Master Duel

>the one card that bricks your hands but is too important to dropWhich is it?

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>>600903563Maxx C. Always awesome to open bricked and then the first two draws are Maxx C.

>>600903563I'm supposed to pick just one? Then Superbia without any way to dump him into the graveyard.

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>>600904348>watch that FOOL's stream>player uses Crossout>choose to banish Maxx C so he wouldn't draw Maxx C next turn>draws Maxx C next turn anyways>has another Maxx C in hand

Does anyone have any tips for playing Chronomaly, or have any resources they can point me to that would help with playing/building it? It's hard to find any info that's more than "I made this youtube video about them because my viewers voted for it, so I threw together a decklist in 10 minutes.".

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>>600903563Nibiru who I only have as a Crossout target.

this one was almost a bloodbath

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>>600874894Ptolemy is unironically one of the best cards in the game. Its effect is to put something on field or GY back to the hand, however this hides an amazing amount of utility. Yes you can bounce boss on the field to the hand, but usually you will have non-target banish. However Ptolemy can also bounce DPE in GY back to enemy deck. On your side of the field, Ptolemy can be used to reset an Extra Deck monster(i.e. VFD), a plain +1 by allowing you to draw any card from your GY or a way to recycle your handtraps. This is especially powerful in case of Maxx C since you can keep recycling it. As a VW player summoning Ptolemy to recycle Maxx C is even stronger move than VFD. One fun synergy you can do is Beatrice/Ptolemy. Summon Beatrice, mill something, then use Roshi to summon that material and go into Ptolemy. This basically allows you to search any card from your deck(i.e. Maxx C), although you likely want Auroradon combo for this. Or if you are doing Auroradon, you can instead go into Beatrice, mill Vanity's Emptiness and then use Auroradon to set Vanity's Emptiness from your GY behind your VFD for maximum cancer(or more realistically set Solemn Judgement).

>>600906049Love the editing on this

Why aren't you playing Numerons? The game is designed to make you lose most coinflips so why not take that as a blessing than a curse to kike you out of gems

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>>600906049Nice. Was there a reason he used called by on that thing instead of saving it for DPE?

>>600906492>The game is designed to make you lose most coinflipsIt does feel like it. Promotion match? You will lose the coin flip

>>600906492I don't drink dish soap

>>600906604Dude was probably scared that he knew Msaq would not die because of Opening and would pop his Called before he could use it so he might as well get something out of it.

>>600891580>Ignister is the best cyberse deck. maximum cope, your deck is shit and horrible, and pretending your 6k beater is a viable gameplan is mental illness, this is starting to hover on the border of troonism.take a close look ignistersissies, and wake's

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>>600906464thanks, it was tough trying to make it coherent while keeping it short for the webm, but I'm glad at least one person understood it>>600906604I'm not sure, I guess he thought I was gonna pop his backrow with DPE. I was gonna use the second Stratos for that, but then he protected Masquerade so I had to re-route

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>>600906832>not combining both and make 4k beater with searchable floodgate.

>>600906492I have dignity and a soul.


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>>600906492i'd rather play something than i enjoy then play something soulless to win.

numerons are honorable.>play second exclusively like men, sitting through coombo fags 20 minute turns whereas others would quit at 2 minutes top>no disgusting floodgate shit>all or nothing high risk all reward playstyle; no cheap tricks>fast as fuck duels, no hideous coombo shit

>>600907432>spell lets them summon Xyz monsters without Xyz summoning>field spell lets them activate Xyz effect without detaching materialSorry user, this is pretty dishonorable.

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>>600907852What the fuck is this?

Alright folks, make an archetype>What's it called>What's it based on aesthetically>What kind of summoning does it do>Whats its primary gimmick>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshit


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>>600906049based plasma chad

>>600906492Machines, like Dragons, are boring.Spellcasters, Fairies, Fiends, Warriors, Beasts, Winged Beasts, Rock, Plant, and Cyberse are the types most worth playing.

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>>600908241>What's it calledMagical girls>What's it based onMagical girls>What kind of summoning does it doRitual summoning because why not>Whats its primary gimmickDifferent magical girls are summoned by using wand ritual spells on familiars that are monsters. Unlike most ritual decks that aim at getting a few strong monsters out, this one is designed to spit out lots of weaker spellcaster magical girl ritual monsters. There multiple magical girls to choose from but any familiar works with the ritual card, with each familiar giving an effect if its used as ritual fodder. They have plenty of ways to search for more of their specific ritual card and familiars so its not hard to constantly summon every turn>Explain how that's balancedMagical girls are weak individually and are weak to disruption. If their searches are negated they'll struggle to get anywhere. Its a bit like harpies but you replace special summoning from the deck with ritual summons

>>600908241Look I just want archetypes for>Spider girls>Cats (actual cats)>Rock Band>More Super Quants

>>600908823>Spider girls>Set continuous spell cards that apply debuffs to monsters when they get summoned>They're caught in the web>Control based deck designed around setting your backrow and making even the biggest of all big dick dragons tremble>Rivalry with traptrix who are insect girls who use traps instead

>>600908241>What's it calledUhhhhh, I don't know, Beastactics or something>What's it based on aestheticallySwarms/packs of animals. Bees, Locusts, crows, fish, bats, hyenas, gorillas, etc.>What kind of summoning does it doXyz I guess>Whats its primary gimmickThe xyz monsters get counters that represent how big the swarm is, and every one has their own way they get stronger for having more counters. Like maybe the bees reduce opponent's monsters' attack by X times the amount of counters, and the crows can attack times the amount of counters, the bats can excavate a card per counter then draw 1, the Hyenas gain attack per counter, and the gorillas remove one counter instead of leaving the field.>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshitBecause it's yugioh and balance is an afterthought.

Play Traptrix.

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>>600908241>What's it calledApparition>What's it based on aestheticallybased on ghostly apparitions (like a ghost in a well, a dark alley, in your bathroom mirror, etc)>What kind of summoning does it dothe deck monsters special summon themselves to the opponent's field. the extradeck cards can be summoned using Apparitions from either side of the field (fusion, synchro, exceed, link, doesn't really matter)>Whats its primary gimmickthey have floodgate effects upon the card's controller (one doesn't let them activate spell/traps, other doesn't let them special summon from the hand/graveyard, stuff like that)>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshitthe opponent takes no battle damage involving those cards, and the user has to choose between floodgating the opponent or summoning stronger cards

Play methmex and (You) too will get a free cracked revolt

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>>600906492Numeron is fucking boring. I played 7 games with the deck and never touched it again.

>>600909257i will when circular comes to md

>>600908241>What's it called.Funkimonicron>What's it based onFunk and Soul genres of music being played by Liches and undead.>What kind of summoning does it doFusion.>Whats its primary gimmickThe liches fuse with the instruments that double up as their phylacteries.You can normal summon their instruments to make it search out the respective Lich.Some of their effects range from dealing burn damage, convincing an opponent's monster to switch sides for the battle phase or lowering their attack and defence by a significant amount you know stuff like that.>Explain how that's balanced.The instrument phylacterys are weak to disruption like a single Ash could fuck them up.Also the Liches themselves are a bit weak

>>600906049Honestly wouldnt mind DPE if it was locked to hero's. The deck kind of needed the power boost. Instead its just the icing on the cake of whatever bullshit your put up against

>>600909906Well yeah, plenty of decks have powerful boss monsters that are easy to summon. It's that he's so generically splashable that's the problem.

