When did you realize that atheism isn't based on scientific data...

When did you realize that atheism isn't based on scientific data? When did you realize that christfaggotry is flawed and based on a bunch of drunk faggots that thought they were prophets? When did you realize that sitting on the fence is the best option until either side of the argument can be objectively proven?

I take pride in not jumping on a bandwagon, you despicable faggot.

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Just now thanks

Christians, Jews, Muslims… You are all the same.

nice logical fallacy.

Sitting on the fence is inherently idiotic.



Atheism is merely the lack of theistic beliefs. OP, by your lack of theistic beliefs, you are atheist, just not a gnostic atheist. You'll find most atheists are agnostic atheists, as you are. Whereas most theists are gnostic theists, and there are fewer agnostic theists.

What if there is a god but he wants you to not believe in him? Maybe that's why he goes out of his way to leave no actual evidence and leave non-theistic explanations for everything. Then maybe he punishes everyone who believed in him despite the lack of evidence, and rewards those who actually used the reasoning faculties and evidence that he gave them.

You're the cuck

Look at all of these buzzwords compressed into one sentence. I wish I was 14 again so I could arbitrarily use words like this while thinking I was smart. You Atheist types have so many sub-categories, it's like talking with an SJW.

You're not even trying anymore.

Sitting on the fence is exactly the opposite, you fucking retard. It's basically saying that you don't know the reality of the situation, so you are just waiting until the truth is revealed. How is that taking a "higher understanding of the situation"?

Trying what?

Because claiming ignorance is pretty unusual. You assume of course, that you even have the competence to see the truth to begin with.

Do you really not understand the words 'gnostic' and 'agnostic'? Those concepts aren't hard to understand nor are they SJW tier, yet you are making this retarded comparison.

For Kennedi's forgiveness, I would be an atheist or pick a rosary…

Either way, I'm sorry I hurt her, I want things to go back before I broke them.

Nope, that's just you. If no side has any scientific proof to prove that it is true, it is still just a theory. Sitting on the fence doesn't place you above either side of the argument, it just places you in the middle (hence sitting on the fence). Get it?

They are in the context that you are using them. Just re-read your comment here:

It's like arguing with a tumblrina about gender. You are so cucked and you don't even realize it. :^)

Truth isn't only dependent on whether or not something is scientifically proven. That kind of thinking is base, science doesn't prove a moral compass. Sitting on the fence on something theoretically, like the question of God, is one thing. But lets take political or moral questions into question and science doesn't necessarily apply to those situations.

With the question of God, you have to understand that a being beyond the normal means of understanding the physical realm (science), is impossible. Being something beyond that. If you say you "don't know" you automatically fall into a category: agnostic.
There is no escaping that.

This is not "just like gender", gender / sex is obvious to us all. It's physical, tangible. God is not.


Morality is subjective, of course science couldn't prove it.

I wanted to quote more out of your comment but this shit is just getting ridiculous. I am starting to think that you are trolling or you are some evangelical faggot sitting in a homemade bunker right now.

I wish, I wish.

But of course you'll run, because you're most likely some underage fag who never realized any greater truth and was swept up by some dumb idea that science is the only determinator of truth, when it's not. So, buh bye.

There you go with your "higher understanding", the very thing you accused me of having. You are a walking contradiction, like most religious faggots and atheists alike.

I'm not running, I'm just laughing at you.

It's called 'picking a side'. Whether theistic or atheistic, you inevitably pick one. You've just chosen special snowflake atheist.

You are running because you don't address my points. Simply because you know you're wrong. Now, get out of here fag, you don't belong on a Christian image board.

Yeah, jumping on a bandwagon. It's so fun to jump on one side and just accept anything that hasn't been proven yet!

No, I haven't, I've chosen to not pick any side. The more you call me an atheist the more you look like an idiot. It's not even a special snowflake side to choose what I am choosing btw.

God being a higher being would be quite hard to prove. To deny or reject his reality is to assume the position of an atheist.

The special snowflake that you are, lies in the fact that you chose to consider yourself different from them, while being them. Making you a faggot. When you stop being 13 than I'm sure you'll see thing differently.

Oh look, it's the black and white argument. You are either on this side or the other side!

God being "hard to prove" has nothing to do with my stance. I am not saying that it is impossible for a "higher power" to exist, i'm also saying that It's not impossible for one not to exist. Do you understand the concept of neutrality? Or are you so fucking cucked that you look at everything in a black and white context? "If he isn't for me, he's against me!"

Grow up, fucking faggot.

So basically you're an agnostic with a complex? Gotcha. You're not neutral in all this, you're just an autist who thinks he's got some sort of position that is special or different. Using 'cuck' as a buzzword doesn't help you fam.

Oh and using the same insult also doesn't help you. I already told you that you're acting like a petulant child, so why don't you take your own advice and grow the fuck up?

Like I said before, my outlook is pretty mainstream these days, it's not special in any way. Even most baby boomers share this outlook, it's nothing new, in fact it's pretty fucking old…

It best describes someone who jumps on a bandwagon, I think it fits you pretty well.

