ITT: Flash game nostalgia

ITT: Flash game nostalgia.

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>>600900347This game's sight detection sucked absolute shit.

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>>600900347I used to play this in the computer lab all the time.

>>600900347Accurate depiction.

>drag hand to the edge of the screen>right click so context menu comes up>move cursor around the edge of the game screen to the left side>"GOOD TIMES!"

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I used to just shoot the first dart at max power through the metal, and it'd glitch through and hit the bombs. Then I'd use the 2nd one to get 4 more bloons on the right and win. I have no idea how you were supposed to beat this level otherwise.

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>>600900347I can never remember if they charged money at first for some of these games and then made them free, or vice versa. If the latter, then that's extremely scummy.

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>>600900347You may only reply to this if you have been accused of cheating because you kept wrecking shitters.Cheaters don't bother replying

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>>600901641they charged money later because I never paid money to play them I didn't even know they started charging people

>>600900675The electroman adventures ost is on youtube btw

>>600901641Goddamn this one hit me hard, memory unlocked. I remember the powerpuff girls games too


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>>600901736>I never paid money to play themSame, I know for a fact To the Eds-treme was a free game at some point.

>>600901656This brings back memories... wonder if it's still playable online?

I used to spend hours on the first enemy just trying to dodge the lasers in fancy ways. The dev even updated it to work after the death of flash, the absolute legend.

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>>600901937forgot pic fuck

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You can only reply to this post if you've beaten all 30 levels.

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Real recognize real

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>>600900347goddamn heli attack

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I remember this one having a creepy atmosphere.

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>>600902037I have not beat 30 levels

flash games were the real shit

>>600902098I just played CF2 this past weekend. So good

>>600901179>same day my friend and I found this game we discovered how easy porn was to get on the internet Good times.

>>600902001I always got bored and would just try to get my legs cut off

>>600901754GIRLS CALM DOWN

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>>600902362>tfw managed full amputee once

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>>600901702NG's relatively the same, surprisingly.


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>>600901702Indistinguishable from today

>>600902189>yfw "Then we failed, son."

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Nostalgia bomb

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What was that one squad-based map zombie game with weird anime style squad leaders?


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>>600900347i used to play fragger a lot, i don't know why but i was fascinated by it as a kid.also, what's the name of that 2D shooter game where you start at a snowy compound and you have a jetpack i think? i think there was some ohysics based movement involved because i remember the enemies and your character felt like they had weight.

We all know the atomic bomb is very dangerous

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>>600902450A man of taste

Can a matchbox?

Look at him go!

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>>600901641>FusionFallI play that everyday when I was young, god that was fun.

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>>600902982No, but a tin can.

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I’m no furry but that zebra did some things to me

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>>600903254i'm no fag but that fox did some things to me

Watch out for dis!

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Which skin did you use? For me:either teletubby or g.w. bush

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>>600902098Chaos faction 2 was better, I liked the brain dude and the interactive stages

>>600902234This game got really hard


Dark cut even though I never killed the vampire

You looked at his balls didn’t you? Don’t fucking lie

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>>600902234I played this shit on albinoblacksheep>>600902037and this on addictinggames

>>600903616YES HOLY SHIT

>>600900347>HEY! TEACHER!>TAKE THIS!?BOOOOOMM>You died!That shit blew my mind

>>600901707After seeing the making of it's not scary anymore


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I think I played the most games on agames? or miniclip? I can't remember>>600901641the kids next door shmup was so fucking fun, also the hamster launcher game was nea

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>>600903891>hamster launcher gameI can still hear "Flight of the Valkyries" play after all this time.

Would play this one every Christmas as an annual tradition.

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So many, many hours. More hours than I played a lot of games I actually paid for.Image courtesy of jayisgames, which is a nostalgia trip unto itself.

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>>600903806>the making of it'sthere's such video ?


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>>600904017good one

>>600904040ed edd and eddy had that food fight game and the derby destruction games that were also fun as fuck

>>600903484Good times, I also used teletubby the most I think I don't remember what all it had though. I remember using skins like moore not even knowing who they were. There's a really good game that's just like it, but a modern version that's pretty fun called people playground should check it out

>>600901641Only oldfags will remember this one.

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>>600903097I still miss it.

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>>600904112Double D's repulsor ray ability was OP.

>>600904236kek I had to play that at a friend's house cause it wouldn't run on my family's Mac, I didn't even get to beat it

My oldest brothers may have had Final fantasy series as a kid, but I had the absolute KINO that was this series

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>>600904037Yea, they show the actors etc.

>>600900347What was the name of this game?

>>600904690The Classroom

>>600904236It was cool until I realized all four were set on the same map and it's basically one gigantic item-swap fetch quest with the characters shifted around in each iteration. If memory serves anyway.

Sewer Run 2: Nite Ops.

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>>600901641The snowmobile crossover game with teams was so fun. I was always team Johnny Bravo.

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>>600904536Should I buy the 4th and 5th game on Steam? I have played all the first three games and unlocked everything.

>>600901641If you didn't play this one on a Halloween night after you got home from trick or treating, you missed out.

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>>600904112>ed edd and eddy had that food fight gameKevin was busted

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>>600902098A man of culture

>>600905201Those stat spreads are retarded.

Who remembers this game?>shoot naked dudes in the jungle>if they catch you, you get bummed

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>>600905370you unlock the characters as you beat levels of course the later ones are better.