>>600908986Dies pedo scum

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>>600905381While they're best known for OTKing with Machu Mech in the TCG, when they were competitive in the OCG in 2013 - Ruler format, btw - the way they were played was Nebra Disk control (often alongside Artifacts), where you'd just rely on recurring / summoning Nebra Disk every turn and using traps and shit to lock down the game. You can kind of see that this is still how they're designed to play - both of their new DAMA monsters, Magella Globe and Acambaro Figures, support this grindy, recursive gameplan, as does the trap.While that go second OTK style of gameplay is both a good and important strength of the deck, I think it's also important to recognize how the deck is actually designed to play. You have explosiveness, supplied by cards like Moai, Tuspa, and Machu, but the vast majority of the deck's power in the most recent (blisteringly recent) wave of support was designed to support that grind game.The archetype has a lot of useless monsters in it, but you probably want to start with 3x Skull, 3x Disk, 3x Rocket, 3x Globe, 1x Figures, 3x Moai, 1-3x Trilithion, 1x Bones, 1x Jet as your core. 1-3x Esperanza is probably a good pick, and for tech, 1x Tablet is probably worth it to make your monsters HUEG, and 1x Babylon might be good for grinding. From there, you adjust numbers, add or remove hand traps, regular traps, and board breakers to suit your play style.

>>600910674Thank you.

how fucked are you?

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>>600908241>What's it calledFounding Fathers>What's it based on aestheticallyUSA Presidents>What kind of summoning does it doTribute>Whats its primary gimmickEach President can be summoned by tributing one on the field lower than itself or by banishing one from the graveyard. Each one searches their successor and when banished adds a spell/trap based of the president banished. Ends on a nuclear bomb and a card that recycles banished presidents if their spell/trap was used and resolved.>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshitLinear ass combo that dies to every handtrap ever and requires low level presidents to start. You can make the deck warriors or zombies and the higher level bosses have worse attack than other boss monsters if it's a balance concern.

>play against Swordchink player>he has Mo Ye in his opening handLiterally EVERY SINGLE TIME in these past 200+ matches. How the fuck is this even possible?

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>>600911310>-4 beatstick with 0 protectionlollmao

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>>600911310What the fuck... It can boost up to 3k attack the turn it comes out... And in two turns it'll be 3.5k, that's even more than Blue-Eyes! I think I'd surrender purely out of fear.

Ok guys, im using Super Quants again, any tips on building them rn?

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>>600911806Take the Super Dogmatiquants pill.

>>600906492Glad I never pulled the trigger and wasted my gems making such an unfun deck.

>>600903563Shaddoll Monsters or Fusions spells without having the other

>>600911850Aaand why? Im trying to turbo Mech king and i dont feel like is a good idea mixing with them

>>600912196Because Magnacarrier can summon him using Mech Beasts from the graveyard, and Maximus can send two Mechbeasts directly from your extra deck to the graveyard meaning all you need to do is summon Maximus, survive for one turn, then summon blue layer to search out your field spell, or use Danger monsters to bring out Grampulse/Aeroboros and you've got a 4-5 material Magnus. This is far easier to do than actually doing the three Mechbeast summons, and while you forgo the anti-searching floodgate, just having an immune to effects quick effect non-target removal monster with 3600 attack is enough to win many games. WARNING: This is only a very stupid idea that's been bouncing around in my head for a while and I have not tested it against real players, and it is almost certain to be even worse than standard Quants builds.

Is she coming next week?

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>>600908241>>What's it calledNecronomicons >>What's it based on aestheticallyCthulhu Mythos but lolis Their names are puns on names of things they are based on>>What kind of summoning does it doThey banish themselves then summon themselves from banish to proc effectsThey also have normal monster tuner "Necronomicon Cultist" which can synchro with lolis to bring out their synchro versions, which are actual eldritch versions of their name >>Whats its primary gimmickBanishing themselves from the deck to summon themselves on enemy turn to disrupt, synchro plays Grind focused >>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshitPlaying on enemy turn is trash now thanks to new Tier 0 deck

God got btfo, heaven is destroyed, all the angels were forced to fall, all the remaining fallen angels are also targeted because she is completely mad now, Lucifer angrily steps up because he is angry she killed God. I can't believe our girl won so hard

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>>600912814whats her name?

>>600913054NTR whore.

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>>600908241>nameliving ingredient (main deck) and monster bread (extra deck)>based on aestheticallymonster ingredients for a monster sandwich, and while not ideal, you can also steal ingredients from your opponent or get leftover materials from the trash>summoningXyz>gimmickextra deck monsters are basically a combination between silent honor ark and the infinitrack xyz monsters. You overlay the ingredients to turbo the Xyz (bread) monster to get materials from field after running over them (similar to infinitracks) and then you use materials to steal from your opponent's graveyard/hand and take them as materials. The two Xyz monsters have different effects between each other, and the ingredients (your main deck monsters) give your monsters some inherited immunity/protection for the archetype's extra deck monster>balancesteal from your opponent's hand/graveyard is a hard once per turn, and uses 2 materials to steal one card. If one had to have a negate, it would be the one that steals from the graveyard (or a floodgate), meanwhile the one that steals from the hand gets targeted destruction/bounce/send back to the deck

>>600913197oh i forgot, aside from the xyz disruption, they don't have much protection

>>600908241>What's it calledHandyman>What's it based on aestheticallySwiss army knife tools>What kind of summoning does it doIt doesn't>Whats its primary gimmickEvery single card is a hand trap but they only work if your field is empty>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshitNo monsters, no continuous backrow

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>>600913586>Handyman>not Tools of the Bandit

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>>600913586thats just psy frames

>>600911310I feel like the best you can get out off this card is a 1 turn Plasma with a bit more attack

>>600912513>just having an immune to effects quick effect non-target removal monster with 3600 attack is enough to win many games.Oh no my monster got cockblocked by a face down monster card i literally consent every time.Anyway im testing this strat on EDOpro

Behold the mindbroken dragonmaid player

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>>600913053>I can't believe our girl won so hardI can.

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>>600914690Yeah, I don't think there's a way to make it good, but it is funny that you can do it. Worth noting that you can just use Ecclesia's self-summon without using her search effect to not be locked out of the extra deck, then using her to make Aeroboros. Also maybe just running Dogmatikacism purely for the ability to dump a Mech Beast may be worth considering. I doubt it though.

>>600903563I can't bring less than two and just opening one could brick my hand unless I have other magic furries I could pop, which is not as easy as people think (Cerberus could get Ash'd, other furries need other stuff on the field to function, etc)

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>>600914908Ok cool.Now regard the other version for ladder...

Does anyone have an optimal paleo frogs deck?

Tournaments with irl moneys as prize when?

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>>600915480i started mtga today and was surprised to see that there was a new board with sample decks, tournament and shit would it really be that hard to implement into md? i mean like just shove both ocg and tcg decks into the newsfeedhey this deck won heartford what can we learn from it

>>600915480Konami's budget for Master Duel is 1 dollar, total. don't expect anything ever

>>600908986Winning or losing being dependant on going first AND requiring either having phantom shade or parallel sneed to actually build a board sucks.

>>600914798yikes, the absolute state of dragonmaid tranny

>>600915909It's not the best deck but it definitely can win without Shade or Parallel. Going second can be tough indeed.

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>>600906049nice edit bro

>>600908241>What's it calledconfectionary cops and confectionary crooks>What's it based on aestheticallylesbian loli bondage and various sweets (get it, lollies)>What kind of summoning does it doFusion>What's its primary gimmickit fuses to the board as continuous spells, each depicting either a cop or crook being captured sexily by the other side (this is where the candy comes in, it forms the bindings) the capturing card stays on the board while the other one goes to the graveyard or wherever else as usual (the staying on the board would be on the creatures card text (only when actually used to summon one of these spell fusions, not when used as generic fodder) rather than an in archetype fusion spell)>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshiteven though it uses generic fusion spells instead of an archetype spell they all have text saying they cannot be used to fuse from hand, graveyard or banish or as part of a fusion where any cards in the fusion are in hand, graveyard or banishalso most of the archetypes spells will refer specifically to either confectionary cop or confectionary crook rather than just confectionary

>>600908823There's a lot of cats in rush duel but i'm not sure if it's an actual archetype or just a thematic thingsame for rock band actually which is an archtype (or is it, I think that one might be more a case of each head rocker being it's own archtype)

>>600915480>He doesn't know about the pachinko schema with the match winner cards

>>600918327actually an amendmentthe crooks are lolis but the cops are shotas

>>600918986>cute and funny vs wild and silly.10/10

>>600903563Deskbot 001 in my SwordSOVL deck.

