Squilliam collage 2022

June 1st is here, and so is the yearly traditional Holla Forums thread where we make a collaborative Squilliam gif in honor of E3.>How does it work?Frame templates are in this folder mega.nz/folder/itVylbhR#ygCvxxPDWVpVSBM3o6bz8g , thanks to >>600834328 for finding itClaim a frame you want, I'll mark it for you as "claimed" and have fun drawing whatever you want over your frame as long as it is SFW, fits the template and can be posted freely. When all the frames are compiled, the frames will be put together in a single gif like the OP image.>What happens if a frame goes claimed but doesn't get finished?I will give a 2 hour window to finish a frame. If the frame isn't finished and posted by that point it will be marked as "unclaimed" once again. >But there's no E3 this year!Neither was there one for 2020, but we still made a collage. And this is fun! Shouldn't Holla Forums have a little fun?>What if the thread dies?I'll still be saving and compiling the images. If this archives before completion another thread can be posted.

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>>600845908Can someone draw Kris for Deltarune with the soul heart for one of the frames

glad to see this officially starting now, wasnt sure if it was gonna happen this year. ill get to work on mine


>>600845908Kill yourself with your newfag tradition. Show me some squilliam collages from 2009 or earlier, oh wait, nobody did this faggy shit back then. Go back.

Here is the current frame count, a couple of anons from a thread asking about this collage wanted these. Anything marked "Not Claimed" is up for grabs!

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>>600845908Claiming 1G


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Which video game are you talking about here?

>>600846703>>600845908Claiming 2B

>>600845908what should i do, 3H as prototype in poppy playtime (metal/bone claw that drags mommy long legs) OR base skin kindred squidward and porcelain skin kindred squilliam (pic related) as 6D ? (with minions or just wolf as paramedics)

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>>600845908yoo its the guy from friday night funkin

>>600847153>>600846774it's representative of the state of the board. i hope your project fails, its only fair.

>>600845908>What if the thread dies?>I'll still be saving and compiling the images. If this archives before completion another thread can be posted.So this is a general>>>/vg/

>>600847421>announcing reportsOh no no no...

>>600846703Specifically the posts 600845737, 600845963, and 600833776 wanted a frame, so they're going in.>>600846746>>600847160Claimed!

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>>600845908>I will give a 2 hour window to finish a frameI'll claim one later then, short on time right now

Post templates, OP. I saw some in a thread a while ago but forgot to save them.

>>600847769The op post >>600845908has a template link mega.nz/folder/itVylbhR#ygCvxxPDWVpVSBM3o6bz8g, but if for some reason a 40 mb fully visible megafolder is too scary to download I can post a specific frame you want to draw over

>>600846774wtf harrison ford on Holla Forums?

>>6008476401g user here, this may take a while

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>>600848606No worries bro, make us some ART

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Just as a creative spark and an honest thread bump, since last E3 we had the following game releases that made big impacts on Holla Forums:>Metroid Dread>Five nights at Freddy's security breach>The Duke Nukem Forever leak>Elden Ring>No More Heroes 3>Ratchet and Clank Rift apart>Pokemon Legends Arceus>Bravely Default II>Deathloop>Mario Party SuperstarsAnd some older games started getting a lot of discussion recently>Metal Gear Rising>Plants vs Zombies>Sonic Heroes

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>>600845908Claiming 6F, I want to give it a try

>disclaimer about ignoring shitposters got deleted by the modsare you actually kidding me

>>600848606G1 Complete

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>>600850895Fuck sorry, G1 real version, forgot to fix the opacity

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>>600847260 (me)I choose 6d. I better get started drawing them soon. what's the deadline? base kindred squidward and porcelain kindred squilliam.

Hey janny you missed a spot. Chop chop bitch.

>>600846703I guess I'll take 3D

>>600847640Claiming 6D, I will do kindred thing >>600851008Is me. Deadline?

>>600851008Dead specifically will be two hours. After that it's up for claims again but nothing stopping from finishing.>>600850992Nice job bro, what game is that from?>>600851357>>600851585Will take note!

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>>600851678Looks like spore

>>600851678>>600851914Its spore

>>600851678Did I have a stroke while writing that? Deadline is two hours, and if it's not finished I will simply mark it as "unclaimed" again. But, there's nothing stopped you from finishing the frame even if it's marked "unclaimed". But be aware someone can beat you to it!>>600850810It's weird. Just don't give shitposters power of any kind. Not even "Wow these PEOPLE I'm not replying to are really bad wink wink nudge nudge". And what shitposters? This is a nice civil thread.

