How do you feel about vidya analysiseses, which are your favorite oneses?

how do you feel about vidya analysiseses, which are your favorite oneses?

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>>600891902Gollum, is that you?

>>600891902Angry videogame Nerd

>>600891902read the rules

>>600891902i only watch video analysis on games i like which is none

I've still never played the first 3 silent hills. Though I've never spoiled myself on what anything.

>>600891902I could understand watching something like this if it gave you background info about the game that you wouldn't find in the game itself, but just listening to somebody's take on a game? Why would you care?

So, Silent Hill is 100 percent going to be in State of Play tomorrow right? Why else are there a million Silent Hill threads?

This video is unironically good, I missed a lot of shit about the game plot in retrospect

>>600891902I like Tim Rogers

>>600891902It really depends. A lot of the people doing commentary on youtube aren't that smart and think that summarizing the plot of a game beat by beat is the same as an analysis or review. But I'm down to watch a video with a unique take or insightful commentary.

I don't really like them. They usually feel pretentious and are viewed through rose tinted glasses. I'd rather see what the devs say about it.

>>600894983I hate this guy based on his thumbnails alone and also the way he talks.

>>600894983unironically so do i. Ended up listening to the whole CB77 review, Really want to cop japanese jackets now

>>600895494His Dragon Quest 11 review was decent but he's a massive arrogant faggot and all his other reviews are intolerable

>>600891902I loved every minute of these

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>>600891902It quite literally depends on who's making them. Most people that do them are honestly just really shit at it and bring up the most brainlet takes possible.

Unironically tehsnakerer's YIIK review

>>600891902i listen to them all the time and i use them as background noise because I can't find any good podcast or radio channel or something like that and I'm too lazy to torrent some series.

>>600895362>I don't really like them. They usually feel pretentious and are viewed through rose tinted glasses. I'd rather see what the devs say about it.there's a huge market for that too bad most devs never say anything about their games

You anons DO realize the appeal of these videos is to listen to someone talking about a video game you like, right? Trying to make them shorter doesn't make sense. People don't watch them for concise and new information. They just want to feel like they're having a converation with a friend about a cool vidya they love. They last the same as a diner with a friend, or a visit to the cinema. It's not that big of a deal. You're just approaching them with the wrong mindset. It's like a podcast except there's only one person.

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>>600891902I find Jacob Geller the most interesting.

Do you guys think he'll analyze SH4 or end it with SH3?

There was a real arms race for who can make the longest most vapid video game analysis video back when matthewmatosis still made reviews. While his were actually interesting, the copycats just bloat their shit needlessly.

cool if there is actually interesting information about the game or its development I guess but it seems like often it's just some airhead padding out a wikipedia summary for likes and subsribes. the whole videogame essay phenom

Since I put them in the background and rarely listen to them, I mainly want to find funny people with pleasant, neutral accents who have a good cadence and have non-pseud takes and are self-aware. >scribehe's pretty smart for a streamer, decent voice, decent sense of humor, he sounds like a fag sometimes though, and he has those weird quirks in his voice like John Carmack, I don't know how to describe them. It's like he tenses his throat muscles and makes the sound go deeper and inwards, like a faggot or like a woman.His Silent hill 2 series is 10/10. The best on youtube.silent hillsouls serieswarcraft 3resident evil>mandalore>ssethtzeentach>two best friends matt and patdumb but funny and decent>theradbradreally dumb guy (he's a full time streamer) but maybe that's his shtick. He's pretty funny though, his voice is alright, he doesn't scream or yell. He has a good let's play of that kojima game, I really liked that>acriticalsome new channel I found, he has a good video on war3>ross (accursed farms)annoying hillbilly voice, incredibly pseud takes, no talent when it comes to talking, doesn't even know how to play the games, shallow knowledge. There's only 1 exception, his Deus Ex video is really great.>aesir aestheticsI thought this faggot was Greek or something. He has a really funny accent, which is ok, and his vids are decent but a bit pseud. I saw he has some vids with some bitch, his fat emo cutter gf maybe, avoid them.>that homo guy with a whiny voice who makes suicidal/self-deprecating jokesyou know him. Avoid. He's a tranny, he has pseud takes, he paints his nails and his humor is brain damage. He's what I think the average Holla Forumstard is like. Tranny, retarded, pseud, etc.>

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>>600897042>cool if there is actually interesting information about the game or its development I guess but it seems like often it's just some airhead padding out a wikipedia summary for likes and subsribes. the whole videogame essay phenomthis. They're rarely entertaining, interesting, funny, etc. And most voices are annoying to listen to.


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>>600895014This, so many "Analysis / retro spectives" is some autist playing a game and explaining what's happening beat by beat, even leafy clone does this with Far Cry 3, and the free mods. You end up with around 20-30 minutes of actual analysis of the game, so unless a game is absurdly long or dense with themes, most games don't need more than that timeframe to do a true analysis.

>>600896506They come out when Matt McMuscles says something factually incorrect.

>>600897304>>mandalore, ssethtzeentach, two best friends matt and pat>dumb but funny and decentBrain damaged.

>>600894698It sounds gay but everyone can have a different take on something that you may have not considered before. Even if you watch a lot of these videos. There's always the chance of a new insight

>>600894798Nah, it's his worst video in a while. I thought he was getting better at cutting down on repetition in his writing, but this feels like it was written by a version of him from five years ago. I was getting bored just from listening to it while doing other shit.

>>600897817expand on that point please

>>600897837I didn't notice that much repetition. Anyway I am pretty critical of 3 so seeing a genuine fan explain its appeal is pretty cool. Interestingly the issues I had with it are never even mentioned in the video

any good channel for 1990s-2000s nostalgia?major games like doom, unreal, bioshock

>>600896732>You anons DO realize the appeal of these videos is to listen to someone talking about a video game you like, right? Trying to make them shorter doesn't make sense. >People don't watch them for concise and new information. They just want to feel like they're having a converation with a friend about a cool vidya they love. They last the same as a diner with a friend, or a visit to the cinema. It's not that big of a deal. You're just approaching them with the wrong mindset. It's like a podcast except there's only one person.this. I think the same way.>>600897581I hate that faggot.>>600894798Me too.>>600894770I hope so.>>600893737Decent. But he stole Ebeeto's style.

