So now that the cum has dried what do you think about it

so now that the cum has dried what do you think about it

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I still like it a lot. I won't deny some of the flak it gets but I did thoroughly enjoy my time in spite of how unfinished it blatantly is. Shiva is my favorite boss in the series so it's got that going for it.

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>>600906892>so now that the cum has driedyea thanks for the reminder, gotta fap again real quick and I'll check back with you


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I think the level scaling was one of the most retarded ideas to add into an rpg video game and I have no idea how anyone thought it could enrich the experience in any way. It feels the opposite to a lot of good smt games. if there is some kind of mod that gets rid of level scaling on yuzu or something I think the game is actually very good

I like it

>>600907064Holy based

>>600907019uffff ok so I haven't played this game yet but I've just fapped to Artemis so the game is cool in my book. gonna clean this mess, my keyboard is full of cum right now.

Coomers ruined smt

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smt ruined itself

>>600906892It really highlighted why I rarely play jrpg's. I played on hard up until Loup-Garou. It was fun, the quests added a lot of unique challenges that were usually well suited to the level you are playing, along with being interesting and/or humorous like Oni, who was probably my favorite fight because it was so tense, as I really didnt have the resources to stop the full scale onslaught, but it was still beatable with a little bit of luck. The actual bosses outside visuals sucked, it forces you to do so much grinding even if you finish all the side quests and clear out groups as you see them. I minimalized as much as I could by fighting the boss after every single level up, and popping rareish items and memorizing attack orders in a pain staking trial and error process, but yet, I could not imagine the grinding you would have to do in order to be able to ignore dampeners. After I hit the new area and got to the werewolf, I got burnt out, I would be grinding for another 50 hours, and only 10 hours would be interesting questsI hate grinding, its a mind-numbingly pointless filler that could be fixed by tweaking some numbers

>>600907084This and the story were truly awful. Couldn't bring myself to get through the time stop area when I realised I'd have to grind yet again.>doesn't want to grind>in a JRPGYes but this is another level

It was a disappointment. The story sucked, the characters were nonexistent, the endings were ME3-tier lazy, it has the worst iteration of press turn yet, the game is way too fucking easy even on hard mode, enemy magatsuhi turns + dampeners dilute every single combat experience into a color matching game and nothing more. Can't think of a single thing the game does better than prior titles. I guess the fusion mechanics are the most accessible but they got rid of based Mido so fuck 'em.Really sad that they poached the EO director to try and fix this mess and I'm sure that franchise is fucked now too.

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>>600907084They put FOEs in the game and then realized "oh fuck this is SMT and you can just cheese stuff with Press Turn" so they had to cap your damage potential.

>>600906892Half-baked as hell but i liked the

>>600908212And they're not even comparable to FOEs cause in EO you can go back and fight FOEs for a decent challenge after clearing out the current floor +1 or so.The big enemies in SMTV are so over leveled that by the time you're able to fight them it's been like 20 hours since you last encountered them.

>>600906892The game has its good and bad points, but the fact that the most noteworthy thing about the game is one superboss says a lot about the general quality of the game. It is a really good boss though.

>>600906892eh, it's ok

>>600906892It’s ok. I don’t like the reliance on leveling, I had to grind to get to level 11 to beat Hydra on normal.

>>600908465Demifiend is the only good boss but I can't even give them credit for the fight since it's 90% identical to the same fight in DDS.

>>600906892Still hoping for an extended edition/expasion, V is my favorite SMT game

>>600906892Another garbage game for a garbage franchise from one of the 3 main companies that keep making garbage annoyingly gimmicky games that make people that don't like turn based games hate them even more.

I've played the first 4 hours 3 times now, and it just hasn't clicked with me.

>focus more on story>it's fucking shitLike goddamn, after a certain long I was skipping everything. I couldn't give less of a shit about the humans, demons, or angels. And then there's the level scaling and how boring the world was. All the endings felt rushed.

>>600910082But it followed in Nocturne's footsteps by having a more subdued story.It's just that Nocturne made good use of its few cutscenes to actually develop characters while SMTV uses its cutscenes to dump exposition and start plot threads that don't get finished.

>>600911363nocturne's plot isn't that subdued. What it does that 5 doesn't is pace out its story beats well so you get a slow burn of seeing how Isamu and Chiaki develop their beliefIn 5, you get 3/4 of the way through the game and then suddenly everything happens. More time with the Law/Chaos reps should have been given during the first 3 areas of Da'at so it wasn't all dropped on you

>>600908017>grinding>in Temple of Heavenhow? the Chi You's and Madas are far too powerful for you to fight at that stage and are clearly designed to be more obstacles to avoid than to fight

What's this about level scaling? Do weaker demon gets stronger?

>>600912090basically your damage is scaled so anything over like 7ish levels than you or your demons deal very poor damage. This stops you fighting stuff much more overlevelled than you, for instance, the Oyamatsumi in the first area of Da'at. It's also put in to promote changing out demons instead of sitting on one broken one for the whole gameI'm pretty sure the other games have stuff like this, but it's more noticeable in this game

>>600906892Actually the best SMT game. It's only rivals are 2 and SJ. I hate it when SMT games get cluttered in narrative. I just want SMT games to show me some crazy shit. This game delivers that in spades.

>>600912282>It's also put in to promote changing out demons instead of sitting on one broken one for the whole game If that was the intention then they really fucked since leveling up demons is easier than ever and you can even enhance their affinities. I used Idun all the way through my first playthrough.

>>600912521yeah, there's always ways round it. I guess it's pushing people to use the games mechanics instead of doing things like sitting with Daisoujou all game

>>600906892Very enjoyable game, though I made the mistake of playing on normal which makes later bosses a fucking joke if you built your MC right. The one thing I didn't like about it was the lack of dungeons. Every zone should have ended with one proper dungeon, instead of just having like... 2 for the entire game. Also puzzles that aren't just jump puzzles would be nice.

>>600906892Best gameplay in the franchise

Normal difficulty in this game does not require grinding unless the player really sucks>I started my first playthrough on hard mode why am I dying????Oh thats because its actually hard dumbass


>>600912090Your damage scales relative to the enemy's level. So if you're a lower level than the enemy you're going to hit like a wet paper towel and get dumpstered in turn.Which means you're forced to grind to beat enemies and bosses if you've been slacking on killing shit. It's really noticeable when you move to the final area and the average enemy level jumps by nearly 10 levels. Meaning you get thrashed really easily if you're not careful.The game does help you if you're underleveled by spawning more mitamas, but it really makes the whole difficulty curve feel manufactured on top of killing optional challenge runs like low level runs. No other SMT game has level scaling to such a severe degree.

