Is it the greatest co-op game ever made?

Is it the greatest co-op game ever made?

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>>600892013I wouldn't say greatest, but I am having a lot of fun.

>Before 1.0 threads: every enjoyed the game as it was>After 1.0 threads: >>600892116what the fuck happened to this place? the game hasn't changed much in terms of direction and gameplay, and still no femdorf to get mad about

>>600893010newfags trying too hard to fit in

>>600893010The more threads are made about a game, the worse the threads get. When it was a niche indie game, the threads were comfy. Now it's just typical Holla Forums

>>600893010I'm mad that there isn't a femdwarf.


>>600892013I would say Vermintide 2 was just a bit better, but it's a close second

>>600893312the scout

>>600892013>Reddit: The GameNo.

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>>600894274>everything i don't like is reddityou should try developing a personality

>Holla Forums will defend this

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>>600894274Unironically explain what is wrong with the mod in your image without using a single buzzword and write a coherent thought.

>>600894274>this random player made mod to remove a voice line is why this game is badwhat

>>600894402you didn't need to post a webm just to show that scouts are retards

>>600894483>coherent thought.reddit

>>600894402>grapple hook into darkness>die from unknown threats and hazardsWOOOOWWWWW

>bacon, crispy>beer, craft>beard, epic>reddit, goldYep, it's Deep Rock Galactic time.

>>600892013It’s not the greatest but it certainly is in my top 5

>>600892013it's good but so repetitive

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>>600894402his teammate is right there. Who are you trying to fool with this?


>>600892013Is it worth getting into now? Trying to find something to play on the deck.

>>600893010>game gets more popular>more threads about it>culture dilutesYou can only enjoy the private club so long with a game this good.

>>600894974at least it's not l4d or vt-tier of rush from A-to-B playing the same, 100% identical maps for 2000h+i mean those games are good but I don't see myself going more than 40h, maybe 80h for VT because of varied characters and skills


what are some good mods to play withalready unlocked everything and played with everything several times over, is starting to feel stale

>>600898273any good mod that isn't QoL is tagged as Approved anywaybut if you are desperate, invite 1 or 2 friends and make them suffer with the Mission Control Modyou can spawn off-biome shit, deploy lights, sentries, Dreads, etc. while your friends curse your existenceyou can also reshape terrain and spawn in minerals with it

>>600892013Has anyone else been having problems connecting to games since Season 2 dropped?

>>600894274REDDIT? REDDIT!!!R-E-D-D-I-T!!!

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>>600896345I have barely been playing a week and having fun with it. Its co-op, but you can play solo and you have a little droid that you can order around. The starting areas are pretty easy and I think start you at haz 2, which means you have to try to die. I like the communication that develops around saying rock and stone, and pinging things.

>if you get drunk and stand around your dwarf starts wobbling I love this game

Classy moves team

>>600894527*sips* And then you fall off a zipline and cry for me.

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>>600892013Name any other game where you can get drunk and pet machines/wildlife.Best game.

>>600901339>I don't get why everyone says these walking sacks of minerals are cute >*pets the lootbug*>No one hurt this one ok! I named him Larry.

>>600901442Lol>*pets cave vine* "I'm gonna name you RrrrrrrrrrRRRRrrrrrREDDITO!!!"Simply. Epic.

>>600901658Get some new material you boring lonely faggot.

>>600892013I don't know, I only play solo with Bosco. It's very lonely.

>>600901337Yeah, do your fucking job and get those fucking fossils, you lazy cunt.

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>"Hey guys, I just figured out what the error cubes are for! You take five of them and insert them into the- ah I lost it."Do you think we'll ever actually get some closure as to what the error cubes will be used for? Do you think it will grant access to something or be used to purchase special cosmetics since they're visible in the cosmetic shops resource count?

>>600902315No and no

>>600902315it's all human technology trust me I played the tabletop

>>600892013Eh, I'm bored of it after 180 hours, no real progression left aside from collecting the remaining trash OCs in the hopes that they might not be trash one day and missions feel very samey.

>>600894402Just because scouts can move forward so quickly doesn't mean they should. A good scout plays his class with the group like the other classes and only uses the grapple sparingly. If you had done that your allies would have been able to back you up in that room. The moment you get complacent and let your guard down in drg is the moment you get rekt.

>>600893312Every dwarf is female

>>600894402>scunt being a scunt

>>600902713I'm nearing 500 hours and no longer do daily missions, s2 is not horrible but it was a letdown for me and I will let myself recharge while they work on future content

Bros, they won't. But if they ever did, what melee primary would each class get?

>>600892013Yes, it is. Without a doubt.I can say this with a good 30 years of gaming experience.

I hope we see sum elfs next season cuz I want to lobotomize whoever made this shitty robot

>>600903638>want to lobotomize whoever made this shitty robotmore robots


What's your favorite meme build to run?For me it's fire arrows and heat dump drak

only 5 more scripts and I finish the season, see you in... how long to s3? :)

>>600904968late autumn


>>600903881What qualifies a meme build?I like goo bomber special and facemelter. I also run endothermic explosion with turret em discharge and lures.

>>600902315I just want to meet Karl, dead or alive

>>600898273>Essential>Important>Can't see shit>Want some fun

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weak bait

>>600894274>mod for a game somehow colours your opinion of the entire game.While we're at it, fuck bethesda for disrespecing George Carlin by allowing Thomas the Tank Engine content without Mr Conductor.

>>600908007that's them, as a company, saying>"no way fag"review your reading comprehensiondo you want them to openly hostile to the "minorities" so that news outlets can come together, and god forbid twatter "journalists" to rip them apart?

'Ate elves 'Ate robots (except Lloyd and Bosco)'Ate bugs'Ate leaf lovers'Ate scouts (not racist just don't loike 'em)'Luv me guns'Luv me beer'Luv noitra'Luv red suga'Simple as

nemesis should drop a data cell

>>600910317but it doesnt gather datait exists to kill dorfs

>be driller>join a salvage run>everything is going smoothly until we reach the part where we assemble the battery>teammates started acting like like reddit cringe (i.e. spam click the laser pointer on something usually a gold nugget)>my teammates turn out to be trans>not on my watch>toss a C4 and nuke us>3 of us are down>engie struggles to help us but succumbs to the bug horde>Host shits himself in rage>type "lol" and leave

Reddit faggot game

Do lootbugs despawn if you don't kill them fast enough or if they eat too much? I've been wondering if I should prioritize killing them on sight or not be so fussed about it.