>>600896732ofc they don't realize that, they're autistic neets, they don't like multiplayer games because they have no friends being the incels they are, ect

Matthew was arguably the first and still the best to do it, and even he didn't take it seriously like all these fucking pseuds copycats do these days. It's all so formulaic, none of it is based in actual knowledge of game design. It's either>I'm going to read the wikipedia page interspersed with my room temperature opinions that are often factually incorrect or just plain stupidor>4 hour "analysis" with forced political commentary that has NOTHING to do with the game or is an extreme stretch at best, don't forget to like and subscribe, check the patreon, shill my shit all over the internet, suck my cock and worship me as a god>>600898070>expand on that point pleaseOkay>MandaloreTried to use his discord cabal to cancel someone with false claims of sex with minors. When said claims were found to be unsubstantiated, he doubled down and just embarrassed himself even further. Makes decent content but like most ecelebs, has his dick sucked wayyy too much because he's a taste validator.>ssethtzeentachAbsolute reddit-tier. Stolen jokes. Stolen "Holla Forums core" personality. His 12 year old humor wouldn't be so fucking obnoxious if it wasn't literally stolen>two best friends MattRetard who always caused drama within that always caused unnecessary drama within that clique (along with Liam), now follows the meta and makes the same fucking template content as any other insufferable cunt out there. Often gets things wrong and doesn't have the humility to own up to it, because like nearly all ecelebs, they'll pocket your cash and act like they're above you.>PatTolerable in a town drunk sort of way.

>>600898743>even he didn't take it seriouslylol

>>600899046He's lying. If you didn't pay attention when it happened, don't worry about it.

>>600898743Thanks for the info, bro. Mandalore does seem a bit annoying and it's like, there's something off about him. Reminds me of sseth.>Absolute reddit-tier. Stolen jokes. Stolen "Holla Forums core" personality. His 12 year old humor wouldn't be so fucking obnoxious if it wasn't literally stolenyes but it's funny. It's just stolen humor though. Kind of like Sam Hyde. But it's just background noise for me.>Retard who always caused drama within that always caused unnecessary drama within that clique (along with Liam), now follows the meta and makes the same fucking template content as any other insufferable cunt out there. Often gets things wrong and doesn't have the humility to own up to it, because like nearly all ecelebs, they'll pocket your cash and act like they're above you.I forgot which one is which. The retard (the one that laughs a lot) is funny. He's a big, retarded goober. The pseud guy (his friend) is annoying and I feel like he's a pseud, a bit under 100 IQ, a midwit basically. The nigger is ok. Liam is a tranny, gay, homo, soiboy.Their eceleb smugness just makes me laugh. They're basically retards I put in the background to make my day funnier and more absurd. It's just brainless nonsense that reminds me of my childhood, playing vidya, talking to friends about video games. The fact they're stupid makes it better. It's like they're 12 years olds in adult bodies.>Tolerable in a town drunk sort of way.That's the retarded goober with the stupid laugh, right? I agree then.Thanks for expanding on it.>Matthew was arguably the first and still the best to do it, and even he didn't take it seriously like all these fucking pseuds copycats do these days. It's all so formulaic, none of it is based in actual knowledge of game design. It's eitherI remember that AoE2 guy was pretty good, too. He played it competitively IIRC.Some speedrunners also have youtube accounts. They usually know the game well and avoid doing low effort shit like screaming etc.

I only watch ones about games I won't play.

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>>600899095I was there and mandadingdong is a big fat groomer. Groyper.

>>600899221old shit gamesswj gamesanimoo shithentai gamesflash gameszeldacollectathonsminmaxingcompletionismspeedrunningbtw is that bubsy sperg dead? uliliya? or what's his namehe used to speedrun bubsy

>>600899316No clue. Also don't forget to add speedrun historians to your list. I watch those too thanks.

>>600896732Lol you actually managed to make it even more pathetic. Congrats.

>>600899396they're based toofuck speedrunning but watching it is coolI'm starting to understand that boomer mentality where you sit on the couch all day and watch fit young people kick balls around for a living

>>600891902Matthewmatosis (pbuh) is the best by far, he actually knows what he is talking about and doesn't pad out his videos with useless filler. His Dark Souls 2 video was one point and his Demon's Souls video is prophetic

>>600899483gamegrumps lmao

>>600891902>Analysis video is okay so far, decent background noise>The analyzer proceeds to make a random cucked political statement that has nothing to do with anything, IE OH MY GOD THIS IS JUST LIKE WHEN MAGATARDS """""""STORMED"""""""" THE CAPITOL>Exit videoThis happens 100% of the time, what is wrong with leftoids

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>>600896732>surrogate friendthat just makes it sad honestly

>>600891902It needs to be at least 3-5 hours if you want me to take you seriously. You can't hide stupidity in that and you should have a lot of examples and evidence if you're trying to convince me of your hot opinions.

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Hamsterson's Mario Odyssey "Not a masterpiece" vid is great for some reason I cannot explain. It doesn't have anything to do with his autistic take on how to enjoy or not enjoy collectathon Mario, there is something about his droning voice that makes it perfect for background noise.I hate the dynamic texts floating around type, like Uriksaladbar or whatever. So fucking pretentious and obnoxious. Those videos are just a modern colors and shapes graphic design wankfest.

>>600891902I feel like the ones I used to like are doing too much reaching now because they listen to other people's analysis videos and then try to find something new to sayand I'm like bro I don't listen to any other 3 hour analyses of Yakuza 0, you aren't repeating shit I've heard somewhere else.

>>600891902I don't need a faggot on YouTube to tell me what I think of a game

I love the actually creative ones that talk about the themes of the games. The people who literally just recite exactly what happens in the game are horrid wretches

>>600891902they're gay and i dont have a favorite cuz i dont watch them

>>600894698Not like anybody watches this shit with full focus, you could just do stuff with that on background, you won't even remember it later

>>600899604its funny, cute, im ok with it brokisses

>> liked Mecha's tear down of FF7R, even though I disagree with him because I like all the changes and how butthurt it's made the FF7 fandom.

>>600896732>need to confide and be accepted>can't assert>surrogate friendseek a backbone user

The only one I watch,

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I'll only watch a youtube video if>the thumbnail isn't clickbait>the title isn't clickbait>the voice isn't annoying>something interesting or funny is said in the first minute>you're presenting original or well-compiled researchIf sponsorblock turns the progress bar into a rainbow I'll also turn it off because you have no morals.

>>600895814wrong, his tokimeki memorial review is a literal unironic masterpiece.

>>600891902>>600897372>>600898330I almost watched this video until I saw this final post. I thought SH3 mostly sucked as well, and was curious, but if he isn't even going to mention the game's faults in a video that is 1/3 as long as the actual game... I have other ways I can waste my life that will be at least vaguely productive.

>>600898743in general vidya analysis is worthless whenever all the guy can do is tell you shit you already know, which is most of these guys90% of these 1+ hour videos are dudes just regurgitating plot summaries or explaining how mechanics work or summing up the history of the franchise, it's literally pointless I put guys like matthewmatosis and TGB near the top because they tend not to do thisbut only Matthew really gets it right

I hate this stupid faggot.

