Stardew Valley

So my hard drive died taking all 130 sdv mods, some of them custom amde, with it. How should I kill myself?

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Good job its easy to mod. You needed a restart.

Rentryanon here. I got paranoid after the list was posted on normalfag sites and we got a flood of views, so I made's mainly so that the naver people don't find out, asians can go berserk if you repost their stuff.

>>600861364Alright, just keep updating both as usual.

>>600861364I don't even play stardew but I stopped by to say thanks for putting in tbe effort user, you're a real one.

>>600861802Thanks mate.>>600861690I will.

>>600860237Anything obscure you lost? Someone here might have it.

>>600860237Rebuild. Do it for her

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>>600863709Mostly the ones I made myself. specifically seasonal outfits for sam without the DBZ hair and some alternate textures furniture pack. If anyone has the Old Mariner into Mermaid mod that user tweaked a couple of days back I'd appreciate it.

>>600864305>If anyone has the Old Mariner into Mermaid mod that user tweaked a couple of days back I'd appreciate it.It was added to the rentry.

>>600861364Are sites like sankaku and r34hentai really normalfag sites or did the links get posted somewhere else? I just wanted to help Jas get more popular and for artists or people with money to commission and make more Jas art.


>>600861364What normalfag sites? The ones on naver aren't the ones you should be worried about trying to protect.

>>600861364So why was jesus mod removed from nexus?

>>600864982Too enlightened.

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>>600864683Possibly, but it's all good. You had the right idea so you shouldn't worry at all as long as we take a few precautions.

>>600864982Anon was a naughty goy.

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>>600864683r34hentai has literal screaming trannies, so I'm just being cautious. But as I said it was mainly to protect the naver uploads, I don't think anything too bad will happen sharing the other mods.

>>600865503In that case you really shouldn't post the alternate Rentry link here, keep updating it silently and if anything ever happens to the main one, we'll move to it for good.


>>600865718Yeah, the backups should be kept a secret unless they're actually needed.

>>600860237Reminder that there's a big Christianity mod on nexus still up.

Pierre's shop got a new owner

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>>600867245Well I keep real backups both online and on a usb stick, so the mods will never die either way.

emily is CUTE

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>>600867640Beautiful. I was wondering if you'd change the sign as well.

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>>600867640Nice. I hope someday she gets her own shop and character, she deserves it.

>>600867768I guess we can always stick with an older version of the game and older versions of content patcher, smapi, etc. too if shit ever hits the fan.

>>600867820What is your professional emily opinion on this emily?

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>>600860237are there mods for this game or something that ups the movement speed and expands on dungeons? that was my favorite part of the game.

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>>600869278Yes for the former and kinda for the

>>600869278Mine stuff here

>>600868209could use some...improvements

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>>600870696Careful user, the cleaning staff already hates anything as harmless as cropped loli.

>>600870696dangerously based

After doing Saj and the inevitable loli Abigail and Haley mods do you think I should try making an anthro Morgan? What would Morgan user think would be the best choice for her?

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>>600869278I recommend a sprint mod to keep things

How difficult is it to change the lines of the characters in the game?I want to make a mod where all the characters are obsessed with sex and only talk about erotic things and pornography all the time.

>>600872095Glad you asked user, you might like this. The portraits should be simple enough, there are only four additional ones where it's just other reused portraits but with an intense

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>>600872095I think she could use a nose, but it kind of makes her look more like a dog.

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>>600872202Super easy. There's the initial blip of learning a little how content patcher works, but the hardest part would just be writing the lines.

>>600872794I'm pretty much just copying bunny Maru from the anthro mod which has it like that as well, it looking like a dog nose is probably why they didn't give her sprite a nose, especially for the loli version with a smaller head so there's less room to work with the face.

The struggle continues but patience is a virtue. >>600805705

>>600874301Those threads have become pure cancer, but best of luck, I really like the idea. Can only hope an user with deep pockets shows up so our girls can get the art they deserve.