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>>600901509>hit ice balloon>bounce second dart off frozen balloon so it hits the bomb It’s literally in the title of the level, user

I remember waiting for my parents to leave to try to play this. Good times.

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>>600905726ok you have now popped 25 balloons...where do the next 3 come from if they are all frozen? retard

>>600901641>Ed, Edd n Eddy Candy Machine>that one Teen Titans fighting game>Samurai Jack game where he's training with various masters>the Billy and Mandy sidescroller where you're fighting the pumpkin head guyFuck, there's so many more but it's been so long. God, when did I get so old?

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>>600906086Hit the top frozen balloon and you’ll pop at least 3 balloons while still having a couple to bounce off of.

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>>600906091I forgot about the samurai jack one it was my favorite

What was that one top down shooter that took place in different eras of war with the last one being fought against zombies and demons?

>>600900347I finished the trilogy the other day, going through my nostalgia trip. The hardest level remains the first game suicide mission, in fact I finally beat it after 15 years of knowing about this game. Closure... At last.

>>600903473Hit me baby one more time!

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>>600903843BASED>those blood curdling screams whenever you get shot

Pic related made the best zombie flash game ever, and a pretty fun ww1 strategy one

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>>600905907For me it's Meet n Fuck's Mrs. Claus series

>>600907329>best zombie flash game everbetter than pic related?

Attached: boxhead.png (600x600, 527.85K) one and only. Apparently the dev is finally working on a remake/2, hope it's not just a rumor.

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Don't wake her up.Don't do it.

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>>600907762>games I have never beat

For me it was Armored Games.

3 never ever

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mario maker before mario makerhad the good maps, the bad maps, the story maps, the auto-finish maps, and even maps where you had to use bugs/exploits just to finish them

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This game got a unity remake

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>>600906086There's 8 rows, the top row is just barely visible and adding the ice balloon makes 25

>>600902189Oh shit I remember playing this. What is it called?

>>600903891this game was bullshit>get a nice mix of everything its fun>make it across the map>fight the jap fuckers>Ninjas fucking steamroll me, because lmao 70% evasion

Motherfucking SINJID.

>>6009049564 is worth it, 5 is meh, not bad, not good, pirate it first then buy it if you liked it.5 is good but 3 and 4 set the bar too high.



>>600906957Endless War

>>600901641They did, there was some fucking pay for flash games thing and they charged money for the EEnE skateboarding game

>>600903484I remember trying to find sex mods for this.

>>600911581Go to a public place and take off your pants

>>600901641Yeah they did switch from free to paid. I was so pissed. I always wanted to beat that Dexter puzzle game but it was switched to paid before I had the chance to beat it.

>>600900347This thread unlocked memories I didn't know I had. flash game culture truly was the shit

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>>600903092And then he proceeded to make Getting Over It and blew the shitters me away with it.


does anyone remember a scizo flash game, it was a platformer and there was this pink rabbit, the collectables where like candy or pills. have no clue if it was real or not

>>600916251attack of the brain eaters from mars or something, a flash game

you know whats goin on

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>>600907916I never got the hype around thhis game, but I was never much for TBS>>600907323>look up the date>released; 2000, 2000, 2002I just aged in real time. >>600914871Slutty McSlut was my sexual awakening into becoming a fucking weeb.>>600909314Road of the dead, user. Solid sequel too.

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>>600907762I have to think the dev set some value too high or was just a fucking robot, because this game was harder than pathologic.

>born too early to explore space>born too late to live in the 80's>born just in time to experience the most experimental and fun times of the internet>And watch those fucking green shitbags get what they deservedFlash really was the fucking wild west in the early 00's.

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Why isn't he remembered as one of the greatest philosophers of our time?

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I liked the madness sandbox game, was fun just goofing around in it.

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>>600916251MindScape that's what it was

>>600917164his narrative was way too schizo for anyone to understand. That, and the fact that it was also frgamented. He should compile all the games into one coherent flow and put it on steam or something

>>600917164He did nothing wrong. Also he sounds like Beavis.

>>600916836MOTAS is real nigga

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Want some? Get some!

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>>600907329The intro music for The Last Stand 1 is one of my favorite zombie jingles ever even though it's like 20 seconds long.

>>600902037I did. Cope

It has probably been posted already but i really liked this game.

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Who /stickdeath/ here?

Post YFW you didn't get the ending where she survives

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>>600920365same, i always used the easy mode where the arrows just went where you clicked and spammed the right side of the screen though



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i played this one series of flash gamesi think there was like 3 or 4 gamesthe entire game was about some sort of war or alien invasioni remember the game changing as it went oni dont remember much more other than i found the controls hard but that might be me being a retard kid at the time

What sound does a bell make?

>>600902189Kino game



what was the flash game where you had a handful of turns to defeat a dragon who was also moving on the same sphere world as you?

>>600904236holy shit i completely forgot about this

>>600923818This one >>600924216Mix of Visual Novel/Dating sim, Shoot 'em Up and RPG. Was incredibly ambitious; it was made by one man over the course of a year, so it's a passion project through and through. The usual plugins don't seem to work for it though, so I dunno if it's still possible to play.

>>600925182You might be thinking of Grow RPG?I spent literal years with the music of that game lodged in my memory, unable to remember where it was from

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>>600900347Why didn't he just study

>>600904536>>600904956The collection with the first 2 games + some other flash games came out on steam one or two days ago if anyone is interested.

