It's coming

A game unlike anything you've ever seen. Prepare yourself...for Sonic Frontiers.In development for over a decade, Sonic Frontiers will take you to a whole new dimension of computer games.Featuring the latest in 3D pictures, and the newest technologies that make the calculator look like the cotton gin.Pick up your control switch and enter another world. You are now Sonic, defender of the polyverse. Collect the rings and reach the boosters. Every booster leads to a new color rail. Blue, Green, Orange, the fun cannot be halted.Coming to your dimension...soon.

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>>600909563I can't believe SEGA ripped off of CUBE. It didn't get the attention it


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More like Sonic FanTears


Level design!

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>>600909889Unironically a better aesthetic

Just disolve sonic team already and give the ip to the americans like God intended.

>>600910242Jesus please tell me this is real

>>600909563You forgot stamina climbing.


>>600909563A lot of people fixate on the artstyle or the rails, but the thing that concerns me the most is how there doesn't seem to be a point to the exploration, like the tower at the beggining of the trailer? What is the point of climbing it up besides an intrinsic motivation to explore? 5 rings? The purple coins ripped off from Mario Odyssey? At least BOTW gave you a shrine or a korok for going out of your way to explore, Frontiers just feels like those debug areas devs make to test a characters moveset.

>>600911707Even better it's the first piece of footage we've actually been able to see

>>600911825Traversal outside of these random towers and rails seems completely mundane too. Despite being open world Sonic, nothing about the world seems tailored to him. You just run around with no momentum or physics, the landscape doesn't seem to play any role.

its game for literal childrenyou are not supposed to play it if you are adult

>>600911825Botw also gave you weapons and shields and shrines for health/stamina upgrades, and items for crafting

>>600911805>>600911838Amazing. Sonic team and NIS America need to band together for the ultimate team in incompetence

24 years ago

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>>600911958Cope>uploaded in 2015

Why are they still allowing this fucker to direct Sonic games? He clearly has no idea what the fuck he's doing.

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Calling it now, there's a story reason for the sky rails

>>600911825>If there's nothing in the video it means there will be nothing in the game>>600911902>a giant world fit for running around at high speed doesn't fit SonicThose threads are great, you can see every wannabe critics grasping at straws to fit in the newest TORtanic meme.

>>600912804>a giant world fit for running around at high speed doesn't fit SonicIs that all you think Sonic should do? Run forward? He doesn't even have any momentum in the gameplay, it's that stupid boost button again.There's nothing outside of these random rails and speed boosters. It should be FUN to traverse a big world as Sonic, but this looks incredibly boring. It's just the Unleashed gameplay dumped in a generic UE4 world. There's no real attempt to adapt it to an open world setting.

>>600912804How deluded do you have to be to think this looks good?

>>600912965>muh momentumThe "Sonic is only one thing' autists are easy to write off from a single sentence, don't even need to read the rest.>>600912995I don't think it's good but nothing I see is bad either, it's barebones for sure but BOTW looked barebones too and the end result was great. I don't believe a first trailer for a game like that. Well, nothing looks bad outside of the obvious technical fuck ups like the pop in.

>>600913184There is nothing "Sonic" in this world. There's no adaptation. It's just copying a basic open world and dumping Sonic in it.


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>>6009131841. BOTW is an entry in an action adventure series based around exploration and puzzles in an open landscape, since the very first LoZ. It was just a widening of what they already did with new traversal and physics included. Sonic on the other hand is a linear platformer, you can't just drop that gameplay into an open world and expect it to work2. The artstyle is blatantly clashing. A cartoony Sonic in the middle of a drab realistic landscape, but with gamey rails and shit dotted around the sky? BOTW looked cohesive and faithful to the series art wise, and everything was blended into the landscape. Shrines, towns, secrets, camps etc.

>>600909563quality memery

>>600909563Why did Sonic Team decide to take level design notes from Bubsy 3D?

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>>600911707It's realSonic Team spent 5+ years making thisSega looked at it and said 'Checks out, ship it'

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>>600911130There are worms in my eyes

No amount of doomposting will stop me. I need to play it first before I judge it.

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>>600914059At least pirate it

>>600912498Wow, didn't realise someone leaked the pre-alpha.