>>600910818I only kill them if they're in the way or there's too many around and they're being annoying.


>>600911061I mean that just seems like letting minerals go to waste to me, but I remember hearing they would multiply what they eat so if they stuck around it would be convenient to kill them one by one and just let them pick things up rather than try to grab everything.

Would be if you had more to play for than a handful of guns for a handful of classes. Doing weeklies for overclocks is a joke. It's such a waste of a godly playground. Add a monhun style weapon crafting system or wacky procedurally generated weapons like god intended and it's a 10/10.

>>600910546I bet this didn't sound like pure unfiltered cringe in your head

>>600911440I'm not aware of anything like that.

>game sitting in my library since a year>still haven't played it

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>>600908007>female dwarf never happeningwell that's a relief

>>600911568i assume he means>Whatever minerals they consume are added to their internal "total", and will be released upon their death with a x1.5 multiplier.

>>600910413>>600910317it should void/carve a 40m radius area instead, with damage falloff and 10m radius being instant-kill zone, damage also affect bugs in the area and eggs/cocoonsmight be FUN

>>600911513That's because it isn't

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what am I missing to go from haz4 to 5? I have 100 hours and do OK on 5, just die more than the rest.

>>600912240nothing on H5 you can't use on H4, they are pretty much the same except you need a lil bit more fine movement in kiting and more proactive style in dealing with shitsyou can only receive generic suggestions if you can't give specifics

>>600911892Yeah, someone posted that a while back, though looking at that site now it doesn't answer whether lootbugs leave, so maybe I have to assume they don't.

>>600892013I really don't get the appeal. no one on my friends list is dumb enough to play it so I have no one to play but randoms. None of the weapons feel any good to use either. Do any of the unlocks make it better or is it just a different shade of paint while you do the same shit over and over?

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>>600912598I don't know why you'd assume otherwise.

>>600892013For me, it's a yes. Mixing up pure combat with exploration, resource gathering and terrain manipulation easily sets it above and beyond its co-op shooter peers IMO.

>>600912746>while you do the same shit over and over?get back in the caves, miner, and stop asking stupid questionswhy do you think they have procgen levels to begin with?

>>600913064just the terrain manip alone already puts them on topactually using that feature for combat+explore gameplay, while having four very distinct classes (no pool dilution) easily sets it at the top echelon, even amongst the greatest co-op gamesalso the emphasis on lighting playing a crucial role

>>600913193Okay so I'm not missing anything. Preciate it.

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>>600912442my problems are not limited to: assessing risks properly, getting caught off guard, getting caught while trying to handle a horde, knowing the optimal actions to do at any moment.some can be learned with more experience and watching others, like I have done so far.


>>600913504>assessing risks properlyIf its difrent from a grunt then its a priority kill>getting caught off guardnot much i can say other than to keep an eye out all the time, being idle is being dead>getting caught while trying to handle a hordeIn haz 5 Slashers are a death sentence, their 50% slowness debuff means you can't escape from another attack or from being swarmed (unless you're scout or if you can plop a shield bubble if gunner)Being on the move is key, never stay still, especially if the mission is spawning spitter type enemiesMactera Spawn and Brundle can be dodged by moving to the sides, Trijaws can ONLY be dodged by moving forward to them

Why do these lootbugs always find themselves in groups of 5+ just to get popped by me

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>>600915547because they go after the scattered minerals and hence end up in the same area if there's a lot of mineral chunks to eat

>>600915635unironically do they eat random leftover mined chunks(you're full so it drops) or from 'raw deposits'? in missions.


>>600915775that's cool detail

>>600912167>If I call myself a chad I am one

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>>600915754I never knew this

>>600892013>Deep Reddit GalacticDid they game ever get less reddity?It's fun and all, but that LOL RANDOM DANCING!!! and LOL ROCK AND STONE!!!! every 20 seconds was cringe as fuck.

How to best use this thing? I've been trying to build it but it always feels like a piece of shit compared to the other gunner secondaries. Don't have the same problem with any of the other new secondaries.

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>>600894402no I will endorse itfuck scunts

>>60091614722223 hellfire

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>>600915932my god... the line about gunner compensating for something

>>600893312BasedGive me the shortstack dwarven pussy

>>600892013>FOMO season pass shitYeah no

>>600916602>Not the first post from this this mental illness? going into a video game discussion thread for a game you don't like just to bait and shitpost?

this is the correct way to build a pipeline, take notes

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>>600916704yeah, up your ass maybe

>>600916602>FOMObut thats wrong you fucking idiot

Dark Neon looks like someone shot my armor with the gmod material tool, why is it so high up on the season ass if it's so ugly?

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>>600894274You can literally find a subreddit for every game out there, retard. Maybe you should stop breathing since redditors do it too.

>every day is general dwarf shit shill general

>>600916834This game's main community is on reddit. The devs answer on reddit and take feedback from reddit. Reddit game in its purest form. Fuck off and go back.

>>600916818fuck you i like it only on Driller

>>600916979don't want to burst your bubble but 99% of game devs communicate with their players via Reddit, Discord or Twitter

Post engineers

>>600917036Then 99% of game devs are worthless and their games are shit, which makes sense.


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>another thread died for Reddit: the Game

>>600892013Easily.It has fun mechanics and the gameplay loop is good.Better than Vermintides and whatevers, where you just feel like a person in a part. In DRG you're playing a team with clear goal, effectively having 'workmates'. Everyone has one clear task what to do.Vermintide etc. rely too much on theme-park rides and set-pieces that lose their magic on second playthrough. DRG always surprises you.

>one tiny 5-10 ammo blorp of magma from the shard defractor outperforms several charged shots of the sludge pumplol ok, thanks for giving engiechads a primary secondary i guess


>>600916704That's pussy shit

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>>600916201Stop posting pre-nerf webms either update it or fuck off.

>>600917730I kneel

>shit brownWHY

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>>600892013Nah, game is held back heavily by its limited number of mission types and limited randomization within generated missions. There's just not enough content and not enough fun and variation in its current content to warrant playing the game in large, continuous amounts. It's a great pick as a reliable game to go back to when you need to fill a gap, but that's about it.