>>600912795I started on Hard and the game was easy. Just stock up on dampeners and keep leveling obviously broken demons handed to you on a silver platter like Idunn or the little Fox nigga and the game's a cakewalk.

>>600912795Does hard actually reduce XP gained? On normal I had to avoid most encounters since I would be overleveled near constantly, so I just ended up fighting enough shit to recruit them and then avoided fighting as much as possible. Which is also kinda what I dislike about the game, it seemed like your level makes too much of a difference when it comes to damage dealt/received which is fucking retarded and I really hate it when games do this.

>>600908510what the fuck

>>600913009also, even on normal, it feels the level curve is manufactured to be based around doing all side content so you have to do them all or else grind

>>600913282It really gives the game a "you must play the way the devs want you to" vibe which is harmful to the experience of an RPG. I feel like the largest amount of personal agency you get is which demons you wanna make broken through abusing the fusion mechanics.

I played on hard and never had to grind until the post-game superbosses, and I fought most bosses 5/10 levels underleveled. You faggots just need to git gud, I can't believe people are this shit at a fucking turn-based RPG.

>>600906892>so now that the cum has dried

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>>600913282How? You could skip all optional stuff and just fight higher leveled enemies. If you fight everything you see just once, you will probably easily be overleveled. But then again some people might classify this as grinding too.Fortunately most side quests lead you to optional bosses so at least it's fun to run them so you don't have to grind.

>>600913627It's more for the level spike between Abdiel and Zeus/Odin/Vasuki in the 4th area of Da'at. Either you fight everything you see as you explore the area or you go off and do all the sidequest chains

>>600907630come on user smt always had a squadron of waifus, never had pixie, uzume or titania in your stock?

>>600913884Well, yeah, I had that realisation when I immediately went for Zeus despite being like 15 levels below him and he raped me like he likes to do in his canon, but this just made me explore the area before attempting the bosses themselves which, again, brings up the point that just getting levels makes you way too fucking strong. Without the retarded scaling it would probably be fine.

>>600907084This ruined the game for me, I just wanted another comfy game with badass demons, chilling atmosphere, and some interesting philosophical plot where I can beat demons 10+ levels above mine easily because I understand the combat mechanics.Instead it's just a hollow shitass story, literally 4 copypasted deserts with different color tints and an endless grind due to the garbage ass level scaling which makes it impossible to beat a boss more than 2-3 levels above yours on Hard difficulty. The whole exploration aspect and lack of a massive world map also makes the world feel much smaller than it actually is. At least the jumping puzzles are fun.IV is a masterpiece, V has literally nothing going for it except for the graphics, which look like ass on the Switch anyway because the project was too technologically ambitious for the target platform.

>>600906892It was my second favorite game in the seriest. Easily the best game for that feeling of wandering around the apocalypse talking to demons and cultivating a party.

>>600908160I'd love to read insider accounts of how the game's development went. You can tell the entire project was troubled and it feels like they had to ship *something* just to be done with it.

>>600912090There isn't any. It uses your level stat in the damage calculation for attacks, but that's true of every single SMT game. What people are actually talking about is the VIT stat which previously didn't effect your character's defense in any SMT game and just added a flat max HP increase now also affects your damage reduction. What this means is in previous games damage was always generally the same for attacks because there is no armor, but now VIT gets used in damage calculations so demons with a big level gap (10 and up) usually get pretty significant damage reduction which makes them very difficult to defeat underleveled.

>>600908160It has the best level design, the best writing and interactions for the demons, the best combat mechanics. The biggest problems with the game is that it's not long enough, essentially that it could use another act to flesh out the human characters and just add more environments to go through.

>>600906892Best game in the seriesIt's actually fun outside of battles too this time around

>>600915468>the best level designWhat levels? The whopping two dungeons?>the best combat mechanicsYou mean the kagutsuchi meter (a bog standard limit break meter) which is a wasted effort since one is blatantly better than all the others? Or every single boss' only threatening move being telegraphed by this mechanic a turn in advance for you to counter with your dampener?>best writinglollmao>best demon interactionsYeah the localization team had a fun time with those, but demon dialogue has been great and memorable since SJ so it's not like V stands out much in that regard.>it's not long enoughNo, it's perfectly standard JRPG length. It's just that it wastes all of it's time on pointless shit. They should've cut out everything involving the heroine whose name I can't remember and her lesbian friend. Instead have Bethel splinter after the first area and spend the rest of the game combatting the other branches. Maybe Zeus could then be fought in somewhere more interesting than a fucking garbage dump.

>>600914891Vit and strength become significantly less weighted in the event of a strong level disparity. I've had 70+ vit demons get crushed by demons with 45 str that were 5-10 levels higher. Same in the opposite case where I had lower strength but higher level demons melting tanky demons.

>>600913978This argument sure made me lose faith in the level of smt fans left on this board and their complete lack of taste or discernment of any kind. Countless mouthbreathers actually making the false equivalence between Doi's genki gacha waifus for coomers and Kaneko's cool ass designs that happened to be hot but could also be creepy and unique.

>>600915928The 4 color coded deserts are more intricately designed than any hallway dungeon from previous games. For combat mechanics I'm talking about actual mechanics like the effectiveness of status ailments and having tech hits for each ailment, multiple variations on charge mechanics, the entire way buff spells work with having timed buffs you can extend with skills but also enemy debuff reapplying the timer, SP management in general being rebalanced to make weaker versions more incentive. Writing and interactions for demons user, reading comprehension. And interactions go beyond just convos, the actual interactions on the overworld like Neiboros summoning Decrabia and running and hiding, and sidequests like the Lilim trying to get into the fake Tokyo to suck some humans while Principality telling immigrants to fuck off. The game doesn't waste any time, the parts where you wander the wasteland wondering what's happing is the best part and sets the tone, all it needed was another area or small dungeon like the school for the other two human characters to get some development.

>>600915928>The whopping two dungeons?Don't forget those dungeons sucked ass as well. They made nocturne dungeons look like peak level design.