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>>600909563Man this game looks so unbelievably bad

>>600914059That's hilarious.I'm glad people like you are still buying everything with the blue hedgehog slapped on it regardless of quality. Without you, Sonic Frontiers wouldn't exist, and I wouldn't be able to laugh at it.So thank you, user, sincerely. Thank you. You make my world a better place.

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>>600914059Thats dumb if you can't tell a bad game when you see how are you even alive?

>>600913539BOTW's exploration has nothing to do with what the series was used to, being a full open world and focusing every system on that changed a lot of things.user's have a very short memories when it comes to the reception it had. Many anons ripped the game's apart just from the gameplay video because "it looks empty, there's no point in doing that stuff, it's not Zelda..." exactly the kind of stuff you see now.Not that Sonic Team has the level of any team at Nintendo, but the communication BOTW had an influence over lots of games and it wouldn't be surprising what we saw is the tip of the iceberg.For the second point, Sonic isn't THAT cartoonish and the world not that THAT realistic. The game has plenty of otherwordly structures and 'cyberspace' FX to show it's nothing realistic. It's just how a grassy plains and Sonic looks with our current technology. When you look at other games like Adventure, Unleashed, Secret Rings, Black Knights, 06... many of the environments don't look 'cartoonish' at all, and some even had that kind of grassy area, yet no one complained. It's nothing out of the ordinary to see Sonic running in a big grassy area, if anything that's the thing the most associated with him since the Adventure era.

>>600911958>it's for children so it's okay for it to be shittier than games that came out 20 years agokids aren't stupid. if the game is shit they will get bored

>>600912650he's the result of nepotism at Sega Sammyhe got the job working on Sonic because he was just bored of making Pachinko machines and knew people who he could exploit to get a job making video games

A decade and a half later, and we finally got it bros... haha...

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The game looks and sounds way too close to NGS, which at least has a good character creator.

I have to wonder if there'll even be races in the game.

>>600913184>The "Sonic is only one thing' autists are easy to write off from a single sentence, don't even need to read the rest."Muh momentum" has mostly been missing for decades, it's in such high demand because it's been pretty much the opposite of Sonic's "only one" gimmick ever since the DC's hardware-limited level design and Sonic Team corner-cutting became the IP's standard, you legitimately ignorant retard.

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>>600911825> besides an intrinsic motivation to exploreThat should be the biggest factor though and what this really lacks. The effort is fun. I like doing physic puzzles in BotW, I like fighting in ER. Between those there are always things to spot, maybe it is not of much value but you are drawn to weird swamps and buildings. Where I'll need to consider my approach. This, well it just doesn't look fun to do. If the tower was itself a physics puzzle where you have to launch Sonic up somehow, gain enough momentum for a rail or even a Sonic 1 slow style platforming section. That'd be something. In-between you should be rolling down hills and spotting random stuff you can use to keep your speed up. Instead it is an open field with a 1 minute set piece dropped in, or switch your run around to activate. You'll run up to a tower, boost along the blue bit, then the reward might be incredible but I won't care at that point.

>>600918294This, thank you for summing it up. Frontiers so far looks to bank entirely on the open map for what's otherwise still the same semi-automated "gameplay" they tacked Sonic onto for ages, because Sonic Team doesn't learn a goddamn thing.I sure hope the enemy design makes up for it though, it might be the one thing going for the game so long as there's more variety than what we've seen.

>>600911130Looks like fish turds

>>600911958Children should have good entertainment.

>>600911413yeah, that's what we need, sonic trooning out and taking a knee for blm at the start of every level, and eggman getting redesigned with orange skin and goofy hair.

>>600909563based cubeposter

>>600914526>Many anons ripped the game's apart just from the gameplay video because "it looks empty, there's no point in doing that stuff, it's not Zelda..."and then the "game" came out and they were vindicated on every complaint.

I can't believe this actually

>>600910242SEGA, HIRE THIS MAN

>every sonic game has always been like this!>they have more to reveal!>this is a work in progress!I love how high on copium the fans are

>>600920167it's not fans defending this. it's zoomers who are excited that sonic has become generic open-world slop so they can finally play it.

