Anyone else think this actually looks promising...

Anyone else think this actually looks promising?>worlds filled with many different traversal methods>looks to be a variety of collectables and incentives to explore>cyberspace levels still haven't been shown off (call this a cope but points remain regardless)Every criticism has been>THE SKY RAILS ARE SO UGLY WTFit's a 3D open world platformer, get over it retard>No momentumgame isn't really designed around it, it has boost philosophy at its core, you're clearly meant to look for rails/rings etc to stay at your fastest.>Realistic graphics are shit!!This literally goes back to people just shitting on easy unreal engine demos because they arbitrarily think cartoon characters can't work in a 3D environment. Game looks largely fine.>pop inI'll admit the pop in is ass but that's something that could easily be fixed by launch. If not i'll concede my point on graphics.>shit movement/empty worldthis can basically be summed up by the IGN guy being retarded, either avoiding everything or deciding to walk?>simple/basic puzzlesMario Odyssey had basically the same shit and was praised>combat looks blandehh maybe, i'll have to wait and seeMaybe this is all a cope but I think the game actually looks pretty fun to play?

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>>600895215I've seen other people comment it on the rails with the same opinion I have - which is that it's kind of refreshing to see non-sensical level design elements in games again. If more games focused on making fun environments to play in over having it "make sense," I think games would be a lot more fun today.Unfortunately, from what I've seen, they don't seem to be making the environments that fun to play in though. It's Sonic, they should be going all in on surreal environments. I don't know why they think it needs to be a big empty open field like Breath of the Wild.

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The constant rails and dash panels ruin any fun that could be had.Let the player play the game.

>>600895391>a bunch of automated rails suspended in the air>fun

>>600896057You didn't read the latter half of my post dumbass-kun. My whole point is that it could be fun, but they didn't commit to the surrealistic level design.

>>600895215The momentum physics were my biggest concerns about the gameplay, It would have been nice if you could pick up momentum on hills or maintain it for a while after a boost. Other than that it just needs more polishing in my opinion.

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>>600895215you forget that this is a mainline sonic game made my sega.

>>600895215>Anyone else think this actually looks promising?No.

>>600895215I just want more stuff in the game world, bros. It looked kind of sparce in the video, but the guy playing was also a fucking moron who would sometimes go out of his way to avoid set pieces near him in favor of running straight ahead.

>>600895215What we have been shown goes perfectly hand in hand with a leak that was posted some months ago. That being the open world is big dookie butter but there are "missions" where you enter Sonic Unleashed style levels which are so much better than the open world it feels like a different game completely. The "open world" we've been shown isn't the actual game loop experience, it's just a big fuck-off level select hub with upgrades and puzzles scattered about to hide this.

I don’t hate what I saw but I don’t love it either. This was the first time they are showing off the game to the world and it still looks like it’s in an early build. It was underwhelming. I still got some hope for this game but my initial hype took a hit.It’s like why is Sonic Team so incompetent? Sonic just got back in the good graces with the public especially with Sonic movie 2 being really good and then they give this half ass gameplay video with literal pop ins. Do they not know first impressions mean everything? What the fuck

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>>600897656Forces, Lost world. etc seemed way worse in trailers though. The biggest issues here thus far are only visual

>>600895215It looks pretty shit in the gameplay, shill just a bunch of grass and in fact after the guy playing opens a gate it loops back to where he was at the start. so I guess the leaker was right this is just a not so big hub world that requires you to solve puzzles to get into the boost stages

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If the cyberspace levels end up not being a thing, it's gonna be complete dogshit

>>600895215I'm not as pessimistic about it as everyone else seems to be, but I also have no idea what to make of what has been shown so far. All the gameplay shown has been minor activities like fighting fodder enemies and solving piss easy overworld puzzles to get collectables. That's usually nothing in the grand scheme of an entire game, but we literally know nothing else about the rest of the game aside from some old leaks and rumblings from industry insiders. If that is all just filler, then what the actual fuck is the point of this game gonna be? Are the open world puzzles a way to timegate the cyberspace levels? Does the open world have actual level design or is it just a big open field with ubisoft towers? Are we stuck on this one island for the whole game or are we gonna visit the areas in the background? Do the puzzles get better? Who knows. The handful of trustworthy information out there seems to be contradictory.

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Nah it looks pretty terrible. Aesthetic is god awful and not sonic at all, complete lack of momentum, level design looks assSonic is supposed to cool and colorful and the basic movement itself should be fun. Frontiers looks like it misses literally every mark

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>>600895215I would have vastly preferred a story trailer to what was shown, looked more like a proof of concept than anything you would call 'artistic expression'. Seems to me that the devs weren't ready for a reveal, but the suits were. Sega never fucking learns.

It just looks basic as fuck so far. It seriously needs more than just literally being railroaded to the next part. So far all this video showed was that Sonic can move and jump. Hope the soundtrack isn't BotW either.

>>600895215What innovation justifies this game? What's new here? Where's the style? Where's the music?

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>>600898686Both of those games are dogshit

>>600895215>>600894565Sonic Team is basically stuck in an abusive relationship with Nintendo, that's the core issue all of their games have had for the past 20 years.Ever since Sega bowed out of the console race, the audience for platformers has largely gravitated toward Nintendo platforms. No matter the actual quality of the version released on Nintendo platforms, Sonic always sells best on there.The problem arises because Sonic Team and Nintendo have very different ambitions and development philosophies since the Wii. Sonic Team used to want to push their graphics and presentation to be high-budget and AAA. They could not do this on the Wii. However, they could not just ignore where the plurality of their audience buys Sonic games. Sonic 06 thus was crippled by having to perform on PS360 along with the Wii. Same goes for Generations and Unleashed, etc.Eventually, after underperforming saleswise, Sonic Team is no longer granted AAA budgets anymore, but they still have the pretensions of trying to present themselves as graphically superior games. If Frontiers would go all in on either being optimized for the Switch or abandoning the Switch altogether in favor of PC and PS5/XBox, I think it would be a lot better. But instead they take half measures of trying to have it both ways. This leaves Sonic games stuck in a limbo where they are super janky on Switch and simultaneously being held back from utilizing the full power of next-gen.It's a catch-22, Nintendo fans are the ones most likely to actually support and buy Sonic games, but the devs want the core gamer crowd, but they know that audience won't buy into Sonic games en masse to make up for the loss of Switch buyers if they skipped the Switch.

>>600895215>Sonic of the wildWow.

Looks decent at the very least. People just always want to shit on Sonic at any opportunity.

>>600901728>Looks decent at the very leastlol

>>600901642Neither 06 nor Generations released on the Wii. Plus Unleashed was a separate unrelated game on Wii developed by Dimps. Can't blame Nintendo for everything.

>>600901642or, you know, maybe they could just make a good fucking game

>>600901595Could ask the same questions about BOTW. A game only praised because it's Zelda and Nintendo.

>>600901745Most open world games you move slow and have floaty movement. This is a step up by at least letting you go fast.

>>600895215>make an open world>except it still has boost "physics" thus making the whole open world part irrelevant since you'll only have actual gameplay at designated sectionscaptcha: 20STD

>>600895215I have been complaining about it all day but I don't think it looks like total garbage. I think it's clear Sonic Team needs to bring in real talent to make the next game, but this one can still be salvaged for a 7/10 game I think. I don't think a massive delay would actually help unless it involved scrapping the whole damn game, in which case they really might as well finish this and just commit to starting from the ground up next time.

>>600901986>game simply needs polish. and it's still in development>nooooooo! scrap it. this is shit! *autism*

>>600901821BOTW had innovations for the Zelda franchise. Everything we've seen from frontiers so far has been reused assets and animations from past games in a big empty world that really doesn't match the aforementioned assets. This cannot have taken 5 whole years.

>>600901642This is some bizzare fucking cope. The Switch being an underpowered system has nothing to do with Sonic Teams inability to make a good game.

>>600901821BOTW's chilled out music supports the idea of you taking as long as you want. Sonic having chilled out minimalist music flies in the face of the fact the only time chilled out music should ever play with Sonic on-screen is when he's sleeping.

>>600901821BotW has fun movement and exploration, which this game seems to be lacking unfortunately.

>>600902104Make of the things that suck about the game are integral game design that can't be polished away. World map design is a huge page of open world games, they can't change their level design philosophy and fix it without basically having to start over. Any changes to the physics also have to take into account the design of all the challenges, so changing things to rely more on momentum and less on scripting might break things in too many places. If you really want this to be a good game you're out of luck, but there an okay game in there somewhere. Hide the rails in the sky until you are close to them, fix the pop-in, improve the damn Tornado Jump animation, things like that could take this average modern Sonic quality.