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It's pretty depressing there hasn't really been anything to top the squilliam thing in all these years. The only things I can think of are the Gamergate SVU episode and TLoU2 sex scene.Shits really drying up

>>600852652Go back, Reddithog

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Claiming F6. Reporting back in 10.000 seconds.

>>600850132BDII came out in Feb of last year, before E3 2021. Something like the new Kirby game or Triangle Strategy got some good discussion more recently.

>>600853790Sorry bro, F6 was already claimed earlier in the thread. Try a different frame.>>600853909Oh whoops. And you're right I forgot about Kirby, a mouthful drawing would be funny

>>600854102Aw fiddlesticks. I didn't see the post. Well, I'll take 6G in that case.


post dem squilliams

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>>600853514Based, Western Sonic is the only Sonic that matters.


>>6008541026A reporting, how's it look? Can make adjustments if needed.

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>>600855487my man, LTG

>>600855769Love it, great job and nice pick for game. Only adjustments you would need are to make totally sure you're happy with the results and to be sure it lines up with the template well so there's a sense of motion in the gif.

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Claiming 1F here

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>>600857085This is for the gif bro, not the static collage. We do a collage of people having a heart attack and then we also do a gif where we trace over a frame and compile it together, like when /a/ did the Berserk opening or when Holla Forums did the TLOU2 buttsex scene. You're more than welcome to draw a frame, we have loads of unclaimed ones. I might even have to do one myself if the pace doesn't pick up eventually.

>>600857327My bad

>>600857327Although, I'd like to claim F2

>>600855487If anyone can make Charlotte in Squilliam pose I would be thankful

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>>600857541Sounds good, got you marked.

>>600855487The King

If we're quiet for a while I might do frame 1E, but only if nobody else really wants it. 1A has the same pose but it feels masturbatory to put my own drawing for what will be the gif thumbnail If I'm putting the gif together.

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>>600845908>KinobobKeep going

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>>600851357>>600851678Delivering 3D, didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to but oh well

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Get drawing boys, thread is already over two hours old. Doesn't seem busy enough that losing a slot is a real risk so I wouldn't worry about that right now but I can't baby the thread every twenty seconds either.

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>>600859031Nah man looks good. What game is that from?

I'll try my hand at 1E, Don't feel nearly confident enough in my art to go for 1A being the thumbnail and all

>>600859028Based Charlotte enjoyer

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>>600859228Great Ace Attorney Adventures, the character is Kazuma. He gets pushed and falls onto that bedpost behind him, breaking his neck

>>6008590816F user here. Working on it may take a little more

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>>600855487For me? It's Crazy Frog.

>>600859731Nice, looks cool. Two hour limit is really only when the thread get crowded and people really wants slots, but right now everything's ripe for the taking.>>600859587Claimed!

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>>600860096I'll take 4C


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>>600860558you will never be intelligent

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>>600860558You will never have a good spinoff

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Im done with 6G

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>>600863128Very nice, I need to play those games sometime


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Just beat Mad Rat Dead, man what an ending that part where you hug heart and you feel the heartbeat through the controller vibration is maximum soul Not gonna lie now I'd love to see a Mad Rat Dead frame>>600863128Good job!

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claiman 5B.

>>600845908Didnt know there was a gif one, just the usual collage.

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6F is done

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>>600863829Claimed!>>600864026Yessir, we had it last year. I'm not the original creator for last years but I did contribute to last years, I did the Pikmin frame where Olimar is being carried on the stretcher. The original host talked about wanting to do it June 1st but he's been a complete no-show. Either he is serving a ban or just didn't feel like it. Waiting to hear from a job application and recovering from just working my butt off at the gym yesterday, so I didn't really have anything better to do. Contribute a frame if you so desire!

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>>600860096I'll take 6E

>>600864930Claimed! Boy the Sixes sure are popular, aren't they?

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>>600864830I would, sir, but I am sadly wage slaving.Ill keep an eye kn this thread though.

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>>600859587I made an attempt. I can't into art but wanted to participate this year regardless. Tried to stick to the template, any issues let me know.

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>>600865485Hey you put in effort and it fits with the animation. It'll be a fun addition to the gif.

>>600865485Was wondering if there was gonna be a PM one, nice.

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>>600865289I guess I can claim F5

>>600865289Claiming h3

>>600866412>>600866329Claimed! Can't wait to see what you guys draw, there's already some really great ones submitted.

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>>600866764Hey OP I claimed 4C as seen here >>600860859

>>600867338My bad, I will mark you as claimed.

Kinda wanna draw something, but I am not good at drawing nor have much ideas.

>>600845908Don't want to try and do more than one unless it really looks like we won't be finishing by SGF, so free idea for the one of the last few frames for anyone who wants it.>4 of the sidekicks from Mario Strikers carrying Daisy to a door that says "Free Updates" on it, with either Waluigi or Rosalina looking on

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>>600866764I'd like to claim 3D, if you please.