After years of not wanting to code momentum, I am sure it is not just incompetence.I mean they are incompetent, but they are not just inept at coding.I remember a few interviews where either Izuka of Kishimoto saying japs don't like momentum gameplay.They think it is better this way, they don't want sonic to roll down a slope.Why the fuck are we still acting surprised this shit is nothing more than forces with a big generic open world

>>600912804>If there's nothing in the video it means there will be nothing in the gameThis is Sonic Team we're talking about, their MO is that the actual game has things *taken out* compared to the trailer> "They still have time to fix it"is lunatic levels of Copium in context

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>>600911130>>600910242I really like this. It's like elden ring but faster

>>600909563Can you put anor londo in the background for the inevitable Aztec level.

Don't reply to the autist you're only enabling him

>>600910242>Cartoonishly hedgehog plopped into an ultra-realistic worldLMAO this can't be real, did they finally hire that man.

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>>600911825probably like the optional upgrades from generations that increase boost speed

So are there some Sonic autists that get upset whenever someone posts something from the Archie comics?

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Multi billion company vs. One

uhh, what's happening

The Japanese are so shameless in their unoriginality.

>imagine being over 12 and still caring about Sonic

>>600920004New game, New songsinger ain't as good, but what can ya

>>600914365You are doomed to be a burn out gamer

Superior game coming

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>>600922789You wanted a reskinned Breath of the Wild?

>>600922913Nice try, Sega, but your game looks like shit.


>>600922330Archie comics make Sonic artists seethe more than blue arms

>>600909889>this will never be a real game.RIP. At least we have EDGE.

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>>600923138>sonic artistsAre you an artist if you take something somebody else drew and MSPaint floodfill it to be a different color?

Thoughts on Sonic Spinball?

>>600922330Autismos fear Archie because their comics constantly hurt their headcanons.

>>600920972What is this and why did it set off an autism bomb?

>>600922808>pattern recognition badif it looks like shit and it smells like shit then it's probably going to taste like shit


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This game broke sonicfags brains lolit's 2006 all over again

who's richmunk

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why does sonic specifically attract such extremely autistic individuals? i can think of lots of games that have similar design principles to sonic (meant for children, easy, repetitive, fast, saturday morning cartoon character design, etc) but none attract the absolute raging diehard autists who will sperg out about shit like blue arms or some random comic book character's existence also, the the specific sperg in this thread: do you unironically think giving someone dozens of (you)s is going to discourage them from posting? it only has the opposite effect


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I can't tell if this is an actual autist have a ree fit or if its a bot

>>600910242Ignoring the clash of styles, the fact it has all this crap up in the air, and it STILL has things popping in, is just hilarious.

>>600924315Simple designs and easy to drawAll characters look exactly the same but with minor differencesbright, primary colorsabstract worlds because reality is intimidatingprotagonist always looks at the viewer, letting them know he likes them and he accepts them

>>>>600910242Genuinely embarrassing. Reminder that Sega recorded and watched this footage and thought "this looks good, send it to IGN".

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>>600918157Imagine we got this instead of that shit in Frontiers.This but HD. Now that would be fucking great.

>>600924315A lot of it is leftover tribalism from the '90s, where Sega spergs still can't accept that Nintendo won. Not to mention the fact that Mario's consistent critical and commercial success makes them seethe.

>>600924315if you gathered together the 20 greatest child therapists and doctors in the world and asked them to create a character that would most appeal to children with autism, they could not create a character that appeals to children (and young adults) with autism more than Sonic. I don't believe Sega this in mind when they designed the character 30+ years ago, but they struck gold.

Quick, someone post something tangentially related to ponies, I want to test something.

>>600924787I would watch a documentary about Sonic and how it relates to autism. I'm surprised it doesn't exist already.

>>600923439has a reference in the sonic origins mission menu

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>have a 7-year old nephew>he's autistic>literally the only movie he likes to watch is SonicI thought autists liked Star Wars, but he can't sit through it at all. Only Sonic.

>>600925009>archieThat image is from the cartoon, actually! :D

Couldn't they have at least added something to hold up all those platforms and rails?Like something, ANYTHING. Literally balloons would look better than nothing.

>>600925181something like arches?

So is he gone now, or does he just get resummoned if you post any Archie characters?