>>600902315One user posted a theory:>someone else visited Hoxxes before DRG>found the Glyphids incredibly more hostile and dangerous>carpet bombed the planet with Cubes to suppress their evolution, intelligence, and communication>left the planet for deadThen come the drawves picking up these strange square rocks just for the heck of it, and slowly, unknowingly unlocking the deadly potential of the local fauna.Thus, we get a new mission type where we must re-place the Cubes all over Hoxxes. We drop-in with Molly carrying 3 or so cubes and dive deep into the corners of a cave system to hopefully prevent the Glyphids from growing more dangerous and impeding our mining operations.

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>>600916147Just don't use it, it's trash.

>>600910317>>600910413Then it should drop some Lost Equipment. Even if it's only a small chance. Like 10% or something.

>>600918146Sex, with bug

>>600915932>and dogbased taming perk lore SET IN STONE

Reminder Cryo is the worst driller primary. Use Flame or Goo.

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>>600917384Righteous Stand Finale >>> Any and Every Rare Event

>>600918537ah yes today's resources(actually maybe the update went live already and I forgot) will let me buy the goo, finally.

>>600918730maybe first time, but nah

>>600918740Just run HIA when you get it. You can go projectile speed if you like. Damage in T2 doesn't give you any breakpoints. Supersaturation cucks you of 40 ammo and causes you to overkill grunts hard. You can kill Slashers anyway and you should just use a secondary to mop up guards. Charge speed sounds nice but is largely not needed outside of maybe Sludge Blast for DPS reasons. Always take acid. It's the difference between killing a slasher or not with 1 ammo.

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>>600918537>goo>better than anythingyou've had one too many skullcrushers bud, cryo is far better and crpsr is infinitely better than goop

>>600903268Gunner gets a big hammer, engineer gets an energy sword, driller gets pneumatic fists, and scout gets a bug-shaped bad dragon.

>>600903678I swear to gold, I'm so fucking sick of fighting these robots.

>>600917730I'll have to kneel too

you do play all the classes evenly, right user? I need to play more Driller

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>>600919474robots would be fine if they didnt create a new boring meta where everyone is running fire builds on everything every time


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>>600918529Anon, are you dyslexic?

>>600919686My friends are dumbasses who refuse to switch roles so unfortunately I'm stuck playing Scoute and Engie

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When are they gonna buff the single sentry option.I hate having 2 sentries.

>>600893312Engi has no beard

>>600919701That's the whole issue I have with them, you need to run a fire build or they take substantially more ammo and time to kill, it's awful.

>>600894402You are right, that scout's behaviour is unacceptable

>>600918789Nah. The only rare event in DRG that remains interesting is the Tyrant Weed. That one I'd say actually is great each time, due to how it impacts the mission by simply being in the map and how it always takes advantage of the cave, but it's really the only one. There's a few machine events that occasionally are more interesting, depending on the level generation, but only enough to really pull them out of being a chore. Then of course, ones like Betsy, random Dreads, Crassus, etc. are all incredibly laughable when it comes to making gameplay engagingConversely, I enjoy Righteous Stand as a finale each and every time. While on paper, you'd think it'd suffer as much from a lack of variation and complexity as the worst of the machine events (Ebonite Mutation), but how it caps off the map, the presentation involved, and how it riffs off the rest of the game's themes in both setting and gameplay make something that's really simple but always works. It's something that honestly pulls me back to play the map again and again, and I enjoy it more than I have even the craziest of Salvage uplinks.I have to ask, what difficulty did you play the game on? To me, it sounds less like you didn't find the big moments in the game fun and more that you generally couldn't step into your character's shoes and feel the setting through the gameplay, and that's usually a result of people who never got past Veteran. Which would be entirely understandable, by the way, since VT2 has that "Hero Power" lock on difficulties

>>600919839You want a fully upgraded single sentry to oneshot a measly swarmer? Sorry guy, here have some new ugly hats instead.

>>600919839>running only optimal buildsCringe

EU lobby, haz 5 and weekly reset stuffsteam://joinlobby/548430/109775241326232949/765611981536948472/4 right now

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>wanted to do both deep dives yesterday>game wouldn't turn onyou owe me 6 cores you danish fucks

>>600920054> MkII + Defender = 13 damage> Swarmer = 14 hp @ haz4/5what's worse is at it can one-shot at haz3 and lower

>>600917089The good engi should have nuked the scout and the nitra. Then pick the nitra up, dig a hole under scouts corpse so it fall in it, and then cover the hole with a platform.

>>600920360I did the -disablemods thing in the steam launcher properties thing and it worked. I dont even use mods.

HOLY SHIT AI Stability Engine is fucking OP bros Really makes Deepcore on par if not better than M1000.

>>600892013I'm sure I'd think so if I had friends to play it with.


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they fucked up taming somehow.I tried like 10+ times in the last mission. got interrupted tons even when nothing attacks me. even when the bar finishes it didn't tame.something is fucked. this never happened to me.swap taming for now.

>>600917071Such bitter need to fit in..


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>>600893010Every time Holla Forums enjoy playing a game and talk about and have decent thread, redittor and Discord trannies come to shit those thread and try to move the discussion on /vg/ to kill any semblance of actual discussion about vidya on Holla Forums and make room for eceleb/pol thread.Same shit happened for SCP and DMC 5.

>>600911798How many times have you posted this picture this week. Be honest

>>600902785>only uses the grapple sparinglylol

>>600893387Was is the key word hereThey kinda destroyed the combat in an update and added weaves and a cosmetic store a while ago and I slowly lost the motivation to play

Attached: 1520747139167.jpg (447x573, 77.97K)>What's that? You're having fun with the CWC? Nerfed! Use your EPC goy.

Its pretty shit, every other coop game shits on it with character customization that actually changes gameplay, eg payday 2 where perks determine so much vs reddit rock where perks are doaghit boring and barely do anything

>>600892013Yes, it is. I don't need to read the rest of this thread and will now be closing the tab.

managment wants us to mine 35 holomite now...

>>60092538525 holomite was piss easy to get. everytime that was a secondary, it would be finished halfway into the mission and we would still be running into multiple holomite spikes as we went along.

>host disconnects after DD without giving us opportunity to say gg

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Miners, this is a PSA to not expose your genitals around the cave feelers. They are naturally curious as it is, and we have had reports of three dwarves who have passed away from dehydration after essentially being "milked" to death by the cave feelers, as they clearly do not know when to stop or when to let go.