>>600895215>it's a 3D open world platformer, get over it retardYou presented no real argument to why isn't it ugly.>game isn't really designed around it, it has boost philosophy at its core, you're clearly meant to look for rails/rings etc to stay at your fastest.Its an open world game. The boost formula was designed for linear levels ever since Unleashed. It does and would not fit here.>I'll admit the pop in is ass but that's something that could easily be fixed by launch. If not i'll concede my point on graphics.The game is coming out in a few months and they need to make it run on Switch. They have very little time to patch everything. Let's not count the other visual fuck ups they should fix, like Sonic's walk animation not slowing down depending on his walk speed.>this can basically be summed up by the IGN guy being retarded, either avoiding everything or deciding to walk?You completely miss the point, from Colors all the way until Forces the level designs were bombastic and colorful. I'll admit the part he runs around a river looks stunning but nothing else is. Just feels like wasted potential.>Mario Odyssey had basically the same shit and was praisedNo one praised Odyssey for its puzzles. You're creating a strawman argument to excuse the game's issues.>ehh maybe, i'll have to wait and seeCombat has never been a focus of Sonic games (don't you dare to bring up Sonic Battle), I doubt anyone is looking forward to combat of all things.

>>600901120The massive loss of speed while jumping is really going to hurt the game's flow (unless they just build the world around not jumping, which itself is a massive red flag), I can tell you that for sure.

so we're back to halo infinite reveal copes.

>the combat is getting shown off tomorrow Oh god

>>600902958>they're waiting a full 24 hours before showing any actual content after a travesty of a first videoThis is the most blatant attempt at self sabotage I've ever seen.

>>600902958What time?

>>600895215It just looks too empty to me so far. The fun of Sonic has always been going fast and keeping up the speed through a barrage of obstacles and enemies. If the whole point is just to speed across an empty, flat world to solve puzzles and fight, I don't see much enjoyment. Also, don't they actively go against the design, if that's the case? Circling enemies doesn't look like something that's done swiftly, from what I've seen. I'll definitely keep an open mind.

I am SO FUCKING SICK of RCS. Was Ben Schwartz or even that guy that’s going to be in the Leaf Netflix show really that expensive?

>>600895215>official game looks like a mediocre fan gameIt's over

>>600903716I'm completely fine with Roger as Sonic.

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>>600897020I can't believe they cut this shit. Sonic Adventure could've been good.

>>600902649That's just air drag, most sonic games have some form of it.

>>600895215My main issue is that this looks like a tech demo. Nothing Sonic did was in service to anything. He spent the first 5 minutes climbing a tower, there was nothing of note at the top, and he went right back down. I have no idea what I am supposed to take away from that demo other than it looked pretty.

>>600903912He's fine, the writers are just fucking shit. New VAs are always welcomed desu.

>>600895215Looks like one of those "HIRE THIS MAN" unreal engine demos where someone just put Sonic on a test map.

>>600904030I agree. Looking forward to what that new guy does for Prime.


>>600895215the gameplay weve seen just looks empty and boringnot to mention having boost gameplay in an open world is pants on head retardedboost is for linear obstacle course style levels not free runningif they were going to have you run around in empty fields it should unironically control more like the adventure games

>>600898448>Sonic Mania launches>people like Sonic again>Sonic Team ruins it with Forces>movies come out>people like Sonic again>Sonic Team will ruin it againEvery time things look up for Sonic, you have these fucks to blame for shitting all over everyone's hope.

>Make an open world style game >Fill it with the standard Sonic automation gimmicks such as speed panels, hula hoops, grind rails, and springs that launch you at a set speed and trajectory All that freedom just to be restrained from any actual control and movement. I'm assuming the actual movement control is complete dog shit again which is why they have to depend on these automation crutches.

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>>600904526>He got promoted after a fucking travesty like Black KnightWhat the fuck

>>600904526Colors is the only shining light in that list of credits. I hope to fucking Gerald's bullet-ridden ass that he can pull through.

>>600895215>game isn't really designed around [momentum], it has boost philosophy at its core, you're clearly meant to look for rails/rings etc to stay at your fastest.What I was hoping for out of an open-world Sonic game was that boostshit would be removed/toned down, and instead you could build momentum off hills and run fast across the map. The fact that Frontiers isn't doing this is one of its biggest dealbreakers.

>>600904526>YOU RIKE IT?

>>600904526lol fuck


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>>600904692Tried robo blast?


>>600904785I played it long ago and loved it, but its levels are linear, not open-world. Still, I would have preferred to get a mainline game like that instead of Frontiers.

>>600904526Oh wow. Only once game that's even decent on that list and that one also had issues.

>>600904526Is that legit?

>>600904785Robo Blast 2 has none of what you described. A lot of the levels still haven't been revamped with slopes in mind.

>>600904785That's horrendous design. Absolutely terrible.Just the latest flavour-of-the-month fangame being spammed by retards who think they know how Sonic should be made.I know it's been on the go for a long time, but what's with the recent all-out spamming of it?

>>600903947>I can't believe they cut this shit.I can considering it was one of the first stages they designed and apparently ran like shit on Dreamcast tech. I can see that influencing the devs into making stages generally more linear and "contained" in Knuckles' case.The real sin is they never bothered going back and trying that style of level design again with stronger tech.

I think it does. All it needs is some polish here and there.>every puzzle on the map leads to a collectable of some sort >looks like there's always something to doNo idea where the negativity is coming from.>Sonic looks out-of-placeYou do realize that there are two super successful films out there where he's in the real world, right? A cartoony character in a more realistic setting isn't uncommon.

>muh boostI like it when I press the button and I go wheeeeeeeeeee

This game needs another 18 months at least, but won't get delayed at all because SEGA are like that.

>>600905518anon....... this got delayed, this IS the polished game

>>600904897I disagree, I think Black Knight was better than decent

>>600905518The game is screaming to be delayed, but it will just fix things like the pop-ins while hardly improving the gameplay and world design

It looks like an asset flip from new genesis and they couldn't even make a cherry picked teaser trailer look like anything other than a trainwreck. If you're optimistic, you're being unrealistic.


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>>600903965That would imply organic deceleration. The jump clearly has a fixed speed.

>>600905581>cherry pickedHardly cherry-picked when it's a journo playing it, man.

>>600903716>>600903912Martin Burke was the best Sonic. Fight me.

Sonicfans will slurp up and diarrhea Sega puts on their plate considering most of them consider Adventure 2 an amazing game.

>>600905616That version probably would've put Cyberpunk + JP Trespasser + Sonic 06 to shame. We missed out on a new low mark for unfinished trash.

>>600895215>Sky RailsIn other Sonic games you're going on a linear path and you blast through the rails, you never really have the time to think about their place in the world other than where to jump. Now we're looking at them from below and it's visually jarring to just see floating assets hanging there>Momentum: game isn't really designed around it, it has boost philosophy at its core, you're clearly meant to look for rails/rings etc to stay at your fastest.Even other Boost games still made you feel like you were going fast, even WITH the boost Sonic feels and looks slow as fuck all. The point of an open world is that it's an OPEN WORLD. I should be able to freely run around and explore, not get jerked around back and forth by fucking springs and pads and rails. It's like trying to bowl with the bumpers over the cutters>Pop inThere is no fucking excuse and it's not going to be fixed at launched. "Early Build" is premium grade-A COPE we've heard from Colors Ultimate, Rise of Lyric, Lost World, and Forces>Empty WorldIt's fucking EMPTY>Basic puzzles: Mario Odyssey had basically the same shit and was praisedThe difference is that Mario and BOTW have a set pace. Sonic is supposed to be FAST. Why not make some puzzles that utilize his speed? You know, the thing he's known for?>Combat looks blandIt looks like the same basic "mash homing" shit we've had since HeroesThis game is actual fucking whore shit. Anyone defending it is on pure copium, dickriding, or just in fucking denial at this point. Do yourself a favor, stop giving a shit and accept Sonic Team made another stinker.

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>>600905562I doubt it. They may have been passing in the wind the last 5 years. Honestly, I think they were all hands on deck with PSO2-2 and when that flopped they decided to just recycle all the assets to make a Sonic game out of it.Sonic Forces did not have a 4 year dev time no matter how much people will want to claim. That had like a little over year of actual development time put towards the actual game. 3 of those years were spent on fucking around with the Hedgehog Engine 2.


>>600905820I won't. I loved him too.

>>600906002>you're going on a linear path and you blast through the rails,Fucking this, why else are floating rails now a problem when they've been around forever. You only see them for a few seconds then they fucked off.

>>600906002You're a moron.This is STILL in development. And you're judging the entire game on a seven minute-long, poorly-played demo.All it needs is polish, why can't you doom and gloom spergs understand that?

The best I could say of this game is that it doesn't look as offensively bad as Forces or as broken as '06. It might even end up being a better game than Heroes or Shadow (not that that's a very impressive feat), but I really doubt it'll come close to the Adventure titles or the good Boost games.At the very least, I guess Sonicfags can take pride in the fact that Sonic's films are fine while Mario's upcoming film looks like a fucking travesty.

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>>600906250People said Sunset Heights was an early build and was also stage one back when Forces was being shown off. It was the final version and was also stage FIFTEEN.That was 8 months apart and we have like 5 or so months with FrontiersThe """early build"""" IS the final product, dickrider.

>>600906260I think it's gonna be better than the other Boost games just by default because you can boost in more than just a hallwayThe ability is fun to play with but all the fun is taken out because you can't fucking go anywhere with it

>>600906250>This is STILL in developmentAnon, it's scheduled to come out in half a year. That's a blink of an eye within a game's development cycle, it's far too close to release to make any major changes without pushing the release back massively.And even if they did, they'd likely have to rework the game from the ground up to fix some of these issues.

