Warhammer Darktide

>lame politically correct characters from trailer have been scrapped>character creator has been implemented insteadI will now buy your game

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>>600895030>electric niggayeah whatever retard

me on the left

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>Black people>in 40kCorrect me if I am wrong, but isn't there some lore reason that black people don't exist? I don't think I've ever seen them anywhere in Warhammer. Sigmar or 40k. I don't know all the lore, though.

Give me my 40k waifu

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The cast of Vermintide is like half the reason people like those games. I don’t know if Darktide will catch on without its own assortment of colourful characters.

>>600895030>No more dwarvish songs and elves stepping on me.Dropped.

>penal regiment fagsfuck this gamei wanted to play with a gigachad Tempestus Scion

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>>600895198There are black people in the Horus Heresy books. I guess no one here has ever been into 40k. They have plenty of other races in both lore and table top games.

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>>600895218they would have never topped the Vermintide cast I'm glad they didn't try

>>600895413>he isn't a D GangerSad.

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>>600895431are you referring to the Salamanders? If so it is you who doesn't ever been into 40k

>>600895030Store page says you can be a zealot, so I guess my character is going to be a gun toting fanatic guardsman

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>>60089519840k has all sorts of colors and stuff but that really doesn't matter when you're dealing with xenos and shit trying to kill your entire race

>>600895198There are entire planets of mongols, furries and barbecue enjoyers

>white Virgins actually mad the Imperium of MAN with a million planets has black people

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>>600895198>Correct me if I am wrongyour wrong

>>600895030While I didn't like the characters they had before, half the reason I like vermintide is the banter between the heroes. How are they gonna have good character writing with a character creator?

>>600895563No. Also, learn2proofread. There are many types of humans depicted in the books.

Hopefully we can set our party preferences for MP so you can prevent playing with people who make shitty characters, i.e. women and non-white characters.

>>600896056You can choose the voice for your character and the different voices interact with each other. It's exactly the same as Vermintide except probably a couple more voices, this isn't a difficult concept to understand lol

>>600895462While I also don't think they could I always thought Inquisitor Saltzpyre that's the exact same character would have been a great idea.

>lame politically correct characters from trailer have been scrapped>character creator has been implemented insteadThe character creation has been in the entire time you stupid faggots. They've been hinting at it this whole time and they didn't redo their entire fucking game in a year and record 75k new voice lines because you cried about it.

Why play anything other than an Ogryn

ITT: White people compensation. 40k has always depicted the human race as a collective of the entire Tera planet, it always had many races. Even in Horus Heresy one of the side characters was a black woman.

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>>600895413It isn't a penal regiment you newfag piece of shit

>>600896396So, annoying feminist warrior priest is still going to be in the game? Great

>>600896697If she was hot you would call her mommy

People need to realize that the vast majority of people do not do research beyond the trailers that come out for games. That's why they don't know about anything they might announce on their site or somewhere on social media and why first impressions are important

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>>600896758Well you're not wrong

>>600896697Technically, but you already know the female voices are going to be the least used ones in the entire game. Most people are just going to pick "generic gravel voiced guardsman" and rightly so

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>>600896863>vast majority of people are retardsI'll keep calling them retarded then

is it a full character creator or just customization on the base characters we see in the trailer?

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There are salamanders who are charcoal blackbut they aren't niggers

>>600896961I'm going to pick the woman voice to hear her interaction with the gravel guardsmen voice everyone else will have

>>600896863No doubt part of the reason why VT2 drew in so many people initially was that fucking amazing diorama trailer they put out.

>>600896863Why should they? Are you suggesting that people actually read words and find stuff out about the products they may or may not be paying money to consume? Pffft fuck outta here with that faggot bullshit

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>>600896973It's a full character creator and you'll unlock cosmetics and earn weapons by doing missions

>>600896863If first impressions are bad and the people not actually interested are filtered out where is the problem

>>600896558Doesn't mean your characters aren't cringe bro.

>>600897119>all whites and one Mediterranean womanwhat did they mean by this

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>>600896863But this information wasn't available until recently.

>>600897269I don't care about cringe. I've played a borderlands game. But its weird seeing so many so called "fans" ignore the lore of Tera's human race. They've always been multiracial. Even books from like 20+ years ago had that shit. Why weren't these faggots crying about PC shit then? Seems to me like a bunch of wanna be fans are trying to pretend its a "whites only" world when it never was.

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>>600897119>>600897159thank god. i really hated the look of that mongoloid pan faced asian chick. god I hope they let you make cuties

>>600897552Well you know what they say about hope

>FatsharkYeah i dunno


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>>600897024>>600895563Salamanders were regular black up until a 5th edition retcon but I wouldn't expect newfag shitposters to know this

psykers will be booted on sight

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>>600897862You should add proof of your claim

>>600897119So can I make how every character looks in solo play, or is this a multiplayer only game now?

>>600897862Only thing I dislike about the retcon is that Vulcan isn't the black middle-aged dad anymore. Even Khan got to keep his race, what gives?

>>600895198It is pretty much been often shown how different humans physical forms are changed in small ways due to their environment from having purple eyes to stronger bone/muscle structure. It would be retarded that there wouldn't be humans that doesn't have black people. Not salamanders but african features.

>>600898143Too bad those often fall to Ork Snipers

>>600898115>what givesMatt Ward is a retarded faggot>>600897953They even had white people in their ranks too

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>>600897862This. I hate how newfags think its a 'white only' world. The books have always had blacks and women. I guess its just Holla Forumsfags being Holla Forumsfags.

How are they related?

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>>600895198Hasn't it been stated enough that as long as you are not a xeno, heretic, or a complete mutant, the empire pretty much sees you as a human? It is called the empire of men for a reason.

>>600898574The SEED.

>>600898574Same mom

>>600897119YASSSSSS im finna be a snarky girl you know it

>>600897552>40k>cutiesYou'll get your hiveworld mutts and you'll be happy

>>600898472They get all their "information" third hand from youtubers reading dodgy wiki summaries of random books and old 1d4chan memes. The whole online 40k community is infested with people who have never played the game or read any of the books but consider themselves lore experts just repeating disinfo to each other. Lots of agenda pushing happens in that confusion.

>>60089871740k official art throughout its history has been full of cuties

>>600898574>finally get a game about regular human underdogs in 40k>horus heresy autist needs to shove his gay soap opera super space marines into the threadfuck off

>>600898638You know after the schizo Holla Forums retard that shot up a bunch of people, I dont even know who is trolling or who is really drinking shit up.

>>600898891butthurt xenos player detected

>>600898725I blame archwarhammer and that ginger outrage fagget that started out as a mtg guy.Warhammer aint about female empowerment, diversity or any of that woke shit. But there's no reason it cant have women and different races in certain roles and theres no need for pant shitting over it.

>>600898891in all fairness is there isn't much to talk about since fatshark refuses to show gameplay past two second clips

>>600899029arch spread a lie that gene seed turns you into a clone of the primarch and the Holla Forumsacks ran with it

>>600899039gameplay trailer is next week

>>600898717warhammer can be sexy>Some of those buildings were modelled to represent lascivious deities: manybreasted, many-organed avatars of twisted lust. In the weird veil-light thehunchbacked shadows of dark gods seemed to brood everywhere. Spouts offlaming gas leapt up, adding further spasmodic illumination.>Other great buildings were giant mutated solo genitalia.>Horned phallic towersarose, wrinkled, ribbed, blistered with window-pustules.>Cancerous breast-domesswelled, fondled by scaly finger-buttresses.>Tongue-bridges linked these buildings, sliding back and forth.>Scrotum-pods swayed.>Orifice-entries pulsed open and shut, glistening.>Some buildings were in congress with each other: headless, limblesstorsos lying side by side, joined abominably.>hrough his magniscope Jaq spied nipples that were heavy-duty laser nacelles, and lingam shafts that were projectile tubes.>he inhabitants were mere ants by comparison with this architectonic orgy.>Eager, scurrying ants. Jaq's ear-mike picked up wailing music, drumbeats, screams,chants, and the throb of machinery.>The city pulsed and palpitated flexibly.>Somehow plasteel and immaterium were alloyed together.>Thus buildings moved>butted one another>penetrated one another>crawled upon one another.>Towers bowed and stiffened.>The deity buildings caressed and clawed at one another.>And the antlike inhabitants swarmed within and around and over, sometimes being crushed, sometimes sucked into vents, or spewed out.>Jaq turned away sickened, muttering exorcisms. Meh'Lindi's claw closed on his gauntlet and squeezed a couple of times consolingly.

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>>600899167Impressive to get paid to publish your fetishes

>>600898321that's literally a white guy in blackface, blonde hair and whiteguy pattern baldness and all

>>600899347>Salamanders are all wearing blackfaceTRUDEAU GET DOWN!