>>600908241>What's it calledSanguine>What's it based on aestheticallyOld school doctors and medical impliments, but they're all named after symptoms of blood poisoning>What kind of summoning does it doXyz>Whats its primary gimmickThey all have disruptive effects that activate when your opponent takes damage, and they can inflict small amounts of burn damage to active those effects>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshitThe amounts of damage their effects deal are very low, like 100 damage per effect. It's more about using the damage to activate your effects, rather than a burn strategy.

>>600919263That's not too bad, Halq can still summon it from your hand.

>>600919323That's kind of why it's shit to draw. Halq can grab it regardless.

>>600919415He means compared to other bricks that just stops working if you manage to draw it in your opening hands

Man, why is everyone pussying out today. Can't even do my dailies because people keep surrendering the second I stop their initial play.

>>600920226You should be able to do win + SS 5 + 3 spells with most decks regardless of your opponent.

>>600920769I got the "declare attack" one.

>>600907283>IO & emptiness You might as well play the golden faggot.

>>600903563the vw traps. i hate that i have to run 2 of the degen one or i get cucked by picrel

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>>600921432What's wrong with Chuche?

>>600921432chuche can save your vfd assuming you run that sissy little nigger faggot card for soulless bugmen and retarded gay people

>>600921792He thinks that Chuche is bad so he is 100% VFD turbonigger Speaking of VW, why in fuck are all of their ED monsters besides Shenshen worthless?

>go to locals>play pendulums>after the first round of every duel everyone always sides 3 anti spell fragranceThis is the fate of all pendulum decks that I must accept

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>>600922190Fanfan can be nice

>>600907283>flips floodgate β€œI gud at this game” he says smugly as he devours handfuls of paint chips.Why are sub 70 IQ niggers like this?

>>600922962>pop one of their floodgates and they set another copy of it

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>>600922962should've played your handtraps better bro, gg

ENTERI'm the user who posted this deck last

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So I was thinking about Beatrice in VW. You could do something like use Auroradon to go into double Beatrice and Ptolemy, use Beatrices to dump two traps in GY and then use Ptolemy to put back into hand the use Auroradon to set the other. So what would be the best combo of cards to use here? Vanity's Emptiness and Imperial Order? Perhaps IO and Macrocosmos? While on this topic, does anyone have the decklist for that triple Beatrice control deck? What do they dump into GY?

>>600923838Is Auroradon good in VW?

>>600923903No, it's give you glaring weakness instead.It's motherfucking hard to disrupt going first VW combo as long as chuche already landing on the field, but if you wasting your monsters to summon sneedlefiber, you practically asking to get Ash'ed or Imperm'ed

>>600924328That's what I thought.

>go against my worst matchup>somehow be able to table the turns and go through a Nibiru to make 7100 damage in a single turn, could have won if Nib didn't kill Gustav>opponent recovers in a single turn, cleans my field and kills>realize I had a way to pop something on my side and return an attacker to field for lethal damage but I forgotDon't play sleep deprived

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Almost lose against Kaiju-Luna nip because I don't want to disrespect my opponent by keep comboing when I capable to deal lethal damage... and mothefucker has battle phase handtraps

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>>600923903It is high risk high reward kind of thing. It is more fragile than your standard play, but if you get it off you auto win. It works extremely well with Gamma however; hitting Maxx C with Gamma while you have Halqidon combo ready is basically an auto win.

>>600927178Shit that reminds me I need to put Psy Frame in my deck.Should I replace my Ghost Belles with them?

>You are going Second

>>600928016Good I can't OTK if I go first

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>>600928016>Losing 4 coin flips in a row

>>600908241Either make picrel into an archetype or make an archetype that inserts themselves into the opponent's deck.

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>hey guys can you help me build a deck I’m getting back into yugioh>I was thinking maybe Heros or Dark Magician

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>>600926227>Respecting Kaiju-Luna niggers in first place

>>600911850you got a list or something?

>>600903563Will they ban the stupid NEO dragon, its really not fun.

I tribute Number iC1000: Numerounius Numerounia which I summoned by the effect of Number C1000: Numerounius to attack Ib's tummy

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>>600919415Still better than O-lion at least

>>600929627ladder is brutal right now.

>>600908241Archetype based on bugs and snaring, not like traptrix but more based on webs or sticky traps, aesthetic is like an entomology book but the actual bug colored. Its mostly special summon oriented but can recycle its own cards, had some links. It's gimmick is flip but you have cards that benefit from having a face down and can activating quick effects from that, like a monster that can be special summoned if you have a flip monster and then it can flip it, quick effect, and bugs that can "stun" your opponent in their own gimmick way which is turning them attack facedown, so you can fuck their effects while still being able to get damage from attacks, or effects that as long as said monster is on field a choosen spell/trap can't be activated. Main boss has three opponent facing arrows and flips whatever it points face down and can destroy without flipping up, like tyranno but harder to summon. It's not broken because it sucks going second, it's not totally dead but it can't do its more controlling plays

>>600928639Going 2nd builds are just a meme

>>600928495>Infiltration>Continuous Spell>Put all monsters in your deck into your opponent's deck and shuffle it. While this card is face-up on the field, whenever your opponent draws a face-up Effect monster that can be Normal Summoned/Set, Special Summon it to your field in Attack Position, then they draw 1 card. (If the face-up Effect monster cannot be Normal Summoned/Set, send it to your Graveyard instead, then your opponent draws 1 card.)How badly would it break the game, if at all?

>>600930253>t.VFD turbooer

>>600930661Actually, instead of naming it Infiltration, just make it an Artifact card. How badly would THAT break the game?

>>600930205I'm using the same deck I used to get to D5 last seasson

When are they going to make Trishula unlimited?

>>600928016>You're going first>Haha I sure hope it's not cyber dragons, that would suck because I play machines>It's cyber dragons Every time

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Do Resonators even use this card?

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>suffer playing a go 1st deck>change to railway>now i can steamroll chinckswords while playing something with soul

>>600930979just do dailies until the sweats go to diamond anonkeep doing solo, special/normal summon, or spell/trap and keep the rest untouched

>opponent goes first and sets up 4 omni negates>i simply activate Super Poly and take away most of it>opponent uses his final negate and destroy to get rid of my only card on the field>i activate lightning storm>opponent scoopsWhy are Synchro trannies like this?

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>>600929627Run 3 token collectors

>>600930661>>600928495Most paper card games steer away from this concept because it's easy for people to forget to remove the opponent's cards from the deck when the match is over. Imagine losing 100$ worth of URs due to a distraction and having to track someone down if they aren't a regular at your shop or something.

i miss the bots


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>>600922190Jiujiu can save you a lot of times considering most people can't read.

>>600922190I mean, VW is literally VFD.dek considering how good they're turboing it and they can just keep looping VFD all over again so their ED monster are just focusing on making VFD instead of their own archetype.