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>>600925432He'll be back, he probably passed out for a few minutes after smacking his head against a glass table from trying to imitate the Sonic/Naruto run in his parents living room

>>600925302Yes, literally anything would have worked better.It's just an eyesore with a scattering of thin ass rails everywhere.The lack of girth to it just looks atrocious. It's not even a case of things floating up in the sky that looks off, it's the lack of anything else around it that's the problem. As someone yesterday put it - it's like a severe case of eye floaters.

>>600909563Should be a gif with platforms popping in and out of existence

>Enters thread>Floods the thread due to an autistic meltdown over Sally>Refuses to elaborate>LeavesSonic autists are built different.

>>600925432>>600925814I assume it's less "he left" and more "he got banned"

>>600925814OP's picture wrecked Sonic Frontiers so badly it blew up his brain. He ran on fumes for a while like a cockroach without a head but he's just a lifeless corpse with an exploded head now.

>>600910242What is the point of all that space?

>>600922136It's been a thing on and off since Sonic Adventure (where it was at least tolerable) and then it finally peaked with '06, but it's always been a dumb idea that doesn't mesh with Sonic and the rest of the cast at all.>BUT CLASSIC SONIC Stop. Yes, Classic Sonic had cities, factories, and launch bases. The difference is that they weren't all using "hd_concrete_texture.png" and still had a vibrant, distinct style to them. Most realistic Modern Sonic levels are varying shades of grey and brown. They literally wanted Sonic to be in "our" world for a time. Why that is, I don't know. I have theories, but that's another topic. >>600922330Eh, it's just someone trying to become Sonic's Barneyfag.

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>>600926197OPENWORLDSThe future. Why couldn't they just take the wonderful worlds of old Sonic games and make them HD instead?Same feel, better visuals, not a clunky eyesore.This shit right here >>600912275Imagine a bunch of floating islands above the sky instead, all wonderful and connected with passion instead of the lazy "yeah throw a few rails here" mentality that they have witgh Frontiers.They tried to do realism in Sonic the wrong way. You can do abstract realism without it looking dumb. This game was just lazy.

>>600926198Sonic Unleashed did it right

Sonic Adventure 1 looks more fun to play than this does. That's really sad.

>>600913539>2. The artstyle is blatantly clashing. A cartoony Sonic in the middle of a drab realistic landscape, but with gamey rails and shit dotted around the sky?Like the Sonic movies, which is what kids know Sonic from now. They've never played a Sonic game

>>6009237956 out of 7 signs check out for me and I'm normal.

>>600909563Why did they think ripping off BotW so blatantly was a good idea? From music to climbing mechanic to primitive "puzzles" to pad out gameplay.

>>600930062You're in a Sonic thread on 4chan

>>600930657The Japanese are shameless when it comes to ripping off each others ideas. Seriously, they've been doing it since the beginning of video games and even decades before that if you're talking about anime and film. In the west if you rip something off that obviously you're compared to Roger Corman, a schlockmeister known for making low budget knockoff films (like 'Battle Beyond the Stars', a terrible Star Wars rip-off).

Just make a sequel to Mania you autistic nipponese retards

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>>600931473There's zero chance the people at Sonic team could make a good sequel to Mania. Did you play those 2D sections in Generations? They're grossly incompetent in every way. I imagine members of Sonic team coming to work without pants on because they forgot how to put them on.

>>600911130I still can’t tucking believe this is real. Until I watched the video I thought some asshole just took an MS Paint pencil and drew random squiggles over a screenshot

>>600911130the gameplay looks fun. they definitely nailed the sonic adventure era high speed running and rails combined with open world freeroaming.but man that level, the floating rails that lead to nothing, it just looks like some devs level builder. it didnt look that bad when they were doing the tower or running through the forest, but the weird floating rails with seemingly nothing holding them up that dont lead to anything is straight up lovecraftian, non euclidean cyclopean architecture. i hope they either redesign that stuff or lean into the strangeness. also the whole game takes place on a tiny island where you can run 600mph? i can see you running out of places to go very quickly. BotW only works cause link is slow as a turtle. with sonics speed as shown you'll have that whole island explored in an afternoon



>>600914526I'm not even a big fan of BotW (I get bored with it really quickly), but it is still the pinnacle of what a Zelda game should of been. It's the vision of Miyamoto 30 years ago put in reality. Just exploring and adventuring.Unfortunately, there is no structure and the donjons are freaking lame. BotW 2 will be one of the best games ever if the does dungeons the old way, just like Elden Ring did their legacy dungeons.