>>600860237play a different game

>>600875271I might play my time at sandrock since it's released lat week. i'm still salty about my mods though

>>600875893It released with all the thunder of a paper fan. I haven't heard a thing about it or if it's any better than Portia.

Here's an idea for a mod: port the entirety of harvest moon 64 to stardew

>>600876542If it wasn't illegal I bet a modder could turn hm games into an arcade game in stardew

>>600875893>more male marriage candidates than female>dudes all get some nice variety and distinction>girls all still look like colorswapped ayys>this is the audience they're courtingWomen need to get out of my hobby I swear to god

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>>600878513eh, i was going for the twink with the bird from the start, so I don't care

>>600878513Why does that character look like George Floyd?

>>600874301Good luck user, you need some serious persistence to get anything over there.

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>>600879952Get your head out of the gutter.

>>600878513is portia this bad too? i was thinking of trying it out :(

>>600880993Portia has plenty of girl wives, but 99% of people will marry Ginger. The only other i would consider marrying is Phyllis

>>600878513Counterpoint, her name is Jasmine

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>>600878513La Creatura...

>>600883094Cute cheeks. Not bad, not great.

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>>600864683>I just wanted to help Jas get more popular and for artists or people with money to commission and make more Jas art.Totally understandable. These things take time and nearly all the appeal of Jas comes from a mod, so getting the response it has is already impressive. Unless we get lucky with an user with deep pockets, just have to keep at it. Onirism is a big, good game focused all on Carol and she's been fighting the good fight for a lot longer.

>that time Ape accidentally made a WEG protag

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>>600887608For me, it's the first shane.

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>>600887571Onirism somehow has lots of really good art despite being as obscure as it is. Between Carol, Blueberry and the various monster girls, it has lots of appeal for different tastes.

>>600889285Carol only seems to have about 20 images wherever I look.

>>600889498I think he's mostly talking about sfw art, I wish Carol had more lewds especially femdom. There's only 1 good lewd but it nearly gets ruined by having a shitty blacked version and the rimjob panel that I ended up cropping out.

>>600889215Original Penny, Leah and Emily were all absolute tradwife material. Seb's shirt was sick too.

>>600860237>>600864305Next time, post your works here so that they can be backed up in the rentry.

>>600890391Penny is the only one where I like the latest design more. Ape improved his art technically, but he nuked the designs and appeal in the process and I think Harvey best exemplifies that.

>>600861364If Rentry user is still here, I'd recommend deleting or wiping out this one and doing >>600865718 with a new one, just to be safe. Again, we should only post the main one here until something does happen.

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This is why I don't like share things with everyone. So now we need to be worried some idiot mess with the mods or the website?

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>>600892103Which farm is this?

>>600892596I'm sure everything will be fine, we're just being careful and taking precautions. If it brings loli lovers to Jas and SDV in general, it's definitely worth it in the end.

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Fall of year 2

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>>600892596The site and links are fine, they can always easily be reuploaded. The real concern is with the mods themselves, but the chances of issues are very low. It's nothing to worry about for now, especially if you're not jasanon.

>>600892764>>600893343That's good to know. I'm hoping we can try the Morgan mod soon.

>>600893602I know I keep pushing the 'expected' release date every time I mention it, but I swear it's almost done.

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>>600893975That's alright morganon, take your time. You don't need to do everything you want all at once either, you can always keep adding to it later.

>>600893975No problem and no rush it. We're just waiting for it because we know it will be amazing.

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>>600894478>>600894549Thanks, I appreciate it. There's just one thing I'd like to ask about. Her final event takes place in a new area (picture related, called West Forest or something) imported from SVE because I thought it would simpler than adjusting the coordinates again for one of the existing maps. This one area is gigantic, and while I closed it with fences and removed the stuff outside, I'm still concerned with bloat. The addition of this one map wouldn't cause any slowdowns or anything, right?

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>>600892632Ace's expanded farm, its the forest farm with an extra plot of land. The new plots are shown on the right in screenshots but the entrance is usually placed near grandpa's shrine.

