of the next weak attack without a gap.Also, by continuing to make weak attacks, her attack speed increases, enhancing her finishing attack!#FE無双風花雪月 #FE無双

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>>600926589More than 99% of players choose to follow Edelgard when given the choice.

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>>600928453>Leonie can lead from the finish of a weak attack to the first attack of the next weak attack without a gap.Can we assume that this is a unique ability of her regardless of what class she is using? Because this kind of spammy, rapid fire action with moves that can cancel into each other, sounds like it could be pretty fun.

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>>600915356>fag mods out the ass>nude mod>ALL CHARACTERS OF QUESTIONABLE AGE HAVE BEEN REMOVED. (by the author of the mod!)What the fuck, trannies are now obsessed with FE enough to extensively mod it?

Demo when? I need new musou kino after the massive disappointment that was FEW1, HW2 and PW4

>>600928903>Demo when?If we're lucky, in 25~ minutes.

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>>600928589Nevermind the shitty evil stub of a route, why is SS rated do high? It's literally copy/paste.

>>600928903>musou kinoyou'll have to wait forever

>>600929018>It's literally copy/paste.other way around - vw is copy paste. people chose edelgard over claude - that's a fact. people see that she's batshit crazy and go church route.

>>600929013>If we're lucky, in 25~ minutes.Fuck it's Thursday. Friday is tomorrow.

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>>600929124But Claude's version of this has cartoons, AND doesn't end on a schizo dragon fight instead of dealing with the actual baddy.

>>600929013GoodDemo NSP when?


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>>600928589Got a source for those stats?

>>600929316>a space flea out of nowhere>actual baddyit's pretty bad

Uhhhh, Felixbros?... what's going on here?

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>>600928818>What the fuck, trannies are now obsessed with FE enough to extensively mod it?Most modders these days are trannies, user. Why do you think they're so starved for attention?

>>600917626I take it that's a different mystery meat poll than this one I saw posted not too long ago?

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>>600930876>felix x short girlswhich one of you cunnysseurs was it?

>>600930064Caspar has cornered the femlet market

This might be a retarded questionBut who is that speaking in the last part of the Byleth trailer? When he says they're a scary

>>600930876>more than half of these are homo shipswhere the fuck do "people" do these polls?

>Holla Forums likes muso now

>>600933163Unironically might be the gatekeeper.

>>600933209To be fair, they're not all gay votes. That's a crop of the whole huge info graphic and the thing starts by stating that platonic ships were included. But I still don't know where any if these things came from.

>when she says DRAGON BAD

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>>600929428was this folowed by a shotgun wedding?

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>>600917021wtf is this from

>>600930876Yeah. I was surprised Lysithea/Cyril was popular. It’s probably because they are both young kids.


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>>600926589I like Edelgard because she’s insane.

>>600935503it's because it's one of the few supports where they aren't being assholes to other people, and because it's also bittersweet in the same way felix-lysithea is. Even more so imo

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>>600935785at least you're honest about it

>>600922878>you'd have a more accurate metric for ship popularitites if you just looked at tags on ao3That website is the last place I’d go for popular ships honestly. Same for Fanfiction.

>>600911007Three Hopes? More like Three Copes


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>>600935503it's cute!

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Claude > all

>>600917626This entire thing reeks of Manleth insecurity, same way they constantly try to hijack any fucking Edeleth tag.>instantly brings up trannies out of nowhere>blames commissioned art for female Byleth's massive power gap>tiny ass poll numbersThe fact that Felix/Sylvain is so low especially feels like it was curated to elicit a specific result.

>>600937945I am sensing insecurity.

spent 90eu for this.It better be good.

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>>600938310waht in box?Larva in FEH like the Byleth that came with Three Houses?

>>600938310It's a warriors game, you're getting scammed for dropping that much on it

>>600938310>shitty musou game that will run at 10fps unless you emulate itwhat are you doing nigger???

>All preorders on Amazon takenBros... will this game actually do well?

>>600911007>with transferrable save data progress, we can only hope.Age of Calamity did, so this will as well probably

>>600938759Don't forgrt the $20 DLC pack!Well, maybe.FEW DLC was $19.99AoC was $26.99HW Wii U was $19.99 for original DLC, $12.99 for the Legends character pack (free with HWL 3DS), and $12.99 for the HWL DLC ($19.99 for cross-buy) plus a few extra dollars for some costumes.All this without the new Wind Waker battlefields/enemies, Linkle campaign, Wind Waker campaign, or extra adventure maps.and Ninty wonders why people pirate their shit

>>600917626>combines both Byleth to push Edelgard to topI wonder how many lesbian shippers just settle for Edelgard because of how few options they have

>>600938732flag, artbook, postcards, cheap figurines.>>600939021>>600938759I've spent over 100 hours on both AoC and FE3H and have nothing else to do there. 100 hours is 5 times more (on average) that I spend on so-called 'triple A' Nintendo games so I just went balls deep on it this time.