>>600899167wtf i want to fuck buildings now.Yeah warhammer can definitely have sexual elements. But the setting is grimdark, "cute" does not belong.

>>600899347What ever you say, retard.

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>>600895030>cut the IG bulldykeFucking based, I'm preordering.

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>>600899092Arch is also an insufferable faggot. Listening to him roll his R's makes my fucking blood boil

>>600899347I accept your concession

>>600898321Ok so they went from being anything to still being anything, except charcoal black

>>600898717>muh realismIf you take 40k seriously the entire setting falls apart, its absolute nonsense even by in universe logic.

>>600895030if we play as criminals wouldn't make lore sense for most characters to default to black?

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>>600899969They started as white, changed to mixed, then changed to mostly black, then changed to charcoal.

>>600900382So they never were anything then

>>60090013540k is tongue in cheek ridiculous with lots of winks and nudges at the audience but the setting does take itself seriously and conform to some standards.If you start throwing chinese style gacha cuties in the setting it aint 40k no more.Rich elites could afford modifications to look pretty but this game is about poor mooks living in filthy cities

>>600900135Its not about realism, its about aesthetic and tone.

she was cute

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>>600899039>implying the melee system won't be exactly like Vermintide 2>autoguns and las guns are assault rifles and DMRs respectively I'll admit I'm annoyed we haven't seen any usable special weapons such as shotguns(besides that giant single tube one), flamers, plasma-guns, melta-guns, gravitons, or volkite rifles.

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Sisters and their pet coomer.

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>>600900589>we haven't seen any special weaponsPay closer attention

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>>600897280You race obsessed faggots are never happy.>complain if theres a single black person>complain if there are no black peopleJust let it go, video game skin color has nothing to do with reality, just stfu

>>600900471No, I'm not referring to the few in universe jokes I'm talking about how its badly written, nothing makes actual sense and the motivation for almost every faction is primarily "yea they're just fucking dumb even though they're supposed to be smart">>600900551attractive people don't break the aesthetic of the imperium.

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>>600895198the entire salamanders chapter is black

>>600896558theres nothing more bizarre than anti-white racists using a white person as their reaction photo.Its like nonsensical chinese style wumao posts.

>>600900798They break the aesthetic of a rag tag group of prisoners brawling with zombies in the grime of the underhive

Do you guys like the new army?

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>>600900828due to a genetic defect

>>600900471>If you start throwing chinese style gacha cuties in the settingI hope they get a naruto tie in and a rick and morty tie in just like fortnite


>>600900781>Everyone I meet on the internet belong to one singular group and any difference of opinion between people is hypocrisy Grow the fuck up

>>600900631>do your best to rid Hive city of Nurgle taint>survive such horrors alongside your best buds>Sisters of Battle arrive and fight alongside you>they still deem you corrupted for being anywhere near Nurgle blighted enemies>have to go AWOL and fight your way out to a ship killing Sisters that want to burn you >or accept the holy cleansing fire with a prayer and a smileFUCK.

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>>600900872>attractive people can't be imprisoned.

>>600900945Says the guy racebaiting on Holla Forums

>>600895198There’s literally a whole space marine nigger chapter that will turn you into a hulking red eyed ape (probably high 24/7) with some fixation to forge shit and paint everything green

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>>600901014They aren't black though.

>>600900701>no gameplay clip of first-person firing oneI assume they'll implement a cooldown mechanic that will burn your ass if you don't vent heat at the right time.

>>600901014Salamanders arent negroes though. Thats just bad retcons.Its a gene defect and the people of nocturne just look like tanned germans

>>600900986attractive people imprisoned and subsequently sent on a suicide mission aren't going to have a great skincare routine or access to eyeliner

>>600901003I hadn't posted in this shit thread until I saw your retarded opinion

>>600900943The only "not new" thing about them is that they're short.

>>600895198The issue only arose because while the lore clearly says the IG is made up of every creed and sex the actual IG miniatures have always been white men. Its just been an oversight, and also painting skin is hard as fuck, and GWS isnt going to do a range of head options for different creeds. Literally only recently have IG gotten more non-white options but women still dont exist because GWS hates giving players choices and options when they can charge $10 per model on a $0.50 plastic print of the same white guy face theyve had since the 80s.

>>600900986This is actually true.

>>600901105>thats just bad retconswrong faggot, the gene defect is the bad retcon, the regular black skin came first

>>600901108>You need perfect skin and makeup to be attractiveHoly shit stop replying to me you retarded ape.

>>600898891I like space marines but don't like horus heresy shit.

>>600901014Salamanders are black like space or coal is black. They are not niggers. Moron.

>>600901129The shoulders on IG are unironically too large for even a dude. Slapping a woman's face on them would be grotesque, brave, and stunning.

>>600901212Horus heresy is marvel tier shovelware.

>>600895030On the one hand, customizable character classes. On the other hand, no UBERSREIK 5 (or 4, doesn’t matter). Nothing about these characters is going to stick just like the Back 4 Blood crew are absolute nothing burgers.

>>600901129That is probably the best answer.

>premise is sending in meatfodder to bruteforce a victory>first time they add in woke charactersBased.

>>600901180The mordian you posted literally has makeup on idiot

>>600901237The upsizing of unit models will hit IG one day like it hit marines, orks and chaos.

>>600901220Read the threat, it was retconned you dumb fuck. They originally had african features.

>>600900986>be a 10\10 qt imperium girl>get arrested for causing some commissar to have a boner and commit heresy>thrown into the prison cell with twenty underhive scumbags>corpse is dragged away the next morning

>>600901172no, thats basic marine fluff, they have gene defects. Normal people dont have charcoal skin red eyes and blonde hair.The way they were painted in Armageddon was a mistake. Stop lying.

>>600901387Oh so you're insane or shitposting, my mistake for talking to you.

>>600898638Damn this why Holla Forums must be nuked

>>600901370no they didnt you lying cunt>>600901426go overdose on your meds you silly race baiter

>>600901237Yeh Heroic scale makes everything look a bit fucked up once you pay attention to it.

>>600901356Can't wait for primaris guardsmen.

>>600900973neat movie tip thanks user

imperium of MAN, not imperium of WHITE MAN

>>600901387Crazy how they kept consistently making that same mistake across multiple publications for years

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>>600901347Nope eat shit retard.

>>600901302I always would roleplay as Saltzpyre doing his voice over mic while playing VT2. Guess I'll just do it even more while playing a male zealot.

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>>600901530its 40k years in the future 21st races dont exist.

>>600901489>Cawl invented an organ that makes guardsmen bigger, androgynous, and able to reproduce by budding

>>600895198>but isn't there some lore reason that black people don't exist?Black people existAnd no, not just salamander

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>>600901356We already have updated guard and they're not that much different, just better proportioned.

>>600901680Then you agree black skin people exist

>>600901489joytoyworld.com/products/joytoy-warhammer-40k-1-18-death-korps-of-krieg-veteran-squad?variant=42830590509283At least we have these now

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>>600901709Good thing we have you to post the 10th reply saying the exact same thing.

>>600896558>Tera planetWhere's that?>it always had many races.Science Fantasy and Science Fiction stories have this thing that, when you spread out far enough and enough time passes, modern ethnicity stop existing entirely. Taniths are known for being pale skinned and dark hair. Nocturnites all have Coal-ashen skin and bright red eyes, We don't even really know what the Krieg look like. The official languages in the Imperium are High and Low Gothic, but more than likely every planet has their own language, culture, upbringing, and belief system. Its talked about a lot how sometimes IG regiments can't even communicate outside of liaisons because the language gap is too wide. Most planets are monoculture and monoethnic. The whole "Every planet is a big melting pot where everyone suffers together." is a new thing because white women started yelling at GW.I'm actually surprised an All-Black man regiment wasn't already a thing.

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>>600901786Too bad they have the awful kill team designs.

>>600901680I mean they exists since technically you have humans evolving into psychers or affected by chaos biologically. Our idea of race isn't even close to what in the year 41K or even in the setting when it is basically all of humanity against just about everything murdering thing the galaxy decided to shit out. They cannot afford to even believe half the shit Holla Forums posts about when it comes to less than 1% genetic difference between humans.

>>600901763black skin isn't a race or culture.

>>600901052>>600901105>>600901220I didn’t know we had so many self-hating green wearing niguhs on Holla Forums. I would like to say sorry that your immortal Daddy Vulkan abandoned y’all, but I’m pretty sure that’s common among the Salamander culture

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>>600901804What? no?

>>600901763Black skinned humans would exist, where and on what worlds would be an interesting question. Ghetto blacks however would not exist as 40 thousand years into the future I’m sure not even they would be so damned hard to remove or change.

>>600901918>They cannot affordCommon misconception, nothing about the imperium is "necessary evils"Its ALL shooting yourself in the foot for no reason.