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>>600924556>STILL no changes to the GK2I think the devs actually think it's funny, that's why they refused to buff it then added another machine gun to Scout that does everything better

>>600924556>no bug fix on Shard Diffractor's Dazzler Module slow not being appliedsurely it isn't that complicated of a problem... right?


>>600924408Are you talking about the stagger update? Ruined is a bit of an exaggeration to be honest.

>>600924556subhuman reddit spreadsheet ammo efficiency niggers btfoblistering necrosis chads cannot stop winning

>>600892013>have numerous types of minerals>literally everything at the Forge needs 100+ Magnite>minerals like Uminite are completely worthless and nothing as virtually nothing uses it i actually think GSG are more retarded than people let on. they 3 weapons for each dwarf but can't balance shit to save their lives, they have 6 minerals and can't even balance their use.

>>600892013More like Deep COCK Galactic haha

>>600916979imagine being this fucking retardedwhere do you think dev teams go for feedback? on your irrelevant nazi anime imageboard full of contrarian edgelords like you?

>>600926980You said haha which implies a joke but I don't see it. care to explain?

>>600927098Some devs do, but regardless its an unrealistic thing for them to be able to keep tabs on every thread. Most realistically the community has cross-site players who bring feedback from here to them.I'm pretty sure that the wave cooker came from here, some user was talking about his desire to cook bugs from the inside with a cancer ray until they pop before the thing got shown off.

>>600926920An issue I noticed too. I've crafted most of the overclocks that aren't clean, because frankly most of the clean OCs suck once you get balanced or unstables that are better. Most of the new weapon OCs take tons of magnite like you said. Also the balance is shit for weapons, either people love having their stuff be strong or "broken" like Engi's secondaries, or it's basically unusable dogshit unless you're playing solo aka the crossbow and subata. And as usual, you have absolutely braindead faggots that ask for the "stronger" stuff to get nerfed in a fucking PVE game because they love ruining the fun stuff for the other 99% of the playerbase, and enjoy having artificial difficulty where you have to expend too much ammo to kill a single fucking glyphid. How about you just buff the weak shit and only nerf something IF it actually makes the game too easy even at the highest difficulty.


>>600926259I always do this, I also kick anyone who orders beer before the dive. Get fucked.

>>600917863>he thinks hellfire was nerfedyou're retardedand today's update buffed my build further

>>600928983that's fucking knife ear talk.

stubby chads... coil chads... necrosis chads...we finally

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>>600893312All coomers will hang

so apparently the bug that allows for more than 4 people at time is still around, havent seen that in years

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>>600894274How soft do you have to be, to be triggered by this?

did they fix the permanent damage reduction with the coilgun bug?

>>600930998long time ago

>>600902785it's the fucking "scout."You mean to tell me the SCOUT shouldn't SCOUT ahead?

>>600931437What good reason is there to discover a potentially lethal cave leech grab before your team arrives?What are you gonna tell them?"Guys there is a boss in here."Instead of them all coming to the same conclusion when they arrive?

>>600902785Bullshit. Scout does nothing in a group. You're meant to get ahead with the grapple, especially in tunnels, lure the enemy, ping threats, light up rooms, get faraway minerals and so on. A scout in a group is utterly redundant, a scout... scouting ahead is fundamental. Even baiting leeches is useful, it's better you dying to a leech than someone who can hold off hordes.>t. EDD Scout


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>>600931941*The scout in the webm is retarded though. Scout ahead, don't throw yourself off cliffs. Light up the cliff and the roof instead. Always flare ahead before grappling.

>be gunner>someone pings me>"you compensating for something, gunner?">empty 3 max damage elephant rounds right into their face

>>600932596this never happened

>>600930248I had it happen about 3 months ago. We played 2 missions, was pretty fun.

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>>600932596>i'll take that as a yes then

carpet bomber bros.... I don't feel so good....

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>>600932596>ping gunner>"You can be my bodyguard">he gives me a shield overchange and shouts rock and stoneI love this game

>>600925212>he doesn't know about the OC'scope, seethe and sneed

>>600917951you never wanted to be a big turd?

>>600917951coz you're a dirt digger

>>600919763dude you can just roll 4 gunners the games not that hard yolo

>>600918537>GLYPHIDS could be here

so, how is the crossbow now?

>>600918980take velocitythank me later

>>600892013It's pretty good, dunno if i'd call it the greastest.Definitely better than Left4Dogshit and Faggothammer Troontide2

>>600934557I just bought it and came to check what user said. I'll try your suggestion since luck had you post right now.

>>600934637consider charge speed instead of charge cost, with this build you don't need to charge that often as a few well-placed blobs will wipe out the majority of a waveand you'll get a very neat looking build with straight 2's

>>600934385still shit but the haz3 shitters are going to be even louder

Why the fuck did they nerf drak again?

>>600935215because buffing g2k would be illogicalit's better to nerf the competition instead

>>600921959don't worry steeve chads are an important demographic

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>>600892013I thought it was… but now I’m getting bored. 30 hours in

>>600935843>Reverted barrels to pre-nerf stateGOOD

>>600935843>reverted barrelsgood, I can style on slow ass hosts again by stuffing every barrel on the rig into the pod while they ponder over what weapon they want to use

>conductive bullets buffed>from 30% to 33%>gas recycling buffed>from +5 to +6woooooow amazing

so did they fix being unable to fiddle with your weapon if you have an upgrade that uses the reload button to trigger yet?

>>600936321but that's intended? there's nothing to fix

>>600936353why would that be intended? more like an oversight since it makes several animations and voice lines disappear

>>600935215Because you aren't allowed to have fun in a PVE game anymore.

>>600936256yeah i just tried it in haz5 8 eggsit's still "whatever, I'll use something else more useful instead" tierseriously what the fuck is the point of that OC?it can't wave clear because haha 25 mag size and 30 when upgradedit can't single target because no weakpoint bonususing with IFG is still a committed investmentwhat the fuck

>>600936685At least they buffed my hurricane setup. How’s the coil gun looking now? Being able to kill swarmers(Jesus Christ how was that even an issue) reliably without 5C is a good start

>>600936709any enemy/phase that doesn't have a weakpoint, combined with IFG for the conductive bonus>dread yellow health phase>korlok boss and its healing pods>anything else that's fat and had its weakpoints destroyedbut this niche is too sporadic to be worth specializing in

was mega power supply nerf necessary?was narrowing the lens necessary?

also undocumented change:bugs that die with Chem Explosion Bolt active now explode much faster than beforeI already accustomed myself with the old timing, now I have to do it again, fuck

>>600937237well the devs love to nerf stuff so, yes to them it was

>>600937237fucking "m-muh ammo efficiency" spread sheet redditors in the ass is always great

>>600911586Same. I fear it's too late to get into it. I always feel like a noob running other's fun joining late into multiplayer games like this.