>SMTV doesn't have enough story!>SMTV has too much story! The duality of Holla Forums.

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>>600916503People constantly bitched about the 4A story but at least I can kinda understand that, your party members could get annoying at times. The main story parts of V happen between the levels which is like a 20-30 minute break at most and the story itself is alright. Nothing super special, nothing horribly bad either. I'm not exactly sure what people are expecting from the franchise.

>>600916086LVL is used as an input in the formula that calculates damage which is why you see big jumps. Are you familiar with the wonky damage calc formulas in Nocturne and IV? V's really aren't very different. What did get changed is VIT being used in the calculations as well, in the other games VIT isn't factored at all except for attacks that use it as an attacking stat. Now VIT will determine what damage reduction you will get.

>>600916470Now let's not get ahead of ourselves. They were about the same as Nocturne dungeons.

>>600916503It makes more sense when you remember there's a Discord dedicated exclusively to tearing SMT down and review bombing all the titles.

>>600916794It probably doesn't help that you get a gorillion stats on leveling up, with chances being pretty fucking high you'll get some extra VIT too. Which is most likely what creates the illusion of level scaling.

>>600906892i emulated it on a whim last month and fuck this game is a pain in the ass to get to a place you want to go, i would had taken me a good 10 hours less if everymap wasn't so maze likeother than that, it could had used a little more story even the ds game had more character interaction

>>600916437>effectiveness of status ailments and having tech hits for each ailmentCool but this is 2022. A JRPG actually making statuses decent doesn't exactly blow my socks off. Especially when you have EO next door handling them better for a decade and a half.>multiple variations on charge mechanicsThe only one I found kinda neat was party members being able to charge other members, but again it's not a particularly novel concept.>the entire way buff spells workIs merely just a change and not something for the better or worse. And demons like Idunn existing kinda make the whole buff system mindless since she's so good.>SP management in general being rebalanced to make weaker versions more incentiveThere's no incentive to manage anything in this game since you can heal and save by pressing R at any time. Yeah it kinda plays into boss fights I guess but holding onto weaker spells to get more coverage and press turns has always been a strategy in SMT.And any good fortune the game may have earned is undone by the existence of magatsuhi charging and dampeners. Every single boss revolves around these items and it restricts them from having more individualized mechanics because magatsuhi has such a massive sway on the battle and introducing more things to juggle mid-battle would be overwhelming to a casual player.

I like the part where they had the game be blurry in handheld mode, and then they patched it to be blurrier in the name of 'optimizing' performance.

Doi is a terrible match for the franchise and is slowly morphing it into yet another weebtrash franchiseIf SH2 is anything to go by its only going to get worse

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>>600906892I went law first and apparently missed the 4 archangel side questJUST LIKE IN IV FUCKthinking about replaying

>>600917029I think Dampers are too cheap for how strong they are, but at the same time you only get 3. In other words you are fighting battles on a timer if you're relying on them. Also doesn't help for big party battles since enemies can attack multiple times like the aforementioned Lilim quest. That said you get multiple ways of dealing with Magatsuhi moves from just guarding to taunt skills, and only the first of couple of bosses even use their special move as a magatsuhi move, most stop relying on it entirely so I don't understand the notion that the whole battle system revolves around it. Endgame you have shit like Shiva who uses Megidoloan as his Magatsuhi move, good luck damping that. Same as bosses using Impalers Animus

>>600917248I honestly believe SMT should be put to rest at this point so Atlus can actually make something new that's suited to their modern staff. The crew that started and defined the franchise is long gone.Where the fuck is Re Fantasy? That game had no baggage but we've not heard shit about it.

>>600906892I think its great. The 3rd act is really weak with Atsuya disappearing but the tension rackets up nicely in the final area. Not as good as IV/IV:A but better than III and SJ.

>>600916374>demon waifus made by artist A bad>demon waifus made by artist B goodit's almost like you want to fuck the artist and not the hot demons

I remember having a lot of fun with it when I played it back in November, but now I kind of struggle with remembering anything about it besides the beginning and end.I'd say the gameplay is pretty great, but really Only in the ballpark of a jrpg, which usually don't have the depth to be all there is.

>>600906892Boring, really boring. It's just too slow compared to 4 or apocalypse, every single boss is a sponge and normal encounters are never challenging of course. I like some qol changes like spyglasses reducing the trial and error aspects of bosses but with the level design of both map and dungeos being shit, the story being shit, the music being the worst in the franchise and the combat being shit I just feel scammed for buying it

>>600912638only retards don’t realize that there are ways around it and grind grind grind. the real problem is that boss fights take forever with those workarounds.

>Now i really am the Shin Megami Tensei™bitch i don't even remember who you are

>>600917335Essentially every single boss in the game has a party-wide magic attack that they're designed to use during magatsuhi. And every one was solved by using a spyglass turn 1 and throwing up the correct dampener when they charged. I think there was maybe a single boss (discounting Shiva and DF) who had two elements instead and made you guess. Yeah you "only" have three but that's more than enough to last a fight because they only cost a single press turn to use and are a vastly better way of maintaining momentum than guarding or using other skills to counter it. Plus they allow you to completely disregard team-building and easily take down bosses your whole party is weak against.You can say "w-well you can combat magatsuhi in other ways" but the fact of the matter is that dampeners are just plain better. They're cheaper, universal, and save you from having to reform your party for bosses so you can just steamroll the game with broken demons like Idunn. There's hardly a decision to be made here. And that kills the combat for me.Demifiend was the only boss I enjoyed precisely because he didn't use magatsuhi so his fight demanded a different strategy than just the same shit as usual.I honestly don't remember much about Shiva's fight mechanically but I do remember having to do more than just throw up dampeners so I'll give you that one.

>>600917326law doesn't miss the main archangel questit's done before the alignment lock, before you even go to the big temple. What Law misses is the boss against the one you don't fight in that sidequest (michael i think), you have a quest to fight Belial instead. You also fight Maria instead of Danu or Inanna

>>600917848Oh I will add that I think the hardest boss encounter in the game besides the superbosses was the Lahmu fight in the school. Pretty much just because you had to fight two bosses in a row and running out of resources was actually a considerable risk. But after that it felt like the game just threw up its hands and gave up on making lengthy, difficult encounters. Up until the superbosses of course.