There was this cool game about riding flying centipedes with eerie colors and fighting another rider in a forest. Can't remember the name tho


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>>600925585That's the one

>>600903092I hadn't played QWOP in over a decade and I still beat it recently because that shit was pure muscle memory.

>>600907759I just wish he would finish it before that.

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Anyone remember the Merlin's revenge games? Those were actually pretty well thought out. Also the Demonic Defense games, my favorite one was 3

>>600900347>BRAAAAAAPSo that's why that one student jumped out the window on that one level

>>600905907>>600907543fuck yeah anons, we jerked off to the same shit when we were kids!anyways, I actually managed to find the sauce for the Subway Fucker series some time ago,

Mud and Blood was some bullshit but was fun.>have too many units? V2 rocket :)

A true classic

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so what website was you flash dealer for me was miniclips

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anyone remember games of gondor the predecessor to armorgames? all their shit was like random tolkien themed flash games. there was a top down shooter called Red Earth where you were piloting a mecha and had to navigate a map and complete objectives and for some reason your adversary was sauron. shit made no sense.

>>600902929It can burn whole buildingsIf someone is careless>>600908062Anything like this today?

>>600928663Mostly new grounds and stickpage. Still ended up on other sites like dagobah, albino black sheep, and Jeffiscool anyway.God I miss having multiple websites with slightly different content

>>600928665bro you just helped me find this game>>600924274and other forgotten classicslike "hapland" which is another flash game mystery to me

Who's /lostvectors/ here?

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>>600929956these games were goodanywhere you can still play them?

>>600930024>google "lostvectors">click on>play them

>>600903470i don't believe you. post the x-ray pic

>>600905062holy shit i completely forgot about this game. what was it called?


>>600904236I downloaded that FlashPoint progam like 6 months ago to replay this game.I had thought on and off about it for years.Its not really a good game, but I loved it back in the day.

Does anyone remember game about some guy who beat a robber in tunnel, fucked a sluy she gave him a gun and he killed robber forever

>> don't remember if I played this or if I watched the promo and fantasized about playing it. Also I don't remember why but I always mentally relate it to this

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Does anyone remember OilFight?I remember playing it for a year or so with other kids in my school.It was basically a turn based, text based browser game in the mid 00s where you would get armies and attack other peoples armies and steal oil, which you buy more armies with.Basically a D&D combat roll, where you just randomly attacked whoever you wanted. Was cool until people made clans and got so powerful you had no chance of stopping them.

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>>600903254Curious on whatever happened to the sequel.

Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort

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anybody remember a game that was like battle of wesnoth but 2.5D? it had a lot of factions, like orcs, dwarves, lawfull humans but conflicts were mostly orcs against everyone and you had a turn limit to finish a mission and you had a insane variety of units to pick each mission, it had a grimdark look into it too.

>>600931037>china>katana and rice hatlmao

zoomer thread

>>600930292Trick or Treat Beat or Operation T.R.I.C.K. or T.R.E.A.T.


>>600923818>>600924216Don't mind me just posting best girl

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>Eventually we’ll all be in nursing homes remembering the flash games we played in our youthTime is fleeting. Try to enjoy it while we’re still here, because it quickly becomes dust in the wind.

>>600928663Kongregate, Mofunzone, Nitrome, Newgrounds, rarely Addictinggames

>>600928663miniclip and newgrounds, for the most partand funny-games for their porn section



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>>600907916I still listen sometimes to the the soundtrack. Nostalgia hits hard man

>>600901656I remember this being literally unplayable cause everyone cheated and it was easy to do it

>>600903254This and legend of krystal ruined any chances I had in life

>>600905557This HAS to be made by some fetishizing fag

>>600911581YOU MAKE IT IN FLASH!!!!!!!!!!

>>600908265holy fuck I loved this as a kid

>>600902443Boomer faggot.

This is it! This is the game that made me fall in love with tower defense/defend your castle type of games.>>600928663Armorgames and Bubblebox.

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>>600901656Shame there weren't much variety of weaponsSuch thrill in my high school haydays

>>600902189Heck yeah!

>>600906091>the teen titans fighting game played the theme song when you wonkino

>>600935903>didn't get to enjoy the kino of flashZoom zoom

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Not a flash game but still.

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>>600936804my fucking dude

>>600900347I'll never forget Sift Heads, that series had some of my favorite flash experiences. That, and all those platformers that you knew were trash but were fun anyways.

I can't believe no one mentioned Motherload yet

>>600900347>Really? Decade-old browser games on your fancy high-end computer?>It's a simple life.

>That one kid who played this in computer lab

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Dumb QuestionHow I play flash games on Linux?

First flash game I ever played

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>>6009079163 did happen but it's a shitty mobile game with no animations, which is worse than no 3 at all

>>600928663armorgames, stickpage, arcade street, and newgrounds

There was something about Merlin's Revenge.

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>>600940974Im so surprised that nobody has taken that formula farther. The risk-reward balancing act was great. I was working on a submarine version back in the day but I dropped my laptop and cocked up the hard drive, and forgot all about that until now.

>>600941801I think theres a build of Flashpoint for loonux

>>600941757>played this as a kid>play people playground nowadaysI never had a chance did i?


>>600915092Wait, its the same guy!?


Whats your favorite TDS game? for me, it's Canyon Defense

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>>600936449I got too cocky with this game and every level I'd just buy the enhancements that gave more money instead of anything that would make me defend better, not even sure if I finished it.