Fuck 4chan and their racist culture

>>600901998There's a few that show up in Catachan art and models, but that's just because they're all 80s action movie rips.

>>600902024you're here forever

Guys, I'm the one pretending to rage about colored people in this game. I false flag about it in every thread. I'm not supposed to tell you but today is my last day here. AMA

>>600896558I had a patient today that literally looked like this but even more beat up. Why do whores with big tits develop crippling addictions to alcohol and make me hate them because they're so fucking retarded and fried out to be worth my time. I wish all alcoholics would die alone at home rather than waste my time. Thats all. I hate women.

>>600901953almost half of the posts are one faggot. Every darktide thread is full of stupid niggers

>>600895198Black people exist in 40k. Pic related proves this.

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>>600902101bigger tits = smaller brains

>>600902018>for no reasonYou're doing it for him.

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>>600901848>Most planets are monoculture and monoethnicThat is pretty much impossible, specially when it comes to humans and the less contact they can have with each other planet wide (which is common I believe in the setting until the empire comes and that in itself pretty much forces melting pot because the empire itself is a culture that assimilates and gets assimilated).It is way fucking easier for a writer to just say this entire fucking planet is monoethnic/culture like any nation in our world because who the fuck is going to have the time to write an entire history of various groups of people for a product that is aimed to sell plastic soldiers.

>>600902141Orks are literally football hooligans if they were a race of mushrooms.

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>>600902141those are bongsyoutube.com/watch?v=ht7VTr9eom0

>>600902018you dont understand the lore at all. Quite literally everything the IoM does is for a reason, sometimes dating back 10s of thousands of years.You are a revisionist.

>>600895198You're wrong anonsadly but yeah there is still Black people in the 40 Millenium. they're green and talk like british people

>>600902220GW, in fact they have teams of both paid and freelance writers write novels for them expanding on the universe as a whole. The infinite and the Divine was one of the rare instances of a story in 40k not from the perspective of a human.

>>600902220no it isnt, they were isolated for like 40k years.Its even stated why planets or mono cultures.fuck off trying to force this boring idea every setting is like 21st century LA.

>>600895030>dedicated servers only>online only>no mod supportI will not buy your game

>>600902220>who the fuck is going to have the time to write an entire history of various groups of people for a product that is aimed to sell plastic soldiers.Black Library.

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>>600902304>skinhead yobos are blackskys

>>600901014>Not actually blackthis is a Negro not a Salamander, Salys are literally black

>>600902392so you like vermintide 2 lol

>>600902275This is a common cope and pure headcanon.In reality space marine terminators get killed because they don't wear helmets.

>>600902220>who the fuck is going to have the time to write an entire history of various groups of people for a product that is aimed to sell plastic soldiersAnon there's a whole EU attached to the franchise.

>>600902587terminators are normally depicted with helmets. Even if they don't have it on, they have a forcefield.

>>600902384>no it isnt, they were isolated for like 40k years.Do you honestly believe, with how fracture humans are in this planet, they somehow became monocultural and monoethnic when they are thrown back to throwing spears at each other and when it was common for planets colonized to have genetic adaptations to different parts of the planet?Various different cultures and different divergence of ethnicities would be incredibly common for humans when they have an entire fucking planet to themselves instead of a little island.

>>600895198Don't have time to be racist when there are xenos out there looking to murder/enslave/devour you.

They had nameless, faceless IG goon so that's all the representation I neededAlso you guys forgetting the most based psyker?

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>>600902165Think you're onto something

>>600902687>On another viewing hex, Space Marines in extra-heavy armour not dissimilar to Crisis battlesuits stormed a team of stealthers. The bulky shields of the gue’ron’sha were raised to deflect cascades of burst cannon fire. Farsight blink-froze the image; the Space Marine barking orders at his fellows had forsaken his helm. He sent the still to Ob’lotai across the cadrenet for his amusement, and then devised a vertical attack trajectory that would bypass the energy shields entirely, adding it to the mirrorcodex under Weakness Exploitation.>Farsight had seen a similar phenomenon in the tankers of the Imperial armoured divisions; their commanders liked to lean from the cupolas of their vehicles even in the middle of an engagement. The more he broke down the recurring patterns and strategies at large in the Imperial attack strategy, the more limited they seemed. This was a race that had long abandoned the evolution of its tactics in favour of linear, predictable doctrine.

>>600902754>earth is full of unique people who evolved unique cultures and appearances in isolation>its some how unreasonable to assume people from one founding group, completely isolated on another planet wont become very similar.

>>600902754>nooo its not realistic for sci fi planets to be mono ethnic and mono culturedNothing you say matters, they are.

>>600902846Tau lore isn't canon. Why do Etherals walk around out in the open with no armour so they can be sniped and destroy their armies morale?

>>600902984they have shield drones.But even if they had no protection it wouldn't harm my point, the entire setting is badly written.

>>600900879New lore is actually surprisingly very good and unique. Unironically love the fact they're a bunch of retard clones who are secretly worshipping defective AI. It's both fitting and unique to the setting.

>>600902935Do you honestly believe all humans will somehow accept being mono cultured or mono ethnic? People argue and create their own tribes over shit, and add to that to have an entire planet, not just a little island, I cannot believe a group of people whose technology doesn't even have the ability to send information over large distances somehow are able to keep an entire planet having the same culture or the same ethnicity. There at least has to be one group of people who see themselves different than another group of people when the you are talking the scale of a fucking planet.

>>600903232Didn't read.They are.

>>600901172But they were retconned multiple times

>>600903232Dan Abnetts Gaunts Ghost series has a battle take place on a world where competing hive cities go to actual blows when one of them fell to the ruinous powers. Before that, each city had their own independent cultures (presumably) and bitter rivalries with each other but so long as the taxes were paid it was fine.Then the taxes stopped being paid.

What’s the avg number of spergs per 40k thread?

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I sure hope it's not melee focused.

>>600903869All of them.

>>600895030>lame politically correct characters from trailer have been scrappedI remember the first trailer being shat on by 40kfagsKek Games Workshop should kill themselves

>>600895198There's an entire Space Marine chapter that only has negroes and they're the more decent ones.

>>600902220>who the fuck is going to [the entire appeal of the franchise]

>>600903987I sure hope it is melee focused

>"Salamanders are black" memeThey're not at all based on african americans or any "black race". They're legitimately anglo, they have anglo features. The only difference is their skin is charcoal black from their gene-seed.But there are legitimately black chapters, that are actually cool. Like the Celestial Lions.

>>600904442Yeah but they are oppressed by Ork Snipers

>>600895198There were black marines before you were even born.

Attached: 1654132272752.jpg (1295x885, 467.61K)

>>600904442You mean dead lions

>psyker is a spunky space mage that can easily control their powerI know this is such an autistic thing to get upset over and probably has no actual bearing on anything, but between this trailer and the one for Rogue Trader, as well as numerous other nu-40k media, depicting psykers as just epic DnD mages with "space magic" is fucking lame. Psychic power is supposed to be dangerous and psykers should be a ticking timebomb, only barely tolerated because they can sometimes work as useful weapons for whoever is ballsy enough to drag them along. Aside from Librarians, given that SMs have a much more disciplined (chemmed-up beyond recognition) mind, psykers should look and act like they're constantly tormented with fucked-up visions and dreams, and struggling to keep their mind and soul intact. Disheveled, esoteric, disconnected. Even if they've mastered their power, they should still look like cracked-up homeless people who go into schizo rambles about seeing the Emperor and shit.You can even get this effect without making them look ugly (pic related).

Attached: tumblr_pgc7luGrLk1vjjcaco1_1280.png (800x1272, 1.41M)


>>600904893I'll always chuckle at how dumb the body proportions were in old 40k.

>>600895091>Electric nigga Electric nigga is a decent build, but fairy / gun nigga hybrid is being slept on

Attached: 1654015079250.png (484x501, 269.53K)

>>600905225I think the psyker class has the same "overheat" mechanic that the pyro has in vermintide, unless I read that as a rumor somewhere

>>600905225Same thing for total wars mages and skaven>mages dont spontaneously explode>skaven can hardly murder their own mooks>skaven machines dont randomly blow up killing surrounding unitsI know it'd be difficult to translate into fun gameplay but damn, its a shame.

>>600905398That's probably what it's going to be, though I hope this time round they add effects from that psyker "fucky shit happening" table.>minor cosmetic phenomena for the party when the psyker hits orange heat>physical effects and controls fuckery when psyker goes red heatI thought of spawning lesser daemons or elite patrols when a psyker actually overheats and keels over, but that feels like it's punishing the party for the psyker player's lack of control.

by the Omnissiah i hope FS cares enough to add in all the cool weapons from even the older lore bits

Attached: 132512.jpg (556x826, 67.29K)

>>600906104>punishing the party for the psyker player's lack of control.The only problem with this is the obvious griefing

Why can't faggots and trannies leave 40k alone? Isn't Star Wars enough for these subhumans? How many Ip's do you need to co-opt strangle and murder with your mental illness?