>>600906892It was a lot of fun to actually play. The atmosphere was neat at times too. It is a 50-ish hour game but it doesn't feel like a lot happens however. Dampeners are a meme and the fact they are the go to way to deal with boss party wide attacks was a weird decision. Story and characters are an unfinished mess. Overall one of the better games in recent memory.(Moments like pic related made me cum)

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>>600920035I really love climbing Oden's tower of Kagutsuchi blocks to duel him on the roof. Very underrated moment and boss.

>>600916503It's really ironic. The game feels sparse because half of it is in npc dialog and needs to be put together yourself. This is so those who do want to speed along and ignore the story can do so. You only have to sit though one exposition dump after the summit. The rest is just lead up to fights or needed to make your final ending decision. The story is optional, if you want more of it do all the subquests and dig up all the npc dialog.

>>600906892As a certified contrarian, this game is definitely GOAT and all the negative reviews just add more fuel to my burning love for this game

>>600920473I actually really like this approach to SMT, a game about demonology should be cryptic and require you to dig in to understand. I don't think it was done perfectly because things escalate very quickly right before the end and I think they could have spread it out a bit more, but I actually did enjoy the story and I hope they try this method again now that they have practice.

>>600920473problem is it's still not very interesting if you put it all together>dude goko is found at tokyo tower because he was repairing the boundary between the worlds which is situated at jozoji templecool. i don't give a fuck because goko is a nothing character and there's nothing to hook this shit onto.

>>600920787I liked it too, but that was after putting it all together. Autists like me shouldn't be the only ones enjoying the story but I think they compensated for that by making each cutscene as stylish as possible so at least visually you're entertained even if you don't understand what's going on. But I doubt they'll do it this way again because the most complaints will always be story complaints. It's a shame because like you said with tweaking everyone could enjoy it but they might dump this experiment down the drain.

>>600921293>cool. i don't give a fuck because goko is a nothing characterWhy is he the character you bring up though? Is it because he caught your interest in the beginning and you were hedging your bets on a big twist? Were you hoping to fight him? Because characters that just reveal themself to be ____ demon and then thank you for helping them fulfill their purpose before fucking off is nothing new for the series, there are always a few of those characters.

The gameplay is worse than the story

>>600922538>Why is he the character you bring upbecause someone pointed it out a few days ago and my reaction was "wow, that would be cool if i had any reason to care about how fake tokyo connected to real tokyo". like most things in the game, it doesn't go anywhere. it doesn't enhance my enjoyment of the game, it doesn't make the game more comprehensible, it's just a pointless detail on a boring story.


>>600918156Hey thanks dood

>>600906892Liked a lotEndings were mostly dumb and didn't align with their reps properly>Law reps feel they are chaos>Chaos reps feel like they are law>Neutral reps also feel like they are chaos>both neutral endings are retardedOST is fucking amazing and I liked the big map structure of the game, wish there was another one thoughFirst map was amazing on setting the tone, Second was good, third felt like a filler, fourth was used for way too long, a fifth final map would have been ideal.Visuals are amazing too, don't play this on switch, emulate it in 4k

>>600907630>soft hardmode for coomers is a bad game designsmoothbrain take

>>600925347It's about piecing together multiple connections, not just cherry picking one you didn't like.

>>600930593Being unable to guess each alignment before the end is a good thing though. We haven't had batshit dark law for a while.

>>600906892Playing SMTV right now. My first SMT game. I like it.

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Since Strange Journey (pre redux timey wimey bullshit that ruined the endings) that SMT games dont stick with me that much.Thought it was me getting older but then i started replaying II and its been a wild ride.

>>600931105when you get to the demon king castle just use a guide to know how to progress, that place is a pain in the ass

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>>600931342I really like how that image Doi made for the famitsu is a direct follow up to this image he made before the magazine came out. I wish he'd draw more art for the game. It's the main thing I hate about this radio silence.

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>>600907630I'm glad they ruined it for you

>>600930905Yes, but my problem is that law is supposed to be, you know, obeying the LAW of god, abdiel says fuck that as long as she can keep the status quo Meanwhile the chaos reps wanted to re-establish the magic spell god casted again to keep his law in place and everyone happy, keeping their version of the status quoBoth of these parties should have come to an agreement by just sitting down and talking about it since their goals are pretty much the sameNeutral was honestly the best written one, they feel like chaos at first but the more you learn about them you understand where they are coming from and what they really want, is just that KILL ALL DEMONS and DESTROY THE THRONE are pretty fucking stupid conclusions for their logic

>>600907630go play western trash cuck

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>>600907084You can be 5 lvls under and be fine. Late game you can be 10 lvls under. You can beat shiva at lvl 80.The only scaling that matter is demifiend.

>>600931342>that intro rif on the main battle theme>the whole musical theme of religion throughout the whole OSTI fucking loved

>>600907853Bro just use items. The game even gives you phys dampeners just for the loup-garou

>>600932054I hate the ending theme now that I know it was written to sound as sad and lonely as possible to reflect how the MC feels after the true end.

>>600931906The testosterone level on that guy is as low as his IQ.

Do people really want to have sex with the main protagonist?

>>600930593I mean one of the core themes of the games is the loss of identity, the forces of law and chaos fighting a meaningless war without their leaders. In that space it makes sense all the alignments are mixed up

>>600932238Aogami did, are you a robot?

>>600931906>if you dont like these out of place gacha tier designs youre a trannyyeah okAll of Dois demons are shit anyway, not just the ladiesHe has three modes; generic curvy woman, generic overdetailed muscular man or retarded looking monster with a few exceptions here and there like Hydra

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I'm in Da'at: Shinagawa, how long until the end? I think I want to replay this game on hard but at the same time I want to try Xenoblade games after beating SMTV.

>>600907084I hope it gets a PC release because you just know this part could easily be modded out of the game within a few hours of release and it would take the game from a 8/10 to a 9/10

>>600932238I want to BE the protagonist and have sex with the cute demon babes.

>>600932391you are not even half wayalso no jrpg is worth a replay, just play another game

>>600932169even if it is a meh direction, it kinda fitsRegardless of how you feel about the reps Dasai and Yuzuru are your school friends, and you have to kill at least one of them in every ending, his other school died and became a godess, even if he didn't become an all-powerful god, he is alone at the end (excluding the demons)I still love the ending theme because of those bells man, holy shit the church bells sell this theme so damn well to me

>>600932490No I hate it because you can't take Aogami with you, fuck this ending man

>>600932332Isn't Zeus NOT designed by doi but by a guest artist who does a lot of concept art for super sentai?