>3D Sonic

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>>600906260I can't even say that, I just saw the extended gameplay and went from apprehension to despair. This has everything to be 06 tier.

>>600895215The only good thing to say about this mess is that modders will have a field day with it and might actually turn it into something tolerable six months after launch

>>600906354And once again, all you spergs can do is compare it to Forces. "This happened with Forces, so it'll happen here too!"No, special needs. The journalists and "e-celebs" who played Frontiers absolutely loved it. Again, polish is all it needs.Stop being such a dour, negative dork.

How tf is this going to come out on the switch

>>600906550Disable grass

>>600895215>Anyone else think this actually looks promising?Yes user there are a lot of retards on this board

>>600906515>shills loved itDidn't they also love Forces?

>>600895215They should cancel Frontiers. Not delay it, just kill it. I cannot think of a single positive thing to say because every single element clashes and is lazily done.Sonic Team should be proud, they reached the mount Olympus of soulless. It's not humanly possible to give less of a shit about a game you're making. Not an once of shit was put into it.

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>>600906602Yep, they were hyping it up, another red flag.

>>600897656That's not a good thing

>>600906602>>600906635No. Forces never got the press, attention and build-up that this got.

>>600906550Cloud.Alternatively as a mess.

>>600905616holy shit

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>>600906696No, pretty sure it did.The Colors "remaster" got a decent amount of press too and we all remember how that went.

>>600906515>The journalists and "e-celebs" who played Frontiers absolutely loved it.Because they're fucking SUPPOSED to hype this shit up you actual MORON. When staffers and journalists are invited to these events to sample a new game, even when they're not specifically TOLD to, they're more or less obligated to sing it's praises so they will continue to be invited to said events and keep their good connections. If a dude from Game Informer got invited to play Frontiers then turned around and started absolutely shitting on it on main, that person would be blacklisted. Look it up, if you're a "rogue" reviewer the industry will turn its back on you if you want to do this on a professional level and not like, Youtuber-tier.Like I normally don't prescribe to the "anyone who likes this is a shill" mantra Holla Forums spits out, but in the case of shit like this they are ACTUAL fucking shills

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>game looks promising because Sonic fans don't know what they wantBased and Penderpilled.

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>>600906737Did they get coverage with IGN and Keighley?No.Did they get massive press events?No.>>600906756You don't understand how this industry works. Take the tinfoil hat off. If the game was garbage and they didn't like it, we would know.

>>600901595>What innovation justifies this game?The retards at SEGA saw that Botw and games copying it usually make a bajillion dollars so they thought "lets just do that but with Sonic" with absolutely no regards for anything else

>>600906927>Botw and games copying itBOTW copied every modern open world game, moron.

>>600906737>No, pretty sure it did.I don't remember Forces getting any kind of special press because for a long time up until release they basically showed nothing except for minute-long clips of gameplay here and there.

>>600904526What did anyone expect

>>600907016Even the public demo was timed.

>>600905616Imagine what it looked like by 2021

>>600895215>>No momentum>game isn't really designed around it, it has boost philosophy at its core, you're clearly meant to look for rails/rings etc to stay at your fastest.Oh so it's meant to be bad

>>600901821You are deflecting every criticism lobbied at this game by seething at Nintendo lmao. Are you still that assblasted about Dreamcast 20 years later?

>>600906763He has a good point.

>>600906260>based on the nothing we've seen the Mario movie will be Xcome on dudedon't be the average twitter sonic fan


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>>600906250It needs like 3 years of polish.It's coming out in 5 months

>>600907085They just spent a year adding floating rails everywhere while improving nothing else.

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>>600907163No. You can criticize all you want. I don't care. But when you're talking nonsense, expect to be called out.

>>600906260>people are still doing the Mario vs Sonic thing in 2022

Fact is Sonic games are always going to be about feeling, and I dont think it's fair to base anything on the graphics of "Standing still" or "close up" because that's not really the intent.I think for this one you'll probably just need to wait and play it because it's fucking open world sonic ffs. We dont comprehend this yet. It might be wild.

This shit looks like if someone modded Sonic into Skyrim, he doesn't even look like part of the worldAnd where are all the enemies?

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>>600907330I've seen enough footage of Sonic running around the map to know that his speed and physics aren't satisfying to play with, and that's a truly damning aspect against the premise of open-world Sonic. At best, there could be upgrades later in the game to improve Sonic's movement, but "it gets good X hours in" is not appealing to me.

Here's how you know this game will bomb - they revealed it via IGN. Faux E3 is coming up, ideally they would save the initial reveal for one of the showcases. Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, even Jeffy Geoff said no thanks. Nobody wants to be associated with this game, and they've likely seen more gameplay.

>>600904526I riked Secret Rings for what it was.

>>600907330it's gonna be collecting some trinket (probably the hearts in the trailer) that are gating new areas just like mario odyssey or something. it's gonna be the most aimless sonic game ever, where you're just collecting a ton of shit might straight up be a collectathon. and then there will be npc's to talk to. save this post

>>600907526Headcanon.Keighley's showing more.

>>600907198>based on the nothingThe casting is awful and it's being made by Illumination.I have zero hope for the film.

Do you think Nintendo would be able to make a good Sonic game?


>>600907656Anything Nintendo makes gets praise.Mainly due to bias though.And the army of fansites who pad every game with high scores.

>>600907656Nintendo would probably recognize that Sonic gameplay should be about rolling to some degree.

I still don't understand why modern 3d Sonic games seem so fucking cheap, they're all animated like dogshit, look like shit and have the most basic stock sound effects imaginable

>>600907656Odyssey has really good movement because Nintendo poached Sonic Team's best talent so maybe. The real question is if they would give a Sonic game the resources it needs to be good?The answer is no.

>>600907738Well, they even copied it in Odyssey to be fair.

>>600907656Monolith + main 3D mario team + 3.5 years of dev time would shit all over anything Sonic Team has done since Unleashed

I just want a game where Sonic can roll as a ball in 3d. No boost mechanics, just bring back the spin dash. It's weird too since Sega has Monkey Ball so you would think they would use that physics engine for a Sonic game.

>>600907742Because the people working on them don't care about Sonic. He's just a mascot they're forced to make games for.Meanwhile Sonic Mania was made on a shoestring budget by fans and is one of the better-looking and sounding Sonic games in the series. Passion goes a long way.

>>600898448>Sonic movie 2 being really goodkek shut the fuck up ESL poorfag autist

>>600907742No budget, no experienced staff, the few that could make anything decent are dragged down by the dozens who have never worked on a game before but are still put on the only Sega franchise relevant in america. Sonic Team died with Generations.

>>600907742Nintendo poached most of Sonic Team's best talent, all that's left are fresh graduates with no real experience making games.

>>600907786>because Nintendo poached Sonic Team's best talentYeah, all those field artists from Sonic Team definitely helped with Odyssey's movement.

>>600907656I think anyone at this point would make a better Sonic game than Sonic Team themselves. Capcom could probably do a good game.

>>600907817>implying it wouldn't shit on Unleashed as well

>>600907924>all that's left are fresh graduates with no real experience making games.Frontier's director has been around for over a decade and its producer (i.e. Unleashed's art director) has been around since 3D Blast.I don't know where this idea that Sonic Team is only made up of newbies comes from. 90% of the upper-level staff have been there for years now. If anything it's actually the newbies that up and leave Sonic Team on a regular basis since barely anyone in Japan cares about Sonic.

>>600907656Take it away from Sonic Team and the quality will go up any ways. But yes, I think Nintendo would do a good job although I can already tell people would complain because story would be minimal or just like Mario with pantomiming.

>>600895215The entire time I was watching the reveal all I could think was "The Roblox game looks better."

>>600906250>This is STILL in development. And you're judging the entire game on a seven minute-long, poorly-played demo.>All it needs is polish, why can't you doom and gloom spergs understand that?You said the same thing about Forces.

Fact: Frontier will suck, but it will also get at least an 75 on metacritic and will have defenders entirely because it is an open world game.

>>600908315Many others and myself said exactly the same thing about gaylo infinite. Sonic team is just the 343 of Sonic, they will never change.

Attached: 1654065666845.jpg (505x459, 20.66K)

>>600908315No, I didn't. I never saw an issue with Forces early on. Game ran at 1080/60 even on base consoles and looked great. Only true issue is how easy it was. No challenge whatsoever. The simple level design was a letdown as well.I'm just not judging the game based on an incomplete build.

>>600908485Infinite is actually good though


Attached: Pac-Man World 3.jpg (1156x657, 74.69K)

>>600908439>75I’m expecting 6.9 Critics score and 8.4 Audience score

Sonicbros, it's fucking over. Yet again....

Attached: 1555182155602.png (1026x1026, 29.03K)

how many more chances will sonic get

>>600908439I just want an open world game where I can goof around and zoom across the map really fast, so this is definitely gonna be enough to scratch the itch that not a single other open world is giving me

>>600908620Sonic simply can't die

>>600908671forza horizon 5

>>600908671>really fastAnon...

>>600908620Sonic will still be around after you die. He's too big to go away.

>>600908620Sonic won't die until Sega does.

>>600908671Sonic isn't even fast in it

You shouldn’t hate the initial concept as most people did when it was revealed. That gameplay trailer gave nothing to be hopeful about though.