>>600868412Oops. I'm sorry. I meant 2D.

>>600868213There's no rule saying you can't do more than one, just so long as you aren't claim trolling like 5 frames at once. It's moving pretty slowly and I don't really want to have to keep updating this thing at 2 am. Not a single 7 frame is claimed so I think I might have to do it.>>600868412>>6008685932D, I got it you'll be marked

>>600868213I like that idea. I think Waluigi would fit better than Rosalina, since the opposite scenario happened a decade prior (Waluigi being snubbed in MK7 while Daisy was still in)

>>600868192You don't need to be good at drawing, I'm abysmal at it and just stick to making edits

>>600845908can anya be included? she will inevitably have a game

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>>600869387this is the gif, rather than the collage


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Has anyone started the collage yet? I was thinking of contributing to it.

>>600869539It happens user, but it is nice to have it ready for the collage!Silly mistakes happen to everyone from time to time!

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>>600869387Not vidya kill your self

Alright, screw it. Gonna see if I can do 7D, nobody has claimed even a single 7 yet after 4 hours.

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>>600869795>Holla Forums still being tsundere at /a/ in the year 2022

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>>600845908please add mine

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5B's done.play brutal orchestra btw it's a great game.

Attached: NowakDiesFromHuffingTheWrongPigmentWhileFightingTwoZeitgeists+ASingleChoirBoy AtOnce.png (1520x1145, 62.48K)

>>600870172Nice drawing, I'm getting stellar additions to the collab left and right

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Attached: 3H Done.png (1520x971, 1.13M)

>>600870393Niiiice, I like the background detail of the lawn.

Finally done

Attached: 2F.png (1520x1145, 1.43M)


>>600871181man, I turn my back to add the Plants versus Zombies frame and I get another BANGER of a pic, great job. Anyway guys here's the updated roster, if you feel like doing a second drawing go right ahead. Nobody's been bold enough to claim the gif thumbnail, I'd like to see what gets done with that.

Attached: Sq 2022 progress .9.jpg (2892x1684, 2.38M)

>>600871861Thank you, my man

>>600871861Hey, it's 5F. Can I request to change to 2E? I figured what I wanted to do didn't work for the frame I chose.

>>600871861Aside from Majoras mask I dont recognize a single one of the games posted here. What the fucks going on?

>>600873274you need to play way more games is whats going on

>>600873696>Holla Forums>playing games

ever since E3 fucking died I keep forgetting squilliams are a thing

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>>600846703Claiming 6B

>>6008732746A is Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness for Switch. I'm enjoying it, it's like a Warriors game made for the NES. Previous entry's on 3DS if you wanna snag it before the eShop closes.

Attached: AmazonSquill.png (602x802, 9.09K)

>>600864930>2 hour windowHere's a WIP to show what I've done so far. Hopefully it'll be finished soon.

Attached: 6Ewip.png (1520x1145, 386.5K)

>>600874079Noted!>>6008728522E is already finished, but I can unclaim 5F for you if you wish>>600874413Ehh don't worry about the window right now, I'm only putting that in the OP for when we get near the end and people get anxious to see it finished. Also nice having Kawase in the gif, great obscure franchise.

>>600874696Yes, please and thank you. Is 2G unoccupied?

>>600874696Just remembered I had this, actually. Made a surrogate 5F frame last year, but just my luck, the original user finished his just as I was about to post mine. The organizer said he liked it and would still include it, but as you can tell from the OP gif, he must've forgot.

Attached: not5F.png (1520x1145, 1.43M)

>>600873274>doesn't recognize the schizogamesacceptable but you should at least pay attention more>doesn't recognize fucking plants vs zombiesnigger what? even if you didn't play it I don't believe you.

>>600875001Great frame, glad to have it in the collage.>>600874997Yes it is, I'll mark it for you

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>>600875374Claiming D7

>>600875374claiming A5

The GIF is cool, but who's man enough to organize the man collage?

Attached: sweet victory 2021.jpg (5120x2880, 3.59M)

I'm glad E3 is dead.

I remember a couple of years ago that we'd barely made the gif in time, for the v3.

>>600875881>>600875943Will do! Claimed!

>>600875881Shit, meant D3

>>600875881Actually, I'm sorry D7 is already claimed and halfway drawn by yours truly. Is D6 an okay substitute?

>>600877652I'll just go with C7, sorry that I read the whole thing wrong. >>600877649 Ignore this post

>>600877769No problem, will do

Bump and wip of 2D

Attached: 2D - wip4.png (1520x1145, 2.3M)

>>600877509A5 Done.