Attached: 1547047094929.png (566x510, 717.6K)

>>600906823*Deep fake female voice*No

>>600903869she fucks horses

>>600906823thats sadly why they are bothering us. Btw this game LITERALLY has a tranny on the dev team. lol

>>600905225>but between this trailer and the one for Rogue Trader,Wait what?>its an Owlcat CRPGOH SHIT

Attached: 1571801074124.png (797x448, 588.44K)

>>600895198Y'all will literally make up shit lol

>>600906823>I'M BEING LITERALLY GENOCIDED!Play some vidya for once, rather than waging culture war on mongolian basket weaving forums.>>600906104>psyker spawns easily killed demons on red heat>temp health on demandIt'd be a neat mechanic, lorewise, but not gonna happen.

Attached: isleep.jpg (600x537, 38.1K)

>>600901804Mad as fuck because you got btfo.

>>600897119huh, I was just expecting different hairstyles and shit, nice

>>600903869It depends if its amerimutt hours as if it is then you get the salamander race argument with secondaries for the 567483495473023th time.

Okay Holla Forums what's a good Warhammer game I can play in coop with my bro?

>>600909273Dawn of War 2 and expansions

>>600905386Overlooked gem of a post in this schizo containment thread.

Attached: c5f.gif (250x250, 1.14M)

>>600895030>Nobody mentioning Boltgun.Is it too zoom-zoom here for boomer shooters now?youtube.com/watch?v=PCDPIrqZ2GU

>>600909406There's a thread about it but it went to shit

>>600908521Adding a token game related response after your initial culture war slapfighting doesn't make you any less of a hypocritical faggot. Here I can do it too.>>600909273Battlefleet Gothic 2 has a fun coop campaign if you like the ship combat.


>>600895198>some lore reason that black people don't existyes, it's the future


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>>600909442Let me guess, trolls fucked it up because its a Doom-like.

I had little hope with fartshart and how VT2 was handled but this premium currency bullshit before the game even releases is fucked.

Attached: premiumshit.png (623x312, 78.79K)

>>600909973There was an argument about the inspirations for Doom

>>600910070>how VT2 was handledThe same way they are doing it in Darktide? Big packs of paid cosmetics you can only buy with real money, then cosmetics in game with a premium currency you can buy or grind aka shillings.

>>600897119I wonder how close you could get to making a Tech Priest

>>600901918>Holla Forums posts about when it comes to less than 1% genetic difference between humansWrong. Niggers and white/asian people are different. They're like monkeys and gorillas. same goes for jews.Idgaf if you don't believe it, but that's the way it is and it's measurable.

>>600910319They'll probably double down on skinner box features this time around considering they want to support the game as a live service.

>>600909406Already tired of this fad

>>600910360Sounds like DLC

>>600895030Bros is it worth preordering?What is the history of the developers? Do they actually make good games and give good updates?

>>600910604ehh, i wouldn't be shocked if that was the case

>>600910319It's only gonna get worse the more ingrained it is in the game. VT2 is only that way because they implemented that shit halfway into the game and 90% of shit is lazy recolors and all the actual new models you have to pay for.Consider what happens when they have to sell exclusivity from the start of the game.

>>600910619Both Vermintide games peaked at launch, after that they were tossed around in a tumbler of bad decisions, terrible balance changes and shit nobody asked for.

>>600910619They make solid games but then ruin them with shitty updates. It looks like they're going to try to turn this into some kind of Warframe-style live service game with MTXes and all that F2P shit. Could turn out great like Warframe but don't hold your breath

Attached: 1633814730038.jpg (306x267, 29.87K)

>>600910619it's never worth preordering anything, you fucking mouthbreathing retardfatshark are terrible devs that make decent games and then fuck them up

>>600895030i hope their next fantasy game does the same but also makes it possible to make attractive women

>>600910742At the end of the day it's Chaos Wastes in 40k with a narrative, can't possibly be bad apart from grind.

>>600895091Librarian niggers from 40k are always based.

>>600901129>every creed and both sexesfixed

>>600910802>>600910742>>600910719How did the updates in Vermentide 2 ruin the game?

>>600910619>What is the history of the developersSo far at least with Vermintide - great combat, maps and characters ruined by bad or sparse updates and annoying, grindy meta-systems. They're pretty much the textbook example of how to kill a golden goose. They've been better in the last year or so though so they might have at least learned something, but holy fuck it was aggrivating seeing them fumble a good thing so bad. I'll still be preordering Darktide, despite that and probably against my better judgement

>>600898581Reminds me of that bit from TTS where Kitten was confused by the Emperor calling him black when he was more of a brown human skin tone.

>>600895030>Pay to play game>Premium microtransaction currency already confirmed months from releasenah

>>600895030Based, I wanted grim dark resource management, not this marvel capeshit where le quirky hero's need to drop 1 liners.

>>600910992If I like left 4 dead will I like this game?

>>600910619If you go in at launch, you'll get more than your money's worth out of it. Fatshark has a tendency to release great games that they make worse over time. That said, I still play Vermintide 2 from time to time because it does what it does better than anyone else. DRG is a contender but they're honestly oriented toward different types of play.

>>600911237I'd you liked Left 4 Dead but thought the melee system needed expansion, you'll like Vermintide/Vermintide 2 and will probably like Darktide. Bonus if you like WHF/WH40k.

>four ogryn squad>mission briefing becomes incredibly simple in large print>get lost anyway >wind up saving the hive by sheer luck, stumbling on ritual sites at the crucial moments as your 10ft special ed class try to find the way home, something to eat or the bathroom

>>600910619The game might be good, but no. It is not worth under any circumstances to preorder a game. You are trading those """preorder bonuses""" for the large risk of buying a bad game.The amount of buggy or unfriendly practices (MTX, battle passes, day one DLCs, etc...) are rampant these days.Wait for a couple days after launch to get hold of uncensored/unedited videos of the game, then form your own opinions wether you want to buy said game.

Attached: Adjusted for inflation.png (960x787, 156.78K)

>>600910619Fatshark is ran by a bunch of spastic (greedy) retards that don't understand why people enjoy their games in the first place. They release a game with a great foundation on launch, but do fuck all for quality of life fixes that matter and release absolutely braindead balance updates that force you to relearn the game for absolutely no reason. Also pre-ordering is just a shit fucking thing to do in the first place.

>>600910919>long stretches of time with no developer updates or feedback, leaving terrible bugs in for months>constantly reintroducing old bugs and old stats due to bad version control>overnerfing or breaking fun playstyles while leaving elf intact>updates to the combat 'physics' or feel which makes it confusing and less fun, didn't get fixed for months>three years with almost no content updates, just some old maps ported from VT1 (but with arguably worse colouring and not even the most fun ones) and a mappack that is so bad that people quit if they queue into them>Winds of Magic, which introduced the old Cataclysm difficulty and a bunch of good weapons but also started spawning Beastmen into all the old maps which were buggy and awful to fight, and arguably still are>as well as a clearly expensive and time-consuming challenge mode that was dead after a weekBut then they put out Chaos Wastes after everyone had assumed the game was dead and it was great, even better with updates. >>600911237Yeah I imagine

>>600911332Isn't that modern gameplay

>>600910919look up the Winds of Magic expansion (lol) on it's launch, even now after fixing most of the bullshit it's still poorly received and is the greatest example of Fatshit's tonedeafness with their playerbase.

>>600897552>a cutie>in a 40k penal battallionlmao

>>600912072Yes keep making excuses, meanwhile you wonder why all Sony protagonists are hideous hags.

>>600911332>inquisition handler trying to tard wrangle the squad over vox>take the left doorway>no your other left>no don't take the doorframe with you, go through the door>CRASH

>>600899167There is nothing sexy about the work of Ian Watson. In that same book Draco fucks a genestealer.

>>600912227Its warhammer you fucking retard, everyone is ugly.

Attached: 1596415975576.jpg (500x509, 71.1K)


>>600898574The Emperor's backstory keeps changing but I think the existing one is that he's the combined psychic energies of a shitload of human psykers from around the world during an unknown pre-historical time period. He would have every race of man genetically inside of him and pulled from that to make his sons.don't get me wrong, i'm glad it isn't the case but you'd think if he was capable of making 20 vastly genetically different sons he could have made daughters too; maybe he didn't want to risk the idea of primarch pregnancy or incest or something

>>600910619They did open betas for both Vermintides so I say wait before you preorder.

>>600895030am i the only one who would have loved mostly silent guardsmen, with the occasional situational comms, with the over the top voice lines being saved for when shit really hits the fan, or for death sounds

>>600912313I hope one of the ogryn tattoos is L and R on his hands.


