Filename thread? Filename thread. Make sure it's videogames

Filename thread? Filename thread. Make sure it's videogames

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are they lining up for penis inspection day?

>>600904143Penis inspection day?

>>600904319Penis inspection day.

>>600904143But there are women there.


>>600903757Fine, I'll get this party started

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>>600904403Not a thing


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>>600904590>hot dropping in sleepy sound


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>>600905190Damn the chinese remake of back to the future looks dark

>>600905296>Sneak Attack x6 Damage!

>>600905283Accurate for my skill in that game


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>>600905296Damn he probably ded

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>>600904590did they live?

>>600905913I imagine until they hit the ground

>>600905913yes they all survived including the pilot he had a parachute as well

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>filename_threads.webmneed a webm that represents the idea of expecting funny game related humor but getting gore, death, and snuff

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>>600905296Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

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>>600905296>just let him flop down without trying to catch him>don't even look to see who threw the rock>just stand there probably thinking, "Great, now I have to drag him into the car"

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>>600906212Close enough

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>>600906496is this a beheading or something? i'm scared to open it

>>600906556It's a porn abuse clip, relax

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>>600906556Nah just user telling us he hits himself

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>>600904590Add some Battlefield 3 color grading, the glitchy effects and perhaps the HUD and you got a BF3 cutscene.

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>>600906720I love this kind of shit.

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>>600906419>caring about the lowest of the low scum

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>>600907030>when your standing jab has good frame data

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>>600907030This is how I've played Bayonetta using the shortest weave, because dodge offset is too much for my smooth brain.

>>600907030Can't stop laughing, you bastard.

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>>600911268>this is what it's like to use 5G

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>>600904747That's not trueMy PE teacher inspected my penis after every class

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>>600904590This is just every D-Day mission opening

>>600907689Same lmao.

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>>600905190Did they die?

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>>600914468very nice

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>>600906035what about the plane?

>>600914468I still think it can have a better filename but this is great already

>>600905548>that obvious face filter that kicks in at the beginningjesus

>>600914863Fell into your moms cavernous cunt so everyone on the ground was spared.

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>>600905296There it is. The legendary technique that conquered the animal kingdom.

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>>600907030Is this AlphacaHawk?


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>>600917013Why is he like this? What the fuck is his problem?

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>>600917101The monsters have got to go, user :)

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>>600915608looks cool

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>>600906419now you realize why america is so crazy. brown/black people are so incredibly predictably violent and lawless that brown/black countries' police treat them as less than human and expect the worse from them every single day to the point a lawful citizen executing a criminal is seen as "he deserved it" by literally everybody more often than not because they know that criminal 100% will not change.

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>>600905073>zipspeople in spokane go nuts for this shit but it tastes awful


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>>600905775What happened?


>>600905059My worst fear. Random hole in the earth swallowing me up.

>>600906720Based Pigeon

>>600913301that's quite creative

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>>600905046I bet this fucker is still faster than a 3090.

>>600923396Top fucking Kek

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>>600919690False start, catches self, eats dirt

>>600905913Everyone except for the pilot

>>600923762>Everyone except for the pilotThere were too pilots in that video. And I'm pretty sure at least one of them lived, I think both did, but it's been ages since I've read the paper on this event. I vaguelly remember it being in part interesting because nobody really died, despite how horrific it looked.

>>600923657>Because you'd be in jail

>>600923762He didn't fly so good.

>>600923556I caught Humble Bundles right at the tail end of being worthlessGot every star wars game and every sonic game for like, 6 dollars, then they all went to shit and it's only gotten worse.

>>600918175thats either a shitty sword or he's a shitty swordsman


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>>600926568nice sosig


>>600926714what the fuck is a toon

>>600904501It's the day when you inspect a penis.

>>600905714based as fuck

>>600927714It's a word retards use instead of character. It's a nice way for them to out themselves, such that you can completely avoid interacting with them.

>>600911268>>600911550>How it feels to chew 5G....

>>600907282Very nice.>>600917307Kinda regret not going full NG+ just killing everyone, althought the unlimited machine gun was fun to have.

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>>600911606>Image 2 - after a failed attempt to enslave East Asia and getting Hiroshima'd: billions of dollars in US investment over the course of several decades while being given unprecedented access to the American consumer market boosting their economy to fend off temptations of communism while benefiting from US provided national security from hostile near-by super powers allows them to convert military spending into social and economic investment.>Image 1 - hundreds of years of horrific oppression with little to no effort from the broader populace to ameliorate those crimes committed against them.rly makes you think

>>600931346Shut up, nigger

>>600918720>Zips>SpokaneWelcome, fellow Eastern Washington chad.>Go to Zips in High School>Place was a dive; run-down and only old people too set in their ways went there (or stupid teenagers)>Friend orders a hot dog>they cut the dog in half and put it on a hamburger bun

>>600931346>Nigger copeExplain why the niggers in Ukraine were trying to haul women and children off the buses despite the fact the country gave them the opportunity to live and work there while the Ukrainians either got off the children, or went and fought? What about poland? What about the other european countries where slavery was never a thing. Are you going to pretend that niggers in sweden are oppressed? So making excuses for your disgusting behaviour.


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>>600932363>Outer Wilds

>>600904501did you just assume?!?!

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>>600918281That wasn't the US you mouthbreathing retard. Holy shit, kill yourself you stupid ass faggot.