Attached: A5.png (1520x1145, 1.48M)

Alright, how's this Mad Rat Dead frame for 7D?

Attached: 7D.png (1520x1145, 399.13K)

>>600879463Looks great, collage seems to be coming together pretty well so far.

Attached: mikeythumbsup.gif (450x253, 1.64M)

>>600880102Thanks! I know, the submissions have all been really great this year. I'm going to have to take a brief break so it would be good if the thread is bumped for a short while.

Attached: Sq 2022 progress .11.jpg (2892x1684, 2.42M)

Sooo... when is not E3 going to be?There will be some kind of replacement, right?

>>600880375no promises but ill try

>>600845908Got F4 on the dime

6B user here with a WIP. I'm going for the style of the old ur a faget comics. For the doctors I'm going to use either DMC3 enemies or Dante, Nero, Trish, and Lady. I'll come back to it after I eat some dinner which is gonna be pizza.

Attached: 6B.png (1520x1145, 688.85K)

Going to sleep. I'll leave this wip and work on it in the morning.

Attached: 2D - wip4.png (1520x1145, 2.28M)

>>600859031>>600880375Hey OP, is it alright if I add some revisions to mine (3D) and resubmit it? I had to run some errands and ended up rushing it because I thought the 2 hour limit was concrete.

>>600880375Goodbye, Travis.Goodbye, E3.Goodbye, fleeting flops and disappointments.And that's 2G done.

Attached: Travis 2G.png (1520x1145, 3.39M)

>>600845908But there's no E3 this year. How does this even work. What if the thread dies? Or if a frame goes claimed but doesn't get finished? Retards.


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>>600883708Based sudafag

Anyone got previous year's gifs?

6E is finished.

Attached: 6Efinal.png (1520x1145, 392.22K)

>>600884172Got 2020's.

Attached: E32020gif.gif (484x360, 3.95M)

>>600845908>Redditbob I’ll allow it this time

Attached: 10BBFE02-D4B8-49DA-A3A6-0E040A3BEDD7.png (266x394, 92.51K)

>>600882515looking good

>>600883179>>600880375Here it is if you can accept it, his shirt was really bugging me

Attached: 3d fin revised.png (1520x1145, 1.74M)

>>600886665looks good



honestly i still enjoy these threads, but E3 season doesn't feel right without the E3

Attached: 1626362117631.gif (480x270, 1.71M)

>>600846774He's got the look of someone who's just so tired of all this shit.

last bump of the night from me

>>600889152just kidding this one actually is though

I made some corrections to my drawing after looking at it again.Hope OP sees it. 6G btw

Attached: Squilliam6G.png (1520x1145, 2.1M)

>>600845908Claiming H6

>>600845908>>6008820164F right here

Attached: 4F.png (1000x753, 508.61K)


>>600890074Good work user. What game is it referencing? Seems vaguely familiar to me

>>600891273Under Night In-Birth. The characters there are all members of the group Amnesia

>>600880375claiming 2A

I did the Anonymous Agony one last year. Should I do it again?

>>600891493Why not?

>>600871181Samefag here. Fixed one thing bout 2F, to make it more accurate to the cutscenes in S&P1.Hopefully you'll update my part, collegeanon

Attached: 2F.png (1520x1145, 1.43M)

>>600885559>ipadhogGo back.


>>600880375Claiming E2let me get my wacom

>>600883708Phenomenal. I think the submissions are at their peak, and then people continue to make even greater images. Hot damn dude, what a great drawing.

Attached: Wow.gif (220x223, 765.28K)

>>600886665Just deleted the original and saved this instead. It might not show up as changed in the progress pic but rest assured I have the frame marked for being used in the gif

>>600894093Thanks a bunch OP

1F done

Attached: 1F.png (1520x1145, 77.2K)

>>600893814Glad you liked it, OP. I wanted it to be Travis carted off by either Henry and his cronies or the supporting cast in NMH3, but the scale was too small. And it turned out much better this way.

Alright, so here's the latest update on everything made so far. Frames that have had adjustments have already been saved in the folder I'm using for the actual gif. So far 18 out of 53 frames are completed, while 24 still lay unclaimed. Don't sweat it if it's not finished by tonight, unless something nuclear happens I can post a thread tomorrow to finish it up. Should something nuclear happen like a power outtage and I can't post the images are free to grab and compile yourself, but this really shouldn't happen unless these threads displease moderation or a hurricane hits me.

Attached: Sq 2022 progress .12.jpg (2892x1684, 2.45M)

>>600845908Wait so there's a GIF and a Collage?