>>600901014There is always some retard who will post this dumbass image (Salamanders are onyx black, not real-life African Black) and claim that the Salamanders are an entire chapter of Black people when they're mostly depicted as having Caucasian features with red eyes and onyx black skin because of their geneseed mutation. At least bring up the Celestial Lions or something if you want an example of a Black Space Marine chapter.

Remember lads.If someone joins your game with a female model. Kick them immedietly.

Attached: 1652846981458.gif (382x239, 1.71M)

>>600913438exactly, they are more interesting as genetic freaks

>"WOAH so many races and classes to choose from">Male, late 20s, blond, white or black hair>Guardsman with lasgun and some grenadesFOR THE EMPEROR!

Attached: This scares the modern AAA dev.png (1585x892, 1.24M)

>>600895203Kay.Pick one.Adeptus Maiwaifucus>MILFy Christmas cake>Cute without trying, passionate at her job>Actual tech wizard, machinery runs better around her>4 Mechadendrites, can customize them as she pleases>Has vibration settings>"If you turn me on, I don't think I have an 'off' button."Waifu of Battle>Hospitalar, loves to play 'doctor'>Thighs of thiccness>Never been in love before>Nauseatingly optomistic>Occasionally performs a minor miracle when you're not looking>"Every glass is half full with the Emperor!"Genestealer Waifu>No hair anywhere>/fit/ and never has to work out>Gives the best succ>Leg locks during sex at all times>Glass-half-empty worker dreg, requires love after long hours>"Holovids, ice cream, and sex. We'll be romantic tomorrow."Cultist Waifu>Idle rich daughter who can't ever pick just one cult>Has magic when it's Tzeentch>Can shapeshift when it's Slaanesh>Is perpetually bubbly and happy when Nurgle>Bulks up and becomes domineering when Khorne>"They only need one sacrifice on every sixth day, probably, I think."Craftworld Waifu>Psychic powers, super wise>Tsundere as fug>Weighs half of what you'd expect>Cooks the best food you have ever tasted>Prefers cuddling to sex>"I traversed The Path of Spoons. You WILL be the big spoon tonight."Tau Earth caste Waifu>Pleasantly plump>Complete nerd, obsessed with tech and culture>Adorkable at all times without trying>Brings home the best toys and robots>Also has a collection of 'other' toys>"I blew a fuse! Oh, it's dark. Very dark! Find me and hold my hand, quick!"Cryptek Waifu>Cold and unfeeling scientist>Being a test subject isn't so bad - she's literally completed science.>The longer she's away from the tombs the more she warms up physically and emotionally>Ends up extremely affection-hungry, desiring praise.>Can project a solid hologram of who or whatever you want around her>"The laws of physics? I wave to them as I pass, thank you very much."

Attached: d499088f9ae6a07d33d70daa10d70c7c.jpg (1024x1453, 191K)

It's an interesting case of a company being a victim of their own successPart of the reason the first trailer was received so well was that the 4 guardsmen WEREN'T cool, quirky characters. It gave off more of a desperate horror vibe and everyone watching could insert themselves and their friends into the guardsmen onscreenWhen the new trailer showed off the epic badasses it kind of deflated a lot of the tension and hype that they had before. I genuinely think that characters get a lot of attention but are mostly carried by the game itself. Vermintide's cast honestly isn't that spectacular or anything, but the game underneath is fun so the little character bits shine way more than they should. Devs probably see this and think it's the characters that carry the game, not vice versa.Anyways, if you played darktide with the cast they showed off, would you really feel like a soldier in the imperial guard? I know they're all IG units but guardsmen are usually together in a block of their own with the emphasis on the strength of many. If you're with all unique heroic units then they may as well just be space marines.

>>600914153My bad. The techpriestess pic is right before the SoB pic in my folder.

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>>600914281>Anyways, if you played darktide with the cast they showed off, would you really feel like a soldier in the imperial guard?I thought the point was that they were a inquisitorial retinue or a penal squad or something, not a proper Militarum regiment. Irregular squads à la Dark Heresy are more of the 'every character is a quirky snowflake specialist weirdo' that you see in media and video games like this one

Attached: 1501543236844.jpg (466x422, 15.75K)

>>600895198pretty wrong my nigga, its actually the opposite where humanity branched out in even more weirder races such as catgirls, hairy halfings or god knows what.

>>600895198You’re thinking of the salamanders being coal black rather than African Every race on earth and some we haven’t come up with yet exists in 40k

>>600895030Didn't the new trailer literally have a black guy in it?


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>>600913872>Implying I won't take an EARLY 20's Guardsman.Listen fellas, you either make an IG grunt or an Ogryn or you're fucking gay. Simple as.

Attached: Sarge.png (320x459, 56.73K)

>>600895030I used to play vermintide religiously, and hated what they did to it with several patches. On the one hand I miss slashing rats with my halberd, on the other hand, I don't want to give them more pennies.

Attached: it's all so.jpg (531x471, 90.77K)

That's why I an sticking to Inquisitor: Martyr.They gonna add Sororitas too.

>>600897589Yeah, when you hope you make an ass out of u and me

>>600916729Yeah I have over 200hours in VT2 because hacking up rats with a friend is mindless fun but Fatshark are absolute shit and don't deserve more money

>>600895198Retard. do you think none of the earthlike planets the imperium colonised happen to have equatorial populations?


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>>600901014Wrong chapterENTER

Attached: tumblr_31f880ccb64d8ca01c63c6a7e3818441_d0dd39a7_1280.jpg (1080x1350, 289.85K)

>>600901129>the actual IG miniatures have always been white menuser error, it's literally gray plastic and you can paint them how you like

>>600918438>racial features besides skintone aren't real

>>600901129If niggers and trannies don't like it, they can go and create their own fantasy world.Oh wait...

>>600914281>I know they're all IG units butonly one of them is (former) IGand they're all convictsthey're an inquisitorial retinue, they're supposed to be like your party in an RPG grabbing cool artifact weapons whenever they can find them

>>600918532not on a 3cm tall miniature

>>600900631What game is this from?

>>600897552found the tranny

Attached: 1652238670674.png (2289x2289, 1.12M)

>>600918758>not on a 3cm tall miniature

Attached: warpriest.jpg (939x941, 122.34K)

Why so much people unironically seethe as soon as they see a black person on a vidyagame???I can understand if the game is set in the holy roman empire or something like that, but in 40k? pathetic

>>600901356Marines got upsized because they were way too fucking small compared to literally everyone elseNow they're actually a head taller than a regular human like a marine should beIf they start scaling up IG models then they'll be back at square one where the huge-hulking demigods of death wearing a tank is the same size as Joe Farmboy wearing a helmet

Literally the only Adeptus Astartes chapter that actually care about normal humans.

Attached: Salamenders.jpg (1080x565, 63.07K)

>>600898864The Adepta Sororitas have a galaxy-wide monopoly on all cuties, and they're not sharing with the icky inquisition.

>>600916729Fucking Fatshark man. It's always the same story. They made a game, it's utter messy clusterfuck. They """"fixing"""" it, fucking it up even more, turning balance upside down. Then by some bizzare accident they making it good just for fucking it up irreversably with next couple of updates. They ruined every game they made.

>>600918864Some parts of the roman empire actually had a relatively high amount of blacks. Shoot higher, pre-roman Britain for instance.

>>600918864Niggers dont belong in sci fi because they're hardly even out of the stone age.


>>600918864Because they're just unironically racist and whenever they complain about "historically inaccurate" black people it's always in bad faith

>>600898574They're all fucking gay.

>character are literally the rejects from a hive world>WHY ARE THEY NOT SUPER PRETTY REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEholy shit fuck this board and fuck pol

Attached: 1633276480748.jpg (340x330, 27.8K)

>>600910698It might be because of, as you say, it being introduced later, but the legendary achievement skins always looked better than the premium content, which was always OTT

>>600904893lol what a reach

>>600899167I have all 3 books. I doubt Ian Watson had any idea how to make a 3-part story>sexual deviant inquisitor Draco discovers a plot to enslave mankind using a warp-creature to "merge" with big E and create a human hive mind>secret Inquisition branch "ordo hydra" behind it>goes to the eye of terror to learn more>finds nothing, decides to go to Terra to personally warn big E>in the interim has sex with his Callidus Assasin>sneaks onto the Imperial Palace by hiding in a box>big E stops time and transports Draci's soul in front of him, goes " i know the plot, lol, you will be my agent against Chaos">Draco and his band hide in stasis for 100 years>book 1 ends>"lol, the Inquisitors from the ordo hydra got rejuvenated, but in the process forgot about their plot and the chaos monster they've spread">it's never brought up again, so Draco is now considered a renegade inquisitor >decides that he has to break into the black library>said Callidus Assasin can only transform into a Genstealer (complete with a fuck-pouch) because special surgery>goes to see her (retired) Master, now living in a Dreadnought walking tank on a desert world>said master performs surgery so she can transform into other xenos (eldar in particular)>lone Imperial Fist SM joins them>they infiltrate the eldar when they raid said desert world>steals a book from the eldars, "tortures" one of them by slowly ripping the pages out of said book so he can get into the webway and the Black Library>breaks into the webway>assasin gets killed in eldar ambush>book 2 ends>Draco goes "lol fuck everything I need to find the spot in the webway where you can reverse time so I can resurrect my Assasin lover">kidnaps a random girl and goes REALLY weird about turning her into a copy of the assasin>Grimbo the Squat, the only party member who isn't a piece of shit is forced to make a false promise, knowing that by doing so, his honor and chances to ever build a family are now gone1/2

Attached: capture44.jpg (496x764, 189.97K)

>>600919461The ones sticking niggers where they dont belong are acting in bad faith.