Does anyone remember a side scroller where you played as a knight, had to get to the right side of the map and rescue the princess, and when you get back to the castle the king is dead and you have to fight satan or something? I think it came out around 2012 or 2013. I cant find it on flashpoint, probably because I can only offer the most generic description.

>>600903891This game feels like a M&B proof of concept, it was so good.

Was it ever finished?Iirc in the last one I played Gretel is captured and you have to play as Hansel for some time.

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>>600902443underage b&

>>600906810Zoomers dont go that far back

>>600907730Man i rember playing this with my pal in school until the sun fucking set, our parents were already looking for us kek

>>600943362it came AFTER mount and blade.


>>600943369The deaths in this game were brutal!

>>600943621Really? I could have sworn that I played this before 2008.

>>600943369Some real kino stuff was on flash.>tfw waiting 30 minutes for an 8mb game>>600943373Nigga I didn't play every fucking game in existence


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>>600943981>I didn't play every fucking game in existencefucking casual

>Unique artstyle>Tight gameplay>Every enemy NPC has something different to offer>Difficult enough to actually pose a decent challenge for 10 years old kid>Could score points in every ball game you came acrossThis is the GOAT, don't even @ me

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>>600944068This game made me remove the pickles from my mcdonalds hamburger because I thought it looked cool lmaoToday I know its gross and cringe.

>>600944068>ray part 3 never cameWHY IS THESE THINGS

>>600944068>He'll never fucking finish the series

>>600944152That fucking nigger at the end I swear, also those nigger ninjas.

>nobody mentions super deepthroat but me/v/ has no taste

>>600944068I remember he tried to pivot away from the southpark look for 3, but the game never came out so WHATEVER

>>600943918yeah the original game, not the warband one came out earlier i think.

>>600900347>I used to jerk off to this game What was wrong with me, good lord

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>play a flash game>shotguns and handguns are drawn perfectly and with little dettails here and there>most guns look made in paint compared to themam i the only one who noticed that back then?

>>600944331No the original came out in 2008

>>600944068The maker resurfaced recently trying to push a kickstarter but it didn't pan out

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*mogs every AAA JRPGs in your path*>>600936804>reboot the series because the OG has some stuff he's not happy with>he's a mentally ill nutcase so each episode takes 5 years to come out because >muh depression gets in the wayWhy must gifted people be like this?

Attached: ss_e41213ecf786d8fcb5b891b71bfd1367cb0ddb8a.jpg (1080x792, 266.92K)

>>600944284>That one biker who you could punch the basketball towards so he'd fall and you could remodel his skull

>>600944427Yes you are.

Attached: Weapon-Game.jpg (759x380, 90.57K)

Fanatic MilitaristXenophobe

Attached: bornslippy.jpg (625x325, 32.83K)

Anyone remember that flash game where you play a priest, and mow town tons of kids who turned into demons? Can't remember the name, but the enemies were things like a kid on roller blades, a dude who moved real fast with a chainsaw and some teleporting demon

>>600944640Divine Intervention, I know because that rollerblade kid scared the fuck out of me.

>>600944725Absolute kino, yeah he scared me too lmao

>>600944640Good game. I want to refind that one where you plas a newly-deceased ghost, was a point and click.

This shit got me into lifesims.Absolutely impossible to complete though.

Attached: MPP2-title-screen.jpg (640x480, 70.33K)

>>600944640And then the guy made Happy Wheels

Attached: divineinter (2).jpg (350x262, 17.61K)

>>600901656Played the shit out of it. Got sick of cheaters dunking on me every match so I started cheating myself. Zooming around the map smashing the sledgehammer at 5000rpms was fun.>>600944640>>600945035I don't think I ever made it past the second level.

>>600945035>Happy WheelsMan, remember how popular it was?

Attached: unnamed.png (512x250, 139.7K)

An ad so good it was bad because people didnt realize it was an ad.

Attached: 6875_1.jpg (300x206, 9.17K)

>>600902189>You can't stop ONE GUY !?

>>600945453The beginning of the end

Man line rider was the shit

>>600932481Funny-games porn games were kino.

>>600906091i could never beat one of the jumps on the last stage due to being a dumb kid. how does the game end? im still haunted by not knowing.

>>600902653Nitrome's games were pure quality.

Anybody remember that zombie shooter where you are this edgy anime guy who is dropped off by a chopper and then he like makes his gun float to shoot it? And you have to fight through the city.Thats all I have to go on.

>>600941757Ah man I loved playing that game back when I was a kid.

Please help me find a game I've been wanting to for years. Some of the points might be off or totally wrong, also apologies for being really vague anyway. It really has been a very long timeGame has top down viewYou control little balls that move around the map, I think you leveled them up by putting them inside a circle and gave them weapons too, not really sureThere was a lake, and I remember in some stage things that looked like crabs would come come from the other side to attack your unitsI remember there being a rocket, and you had to do something with it in one of the stagesThere might have been classes for the balls to pick up, I remember fighting back against the crabs

>>600945897maybe you're thinking of Thing Thing?

Attached: de8ypud-6bb6cfef-5ae4-4648-9c0f-f92738ea45df.jpg (227x198, 21.11K)


Attached: Robotnik in a trenchcoat.jpg (452x305, 22.27K)

>>600946175What was his problem playing field

Attached: 91F4T6ZRp8L.png (1024x600, 559.47K)

>>600946074No, it was like The Last Stand but more polished.After the intro you never saw the protagonist again because he made his gun float through the air, it was weird but I remember the game being fun.Also The Last Stand sucked.Pic not related

Attached: Zombies-Took-My-Daughter.jpg (1280x720, 84.59K)

Anyone remembers a game where you play as a child kidnapper in old London?You spend a large part of the game kidnapping children for a rich guy who uses them as coooking ingredients in his restaurant, but after you have a change in heart you go after him instead.I remember it being well-animated.