>>600895273It could add a negligible amount of loadtime. It depends on how much you removed. I'd remove anything the player wouldn't see during the event, especially if they can't access the area from regular gameplay.

>>600895830I removed all solid objects, but I'll be sure to get rid of the tiles too. I wanted to shrink the map's limits as well, but that causes all hell to break loose somehow. I'm asking this especifically because I'm a craptop user so I know how important performance is.

>>600861364Is someone making a backup of all mods there?Naver mods are most likely to become lost media is something happen



>>600896239I'm sure rentryanon has them all.

Dancing with Jas.

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>>600893249>>600892103Fuck, I started a new game to try 100%ing the base game but these screenshots make me want to mod it.

>>600908057You should go for it, dude. It's way better modded.

>>600861364ive never opened one of these threads since the game came out but wow anthro loli ill have to keep those in mind

>>600861364Can someone pay ohodavi to also make the rest of new villagers, Risgeside and SVE, please?

>Starting year 3>Still no luck ringFucking bullshit.

So what is the latest update on the Jas mod and the Trinnie mod?

>>600908892Can someone pay him to fix half the characters he's already done first?

Cucking Clint is easily the funniest part of the game.I married Emily, and every time I go to the Blacksmith I imagine myself saying things like>Hey buddy how's it going?>Hope there's something good in these geodes>You know how much Emily loves her crystals>I'll never forget the look on her face when I gave her a prismatic shard>*chuckle*>Of course, a gentleman never tells>*wink*>*chuckle*>Well thanks for all your help buddy, I'll tell Emily you said hi>Wait I've had an idea. You should come round for dinner sometime. Me and Emily, you and your missus.>You don't have one? Well don't feel bad buddy, there's somebody out there for everyone.>I used to be single before I met Emily, then I move to this town and meet and there's this incredible and beautiful girl waiting for me. Now we have two amazing kids together.>Guys in this town must be blind or mad to have not snapped her up while they had the chance, am I right?>*chuckle again*>Alright buddy it's been a hoot talking to you, I'll come back tomorrow with some more geodes.

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>>600909116Jasanon posts every so often and has hopefully fully recovered by now and I'd bet my left nut this is trinnieanon>>600892596

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>>600912268Stale pasta.

>>600912614*chuckle*Hey buddy, haven't seen you for a while.Don't forget to come to Emily's party later tonight. It won't drag on too late, I've still got to give her her present.*wink**chuckle*

>>600913893>*wink*>*chuckle*I don't know why but I still laugh.

Are there ay decent futa mods for SDV yet?

>>600915119Yes, but I don't think there's any actual sex mods involving them besides the Penny muscle scat one which is just text anyway. There's a naked player sprite with a dong on Nexus and random stuff for NPCs like milking machines.

>>600915236>Penny muscle scatnigga wat

>>600915819>he doesn't knowBehold

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>>600912519How do you know? lol

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i tried to mod this crap and it didnt immediately work so now i dont care and will stick to vanilla and not only that i'm going to play on my phone

>>600918334>phoneThere's your problem. Enjoy being stuck on version 1.4 with limited mod support.

>>600918334You don't deserve my pity.

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>>600918494i have it on pc- failed to mod pc it's too difficult and i dont care this is fucking work dude reading? im totally illiterate what the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK i hate these sentences and shit i will enjoy my android version. its a better user experience to play stardew valley under covers of MY BED or on the toilet either place i can freely game and take a shit or piss

>>600918712i dont need your pity or your lolliconographic waste of time self important politically incorrect altright mods

>>600908934>year one>got two luck rings from gay serpentsfeels good

>>600860415Why does she make trJannies seethe so much?

>>600920532Nobody can handle her smile.

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She started everything

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>oh boy a Stardew thread I hope the pedophiles haven't gotten to it alreadyI don't understand why jannies let these child porn simulator threads exist. I just wanna play my comfy game, why ruin any possible discussion like this

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@600922884Pedo website.