How well does it run bros

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>>600925393>dex64Sorry, I literally have no idea what the errors is. Looking it up doesn't yield anything either. Unless you post it or something, I can hardly do anything.

>>600939981its not out so how should we know. If 3H and age of calamity are anything to go off, expect regular framerate slowdowns :)

>>600939981>nintendo gamehow do you think it will fucking run? Like hot garbage of course

>>600939464>wonder how many lesbian shippers just settle for Edelgard because of how few options they haveTheir taste must suck then, because unlike gay dudes they actually have more options

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>>600942406The 3 actual gay options that aren't the friendship pairings are good, issue is that one is DLC and the other is locked behind the most incomplete route in the game

>>600942406out of them all only Rhea is good. meanwhils fags get linhard and yuri

>>600942734>and the other is locked behind the most incomplete route in the gameAnd what's weird about that is that CF has by far the least amount of cut content of the 4 (see:, so I honestly wonder if KT unironically thought making it short from the start

>>600938310>90 yurobux for musoushitLMAO

>>600911007I want a demo just so we can fully see Shez and Arval's deal, and the former's relationship with the three heirsHim jewing them in the trailer was pretty funny

>>600941509*Koei Tecmo/Omega-Forceat least get it right nigger


>>600942406All those options are for dudes, in fact Dorothea and Mercedes have better pairing supports/epilogues with other dudes than both Byleths.

>>600925393yeah that guy should remove all the fag mods from his guide

>>600937945>same way they constantly try to hijack any fucking Edeleth tag.Edelgard loves dick and pussy dude, in fact she leans more to dudes than women on account of her romantic male/female supports. Don’t be upset you see art of her taking dick.>>instantly brings up trannies out of nowhereOur most prominent Edelfrog posters here are self admitted trannies, but let’s be real; Edelgard being bi is what opened the doors for for having the most cancerous fandom in 3H.

>>600946126there are no intentional lesbo pairing in this game that aren't just pandering. Even edelgard is obviously straight as evidenced by her drawing a manleth even if you play as frog. You could argue that Petra/Dorothea are carpet muchers, but it's not explicit

>>600946848I don’t know man, the Dorothea-Ingrid supports say otherwise. As for Petra, she’s just a foreigner from an exotic country with stranger customs.

why is there no porn of this slut? it's been months

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>>600947257is this thing even female?looks like tranny bait to be honest

>>600942406Boy love fans get Yuri at least as long as they P2G (Pay 2 Gay). Though Linhardt isn’t the worst choice in the world.

>>600947125>the Dorothea-Ingrid supports say otherwisesure, but you can handwave it by saying dorothea was just teasing and joking. Still what endings does dorothea have that are explicitely lesbomanian in nature? Petra and Manuela can be interpreted as such if you're desperate and squint really hard

>>600947257Because that's a boy

>>600947257They've had three total lines of dialogue and we still aren't certain of their gender, if they even have one.

>>600947358i'm positive it's a male to be a complete opposite of sothis.

>>600947358>>600947517you guys are retarded. it's definitely a girl>>600947550> if they even have one.ok fag, everyone has a gender and it's their sex

>twitter and leddit whine about Dimitri, who denounces racism and feeds the poor, and Rhea, who houses refugees and the homeless and gives basic education to orphans>but love Edelgard, who pardons her father for his many crimes, cannot relate to commoners, judges people based on their usefulness, and hates seeing countries not under Imperial ruleI don't get it. Shouldn't they hate an ultra-rich person that struggles to understand how the poor can starve to death and owns half a continent and is angry that she doesn't own the other half?


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>>600947796>reddit was Holla Forums all along

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3H in a nutshell

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>>600911007The box art looks so bad, almost like hinting what the gameplay will be like.

>>600947796But she's atheist and is a lesbian, and wishes to destroy everything that disagrees with her.They find her the most relatable, as she's the ideal troon power fantasy.

I don't know what to make of Azure Gleam's plot description. Does anyone really think we're going to get a story focused on political manuevering in a musou of all things?

>>600948791It's just going to be about fighting Cornelia's rebellion and then marching on Enbarr to kill Edelfart.

>>600947601They're an androgynous inhuman deity, there are an abundance of those across mythologies that are neither male nor female.

>>600948791i don't think there will be a lot of political manuevering beyond >cornelia bamboozled my uncle rufus into a coup and now I have to persuade him to stand down and kill cornelia. There's potential for more molemen lore though. I think this is a good way to introduce Hapi into the mix. maybe she's still cornelia's prisoner even and will be one of the bosses

>>600949016you're a faggot, it's a woman

>>600949110A woman that uses "boku" to refer to themselves?