>>600845908claiming 6H

>>600895264Yes. The Gif is definitely more work on the artist's part, but in my opinion is more interesting since you can do much more with a frame than you can a png. I can't even imagine how tedious it must be to organize the character collage, that's so many pngs to organize. Anybody is welcome to take an unclaimed frame if they wish to provide a drawing!

Attached: headbang kemono friends.gif (640x456, 1.01M)

>>600895178Based OP. Tomorrow I'll do another frame. Probably.

>>600895527Sorry bro, it's already been claimed by >>600889980


>>600895548Ah that's good to hearCollages are always fun as fuck since it feels like most of the board is having a part in it

>>600845908claiming 7B

>>600845908>>600889980I promise I'm actually working on this

Attached: 6H WIP.png (1520x1145, 267.26K)

>>600895689Already finished. Check >>600895178 to see wich frames have been done or are claimed. 7A and 7B are still up.

>>600895818just claimed 7B

>>600895767Claimed!>>600895801Ooh, what game is that? I like the lineart. Is it Rhythm heaven?

I kinda wanna do a rance frame but one was done last year so now I'm conflicted

>>600896247Do one anyway if you think it'll be good and you'll have fun drawing it. We've got a pretty wide variety of games here from mainstream to cult classic to obscure. And don't worry about last year, focus on making this year great.

>>600896504cool! I'll claim A7 then!

>>600896554Awesome! And with that, now every 7 is accounted for!

Attached: Sq 2022 progress .13.jpg (2892x1684, 2.45M)

>>600865485>Phil againheh

>>600896850He's the first character my mind wanders to when i think of ruina

Initial sketch of A7, thoughts?

Attached: 7A.png (1520x1145, 583.53K)

>>600896103No, these are just console-tans from the /ctt/ threadsI think there's at least one game starring them, though?

Attached: 6H WIP 2 point 0.png (1520x1145, 322.21K)

>>600897237>Steal>RapeIs that an actual scenario in the game Rance? If so I really gotta play it.Also I like the creative arm placement for where the nose is, Most people just either keep Squidward's head or axe the nose entirely.>>600897364Ahh, I thought Rhythm heaven because of the face. Still very cute, I like the big colorful lines.

Attached: cheetah laugh.jpg (500x334, 60.84K)


Attached: alcg1203.jpg (800x600, 94.7K)

>tfw have a good idea for a frame but about to pass outGuess I’ll have faith and hope it’s not taken by that time

One last bump from me for the night because am tired, if the thread archives no worries I can post a new thread tomorrow.

Attached: Peace.jpg (1920x1080, 215.06K)

I'm shit at drawing but here's some strecher ideas anyone can take A cod zombies one with the original 4 characters (Rictofen, Dempsey, Takeo, Nicolai) carrying samantha on a strecher A touhou one with Reimu, Marisa, Sanae and Reisen carrying Junko on the strecherLeft 4 dead one with either of the crews carrying a special infected of your choiceDevil may cry with Dante, Vergil, Nero and V carrying Lady and Trish (they will never get ladies night dlc)

>>600898949Goodnight anonHere's my final version BTW

Attached: 6H Complete.png (1520x1145, 227.89K)

>>600898949have a good rest bro>>600899440how about something Madness/ Project Nexus 2 related, maybe hank being carried by deimos, sanford, jebus and tricky

Attached: ClassyAgent.png (1104x1112, 19.14K)

>>600898949Have a good resthopefully you could update 2f to >>600892190

>>600899828Yep, got it

>>600899796>how about something Madness/ Project Nexus 2 related, maybe hank being carried by deimos, sanford, jebus and trickybased, I second this

>>600899852Thanks.Good night, user!

>>600898949posting progress incase the thread gets threaded before i'm done.

Attached: 2a.png (1520x1145, 1.04M)

>>600898949E2 READYhad a lot of fun making itbe sure to save it my man

Attached: Squid E2.png (1520x1145, 2M)

>>600899828Sorry turned off my tripcode but yes I got it, man I am tired.

Attached: wuht.jpg (500x353, 23.32K)

>>600900010DAAAAAAYUM BRO. You better believe I'm saving that and including it. WTF last year we got a few good pics here and there and mostly doodles and now we've got commission levels of OC.

Attached: Luluco awestruck.gif (500x282, 3.65M)

>>600900029It's aight

>>600900010Jesus fuck man, this rocks

>>600884892Are you sure that wasn't 2019? Swear i did a Funky Kong frame that made it in, and I did Kracko last year iirc

>>600900596That is 2020. I recognize it by that unfinished wrestling thing frame, the wild ride ahead one. Weird, since I also know a finished one was done.