>not a single good obelisk mod>they all look like massive 100 feet tall dildos out ofplace on a comfy farmcan you help me out?

>>600923151How about this one?

>>600923151Hide the obelisks behind buildings on your farm. Or farm/build things around them to make it look like a decorated point of interest ex. Surround it with trees and pathways and lights

>>600923309very cute, but still out of place on a farm. Now if I was building a garden surrounding a castle, then those would be good

>>600923151i wish this mod wasn't abandoned and was better

>>600923151I like this

>>600925029As god intended.

>>600925029fucking disgusting gif

>>600925029what the...

>>600925029Who is the other one?


what are the quintessential Holla Forums-core mods I should try?

>>600925848Now this one is awful. I wonder if is because Maru

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>>600925760They're all here in one place,

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>>600926075What's the deal with those Mickey Mouse gloves?

You know what to do when an idiot is posting shit in a thread.

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>>600925029Futa is trash

>>600896239I have full backups but if other people want to make their own backups that's even better. Also if you scroll all the way down on the rentry you'll see the Export option, so if I disappear one day and stop updating you can just copy-paste everything into a new rentry.

OP here. I managed to salvage most of what I've lost, save for the custom furniture packs - that i will have to work on later when I feel like wasting my time in photoshop again. What is a good free place to store all the mods online? I don't want to lose them for good

im unironically glad im too stupid to install these degenerate mods

>>600926336It's jarring attaching posts like this to jas. I really miss that one jasposter who countered anti-jasposters with fun little clever posts that were hard to be mad at.

>>600926637It's a good thing all the mods doesn't take a lot of room. You can make your own account in dropbox or Mediafire to keep your stuffs safe. Both are very friendly and secure, especially dropbox for your own files.

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>>600926656Too bad we're stuck with you on this degenerate site.>>600926792Still, it's an important part of gatekeeping.

Has anyone installed mods on Linux?

>>600926898you're mad that i wont install your pedo mods? LOL

>>600883094her eyes are too small and too far apart

>>600926949I haven't personally, but it is doable. Smapi runs on linux.

>oh boy a Stardew thread I hope the pedophiles haven't gotten to it already>I don't understand why jannies let these child porn simulator threads exist. I just wanna play my comfy game, why ruin any possible discussion like this

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>>600878513elise is alright I guess if you're into tom boys, they'd have made a better male thoughwouldn't be so bad if they had one woman with big tits like the nurse from portia...they better add more

Any tips for adding in new special orders? The wiki's page on it is awkwardly incomplete and I can make no sense of the format in the base SpecialOrders file. Also is it possible to add regular quests as well through the same method?

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>>600927956i think there's a mod on nexus that adds more quests. If nothing else you could download it and see for yourself how it's written

>>600928305That's fine, but I'd rather not force players to install another content pack just for two quests.

My beautiful wife Abigail!!!

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>>600928504Quest Framework is a mod everyone should have anyway.

>>600928504>>600928695I believe for Ridgeside and SVE, the quest framework mod is needed as well. But in the very end is upto you of course.

>>600876051>>600880993Sandrock is in early alpha access. Compared to Portia it has quite a few QoL improvements, global inventory, better mining and combat dungeons. But it also introduced some headaches like water management, because we're in the desert now.>>600878513That's the player made character.

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>>600929674>because we're in the desert now.i hate this. i just don't think deserts are comfy or aesthetically pleasing. I want my greenhills dammit


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>>600926832thank you based jasposter

>>600930828>prairie queen>can't beat first levelwhy are abitards so pathetic?

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>>600931516She's the closest you get to a tomboy, sadly.

I'm thinking in take a break from the mod. Meantime I thought I could do some small fanart of the girls. But my art isn't that good. Maybe just some emote to use here.

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>>600934924That's extremely cute, user, don't worry about it being good or not. I'd love to see them in your style.

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>>600934924All contributions welcome. Do what's most fun for you, don't burn yourself out.