>>6009494011000%, without a doubt, woman

>>600941509>>nintendo game>how do you think it will fucking run?Well. Three Hopes is a musou game so I am obviously not expecting it to run great. But Nintendo games in general? They've got a better performance track record than Playstation or Xbox. It's like people just ignore how many of their games run at steady 60fps while the big Playstation games typically struggle a lot with performance.

>>600949081I do think the "fend off the empire" plot is going to be more like Edelgard showing up to say>hey your country is infested with slithers, I'm here to purge it>n-no thanks...>i wasn't asking permission

>>600949081Bamboozled how? With her tits?

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>>600949851yeah, probably

>>600949081>I think this is a good way to introduce Hapi into the mix>Hapi, COnstance and Balthus are now unlockable characters in their respective routes.What about Yuri though? a church unit?

>>600912584More than likely they'll be DLC along with the Ashen Wolves and probably any of the villains.Warriors games are pretty much guaranteed to a season pass of some kind.

>>600949851>Rufus accidentally brings Cornelia to power because he's a coomerDEEP LORE

>>600949851I feel like a lot of Three Hopes is going to be plot elements they wanted to have in Three Houses but never added because they ran out of dev time.It'll be interesting replaying Three Houses after Hopes to see if there's any other stuff like this.


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Lysi mating press

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>>600953860What is wrong with you, she’s not old enough for the mating press!

>>600926276Hilda/Seteth is great, one of my favorites.

What will they be doing while Shez walks off the gaping hole in his face?

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>>600912307>>600916864Wait why him?Are people cucks?

Do I need to play the DLC if the first to understand this game?

>>600954478>Wait why him?>Are people cucks?how is that the post that made you realize it?

>>600954478>Are people cucks?First time in a 3H thread?

>>600915356My game freezes when casting thunder



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>>600954694>>600954698I don't visit the threads anymore, only did when the game launched.Why do people keep wanting their girl to end up with somebody else?


>>600925167glad hilda x caspar is above it

>>600916930>>600931004>>600916864Why Felix?These girls arent into him in the games

>>600926589naw bc fr why do ppl actually support her deranged ass

I love my beautiful wife Byleth and thats all that matters to me.. My cute little ashen angel

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>>600927174HAHAHAHA naw bc you're right

>>600954927We like to watch

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>>600947813agreed tf

>>600954927no one does

>>600949110The game is going to come out, it's going to explicitly be a boy, since it's a foil to Sothis who is a girl.

>>600911007Is this for real?

I look forward to these threads to talk about gameplay again.

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>>600954927>Why do people keep wanting their girl to end up with somebody else?I ask the same thing. A lot of these guys are cucks it seems especially the hildafags. They fantasize about sharing her with each other. Those kids aint right

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The game will lag like hell I guarantee it

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>>600954934PetraxAshe isn't that popular, it's mostly just memes and a few rich fans commissioning art and porn.


>>600955095He supports with all the small girls and he tries to be nice with them, despite not wanting to spend time with them

>>600954934Ashe the colonizer

>>600957302the only one he's nice to is annette. the others he tolerates at best

>>600911007Will this game finally make it morally acceptable to support Edelgard?

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caspar and raphael sex

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>>600958504Redemption arc

>>600958504Probably. It seems like they're retconning her fight to be against the slithers instead of her personal autism shitfit.

>>600911007Is the main game good? There was so much shit post about it here when it launched


>>600917626Here is the real list of the most popular couples! The FE3H pairings on AO3 (March 2022 update)

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>>600958504>still up to her usual shenanigans if bl route is to be believednah


>>600960504i liked it it. got its share of problems. but overall it's good. it's my first fe though

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>>600960846Fujosisters....we won!

>>600954310Isn't it? Seteth doesn't have bad supports

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>>600960846WTF EDELTH BROS

>>600960846>AO3Who do you think uses AO3?

>>600960846as it should be. 3H is fujo clay

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>>600911007My own three hopes for the game>they'll stop wanking over 3H after this game>they'll stop wanking over 3H after this game>they'll stop wanking over 3H after this game

>>600960846>Fanfiction website dominated by fujos (the main demographic for writing fanfiction) favours fujo pairings...Yes?

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>>600961787Better than the reddit poll

>>600961787>this skewed poll doesn't count, but mine doesok

>>600948791I think with Dedue being actually relevant, we will get more stuff with House Kleiman and the Duscur genocide

>>600949851>both the empire and kingdom are shitholes because of agarthan bullshit>alliance almost got into a civil war because the agarthans assassinated the riegan heir and blamed gloucester, if claude hadn't appeared How did they even lose

>>600961234Why are the Faerghus trio such jobbers?