>>600908807Even if Sega died, some other company would buy him out and continue to make Sonic games.

It's bizarre how Sonic Team seem like they think people actually want the games to play themselves instead of having a decent physics engine or just the ability to gain speed on your own

>>600898448>Sonic just got back in the good graces with the public especially with Sonic movie 2 being really goodNice headcannon, Sonic hasn't been liked since SA1 dropped.

>>600908807>>600908886Sonic's gonna hit public domain sooner or later

>>600908869The concept of open world Sonic unironically has potential, too bad Sonic Team exists

I hate it but if I had it in my hands right now I'd play it to completion

>>600908908And yet the internet and reality prove you wrong.

>>600908918What's actually gonna happen when a video game character becomes public domain? I don't think it's ever happened before yet, will a character one day just suddenly start getting games from every big company?

>>600907163Not him but it's irritating to see a 7/10 game that gets high praise for doing exactly is shown in this sanic trailer. Don't give a fuck about segas legacy or sanic.

>>600908285The Roblox game IS better


Attached: 22fee4badf71aca1590a7902a57c495f.gif (270x224, 2.69M)

>>600909065Nintendo won't be able to send cease and desists

I'm fine with what I've seen but:>You have a boost, why are boost pads fucking everywhere?>Sonic desperately needs his animations polished>I'd rather they go all-in on the "video game area" design of the rails in the sky than try and balance it with a BOTW fieldBesides those, mite b cool

Attached: Tumblr_l_130348297960848.jpg (613x405, 76.21K)

>>600895215Why are you writing all of that cope when in the end you'll because because it has that blue faggot on it?

Attached: 252b0fff957eb2f067bc7d0915b61535.jpg (768x1024, 86.02K)

>>600909242The boost pads are the only frequent complaint that I really get, they feel super unnecessary hereBut I think they're gonna be less annoying than they look, because the dude in the video kind of just went straight for them every single time he saw them

The shitty piano music just proves how this game only exists because they want to copy botw

Today has been really entertaining watching the entire Sonic fan base enter the denial phase.

Attached: 1651289655876.png (383x276, 158.44K)

>>600909065it's already a thing with touhou, ZUN allows people to sell commercial touhou stuff with some restrictions

>>600895215Forces vs. Frontiers

Attached: I stole a stolen image.jpg (3840x1080, 1.34M)

>WHY ARE THERE BOOST PADS?!?!!Maybe because the game is aimed at kids?Why do you autistics act like Sonic is yours and yours only? Why do you only complain when Sonic Team put hand-holding shit in and give ther games a pass?

>>600909436>Maybe because the game is aimed at kids?Kids nowadays do not give a shit about Sonic vidya.

>>600909352Also because anything but gentle ambience in a massive area gets very old very quickly

The only hope i have for this disaster is that its so overwhelmingly bad that even the normiest normalfaggot realises that Sonic Team is a cancer upon the world and forces SEGA to at least try to get their shit together

>>600909513I don't think you understand just how popular Sonic actually is.Kids love him.

>>600895215>They killed Mania 2 for thisJesus christ Sega really is the most retarded and insecure company around.

>>600909410we only had five years worth of development time (that included a delay)please understand

>>600909591>They killed Mania 2 for thisNah, they passed on Mania 2 because they didn't want to give the devs higher pay.

If you're not happy, vote with your wallet.If Origins sells more than Frontiers, expect Mania 2. Expect Classic Sonic to make a permanent return and Modern Sonic to be scrapped.

bros I'm not even memeing here, it literally looks like ff15

Attached: FFXV_TGS_Screenshot__22_.0.jpg (1200x800, 174.45K)

>>600909648Austistic headcanon.

>>600909543What are you talking about? 06 sold more than Heroes. Unleashed failed financially only because of 2008 crisis. Colors and Sonic 4 were sucked by journos so the entire fanbase pretended that they were "good" out of sheer cope. Forces were confirmed to be financial success. There is no way Frontiers won't sell well, especially if SEGA jumped on open world hype train. Nothing will change.

>>600909739There's nothing autistic about it.Or do you think Sega was legitimately upset about Mania's devs showing them up, and then proceeded to ask for said devs' help a few years later when making Origins?

this shit is obviously the zap symbol, the main gimmick of the game

Attached: 28558.jpg (1135x568, 90.13K)

>>600909776>Colors and Sonic 4 were sucked by journos so the entire fanbase pretended that they were "good" out of sheer cope.When the fuck has the fanbase ever acted like 4 was good you retard.

>>600909362>Sonic fan base enter the denial phase.

Attached: first-time-meme-template-hiql5.jpg (800x499, 50.97K)

>>600909919Has it been confirmed?No.Is it all blind retard speculation?Yes.It's all autistic headcanon.

>>600909694>If Origins sells more than Frontiers, expect Mania 2.Yeah, expect Mania 2 done by Sonic Team.There's no winning here.

>>600909776Colors was great, 4 was a mobile game they tried to brand as a numbered title to cash on nostalgia. We know for a fact this happened, Sonic 4 has references to its development as a mobile game in its code and a sign giving its title as Sonic the Hedgehog Mobile is in the casino zone

No one arguing about ubisoft towers?Oh ok

Attached: 1653559588937.gif (444x640, 3.17M)

>>600910090I see the same management that demoted Nagoshi cracking down on Sonic Team.I expect a complete restructuring and rebranding.

Attached: 1654017274249.webm (1920x1080, 2.89M)

>>600910129They can't because they were in BOTW.Complaining about them now means BOTW bad and we can't have that.

>>600903716>An annoying Jew and a niggerI'll take Roger any day.

>>600909776>Sonic 4 were sucked by journos so the entire fanbase pretended that they were "good" out of sheer cope.The fanbase has never loved Sonic 4.

Attached: 181902-header.jpg (620x350, 69.32K)

It's visually unpolished but has tons of potential.

>>600910076Blow it out your ass.I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck.

Attached: 1638353316334.png (320x240, 165.04K)

>>600902227>Plin.....plonplin...plin...plonplonWow what great music

>>600895215Promising but BOTW plateau was more a microcosm of Hyrule beyond the bordersSonic frontiers needs more enemies

This didnt age well

Attached: 1563531488718.jpg (640x695, 87.94K)

>>600910212>I see the same management that demoted Nagoshi cracking down on Sonic Team.>I expect a complete restructuring and rebranding.I'd love that, but I feel like if that was going to happen it would have already occurred after Forces.Whatever, maybe Frontiers will be an even bigger disappointment.

How did Sonic go from having such a strong art direction to whatever the fuck this map is

It looks like a map on Halo Reach's Forge World. Just random metal objects placed in a grassy and rocky area.

>>600910418Forces didn't bomb though. It sold well enough.This however has massive hype and the press behind it. If this bombs, Iizuka will be demoted.

>>600910306Nothing under Sonic Team has potential. They are masters of the industry at squandering potential.Example: they had endless tech demos demonstrating what people wanted from an "open world Sonic" and Frontiers still looks worse than most of them.

>>600910256Why does BOTW make people seethe so badly?I played it and it was at least an 8/10 comfy game. Not the second coming of Christ but clearly very good.Only Zelda that I played before that was Link to the Past, Majora's Mask and Minish Cap btw, so I'm not some Zelda freak.

>>600910503Probably because people act like it pioneered open world games when all it did was borrow.>OMG is this BOTW?! No, it's a standard open world game. If you weren't a Nintendo fan and played games outside of that bubble, you'd know it.

More like Sonic FanTears

>>600910617Alright? So it's like when Persona 5 fans shit on other games that it clearly has nothing to do with.Doesn't make me hate Persona 5 that much though.

>>600895215the music sounded nice

>>6008952155 fucking years. They were creating an engine, not a game.SEGA is done.

Attached: sonic_disgust.jpg (285x248, 29.54K)

If I can't jump out of a spin dash against an angled surface and go flying into the air, I won't even pirate this trash.Simple as.

we herd you like donkey kong 64

Attached: sonic frontiers collectibles.png (996x623, 467.14K)

>>600910767I don't hate BOTW. I just don't understand the praise. >barren, bland open world>brittle weapons>generic story>Ubisoft towersAnd yet it was praised to the moon and back. So many other games did what BOTW did before it and never recieved a particle of the praise.

>>600910850>boost sonic>spindash

>>600910864>Chao CoinsWe're going home.

Rails ruined sonic

>>600910939I said what I said, seganigger.Start putting out your resumé, practice dumpster diving.

>>600910903>>barren, bland open worldThis is the only one that I disagree with. It looks barren from large perspectives but there's lots of cool things to find everywhere in the world.

>>600911041Completely disagree. It's barren. Totally barren.Large map with towns and shrines dotted here and there. Too much emptiness.

>big empty world:|>big empty world, Nintendo:OOOOOOOO


>>600910830Worst part? This looks exactly like Forces mod. The engine is the same. They've spent all time and Forces money on whores and lobsters.


Attached: shadow_aaaa.jpg (427x427, 78.73K)

>>600911117why are you pretending you've played the game? it's an anonymous forum. just say you're a clueless retard. self awareness is charming.