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I like RunningShine

>>600899964He mentions a few flaws but plays them down because he likes the game so much. I'm not a 3 fan but it's a good watch because he says a lot of stuff that I just didn't notice about the game which makes it better. I still don't love 3 but I can respect it more now

>>600891902I only listen to vid analysis of game mechanics, not stories something longer

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I want someone who looks at obscure indie games not the same 200 AAA games

>>600891902GamingBrit lost his appeal when he changed his writing after getting backlash from shitting on Silent Hills.

if it takes you longer than 10 minutes to get your opinion across on any topic you're retarded

>analysis>just play through the game>tell the story>explain different endings>a bit of info about the company making the game>???>call it analysis

>>600899589ya i had found some channel i liked where the guy was going through games in order yearly and he slowly started slipping in ACAB tier shit and eventually constantly kept talking about this shit. fucking sucked he was good but you could tell he was about to crack and go full retard so i stopped watching. many such cases sadly

>>600891902>calling your youtube channel "whatever show"Cringe and very 2010

Pretentious pseudo-intellectual bullshit for zoomers who go around parroting these videos to compensate for their lack of video game experience, it's sad and cringe all around.

>>600905363But it has classical piano music in the background which means it's smart and an analysis!

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>>600906856>Giving yourself an obnoxious one word name purely for SEO reasonsAlso cringe

>ten years ago it was Pewdiepie, markiplier, two best friends play, etc. thought it was stupid then and friends wouldn't shut the fuck up about it>now it's the same exact pretentious essayist formatWould rather something like Markiplier desu

>>600894983This motherfucker is the most obnoxious cunt in journalism, I'll take all the trannies and beta males over him.

>>600908349Tim is the pinnacle of "I'm going to ramble for 4 hours and say nothing of substance and i'm still going to act condescending towards my audience for not getting it"

Cvit is fucking cancer, after his awful vid on persona 5 and how he was exposed, all his other videos feel exactly the same.But sintetic man who looks like he browses Holla Forums is entertaining even if he has some shitty videos

Working on my very own one of these videos, its like 3 minutes long after 5 hours of editing i dont know how these guys do it, editings hard my script is like 2 hours learning editing software is aids fuck editing I just wanna sperg out


>>600896732this, people are pathetically lonely

>>600891902Sometimes, you can stumble upon a person, who have something interesting to say. Like this mostly, it's just a plot summaries made by guys with sleepy voices.

>>600894698I like grinding in games with either music, podcasts, or retrospectives on in the background. I fully realize that I am sick in the head.

>>600895914He's a pretty chill dude and made me think more on Greedfall bad parts that I didn't trought much until I watched this guy video.

The only thing these videos are good for is to fill the empty air when you're cooking/washing dishes, or cleaning.

>>600894983Someone do a vocaroo of his voice

I quite liked Nerd Commando analysis. His lets plays are boring, but guides (at least fallout, divinity and most of rougelites indy, dunno about civ) are short and dense.

>>600895914I love this guy, watched even literal who trash games just because of how easy going and funny he is.

>>600899857I wish he could focus more on game dungeon and his off-topic rants but sadly FM2 takes more bread on his plate than that but I fear the lack of costant videos are hurting more him more in the long run.>>600911812I still have to watch the Yakuzas ones but the E.V.O games are really chill to watch & listen.

I always loved hbomberguy even when I disagree. A lot of his derivatives of the 'left wing media critique' brand are cringe though

>>600911889>hbomberguyAbsolute fucking cancer and always has been.

>>600908330This might be hypocritical or ironic or whatever but when I listened to Mauler's Soma analysis, he showcaserd how Markiplier was the only guy willing to immerse himself in the experience to try and actually understand the game while the typical game analysis types like Joseph Anderson simply made surface level bullshit observations in bad faith and wrote off the game entirely.I've haven't watched much of Markiplier but he seems like a stand-up guy.I can imagine that when you're seen as low-brow and accept that, you don't have a massive ego that keeps you from engaging with something.

>video game analysis video>90% of the video is plot recapI hate those fucking niggers so much.

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>>600913640the other day I saw a video on kotor 2 that was recently posted that's like fucking 9 hours long. it's narrated by an autistic sounding woman, I skipped through it to a few places and from what I saw it was her literally recounting every single thing that happens in the game in a monotone voice.

>>600891902You could probably get through half of SH3 in the time it takes to watch this shit.

Why are so many videos super long lately? How long does it take you to really describe a game? I mean good lord I used to think half an hour was pushing it. Have none of these people heard about brevity? Do they just ramble over every insignificant detail?

>>600891902Most are shit but I like some of them. The 12 hour oblivion one is my favorite.

>>600912791>Markiplier was the only guy willing to immerse himself in the experience to try and actually understand the gameyeah I've noticed a lot of streamers/youtubers and whatever don't even try to pay attention to the games they are playing, they are way more focused on streaming/recording.If you have ever watched any playthroughs of RPGs you can see what I mean, they inevitably play like murderhobos because it makes for cheap laughs while ignoring the story.

>>600891902>2:12:12I'm not watching that shit. Call me when it's at least 7 hours long. I need to be able to go to sleep with it on and wake up with it still be on. That's the only purpose a video game analysis serves. Putting me to sleep and then waking me up in the morning.

>>600913837Well these videos are essentially in depth rants, just structured (usually). They're not meant to be a concise review. I dunno, do you not have any videogame or movie or book or whatever that you could talk about for hours?

>>600891902Most 'analysis' are only so in nature. The makers don't have the slightest idea of how an analysis is done (context, themes, structure, form, intertextuality) and are more a collection of nitpicks because that is what they think an analysis or critique is, which funnily is the exact opposite - an analysis/critique's purpose is to uncover the hidden value/meaning contained in the subtext of a work that can't be experienced just from the surface elements (audiovisuals, story, characters, mechanics etc.).

>>600913837>Do they just ramble over every insignificant detail?I've noticed a lot of the long ones are basically just abridged LPs of the game.

>>600891902His resident evil series is legitimately a good series that analyses the structure of those games and what makes them work. Silent Hill videos have been too bogged down with lore shit and complaining the games don't fit into the lore properly.

>>600914110>Most 'analysis' are only so in nature.aren't really so in nature*Is what I meant.

>>600914110Kinda true, although it's harder to do that kind of analysis for a game than for a movie or book because they're often so expansive and the story is just an afterthought a lot of the time. Which is why I'm guessing they fall back on nitpicking mechanics or plot recaps so much.

>>600914576Games fit into that "dancing about architecture" category, where the meat of the content is in the experience of playing them and everything else (story, graphics, music) is side dressing. The only way to really critique a game would be through creating a game about it.

twinperfects silent hill analysis retrospective series shits so long its several anime seasons long

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>>600891902You cannot expect me to watch a fucking YouTuber for three hours, why would I do that? At that point I would rather play the game itself, hell, I have so many better things to do with my time, and so do you. I feel sorry for people who waste so much of their days just watching some e-celeb talking about a game or anime, when their time would be spent better if they experienced it themselves, but it seems a lot of people are kind of lazy or intimidated to jump into anything so they resort to this.Thanks to this we are getting more and more "fans" of franchises who never actually experienced the original source and only watched these shitty videos.