>>600937363Well don't worry, it's not that complex of a game and you can just stick to the regular difficulty until you learn the ropes, there's new players all the time.

>>600937363just last week I carried 2 lvl 2 newfriends who joined my haz 5 lobbyit was fun and they were cute

>>600937363I constantly run into new to low level players all the time. Everyone can see your ranking and will give you a pass, quit being scared and play kino

Attached: 1650650009.jpg (2650x2048, 461.31K)

>>600937668>lvl 2 newfriends who joined my haz 5 lobbyhow did they do it? that sounds too early to have h5 unlocked

>>600937363Bullshit. Just hop in. You’ll learn the game and most people will either want to carry you or teach you while you get up to speed. Just don’t be shitty at your role

is it me or this season's splash screen looks cheap/amateur compared to the previous ones

>>600937363A noob that's trying to help will be infinitely more useful than some of the literal braindead lvl 200+ players I've had in my games. I've even seen a player that was such a high level, they must have had easily 2k+ hours in the game and they were fucking garbage, so I wouldn't worry about being too "fresh".There's also the option of playing solo until you familiarize yourself with the game a little more. IMO this game is much better in co-op since it helps break up tasks in the mission. Sometimes the generation you get will force a single player session to take easily twice if not longer the time compared to multiplayer, especially with how movement varies greatly between each role.

I'd take a noob teammate anyday over a level 200+ scout who complains about the game and leaves when he dies.

New mod dropped, it lets you view what builds others are using. You need to view it in the DRG Mod Hub, but it related, I joined a random lobby

Attached: 1629263227550.png (977x565, 197.43K)

>>600937237Kind of? It was a 50% boost in ammo or whatever with pretty much no downside, and considering how the weapon works bringing the other oc in line with that would be ridiculously hard. Still cwc was the last gun that needed nerfed in any form. At least they fixed necrosis, which was almost a troll pick prior.

>>600937812I thought you could still join haz 5 and was just restricted from creating haz 5 lobbies but I might be wrongin that case they were probably friends with the 3rd person that joined since Ive played a bunch of haz 5 with my friend who still havent finished the tutorial by inviting him to my lobby

>>600938505it needs to have an integrated kick button in the same menu

>>600892013it was good for the first 400 hours with my friend but i was bored of what the game had to offer after the first 50 hoursafter the first few hours of going on haz 4-5 you'll just notice all the 'modules' they use in tunnels and start seeing the same cave layout, the same tunnel layout, etc>what you do at the start is what you'll be doing for the next however many hours you decide to enjoy itso basically it's fun with friends and otherwise it's a garbage game

>>600892013>reddit trash gameyou need to go back tranny

Attached: reddit.gif (800x371, 372.55K)

Deep Rock seriously need to invest in some better equipment.

>>600938880*nerfs your equipment instead*psh.. nothin' personnel, miner...

>>600938778>someone i dislike enjoys this?>I HATE IT, IT'S BAD, AND YOU'RE A SUBHUMAN IF YOU LIKE ITthe internet has broken your mind. i would feel bad for you, but MCs don't give a fuck about NPCs

>finished a deep dive at exactly 44:59

Attached: 1653436638347.jpg (396x385, 40.7K)

Post new grenade ideas for S3.

>>600894402Tough luck mate

Attached: 1653015768560.png (791x647, 191.22K)

>>600939335nice selfie faggot, you forgot to make a post after you quoted me

Attached: 1652486773137.png (1083x1047, 302.2K)

>>600939461Micro Sentry for EngineerThrow a small box that attaches to any surface and rapidly assembles itself into a small hi-tech-looking sentry, blasting nearby bugs with laser beams until it runs out of its limited power supply.

>>600937363just don't join the lobbies with level restrictions like "Lv 100+ or kick", or ever really, those lobbies are filled faggots anyways

did anybody else's DD and EDD progress bar reset yesterday?I was on yesterday and I noticed my DD bars were both empty and I thought "oh shit how did I forget to do them this week?"but then while I was doing them I realized I had done these before last Thursday but I still got rewards from it

Attached: we are rich.webm (960x540, 2.95M)

>>600939880>lvl 100+ only>Know your role>Mining gold = kick>Steeve = kick>Fat boy = kick>Not placing platforms = kick>No Rock & Stone = kick>Look at me funny = kick

>>600892013Why do soibois heckin love dorfs so much?

>>600940278don't forget>for a Haz 4 mission

>>600937674Where's gunner? Where is she?


Attached: 1628890924380.jpg (1848x1826, 231.65K)

>>600940895right here big boy

Attached: 5ADA4445-8415-4BC6-8B38-2E8F2316C4AF.png (486x590, 269.62K)

>>600940895Carried off by a leech

Attached: 1635604867509.jpg (1200x1020, 202.01K)

I miss my old endo already...

Attached: 1645456141718.webm (1110x586, 2.98M)

>>600911586>>600937363Just play some Haz2, it's literally tutorial difficulty and from what I've heard from people playing it randoms there can hardly find their movement keys. The game is quite accessible, easy to understand and you can basically jump in at haz3 just knowing this:>scout: mine shit (i.e. zip up onto engi platforms), keep away from hordes and stay alive to be the team medic. PUT UP LIGHTS (especially in horde situations)>engi: put platforms on every mineral or nitra vein, put up turrets every time team stays in place for more than 20 secs>driller: make a hole through mud passageways first thing you do, check the map every now and then to check for possible shortcuts. make beelines to/from the base to wells in morkite extraction. if team doesn't have a scout you're the resource miner>gunner: make ziplines passageways where height differences are an issue, shoot all the bugs

Attached: 1551000752528.png (459x600, 148.14K)

>>600939461Implosion grenade for driller that is creates an EPC thin containment field like explosion which breaks terrain and minerals. Maybe a bit bigger with less damage so it could be geared more towards mining than anything.Engineer grenade that induces fear by emitting loud a whistling sound. Similar to LURE it can only fear a certain amount at a time.Scout grenade that does massive single target damage and flies at a high velocity, absolutely microscopic area of effect.Gunner grenade that functions similarly to engi's plasma grenade, except it's bouncy :)

>>600941102Molly is a slut. But Doretta must be protected at all cost.