I will still look forward for this game. If it's bad then it's bad, but at least it looks like a proper game, unlike Forces.

>>600909563>>600911130Looks like eye floaters

>>600911130Looks like the polyhedron

>>600909563That's okay, I'll wait.

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>>600937389Fuck off Zavok no one likes you.

>>600910242Are those grind rails in the sky...?


>>600923795I fall in 6 of these and I am afraid.>>600930737KEK


>>600919940At least, that's what a handful of butthurt anons keep telling themselves in the daily seethe threads.

Amazing that Sega is innovating.

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>>600909563Only white people can appreciate it. No wonder v is seething.

>>600924521Underrated. Should've said "using Hedgehog Engine" tho.

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>>6009237953/7I guess I'm 43% autistic.

>>600914526BOTW is just the first Legend of Zelda realized

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I would formally like to thank Sega for hiring This Man

>>600920004"AND ALL THE ASSETS CLASH" makes me laugh every time

When it comes to fucking up the only IP that keeps them afloat, Sega Does What Nintendon't!

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I'm dreading Sonic 2006 mk2.

>>600921928And with nothing in it

>>600910242Could someone shoop in the lens of truth over the pop-in platform? I don't know how to edit videos

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maybe sonic team should just stick to making puyo puyo games

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>>600926197Well you see Breath of the Wild had wide open spaces and minimalist music, therefore....Sonic now does too.

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>>600928105So basically like the brief look we got in the Sonic movie?

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>>600928454The second Sonic movie went all out in recreating Sonic game stuff, so that doesn't make much sense.

>>600909563The funny part is the floating rails would actually work in a more surrealist hedgehogian setting but Sega is too retarded and lazy and just copied the realistic PSO2NG textures and landscapes instead.

>>600911825The 7 minute gameplay showed good reason to explore... and how other aspects of the game's design ruins it.>Powerups and collectibles hidden in the environment>But big, white signposts ruin any sense of discovery>Ramps and pathways that lead you towards unorthodox routes>But they start an automated dash pad/rail grind sequence you can't control>Things like hidden bumpers and quaint puzzles suggesting something amiss that you should explore>Ruined by the game taking control away from you or spelling out how to proceedIt's like someone tried to copy BOTW and some dipshit came in and made it retard-proof.

>>600925814>built differentGb2TF

>>600943308They fucked up Yakuza?


>>600911958Alright then, I'll just play RB2 instead.

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>>600913184I'm fucking tired of Naruto Sonic. He used to do more. Stop removing features from this once original IP.

>>600914526What do you think is realistic? Because it sounds like you discredit that because of "scifi" despite what science has fucking gave us in the past 20 years already. In the next 80, everything you saw in Frontiers will be part of are lives, sans the neon blue Hedgehog, which NEVER will be real, making him a cartoon. Even so, the Sonic movie is how you translate him from fiction to a "pseudo" reality look, as a ayy lmao type creature. If you can't even do that, why should anyone care?Crash N Sane took the time to make Crash fit into his world. Ratchet AF took the time to make Ratchet fit into his world. even Nintendo did some effort to make Mario look better in Odyssey instead of just slapping the Galaxy model into Odyssey . What Sonic did is like taking Crash 4's model and slapping it into Crash N Sane. It's terrible and lazy.What you're ultimately doing is revealing all those other games didn't have to do all the work they poured actual visible time into making look good because you will just lap up trash just to be a sheeptoid. Instead of expecting Sonic to match the quality of all of the other games I mentioned, we get something that looks worse than a PS3 era game (Sonic Unleashed). You're not a real fan. You shouldn't be here.

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>>600920551Then why don't they just redesign Sonic into a human? Why is he a animal designed to be round if they don't want him to act like one? Just reskin Naruto blue and call it a day. I don't any weebcuck would notice.