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>>600911889His videos are well produced, occasionally funny, and sometimes insightful, however his opinions on video games are to be ignored.

>>600914985They're obnoxious pseudo-intellectual faggots. It's so long because they spend as much time shitting on imaginary people who disagree with their opinions as they do talking about the game.

>>600891902I liked his videos on action games even if he wasn't very good at them and on Resident Evil.But his Silent Hill 1 "analysis" had no analysis and was just a summary of the plot. So i won't be watching this new one.

>the cutscene where a ghost pushes you on the tracks only happens if you read the notes about the guy falling on the tracks and ghostsWhat the fuck

You know the meme version of matthewmatosis people post with the fake quote about a combat system needing an S rank system with juggling enemies for it to be any good? GaimgBritShot is literally unironically that. Tremendous faggot. Sad!

>>600913812this.i hate video essays, one of the many reasons why people stopped playing vidya

>>600899589>random reminder to take care of your mental health and dont kill yourself

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>>600914985>>600915106Good on Jay for calling them out on their Twin Peaks S3 analysis.

>>600896732Not everybody wants that. Go figure that some people clicking on “video game review” might want a review of the video game, not a rambling friend simulator. There are people like Matthewmatosis who strike a great balance for the most part, but people like Mauler or Joseph Anderson just keep repeating shit over and over, and if you are watching to hear somebody’s opinion of a game, it’s annoying.

>>600896732I just put an episode of kitchen nightmares in the background.

>game review>has spoilersWhats the point? If I already played the game wgy watch it

>>600895914He's far more entertaining talking about absolute garbage but interesting trash titles, honestly.

I love RunningShine and SteakBentley the most (the latter is mostly non-vidya though).Matthewmatosis is okay but as time goes on I realize his early stuff is not that good, although still great for 2012. Overall still recommend his latter stuff, especially the Oddworld one, really described the thoughts I had since I was 6.Tehsnakener is also pretty good. And I do watch the occasional Mandalore/Sseth for some recs.I really like Ross' Game Dungeon, but I don't care about his vids as reviews, it's just great background noise that somehow always gives off Halloweeny/Autumn vibes. He also "reviews" some very obscure old games, which I am a sucker for.The Infinite Review is also pretty nice, but not always purely vidya.There is also NitroRad. I don't have about him as a 'reviewer" per se, but the games he covers are really my jam (semi-obscure 3D platformers and RPG Maker games, among other stuff). A great way to learn about more stuff I wouldn't have ecnountered otherwise.

>>600917683I also like watching Cybershell, but I am a Sonic autist, healthy people need not apply, although recently he expanded into other videos.

>>600894536your child is second cumming of a cultyou killed your wifeheather is girl from 1

some Futurasound guy, all he talks about is Kojimbo and his work.

>>600897837I have to agree, I only found him cause of his SH1 and 2 videos. I loved those. This one seemed like he needlessly stretched it to hit 2 hours.Actually had to skip through some parts, and the constant comparisons to resi are just pointless.

>>600891902It can be good background noise but most of the long essay videos follow the same template and they never say anything that I did not already know or even anything the average wiki would not cover. But it is enjoyable to listen to someone gush about a game you like or love, sometimes it makes me want to stop playing what I am currently playing and replay an old classic

>>600891902The few anal lists I like don't anal lice the games I'm interested in.

>>600891902Watch his overblood 2 video. And actually enjoyable video about a game we never got in NA and I had never heard of before

>>600916354Most of these videos are geared towards people that never played them. Its why 90% of the video is just a plot summary, it gives the illusion of playing the game

>>600891902Good background noise, if they have a good voice. Which most don't.Otherwise:> dead air> poor script (rambling)> trying too hard to justify an opinion (you might actually listen and it'll distract you from what you're actually doing to mentally disagree)I don't care for most.

>>600914985>developers very open about what everything means, virtually nothing is left to interpretation >twinfaggots act like they are the authority on all things silent hill>try to do the same thing with twin peaks>david lynch already said one of his main goals is creating discussion about interpretation being different for everybody which is why he will never reveal what he truly meant>twinfaggots act like they cracked the code yet againHow can one youtube be so insufferable

>>600896732Why would you want to hang out with some boring sperg though?


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The first ~3 I saw years ago were great but then it became a case of nigga, I ain't watching another 2 hour half baked analysis.Exception is Pyrocynical's content because he puts genuine big dick effort into his multi-hour stuff.

just watch them on 2x speed, that makes it a lot more can even go to 3x or more if you use freetube or something similar.

>>600898743>Mandalore>Tried to use his discord cabal to cancel someone with false claims of sex with minors.Where can I find the lore for this? Sounds like good internet drama

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I hope onions chud starts to mimic all the shitty traits of horror games today and hires some POC to give the game it some much deserved contemporary storytelling that isn't about some white dudes. I cosplayed as Pyramid Head for Halloween one year everyone clapped. I would rather attend all Team Silents funerals smelling like weed than play another silent hill

>find a cool analysis guy>all he does is nintendo stuff>unsubscribe and report to the police for predatory behavior

>>600922652Vinny was being cancelled by a bunch of people for allegedly seducing or fucking a minor or something and mandalore hopped on, probably because a bunch of his friends were already on it. And then it turned out to be bullshit. As far as I know there wasn't anything more to it than that, people just hold it against mandalore a lot because it was a very shitty thing to do and because he generally seems above that it sticks out more.

>>600913837People use it for background noise

>>600924264>using a youtube video as background noisehow fucking boring have you people become

>>600891902I like them as background noise. Most are shit. I like noah caldwell because he actually has something to say instead of recapping the plot for 5 hours

Official Video Essay tier list> Actually good tierMrBtongue, Matthewmatosis> Okay tierRaycevick, Ross Game Dungeon, Mandalore, Superbunnyhop, Gemsbok> Tolerable tierMauler, Extra Punctuation, Examined Life of gaming, Shammy, Indigo gaming, Nakey Jakey, Turbo Button> Bad tierHamster Anderson, ShillUp, Boulder Punch, Face Full of Eyes, Chris Davis, Gmanlives, Gamingbrit> Shit tierNeverknowsbest, Salt Factory, HBomberGuy, Critical Nobody, Aesiraesthetics, Max Derrat, ThorHighHeels, Warlockracy, Errant Signal, Tehsnakerer> Abyss tierGames as Literature, Writing on Games, Gamemakers Toolkit, Jacob Geller, PatricianTV, Grimbeard, Downward Thrust> The NadirNoah Caldwell-Gervais, Whitelight, Action Button

>>600908735you'll get more efficient at it the more you do it. don't give up

>>600925324>> Actually good tier>MrBtongueFuck off. He's a retarded hack. Holla Forums only ever liked him because he praised NV and shit on FO3 before it was cool to do so.