>>600908241>What's it calledScience Soldiers>What's it based on aestheticallyScience soldiers, or more loosely the imperial guard>What kind of summoning does it doLink/Synchro>Whats its primary gimmickIn a turn, three copies of science soldier are spammed from the deck, hand and graveyard by a spell card which returns itself to the hand at the end phase. Science synchro monsters are also summoned through various means which grant buffs to all "Science" monsters on the field (for example, a "Science Heavy Weapons Unit" could apply its high defense points to a "science" monster's attack points during the damage step, turning it into a ~3000 attack beatstick while in battle with another monster). Afterwards, any remaining Science Soldiers are linked away.>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshitArchetype revolves around a useless normal monster.

Attached: ScienceSoldier-PSV-NA-C-1E.jpg (400x580, 86.87K)

>>600923106>opponent pops one of my floodgates while I have another copy in my hand

Attached: 1545136890546.png (345x542, 68.04K)

>>600934782>Stealth synchron buffsFinally I don't have to draw doppelwarrior

>>600908241>What's it calledvampire hunters>What's it based on aestheticallycastelvania >What kind of summoning does it dosynchro deck where the tuners are the weapons >Whats its primary gimmickanti vamp/fiend deck>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshitits not good against anything else other than vamp hate

Attached: VampireHunter-MP14-EN-SR-1E.jpg (310x450, 142.5K)

>>600935278you mean zombie hate so you can put up zombie world

>craft 3x token collector for my anti-swordsoul deck for when I hit diamond>at 985 gems, still need to buy more packs to finish the deck>play one game to get to 1k gems>open 10 packs>get everything I need to complete it>along with another token collectort-thanks.

>Halq is now bannedRealistically, how many decks would be rendered completely invalid on the spot?

>>600935278>>600936143would be better as dark attribute hate and then you use lair of darkness

>>600937221Only sky strikers sice they would no longer be able to kill you.

>>600937221Any rogue deck that uses himSwordsoul and Adamancipator would become extremely weakerSky Striker literally unplayable

>>600937221I will actually praise Konami for making the game better.

Attached: 96933497_p0.jpg (1114x1595, 769.92K)

>>600937412>Sky Striker literally unplayable>>600937454good

>>600937280>Infernoid player used this to cuck my vfd yesterday >he still lost

>>600937454This is my concern. It would only slow down a few of the top decks while completely breaking countless others that are already on life support. Sneedlefiber is a necessary evil

>>600937602link charmers

>>600937831>Sneedlefiber is a necessary evilno its notit needs to go

>>600937831>Sneedlefiber is a necessary evilNo is not, fuck off.

>>600937831>Sneedlefiber is a necessary evilholy fuck anything is a "necessary evil" to you faggots, just admit you like using cancer cards

>>600937831Nah you don't get to use tuners for your filthy blue cards

lets ban all 3 cancer enablers>sneed>dumb token plane>deskbot 1

>>600938241As if Auroadon and deskbot 001 is a problem without sneedlefiber.

>>600938241HalqBranded in redBlock dragon

>Grass resolve.>Almost all cards shoved down on GY are spells.Get fucked

Attached: 1653915362923.jpg (1536x2048, 369.48K)

Adventure when?Bird when?

>tfw need to craft 8 URs and only have 300 gems and 0 dustnew event when

>>600938681Good, I'm playing witchcrafters

>>600938729After the festival

Sekret pend tech.

Attached: SoulDrain-LART-EN-UR-LE.png (309x450, 305.88K)

>>600939174Bro your necrovalley?

>>600939368Negrovalley is UR

Attached: 1653169064351.jpg (729x934, 193.7K)

Are bots kill

>>600939536I'm in plat 2 and haven't seen anyone afk

>>600937831>it's a necessary evilDecks will just switch to the closest generic monster instead

>>600939536I meet a ftk not yesterday, but yeah seems like, or they are plaguing low tiers

>>600939668Do not ash me

Attached: HiitatheFireCharmerAblaze-MGED-EN-R-1E.png (680x1001, 1.21M)

>>600939828>Very fun dragon feels like saying FIRE

>>600937454So what is the drawback?I see none.

Attached: 1654138145207.png (554x482, 363.5K)

>>600939536I've seen like 3 of the Igknight ftk bots, but none of the others.

>>600939940There's none, yes.

Fusion summoning from the deck is a retarded idea

>>600938241>cancer enablersBan Verte, Halq, Grass and Union carrier first

>>600940116Verte will probably get hit in like 6 months or so when the game catches up to where the ocg was last Jan.

>>600940102Wait until you hear about link summoning from the hand or synchroing during your opponents turn.

>>600940102How would you fix the problem of fusions having to go -3 to summon a monster then.

>>600940102I just want to meme with Chain Material, bro...

>>600939368I take monsters from GY with field effects

>>600908241>What's it calledArmour Loaves>What's it based on aestheticallyTanks and other armoured vehicles, but they are made out of bread and other baked goods>What kind of summoning does it doIt's mostly normal/special from hand or deck, with a few links for support >Whats its primary gimmickBig machines that do little on their own, but can protect each other based the different bread type (sourdough, cornbread, full-grain and such) monsters currently out in the field (as to represent squads or formations). Spells and traps allow to bring out or change the formation on the field, depending on the situation.>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshitEverything would lock you into the archetype, so generics and splashing would be very limited.

Attached: 1652607125534.jpg (1280x720, 108.14K)

>>600940234There's a million searches that solve that problem

>>600940102Have you seen fusion summoning from your enemy's graveyard?

>>600940234More field spells.

>>600940102To be fair before DPE, winda was the most impactful thing you could fuse from the deck.

>>600940102I fusion summon from your deck

>>600940215I sure love to synchro from the hand.

Attached: Tatsunoko-HISU-EN-SR-1E.png (473x694, 836.33K)

>Call starter.>No response from baronne.>Lose 1 turn>..>IO>nuthin>Skill drain>Pop.Motherfucker, I swear that he could see my hand.

Attached: 1650465692365.png (256x256, 45.53K)

>>600940529Ahhhhh get it away from me

>This is a deck>I lost to this deck>I also lost to fucking DM afterI really need a new deck.

Attached: WTF.png (666x758, 666.73K)

>>600937454>Sky Striker literally unplayableYou dont know what you are talking about, Strikers can perfectly manage without halq the only thing that would change is that games would take 2x as long since they cant do anything other than poke for 1500 damage.


>>600940697Whenever this happens I cope by thinking I lost to myself.Surely I missplayed/bricked.


Attached: OFJy8yiZ6GoqKSLnBvozq3sJBGLyGNIoTTMbHqYkRTQ.jpg (1080x1331, 101.63K)

>>600940732>it's perfectly manageable for Strikers to stall for another 4-5 turns so that the opponent can draw their 1 card combo and destroy youAbsolutely broUntil Linkage comes out they're forced to use Accesschud

>>600940697>2 faris>3 vyonOther than that, its a pretty interesting deck with numerons and plasma + d force

Fear me

Attached: ApoqliphortTowers-NECH-EN-R-1E.png (307x450, 357.16K)

>fighting against dragonmaids>finally exhaust their dragonmaid tidyings and they're down one brick in their hand>setting up my hero OTK with cross crusader/malicious/denier loop to dread decimator with miracle fusion and dark calling waiting in my hand>surrenders

*blocks your path*in defense position

Attached: 1652986759550.jpg (2232x3156, 1.24M)


Attached: coombo cooombooo.webm (1280x720, 1.45M)


Attached: AncientGearGolemUltimatePound-LDS1-EN-C-1E.png (481x700, 743.72K)


>>600941494Jesus, so much monster disruption.

>>600906492>>600906672>>600907054>>600907307I bet these faggots all say this but use DPE.

>>600941494how is this fucking card balanced?

Attached: 15693423.jpg (421x614, 49.36K)

>>600941898It's useless going first You rarely get to see turn 3


Attached: 20220602110651_1.jpg (1920x1080, 549.44K)

Are six sams always relevant

>>600942159never will be

beating combo with a dishonorable deck makes you no better than the deck you claim to be unfair

>>600942159they are just annoying since their turns seem to last forever

>>600942293If you have ever splashed DPE into a deck as a generic you have no right to say anything about balance, soul, or anything else, and on top of that both you and your family should be executed. If you have children they should be raped and their fingers and toes all cut off.