>>600932391Arriving in Shinagawa is approximately the 20-25% mark.

>>600932631isn't that only on the true neutral one?

>>600932636fairly certain zeus is Dois workDois a huge sentaifag himself, hes not subtle about it at all

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>>600932464you can already mod the game user, where do you think the FeMC and the THICK FeMC pics come?

I'm currently actually playing this game after recently finishing Nocturne because you niggers said that SMTV is basically Nocturne 2. I'm currently level ~50 and so far it's just been 3 big areas of sand and broken buildings and an uninteresting moeshit story.Why did you lie to me?

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>>600932332>generic overdetailed muscular manHe did it for a good reason this time

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>>600932798The song was written for the true end.

>>600931628Why do people keep meming the demon lord castle is a pain in the ass, it is a simple as fuck dungeon

Great fuckin game>b-but no storySo basically like all good games

>>600933415The wind puzzle in the last floor is kinda confusing. That said I really like this dungeon.

>>600933486>plays jrpgs>"good games dont have stories"story's not adding up pal

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>>600933389Can you tell me without spoilers is neutral protag canon? I don't see him as complete evil or lawful.

>>600933703I play SMT and SaGa, story is there to create context and that's it.

>>600933051>Nocturne 2>so far it's just been 3 big areas of sand and broken buildings and an uninteresting moeshit storyWhere is the lie?

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>>600933968What the hell are you even talking about, SMT games are full of dialogue heavy scenesOne of the big draws of the franchise is the story driven alignment system

>>600934132sorry i'm not a retard that liked 3 or 4

>>600933836no one is canon until we get a DLC or some other game references one of the ending

>>600933968>m-muh SaGayYou SaGays just won't stop shoving your shitty series into everyone's face that I'm so fucking glad the series is dead for good.

>>600934559>"I was too retarded for the objective best turn based JRPG battle system ever made"cope

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>>600932482>also no jrpg is worth a replay, just play another gamewhy

>>600933836It's the ending that takes the most work and takes the game full circle. In the guide book, it uses the word "true" for it's title. By all regards it is the true ending. But canon is subjective because any ending can being a jumping point for a sequel. It's canon in the sense that, it's the ending the protag would have chosen if you didn't choose for him.

>>600934858they just take too long, better to play a new experience

>>600931628It's not even that hard when you just follow the lights guiding you higher and higher

>>600935087kek, desu that day i was having a shitty day and getting trolled by the wind once made me go nuclear

>>600934025In Nocturne you spend 10% of the time in the desert and 90% in the broken building. In V you spend 90% of the time in the desert and 10% in the broken building. It's not Nocturne again, it's opposite Nocturne

>>600906892The switch is so fuckin based

>>600906892It gave me butthurt because I tricked myself into thinking it had a Nocturne vibe early on then devolved into SMT4 style anime garbage except with no contentBut in the end it's mostly my fault for letting expectations control it and the game isn't actually bad

>>600935234because smt v fans dont actually like smt


>>600935932An IV fag wrote this

>>600907630Saint Sakura!!

>>600932907Oh my god!! Is that Saint Seiya reference!

>>600911847>the Chi You's and Madas are far too powerfulUhhh what? I didn't grind at all but when I got there those enemies were a fucking joke.

>>6009375454 is boring easy dogshit. 4a is great, however. perchance

Did they ever explain why there were multiple dead kagutsuchi in the sky? In nocturne you only destroy one.

it's my first smt game and i like it. i beat abdiel a few days ago. i guess i should give iv another chance

>>600906892Story fucking SUCKS. Gameplay is top notch.

>>600938162It was actually described in Nocturne. Each world has a kagutsuchi that rises and falls but you killed the avatar. That killed him for every other world too. You ended the cycle of amala everywhere.

>>600933051It's the direct sequel to Nocturne.It fucked up everything good about it though. Go figure.

>>600938162Demifiend and Lucifer have been at war killing Kagutsuchi throughout the Amala Network for an unknown amount of time before they finally took down YHVH in V's world, the conclusion to Armageddon.


The alignments in V honestly aren't really Law, Chaos, and NeutralThey're more like Monotheist, Polytheist, and Atheist

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>>600939081>They're more like Monotheist, Polytheist, and AtheistLike every other mainline game in the series? No shit.

>>600939015Abyssal Mask works against Chaotic Will. Also giving everyone enduring soul is a must.

My first smt game. Mitama DLC content seems game breaking to me.

>>600932332I can over generalize Kaneko demons into those exact same categoriesif your critique is he does too many sexy women or he over designs then yeah I agree, but can't see the exact point you are making about his designsspecially for V, he took a bunch of design archetypes from the series and did one for eachwhat's important for a monster design is mixing both myth and interpretation in a way that makes sense at least in the context of the game and Doi does that when they aren't forcing him to lolify a demon like demeter. the problem isn't him.

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>>600932238No i wanted him to sex the demon chicks

>>600940706like her

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>>600939829It absolutely is. I highly recommend not using it. It exist basically so you can instantly grind anything to max.

>SMTV doesn't have sou-

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>>600906892I played an hour of it, it seemed really cool.

I liked it a lot but also stopped playing line 10 hours in. I so t think I'll go back

>>600942474>edgelord who spouts off shit about how the weak should die and the strong must prosper but is still somehow the neutral rep

Fuck Yamai.

>>600944428>humanity should be as strong or stronger than demons>humanity stronk spouter is the neutral repNo that checks out

>>600944428>edgelord who spouts off shit about how the weak should die and the strong must prosper but can't go through with killing all the demons because his childhood friend and the only person he cares about is a demon so instead he invents the destroy the throne plan which puts humans in danger because of his own cowardiceI like Yakumo. He's a good neutral rep.

>>600945874>childhood """"friend""""

>>600906892The worst mainline game. Every expectation I had for it wasn't met. Outside the MC being hot, I hate the game. They couldn't even make changes on NG+ to the tutorial so it would be possible to speedrun the game in a fun way.