>>600923795>This Barneyfag wannabe is a femaleIt all make sense now...

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>>600925915You joke, but I legit hope he killed himself. I don't need more trannies tainting this series over "Jap canon" I don't give a shit about the Japanese long after this point, just fuck off and let the fans make Sonic games.

>>600944246Well to be honest I don't know anything about the movies and I'm just totally talking out of my ass here

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Does this game still even have boost? Like, I generally hate the boost mechanic, but in a game with large open areas, it seems like the one time boosting could actually be fun, like boost jumping over ravines or over large fields

>>600947817It does, they just disabled the aura particle effect. It might not however be something that keeps going if you hold it down, but more a burst of speed for a few seconds.

>>600948071How is it they have a shit mechanic for years that no one likes, then when they have a chance to make actual use of it, they then decide to change it?

>>600949007If you think an Unleashed style boost meter is a good idea for an open world platformer, you're actually stupid.

>>600913353my sides

>>600949284I mean, not copy/pasted, but I feel like being able to go at higher speeds by holding a button would be nice in a larger more open game. I'm not against changing it in general, but the change that was described doesn't sound good, although I may be misinterpreting said changes as I've yet to see any footage of it.

>>600909563The moment we get combat gameplay and it actually looks good, you’ll either go extremely silent or make excuses to why it’s still bad.At this point you’re just gaslighting yourselves into thinking it’ll suck when it actually will be Sonic’s big 3D game in a long time.

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>>600951559They already showed combat, there's a move where hes one step away from t-posing spinning on a fucking axis. His kicks looked clunky too.

>>600944175See, that'd have been infinitely better than this. The game feels like they just shat out some island from a generic island generator, threw a few assets on and scribbled some rails in 3D and called it a day.It's honestly quite sad.

>>600952396Where can I get this Generic Island Generator?, it seems to do a good job at making generic islands.

>>600952663There's actually a fair number of island generators out there from 2D to 3D. I remember playing around with one way back in the mid 2000s that I forgot the name of now. I made some shitty renders of it with raytracing that took fucking ages and likely contributed to my laptop warping its keyboard backplate so much that it made the arrow keys unusable. gg Toshiba, you useless fucks.Here's on on the Unity store for is just a basic ass cartoony one, you can find other detailed ones by looking might have to download some of these and play around with them, I miss doing 3D work.

>>600951856>>600952012Mad cause you know I’m right. Also you fuckers will instantly turn the moment you hear actual music cause you cannot turn down Crush 40 if your life depended on it.

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>>600947201Sonic design is timeless, they will never change it drastically because it brings them money.The good thing is that soon 3d fangames will start to humiliate sonic team if they continue to shit the bed this way.

Childhood is hoping for decent Sonic games.Adulthood is noticing Sonic games are just a mixtape in form of a game for the composers to flex their

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>>600944491>talking about design in a Sonic threadDon't waste your breath.

>>600951559I don't play Sonic for combat.

I miss the customisable OC

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>>600910242This looks like someone's first Unreal Engine map. >lay out the terrain here.>couple hills with some weird mash up of stone and grass textures where it doesn't make sense>add a random platform here>some rails in the sky in a jumbled mess because I was just screwing around with the tools and...>done

>>600954273>best track in the game is unlocked by watching the credits 10 times and selecting pictures in the gallery that feature christmas related

>>600910242oh god I hadn't seen it yet the sky rails really are hideous, what in the world are they thinking? it looks like the framework of the roof of a building that can't load in properly

>>600928454>They've never played a Sonic gameKids can be pretty smart sometimes.

>>600909889That bird... stiff as a board.


>>600909563Heard somebody got doxxed for trying to speak positive of this gameI have no strong feelings one way or another on the matter, just a thing I heard

>>600923795Aggressive calling people the n word sounds like pure racism to me though that's further than just being a autist.

>>600958791I kinda kek'd to that, but at the same time, what could you have possibly have said that made someone get THAT triggered over you shilling for Frontiers.

That windows XP background


>>600909889LEVEL RED

>>600909563It's genius

Why is the draw distance so fucking bad?

>>600918157I wish frontiers had this engine.....

>>600960731The dreaded Cone


>>600911130This fucking game has intestinal parasites lmao