>>600941898Just negate it bro.

>>600940891I find I misplay alot IRL by making mistakes I don’t normally make in MD. I’m always catching myself thinking β€œfuck I should have done this instead of that, I know better”

>>600942623Traps are too slow to worry about.

>>600942159You're thinking of Dante

Skull Servant. Love that nigga like you wouldn't believe, but having him in hand feels like such a waste.

She just need black nails and open toe boots to be completely perfect

Attached: 1643894436582.jpg (344x500, 47.82K)

>>600942441um, bro...? your called by? your uhh, I don't know, your d.d crow?? you know you can ash the verte? effect veiler it? your imperm? you DO run these cards, don't you user???


Attached: 8529136.jpg (421x614, 51.29K)

>>600942293What is a dishonorable deck?

>>600942672It has its pros and consI never forget my jiji end phase effect in MD but at the same time the game tells you when someone has a response in hand.

pendulum summons from the deck when?

>>600942990>ash verteYou can't ash costs, dumbass

>>600942441I don't play DPE, I play with your DPE.

Attached: MonsterReborn-EGO1-EN-C-1E.png (382x558, 352.67K)

>>600908241I want an archetype based on deep sea animals that live around volcanic heat vents. Make them all Water/Pyro and Fire/Aqua cause rare type combinations are cool.

>>600943116Anything that triggers nibiru


>>600943272And its dishonorable because?

Post them and rate Basic red boxes aren't complete yet

Attached: file.png (1598x895, 1.01M)


Attached: 1650449832722.jpg (400x400, 33.69K)

>>600942990I run all of those cards, if I don't have them in hand it doesn't help. Also you can never predict if someone is going to throw that DPE out as their fool-proof backup plan while playing a completely different deck that you've successfully shut down for the time being only to get fucked by the free huge buffer zone that is DPE's bullshit effect you're being forced to play around.>you know you can ash the vertefucking mongoloid

>>600943436>building Swordsoulfuck off you fucking cunt don't touch my fucking Live Twins with your filthy fucking bug person hands

>>600942672Same here, but my friend loves the game to the point he'll tell me to go back and do it, because he likes when a game goes as well as it can. If he wins despite that he's very satisfied

Attached: 1650382778600.png (544x544, 547.02K)

>>600943684It's not my fault I ended up getting most of their cards while pulling for this guy

Attached: file.png (360x525, 376.52K)

>>600943436>Nephthysgood taste


Attached: sunny.png (1714x1432, 1.44M)

Can I dust this shit?

Attached: file.png (1352x552, 822.31K)



>>600944310What is it good for?

>>600943479The only card that interests me from that pack is Ruinforce, but I'm hesitant to just craft it because I know at one moment the meta will be Adventure or die

>>6009434365/10A couple cool decks in there but way too much waifu shit, also swordsoul gay.

Attached: 1449850_20220602093029_1.png (1920x1080, 985.89K)

>>600908241>What's it calledGluttonous Beasts>based on astheticallyobese americans>summoningxyz. detaching materals to the GY = taking a shit in the toilet/GYalso americans are hyperfixated on blacks and xyz are black>primary gimmickeating your opponent's monsters to make xyz monstersgaining mass and taking up your opponents monster zones>balancedxyz is the most balanced summoning method

>>600944573Can you post your Amazon deck?

>>600944591>xyz is the most balanced summoning methodI hate some of the bullshit extra overlays


>>600944591>an entire archetype of infinities/s.h.arksi like it

>>600944654I'm sure it could be better if I got more of the URs but I'm saving for the new card packs right now.

Attached: 1449850_20220602093634_1.png (1920x1080, 1.36M)

Has there been a chart released of the decktypes in diamond for last season?


>>600937831Sure it is - with appropriate type/attribute/archetype limitations on 140 different cards and not generic as fuck.


>>600944050I decided to just roll for other pet deck shit with my paltry gems and hope I get enough UR mats to craft at least 2 Sunnys. I don't want anything else in the new pack but her.

Some Swordsoul faggot I played against summoned this cancer with that Yang Zing monster that prevents it from being destroyed by battle, why is this allowed?

Attached: file.png (360x525, 339.42K)

New banlist when?I still don't wonder why obvious problem cards got allowed in first place.

Attached: 1650520319895.png (330x446, 292.31K)

>>6009434366/10I apologize for my deck naming in advance

Attached: big retard decks.png (1443x425, 475.65K)

>Playing against a dude in his promos>He wins the coinflip>Ends turn on Baronne + Lvl 8 Chingchong and a face-down>Have Lightning Storm + Droplet + monster with GY search eff in hand>Lightning Storm his face-down>He flips it and it's Crossout>He scoops after pausing for a bitHow mind broken is this guy that he surrendered from having his Crossout blind 'Stormed?

Attached: antidepressantad.jpg (528x792, 65.62K)

>>600906492Too boring and any smart player can shit all over that deck



Attached: chad.png (512x512, 440.78K)

>>600945724>Ends turn on Baronne + Lvl 8 Chingchong and a face-down>Lightning Storm his face-downfor what purpose? How are you going to get rid of his Baronne and Chingchong? If a Swordsoul bug manages to set that shit up on me turn one I just alt-f4 or turn on my autoclicker because there's no way I can get over it.

>>600946164Anon said he also had a droplet in hand. Since it cuts attack in half you can easily just run over baronne and the other dude with any 1500+ atk monster.

>>600946164He had droplet in his hand so he was going to chain it and send his monster + Lighting Storm to negate and cut the attack of both I imagine.

>>600943436I have too many WIP and updating decks, and I'm not even sure if I want to build Sky Strikers.

Attached: Decks.png (2814x1256, 2.33M)

>>600946351>>600946364>Once while face-up on the field, when a card or effect is activated (Quick Effect): You can negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card.user... your droplet....

>>600903563Is there a check list or something for cards you must counter

>>600946616Read droplet.

>>600946448Sky Strikers are exceedingly to make, as only in-archetype URs you need are two copies of Engage and one copy of Kagari. You do need generic cards such as DPE and Imperms etc, but you should have most of those at that point. Note that you don't actually need Asstaker in that deck, it is just QoL kind of thing.

>>600946616>Send monster with for Droplet's cost>Baronne cannot respond with her effectAnon... Your Baronne...

Attached: 96384419_p0_.png (1426x2660, 3.51M)

>>600946735>you need DPE to play Strikersshit deck for fucking faggot cunts then, and not a real deck. Access Code as their only win condition is bad enough in concept but needing to splash fucking DPE means I'm dusting Raye and all her other faggot cards. I thought Strikers would be a cool toolbox deck but it's fucking gay and lame if all it is is just bricking + spamming DPE. Fuck that faggot card and everyone who uses it.

>Hate for this card is generally unwarranted and usually serves to expose the one complaining as a shit playerwhat's her name?

Attached: 1633389799295.jpg (582x741, 42.87K)

>>600947026Pot of greed.

>>600947026[Pendulum Card] obviously

>>600947026Maxx "C"

>>600947026any card I like

Magical hound should be once per turn, not once per duel. Change my mind

>>600947026Any pendulum card.I don't even have any pendulum decks, they're all kinda mediocre aside from Endymion (too expensive) and the Zefra pile (need to pull from too many packs).

>>600947026Pendulums in general, Maxx "C"

>guy using dino deck>20 years between each card>connection symbol flashing>no longer flashing>taking even longer between each card>activates card>takes another 10 years to summon somethingWhat kind of dog shit ass toaster do these niggers play on?