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>>600945874This is exactly it. It baffles me that people say Nuwa acts like a battered wife. Yakumo is the world's biggest simp and his edge is all a show and she even pulls you aside to tell you that.

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>>600907853Play the other games in the series, they don't have the level scaling this game has, so it's possible to beat every boss underleveled with it being based on skill and what skills you have than level. 4 is probably the best option for you, outside the tutorial which is the hardest part of the game, it's really not that hard and has no needed grinding unless you want to beat a superboss and you aren't going for the neutral route and even then it would be grinding for 30 minutes to an hour at most if you play it right.

>>600920035I think dampeners are mainly an issue because of how the magatsuhi system works for enemies. It's always the crit magatsuhi, so you want to at least have someone block that shit in order to kill their turns and/or turn it off for the rest of the enemy turn. Now you end up with two options. You either use a dampener or let someone guard and let the rest eat damage which is kinda a shitty idea. Guarding with everyone is also retarded for quite a while since given how buffs work, there's a high chance you will just drop them if you let everyone guard. And it takes a while to get Boon Boost.

Destroy the throne is unironically the best ending.>Get true ending>BUT ARE DEMONS TRULY GONE IS THE MANDALA SYSTEM TRULY BROKEN????Gay ass shit story faggot ass lucifer faggot ass world.

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>>600947171>Destroy the throne is unironically the best ending.based family man ending and also good taste

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>>600933415I have no idea, it's as tame as you can get for dungeons. Running back all the time during the final wind puzzle can be slightly annoying but whatever, it's not like you have to fight a gorillion enemies. Also dungeons are in my opinion the game's weakest point. There aren't really any outside 2 and the second one barely even qualifies as a dungeon in my opinion, those "puzzles" were absolutely babby tier. Every zone needed a proper dungeon at the end that would at least fuck with your head for a bit, instead of just making everything a big fucking jump and run collectathon.

>>600947359Me, my wife, and my soul brother.

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>>600906892The gameplay was good. There was almost no story. The series is so wild they could have filled the massive holes with literally anything and it would have worked out but they chose not to.

>>600947527>my wife, and my soul brother.user.... they're the same person...

>>600906892Fun but the story, setting, and characters were WAY too shallow for my taste. There was a lot of potential for some great character-driven storytelling here and it was almost totally squandered.

>>600947514There's the school as well with all the demons trying to ambush you in different ways

I still haven't beaten demifiend or done ng+is it worth doing? I wasn't really having fun trying to do it

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>>600907084skill issue

>>600947627Nah bro, I ain't gay.

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Another SMT/Persona game where I enjoy the gameplay and some of the surface level shit like the music but the writing is so fucking bad I eventually just start skipping cutscenes.

>>600947539There was plenty of story but they instead elected to tell it for the most part through NPC dialogue, sidequests and demon descriptions. Personally I think it works for the story even though I wouldn't mind a couple of more cutscenes.

>>600948045You act as if you have a choice

Extremely fun game, people that complained about the level gating didn't even play the game or just ignored every enemy encounter.

>>600947787I completely forgot about the school but I guess you can count it as a dungeon if you want, though I think that a collection of corridors that basically relies on finding the right way by chance with zero elements of thought barely qualifies as a dungeon. A dungeon needs some puzzles, a way to halt your progression, maybe some punishment if you fuck up, that sort of thing. You obviously don't need to go overboard with it but at least do fucking something, because at this point honestly even Persona 4 dungeons were better.

>>600948147>plops you into the final area underleveledI am convinced that they scrapped an area inbetween.

>>600917248Doi isn’t designing for sh2, shitposter-kun.

>>600947815Demifiend is a cool encounter that will rape your face but honestly the payoff is meh. You get an essence with a bunch of unique phys abilities and immunities to all elements, but when you're at the point where you can beat them, why the fuck would you even need that?

>>600947815Demifiend gives you his essence when you beat him which lets you become an overpowered piece of shit if you want. I think it's a really fun fight figuring it out but if it's too frustrating you won't miss out not beating him.

>Protagonist in Japanese has a manly voice>Protagonist in English has a gay sissy voiceWhy?

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>>600916374I agree. A lot of kaneko female demons were elegant in their sexiness

>>600948410Someone at Atlus West was determined to make a shitty EVA reference with the eng VAs

>>600932907Artemis is one of the few designs that I actually like simply because it looks rather simple, isn't too busy and has elements that would make sense even if she's obviously waifubait.I wonder what the absolute fuck the dude was thinking when he made Tao 2.0 (or technically 3.0 I guess) that went full fucking mecha. Oh, and Lucy, what the fuck.

>>600948249I agree because the council of gods seems like something that needed more room to breathe

>>600948370You can take it into NG+ with Reborn mode and stomp over everything.

So is the game intended to kinda be a result of the TDE ending from Nocturne or am I just over-interpreting things

>>600948903>So is the game intended to kinda be a result of the TDE ending from NocturneYes, its a direct sequel.

>>600907630>Demeter, Idun, AmanozakoTrash designs, historically inaccurate and flat.>ArtemisWeak design but at least it's trying>MermaidIt's fine>NuwaCoomerbait. Coward Atlus made the better design the non-default form>CleopatraActually good>AbdielBoringThere really is no replacement for Kaneko.

>pretend character is going to be remotely important in prerelease marketing >give her five total minutes of screentime and make her tangentially important in a single sidequest The characters are all so underbaked I can only assume the game went through some massive rewrites. The only one with any kind of actual development is Dazai and he turns into a fucking *teleports behind u* cringelord. I knew something was drastically wrong when Tao miraculously came back to life and the MC didn't even take the fucking time to tell the others about it. They're not even fucking close to being friends, it makes for some of the least compelling character interactions I've ever seen near the end of the game. Shit, half the characters on the cover aren't even remotely important to the story. If this was by design then the writers had some seriously misplaced priorities, ignoring your characters as much as possible is a pretty fucking bizarre way to write a story.

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>>600906892Mermaid belly and chest are perfection.As for the game that came with the Mermaid model viewer, I liked it, probably in my top 3 favorite SMT game.