>>600934240just use a sam or alex gender bener mod

>>600931516>is shit at gamesSo she's perfect for Holla Forums, you say.

>sandrock doesn't run on my potatowell, back to sdv then

>>600938741>a game made so any woman's toaster can run it is too intensive for a Holla Forumsrethren's potatoI am so sorry user

>>600939107it's a unity game made by chinese, sandrock runs like shit right now

>>600939107it's not that my potato can't run it, it's just that the game collapses after showing me studios' logos. Clearly there's a problem but I can't be bothered to figure out what it is. and no, running under administrator doesn't help

>>600939107As a fellow potato user, I like that. Hell, I'd even say it's one of the few good things about The Sims 4.


>>600941058I hate when games gimp themselves to pander to potato users. Games should be as good as they can be, but just have robust graphics settings.

>>600923151Jas modpack includes female stone obelisk statues

>>600943232I think it removed that. Wasn't very related to jas.

>>600942937Indie games from small groups or just one individual, don't have the resources to make modern games, hence why some games are easy to play even in potato. Then again, other people know there are money in those who doesn't have modern computers hence why they make games compatible for potatoes.

>>600928935>>600928504As does the jas modpack.

>>600943536There lot of things also unrelated to JasLike Marnie milkers for exampleDo anyone needs that obelisk statue mod? Might upload it if not available anymore

>>600944110marnie milkers mod is ooc trash. marnie is a fat sow yet that mod makes her look like an anorexic twig

>>600944110I think the marnie and vincent mods added some sprites used by the jas events, but I could be wrong.

>>600944361All it did was give her tits and cleavage.

>>600943764>Indie games from small groups or just one individual, don't have the resources to make modern gamesSure, but EA sure as hell doesn't have an excuse.

>>600889697Rimming aka eating shit is disgusting and I hate how all the zoomer and younger millennial artists are obsessed with it.

>>600934924Which mod?

>>600944110Marnie's milkers are always very much related.

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Halfway done with the character sprites. Anything I need to adjust on the portraits, does anything look off?

Attached: Abigail.png (128x384, 17.71K)

>>600950035Her cheeks in the laughing portrait look a bit too fat, otherwise everything else is perfect.

>>600950035>That rapist portrait

>>600946571It seems zoomers and millenials are all into the most cringe and pathetic fetishes these days.

>>600861364>Madotsuki modSounds based

>>600947892Trinnie Mod

>>600952610Oh. Well do anything you need to avoid burnout.

>>600893249I just started the game and chose Riverland Farm. I hate it and want to start over. How do I get this location?

>>600952610You're still working on making a Content Patcher? Good to know if so.

>>600951673It has an absurd amount of effort put into it.

>>600952914NTA but its from a mod seeing that it has both mining rocks and hardwood.

Morgan is almost ready, I'm just doing some final testing.

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>>600957553The fire rises.

>>600956262Yeah. Which one.


About to start my first Summer. Really enjoying this game lads

>>600960095Thanks! With those and this one I think I'll enjoy the game a bit

>>600861364when it says (cp) next to a mod, does that mean what i think it means

>>600961346If you think it means content patcher then you're correct, if you think it means cheese pizza then you're incorrect.

Looks like Kent has sent too many bombs to the farmer's home.

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>>600870696whats the source for this?

>>600962225anon's working on another pedo mod


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>>600962294>He didn't download the original clean version>He got the pozzed Holla Forumstard versionlol lmao

>>600962282nice>>600962767>wanting the normalfag version


>>600961851We need a "with a car, you can go anywhere you want" edit with Kent.

>>600920532Normies forget cunny is normal when you marry it.

>>600960206Glad you're enjoying it user, Summer is where the game really starts to pick up

Did the user in a previous thread manage to track down the old yandere Jas mod? I can upload it if it's not available anywhere else.

Mods about turning monsters into jews, fags and trannies when?

>>600965990I don't think anyone responded to him, so probably not.

Yandere idea how broken it is, I haven't tested it myself.