>>600919929>Draco actually finds the spot in the webway where time flows backwards>resurrects the Assasin using the kidnaped and brainwashed girl>Assassin comes back to life still feeling the shock of her death (being impaled in a eldar energy spear), kills Draco in panic and runs away>SM and Squat are left there doumbfonded>lol, Draco is now a human spirit protecting the webway or some shit, idk"You can explain the story completely disregarding the two pervert navigators

Attached: DRACO_1.jpg (1079x1600, 491.35K)

Have you thanked your spiritual liege for the VA work in vermintide yet?

>>600919106kek, that's a good argument

>>600895030>lame politically correct characters from trailer have been scrapped>character creator has been implemented insteadthis isn't confirmed at all. the reality is that you can customise the base of the characters from the trailer by giving them new hair and shit

>>600920348Someone should inform this artist of the existence of necks.

>>600895198The Imperium is xenophobic, not racist. As long as you're human and not a traitor you're a-okay by their standards. Hell there's even gays in the Imperium.

darkies confirmed

Attached: 123233265.jpg (1252x702, 772.72K)

>>600895030The characters look soulless as fuck. Say what you will about Vermintide, but the characters were all pretty fun

>>600920875It's been confirmed you can pick male or female.


>>600921010All in black, the most bland colour combination in existence.

Attached: gorilla spin.webm (480x360, 2.23M)

>>600921010I'm absolutely going to play as a Psyker given the choice so it's being a nigga for me

>>600895198Iirc in old canon they were purging all niggers as genetically incomplete. I might be wrong tho.

>>600921104Call me tinfoil if you like, but I'm guessing it's because black was the colour scheme for legendary achievement skins in VT2, which are the only ones that mean anything.

>>600918917B A S E D

>>600921010>human character exclusiveWhy do allow Ogryns if they aren't human?

>>600914281The reason the first trailer was received so well was because they were fucking announcing Left 4 Dead/Vermintide in 40k, which is something people have wanted for ages. I didn't care about the four faceless guardsmen at the beginning because I knew they were placeholders for whatever actual class archetypes Fatshark was going to reveal later.Everyone who thinks this is a Militarum regiment or even a fucking penal legion is an idiot. It's a bunch of social renegades, convicts, and touched-in-the-head "volunteers" conscripted by the Inquisition a la Dark Heresy.

>>600895198what the fuck are you talking about you retarded subhuman there are black people in 40k kill yourself

I just want a fun COOP game where i can have 4 ogryns bash in heads and have a jolly fun time, I dont even care for women or blacks as long the game actually delivers.VT2 had a band of unusual misfits and their character interaction was the thing that sold it the most.But alas, as is Fatshark, I'm better off just playing ratclicker instead of hoping for chaosclicker.

Attached: 1652613751581.jpg (1024x873, 46.43K)

>>600921514Sanctioned abhumans, same as squats and ratlings. Bonus is that Ogryn are easily taught to love the Emperor and not question orders, plus they're inherently more resistant to Chaos than the average human.

>>600895030Smart. But not exciting.

>>600895198Anon, why do you think the imperium is collapsing? Because there are still niggers living in there.

Attached: ban_assault_niggers.png (586x434, 65.64K)

>>600920338and black people don't belong in 40k because...?

>mfw black Ogryn

Attached: 1534350093888.jpg (298x228, 65.28K)

>>600895030>premium currency for skins on launch I hope devs won't lock gameplay features or guns behind the paywall.

>>600922871They put many of the best/most fun weapons and classes behind DLC in Vermintide, I wouldn't put it past them. At least the currency was just to buy cosmetics and you could grind it

>>600895030>premium currencynow, what is your move?

>>600906104Creative idea user, but it's gonna be the same bar from Vermintide, and certain weapons will have it too like Bardin's did

>>600895198You're wrong and apparently a tertiary "fan" at best

>>600905225>psykers should be blah blah blah blahwhen will you retarded faggots learn that WH's shitty lore is fucking meaningless when it doesn't translate literally anywhere besides the fluffstop opening your fat sweaty jowls to bitch and moan about how the game isn't faithful to how cool it looks in your head

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>>600906823it's a hobby that attracts autistic males. do the math.

>>600897119This is the worst news I've seen about Darktide since its announcementI was so excited and it's all just fucking gone.I guess V2 having some of the best written and performed CHARACTERS wasn't enough, so they replaced them with fucking make-a-characters.How many times does this industry have to disappoint me? Why the fuck can't I just get excited for something and enjoy a release without getting all my hopes spit on? I just wanted Vermintide but 40k, that's all I expected, that's all I wanted. Apparently that was too much to ask.

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>>600923976But there are rules in the tabletop for psykers exploding, and previous video games have depicted them as unhinged lunatics

>>600912072lorelet alert

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>Entire Planet and Space Marine Chapter of Mongols>This is fine>A singular black guardsman>End of world

>>600910919WoM is the only bad expansion, everything else was okay. Fatshart are incredibly lazy and work slower than almost any professional developer I've seen. They make promises they can't keep, set (for them) unrealistic deadlines nobody believes and don't fix gamebreaking bugs. Usually once an update (excluding WoM) they'll introduce something bad or just very disappointing>bogenhafen had good maps and weapons but terrible looking purple legendaries>chaos wastes was originally slated to have actual demons from every faction but it just ended up being all nurgle and was explained in-game as the rest being "away on campaign"; in addition the actual chaos wastes had huge bugs as well as split the playerbase between the wastes gamemode and quickplay; CW is basically dead now, good luck ever finding anyone playing it>ubersreik was mostly okay but all the maps (especially engines of war) had massive game-breaking bugs on release and EoW was virtually unplayable until 2-3 weeks after release>winds of magic; just all of it except the billhookAlso a versus mode was originally planned and partially shown off but it's been years since it was announced with absolutely nothing since then and it's extremely unlikely it will ever come out. It was probably abandoned after work on Darktide started and V2 went on life support. Fatshart is barely capable of working on one game, nonetheless two at once.

>>600912387*laughs in Commissar*

>gamers mad because black characters>not because half the team was now female or anything

>>600925073Mongols are based they fucked up China and Romans and aint afraid of anything

>>600918917Thats not even close to true in any shape or form

>>600925186Most commissars that aren't named Mary Sue Cain are also ugly

>>600910919Unpolished updates and SLOW updates.Vermintide 2 got way less post-release content than it should have for a game of its caliber because 1. Fatshark is slow and 2. they admitted they had no fucking idea people would like it as much as they did. They expected, at best, for people to play for 80 hours and never touch it again when in reality you can get hundreds of hours easy without getting bored of it.The massive Fatshark hate I think is a case of people getting burned on something they love which amplifies their feelings.Vermintide 2 is one of the best games ever made, it's just a shadow of what it could have been with a more reliable developer, better post-release content, and at least a fucking marketing firm so it wouldn't be niche.

>>600918438Facial phenotypes are a thing and yes, all IGs apart from a few new ones are white featuresPeople paint them black/asian sometimes, they look like shit because they dont have those features.

>>600925436don't use words you don't understand, fren.

>Fire Warrior 2 never everI just want a single good tau game

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>>600925085They should get out of Sweden ASAPTaxes there are fucked upExplains why they sold 36% of their stakes to Tencent and then rapidly started to churn out paypig skins.

>>600922618Because if niggers were still around in 40k, humanity would have never left Terra.