Attached: O_wryyyyyyly.jpg (700x520, 112.29K)

>>600946417>Also The Last Stand suckedsorry im not gonna help someone with taste this bad

>>600946574No but I remember one where you’re a serial killer Bill Cosby

>>600928663Pretty much just Kongregate, or sometimes Armorgames.

>>600946327Wasn’t there a katawa Shoujo version?

Why do I have such detailed memories of this series?

Attached: lennyloosejocks.jpg (474x355, 24.53K)

>>600902443Oh right it's summer break

>>600946417>the last stand suckedI don't think it's legal to have such a wrong opinion


>didn't know what furries were>play that sith lightsaber game because star wars cool!Fucking newgrounds, you bastard

Attached: 162243334.png (276x254, 93.89K)

>>600946074I always loved how you could attack the shop keeper and he pulled out a minigun

>>600946691To add, the last level is in the rich guy's high class restaurant where if you hit the patron's food it will reveal the skeletons of the kids that were made into food.>>600946691Nuh, this one was completely original.

>>600904289I played this shit so much, even the Katawa Shoujo one is kino

I vaguely recall playing a game (or maybe it was two games?) when I was a wee lad, it was a first-person point&click game where I think? you played as a detective in hell or something. Or maybe the place just looked like hell to young me?I was a retard and didn't know what I was doing, so all I really remember is that it took place in a dark grimy carnival I think, and the body outline of the guy who died was in the public bathroom.Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

Attached: 1403104333188.png (640x480, 376.51K)


Attached: images (5).jpg (259x194, 17.57K)


Attached: BoilingSkeletalCockatiel-size_restricted.gif (498x280, 2.94M)

>>600931076Dev hell, as it should be

>>600947720Detective Grimoire?I wonder if they did anything with the series since the end of the game hinted that they'll do more with it.

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 92.72K)

>>600947994>he never fixed the fucking bugs, so you can't do the item combos properly>same for the planet of the apes one

>>600947174>T retard

>>600902189the way the apache flies backward for solid 2 minutes really triggers my autism. I can handle all other unrealistic stuff in this game but somehow that one got me.

>>600946574I know what game you are talking about, however i always avoided that game as a kid because it was scary and the game was uploaded on a spanish website with a spanish name so i can't help you there.

>>600948121maybe the apache is really fast or you drive slower than you think?


Attached: delkqwi-ce758647-c76c-4128-8383-cf6bf83dda07.png (1920x1080, 1.15M)

>>600905557I remember someone installed this in my school computer. sadly, it is the first porn game i've ever see without realizing it, the second was the tarzan one.

>>600948302No but you reminded me of something else.

Attached: 51114.jpg (720x480, 111.07K)

Always thought this one would get a full game like Behemoth did to theirs

Attached: 1654102138661.png (480x360, 187.92K)


>>600948186Oh man.I just to see if the animation was as smooth as I remember.>however i always avoided that game as a kid because it was scaryI remember it didn't have too much gore but the general vibe was indeed that of horror.

Attached: ..._and_then_ok..._in_disappointment.png (915x302, 309.95K)

>>600905907>I remember waiting for my parents to leave to try to play thisgoddamn I hate and love that era. the frustration of waiting your parent to leave really adds to excitement once you finally able to do it. even clicking the "yes im 18" warning sign is exciting>when she hits you with the HAAH?

>>600948086>Detective Grimoirewell there's like three or four games if you know where to steam

>>600947034I'm with ya

Attached: gt7i2hgbck511.jpg (801x597, 79.9K)

these and the hundred plus sniper games were the shit

Attached: crackhouse.jpg (480x360, 19K)

Anybody remember these Obama escape the rooms?

Attached: Escape_presidencial.JPG.jpg (400x217, 13.12K)

>>600948086Yeah, I think this might be it. Although I don't remember a lot of this stuff, but I think It's probably just from me being a dumbass kid when I played and having bad memory.

>>600948568so sorry for failing you, if it helps i remember the game icon being a shadowy man with a british hat with a widegrin about to bite a kid he throw into the air.

>>600902189Is this game beatable or is it just "survive as long as you can?" I remember it got pretty nuts with all the guys that would jump on your car.

>>600928663fuck it, I dont care if this is FBI datamining threadnewgroundsarmorgameskongregatezombiegames.netwetpussygamesgamesofdesire

Attached: TE.png (254x199, 961)

>>600948840Fuck ObamaGeorge Bush flash games were the peak

>>600902653When the FUCK is Nitrome going to release a collection or something? They're literally the only flash games you can't play because they were taken off Flashpoint and the .swf file knows if it's not being played on an approved website. (Yes I know the Newgrounds player works and has some, but there's way more that aren't on there.)

>>600949094both games have a campaign main mode with an ending.

>>600949190PLS NO

>>600948767Huh, would you look at that.>, the general feeling from the preview pics looks more innocent than the flash game. The park in flash game looked like hell as user said.>>600949045Gald to help.>and having bad memory.I know how you feel.>>600949076No probs, mate.>i remember the game icon being a shadowy man with a british hat with a widegrin about to bite a kid he throw into the air.Did he have no hair as well?