>>600925324>Tolerable tier>Mauler

Attached: 1514212482746.jpg (400x551, 77.31K)

>>600891902Most are garbage that repeat the same shit over and over, go on irrelevant tangents, take 10+ minutes to say what could be said in 5, have random autistic attempts at ""humor"" or trying to force an in joke or maymay, are essentially just long winded story summaries(bonus points for getting shit wrong or inserting headcanon) with ""analysis"" randomly inserted, all in efforts to stretch shit out for no reason. If it's longer than an hour chances are it's not worth watching. No, "muh pretend friends" is not an argument, it's mental illness.

>>600913837>Why are so many videos super long lately?Maymays>Do they just ramble over every insignificant detail?Yes

H I ht

>in his most recent Maximo stream Matt said he is thinking about doing more videos so the patreons have some justification for supporting him>said he will likely never do another review again and any new videos would likely be Microvideo/recommendation videosVery lame but understandable. I would really love to see a Bioshock: Infinite style video on Elden Ring. Younger Matt would have torn that game apart, but I guess with him making his game he's not interested in doing something like that since it would take a gigantic amount of playtime to actually do it in a worthwhile manner. one is one of my favorites. Goddamn I hate the remake so much.

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 137.46K)

Only trannies/fembrained people would enjoy these. Personally my T levels are too high.

Attached: 1309038819383.jpg (640x640, 31.08K)

>>600895914his E.V.O video was an absolute journey, loved every minute of it.

>>600894770Doubt it, but you never know

>>600914985>creates an entire youtube channel to shill for the terrible HD remake

Attached: 1634282125185.png (1347x957, 704.03K)

I watch a lot but the only ones I would recommend are running shine and splash wave

>find a channel who does interesting, well-reasearched short retrospectives on games that flopped with minimal jokes>it's all he uploads>except for when he random batch uploads lets play videos

>>600899589Had to stop watching a guy who did a 4 hour analysis on nmh3 because of this, leftoids are so insufferable.

>>600897007Matt refined his writing over the years a great deal, honestly his longest video isn't analytical in the slightest, it is however the greatest fucking sleep aid known to man short of narcotics.

>Find yourfavoriteson randomly, his reviews are only decent, mentioned in his Devil May Cry series that he mostly used trickster, which was fine in 3, but didn't even mention the introduction of on the fly style switching with Dante in 4/5 and how he still 'stuck with tricksteralmost dropped him there to be honest, but decent enough



>>600935067I've watched it like 3 or 4 times now

>>600896732thats fucking stupid,needing people in your life is for losers,I only need my computer and my internet,everything else is unimportant.

>>600937543based ultra-autism wizard



>>600891902I don't like his, but Aesir's take on the mainline Silent Hill games were really good and I love long form vidya analyses when they are well written, insightful and informative.


>>600895914I'm glad he had the good sense after 3 to start releasing it in chunks so you aren't expected to go through all 7 hours in one video

>>600899964>the best game in the series suckyou should literally kill yourself

>>600896281That is a good one, but I think Running Shine's is better. Everyone in the comments of that video already said it but turning Alex into a sex-obsessed racist made him more interesting as a character than anything the game did.

>>600897542It's why I liked tehsnakerer's yakuza videos, because he actually understands character writing and how what characters do relate to the themes of the game, he made me appreciate Shinada far more than when I played in 2015.>Shinada is someone with dreams who has always been afraid of taking risks to achieve them after having felt loss before. He has spent all this time since being kicked out of baseball coasting through life, putting in the minimal effort, never actually trying. The fight with Daigo and the scene on the rooftop with Milky from earlier in his story made him realize he can't run away anymore, that it's better to shoot for the stars and fail than to just "exist" and always wonder what could've been. Everyone has a dream in life but most are afraid to pursue it because of the risks involved. Shinada trained for years while never investigating his ban, letting him believe he could have baseball again. Investigating it may have proven impossible, so he never did. It's also a parallel to Kiryu's story, two Tokyo men hiding from their past, pulled into the open by Daigo, realizing their identity has never quite been hidden, their run-in with a local crime family leading them to confront the Tojo, both wanting to set the record straight and clean up their identity. Like Kiryu took back his identity fighting the clan in the harbor, Shinada took back control over his life by fighting Daigo.


>>600946689Because Alex is an incredibly boring character despite being insufferable

Noah Caldwell is the only one that brings any semblance of an analytical approach to his content. 99% of YT "creators" spend their videos recapping the plot, explaining basic mechanics, and giving banal "I like this, this is bad" tier "critiques." Look no further than Joseph Anderson or Raycevick to know how fucking garbage YT video game "critics" are. Just maladjusted 30 somethings whose only qualifications are they play a lot of video games, or in Anderson's case, write bottom of the barrel self-published fantasy books about -- get this -- dragons.

>>600947521>Just maladjusted 30 somethings whose only qualifications are they play a lot of video games

Attached: wheredoyouthinkweare.png (644x644, 935.79K)

This has to be the easiest industry to latch on isn't it?>make video on how good a videogame is>fans of videogame watch and clap like seals

>>600947521Noah has extreme tunnel vision when it comes to his analysis and oftentimes makes it all about himself or his specific gen x liberalism. Anyone who likes Noah Caldwell or hbomberguy is cringe and deserve to be beheaded. I mean, I hate these retardly long pseudointellectual video game critiques and the e-celebs behind them, but at least they don't cross the line and infuse batshit insane political shit in them and preach their religion to me. Noah Caldwell for example called the developers of Postal "evil", its funny how a guy who sounded like a school shooter in the making in his teens is now such an avowed anti-white anti-racist activist. its like hearing a soviet commisar giving his "intellectual" opinion on Lysenkoism. Perhaps the most fascinating thing is learning how some people are INHERENTLY repulsed by hbomberguy behavior and personality, I was when I was foolish enough to waste my time watching that Dark Souls 2 video, I felt it. Even when he is not political, you can feel the narcissistic self-righteous arrogance of someone who rejects facts for orthodoxy. I heard some guy actually tried to make a rebuttal to his views on Dark Souls 2, probably in good faith. I bet I can guess how he responded to it. These people legit make me ill.

>>600947521grade A+ post

>>600891902>just 2 hourslollmao even

Attached: file.png (267x255, 68.23K)

>>600947521>Noah Caldwell "the Rape of Nanking was justified because the Japanese were subhuman retards with no morals, also you're the racist " Gervais>Noah Caldwell "plays modern shooters with the arrow keys and then complains about hard they are" Gervais>Noah Caldwell "randomly flies into a lengthy, seething rage about how badly he wanted to murder a guy who stole his car like 30 years ago during a review of a video game" Gervais>Noah Caldwell "shits on the postal devs for more than an hour but publicly shits his pants in response when they ask him to explain what his problem is instead of rambling about toxic masculinity" Gervais>Noah Caldwell "editing is for fags" GervaisHe's unironically better than the vast majority of e-celebs and game journos (including hamsterton) but that says more about how irredeemably shit this whole pseudo intellectual online gaming writing sphere is than it does his actual abilities.