Attached: Ep6wqJDXUAI-3l8.jpg (2654x1884, 473.18K)

why does everyone hate scouts?

>>600941464So throwing axe for scunts?

>>600919845Engi has a beard, driller doesnt

>>600941713gunner and driller does not have beards because they would get stuck in the drills/barrel of the minigun and pose a huge work hazardremember to kick anyone who breaks this immersion on sight

>>600941645less ammo more damage I'd sayLike the fastball grenade in BL2 would be the closest comparison.Or I guess hyper propellant as a grenade.

>>600941618Most noticeable class when they do bad. And their guns are intentionally weaker so when they only shoot they don’t contribute nearly as much.

>>600941102I'd love to...

Attached: sample_e7abe1339e4350b5e01de176a7589478[1].jpg (850x1309, 245.38K)

>>600941102lore friendly>>600942082could be any anime thot kill yourself

>>600892013I still want elves as a dlc class...

Attached: smirnov-school-alexandr-nepogoda-5[1].jpg (1920x2469, 364.74K)

>>600941618the average scout thinks he's playing gunner and will blast everything he sees and call a resupply when everyone else have only used up a fraction of their ammo(maybe he will also double dip if you're lucky!), he will also forget to use his flare gun and then zip up on a platform and die 40 meters up on a wall alone or go 200 meters ahead and get leeched alone


>>600893195this is why you shouldn't discuss games you like here if you care about gatekeeping.

>Driller explodes me and him with c4>writes "inshallah">Get revived>write "i give you inshallah">explode me and him with fatboy>He laughs in chat>Teammate seethes in chatKino

Attached: 1653595513735.gif (598x800, 249.78K)

I think this is a console exclusive problem, but the square button being the catch-all 'use' action in the game fucking sucks ass, especially considering how sensitive it is;>trying to refill from ammo supply>my push doesn't fully register for whatever retarded reason so it breaks after a microsecond>start again>the action just loops because I hit square too soon after releasing the previous time>by the time I'm finally restocked I've got glyphids 10inches up my asshole

Attached: 1347806994937.gif (123x136, 87.08K)

>>600943359Avatarfagging is against the rules.

>>600943262Season 2 really fucked it up even on pc. Always had to deal with bug fuckers cockblocking commands with steeve and the like but now commands will just randomly not work requiring you to reposition and reset it.

>>600943717I've found pressing tab helps sometimes. The grapple hook is also fucked too, it shoots like a premature load and I end up with broken knees.

>>600892013WHy management needs alien eggs?Its about making genetically engineered glyphid girls?

Attached: 1653589135491.jpg (2480x1928, 859.3K)

>>600945181they breed the glyphids to reduce competition on hoxxes

>>600945181yes, better on our side than theirs

Attached: 1644371155839.jpg (850x619, 150.73K)

>>600912598they dont leave put they coule climb up some pod tunnel or something. it really depends on the mission type and cave layout whether or not you want to kill them on sight or leave them around a little. i generally just kill them on sight though because waiting for the multiplier isnt worth it imo and getting a bunch of loot bugs means missing a nitra vein or two isnt a big deal.

why don't glyphids and the rivals fight each other?

>>600945606read the description for the blistering necrosis OCthen ponder why it works on the bots and machine events and if there is something management isnt telling us

>>600943159You shouldn't discuss anything at all here.

>>600894527>just to show that scouts are retardsThe scout in the video is an absolute MVP and is the sole reason they manage to get anywhere past this point. Every other faggot shitting on this video is broadcasting their stupidity.

>>600917545>thanks for giving engiechads a THIRD primary secondaryftfy

>>600908579dont what this means but george carlin is peak reddit

>>600944052So it’s not just me. Fucking Danes

Attached: F53E4F1B-24FD-4848-B9FC-60F20CA8A0C0.png (750x754, 691.58K)

Is there any cool permadeath mod within the lines of say Hunt: Showdown?

>>600939461Smoke grenade that either fears bugs or stuns them and lasts for a long time, but smaller than driller's cloud and the dwarves can see through it. Think it would work kinda like a shield, that it will stop melee bugs but won't affect spitters. I saw the smoke flares mod and I want that in the game, could be on a grenade.A stick/bundle of dynamite, no explode on contact, just a timer. Should be able to cook it somehow, maybe click once to light it, then click again to throw?Some grenade that has a really high damage output, enough to kill an opressor, but can only carry one.Throwing knives/shurikens, you can carry a lot and they work like axes but obviously with reduced damage. A magnetic nade, think lure but instead of attracting attention of bugs it will bundle shit up from a certain radius, and add bugs that walk into it. Good to pair up with fat boy or something similar.Team Fortress Classic nail shooting grenade.

>>600947834Piercing Javelinsa non-AoE, non-stun version of Impact Axes, but go through targets like butter and less arcing, giving it further range than the Axes, retrievable if you miss, and you can stand on Javelins stuck on a cliff

>>600948369This is what I wanted the boltshart to be.

What should the fifth class have for a kit?

>>600933212I wonder what made them decide to take the best option for hurricane tier 1 and make it better for no reason

Attached: 1645540250237.png (293x399, 149.17K)

How's EDD this week?Also>ctrl+f EDD>28 mentions of Reddit>1 mention of EDD

>>600896602It was fun while it lasted

>>600948821Rope arrows from thief, it's the only thing that really isn't covered by anyone else. Or you know, ladders.Fifth class isn't happening though, it would interfere with original vision of FSD.

>>600949158EDDs scare me

>>600948869Who knows, but I’m not complaining

>>600949810I think reddit might be more your speed champ

>>60095001629 mentions


>I scream Reddit every time I hear something I disagree with

Do they really deserve the hate?