>>600947756If you reskinned him as a pepe it would sell

Love Hina dating game

Attached: 1d2fwvh4u5j0.png (878x539, 584.28K)

>>600946417>picfuck user you just unlocked my core memories

>>600949642This was so fucking good

>>600949642>the fucking brown girl with the blonde hairThat game left a void in me after

>>600902189I loved playing this shit, it was so damn fun and even the sequel too.

Attached: 1639900389808.png (497x320, 158.13K)

>>600948284>maybe the apache is really fastyes, kind off, because the apache flies backward at that speed in constant pace while shooting at someone. even my child brain know its bullshit

Did Stick RPG get posted already?I'm too lazy to get a picture but that one

I miss the flash detective games. They captured that Detective Conan feel in vidya format and I haven't been able to find anything close to scratch that itch since.

>>600949642Is there any modern game that even comes close to this

O H , Y E A H

Attached: 149_1.jpg (300x206, 8.6K)

i miss how much variety in artstyle there was during this time. every game was unique and even the ones that looked the same had distinct characteristics. i want to go back

Attached: Burrito_bison_revenge_splash.png (620x320, 214.17K)



>Remember the character>Don't remember the game.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 37.79K)

>>600949816this shit legit give me the hardest moral dilemma i ever faced. the man have better guns but I can't simply let woman drives, especially the dialogue imply it was the guy driving the car

>>600901179Used to do that to cheese Gunblood

>>600903254for me, it was Aleta

Attached: 883b84ea5e5b2cc5e5506309792a3b06.png (446x657, 435.86K)

>>600907762I literally had to look up a guide just to get past the first level

>>600950651Just how many versions of HTH2 are there?

>>600933280>your 3rd world family's computer could only run flash gamesholy shit it just hit me again

Attached: 1563056074496.gif (640x480, 2.71M)

>>600949642There was a recent storytime for Love Hina on /a/, People posted screenshots of this multiple times.Did Negima get something like this or at least other flash games?

Attached: Akagi_laughing.jpg (438x363, 49.8K)

>>600907762>simulation is harder than getting a real girl to orgasm

>>600949349I have an old version of flashpoint from before they got removed and they work for me. Nitrome is slowly releasing them in forms that work on modern browsers I think, but I would pay good money for just a big collection of all their games.

>>600950727there's a full HTH2? and there's copy cats?

>>600951018Rather I mean, how many scrapped versions have there been. I can think of at least two.

Maybe one of you can help me. I played an old email-forwarded game many years ago, it was dropping tomatoes off a rooftop onto pedestrians below. One was an astronaut who would say "Houston we have a problem" and others would say other things when hit with the dropped tomato. Haven't found it since

you did manage to beat this without a guide, right user?

Attached: ss_ccf22ad001f0cf97f9c858096bd826f47137fe82.1920x1080.jpg (1920x1080, 315.27K)

>>600903248based af.

>>600931076Dev hell. He deserved it for charging people for a fucking flash game.

What was the point?

Attached: maxresdefault (5).jpg (1280x720, 162.77K)

I'm not the only one who dump gallons on this right?

Attached: images (86).jpg (360x270, 11.76K)

>>600949642>pretty much everyone in that game treats you like fucking shit>your own mom threatens to stab you with a pair of scissors or some shit

Attached: Man with jaundice gets a dose of joker gas.jpg (711x687, 76.93K)

>>600951018check e621

>>600950513My fucking nigger

>>600931076He basically robbed people. HTH2 was basically a Go Fund Me fraud before Go Fund Me.

>>600951654Absolutely not, still waiting for The Secret Room 2

>you want to see some early flash babe booba?>THEN SOLVE MY QUIZThere was so much of this shit

Attached: 2262134909.png (600x598, 58.9K)

>>600925585eyezmaze remade all his games into free apps you can download and play now, I think he's the first and only content creator I've ever liked keeping up with since he had a mini-blog onsite and all. he almost felt like a hero

>>600949802Same user, same.

Attached: 1559416837024.jpg (672x713, 55.51K)

>>600927252Nice, i never got to see after the "To be continued..." because i just kept replaying that one. Cheers user.

>>600948086The people who made it were the Super Flash Bros, now renamed SFB games. They made a second one for mobile still called Detective Grimoire, and only like a year or two ago a third one called Tangle Tower. Its pretty good shit. They made other flash games like the blue rabbit series and the james the zebra series back in the day. They also made fucking snipperclips of all thingsWho else from the flash game days is working on legit stuff? I know Nitrome's got that Shovel Knight mobile game

>>600952364>eyezmaze>He's dealing with heart failureActually kinda sad

Attached: hukidashi1.png (460x250, 9.83K)

gamesofgondor chad here

>>600950351I still feel bad for these guys. They went all in on the Ouya train and had to recoup the losses by making another Burrito Bison they didnt particularly want to make. Haven't done anything since

>>600952115Technically the answer is 7 because of the Japan only board game spinoff

>>600952961Wait what? Story?Anyway launcha libere is pretty kino too, one of the few good mobile games.

>>600907329>Last Stand still runs like shit on my gaymen PC and makes it sound like it's gonna meltNow that's some real nostalgia.

>>600952375It lead me down bad paths. Brown girls, anime..

Does anyone remember a game where you're leading this sort-of military force through zombie-infested terrain? You could choose how fast you wanted to advance to escape the horde, if you wanted to stand your ground and fight or if you wanted a unit to backpedal while shooting in case a horde popped in front of their trajectory. Shit was really good.