>>600911246thats what outside looks like mate

>>600911115why do you think it's easy to travel large distances even without teleports

>>600911246They do. All objects of interest are highlighted pink. The problem I have with scenery is that the lighting is too bright. Hedgehog Engine 2 doesn't do this game favor after all.

I would bet my fucking life the sky rails are important to the story

Attached: 1609556515443.jpg (976x1077, 151.36K)

>>600911285Why can't you babymen take even an atom-sized amount of criticism? BOTW is overrated. It has the same glaring issues as every other open world game out there, but was praised purely because it's Nintendo.Get out of the fucking bubble.>>600911293?

>>600910864i do

>>600895215It's apparent that Sonic Team is fed up with Sonic and wanted to create some other kind of game. Problem is, they are stuck with throwing Sonic in whatever new shit they want to create.

Attached: shuckles.jpg (681x599, 41.84K)

>>600911459I never said it was underrated, or even appropriately rated. I said you never played it, because you're a disgusting nigger. I'm still correct.

>>600911415It would be cool if >>600909410 were actually the remains of destroyed Death Egg fallen on island. Unfortunately, I doubt that the current year ST will bother with something like that.

>>600895215Is it me or do I feel the enemies have a bit of Infinite/Phantom Ruby feel to them?

Attached: tails_bruh_2.png (1200x840, 41.55K)

>>600910903That's because you look at it on a surface level. Its an open world with dozens of biomes and things to interact with along with tools that give you the freedom to do whatever you want on top of the sandbox and its physics engine. No shit other games did what BOTW did before but they lacked the freedom or variety to keep it dynamic.

>>600910804>the music sounded niceIt doesn't fit the tone at all.The music should be more chaotic. Sonic is going fast, not takes a nap under a tree.

Attached: Picsart_22-06-01_21-47-54-752.jpg (3464x3464, 582.27K)

>>600911862I'm sure they'll get a job and buy a switch or gaming PC now instead of phoneposting from india. you're doing god's work

>>600911984You know the things are bad when you still can't memorize the melody after rewatching trailer god knows how many times.


Attached: 1610156429641.png (521x937, 243.22K)

>>600910373Segabros not like this

>>600911415Rails have been an important part of Sonic gameplay since 2001. 21 years ago.

>>600912126>21 years agoFuck...

>>600912063I was humming the melody to myself on my way to work after just watching the first teaser onceI think you just have poor music retention

>>600912063It's obvious they're copying BOTW here since it's pretty much the same genre of music, but they're forgetting that link is a swordsman who moves like a normal human and Sonic is a freak of nature.

>>600912126They're unironically dog shit, which is why I'm a Mario chad.

>>600912232I never had this problem with any other Sonic soundtrack. Probably personal music taste issue.

>Sonic Frontiers already looks terrible, and in twenty years video coping essays about how good it is will appear like they are now with Sonic 06The least embarrassing thing about Sonic right now is that he's the perfect

Attached: 1554094991208.jpg (1159x889, 107.33K)

>>600911584I played it. Did everything except collect all the Korok Seeds. You can't cry "you never played the game!" whenever someone calls something out, spazoid.>>600911862No. I see it for what it is. It does nothing new. And the fact that you think it does shows how litle you've played outside of the Nintendo bubble.

>>600912287Based repetition-loving babyman.

>>600912407>Sonic games introduce half baked ideas and concepts that never get reiterated on with few exceptions (Chao Garden)I wonder what they're gonna do with the create a character tools from Sonic Forces!

>>600912496>a new create-a-character added for the series 25th anniversaryvs>the same 40 year old shit

>>600912496They'll use it to create crowd NPC in future games.

>>600912361Wasn't making a case for whether it did something new (which it did) but why it gets so much praise. It push the envelope when it comes to open world design. You'll come aross a bunch of shrines but the journey to getting there and the challenge that shrine itself presents is what keeps the experience dynamic. Whether finding alternative routes, climbing your way up, or gliding down, there's many ways to approach it. Which many open world games lack the FREEDOM and VARIETY. And if you cant name off other open worlds that do this you need to get out off your shitnic bubble

>>600895215It looks comfy as fuck. And since its on windows, easy pirate for me. I could care less if its not a 10. I would never purchase a sonic game anyway.

>>600895215>boosts>jump pads>literally looks like a HIRE THIS MAN gameIt’s over bro. Just wait for the third movie and someone competent buying the ip once sega goes tits up after it’s one billion mega game.

>>600895215play pso2 ngs if you want a taste of whats about to come

What gets me is how it's so lifeless. In open world games you usually have some wildlife to establish sense of place. Here there's sonic and a single bird apparently. That plus how disconnected everything is makes the game just look so joyless

>>600895215>uses UE engine>pop in>could easily be fixed by launchlfmao

>>600913312>>literally looks like a HIRE THIS MAN game>ShtH was done based on fan demand>Colors is a love letter to classic gagging boomers>Sonic 4 is a deliberate attempt at pandering to classicfags>Lost World aesthetic was an attempt to replicate classic games artstyle>Classic shown up in Forces because Generations was popularMaybe at the end those are the Sonic fans who are responsible for the state of this franchise.

Attached: man.jpg (828x804, 57.86K)

>>600913604And the bird is completely static and looks like it's just following a very strict path.

>>600913669Don't be an idiot. Sonic Team don't actually listen to fans and when they do it's a game of telephone. You could write an essay titled "Sonic needs more passion" that goes over every single thing about this franchise and Sonic Team would just read the title and in the next game there'd be a passion meter.

>>600895215>No momentumAnd thats where all rationalisation should have stopped. It's what sonic is about at its best and the reason his 3D games are all over the place. For some reason they just dont want to address the elephamt in the room.

>>600895215Yeah, it looks absolutely fine. Everyone is just lying about it to shit on Sonic like they always do.

Attached: tumblr_043f900e93caef2d82d0618bc701c44b_b1138238_1280.jpg (763x768, 54.28K)

>>600914306>It's what sonic is about at its bestThen why do all the games with momentum suck the worst? Chasing this pipe dream is one of the contributing factors to sonic sucking balls.

>>600902440>botw>explorationi love korok sneeds

>>600911415The game takes place in a simulation or whatever, its probably the excuse to explain the level design being ugly as fuck and making no sense

>>600913669>>ShtH was done based on fan demandLol no, ShtH was conceived because Iizuka liked Jak 2 and needed an excuse to make a clone of it

>>600904526Let's put it this way. These aren't the worst Sonic games by a WIDE margin nor did any of them nearly kill the franchise. I trust the guy who directed Colors. Maybe he can catch lightning in a bottle twice.

Attached: 1615863029099.gif (480x360, 794.06K)

Just watched the IGN demo. Is there another, worse demo or something, because this looked fine, I'm not sure where this massive doomposting is coming from >muh so unpolished it's literally just popins in the far distance. That's it.They showed no glitches or other visual issues, and the game also looks pretty otherwise >muh rails take away the point of open worldI only saw rails around setpieces like towers. Between setpieces there was barely anything and those seemed rewarding to find and use instead of something mandatory>open world is wast and emptythere needs to be some variety and something meaningful to explore in the setpieces, and so far they didn't show anything else other than rings, let's just hope that they just didn't show it yet and only focused on traversing in the having a lot of "empty space" is not an issue tho as you can travel through that in no-time. People need to stop comparing it directly to other open world games that need to have something around every little corner

>>600905071Can you really call it flavor-of-the-month if it's been in development for over 20 years?

Attached: gfza.png (1920x1200, 193.59K)

>>600906250>All it needs is polish, why can't you doom and gloom spergs understand that?This is EXACTLY what people said about Rise of Lyric, Forces and Colors Ultimate, holy shit why don't you people ever fucking learn

Attached: serious-face.gif (498x498, 2.35M)

>>600895215>When you're so contrarian, you think sonic botw tech demo looks good

Attached: 1533609193063.png (1280x720, 2.06M)

>>600915281Anon the animations on sonic himself are completely fucked, it just looks extremely unpolished in general.We don't know enough about the gameplay yet but it just looks bad on a surface level.Now this might be like legend's arceus where it is actually a good game that is hampered by glaring issues, but I don't think it can get much better than that.

I dont know why they keep trying to force real looking places into sonic. Have they seen the weird shit that is green hill? Chaos enrgy permeates through the entire sonic world. Giving it its weird shapes and structures. And youre telling me they dont even wanna touch on it IN AN OPEN WORLD SONIC GAME!?

>>600915573Cycle of the sonic fanRight now he's in "hype"Next comes denial

>open world meme>losing sight of the initial appeal of Sonic, going fast and getting good level times>Sonic doesn't fit the artstyle of the rest of the game, including the enemies>enemies use the same shitty color scheme as the ones in the movies>giant empty fields in between simple puzzles>no slope physics so you can't even fuck around with that between puzzles>a bunch of random collectables that have (so far) received no context>all of the soul has also been taken out of the designs of the springs and dash panels>still reusing the model and animations from forces, gameplay is likely the same boost-slapped-onto-lost-world shit as well>music is completely forgettable and bland>pop in everywhere>can't even run up a wall without it being specially markedSeeing naive idiots like you praise this slop is the worst part though, OP

Attached: thats sonic.png (904x455, 1.05M)

>>600916082you forgot>Sonic gets outrun by a fucking seagull

sonic if he

serious "nintendo hire this man" vibes off this

>>600901472>Aesthetic is god awful and not sonic at all>Sonic is supposed to cool and colorfulPeople have been saying "Please not another Green Hill Zone start" for the last 15 years.They finally did it.And you fucks start comaining that it's not Green Hill Zone.