>>600906892A fun Megami Tensei experience, all things considered.Exploration and visuals are definetly a step up, the difficulty in Hard mode feels just right sweet spot between tense and fair. Just as you can blaze through the story and beat the game quickly you can get lost, explore and extend your playthrough.Gameplay is refines as hell, but at the same time easier than it should because the player has many advantages that the enemies don't. However it takes informed or skilled players to bring them out. Overall it's lack of a proper story disappointed many who looked forward to it, the game doesn't actually inform the player well or lies about some of its mechanics, and difficulty falls of tremendously near the end since the power given to the player tremendously outweights the ability of the game to pose a challenge.

>>600948349Never said he was, just that the waifufaggotry is only growing stronger with each new title

>>600948550Tao 2.0 is Amaterasu to Nahobino's Susano-O (and Tsukiyomi's Tsukiyomi)Matter Lucifer is meant to be Lucifer after becoming Neutral and regaining his mecha angel aesthetic ala Metatron/Sandalphon and realizing his own role as a mere puppet. Also because he has YHVH's knowledge he has all 6 pairs of wings (full power) even though he now lacks the will to wield it because of his newfound fatalism.

>>600907630Why do they all look like plastic toys

>>600948147And didn't do the quests, and for Shiva didn't save up their grimoires, as if it's their first smt and they didn't somehow learn to expect hitting 99 to be a massive pain in the ass. >>600948249The final area is fucky because it has a wide level range, with some enemies and mini bosses that are appropriate even for someone just entering but on the other hand having bosses that are obscenely overleveled compared to you. Wouldn't be such a problem if they didn't make any stat outside of level matter.

>>600949115Extreme over reaction and likely missed half the dialog in the game.

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>>600949115>>pretend character is going to be remotely important in prerelease marketing????

>>600949405I mean, it makes sense for Lucifer, but I wish the design was a bit more simple similar to Metatron instead of looking like he was taken straight out of Xenoblade Chronicles or the like.As for Tao, the first design you encounter is fine, it's the second one you get to see in the Empyrean that is just what the fuck tier to me.

>>600949417The final area is also completely open from the beginning so instead you progress through it by doing quests/abcesses until you are ready to take on the three bosses.

>>600948249It's fine, it just forces you to explore the entire damn thing before fighting the bosses. I still wish levels would play a bit less of a role for damage calculation, because combined with the fuck knows how many stat ups you get each level up, levels seem to be the best way to increase damage and survivability.

>>600949874>forces you to explore the entire damn thing before fighting the bossesThat's fine for a first playthrough but it's a pain in the ass if you want to see all the endings or do multiple playthroughs

>>600949519I specifically mentioned Dazai as the one exception, it's just unfortunate that the one character given proper development ended up siding with Law in a game where siding with Law has never been dumber. Hard to claim I'm overreacting when everything I said was correct.>>600949565By showing her at all. Every yen spent on this character would have been better on any other character. She's so totally unimportant that she might as well not even exist. Her only actual purpose in the story is as an accessory to Yuzuru's "arc", which is way too underdeveloped to justify the inclusion of a whole other character.

>>600906892I started playing this while on vacation and had to put it down due to real life for a while but; honestly I think it's incredibly fun so far and I dont understand why the fanbase seems to hate it so much. That being said I'm only probably halfway through the game but for me it is clicking all the right buttons that an SMT game should be I.e the combat and gameplay mechanics, art direction, atmosphere etc.. The story does seem lackluster but I have over 500 hours in Nocturne and that game's story is virtually non-existant so maybe I'm just built different

>>600950029I mean, you do get to see all the endings in a single save if you really want to so it's not such a big deal, but yeah it would probably suck for a repeat playthrough. But that's probably how the entire game is, I wouldn't want to look for all those little Miman niggers a second time either.

>>600950210>when everything I said was correctIt wasn't.

>>600950358Then feel free to correct me.

>>600948370>>600948389it's frustrating because I really liked using Artemis and keeping her unique skill the whole way through but I don't think I can beat him without taking it off her since it's an AOE physical attack that random targets and to beat demifiend you have to target specific people

>>600950286>you do get to see all the endings in a single saveDont you have to pay a shitton of money if your choices don't align with the route you pick at the end?

>>600949294Then why make reference to doi being the reason for it in V. It implies he’s the responsible. Also waifu=money

>>600950658I just put Akashic Arts on her for that specific fight, you can always go back to Saintstrike afterwards

>>600950718Only to get Michael/Belial

>>600950809yeah but what's the point when he's the hardest fight in the gameI don't really have fun trying to figure out super bosses in RPGs anyway, it's just frustrating to me

>>600949874Bruh you get nulls and repels out of the ass by that point. Bosses only have one or two piercing attacks. You can overheal and stack life springs too.

>>600951063What does it matter, it's just one fight where you actually need to set up your abilities correctly. This happens to any build or demon eventually. I fail to see the problem.

>>600906892LMAO shit was so bad it might be the last SMT

>>600950486It's a pain in the ass to comment on everything you said but since I'm assuming your problem is with every character except Dazai:Miyazu tells you about Khonsu in the school and saves Dazai later during the Lahmu arc. She stays behind because she's going to die and wants to spend her final moments helping others. Yuzuru says his goodbyes and points his attention to saving Tokyo. You can find him in Taito saying he was worried because you were ignoring his calls when Koshimizu explained to you that the both of you would find the throne's entrance together. Instead of prying he has faith you're still aligned to their cause and tells you protecting Tokyo is how he is honoring his sister.The MC doesn't mention Tao because Tao is dead. The one traveling with you can only be seen by you, like how you can only see Sophia. There are also parallels to consider but I doubt you care about that.

>>600950240The story is fine. The beano is on his way to godhood, why should he care about others at all? The only one that matters is Aogami and he's got your back 100%. Everyone else can go suck dicks, Lucifer included.

>>600948410The animation is so choppy I'm convinced one of the devs did it in his free time

>>600951223I really hate being forced to use a specific setup to beat somethingI just want to have my one party that I like and never change it for anything

>>600951421But it won't for obvious reasons

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>>600951137I got to fight Zeus when I was somewhere in the 50s and fucker would just kill me in one turn at some point. I mean obviously you could just force your way through by fusing proper demons and such and it's far from being impossible, but why bother wasting resources if you can just explore before attempting them?

>>600951740For fun obviously. I love being underleveled and finding the right setup and shut down a boss completely.