I used to be so extroverted back when I was a kid that I was able to score an LDR with a girl, which is fucking rare for a seanig like me. I'm still friends with a lot of folks from this game in social media. God, most of them went full MAGA nowadays.

Attached: territory-war-online-screenshot.jpg (464x348, 56.28K)

>>;dr developer Juicy Beast was making a local multiplayer game called Toto Temple where you fight your friends over a goat and get points. Didn't sell. People still liked Burrito Bison a whole lot even years after the fact so they said "fuck it" and made another

>>600904748That's exactly what it was. It was still fun at first though.

Submachine will always be peak flash for me

Attached: Submachine.jpg (870x556, 73.5K) hurts, bros

Attached: bernie.jpg (640x480, 34.85K)

>>600953758>they fell for the Ooya memeOh boy

>>600904236>Player characters were all from rejected pilotsIt's kinda odd looking back

>>600953737>make a roof using the horizontal plank in the first turn>spend the rest of the match throwing grenades through the small gap while the opponent missed every shotEasy game.

Was this a flash game?

Attached: image_2022-06-02_141937519.png (1920x1080, 393.76K)

>>600953758damn i feel bad for them.

Attached: motas.jpg (288x217, 24.4K)

Did all these old flash games get saved into an archive or something or are they lost forever?

>>600955502> was a big ass project back then, and chances are that everything that was posted in this thread is also archived in there.

>>600955081Eh it looks like they're still afloat, so it's all good. The last thing I can find that they made is... another Burrito Bison, but reskinned as the Powerpuff Girls. Hope they can make something on their own, I liked all their other games they made


>>600903891Soul... I'm tearing... So nostalgic... My most complex game.

>>600955835Neat, thanks user.

>>600928663Newgrounds, Armorgames and Kongregate were my main ones, with some Miniclip, Mofunzone and Nitrome on the side. I also had a phase where I went to Crazymonkeygames a lot.

>>600901641CN went all in on the webgames back then, bless them.I went to the South America website to play the copatoon football game too.

Attached: qii0m60d0aq21.png (640x480, 197.95K)

>>600944490that was the final version you could play the game even before

OMGPOP anyone?

Attached: 1648282760332[1].png (1009x680, 591.89K)

>>600952772Reminds me of when I got hooked on Shellcore Command and was desperately searching around for more content back when I think only a demo of the 2nd game was out. I remember finding some Kongregate post that mentioned the dev might be undergoing surgery or something like that, I wonder if he's still alive.

>>600925585This fucking guy had a goddamn hard life.

>>600957398for me, it was Blockles

>>600943132KIIIINNNOOOOOdid anyone play that sonic RPG with the OC called selkadoom?

>>600931730God I miss Deadeye

>>600957398i remember the era when it was called iminlikewithyoufuck you zynga, you bought and killed it for no fucking reason


Attached: n2lawply6fa61.jpg (760x520, 100.67K)

Attached: Disorderly.jpg (750x482, 92.48K)

>>600957967For me, it was Hover Kart Battle and spending all my coins on Shockwaves.

Attached: 1586053781268[1].png (1006x720, 543.24K)

>>600958425i had a pretty cool room in this, would spend hours playing some stupid game where girls would walk across to the hotter guy or something. i used to be such a womanizer (in spite of the fact i was like 9 or 10 years old, if not younger) in habbo hotel and coke music. I did pickup artist shit before that term was a thing. I ended up being a huge recluse shut in autist though in the end.

Does anyone remember this one flash game that had all kinds of ridiculous weapons that would evolve by killing people? I think it even had a sequel. It was kind of similar to Madness Combat but came way before it

>>600958415I think this was when Zynga was struggling with the decline of Facebook games and they needed to pivot to mobile

>>600928663For me, it was Arcadeprehacks because it took games from everywhere and gave me cheats to fuck around with

Attached: file.png (400x400, 33.35K)

>>600957398>dying in Hover Kart Battle and spending a measly 200 coins to blow up some poor fuck that drives by you>the bomberman clone Balloono and all the tryhards that had that game down to a science>the secret URL that had a few extra crappy games like Hover Kart Party and Aim For the Nuts>Knocking other people's golf balls into the hole on Putt My Penguin>Being so bad at Draw my Thing that people think you're trolling>Flexing your brain and figuring out the one 6 letter word in LetterbloxLike tears in the rain.

Attached: 1586054843475[1].png (724x438, 318.83K)

>>600901641Tell me I can still play these somehow?

Attached: maxresdefault (11).jpg (1280x720, 94.97K)

>>600958415I remember the day it went offline - September 30th, 2013. I knew the guy who tried to keep it alive and reuploaded the games onto a site called Hambycomb, but that's been gone for a while now. RIP OMGPOP.

Attached: 1621939167499.png (720x720, 906.84K)

>you will never know the joys of coming home from a long day of school, booting up newgrounds and playing random flash games until the set ever again in your lifebrehs...

>>600901656Christ I loved this, probably the 1st online multiplayer game I played

>>600959089Get BlueMaxima's Flashpoint.

Attached: 000.png (1132x516, 668.17K)

This was the GOAT for me

Attached: 1648060230428.png (1280x720, 678.01K)

>>600901179>Sister and I were playing this, and too young to understand the innuendo.>Dad walks in and asks why we're laughing so much>"We're playing Spank the Monkey!"Pic related was dad's face

Attached: c94aa15167ea3c2010e837dd05c2ce31.jpg (1680x1050, 86.56K)

>>600903316Fuck me that game was fun

>>600959308Awesome, thanks

>>600950902>>600907762it's just like my animes where the MC wears a giant weight his whole life and takes it off just to go all out, just this once. There was some study I saw that said gamers are better at bringing women to orgasm, I wonder if this game was the reason why?