>>600921010>GW condescendingly tells players they "glorify fascism" by liking the Imperium>Darktide characters dress in fashwave outfitsThis company's left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

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>>600921010>premium currencyfuck, there goes any hope i hadi knew this is the direction they were heading in with the "cosmetic upgrades" for each new class and shillings shop in V2 but I was really hoping we wouldn't go this farhope it gets pre-emptively banned in Belgium/NL so I'll know whether or not it has lootboxes (it will)I'm sure people will bitch at me because "it's okay as long as it's just cosmetics" but I don't care; I don't know when that became the standard by which MTX are acceptable but I want to go back. Cosmetics only being available through payment means you don't get things like we had in V2 with Okri's Challenges where you have to actually play the fucking video game to unlock things. You take away rewards for playing the game and instead just milk whales so they can give their Ogryn a cool helmet for only $9.99

>>600910619Vermintide 2 was great at launch, shit for years of updating, and is now fantastic with Chaos Wastes.Personally im not yet jaded enough to think fatshark will fuck this up. V2 recent updates and success will influence them heavily.

>>600895431ey tone. check out that kid. doesnt even know how to thin his paints

>>600895198It's just an English centric series, everything was always from an English point of view. Only recently did it become completely americanized.

>>600925740V2 has been blasted for its recent dlc practices and cosmetic system, and now everything is fair game through drops or ingame currency.Seems autistic to bag on cosmetics which you can earn ingame without paying a cent. Especially in V2, where you choose which hats drop.

>>600902141>>600902269>Arsenal consists exclusively of shit slapped together in a shed

>>600925892Is it? Because last time I checked you had to have spent money on the 'cosmetic upgrade' DLC for any of the new classes to even have the option of obtaining those cosmetics. You still have to unlock them in-game, you're not just given them but if you just buy the class without the cosmetic upgrade then you can't get them period. If they actually backtracked on that then great but looking at the DLC page on steam that doesn't appear to be the case.

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>>600897494It's a very typical American liberal approach to being "inclusive". Nobody really cared about the black inquisitor on DoW, but they do about these characters. They're there to be a political statement, not to be a decent character or serve a story in some way.

>>600897494Calm down faggot, your precious negroes will be in the game and that's all that matters right?

>>600925892Fatshark never has and never will give a shit about anything their community has to say, break it's promises and abandon a game the moment they think it isn't worth supporting it anymore. And as an added bonus they will try to include spyware into their software on behalf of their Chinese masters and act dumb when the community finds out.Vermintide 1 is still promising mod support "soon" btw.You should absolutely always expect the worst from Fatshark

>>600925746Core mechanics like the damage split on unchained literally did not work on launch what the fuck are you taking about

>>600925614imagine thinking Ciaphas "baseline human that fought an Ork warlord in hand to hand combat and won" Cain isn't a Mary Sue

>>600924729>well sometimes they have a wacky personality and do self-damageUh huh, and which ones had them conjure up warp phenomena like blood rain, ice storms, fucked gravity and daemon incursions like in the lore? Mordheim, sort of?

>>600925669>they sold 36% of their stakes to TencentDid they really? Guess I'm skipping Darktide.

>>600925439You forget they completely abandoned their roadmap and keep lying to their community. They literally did not have a QA department until recently

>>600895198Great bait user

>>600910835My man Jonah

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>>600927034Literally doesn't matter at allOne of V2's biggest strengths was its amazing characters and they replaced that with a character creator, which includes replacing the fucking voiceso whoever has the coolest gun, I guess

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>>600925737>all black = fashwave You're a fucking retard.

>>600926945RIP, it was fun while it lasted (sometimes)

>>600925737>fashwave is mall ninja shitlol

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>>600895091You say that like Static Shock wasn't cool.

>>600900589they mentioned plasma guns, rippers, lasrifles etc. and said that each of them will have a special attack(so like Rapier, Billhook in Vermintide) that ranges from overcharging a plasma gun to having a flashlight for the lasrifle which will be of great use because in one of the first articles they mentioned that there will be blackout level modifiers sometimes

>>600900879like the lore but the design doesn't really sit right with me

>>600929730>there will be blackout level modifiers sometimesso like in vt2?

>>600910919Winds of Magic was fucking awful but with the Chaos Wastes update V2 is in the best state it has ever been. Almost every opinion you read on here is by people who played the game for 30 hours tops at launch and then never looked at it again. And they're all Champlets too, of course.

>>600895198It used to be english centric, Americans and foreigners might seethe but blacks in the UK were non-existent until the 60s and we've never really had them in large numbers until very recently. It's like when people ask why there are no black hobbits, well that's because despite historical revisionists attempts to say otherwise the UK has been ethnically homogenous for well over 900 years. Modern Warhammer has definitely been Americanized, we've imported American rac/id politics that don't even apply to us so now we're LARPing otherwise. Also, Salamanders are coal-black skin with caucasian features.

>>600930818it will be similar to the Chaos wastes according to the first article so I'm thinking there will be classic levels and Chaos wastes like-expeditions that will then apply various modifiers similar to weekly challenges and CW curses

>>600909973It looks like shit, melta is a literal shotgun. Couldn't be bothered to make it a stream of fire.

>>600931131most of Holla Forums stopped playing at WoM and the big content drought before Chaos wastes. It's funny seeing people parroting shit about bugs and gameplay issues that haven't been in the game for literal years

>>600895030Unironically yes. Any game can be improved with a character creator, its also a fairly easy way to keep adding updates to a game and keep players moving toward something that isnt pay to win but can still be paid for, so the playerbase stays more active and the devs get to get their holy grail of "game makes money from players after they have purchased it". Its a win all around and Im not sure why its not happening more.

>>600931541>more character...better!!!blow your fucking brains out

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>Darktide thread>Every post is retards chimping out about women and niggers despite women and niggers being lore friendlyI can't wait until the game comes out where discussion is even more impossible

>>600925439>fatshark hateI've literally never seen this outside of 4chan, and 4chan hates everything except cats and elden ring

>>600932717If only you could read.

>politically correct characters what does tht even mean?

>>600933087diversity/multiculti affirmative action characters

>>600902220> until the empire comes and that in itself pretty much forces melting pot because the empire itself is a culture that assimilates and gets assimilatedThe vast, vast majority of Imperial citizens never leave their home world, it's not some cosmopolitan melting pot other than *maybe* Terra itself.Space travel in 40k is dangerous and expensive, the only people doing it regularly are traders, the military and the Inquisition. A huge portion of the Imperium lives in lower-tech conditions than we live in today, most of the cool high-tech stuff is only used by the nobility.

>>600932554>character creator bad>posts a game without one for some reasonshut the fuck up retard

>>600933046Literally first ten posts >>600895198

>>600931131>champletsbut champ is literally walking simulator and even cata is boring if just 1 person gets something like chain lightning>cata is hard btw

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>>600932554>more characters=character creatorYou probably misread, if you didnt, there is a clear and obvious difference between creating a character appearance yourself and picking one of the prescribed characters the game offers from a list.

>>600900828in color, not race

if you're not playing an entirely nameless/faceless imperial guardsman with a helmet on at all times, I want nothing to do with you

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There are no black people in W40K, not a single one. any attempt to tell you otherwise comes from the same people attempting to convince you that your countries have always had black people.

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>>600934808What if I play a Ogryn with a helmet?

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>>600935651Unironically this, it's a British inspired faction from a universe made up in the 20th century, guess what Britain was like in the 20th century.

>>600935748you cool, you can stay

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>>600933087Basically characters made without a personality, made for the sake of having a black/asian/women etc. Characters like Coach don't fall into this group.

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>>600925656Tau players deserve nothing but comtempt

>>600935786You know 20th century was last century right? As in, the last 120 years.

>>600935786>>600935651>I dont actually play the tabletop, games, rpgs, or even read the books. gotcha

>>600936553Anon, literally nobody here cares about some boomer Barbie & Ken collecting game, people just want to play vermintide 3.

>>600936248>By far the worst race in 8th edition>Gets a new model once every 2 years>Has to remember a million fucking rules>Can't even buy Drones separately anymore>Tied for least played army together with genestealersWhere did the Tau player touch you, user?

>>600937020ok commie

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>>600937151Oh you don't even play the game. Move on, secondary

>>600936528The 20th century means 1900-2000. How would 120 years be in a single century, you dumpling?

>>600936553nose check

>>600896056> Hoard-based shoot-scoot> "But what about the characterization!"

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Celestial Lions are pretty based.

>>600938161to be fair, the random banter between characters in Vermintide makes the game better

>>600918917> What are the Lamenters?

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>>600918760looks like Gladius, its very boring

>>600939126They not dead yet?

>>600939501I think only one is still going, a Dreadnaught, but still.

>>600910619>Pre-orderJust stop.You gain literally nothing from owning the 'super-de-duper, early-adopter limited edition' version of a game. Exercise some self-control and wait for user reception for goodness sake.

>>600902846The text even says he has an energy shield.

>>600901014Salamanders aren't black>fanart we wuz shit

>>600921010>pay $25 for the color blackI was excited for the character customization, but it's going to be totally gutted so that they can sell grossly overpriced microtransactions, isn't it?