>>600951614>The only one that matters is Aogamibased

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>>600949115I think its even more noticeable since IV arguably had some of the strongest characters in the series history. you get a sense that Johnathon, walter (and to a lesser extent) Isabeau and you really are friends in IV because you literally spend 90% of the game together and there's some actual banter and interaction between party members in the dialogue. when you inevitably have to kill everyone it actually makes you sad because you liked them when they were rational and good people.

>>600954976>I think its even more noticeable since IV arguably had some of the strongest characters in the series history.Lol what the fuck are you talking about? The non alignment characters in IV are just as irrelevant nothingburgers as Yuzuru's sister

>>600951639I mean you have like 15 party team slots. This game is basically designed around you being flexible with your team and being able to make or build demons specifically to counter specific parts of the game.It's no surprise that, for instance, early in Shinagawa the game has a side quest that gives you an angel with Light attacks or a demon with Electric resists, both of which are the weakness and elemental attack of Loup Garou, a sub boss you fight not long after the sidequest.That's the point of demons, using them as necessary, and fusing them away once they're no longer needed. Superbosses exist so instead of just 3 or so demons, you have to build around demons focused around the specific phases of the battles.

>>600955316Like seriously my dude, do you remember Commander Hope or K or Skins and their riveting contribution to the story?Shit man, even stuff like Lilith who is portrayed as the main villain early on dies off screen half the time and it's kind of a mercy considering how trash her fight is.

>>600955316literally read my post >the non alignment characters in IV are just as irrelevant nothing burgersas apposed to the excellently written characters in V ?nigger even the alignment characters lack any character whatsoever and are essentially cardboard cutout dickheads you speak to once every two or three hours for 30 seconds.I'm talking about the alignment characters, pretty much IV and SJR are the only smt games with actual characters in them.

>>600906892made me realize smt was never good

>>600906892SMT V: good game edition featuring Vergil from the Devil May Cry series when?

>>600955840If we get a guest character it better be Vergil and no one else.

>>600955638Yeah, Abdiel Nuwa and Tsukiyomi are great alignment reps. The other major demon characters like Amanozako, Finn McCool, Khonsu, Lahamu, Zeus and Demeter were also pretty cool

How is performance now? I heard it had serious issues on Switch so I have been waiting for an update on that and no one seems to mention it in this thread.

>>600955840it should, So Vergil can have a good time while there's not DMC6 for a while but who knows. Dante in nocturne was more a courtesy by capcom to Kaneko thanks he did the devil trigger's models to DMC3

>>600956960They put Nero, V, and Dante in the gacha game, I don't see why Atlus can't get Capcom to let them use them again.

>>600956898There aren't going to be any more updates. The game is not going to run any better on the switch. You'll have to hold out hope for an eventual PC port.

>>600957202They also made Dante into DLC for the Nocturne port.

>>600906892Loved the hell out of it and dove in. Unfortunately, I rarely finish games and I haven't played it in months.

there is no greater feeling than silencing Ishtar after her magatsuhi turn.

>>600906892Where tf are the dlcs?

>>600906892Good for a single playthrough, but then it becomes a dust collector on your shelf.

>>600956898Switch is kinda a 24-30 FPS fest (or at least it feels like that). They even lowered the resolution in one of the patches to "optimize" but it didn't help much.The game is playable on PC (need to use Ryujinx though, Yuzu randomly crashes) but performance depends on your CPU. I played it on an OC'd 2600 Ryzen and had pretty bad FPS drops in most maps that weren't the first but at least it was playable from start to finish without any crashes.

>>600906892these games are always too much for normies

>>600931918Demifiend fucked my life up for a whole day straight.

>>600960727>normiesOkay, normalfag.

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>>600950240I'm almost 100% sure the "people" complaining about it have never actually played it. 99% of the complaints are either completely devoid of substance or are outright incorrect. The gameplay is excellent and you'll generally still feel pressured to the end of the game if you didn't spend hours grinding far above the area's level range, and nothing is impossible even if you are severely underleveled. I still remember being around 10 levels below recommended at most phases of the game, getting into hard fights, and still winning through a combination of Magatsuhi bullshit and simple understanding of Press-Turn mechanics.

>>600906892Best SMT yet. Level scaling was a fucking horrible idea however, and I hope SMTV: Genesis removes it.

>>600961283All the difficulty evaporates as soon as you get party wide buffs and debuffs.

>>600906892A little annoying that I got locked out of the true ending because I beat Shiva literally right after the cut-off point (it was not obvious to me but I am retarded).Endings just kind of happen but maybe that's because this game does the retard move of giving you a superboss who is harder than the final boss so when you go to complete the game afterwards you just kill everything and it feels so empty. No point going back for NG+ because all that's waiting is for me to steamroll everything with my max level to see the different cutscene and fuck all else.I liked the game though. It was fun.

>>600955840This but featuring bayonetta.

>>600961334>SMTV: GenesisThat's a cringe ass name.


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there are multiple completed "low level" challenges of smt v that all end at around level 80 and there are still "people" in these threads that pretend like level is not the only stat that matters

>>600955840Shantae crossover because Nintendo.

>>600906892It was okay. Good foundation for the 60 shekel expansion/sequel, hopefully with more varied environments/dungeons and less Nocturne pandering.

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>>600911847You mean hard mode... right? They weren't hard at all.


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>>600958445He wasn’t dlc



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>>600962479Honestly, just add something akin to the Amala labyrinth to the game to give you more dungeoneering options and I'd gladly buy itAlso Fatlus, release your fucking game on PC, it's made in UE4, there's no fucking excuse

>>600965289>Honestly, just add something akin to the Amala labyrinth to the gameThat would be the worst thing to add to smtv especially considering how lacking the dungeons in the game are. A rerelease should scatter content all around. There is no reason to copy Nocturne again in this case. They should add more demons, new (and more substantial) subquests, another map to explore and more gimmicks to fights to make them more dynamic.


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>>600965837> especially considering how lacking the dungeons in the game are.That is my entire point, I just want some decent dungeons, not another map where I need to collect some more Mamiggers. It's what the game lacked the most, in my opinion. Adding another desert map with more broken architecture wouldn't exactly be more interesting.

>>600966128A new map that adds dungeons elements could be better. Or hell, mini dungeons scattered around each map.


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>>600966597It looks worse for sure, but manual skill inheritance alone makes the Remaster worth playing.

>>600966709That and switching to normal mode in shops.

>>600966909That too.