Attached: 1639218059438.jpg (600x735, 54.39K)

>>600916343>>600916389Thanks for your input, reddit, this meme has been beaten to death 16 hours ago

Is he lying or is Sonic Team just acting retarded like they usually do?

Attached: hope or cope.png (1080x849, 151.4K)

>>600916343>>600916389Sega does what nintendon't, they hired that man

>>600895215>Anyone else think this actually looks promising?No, it looks like absolute garbage

>>600916696Yes instead of Green Hill Zone we got The Green Hills of Mystery Island. We wanted new locations, not the same location but in real life

>>600910503> "Not some Zelda freak"> Has played 4 of themYou're objectively a superfan, and the fact that the best even you can say about BOTW is "comfy" is telling

>>600915887The denial (that the Frontiers trailer constitutes "aggressive mediocrity") is already here


>>600897020>The momentum physics were my biggest concerns about the gameplayThat's my main gripe too, what the hell is the point of free roam if I can't use the environment to build up momentum and speed naturally? Instead it's just gonna be another press X to Fast mediocre Sonic game.

>>600895215The pretentious and melancholic tone clashes really badly with Sonic. He's a cartoon mascot designed for children. It's pathetic.

Attached: 1625294950727.gif (330x326, 2.37M)

>>600916757If he wants to keep being invited to these sort of previews he needs to keep hyping it up.

>>600917909It’s genuinely the first time I can say that the game looks and feels soulless. Even the games that were hated like Heroes had amazing levels and music.I can already see fans modding the game and replacing the music with previous titles

Attached: 8749FF41-8C30-49CF-A7AB-F297964174F1.jpg (184x184, 7.21K)

>>600916153Fucking kek

>>600895391Goku wouldn't pick BotW world because there's too many people there. 413 named NPCs.

>>600916696Wrong. We didn't want Green Hill Act 45+ anymore. A Green Hill in an environment structured the way it looks here would kick ass. If Frontiers has any strengths so far, it's the gameplay and its uninspired and seemingly nonsensical atmosphere is holding it back.

>>600905518Sega is throwing a bunch of shit out earlier than originally intended to recoup from the failed Sakura Wars gacha that Baba was responsible for.>>600906029Anon... PSO2-2 was also blatantly released a year early to make up for Sakura Wars. Dataminers found shit all over the place as early as launch. There are still skills that were ripped out and missing from the Beta, and certain skills have internal names that imply that the orders were shuffled around quite a bit too.The funny thing is that it's actually in a semi-decent state now, but MMOs live and die by maintaining their launch numbers, so it likely missed its chance to actually make it big in the west.

>>600895215>>worlds filled with many different traversal methodsEh it's the same old shit Sonic always has. Boost pads, springs, grind rails, those rings that launch you. Not really seeing anything new here.>>looks to be a variety of collectables and incentives to exploreAll we saw is a couple shiny rocks, we don't even know what they do. Personally I think it would be cool if there were 7 main areas in the game and each one had the fragments of a chaos emerald scattered about them. But I guess that would make too much sense huh?>>No momentum>game isn't really designed around it, it has boost philosophy at its core, you're clearly meant to look for rails/rings etc to stay at your fastest.This is the main problem. Boost gameplay works best with linear obstacle course level design and open world/sandbox style is the complete and utter opposite of that. I don't really see a point in putting Sonic in this big open space if you're not gonna give him tools to fuck around with in it. This was the perfect opportunity to reintroduce momentum physics and they blew it.>>shit movementRelates to above>>simple/basic puzzles>Mario Odyssey had basically the same shit and was praisedI didn't like Odyssey, I thought it was boring and aimless. Also Nintendo gets a bonus simply for being Nintendo whereas Sonic gets a penalty for being Sonic.Don't really mind the rest and I'll still probably give it a chance. I'm waiting to see more of Sonic's moveset.

>>600895215The one complaint I don't get at all is for the realistic environment. I think it looks good and Sonic literally has had realistic areas in the past already. Everything else seems fine except for the animations, those look really janky like those tricks he did in the air that looked unfinished.

For the first time I have to wonder, what the fuck is the point of rings if they’re going the XP skill tree route?

>>600898448My thoughts as well. 5 years of development and it got a delay for quality yet this is what we got. Doesn't make sense

>>600916696>Surreal, stylish aesthetic=Green Hill Zone>Sonic doesn't have any other iconic levels to pull inspiration from, it's either Unreal Engine field or Green Hill Zone, no in betweenSeriously, fuck you

Attached: 1472783925481.png (947x644, 794.3K)

The funny thing is a lot of sonic autists spent the best part of a decade raging at fan games. Saying yeah you gave sonic neat physics, but the world is empty. Well now Sega also made that game just without the physics, the thing that made them kinda interesting tech demos.

Attached: 1636619836811.webm (560x336, 2.87M)

Hey guys, let's look at bright side of things:Sonic Adventure 3 trailer just

All i wanted was a playable CD intro

>>600921245Two wrongs don't make a right, user.

>>600921245you didn't watch the gameplaystop lying

Attached: fast1.webm (1280x720, 2.32M)

>>600907310Its literally all Sonic fans have left to cling onto anymore.

>>600922317Wow, this looks really BAD. Are people here just being sarcastic when they say this looks better than fangames?

>>600923230stop lying

>>600923043I mean, there's still the movies, the fangames, the TV shows, the comics, Taxman and StealthSo basically everything besides the games themselves

>>600921759This is more removing the right and keeping the wrong

>>600921634he's not even in little planet during the intro

Attached: D3lJv94XkAEMuWa.png (640x610, 448.88K)

Too many rails, too many boost panels.Just let me run around a big world with Sonic. Stop taking control away from me.

>>600921245Waiting for someone to port the levels into one of these fan engines.

>>600914376>sonic 1, 2 and 3&k are the worstHang yourself. Unless you think adventure games do feature momentum to a solid extent in which caso also hang yourself. Adventure games partly suck becausr they couldnt recreate what is special about how sonic worked in the megadrive games.And nothing has changed even though the tech is there since more than ten years ago.2V8NR

>>600895215>>THE SKY RAILS ARE SO UGLY WTF>it's a 3D open world platformer, get over it retardOpen world platformers were already able to have natural looking level design for over 20 years. Jak and Daxter, Crash, Banjo Kazooie, Ratchet and Clank, A Hat in Time, etc. Play more games.

>>600904410Why cant they just hand things like Pokemon and Sonic to competent devs?

>>600924295Ealier 3D Sonic games did a better job contextualizing rails.

>>600895215Why the fuck should anyone listen to an ESL retard that doesn't know how to spell or use proper punctuation?

>>600924248The adventure games did "recreate" it and 3D just made the problems so much worse, so their beta levels all had to be redesigned to be much more linear, have guard rails and automation everywhere. And lockon was created specifically to try and counteract how shitty momentumshit is in 3D. It barely worked in 2D and it sucks shit in 3D.06 had the right idea by actually getting rid of all that, but production issues kept it from being finished and now all anyone can say is "muh hooman princess" and regurgitate reddit memes.

>>600922317Sonic has become an even more casual version of those runner games you can download for free on your phone.

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>>600924384Because people still buying those games. Pokemon still is the biggest IP among the video games, Sonic is still the most profitable SEGA franchise, surpassing Yakuza almost three times over in copies sold only in 2021.

>>600895215>Realistic graphics are shit!!I wish morons would learn what the fuck ART DIRECTION IS ITS CALLED FUCKING ART DIRECTION FOR FUCKS SAKE YOU STUPID BRAINDEAD MONKEY IDIOTS

>>600924384Because the core of the problem is that both studios are treated like sweatshops and nobody wants to work there.Sonic Team is actually capable in terms of programming, they're just horribly mismanaged. GameFreak is hammered with fucking insane deadlines.

>>600916696>At least its not Green Hill!The fact that this is the best excuse you drones can come up with is pretty indicative of this game's low quality.

>>600924412Beta Windy Valley is objectively a better level than the retail version.

>>600924552Nothing wrong with Frontiers art direction.

Attached: Looks like a Sonic level.png (1920x1182, 2.99M)

>>600920923>>Sonic doesn't have any other iconic levels to pull inspiration fromName four

>>600924843Marble ZoneSpring Yard ZoneLabyrinth ZoneScrap Brain Zone

>>600904526>In charge of designing the biggest catastrophe in Sonic's history, Sonic 06>Perseveres>Goes on to direct the best 3D Sonic game and arguably one of the greatest Sonic games in general, Generations.>Refuses to elaborate>Leaves forever.What did he mean by this?

Attached: Capture.png (1421x1061, 326.76K)

>>600924384The sad part is pokemon is at least sort of figuring it out. Still fuck ugly, but concepts like non linearity, following pokemon and drop in multiplayer are being added. Despite a longer dev time sonic team still don't get what fans want.

>>600924662No it isn't. They changed it for a reason.

>>600925124That the basic design of 06 wasn't terrible, just the way it was handled.