Attached: 1648336166914.jpg (959x721, 254.64K)

>>600903484>firing so many missiles that my mom’s work PC crashedAh, memories.

>>600958531God fucking damn that game was stupid hard.

>>600958835unimaginably based, having all the games broken was so fun sometimes

>>600904017A man of culture I see>fuck amalgams

>>600950513Get yourself a cool

Attached: 1654397_toonmilun_castle-cat-3d-printed-peh-holder.jpg (4400x2743, 2.43M)


Attached: 7CBE2E0F-6AFA-42E1-ACF9-69C5231E4B78.jpg (640x480, 32.09K)

>>600952115what was the name of this fucking quiz game, holy shit. I remember playing this in like 2006. TELL ME

Attached: 1623551924934.jpg (1080x603, 88.91K)

Attached: 1634363527443.png (578x338, 237.91K)

>>600959557I remember back in the early days of YouTube, there were tons of videos of people lighting their own farts. I was watching one of em one day, and right as my Dad walks in, the guy in the video flips back on a chair, sticking his ass up in the air. My Dad goes, "what the fuck are you watching???". He's usually extremely chill, so it caught me by surprise. Looking back, he was probably just worried I was watching gay porn or something lol. Didn't help that my response to his inquiry was to stammer, "n-nothing!" before hurriedly closing the video.

Attached: Candle Lighting Fart 0-7 screenshot.png (320x240, 84.23K)

>>600960152>>600901707Never saw this cunt, what's the deal?

>>600957001The SA website was how I got to play a lot of the older ones that weren't on the main site like >>600904880

>>600954962one of the best games on miniclip

>>600949190>Went to cousin's house>"Hey user, you are good at games right? Could you help us beat this?">Tell them to leave it to me>Get to that stage and think it would be hard but I could do it>LoseWhen I realized I was duped, I was laughed at and quite embarrassed.

Attached: 1477604570042.jpg (600x342, 43.56K)

>>600960219Ah friend.This was "Kiras naked quiz"Is 'Kira' actually from some anime or something? Fuck if I know.

>>600957751Adversity makes you grow a character.

>>600916763That fucking monkey arcade game was impossible to beat.

For me it was Macromedia Shockwave

>>600960341Its a classic jumpscare from 2006>Can you see the ghost? teehee!

Attached: superd.jpg (604x315, 97.62K)

>>600961038ty, user. This was just as bad as I remember it being.

Attached: 1626488696630.png (737x359, 62.68K)

>>600954962What was the name of that one ?

>>600907730I always destroyed my sibling in that game

>>600903990I loved this game so much.

>>600961816same, the music made me feel good

>>600961623Nevermind, didnt read the title

>>600961539Oh, fuck those things. Especially goddamn screamers. A life before noscript.>>600961343god, fuck adobe

>>600961586>just as bad as I remember it being.It got the job done back in the day and the bar was incredibly low

Attached: 2262153439.png (978x469, 50.76K)

>>600959391This game was the shit, probably one of Kongregate's best. It had what, 50+ endings?

>>600908062THIS IS MY VISION

God I fucking loved this. The sequel was great too, but I remember he tried to like make it a franchise or something and failed?

Attached: sonny.jpg (480x360, 22.13K)

>>600962124yeah the bar was low but kira's quiz was laughably bad even for then. Zoomers these days don't know how bat it really was

>>600914871This game is to blame for my horrible taste in women

>>600900347>flash is gone foreveri cry

Attached: 1582818289443.gif (312x252, 151.84K)

consecrated by the reverend james browni just drove into crazy town

There's this one flash game I remember but have never found again with this jungle girl and there's a part where you swing through the forest. So hard to find...

>>600963163>Flash>Jungle GirlOnly one thing comes to my mind

Attached: flash_224133.gif (140x90, 4.04K)

>>600962532YES I CRY, YES I CR-HI-HIY


Attached: thatswhereyourewrongkiddo.jpg (750x591, 48.18K)

>>600963539wasn't this game the reason ULMF existed?

>>600949349If dubs, "Nitrome Ultimate Collection" or something on all current consoles within a year from now

>>600931730My nigga

>>600963869Cool, how does it work? Can I just install and play in the internet again?

>>600963802>>600963869RETURN OF THE FLASH

Attached: Bush Shoot Out.jpg (720x480, 124.5K)

>>600964130This and demon girl

>>600964294Sorta? It's more like a database of a shitload of flash games.Basically, less "play what you used to on the internet" and more "emulator with a rompack".

>>600964294You want the infinity package. You unpack it someplace and it will run a server that grabs games from a database. They archived basically everything. If you want to see all the racist / pornographic flashes you have to disable the filters.

>>600962532Ruffle might bring it back.

>>600962124I fucked jerked off to this, I know it.

>>600965397i cannot believe you jerked off to blue mary

>>600949642I wonder if screaming head man ever found his nipples...

>>600903254What was this game called again?

>>600952885rise up!

>>600960341A ghost apparition in a german have to look very close around 0:12 but it's there

>>600962268he spent years on a third game only to release it as a shitty mobile game that makes you pay to not have ads

>>600903254what was this called?

>>600965717I jerked off to all of it