>>600947759Probably a phone.

>>600903563>opponent has few LP left, I need to attack him asap but I have no monsters>draw the one (1) Power of the guardians I have in my 50 cards deck>next turm opponent summons a monster, attacks me and win.


Attached: Predaplant Verte Anaconda.jpg (467x683, 102.53K)

>>600948059I had nothing against Verte before DPE. DPE makes the card AIDS, it's just part of the generic splashable DPE package now. It's a DPEsnek.

>>600945595What is that Ib deck?

>>600948059Verte is cool, had it in my Metalfoes and Fluffal decks.Then DPE happened and made Verte broken by association.

>>600947026>Captcha: KKKVD

Attached: 1652974823596.jpg (1024x623, 122.68K)

>>600948325problem is how retarded fusion destiny is> hey how about if you skip fusion problems and just grab the materials from brasil, its free on the house

>>600948413Equip spell beatdownIt's very slow, grindy, and fragile, but hilarious whenever it works

Attached: Revenge of Ib.png (660x466, 436.36K)

>Snoresoul player just inpermd my lulu on field How do these people get to platinum?

>>600948413>>600948740Pic related

Attached: el monstruo.png (158x183, 80.56K)

>>600946049Is his deck even playable?

>>600948553>>600948503>>600948325Hot take: fusing from the deck is fine, but any card that can do so should have no protections or ways to bring itself back

Attached: 1651352641643.png (658x600, 132.36K)

>>600948553>using monsters from deck is bad but spells from deck is good because... It just is!Without Verte the DPE package is 50% garnets. You're just as likely to have 1 less card in your starting hand as you are to have the fusion spell. Not to mention you could have two of the spell, or the spell and a hero. Verte makes it worthwhile because you can just bullshit it out with any two monsters.

>>600949206Can win sometimes. Most people don't expect the double attack 5.2k beatstick. But by no means is it good.

>>600949460>I always Ash Magical Meltdown, it makes the bitches so wet.


>>600949460It's just the combination of high splashability, boss monster powerlevel, and ease of summon. Any two of those are fine, but all three combined become cancer. This is just as true for any monster as it is for fusions. And Verte improves both splashability and ease of summon which pushes DPE over the top.

>>600949460>play single card >get powerful boss monster plus mill multiple other cards as well >0 effort required Fusing from the deck is dishonest. Going "check if you have mats in your deck and if you do just summon monster lol" would be more honest than fucking fusing from the deck

>>600949460fusing from the deck only would be fine if it locked you out of summoning anything for the rest of the duel even if the summon gets negated

>>600935278Very strange that this counts as a vampire card.

>>600948740>>600948849Holy BASED

>>600949460Fusion from the deck should make you remove the materials. Why make that restriction for quick field-GY fusions but not for something even more exploitable? The problem isn't just "bring powerful monster with one card my man" but "and have a double foolish burial why not" too

>>600949886>Fusing from the deck is dishonest.Agreed. It should be like synchros where you instead have a monster that says "you can special summon this from your hand, and if you do, special summon a "Destiny Hero" monster from your deck", then you use it to summon a monster that says "if this monster is summoned you can fusion summon one DPE using monsters on the board as material". That way it requires effort and is a combo that takes skill.

>>600950206What do you want them to do put Frog the Jam text on every fucking Vampire card?


>>600949460>>600949886>>600950152>>600950602>NOOOOOOO, YOU HAVE TO GO MINUS 2 IN ORDER TO CALL YOUR BOSS MONSTER THAT I'LL EASILY KAIJU/NEGATE NEXT TURN.No, I don't think I will. Fuck splashable generic shit, tho, just make all the good fusion cards archetype locked.

>>600950743DPE is archetype locked though?

>>600950608>making shit up Neck yourself foosing nigger >>600950743>I NEED to be able to mill two things in GY when I summon broken boss monster with a single card because, uh, I just need to ok? You too

>>600950206>he's never searched out Vampire Hunter by special summoning Vampire Familiar, then used Vampire Red Baron to swap his opponent's boss monster with the Familiar before destroying it with Vampire Hunter

i demoted from plat 3 to plat 5 and the last match is the nail in the coffin>name:zhanmeng>profile picture:trannycclesia>deck:numeronshould i just skip ranked for few days ? it's really bad i'm getting unironic cancer. every match is flood gates and numeron, i'm not even seeing swordsoul anymore. i miss the free wins.

Attached: chiemicringe.jpg (629x363, 137.19K)

>>600950935All the swordsoulless is in diamond now.

>>600950935Is this your first time playing ranked on the start of a season?It's always been awful to climb at first.

>>600950840>No, you HAVE to play with a broken leg because... you just have to, okay??cope


>>600947509Don't forget Pend Magician which albeit rare can still do some nasty things

>>600951050nah fuck your generic garbage

>>600947026Block Dragon>waaaahhhh so OP>literally coinflip, the deck>disappeared completely from the OCG even before Splights>disappeared on Master Duel the moment the coinflip cheat was removed and 1 little card was hit and that's it

>>600903563Why do I have the feeling that I'm going to regret this?

Attached: yuginiggers.png (1916x459, 249.2K)

>>600951872As long as you understand that sometimes you'll lose to some truly bullshit stuff, then it's not a big deal.

>>600950602>Fusion from the deck should make you remove the materials.Why is this not the case already? Seems like it would solve a lot of problems. Like sure, you want to run a 4 card package to get a free OP boss monster? Fine, but you should at least have to work to bring them back from banish if you want to do it again

>>600951872When was the last time you played Yugioh?Setting your expectations is going to be important.

>>600943436What I've currently got, last one I made was Kozmo, it's pretty fun and I really like both the art and the decks resilience.Don't know if I'll dust or simply delete but will probably remove one of the plant decks for something else.

Attached: Current Decks.jpg (1920x1080, 474K)

>>600946364>>600946351That's you should put Baronne, Savage Dragon, etc.. in defense mod in case of droplet/lightning storm/etc...

>>600951872You will

>>600951872Because half of these threads regret it

>>600951872You've still got 6 gigabytes left to download. Anyway, if you don't quit right away because it's overcomplicated and nothing like you remember, you're probably going to get addicted and feel obligated to do your dailies and shit while also hating the game and 97% of the players you go against because they all use bullshit broken faggot ass decks and cards.

>wants to make a Rose Dragon deck >all decks I netdeck are just a bunch of generic tuners put together

>>600951872host room

>600952303A good place for netdecking rougue decks doesnt exist

>>600951985good question. the last time I played was in 2016, before links. I remember being able to throw some xyz and synchros into a watt deck and cheese direct damage with watt monsters back on ygopro, tdoane or whatever the hell it was called.

>>600952303That's META baby!

Attached: 1636679479331.jpg (819x1024, 112.25K)

>>600953010>good question. the last time I played was in 2016, before linksIt won't be that bad. Last time I played was 2014 and yet I still found myself at home with retarded degenerate combo spam

I love this nigga like you wouldn't believe

Attached: PacifisthePhantasmCity-MACR-EN-R-1E.png (688x1006, 1M)

DPE is too good for how easily it's summonedthey should've give fusion destiny a stricter drawback like forcing you into using only HERO monsters until the end of your next turn


>>600953226>2014sounds like I'll be right at home with all the combo spam, I remember how much I hated madolches and lightsworn constantly nuking shit. But what's up with all the negate and hand trap stuff? is that even more commonplace now?

>>600953857>is that even more commonplace now?Absolutely.To be fair you just avoided a meta full of "look at my turn 1 board with 5 negates" (Drytron and Adamancipators).But handtraps are super common and the only way to stop your opponent from either setting up these boards to begin with or to go +10 in card advantage and basically out resource you.The currently best deck is Swordsoul(less), it doesn't have insanely good turn 1 boards like these decks I mentioned but it still takes some resources to break their board and if you do they remake it again or simply OTK you.