>>600925157Yeah, because Sonic Team's managers are fucking retards. Same reason SpinDash was replaced with Boost. Same reason the last decade has been all trash.

>>600901642>muh nintendo Sega lost 21 fucking years ago now. Let. It. Go.

>>600924412They recreated jackshit because the technology was not there. Right now there are a bunch of fan games that capitalise on the idea of physics based 3D sonic for good that have much more potential than what sonic team has made since the megadrive was discontinued.Its what it should be. In fact, the new frontiers game would be tenfold as fun and interesting if they implemented proper physics, but they didnt because who the fuck knows at this point. Maybe they are afraid its going to be too complicated for kids, but that leaves the franchise at a gridlock of interests that makes them unable to deliver a proper 3D sonic game.

>>600906884>You don't understand how this industry works. Take the tinfoil hat off. If the game was garbage and they didn't like it, we would know.Ah, to be young again...

>>600901821Zelda at least had the good sense to change the SFX, UI and -isms of the series to better fit the new tone.Sonic's using the same fucking bumpers and hoops he was using a decade ago in high speed linear games, with the same fucking SFX as when he was screaming WOOOOO while rock music blared in the background.

>>600925594>Right now there are a bunch of fan games that capitalise on the idea of physics based 3D sonicyou mean the ones where you fly over the entire level?

So is that tiny island the whole game, or is it gonna have actual levels?

>>600906508Oh they absolutely will.In the 7 minutes we got to see there were multiple spots that would have actually been fun to interact with but the game rips control out of your hands.

>>600926154the leaks say there will be linear levels you can access from the open world "hub"I assume there's going to be multiple hubs as well

>>600926114Yes, the ones where you can actually have fun with the game and have a reason to come back and try new things.

>>600910617kek keep seething. BotW2 will decimate the competition all over again.

>>600926304a design that's that broken is not fun lmao

>>600910903Every time someone says this, it shows that they only have a basic, surface-level understanding of game design.

Take me back...

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>>600925124>Sonic generations>3d gameAnon about 75% of the game is in 2d


Attached: pepe.jpg (1200x675, 98.21K)

>>600919417Goku would be excited to kill them. They can be revived later, its fine

>>600926559>"N-nobody likes launching themselves around in physics engines!!">Trials series sells millions>Burnout sold billions>BOTW sells a trillion copies>Ragdoll physics made Gaben gajillions.Keep crying, faggot.

>>600927090enjoy your goat simulator while I play a real game then

>>600895215Reminds me of this

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 108.96K)

>>600910903>barren, bland open worldFuck no. Xenoblade X is the only other open world game I've played with as much neat shit in its world.>NINTENDO FANBOY REEEI loved The Saboteur, try again.>brittle weaponsThis is only a problem for the kind of person who refuses to engage with the game.>generic storyAbsolutely, it's fucking awful.>Ubisoft towersThere's very few of them, they're actually a challenge to get to, they vary wildly in what they ask of you, they don't reveal SHIT about secrets/collectibles, and they're more like unlockable fast travel beacons. Pretty much the opposite of a Ubisoft Tower.Only an actual knuckle dragging retard would be incapable of seeing why BOTW is fun. It has issues, but it's high quality and made a lot of smart design changes compared to the typical open world game.

>>600906250>This is STILL in developmentDo you not know how game development works? Games need to be finished months in advance in order to be officially finalized, licensed, and shipped.

>>600927581Sonic isn't a game character anymore and he hasn't been since 1993. He's primarily a cartoon/comics/movie character now. The games are an afterthought. Sonic is as much a game character as Scooby-Doo or Spongebob.

>>600927250>Real game>Sonic FrontiersLmao

>>600923270IDW is a few bad months away from Chapter 11 at this point.

>>600926114Yes, the ones that make gameplay look like the opening to sonic CD.

>>600895215>this can basically be summed up by the IGN guy being retarded, either avoiding everything or deciding to walk?It is an edited montage intended to show off the game. "They just missed out the good parts" is not a meaningful excuse.

>>600931428who cares what it looks like if the gameplay is shit? what's cool in a cutscene is different from what's cool in game

I love how even the best defense someone can come up with is "it's not that bad / get over it / yeah well other games do it too / it's on purpose / maybe it just looks bad because of the trailer"This is LITERALLY coping

>>600931949It looks good, period.

>>600932101It does not, period.

>>600931949Even while playing devil's advocate, the best I can do is mention the fact that they clearly flew past points of interest where actual content could be, but at this point it's like celebrating finding an anthill in a featureless sandbox with no tools.

>>600895215>so many different traversal methodsAnd 95% of them are scriptedWr will never have a momentum based movement system in 3d again

>>600933187>momentumit sucks, momentum niggery is keeping sonic back

The rails floating there are funny, but anyone who thinks that it's a legit point of criticism is retarded. Sonic has had goofy as fuck looking floating rails since adventure 2. Sure, it looks kinda strange now that we can see it from below and different angles, but who cares. I actually got kinda excited when I saw the rails, thinking there's an unlockable rail system instead of fast travel, or there being more neat platforming above while the bottom grassy area is for collectables and stuff. It looks fuckin weird, but my first thought was that it might be fun to play with instead of it looks kinda strange.That said, I don't like how rails just auto-propel you forward with no consideration for momentum. I get it's probably needed, with how many rails and how they function, but I dunno I liked being able to kiss rails at fast as fuck speeds in SA2, Heroes, and even Shadow if you're able to spam the rail-boost enough.Also, the controls look worse because they got another retard to play it. He was mashing boost, the same fucking shit they did on the unleashed review. The game's biggest issues will probably be ugly graphics, bugs, and dogshit framerate. The actual gameplay didn't get shown off enough to seem like anyone can actually get a decent opinion.

>>600931779>who cares what it looks like if the gameplay is shit?The opposite. It looks like the player is in control at all times and has to make quick decisions to keep the momentum going and YET it manages to look as spectacular as the opening to sonic CD.It's just what it should be.

>>600934272>thinking there's an unlockable rail system instead of fast travel, or there being more neat platforming above while the bottom grassy area is for collectables and stufIsn't there a rail popping up as soon as that question mark starts scanning at one point?

>>600895215looks like a shitty dreams created game.

>>600922317This looks awfulSonic Advance 2 on the fucking gba had better speed and reaction tests leading to different level routes

>>600934642I think so, but to be fair there's a lot of popping in of objects regardless of objectives completed.

Attached: 5e2.jpg (554x439, 37.84K)

>>600895215If they wanted to wow me, then they should've released a proper show case with a fully functioning open world, and maybe the slightest hint of a traditional level.It just looked like a test level with some bad pop in and a pretty boring looking world.I hope that the hib isn't just mainly green grasslands, some woods and ruins, show off a second district which has a radically different look. Like a volcanic, tropical or snowy area.

Attached: cereal.gif (247x183, 2.21M)

>>600895215My standards for 3D Sonic games are low, I know Sonic Team is never going to make some physic based masterpiece. I liked Generations well enough and Frontiers looks like some casual fun to me.

Attached: 1654181631173.png (100x100, 9.7K)

>>600935068ThisThe game might even be okay, but what a dogshit first impression. I wonder if Sega wrongfully OK'd IGN to show off the game and are regretting giving it to a bunch of retards.



>>600935387Apparently IGN wasn't the one playing it. That was sent from Sega. Someone at Sonic Team recorded that and thought "yep this will get people to pre-order"

>>600895215So the frog agreed to take the scorpion across the river. He swam over to the bank and settled himself near the mud to pick up his passenger. The scorpion crawled onto the frog's back, his sharp claws prickling into the frog's soft hide, and the frog slid into the river. The muddy water swirled around them, but the frog stayed near the surface so the scorpion would not drown. He kicked strongly through the first half of the stream, his flippers paddling wildly against the current.Halfway across the river, the frog suddenly felt a sharp sting in his back and, out of the corner of his eye, saw the scorpion remove his stinger from the frog's back. A deadening numbness began to creep into his limbs."You fool!" croaked the frog, "Now we shall both die! Why on earth did you do that?"The scorpion shrugged, and did a little jig on the drownings frog's back."I could not help myself. It is my nature."Then they both sank into the muddy waters of the swiftly flowing river.

>>600895215>game isn't really designed around it, it has boost philosophy at its core, you're clearly meant to look for rails/rings etc to stay at your fastest.boostshit apologism in 2022?holy fucking shit

I don't hate Boost unless it's Forces but>open world game>Sonic can't actually navigate the world that well by himself and you need boost linearity mechanics to keep him movingLike come the fuck on. When Sonic isn't boosting he plays like a shittier version of Lost World Sonic.

Attached: 1643659138647.gif (192x192, 42.08K)

Attached: a1ZDNow_460s.jpg (460x183, 28.01K)

>>600914740If only he had the genius who had a hand in Jak 2's level design again. Oh right, Naka hated that guy, because obviously map design is easy and anyone could do it!

>>600914838Colors was shit. Not falling apart like '06 doesn't make it a good game.

>>600922317Literal on rails garbage. Is this what Sega cocksuckers slurp up?

>>600921245Fuck you Lange, you gave me hope and then you killed it.