Attached: DRGScout.png (1294x1308, 2.55M)

Would be better if it got more content, new season is alright but knowing we'll go half a year with nothing else is gonna wear me out. New weapons are absolute dogshit. Robots are really really starting to get annoying. More content is always good but they really need to think better about their updates.


how do you guys build you crossbow? i just tried a build with specialist + taser and it's really fun and viable in h5

>>600950761they buffed the explosive bolts so I'm gonna try that again

>>600950878it does feel like the weapon needs a primary focused on pure dps to detonate the bug carrying the explosive bolt, to clean bugs being tased etc, by chance do you run it with OPA drak or m1k?

any good outfits implementing the balaclava?

>>600949158I typically don't play it until Tuesday, so I arrive at the party late. Haven't failed a single one ever since we cleared one three months ago however, though some have been way harder than others. I recall a morkite mining mission with a ghost that almost completely fucked us.


>>600951884I also tend to leave the edd until the last night, but I wasn't able to complete it this week. I kept getting bronze 1 star players who died a lot. I had 39 revives on my last attempt

>>600950572only redditor engies whine about scout and this can't be refuted


Attached: 1544661335300.png (768x850, 937.36K)

>>600952423>EDFSo, I really need the 100000000+ DLC to enjoy the game because this feels like one of those games you need to play with a friend to enjoy or people in public games will sperg if you dont own x thing to play the right way.

Attached: 1643766559013.jpg (2000x2000, 496.47K)

>>600952259Yeah I don't really know the difficulty of playing with pubbies. I'd rather play by myself than with randoms.

>>600952789other than the 2 extra mission packs, the dlc for edf is all goofy weapons that aren't even remotely good. like you'd get a better gun after playing on hard for like 3 missions

>>600952789>I really need the 100000000+ DLCnoyou only need the extra mission DLC because they also include weapons dropped from those> you need to play with a friend to enjoy or people in public games will sperg if you dont own x thing to play the right, not really, the game has a similar vibe to DRG, they have their own song with versesI've hosted Hard+ servers, they are pretty chill, and they pretty much have menu for questions down to loadout gears>be puny Air Raider>two absolute CHAD Fencers joined>I asked (by using menu) if they wanted projectile lock assist tool>they immediately "Thank you!">Last boss gets blown the fuck out by humongous missiles launched by those Fencers while I drive around in my Ambulancekek, good times

>>600940278>Mining gold = kickI want to murder every faggot that says thisI always mine the gold no matter what

Anyone else having issues with mouse pressing not being registered while running?I have a mechanical keyboard so It can't be the hardware.

>>600949158host a lobby

>>600952789the game's solo mode is well-balanced.I 100%'d the game online first and still enjoy playing thru solo mode regularly

Attached: 82066494_p0.jpg (950x679, 169.99K)

>game bricks right after the logos appear upon startup>need to manually disable mods even though I have 0 mods installedWhat happened?

>>600955478that should have been fixed in today's update

>>600941864>she's not skilled enough with her tools to avoid thisngmi

>>600919763My friend does that too, luckily however he plays Engineer which happens to be the most fun class to 4x stack

Attached: 20220523223114_3.jpg (1920x1080, 387.55K)

>>600951305Not him but depending on the bug you can simply just swap to your normal bolts and finish them off quick and cleanly that way, but I don't see much point in shooting bigger bugs with the bolt unless you want the poison damage. I've used it with all the primaries to decent effect, but I do wanna try revisiting it now they've buffed it, though I was also a massive taser fan before they broke it and them buffing and fixing that too makes me real happy.


>>600916834there's a 4chan subredditergo everyone here is a fucking redditor


>>600951339Scout with roughneck for a shitty terrorist

>>600948869Was it? I always thought it was way too small of a buff to skip the ammo upgrade, not sure I'm gonna use it now either since you gotta give up a lot of ammo for it.

>>600896602/coopg/ on /vg/ is still very comfy, currently it's overrun by Darktide news but it'll calm down in a few weeks probably

>>600901442>power attack lootbug>pet it as it explodes

Does DRG have crossplay between Xbox PC app and Xbox series x?

>>600956135thats the humane way of doing what has to be done

>power attack lootbug>ignore its minerals

>new mission type is added>"VIP elimination">very vague description>first part involves disabling rival comm machines>hear digging>ornamental drop pod arrives>door hisses and opens>health bar appears >Cacame Awemedinade

Attached: Shaky dog.jpg (448x684, 14.14K)

>>600915932The Engi and Driller colors need to be flipped.

>>600915932gunner is literally me

Attached: deep_rock_galactic_fanart_engineer_by_intruder251_de26zue-fullview.jpg (1280x893, 145.64K)



Attached: 1653176785436.jpg (2480x3508, 1.15M)

>>600949158this week's edd was easy. stage 3 mule is recovery only. you don't have to fuel the drop pod.

>>600950572Hatus cuz theyanus

>Barrels now have a short cooldown before you can kick it againabsolutely homosexual


>>600957356it's already hotfixed, update your game

Where are people getting capes? I’ve seen several randoms with capes.

>>600957603New robot armor dlc has capes for a few of the classes

>>600956729COCK AND STONES


>>600893010banme posts have always been a thing, they just got lazier

>>600957356>>600957428The real crime was fucking make R&Sing abort tasks in progress. I get angry just thinking about it.

>>600957005Imagine the sweat under those fat titties. Getting all caked into a fine grey dough. Sour smell of parmesan taking over your senses.

>>600894402>all of this just to discover the cave leech with your faceYou'd be more use to the team if you shoot a flare at the ceiling from the other room, disconnect, and let another Scout join the game to repeat the process.

>>600933212as it should beI would expect a fucking rocket launcher to have a bigger explosion radius than a fucking machine gun

>>600958339>machine gunanon...

>>600928983I don't start any mission without a beer and kicking the barrels into the launch bay. Good luck is good luck.

>>600917730Mr. Stone's Wild Ride

>>600928983I will borderline pass out before going into the mission when using the M1K and you can't stop me.

>>600958534I ain’t goin without slapping the dice and lodging my mug in the top of the pod

>>600917089>engineer setting up the turrets so that the drill can have more security while you gather the oil shale>scout being a bitch instead of helping build the turrets, or better yet, standing on the outcrop of the nitra that Scouts learn to do at copper rankQuite the specimen indeed.

Attached: 1653018260734.jpg (615x621, 324.06K)

>>600931437It takes more than 10 brain cells to scout effectively, Maybe stop trying to play a haz 5 mission in 3 minutes or less.

>>600932034Im glad you censored the names user, people wouldve really given a shit otherwise!