>>600953449That's the main issue. The problem isn't DPE itself because many decks can get rid of it when it's the only thing you have to deal with, but when decks like Tri-zoo, VW, Swordsoul, Adamancipators and the like can also bring it on top of their A game with a single card it becomes a whole different thing. In the end it's the same old tirade of "card that MIGHT help other decks WILL definitely help decks that already dominate"

>Watch Duel Live>Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade deck varient that's basically Drytron lite>>using union carrier and apex avian to constantly loop return to hand and summon>basically infinite negateThat varient seems to be very rare. Is it because it is a high roller focused deck?

>>600953857>>600954081Oh and the complete opposite of those meta decks, the set 5 and pass decks, those are also mega cancer and pretty common too thanks to the nature Bo1 of the game.

>draw two Gammas >play Pot of Desires >banish Driver Come fucking on

>stunchads still making combotrannies seethetale as old as time

Attached: 1652294679951.jpg (640x360, 135.05K)

>>600954275skill issue

>>600954275>>600954493And of course >he plays Maxx C

>simply tell him stun decks exist>"HOLY SHIT LOOK AT HIM SEETHING I AM SO HAPPY :D"Stun cucks are really desperate of attention, huh.

>>600954275>use cards that needs a garnet>also use a card that can remove said garnet>how could this be happening to me

Attached: 1636467978250.jpg (900x900, 55.23K)

>>600954275>running any kind of 1-ofs with desiresjust begging for it

Attached: 1587069470817.png (1023x841, 802.21K)

>>600954178Its much less consistent. Making links legitimately is actually kinda hard for that deck to do. Its also worse vs the common board breakers since you're going all in on Avian instead of having multiple threats.

>>600954663>avatarfag>analysis shitI hate these kind of Youtubers. Absolute garbage.

Seems like Splights being Tier 0 was just a meme. Settle bros?These are 117 events in total.36 Splight (34 Frog, 2 Evil Twin)20 Tearalaments (13 Pure, 2 Ishizu, 1 Despia, 1 Orcust, 1 P.U.N.K., 1 Shaddoll, 1 Therion)7 Eldlich (6 Pure, 1 Evil Eye)5 Exosister3 Dinomorphia (1 Pure, 1 Dogmatika, 1 Thunder Dragon)3 Sky Striker (2 Pure, 1 Mysterune)3 Virtual World2 Blue-Eyes2 Branded (1 Adventurer, 1 Cyber Dragon)2 Despia2 Drytron2 Tri-Brigade (1 Pure, 1 Melffy)

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What is the maximum amount of daily missions you can stack?


>>600954891>2 DrytronReminder, this is with both Eva and benten at 3

>>600955001There are 9 missions. You get 3 new ones every day. If you have 9 missions and then clear 3, you will get the same 3 missions you cleared the next day.

>>600954891>no chinksoulsso how long until this fotm fades into complete obscurity?

>>6009551501 year

>>600955150Chinksouls got dabbed on back then already, they were completely gone and replaced by Tenyi/Rose Tenyi that just use their boss monsters and nothing else.Then POTE came and just deleted them

>>600955150Literally as soon as Adventure comes out. Tenyi Adventure is better than the current Tenyi Swordsoul in every way. All the fags playing it now will regret wasting all that UR dust next month.

>>600954891>3 Vw with no vfdHeh

>>600955569Say hello to one of the new best generic monsters

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>>600955569The deck is fine without vfd

>>600954891I keep fucking telling people that those stupid fucking pie charts from road of the king that get posted around are just people trying the new decks on release and don't actually reflect the format overall going forward. The same idiots who were a couple months ago talking about how crazy Branded was in Japan somehow actually believe it only took a couple months for it to be totally power crept off of the face of the meta by Splight and Tearalaments into a tier 0 format.

Attached: 1549976073800.jpg (370x527, 114.41K)

>>600955952>somehow actually believe it only took a couple months for it to be totally power crept off of the face of the meta by Splight and Tearalaments into a tier 0 format.Because they know Konami. Shit like that has happened plenty of times in the past.

>his deck can't out this board Uhh, bro?

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>>600954891I HATE the frog

Attached: 1654024599582.png (991x1068, 808.99K)

>Battle Phase kekEvery time

Attached: file.png (1084x505, 1.06M)

>>600949206It was designed for duel links. Its a strong balenced deck in that game but in this it can acomplish anything but its OTK and it has a harder breaking boards than other better OTK decks

Is the imperm bundle worth it if I already have 3?

>>60095699210 UR dust + whatever shit is in the packs

host room

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>>600955952I thought it was too early to claim T0 every week (especially when people post results from locals where they take up a massive percentage of the chart and make it look like SPYRAL format) and people obviously need time to adjust and see how they can individually fight those decks, but Splights and Tearalaments have been the top performing decks in the biggest tournaments over there eating up the majority of 1st to 8th placements and I don't think there's any denying that. Availability has something to do with it too though, which is part of the reason why the meta for a game like Master Duel is different than it was in the OCG months back (along with the slightly different banlist and Ranked being what it is). I'm still waiting for Telefon FTK loops to do something

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>all the cucks who got memed by bots to get to Diamond are not being bullied in plat 5 Lmao

>>600957215What a happy family

>>600957274Plat players aren't good tho

>>600957274>be in plat>everyone runing chinksoul>craft 3 token collector>resume your daily dose of trains

>>600956167MD players don't know shit. The only time a top deck disapeers overnight is when Konami breaks out the murderlist and kills a deck entirely. Branded only got a slap on the wrist with Opening to 2 before Splights came out.>>600957248Yeah I'm not saying they're not top decks or anything, just naturally when something new and powerful comes out people want to try it en masse and you need that context when reading these pie charts or any statistics for that matter. I for one also can't wait for Tearalaments because of how strong they look and how well they synergize with Shaddoll.

>>600957248What does this do?

>>600957503Plat players are in gold now

>>600957760It has two effects but the main one is the attack position one. You roll a dice, gain LP equal to the result x500, then summon a Morphtronic monster from your graveyard whose level is less than or equal to the result rolled.That monster is level 1, so it can summon more copies of itself from the graveyard. Also the effect is not hard once per turn, so the copies you summon can summon more copies that summon copies that summon copies.

>>600956401Why is your dragon in attack?

>>600956401I carry 3 kaiju.

Attached: turtle.png (400x296, 245.18K)

>>600958041Because I prefer it getting destroyed >>600958115>go -3>I make Trishula and Phantom Fortress next turn Not a great plan

>>600958005Oh, 100, not 500. Geez that might be kinda strong if you gained level x 500 LP, they might errata it...

>finally craft almiraj >get pic related from the free pullShould I just dust it or are salamangreats fun? I technically have two of their URs already

Attached: Screenshot_2022-06-02_201639.jpg (2340x1080, 912.04K)

>>600956401I play mekk knight column control with 3 lava golems, boards that only end on two monsters are my favourites

>>600958235I don't play salamangreat but I've heard they don't even use almiraj, so I don't think having it is a good reason to play them

>>600958235There's a Salamangreat structure deck coming soon. If you aren't desperate for the UR dust you should probably save it if you're at all interested in building the deck.

>>600958374Anon, VW doesn't care if you Golem or Raigeki my board. It literally doesn't matter. It just has you go minus. You are actually better off just ignoring VFD completely since at least then I'm forced to find a way to kill it myself, or to waste Ptolemy on getting it into the ED. If you kill VFD, I can just use Shenshen effect next turn to put it back in extra deck with no cost, and with GY set I can make it with a single Cloudcastle ressing Croc.

>>600958235They are underrated and half their deck is handtraps so they can play against anything. Salads will always be good, but you need to know the combos.