Attached: 1586339528070.png (911x536, 71.62K)

>>600891902I am tired of all these Silent Hill analyzers. Reinstall Paul broke this series down better than anybody else.

I liked OneShortEye's "documentaries" about adventure game speedruns.

>open video>Nasally Voice>British Voice>Eastern European VoiceStraight into the trash it goes

>>600952541What about Scottish voice like the guy who did the pokemon ORAS video?

>ctrl+f "warlockracy">1 instanceOh, okay then

>>600947521If you're going to talk about an autistic vtuber analysis channel at least don't use the tranny who lost his shit over BOOBIES in Vampire Bloodlines Masquerade and seethed over indians getting killed in Gun and RDR. Go to bed, Noah.Your almost 2-hour long rant on the Hero's Journey disguised as a KOTOR series analysis was garbage.

>video starts by going back to the 1900's and telling the birthstory of the developer and its employeesBitch, I know what a video game is.

>>600952656Scottish voice is acceptable

>>600908735Use a podcast format. Editing is for chumps.

why do british people love making 6 hour youtube videos about children's games

>Deus Ex review>Reviewer inadvertently admits he agrees with the bad guys and wants a globalist new world orderJesus Christ.

Attached: deus ex review.jpg (218x176, 13.12K)

>>600899770>>600911296chronically overstimulated zoomer brainscan't fully commit their attention to any single taskalways need "background noise"


>>600951007I accept your taste. What are some YTers you do recommend?

>>600949220>Noah has extreme tunnel vision when it comes to his analysis and oftentimes makes it all about himself or his specific gen x liberalism.What do you think the role of a critic is? Impart your viewpoints to help create a more complete understanding of a work. You're not supposed to be a fucking robot that looks at art in a bubble. >narcissistic self-righteous arrogance of someone who rejects facts for orthodoxyTake another stab at what the fuck it is you're trying to say here, idiot. >These people legit make me ill.Sounds like you're just a poltard with an agenda. Kill yourself, dork.

>>600953532tehsnakerer but only when he;s talking about Yakuza, see >>600945340. It's not that his other videos are bad, it's more that he doesn't put as much effort into them. >>600953192He's Russian, being okay with authoritarianism is in their blood

>>600929142You sound like a dickriding faggot lmao

>>600894983Pac-Man video is better

>>600900208I trusted you and went back and watched it. The video definitely wasn't as concise as a Matthewmatosis production, but that's fine because this was labeled as a "full" analysis, whereas Matt often focuses on a particular concept. Brit spends too long talking about some very obvious or irrelevant things, and so the video could have been a shorter with some more script editing. The necessity to do that is higher when you have a video that is 2+ hours long.I think my main complaint is that the video is almost entirely an annotated summary of the game's plot. This means a lot of re-treading obvious material (almost everyone watching this has played the game), getting nuggets of good analysis only here and there. He should have blown through the plot right at the start, allowing people to skip it if they weren't interested, and then done a more cohesive analysis afterward. This would have improved the pacing and also let him shorten the video somewhat.On the other hand, I felt he pointed out many of the things that stuck out to me gameplay design-wise, especially in juxtaposition with SH1/2. It's definitely important to consider those aspects in tandem with the thematic ones. He didn't get too deeply into it, but I agreed with most of what he had to say.Overall, you were right and it was worth a watch, but only on 2x speed. He didn't say much that was new to me, though, and if anything it's strange that he limits himself only to in-game material. If he's labeling this a "full" analysis, he should have a final section where he brings in material about the game's production, interviews, etc.>>600944953You have only yourself to blame for a lack of taste, don't hold it against me.

>reviewer is fucking insane

Attached: queermo.jpg (1159x1804, 299.95K)

>>600913837>Why are so many videos super long lately?Normies thinking the longer the video the more indepth the analysis is.

>>600891902stopped watching when he talked about the rules of silent hill for over 30 minutes. WHO FUCKING CARES

>>600899316>ulillilliavery much alive

>>600953837>What do you think the role of a critic is? Impart your viewpoints to help create a more complete understanding of a work.Not him but yes you're not supposed to look at work in a bubble, but it's not critique to make the review about yourself. That's Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo journalism. What did the spergout about his car have ANYTHING to do with Postal 2? And if a person brings up marginalized groups, toxic masculinity, and gamergate in their videos then it is valid to call them an SJW because they so very obviously are one. What the fuck does Joseph Campbell apparently being a racist, sexist, bigot have to do with Kotor 2? I mean for fuck's sake, he justified japanese war crimes in WW2 because Japan was oppressed, while saying the US and Germany were bad for doing the same shit. I'll fully admit that I think it's super hypocrital of the Allied Powers to shit on Japan. Everyone was doing war crimes and colonization, but suddenly it was a problem when a non-white nation that idolized the US/UK did it. But I don't fucking excuse one side for doing it because of the color of their skin. Also, he just has some really fucking bad takes about game design as well>Easy mode is the same game for me as Normal is for someone else>Anyway, here's some footage of me doing a boss without engaging with his gimmick, because thanks to easy mode, I don't have to>Also I will never even mention melee attacks, and instead describe how I engage every fight by standing stock still and playing in the most boring way possible, because thanks to easy mode, I never have to weigh the risk of using melee for the sake of conserving ammo>But it's totally the same gameHis best work is his travelouges

>>600954635>reviewer names himself after a character from a game he didn't play

>>600954635I genuinely feel bad for this guy.

>>600954532Good write up.

>>600896914He'll end with The Room. No western titles, I like him but wouldn't call him funny so tearing into later SH titles would hardly be worth it.

>>600955062He freely admits to having shit reflexes, and thus points almost all of his analysis in the direction of things separate from raw gameplay, like premise, story, tone, characters, pacing, music, visual language, dialogue, themes, etc. And that's quite a lot to still talk about it. It's super reductive to think of games as just raw input eaters. That's not to say he doesn't miss anything with not mentioning how mechanics can imbue certain emotions, but I wouldn't say he misses much. I mean, really, how much can really be said about how good Devil May Cry feels? Or how RE4's gameplay immerses you as Leon? Those points are almost so obvious and short as to just be facts. As for the political stuff, I'm going to be dead honest: unless you can cite some quotes, I don't believe you. I've been binging this dork's content for the last month and outside of the general "racism is bad" sentiment that pops up once every 10 videos and is common to basically every well-adjusted person, I don't get the raging SJW vibes that people ascribe to him.