>>600900152>>600900373thanks frens, I always love to make colective OCI'm a regular drawfag here on Holla Forums when you guys decide to do something fun

>>600900003oh boy teddie

>>600884892>the keiichi onekek

>>600900010Fucking legend right here

>>600900671I found this one, undated. I wish i could remember how many years I contributed. I know I just saw the one with Kracko in it earlier today, in this thread lmao. Wish someone archived them by year

Attached: 8e4.gif (484x360, 1.68M)

>>600901209Oh for the love of barnacles, 2021's gif is OP's post. My bad.

>>6008989497B ready!

Attached: 7B 2.png (1520x1145, 313.97K)

>>600898949Here's 7AI hope it's up to standard collage anonI did the mario party one last year, so I hope I can submit back to back

Attached: 7A.png (1520x1145, 1.84M)


>>600901861Considering this isn't a low effort wojak/chad/frog edit or twitter screencap it's better than half of Holla Forums standards by default. But seriously it looks great, love it. >>600901724That looks cool, what game is that from?

Attached: Perfect.gif (320x288, 15.79K)

>>600901209>grotesque stevedefinitely 2019

>>600902408madness combat + friday night funkin

>>600902408madness combat project nexus

Attached: file.png (1280x720, 1.68M)

>>600895178claiming b4

Attached: 09006473.png (500x500, 201.63K)

Bump in the night

Here is 4C

Attached: 4C.png (1520x1146, 1.01M)

I would consider this thing done already but don't really dig the metal foreground, feel like I could add something to itany suggestions?

Attached: 4B.png (1520x1145, 1.78M)

Almost done with A2, just making the background.

>>600863128Ebin Black souls bro

Well? Did you guys rike it?

Attached: Summer Games Fest.jpg (3478x2146, 2.8M)

>>600898949>>600909175>>600900003I am finished with 2A. I hope you see this, otherwise I will try to track down the next thread to post it again. I'm glad I saw this collab, I was really starting to not want to do art much anymore as I couldn't think of ideas/never finished anything. Was glad to finish this and how it came out, so thanks again. I hope it's to your liking

Attached: 2afinal.png (1520x1145, 1.36M)

>>600910381why is vidya butts girl in it


Claimin' 1B

>>600910405Looks good user

Here Add it!

Attached: Squilliam Xande.gif (521x418, 57.14K)

>>600896718FINALLY, my 6D Base Kindred vs Porcelain Kindred. Should i add more details, or maybe add wolf on the ground too? >>600901861>>600900010>>600894674>>600892190>>600889880>>600879463best ones. Squidward ones are usually the funniest>>600884892>yummer in last pickino

Attached: 6D version 1.png (1520x1145, 1.59M)

>>600910381I didn't see the thread for it, so I hate it.

>>600884892Oh, I contributed with Aerith, and Yummer that year.

Looking great.


Attached: 2D -Squil. template - Copy1.png (1520x1145, 314.11K)

looking good

>>600910381>OP stopped accepting ideas after only a couple hours>Without telling anyoneFuck you, I didn't like it

>>600910381There's no effort in it

Another bump and some progress.

Attached: 2D -Squil. template - Copy1.png (1520x1145, 287.96K)

>>600910381no, it's utter dogshit and someone should make a proper road to collage

>>600901724>AMPPHaven't been to the general in a while. Wonder how it's holding up. Props for the Madness characters of course.

Attached: 1653313094785.jpg (749x660, 56.28K)



>>600924092What do you guys think about this colour? Like this creamy white

>>600896718Claiming 1I

>>600928485Seems fine to me

>>600929626I like it too, I wonder in what IRL places would it look the best

>>600929626>>600929841Glad you both like it.>>600929841I'd think the colour looks great in houses.

Attached: 2D -Squil. template - Copy3.png (2036x1145, 418.7K)

Oh shit! I'll contribute after work if any spots are left. Going to do a NEO TWEWY one.

>>600925449Don't AnonIt's fucking awful nowFull of children

>>600901209>the psycho mantis oneTop fucking kek

progress on 1I

Attached: prog.png (1430x967, 372.31K)

Attached: gooper jordans.png (405x440, 37.88K)

>>600846650You will never fit in, loser




>>600938365What was wrong with it?

>>600938365Nice work user, the shriveled up nose on Celebrimbor is a nice touch

>>600939206Some minor mistakes with the lines in the arm. It bothered me.>>600939231Why, thank you.

Attached: 2D - final.png (1520x1145, 1.91M)

>>600925449>spoilerit's still decent-ish, you can still get a nice conversation between shitposting

>>600864668based, i still need to finish fight knight

>>600941574>and also get a big image ofLook at the Mega link, in the OP.