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>>600951681You can kind of tell even with the Three Houses DLC they were doing stuff like, like how Patricia gets expanded with the Hapi/Dimitri support

>>600958504I don't want it be morally acceptable to support Edelgard. The great mistake of Crimson Flower was trying to force Edelgard as a morally good character. Edelgard works best as an unapologetic and ruthless antihero who thinks the end justifies the means and that might makes right. She is still my favourite Lord and I will be doing her route first, I just want a morally grey character to support for once. But I know I will get more dumb and irrelevant scenes that try to make her cute instead

>>600938310I spent 87 €, but I'm not sure if they'll cancel my preorder. First time ever I've bought a limited edition on launch.

>>600962081>>600961971I'm not the original poster, I'm just pointing out that AO3 has a very specific demographic. It's like asking r/Edelgard who their favourite character is and pretending it represents the fanbase.


>>600962906does he though? I always pair him with Constance so that she can whip him into shape both figuratevely and literally. But Ithink his supports with Marianne and especially with Flayn are better. I'll probably giv ehim Flayn in my next playthrough so that he can continue giving her hug-based orgasms


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>>600962901The shipping fanbase is majority woman/fujo anyway, it's not a perfect metric but it's still way more representative of the fandom than a reddit poll with under 500 votes.

>>600963242The hardcore shipping fanbase sure but if you're trying to claim that means the average 3H player paired Sylvain and Felix together you're delusional. It's the opinion of a minority within a minority, it doesn't mean anything.

>>600963547>the average 3H player paired Sylvain and Felix togetherthe pairings in the game are largely random. As in you can't really influence them in any significant way. And I also doubt that an average player would go out of their way to make two character fight next to each other so that he could see their ending together. so of course such polls can only measure fandom shipping outside of gameplay. How fucking else? For example Dimitri and Dedue have the highest affinity for each other and many players will likely get their ending unless they marry one fo them themselves. But the ship itself is one of the least popular.

>>600963547Your average 3H player is probably not intentionally trying to pair characters up at all, and even for those that are the support system randomness and lack of paired endings between certain characters would skew that data anyway. Fics+fanart is still the best way to organically gauge popularity.

>>600961703Your wish is granted. You will soon get FE17, FE18 and so on, BUT from now every single FE spinoff will be about 3H.So you are going to love>FE 3 HeirsSRPG about the children of the 3H cast>FE 3 HatsVN about Dorothea, Annette and Hilda disagreeing about each other fashion choices>FE 3 HotelsCity Simulation about Anna expanding her business in Fodlan>FE 3 HuntersFPS about Petra and Bernie fighting a race of superpowered bunnies>FE 3 HairlinesPsychological Horror game where you help Ferdinand, Sylvain and Claude cope with their baldness

>>600960846>>600917626Holy retardsWhen will you faggots learn that every website has different demographics (Holla Forums is incels, AO3 is fujos, etc) and posting your surveys of 20 japs or 100 redditors or whatever the fuck is never gonna be accurate to reality?

>>600964408>from now every single FE spinoff will be about 3H.if only. I can't wait for Dimitri breeding sim and the War of the eagle and lion prequel

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>>600964096>>600964402I don't mean literally. I mean in the sense that the average player doesn't think "yeah Felix and Sylvain are fucking."Out of people who played 3H, the hardcore shipping community is a minority. In that community the people who write fanfiction are an even greater minority, with that minority being largely fujoshi. They aren't representative of the fanbase at all. If you look at AO3 for any game the top pairings will always be fujo pairings because fanfic writers, despite being a minority of a minority, are predominantly fujoshi because it's a medium that appeals to them. It doesn't mean anything, unless you sincerely believe that fujos make up 50+% of video game consumers, it's delusional. Women playing video games is already a niche. Women being fujoshis is an even greater niche than that. Women being fujoshis who also write fanfiction is even less likely. You're trying to use a niche website dominated by fujoshis to argue about demographics for a game played by 3 million people, it's completely delusional.

>>600962696>irrelevant scenes that try to make her cute insteadYou do realize her cuteness is an inherent part of her character since the very conception right?If you take that factor away there is literally no Edelgard to begin with.

>>600952495We know, Femleth.

>>600954226She's a mature woman she can easily handle it

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>>600911007>The download button is goneWelp. Time to pack up boys

Shimmering Snow route reveal tomorrow

>>600963072Yes, he does. Marianne, Mercedes, Flayn, he has a lot of great female supports and endings. He's even the only ending Edelgard in which Edelgard has kids, I think.No Dorowhore or Hubert, though, slut and emo simp.>>600963097Faggot.


>>600966506ferdinand deserves better than that passive agressive bitch mercedes

>>600966445Please god

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