>>600935150not him, but I don't think he was saying it was the US, just that the US has a lot of brown people and brown people are predictably violent and literal subhumans to the point that countries with majority blacks/browns see even each other as subhuman monsters.

>>600935150Learn to read you mouthbreathing retard

>>600931346You don't want to get into this.

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>>600904501Anon, this is pride month, please educate yourself.

>>600935429Stop whiteknighting someone that was trying to insult the US yet again on a post that was clearly not set in the US.>>600935494You literally said america and the only place you faggots call america on this website is the US, you stupid faggot. Now kill yourself.

>>600905513Lmaoing at the woman at the end grabbing another plank to hit him but when she saw she was going to get beaten she immediatly surrendered.


>>600905046I had these speakers! Haven't thought about that for over 20 years.

>>600918281no youre just a jaded racist who participates in the active exclusion of minorities


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>>600906419Who the fuck gives a shit about criminals?


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>>600904772>>This is what happens when you don't properly protect your servers against DDOS attacks.They get flooded.

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>>600927648i fucking love nidhogg lol

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>when your opponent says "gg e z"

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>>600939945Dumb fucking tourist LEAVE

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>>600941279Nice filename not video games

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>>600940454poor carlos

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>>600904590Why were those two planes flying so close in the first place? Were they part of a stunt team?

>>600935667fucking kek

>>600939129actual funny joke

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>>600906605>Redditbob Go back

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>>600944686To be fair, you really cannot compare pictures of people taken with hours of makeup work, high grade cameras and professional lighting to pictures just out and about

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>>600904747It is in europe


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>>600944686holy kekfucking asians, they hit the wall at 60 and go straight to great-grandmother mode, there is no inbetween

>>600918517lmao 2neko

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>>600944686the chink looks good

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>>600944861The copePrimary reason western women age is cus they spend so much time in the sun getting a tan, UV age skin like crazy while asians tend to avoid it (except jungle asians and farmers) wear bathing suits instead of skimpy bikinis when at the beach, sit under umbrellas / wear big hats to protect their skin in a bright sunny day and also take insane care of their skin unlike western women


>>600944861The one for Emma was at an award ceremony, she was not just getting nandos



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>>600935429Lmao, always funny trying to watch some retarded sheltered incel who never leaves mom's basement trying to talk about other countries.

>>600904501>2022>people like this user still existWe are getting killed every day by people like you. This is why we need Pride month and laws to protect my kind.

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>>600944990There was no need for this

>>600950687why do lgbtards always say that they're being killed?

>>600950687wtf user is a nigger?


>>600942737the guys on the wing had to walk on top of the other plane

>>600944990>>600945339>have un-contracted filenames and image dimension data shownNice try motherfucker. Only thing that ever gets me nowadays is the baked in ___

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>>600949490why would anyone eat an egg like this?

>>600931346>hundreds of years of horrific oppressionJust like everywhere else since the dawn of man up until about 1920.>little to no effort from the broader populace to ameliorate those crimesLiterally billions of dollars every year for nigger- and other skin-retarded mongoloid- programs in America and just as much for "developing" countries with the same type of monkey population and they do, you guessed it, fucking nothing with it except to starve and kill all the whites that can actually help them. Niggers need everyone else to survive, meanwhile if every single coon disappeared from earth NOTHING would change for the worse.

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>>600907334>analog sticks disappear

>>600917725>ywn have a parkour master gf

>>600957960They flattened into their PSP form

>>600905059let me guesschina?

>>600944861I am 10-15 years older than these girls and look 10 years younger than they do.

>>600914524>You're not japanese

>>600905772look he is smiling :)

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>>600906124based gato

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>>600926568Is its skin transparent?

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>>600941461>and speaking of Metal Gear filenames

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>>600904619holy shit. they stormed in, weapons drawn and everything. this nigga must have talked shit about Hilary or worse



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>>600906419Nobody cares unless its an election year.

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>>600918091i fucking love this channel

>>600961540I have a better filename.

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>>600935150are you actually retarded? please stop posting and start learning some reading comprehension

>>600905150Wait you can score a 1 in apehoop?

>>600917013Props to the suit actor for navigating that slope in a bulky awkward costume

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>>600962494Free throws

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>>600904590You have the entire sky how do you crash into another plane?

>>600963356They were attempting some retarded stunt.It did not go as planned.

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>>600904619How did that actually work

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>>600925780Turn it off Otto!!!

>>600917338it's so accurate

>>600926568why does your dog look like beef?

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>>600911606>Left is placed in front of what appears to be a supermarket or convenience store, almost assuredly in an urban area with an immense amount of foot traffic>Right is placed outside at a beach near what appears to be a road, meaning comparatively restrained foot traffic

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>>600963618hey hey people

I beg of you.

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>>600904827Team Fortress.

Attached: Skyrim fights.jpg (697x1024, 79.31K)

>>600905001do americans really?


>>600964642>left is placed somewhere where if you want to steal from it you are most likely seen by everyone, the response to your crime can be instant and you can be caught immediately, yet [someone] still tries to steal>right is buttfuck nowhere, response to your thievery is whenever the next person who visits feels like contacting someone about the theft, yet no one stealsOne of these places has something the other one does not...

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>>600912080Which one is which?

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>>600919041>That pose with the bat over his right shoulderkino

>>600907030Got me good.