>>600925449It's still rather decent in general. While sometimes it can get full of shitposters and spammers, there's still plenty of new art, mods and music being created

>>600941574Sorry, >>600911256 already claimed it.To get the big images follow the link in OP, it has all frames

>>600925449Remember aether? Yeah he came back in a different identity and put his grubby hands on a lot of the general's mod including convict to try and get back on the gen but got outed by the same person again lol

>>600941752>>600896718Fuck, How about C1?

>>600900010OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHhhhhhPretty amazing

>>600896718is A1 free? i'm claiming it if it's free

>>600942008Sure, check >>600896718 and all posts bellow it to see wich frames have been claimed or finished.

Finish it.

>>600845908>>6008967181I is finished. Was pretty fun.

Attached: 1I-finished.png (1520x1145, 1.11M)

>>600910381Complete version

Attached: 437A5356-3DC8-4D65-B465-FCEFE14EAA03.jpg (1024x630, 201.55K)

>>600942743It still sucks

>>600930696are you doing it? I like the TWEWY idea dude

>>600942810I am sorry you didn’t like it user

Claiming 4B. I got a few ideas for characterless frames.

>>600882106Finished with 6B. Sorry for taking so long OP.

Attached: 6B finished.png (1520x1145, 588.43K)


hey is H2 free?

>>600942008>>600896718Finished C1

Attached: file.png (1520x1145, 648.1K)

>>600944976OP is dead right now asleep so people are just finishing theirs up, ctrl+f doesn't show any H2 though, so you should be fine.

>>600896718Claiming 1D

Presenting 4B. Hope OP comes back.

Attached: Squilliam4B.png (1520x1145, 1.87M)

Look at that, we made it through the night. I'll be making sure to add all the finished frames to the progress pic as well as claim spaces. It might take a little while since so much got added.

Attached: Krool dance.gif (197x236, 360.36K)


>>600946402>>600946495ask and ye shall receive

>>600946495If anything is left to do by this night, I'll make another.

i hope someone makes one with fuyusaka from 13 sentinels


>>600944976Will mark H2 for you, it's free

>>600925449For what i have seen its ok, its not the worst general like they (desperately) claim to be

Attached: 1652977560732.png (1377x900, 850.76K)

>>600946402Very cool, I was wondering if someone could make something recognizable with just a foreground and background>>600942736Great to see Skullgirls, cute Umbrella>>600914668Haven't seen the game before but looks nice>>600910405Great expression for Teddy, very clean art>>600945217I feel like I recognize this game, but it's eluding my grasp

Attached: Korone champagne.png (745x732, 586.74K)

>>600910405very nice

>>600948585>I feel like I recognize this game, but it's eluding my graspIt's Fortnite. Squilliam is dressed up as Gunnar.

Alright, so here's the biggest update so far. I have some IRL responsibilities in just a bit, shouldn't hold me up all day but I can't be quite as active as I was yesterday either. PLEASE let me know if there are any errors while I can fix it. For frames that have been modified or altered the thumbnails are still in this giant progress chart due to how tedious it would be to change, but rest assured I should have the correct version saved.

Attached: Sq 2022 progress .15.jpg (2892x1684, 2.57M)

>>600948905can i claim 1A? >>600942135

>>600948905You forgot to put in 4B

>>600948905you forgot the info under h2 dudecheers for keeping track

>>600948905Also gotta say, I'm really impressed by the overall quality of the frames this year. I wonder what the thumbnail frame is going to look like.>>600949279You got it! Claimed!>>600949550Oops, will fix. >>600949325Fixed!

Attached: Sq 2022 progress .16.jpg (2892x1684, 2.59M)

>>600949714Heads up, 1A is claimed by >>600949279I'll delete this pic when the timer expires made another slipup

Attached: Oof, yikes.png (559x566, 612.46K)

>>6009497142D is also done. >>600939569

>>600948585>Haven't seen the game before but looks niceit's league of legends. Squidward is Kindred's default skin, pic related (white lamb and black wolf who is sorta her other half and spiritual partner), the squilliam is Porcelain Kindred skin which i am mocking because it looks lame AF. (this is the splash art of porcelain kindred >>600847260 ). Paramedics are lane minions. >>600850992Just realized you gave him squilliam unibrow and suit. Best submission by far. He looks so surpised.

Attached: lol kindred.jpg (474x266, 16.22K)


Attached: cr.png (480x360, 193.09K)

>>600949714delivering A1god, i hope this looks good

Attached: HEAP!!! OF!!! JUNK!!! A1.png (1520x1145, 521.73K)

>>600948905Claiming 3A

Attached: 1636076914122.gif (400x400, 81.23K)

>>600949714I'll claim F3

>>600951148Don't be mean, the drawing is fun>>600949968Good catch, the guy posted several WIPs so I kindof glazed over it>>600939569Nice job! Glad to see the finished project, I know you worked a while on this one>>600951661Oh sick, that'll be a fantastic thumbnail picture. Artstyle reminds me of Samurai Jack, which game is this?>>600951827Is that a taste of what's to come? Can't wait to see it>>600952258You want it? It's your, my friend.