>>600941072"Terrorism" is a social construct

>>600915275That speedrunner analysis guy. That shit just makes me wince, good God.

>>600899972Dude has mastered the art of saying nothing. One of the absolute worst.

>>600955062>What did the spergout about his car have ANYTHING to do with Postal 2?If I recall correctly, he was trying to tie it to the idea of the "fuck what you think" mentality he had when he was young (often expressed through games like Postal), the carjacking being the moment he realized that he does want people to care what others think. The guy that stole his car was living the kind of alpha male fantasy he wanted as a kid, and he was still pissed off about it.

>>600918078Love his schizo ass.


>>600956496Lel I was thinking of him when I made the postDid his girlfriend (male) kill himsef or what? It is so cringeIronically strangers online tleling me I matter etc just makes me want to kill myself

>>600899589>watch video about how the natural color of Roman statues and arctitecture is often misrepresented>starts going on about how this is an issue of white supremecy wtf, I just wanted some fun facts

>>600913837Yt's algorithm favors long videos since they can plug in more ads.

>haha hours long analysis video>game is usually twice as long if not longer to playYes, even the 8 hour Fallout 3 one.

Attached: inquisitive bones.gif (168x228, 1.58K)

>>600957849Yeah it's better than the 8 hour long analysis videos of 2 hour long movies

>>600957426I have no idea, I know he dropped a podcast w/ Karl Jobst because "he did a slur" just ending a stream of income w/ your boy because he said retard five years ago, kek. Dude is a total dog brain. He seems to have a unhealthy parasocial thing w/ his audience. Almost feel bad that he's chained himself to these hair triggered weirdos.

I will not watch a video essay that is as long as a full-length movie. Condense your points.

>>600956383>As for the political stuff, I'm going to be dead honest: unless you can cite some quotes, I don't believe you.Well it's hard to cite a single line for Postal 2 so I'll just have to say, about half the entire video, particuarly when he starts talking about toxic masculinity as an academic term and also his point on "well what about when those jokes are targetted at you, then are they so harmless?"The Japanese part comes from his section on CoD: World at War from his CoD review video from 2015. He starts about he puts everything down to social pressure and nationalism, and right at the start says "well what they did was only so cruel by OUR standards". This is something I've always hated in historical analysis because cultural relativism not only lets you excuse horrific acts AND removes all agency from the individual commiting them, but it also ignores key facts like how Japan isn't as bloodthirsty culturally as people think and while they couldn't openly revolt against such a totalitarian state, the homefront passive-aggressively resisted it as much as possible as the war dragged on because they wanted it to be over. Go read the worker logs, see how many more suddenly call in sick instead of going to work as the war gets worse even when their city hasn't been bombed yet.>>600956678But that wasn't his point, his point was about toxic masculinity. That was the entire crux of his argument.Also, people who praise BI as anything above mediocre, let alone some fucking accomplishment for the medium, are brainlet retards

>>600891902I love that runningshine is a bit of a darling here. Being an actual funny person does wonders, half the others ITT are either humorless cunts or have shit comedic instinct are it's pain inducing when they admit humor.

>>600891902Jacob "The JEW" Geller.

>>600958284Yeah but now he hasn't made any videos in a while because he's working on a game

>>600958502>now he hasn't made any videos in a while because he's working on a gameMany such cases!

>>600954107No his best work is his Hunt Down the Freeman video. I giggle like an idiot every time I see the name "Bitchell"

>>600958284Runningshine has the best takedown of YIIK on a mechanical and character level, tehsnakerer is the best takedown on a narrative level. Both complement each other.

>>600949220>Noah Caldwell for example called the developers of Postal "evil"Didn't someone from the dev actually debated him on that video comment section?

How do you guys feel about my videos?

>>600959245Could tighten up your editing, user.

>>600947521>Noah "the "man" who played God Of War 1 on easy and wasn't able to mash the circle button for enemy finishers, while i was able to do so when i was a 7-8 old boy" GervaisMiss me with that faggot failure of a "man"

>>600956678That might have a point if you know, videogames were real life. And if the Postal Dude wasn't consistently portrayed as a sociopath and not someone to look up to. And that you CAN in fact try to be nonviolent the whole game and not be a sociopath and instead the violence comes to you instead.

>>600954532For me I was surprised that he didn't mention at all just how formulaic the series was getting at this point. He alludes to it with the locked doors thing in the mall, but I would argue it needs an entire segment. SH3 is the first time you can predict the entire game's structure from the start - get to a place (mall, hospital, etc.), open all the doors, see otherworld version of it, fight boss, leave, and repeat. The series always had this loose formula but 1 and 2 had moments in between places while 3 is just this series of corridors and it makes it feel very predictable and kind of bland.And the increased amount of aggressive enemies to make the game more challenging also doesn't improve anything. I don't want to fight a bunch of enemies at once because Silent Hill combat is still janky and bad. Most people probably didn't even know about this parry mechanic because they don't want to engage in the combat that deeply, the incentive is not there. 3 does a lot of things well, but it's almost all a retread of the first two games with the only new element being Heather. In a lot of franchises, being similar to a previous game is a good thing. But for Silent Hill, copying a previous game just makes it boring. We've played that already, give us something new

>>600925324>Neverknowsbest>WarlockracyThey're good though

>>600956453so is societywe live in a

>>600955137I don't and I used to watch him regularly.He lived in a cozy huge house, had a huge following of yt watchers and patreons, had a interesting group of friends to make videos with. And he ruined it all because he fucked a Jewish horse and ruined his brain with drugs.Fuck him, what a piece of shit, don't fucking do drugs kids!

>>600891902>trooned out leadheadI laugh everytime.

Attached: 1584647418342.jpg (1008x1024, 144.98K)

>>600897304>>that homo guy with a whiny voice who makes suicidal/self-deprecating jokes>you know him. Avoid. He's a tranny, he has pseud takes, he paints his nails and his humor is brain damage. He's what I think the average Holla Forumstard is like. Tranny, retarded, pseud, etc.Based. His skits are absolute cancer

>>600959581It's a meme list, gets posted every thread. They are good, neverknowsbest is starting to lose me though.

>>600956383Do what you like but I guarantee a person can not be anymore of a raging sjw than Noah is.

>>600951007Context for your pic?

If you try to put meaning into the ideas behind japanese games without understanding literally anything about japanese society, your opinion should be disregarded because you simply have no frame of reference. It's why CVit's Persona 5 video is so filled with errors, he thinks Japan works like the US.

>>600959862I like most of his stuff, as long as he doesn't do his ironic voice like in the video about that new vegas clone of which I've completely forgotten the name.

>>600959862>neverknowsbestI used to like him a lot but these days it feels like he's not really saying anything in his videos

>>600959684>had a interesting group of friends to make videos withHis new friends are cooler. They even have an RV

I hated legend of dragoon but one day I decided to watch a video analyst of it and it change my mind to I'll replay it someday.