>>600931059>>600930998No, they didn't. Just finished the EDD and I was taking almost no damage. Use the triple shot OC and test yourself.

>>600941464>Implosion grenade for driller that is creates an EPC thin containment field like explosion which breaks terrain and minerals. Maybe a bit bigger with less damage so it could be geared more towards mining than anything.What pissed me off is the driller HE grenades specifically say "can be used for bugs or dirt" but they don't effect dirt or terrain in any way. give me effective HE grenades or give me this TCF grenade god damnit.

>>600959473I slap the dice on my way out of the pod.

>>600943262no this is a problem on PC aswell. "use" is extremely spaghetti.

So the update implemented Nvidia Flex. What does it do cause the only other time I've played a game with it Killing Floor 2 ran like shit because of it.

>>600894274>Some random made a mod, because the actual game developers refused to remove the voiceline>This is somehow reddit

Attached: Kronk.png (663x283, 301.2K)

Missed opportunity not adding a 'spartan laser' sorta OC for the shard gun, like one giant beam blast that pierces infinite targets, using all the ammo in the mag and dealing all of the damage at once.

Attached: 4419346708.png (577x471, 633.3K)

>>600958534I give retards 1 minute to prepare, if they aren't in the drop pod I'm activating the timer and leaving anyway.Fuck your beer and fuck your reddit minigames.Also anyone who spams rock and stone gets kicked even if we just spent 40 minutes on deep dive.

>>600952325>everything I don't like is engineer

Attached: 1653019267794.png (948x750, 873.9K)

>>600960728you mean like overdrive booster

>>600960628Please don't respond to 16 hour old bait.

>>600959775Gee, user... I wonder why this other user would like to keep his ID a secret. I have no idea, user. Anyway, have you tried not being a faggot?


>>600960753When did they start letting elves work for DRG?

>>600960728You should check out Overdrive Booster then


>>600961134I've posted screenshots with my name in it frequently, what's the issue? It's just a steam tag

>>600961153I killed a man

>>600960753sounds like you should only play it soloyou sound like an insufferable faggot that hates everything

>>600892013Yeah it's up there. They made the cooperation aspects very natural in that you end up accidentally helping your allies even if you don't really know what you are doing.

>>600917730Management is pleased to see the work on the Hoxxes HQ going forward.

Attached: 1200[1].jpg (1200x499, 78.14K)

based 4chan gamelisten to this

>>600917730Hoxxes IV and Aegis VII are the same damn place!

Attached: marker.jpg (1920x1080, 81.22K)

>>600962654Based and redpilled.>>600961949Cringe leaflover.

Attached: 1527007151127.jpg (542x616, 55.14K)

>>600961405I enjoy making LE ROCK AND LE STONE redditors seethe after wasting 1 precious hour of EDD by kicking them

Volatile Impact Reactor is like an infinite range sticky flamer that ignites stuff faster, deals higher DPS, can cover more area faster and has a higher slowdown factor than standard flames, kinda nuts.

Attached: 1642347858133.png (1280x825, 1.02M)

>>600950572Yest. Scout main

Attached: Scout.jpg (400x400, 41.22K)

>>600964126>having a "main"

Attached: 1623436122983.png (512x464, 429.82K)

>>600963318>necromorph glyphidsS3 kino, and a much-needed break from all the nigger robots. Give them their own biome too.

Attached: 949817.jpg (600x927, 79.93K)

I just had the weirdest bug:>Enter the Abyss Bar>My dwarf looks up at the celling and starts rapidly spinning>I can still move the mouse, but not fast enough to counteract this

>>600956028I took a break hosting a lot of our games in those threads. I also use to make them here on Holla Forums because playing with you memelords was a lot more fun than dealing with the occasional sperg from /vg/.I miss hanging out with you boys, Spaghettijew, Australian kiwi, that one furfag who snuck in once.Brb smoke break

Attached: toastanon.jpg (1300x1300, 217.98K)

>>600964284Driller is objectively the most boring class, I don't mind Gunner, but unless you're using the land mine rokkit he's not very entertaining, Engi is only fun because of boobtubing, scout is objectively the only fun class to play.

>>600964604>he's not a goomershake my dwarven head

>safe modebrehs? So the constant crashes aren't just a me-issue?

Attached: file.png (545x353, 79.8K)


Attached: dwarf chad.png (640x546, 215.98K)

>>600964284Scout is my antimain

Ya know what fuck, fuck it.Get in here

Attached: shiggy diggy.png (1440x986, 2.23M)

>>600902315Something something markers necromorphs convergence

>>600965678get where

>nerfing the wave cooker battery OCbut why?you still run out of ammo really fucking easily thanks to the poor damage of the weapon


>>600966217In the room leaf lover

>>600966546you didn't post a room you mudgolem

>>600964693>>600965419Goomer bros >>600964604Engie is the most boring>meh primary weapons>secondary weapons are ok but not mindblowing outside nadejumping or nuke>sentries do all the job yet engie fags always go for "muh killcount"

Attached: Ironhead goomer.png (722x746, 664.23K)

>>600966765Do none of you know how the server list works? Look up the server list, find my name, enter the password. It's not hard, that's how server lists have worked since the late 90s.

>>600966846How do I make the goomer be really great at single target damage? Isn't there an overclock that helps with this?

>>600964604>not ziplining over a crag full of bugs and hosing the horde while you hum ride of the valkyries Feels good man. I just wish the zipline could move up hill slightly faster than the speed of smell.

>>600966920but lobby name can be changed

>>600964394Happened to me too, I got stuck next to the season terminal after using it and another time I got stuck in a lobby after using a character terminal. Weird shit, completely disallows me from moving, can't even use my mouse. If you've got discord pester those lazy danes to do something about it.

>>600966293>50% increase in ammo with literally 0 downsides>doesn't even reduce damage like most big ammo overclocks>even increases your rate of fire, boosting DPS

>>600966965>camping like a monkey on a vinethat's a kick

>>600965929If season 3 turns into deadspace I will be very intrigued.

>>600966920just post the steam lobby link you luddite

>>600966846Cum pump is fun to use but very underwhelming and has too little ammo, but I doubt the devs will ever buff it because I guess it's powerful enough for haz 3 that they play or something.


>>600966952Sludge blast, very good for elimination, you delete dreadnoughts in seconds.

Attached: 1634207613059.png (991x797, 472.26K)