Attached: 1643842990719.gif (478x360, 1.36M)

>>600910619I would say no in principle, and the pre-order bonus isn't much more than cosmeticIf you want to play a classicly buggy launch then do itelsewise, Fatshark have said that all Mission DLC for Darktide will be free

>>600939501Being fully dead means they get to stop suffering, they'll keep going eternally just to drag it out more.

>>600940816>Fatshark have said that all Mission DLC for Darktide will be freebased if true, you got a source for that?

So is each player able to pick any archetype without limits? Can you come in with four Ogryns?

>>600895198Because the imperium of man does not allow for subhumans, even ogryns are a borderline case, if they weren't such a huge asset and easily manipulated to fight to the death, they'd be purged from the face of the earth.

>>600941061Fatshark twitter paid a youtube do to make a Lore video, and then promoted the videoIt was a piece of info stated at the end of the videoThey don't want to break the community again

>>600941283Wondering the same.

>>600926636>"baseline human that fought an Ork warlord in hand to hand combat and won"You mean the time he was completely overpowered and only won by trickery and the fact the ork wanted to kill him slowly?Try not being a parroting faggot next time.

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>>600941463Either they let players go crazy in this regard or there will inevitably always be one player left without choice forced into the last role, unlike Vermintide where 5 heroes means you'll always have at LEAST two heroes to pick from. Before they had no room to avoid this pitfall, but if its entirely custom characters then now the problem is solved

My philosophy is very simple, I do not play as women or non whites in video games

>>600941647Cain fucks a slaaneshi witch, escapes a necron tomb, single handedly raises a refugee army and kills the ork warboss in single combat to win the war, duels a khorne berserker to a standstill, and I haven't even listed half his books at this point


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>>600895030>FatsharkMaybe in a year or two when it's on deep discount and has less exploits.They'll leave the bugs and glitches though. Like their last games.

>>600941823>Cain fucks a slaaneshi witchNope, he nearly got enchanted and only survived because Jurgen burst in on him at the right moment>escapes a necron tomb,Because they were busy slaughtering the mechanicus troops actually fighting and he ran away>single handedly raises a refugee armyArmy mostly comprised of PDF guerilla troops he rallied>kills the ork warboss in single combatAlready gone over that> duels a khorne berserker to a standstillheld it off for less than half a minute while Jurgen got into position to shoot it with a meltaBy all means list more shit you read off a wiki. It's doing a better job making you look stupid than I could.

40k has both racial regiments and mixed regiments.Valhallan Ice Warriors=SlavsTallarn=Arabs

>>600942103Cain is routinely described as a master duelist in flashbacks to the academy and in the fact that he is able to survive head to head against things like warbosses and berserkers, your denialism is weird.>shit you read off a wikiI read the books

>>600942694>able to survive head to head against things like warbosses and berserkersSo now it's survived, not beat? You were originally squealing about him beating the former in a fight and dueling the latter to a standstill, when both are obvious bullshit at a glance. Going to take another go at it?>Cain is routinely described as a master duelist in flashbacks to the academy>in flashbacks to the academy>I read the booksGood job outing yourself. His academy days are barely touched on outside of Amberly noting he was rated well in them.His skill largely came from the field, obsessive maintenance and when a techmarine helped him out

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>>600943097He literally does beat the warboss faggot. He literally kills it in one to one combat.There is definitely a flashback about his dueling days at the academy and the difference between a chainsaw duel and a regular sword duel, and managing the weight of the weapon.

>>600900828Yes but literally. Even afro imperials who got the salamander gene would be unreasonably blackened.

>>600895030>decide to remove real characters which fatshart have proven they can write based on the vermintide cast>instead you get to create your own in this hack and slash because...? Congratulations

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>>600943276Not by overpowering it in hand to hand combat you shamelessly disingenuous retard.His attacks are utterly ineffectual and the warboss effortlessly grabs his chainsword. He kills it by shoving his pistol in its eye as it's gloating. He won because it was trying to kill him with his own weapon rather than ripping his head off.That's just as retarded as claiming he fought a berserker to a standstill when he flat out says he's dead if the fight continues any longer.>There is definitely a flashback about his dueling days at the academy and the difference between a chainsaw duel and a regular sword duel, and managing the weight of the weapon.the fuck are you on about?

>>600943569>>instead you get to create your own in this hack and slash because...?More potential for monetisation.

>>600943569Yes, see Deep Rock Galactic, make the class the character. I have no issue with this, I want more shit to mess in regards to making characters so Ill take less characterization for sure.>but the charactersI dont care, I liked them well enough, but from a gameplay standpoint I just dont care. After the 10th time youve heard the same character interaction it loses its charm. Just give each class a personality/archetype and itll be fine.

>>600943748>the fuck are you on about?I might be thinking of a Gaunt flashback honestly

is space marine a good game

>>600943768This. I don't mind it as one of the things I wanted most was to be able to just run a squad of guardsmen, but it does definitely open the door to even more predatory cosmetic pricing.

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>>600944442PvP is fun af (and it's still alive, at least in EU), coop is ok and singleplayer is lame.

>>600944608Single player is fun once, of course. I had the most fun with the horde mode years ago, exterminatus mode I think its called.

Attached: E_k97msUUAcDVOP.jpg (930x1565, 1.15M)

>>600902101why exactly are you a doctor if you hate treating people

>>600895947exaclty user, imperium of man, not niggers

>>600921010Why do i feel like they are actively hurting themselves by these types of announcements. Oh boy, gamers sure do love their Special Ultra Rare Editions for extra 40$

>>600945970It's shitty for sure, but I guess at least FS isn't trying to release this at full AAA price. If the cosmetics it gives you are particularly good but you don't want to pay that price, just wait a while and they'll probably release an upgrade like they did for the VT2 collector's edition so you can wait for it to go on sale.

>>600938161L4D and Vermintide both were pretty into this, seems like a legit point.


>>600900828I feel like their skin is just dark. All the official art show them as white people with dark skin. Vulkan especially looks like a white dude that had some bad shit happened to h and turned black


>>600896396>You can choose the voice for your characterreally, is this confirmed?can you also change gender?

They added character customization?That's pretty neat, maybe they learned from the Battlefield 2042 horse shit.

Attached: 1399611162592.jpg (640x651, 52.5K)

>>600940682Yes, sadly I misred your post as "pay $25 dollars to be the colour black" at first - which honestly sounds like a great buisness model because it takes a shitton of money from wokies - but no, they probably are going to charge money for cosmetic costume changes and, if your lucky, they might pair these with class changes like vermintide does so it feels like your not wasting all your money on shit you don't need

>2700 roubles price>more than 40$I thought it's because they're cucks that hate russkies, but they decided to charge almost full price from hohols also! Fucking epic, your country is being bombed, but Swede will still charge full price from you fucking lmaoVermintide 2 cost was around 10$ btw

Attached: 148e9d182a59a4c2a917d8e8b827e14b.jpg (2048x2048, 283.59K)

>>600954594>buying any game at launchYou know you shouldnt do this, but you keep doing it. Wait for the price drop and the game to be in a stable state.

>>600955038I'm not buying, I'll play coop with friends on pirate version.I'm not paying full price for a fatshart game.

>>600895203she's stinky

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>>600939790They finally died off? Didn't they get primaris reinforcements?

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>>600895198yeah, black skin just wouldn't exist in a space faring humanity, not for long anyway. everyone would become pale as fuck fairly quickly. you can make an argument of terraforming some very well lit planet to the point of being able to spend the whole day outside naked but that would take generations and society would need to degrade much further than 40k did for it to occur often enough for darker skins to become prominent again.

Fatshart needs to hurry up an have a beta or to show some actual footage of the game

>>600925073China can go in space.

>>600895030>lame politically correct characters from trailer have been scrappedThe fact that they were the in the first place already means they lost my purchase.


>>600925737A wave would I think imply that there would be a lot of it but no one knows wtf your talking about.

>>600899347Salamanders are literally white reverse-albinos so it checks out.

>>600929193the school shooting episode was wild and way ahead of its time

>>600943097Not that user, but I've been reading through the series again recently and Cain does bring up his duelling instructor more than once in a 'thank god he taught me so well or I'd be dead right now' sort of way. His rigorous practice is also described as a habit drilled into him by his old instructor.

>>600949337>Vulkan especially looks like a white dude that had some bad shit happened to h and turned blackThat's basically exactly what happened, the radiation from his planet's star had a funky interaction with his magic superhuman genes and caused his skin to turn pitch black and turned his eyes blood red.

>>600963789>hits bluntso you sayin he wuz like me

>>600956458no, that user is lying, the dreadnought only thinks he's the last

>>600955591I've heard of blue waffle but this is crazy

>>600898574no one gives a fuck about space niggerines outside of your faggot plastic doll tabletop ""game"". when the content gets interesting you are left out for a reason. kill yourself