Attached: 1616887904018.png (1775x2150, 335.01K)

>>600938839Boostshit the way Sega implements it requires garbage controls like that. It will always be bad.

>>600904608What do you mean by ‘travesty’? He did very well given it was a meme gimmick game using motion controls. There aren’t many motion games that are good. Black Knight is passable gameplay for what it is.


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>>600906198It's a problem because they changed the game and now it doesn't fit anymore, same reason why some things work in 2D games and others in 3D games, even more so with the realistic grassfield "hire that man" aesthetic that they picked. You get to see those things from different angles and for more time because of the open world and it just looks fucking awful.

>>600941082Is this real? LMAO


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>>600907240The rails were always there, they just improved the draw distance by like 2ft :^)

>>600907656No. They never designed a game like Sonic before to my recollection. They tend to stick to the same IPs they’ve had for decades and add to new iterations. BOTW is still Zelda at its core gameplay. Even then Nintendo has fucked up and made mediocre or even bad games with their veteran IPs before. Pretty much the only new IPs we’ve seen in the last decade are Splatoon, which was made by fresh blood, and ARMs which was designed to be a mascot flagship title for the Switch’s gimmicks and they’ve had over a decade and a half to perfect motion control games and shit from the Wii. Could they make a good Sonic game with experience? Sure. Can they do it on their first attempt? No.

>>600914108>They don’t listen but they doWow you’re very intelligent user I’m glad to have you contribute to this discussion.


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>>600895215I have no faith any sonic game is good until I play it. I shall pass judgement then.

>>600917909Sonic has always been this way stop pretending otherwise.

Sonic without Crush 40 is soulless. Why else do you think people still praise most of the DC/GN 3D games? Crush 40 was there. Also SA/SA2's plot was kino

>>600911293Log riding.


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>>600942170Team Sonic Racing is soulless, you point is irrelevant.

>>600942725>you pointKys ESL. We should ban retards like you

>>600895215>worlds filled with many different traversal methodsWell so far we've been only seen this grass biome, don't know how much different would be.>looks to be a variety of collectables and incentives to exploreYeah because the thing sonic fans love the most is going slow.>cyberspace levels still haven't been shown off (call this a cope but points remain regardless)copeI'll only agree with you that movement looks actually fun for once.

Attached: 1605054366100.png (1019x1746, 1.23M)

>>600943218>made a typo, didn't bother to reread the postMaybe I am inattentive, but at least I am not an aggressive retard

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The mechanics are all there but it looks like a cancelled game, a prototype. The level design is horrible almost non existent and the technical issues (pop in in the trailer!) are just the tip of the iceberg, everything in the presentations means: we don't care about our game.

>>600904526>mfw I have neither played nor heard of any of these games and the last Sonic game I paid attention to was Adventure Battle II

>>600925124he barely did anything on 06. He is the last game designer credited on the game

>>600909535Never played them, but what about the JSR games?

>>600925124he means that 06 was a disaster created by SEGA meddling>split the team to create spinoffs>rush the deadline>don't delay it, must be out by christmas

>>600922317would it be too much to have a light speed dash chain that leads to the purple floating ring? It would require to press two buttons (jump and light dash) as opposed to just jumping

>>600922317one thing is certain : this will replace Heroes as the most grind rail heavy Sonic game

>>600907656No clue, but a team that might make a bad game is better odds than a team that will make a bad game

>>600942007Alright, what game is this? Thats some modded shit, probably got me with the previous webm too.

>>600943280Allegedly there's gonna be 4 islands according to a really old leak.

Attached: concept-e.png (772x639, 1.21M)

Sonic the New Genesis lol

>>600895215looks like a tech demo

>boost shit>it's not a momentum-based platforming collectathonNail in the coffin, an expensive one.

>>600903716nigga USE THE JAPANESE VOICES

>>600904526>Black Knightkino incoming

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>>600946380game designer not writer

>>6009064343D Sonic is the only Sonic that makes sense, because you can actually see where you are going.

>>600907738This holy shit. Nintendo is very essentialist in their videogame design. What takes sonic apart from mario is rolling, and going quick as a result of rolling. It's a very physical concept and nintendo would probably love to have a go at it.They would probably get rid with a lot of superfluous stuff aswell.

>that pop-in

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>>600895215Alledgedly, the metadata for the IGN footage leaked, and it was recorded last month. So this "IT"S AN EARLY BUILD" cope has just been blown the fuck out. It looks THIS bad in one of the most recent game builds

Attached: 5KjRkhG.png (821x619, 872.39K)

>>600925124unironically, soulHIroshi Miyamoto and pre-2013 Sonic Team actually cared about Sonic and had big plans for the game that were never realized because of the holiday window Sega and Microsoft forced on the team

>>600949772a lot can happen in a month when it comes to polish and the game isn't close to out yet


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>>600904692Frontiers nerfed the boost to where Sonic doesn't ram through everything and speed through giant patches of levelbut momentum definitely needs to be added, even a some subtle momentum that adds or subtracts from Sonic's timer-based speed value would be great>>600905332i hate Iizuka for being so adamant that Sonic can never fully return to the Adventure model because that would be "holding the franchise back"

>>600895215I think it looks like lazy put together turd.Sonics model and movement are copy n pasted from Sonic adventure 2 and Unleashed. They just put him in an open world with pretty grafics. Shit looks like a worse made fan game.Sega should have changed sonics movement so it realisticly reacts to the areas in the world. He is stiff as a wooden plank right now.

>>600916736Sorry, I forgot that memes that aren't redditjak and discordfrog aren't allowed to be posted here after 12 hours

>>600895215Reminder that the moment combat footage comes out, all the neighsayers will either disappear or try to make up more reasons that the game will be bad. Even if the combat clips are played by someone actually good.

>>600919417Nah, the Plateau is fine.Shit game.

>>600945346what do you meanthis is sonic frontiers gameplayit's pso2 ngs

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>>600895391Holy kek i like botw but thats such a good image

>>600941082>>600951785I was hoping someone would make webms of this sort of thing after I converted the big showcase to webm here, I didn't want to actually reinstall the game at all for a funpost.Do one with the Knuckles Knuckles camo with Fighter

>>600901642I would say them taking that wii-u deal with nintendo has set back sonic team for a long time

They could fix the floating rails so easily by adding something to the ends of them. Add mountain, add floating destroyed towers that are connected by the rails (maybe make it look like an old torn apart metal bridge)This games reliance on rails is also annoying in general. Leave it to sonic team to find a way to automate an open world.

Attached: DhnREcaW0AIrEI5.png (640x480, 350.91K)

>>600954684You could also have a mechanism that allows the rails to appear for a limited amount of time and disappears after the time is up.

Attached: 1583470815049.png (500x375, 160.46K)

>>600956016Frontiers already has that mechanism, it's called "pop-in"

>>600916696First of all no one wants it to be Green Hill Zone you smartass cunt we'd be shitting on it even more if that was the case even if it was a open zone version of it. The island shown off literally looks like it was ripped straight out of PSO2 NGS with grind rails all over in the sky, towers, and dash panels and springs thrown about in the most silliest of places.

Why are people judging the entire game based off of one gameplay trailer even though they said at the start of the video that there would be more shown throughout the month? My God, this series has really made a name for itself. Sonic really is the game industry’s lolcow.

Attached: 88498C03-4F07-4A77-BA07-B5359CFF4936.gif (384x384, 1.89M)

>>600914636in BotW you could at least interact with the environment in creative ways, be it setting grass on fire to launch yourself into the air or cutting down trees to make a bridge.where is the interaction here?

>>600957224>Why are people judging the entire game based off of one gameplay trailerBecause you don't really need anything more when it comes to Sonic.Fans already knew Sonic 4 would be shit after its first teaser.People recognized the Forces would just be shallow boostshit after its first gameplay teaser.People knew Colors Ultimate would be buggy trash after its reveal etc. etc.Nothing about Frontiers will drastically change, because Sonic Team aren't "we've made major changes to the project since it was first revealed"-style developers. What you see is pretty much what you're going to get.

>>600895836LOL how you define play is a personal problem

At least we are not Pokemon

Sonic Frontiers will be the best selling 3d sonic game of all time

This is what happens when sonic fans get their hopes up. When will you learn? Sonic Team is incompetent.

Attached: 1654115236105.png (1648x868, 214.32K)

>>600958672On a positive note, people knew Mania would be good from its reveal.You don't need to play a game to know if it's good or not.

The idea of a sonic open world is fantasticjust running around like a autist sounds great. specialy since he can run on walls and over waterso nothing can stops your autismmy problem with the game is that the world is kinda empty

>>600964884you didn't watch the gameplay

>>600904526>Called it since ForcesMany such cases

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>>600964920i 5 minutes onwards was everything i wanted from a sonic open world gamejust sonic running around, running down hills, running on walls running on water realy fastan autism simulator

>>600905071>but what's with the recent all-out spamming of it?Because the fanbase made the game better? It's not the same thing you might have played (assuming you even touched the game at all) that was before version 2.1-2.


>>600965025Thank you based user

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>>600906260Heroes' had soul, just shit gameplayFrontiers has NO soul AND shit gameplayIt's fundamentally the worse game in the series next to Forces.

>>600906515It's been like this since Lost World you stupid nigger.