>>600956401>set button to ONthanks for the muddragon materials bro

>>600958741I've beaten VW before with pure mekk control strats but ill keep this in mind for future duels

>>600958170I don't have great plans, I don't know enough about the game so I just rely on the heart of the cards.

>pet deck I like in real life is super cheap, full of staples that are less than 25cents a piece.>in master duel, the cards are all SR / UR rarity:/

>>600956401>droplet dumping both Overdrive and Citadel perhaps>Bait ash with any of my starters>Trains for game, maybe make my own VFD, recycle shit with OverdriveI mean, it's VERY specific but it can be done

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How is your opponent getting three omni-negates on the board before your first turn any better than flipping Skill Drain?

>>600959068Sounds like you'll be needing some gemsGo ahead and swipe that credit card good buddy

>>600959223Easier to out for most decks, can potentially be beaten by baiting, and prevented by hand traps.

>>600906049>akagi blood game>end with plasmaHoly kino

Leave Crossout Designator to me

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>>600959223If you fuck with the three omninegates your opponent is down a lot of resources. If you lose skill drain you flip another floodgate or even a second skill drain

>>600959223Droplet and DRNM exist. Backrow removal also exists, but unless you open with Duster you're probably fucked because most floodgate faggots open with multiple, and Skill Drain is the least damning of the bunch.

>>600948059Theres nothing wrong with verte it was a good balenced buff to fusion decks. The cost it has to essentially just search out a fusion spell was almost a little to much but its fine. The problem is fusing from the deck is a stupid mechanic its like how people thought nightingale should be banned because it got tyrant neptune and starving venom dragon banned but no its the ability to copy other abilitys thats broken

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>>600903563i could play this fucker at 1 in a 60 card deck and he would still be in my opening hand every time

Attached: UnchainedSoulofDisaster-MADU-EN-VG-artwork.png (512x512, 468.71K)

>>600960807>MD algorithm: I'd you only have one copy of this card it means it's very important! Better make sure you draw it :)

What archetypes do you imagine to have the biggest degenerate fags as a playerbase? For me it's Sky Strikers and most waifu/shota decks. I'm guessing most people ITT will say stun but I feel like stun players are more often normies or boomers than not

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>chinksoul wastes his entire turn to bounce VFD back to my EDPick related is follow up to what happens after you kill VFD. Note that I also played through Baronne, Chink negate and that dumb trap of theirs, so my second turn was weaker than usual. Fun fact, Cloud Castle is not once per turn. You can actually go 1st Cloud Castle for Phantom Fortress hand snipe, second one for VFD and then just have Shenshen chilling next to XYZ homies.

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>>60096080745 is the optimal deck size if you have a lot of garnets

>>600961207we get it, you hate interacting with the other, seethe and dilate

>>600961207>When you pop your vermillion to recycle ash just in caseDeck is too much fun

>>600960571No, fuck Verte. He wasn't a balanced buff for Fusion, he was the fallback plan for bad players when they get outplayed and interrupted in almost every deck and theoretically limited anything good that Fusion decks might recieve in the future. I'll take fuse from deck cards over this fucker any day because those CAN at least enforce drawback unlike Verte which just copies the effect and the consequences be damned. Not even all fuse from Deck cards are OP, just Fusion Destiny. No one really complains about Red-Eyes Fusion or Shaddoll Fusion because they all have sane restrictions.Good riddance, MD needs to ban the snek too.

>>600961516I prefer recycling Maxx C with Ptolemy >>600961483Anon you gotta play good decks if you want to win

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>>600959527I mean now that everyone and their mother is playing Crossout would this be a funny option? What would be the best option, Changing it to Crossout itself?

>>600961541>Fallback plan for bad playersI thought that was Sneed into Acceschode

>>600961785you will never be a real chink

>>600961847Both of them are. And more so Sneed into Auroradon than Accesscode. Accesscode does fuck all on turn 1.

>>600961207>virtual worldzzzzzzz

>>600961207>"chinksoul wastes his entire turn to bounce VFD back to my ED"Im suprised you didnt take that as a realization to just how powerful VFD is and how VW doesnt even need it, it just makes the deck broken.


Attached: file.png (360x525, 294.81K)

>>600962045VW's rogue without their win button

>>600962045>VW >broken kek >>600962087lol

>>600961785Do you run IO?

>>600961207>playing a chink deck and talking shit about swordsoulessYou're no better faggot

>>600961837Changing it to something that is a key part of their archetype's combo, or to a staple they may have. That way it doesn't just do nothing, but can ruin their own plays.

>>600962218No, just bog standard VW cards.

>>600961785>user you gotta play good decks if you want to winLol no, not him but I've never played a meta deck and I'm blasting through ranked with fllodgate stun decks, I've never even done a full combo line in my life and i hit top ranked every season

>>600962296I tried it once I got tired of gamma, never went back.

>>600959223Skill Drain is a 1 card investment and hard to remove.Boss monsters require resources and most decks can't just spit the same monster back out if you do counter it. Also, you can bait omni-negates to try to provoke a misplay from your opponent. The only thing you can do against Skill Drain or other floodgates is draw the out.

>VWtard getting uppityThis is why chadgate players are based, they put coombtards in their place

>>600908241>What's it calledSamacycle>What's it based on aestheticallyHindu religion and the reincarnation caste system, with monster level equating with the caste>What kind of summoning does it doProbably link with some rituals thrown in>Whats its primary gimmickLevel/counter manipulation based on "karma", with cycling upon destruction based on what their "karma" was>Explain how that's balanced and not fucking bullshitThe specificity of the cycling means it's tricky to just loop infinitely into exactly what you want

>>600962457Yeah I tried all sort of things with VW - PUNKs, Psy Resonator, Auroradon, 50 or 60 card piles etc, but vanilla 40 card deck is just the best.>>600962710Anon, VW bullies stunfags. Crushing True Dracos in Synchro Festival was very fun.

Attached: file.png (783x896, 429.6K)

I'm playing against Ignister for the first time and I might uninstall the game if this solitaire shit is what I should expect

>>600963065you'll learn how to shut popular decks down early on so you won't bitch about them as much

>>600962878>14 handtrapsGod I hate this game

>>600963065I'd you don't have half a deck of handtraps you won't enjoy the link event

>>600962710Chuche out values your entire control deck

>>600963201Out of the 14, three are Maxx C and eight deal with Maxx CMaxx C is basically instant loss if you don't happen to have your out.

>>600962878Maybe I should try double cloud castle I barely summon fanfan anyway when m7 exists.

>>600963201There are 9 Handtraps in that decklist.

>>600962159Yes but VW(without VFD) is actual high tier rogue like @ignister, dinos or dragon link not blue eyes or magical musket rogue tier

>>600963761How are dinos not meta with misc at 3?

>pic related made it to Plat 2 right now What's your excuse user?

Attached: file.png (779x885, 544.79K)

>>600963201Same, but as long as shit like Rhongo and VFD are legal you have to play them. Personally I'd rather bulldoze through whatever cancer boards my opponent has instead of trying to disrupt their plays, but you can't do that when autowin monsters exist.

>>600964278I can't afford superpoly

>>600964008Have you ever played dinos?


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>>600965001the game didn't find anyone in plat5 for you to duel

>>600964008Hand effect of Misc dies with Called, search effect dies with blassum. You can negate Anchosaurus or Oviraptor if you fucked Misc. Only way to make use of babies on hand in that moment is with Lithosagym and that's if you run it. Pill can be negated as well. It has a lot of chokepoints and Tyranno can't out Links

>>600964278secret village made it to plat 2that shit DM deck is just baggage for that field spell

>>600965939that's how I feel playing against EldlichI'm actually playing against Skill Drain, the rest of the deck is there just to reach the 40 card number