>>600961015Fuck off no tranny faggot is as based as Endless Jess and BestGuyEver

>>600959945It started with this comment>Hi there! I'm the lead designer at Running With Scissors, and while I can only personally comment on the time that I've been here, I can confirm that much that has been said here is incorrect. If you would be so kind, however, I do think you should put a spoiler warning prior to revealing the ending of Paradise Lost. I believe there is little gain to be had from unwittingly spoiling the game for viewers.But pic related is the think that set off Noah, followed by this when Noah said he was like a troll>I figured your video was invitation to discourse. Is an open discussion not the aim here? You've proferred your views on the game developers, and now the game developers in question are here. Did you not expect feedback from those you've criticized? You're not yelling at tycoons atop their ivory towers. We're a bunch of Joe Schmo schmucks just like everyone else. Why, in retrospect, I think we may have a bit more in common than you think. (You see? I did a thing there, since that's a quote from the video which is also a thing I wrote and all.) However, I see you are choosing to entirely dismiss any rejoinder, leading me to believe I was wrong in my thinking that you wished to encourage some sort of ongoing dialog. In that regard, I can't quite ascertain what your purpose was. To vilify those you don't like and then bask in the choir you've preached to? To willfully disregard the very subjects of your video who have taken the sheer and utter audacity to defend themselves? Boy, why didn't I just have the common courtesy to roll over and die after watching this?>I have to admit, though, I do like this approach too. When I express my opinion, I only acknowledge those who agree with me and close my ears to anyone who doesn't. It's less work this way. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. I'm a coward, too.

Attached: RWS reply.png (1292x508, 144.31K)

>>600961150>Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. I'm a coward, too.>6 years agoFuck, Is Plinkett's ST Nemesis review really that old?

>>600961947It turns 10 years old this year.

>>600899589wait i watch Charlie's videos all the time, did he say this somewhere in the SH3 video that I missed?He's a brit, the fuck is he doing commenting on American politics?

>>600961150What a pussy lol

>>600962215>He's a brit, the fuck is he doing commenting on American politics?Where have you been, Europeans have been obsessed with American politics for like 20 years

>>600891902Objectively the best video game essayer

>>600962502>two hours of gay culture war shitCouldn't pay me to watch that.

>>600959862neverknowsbest is about to troon out. Guarantee it.

>>600962316well sure, they're always obsessed with Americans but where did Charlie specifically say something about it?usually I've found him pretty neutral and he comes off as someone who just literally wants to be left alone with his ps2 nostalgia.

>>600962885I don't know, I was someone else entirely just replying to that part.

>>600962786Eh, I don't see it but he could. I mean I didn't notice how huge of a faggot leadhead was until he trooned out, so I'm bad a reading these things.That faggot grosses me out dude.

>>600962720Then watch his 20 minute overview of the hypocrisy in

>>600959531>needs an entire segmentYeah, that's why I think he should have put all his thoughts on each idea in one place, rather than touching on each at three different spots. He does also bring it up with Heather talking about the phone in the cultist base and I think somewhere else as well. I did think it was strange that he didn't spend more than a few seconds mentioning how 3 cut back the outdoor areas so drastically. Or that, to me, the puzzles also felt substantially scaled back, so a lot was running on just hallways and combat.He does mention that the parrying is sort of useless to put time into, but he did give it a fair shake for at least the replay we watch his footage from. I didn't bother with it either, because as he says, you can run past most encounters and save health and ammo resources.I agree with you totally, and was actually surprised when he reached the end and his conclusion sentences referred to the game as being an excellent survival horror experience, because I'd felt he was going to reach the same conclusion I did: that it had a lot of neat individual components, but as a game was drastically overshadowed by SH1 or even SH2. He seemed critical of a lot of decisions throughout the video, so his two-thumbs-up ending seemed unfounded.I think SH3 could have been incredible if they had started work on the version we got right from the beginning, instead of abandoning their first concept and rushing this one out to reach their initial deadlines and budget. It wouldn't surprise me if Konami gave them no choice in the matter, because they're a bunch of shitheads, but it's short-term thinking that probably led to the continual demise of the SH series, whereas another year and some new funds or team members to make outdoor assets could have given us the SH masterpiece instead.

>>600963327>bitchuteNot watching your schizo essay.

>>600963327not that anonand i never watched anything from that guy but>Then watch his 20 minute overview of the hypocrisy in TLOU2Ellie kills everyone beside the final boss because the Jews made that game and they don't want to give you a cathartic ending because you are filthy cattle to them.There saved you 20 minutes.

>>600925324>MatthewmatosisI rewatched some of his zelda videos and it is impressive how little he says in them. I think people overrate him.

I hope youtube dies so all these worthless cunts can go die on the street.

>>600963546you missed the forced inclusivity, rampant gays, blacks, asians, lesbians, and trannies in the post apocalypse and forced jewish themes and appraisal to the jewish faith while trampling anything white, american, and christian.You also can't shoot anything in the synagogue either, I found that very interesting.Now do his Bioshock 1 and Infinite overviews. Those are like 5 hours long.

>>600963862I didn't even watch his video.You misunderstand my post.I just said what's the hypocrisy of the last of us.None of what you said is hypocrisy.Ofc there will be niggers, spics and jews in post apocalyptic muttland. Jews making a game and promoting Judaism and hating everything Christian is not hypocritical of them.Stop watching retarded internet spergs and read a book or better yet play a game.Imagine wasting your valuable time listening to these amerimutt mongoloids...

>>600954107I just watched tehsnakerer's recent classic sonic video and I thought it was a cool twist on the "classic sonic good actually" video essays that literally every single video essayist has done for well over a decade.

>>600964618Watch his video on EVO, it's one of his best

>>600964414nothing in your initial post asked any questionhaving hordes of interracial lesbians, asians, jews, and blacks in middle america in the post apocalypse where everyone's supposed to be fucking dead makes no sense. That'd only make sense if it took place in San Francisco or Seattle.the hypocrisy is presenting the story as open ended and up for interpretation in the first game then steamrolling over that for woke points by bringing finality to the character's stories, not just in bringing closure where it wasn't needed but by going against the principle themes of the first's story and actively retconning aspects in the process.>Imagine wasting your valuable time listening to these amerimutt mongoloidsImagine wasting your valuable time playing any game at all and responding to some amerimutt that you dont agree with on 4chan.

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I've never watched any of these, but I get the feeling that SponsorBlock's "skip filler/unrelated" option would cut most of these down by at least half.

Very gay.Only people that want to appear to be smart or powerful make videos like that.ALL "yOuTuBeRs" need to die.

>>600961150>poltard dev making salient points>can't help himself and must bring race and religion in at the endPostal devs are so fucking dumb.