Attached: Sq 2022 progress .17.jpg (2892x1684, 2.62M)

>>600952394And with this update, I've gotta go visit some family at the hospital. Shouldn't take too terribly long. I'm absolutely stunned by the fantastic quality of submissions this year, we already have the previous years beat just with what we have

Attached: Headbang.gif (326x244, 7.56K)

>>600951827Please if you do something keep it vidya relatedI cant stand that torture porn comic

>>600939569THE E3, TALION

>>600952394>which game is this?Patapon 3. Ragewolf wanted to pilot ancient superweapon, but forgot the password, so he just stands still for the first minute (he eventually remembers it though)

Attached: Ancientsuperweaponorg.png (217x263, 75.96K)

>>600952394sorry, didn't meat to be mean. I probably didn't explain it well.

>>600952394Would like to claim A4

damn. I want to join in but I don't have any good ideas.

>mods actually doing their jobs on the shadow and reddit shitonly took you faggot moderators this long

>>600953914Something Mario Party-related

>>600952394Claiming 5c.How long until something is considered up for grabs? I might first have time to draw tomorrow.

so is anyone gonna host the squilliam collage

Attached: grub-denim.png (768x768, 401K)

>>600955315Ah shit, just read the OP. I will drop my claim for now because I need to fucking eat

>>600955315>>600955549I don't think the time limit is in place right now, see>>600874696

>>6009523943A has been 3mAde>>600952706Sorry but not sorry but sorry

Attached: 3A.png (1520x1146, 34.68K)


>>600957253What comes first, shirts or an update?

>>600952394>Nice job!Thanks dude. Yeah, I'm not well versed in more advanced programs, like photoshop nor am I that good at painting, but I try my best; doing some collage.Also, wip.

Attached: 1D - Copy4.png (1520x1145, 2.97M)

>>600956769>>600952394Alright, reclaiming 5C.

Attached: 5C.png (1520x1145, 738.96K)

>>600901724Amazing>>600925449The early days were fun, miss it>>600934098Is this OC? Nice to see the legend himself

>>600952394reserving 5e pls, kirby content forthcoming

Attached: kblanket.jpg (1041x658, 60.45K)


>>600952394I guess I'll take D4. The result might be a bit unorthodox, so if the end result is not accepted, is fine.

>>600959720yeah, i had to draw gooper

Attached: king crisis.png (558x371, 152.85K)

>>600959976One Gooper coin has been deposited into your account

Attached: he won.png (919x800, 207.12K)

>>6009523943F Finished

Attached: 3Fcomplete.png (1520x1145, 1.25M)

>>600951661>>600952868>pataponunfathomably based

>>600960848That was a fucking great thread

>>600960870Didn't see the black borders, use this version instead op

Attached: 3Fcompleted.png (1520x1145, 1.34M)

5eI don't remember if there were any size restrictions, if there are any I'd be happy to change it up or something

Attached: kirby5e.jpg (826x491, 34.39K)

>>600952394claiming 5h

>>600961468Might wanna adjust the alignment, user. Gotta make sure it flows with the rest of the gif.

Attached: 2022-06-02 (2).png (1394x936, 544.45K)

>>600961468I guess the idea is for them to be the same size as the original frame, so 1520x1145


>>600962102>>600962158This should be a bit better, if it doesn't work now I'll just let someone else have the slot

Attached: blanket2.png (1064x800, 173.37K)

>>600847401>i hope your project fails, its only fair.and i hope to deprive you of the empty satisfaction you crave



>>600961380Fantendo threads are always great

Attached: green.png (712x456, 129.84K)

>>600960848>>600966020What the fuck have I been missing out on? I'm reading some of the pages on there and laughing my ass off.

>>600845908Good luck to you anons and OP. I made the TBoI frame last year.

Attached: 1595716526399.png (260x300, 32.88K)

/r/equesting White Glint since AC6 is confirmedarino

>>600966224Words cannot describe it user, it really is a goldmine. Fantendo threads are pretty rare but when they do happen, the art and witnessing is fun. They have a rare chance of getting pruned for some fucking reason though

Attached: asssssssssssssss.png (3500x3500, 343.22K)

>>600886665Probably my favorite reference so far. His 'death' was the most unbelievable thing in that 1st game lmao

>>600966020They really are. I'll never forget the first time I learned about the scary logo autism

>>600966675I'll need to keep my eye out for the next one then or just make it myself

Attached: barry the wiggler.jpg (320x240, 14.07K)