At least I am a child with a brain in his head. :^)

you're not helping your case…

baby boomers are faggots, I agree. However, some of their opinions about religion are pretty based. When it comes to politics, they get thrown into the trash.

Listen you massive faggot, the atheism you're implying is "there is no god LOL I'm stating this as fact!!1!". Lots of fucking retards think this. What it REALLY is you flaming nigger is the lack of a belief in what hasn't been proven. There COULD be a god, but atheists aren't going to believe in it without some facts. Basically exactly what you're saying you do already, if you don't believe in any religions without evidence. You played yourself. This shouldn't have to be posted at this point.

I wish people knew the true meaning of this word.

nigger, what?

He's saying he doesn't believe either side because there is no way to prove that either side is correct. You are a moron.

Listen, if you believe there could be a god (any god, Christian, Hindu, fucking whatever) BUT you don't fully think it can be proven, AND you don't say fuck it I believe just in case- you're an atheist. If you LACK a belief in a god (which is NOT to say you think LOL THERE'S NO GOD THERE CAN'T BE ONE) then you're still an atheist. If you believe in a god, be it specific OR nonspecific, you are a thiest of some kind. There's nothing hard about this.

You faithfaggots are hilarious. You think that anyone who simply questions the existence of God is on the opposite side and is a disbeliever or an "atheist" and is against the very idea of god. It's your idea or the rest.

I lost my faith when I was 14 because I have an IQ that is over 100. I realized that there is no way to prove that god exists, and no way to prove that he doesn't exist. That doesn't make me anti-god, that doesn't make me an atheist, it doesn't make me satanist or anti-christian.

In your eyes it makes me a heathen. The only way I could be different in your eyes is if I accepted Christ as my lord and savior. You are 100% cucked m8.

I'm an atheist, did you just not read my post correctly?

Yes, I surely did. By "faithfaggots" I was referring to atheists. Atheism is based on faith.

No, I don't have a faith in anything. You're once again implying I have a FAITH that god doesn't exist, but I can't prove that he doesn't. You can't prove he doesn't. The information isn't there, so why do I need to say I believe, or belive he doesn't exist 100% certainty. There could be a flying spaghetti monster- but we don't know, so I'm not going to say I believe in one till it's proven.

forgot picture
check Antonyms: believer
as in one with faith
atheists lack faith

Yet, you constantly use atheist dogma to try and prove that god doesn't exist.

You are like some atheist bot spitting out randomly generated atheist comments. The flying spaghetti monster is common propaganda used by vigilant atheists.

Maybe you should look up the definition of faith. If you believe in something that has yet to be proven then you are utilizing faith. If you disbelieve that gods exist and can't technically prove it, you are using faith.

oh my God

Oh my gawd!

Alright, good troll mate, on the chance you're not I'm gonna leave you with this:

Your stance (as far as I can tell, feel free to correct me):
Atheism is stupid because atheists believe there isn't a god at all ever and nothing will ever prove it ever so there's not one.

Actual definition of atheism: There could be a god or a higher power or something, but they lack a faith in it till it can be proven. When people assert a belief in something, we ask why they believe it, and if their answer can't be proven, we wont believe it. If someone had irrefutable evidence, proving a god or gods or whatever, atheist would then believe it. The problem is that nobody has evidence, so there's no reason on faith to believe in what can't be proven.

Listen, this is the last time I'm going to repeat it, and please try and wrap your brain around this simple concept:

I don't believe in god/gods/any religions: this does not mean a god cannot exist, this simply means without evidence I have no reason to believe them. THERE. COULD. BE. A. GOD.
I lack FAITH in anything that can't be held up by provable things. If you can say "hey the sky is blue" and I observe it to be blue, I GUESS I BELIEVE IT'S BLUE. Lacking faith =/= believing it doesn't exist.
What the hell is complicated about this?

In my teens I used to say I'm an agnostic.
When I got older I realized that's just a cowardly comprise to quickly defuse discussions and not offend anyone.

"Do you believe pink flying unicorns exist?"
"I don't know, I can't disprove it. They might exist, they might not exist. I'm an agnostic"
Come the fuck on.
Either you believe or you don't.
If you don't, then you're an atheist, because you lack the belief in god. In that you're not saying you can say with 100% certainty that God doesn't exist, or unicorns. Just that you don't believe it.

No rational atheist tries to 'prove' God doesn't exist.

An atheist just says "I have no reason to believe in God. Until you prove that he does, I'm gonna live my life asuming he doesn't"

I'm not trolling, but I can see how you would use that to discredit me. Well done.

Atheism is stupid because it jumps on a bandwagon that can't even be supported by anything relevant, just like any other Judeo-Christian stance. Atheism is based on faith, just like the christians that you hate.

That's your definition of atheism, you obviously are a newfag atheist and don't understand the true meaning of it.

Tell me, tell me your definition of atheism. Tell me what atheists believe, and have "faith" in. Spell it out like you're trying to explain it to a fucking four year old- make it good and clear, but don't leave shit out. Tell me exactly what you assume it is.

Atheists believe that enough scientific data is available to prove that God doesn't exist. They believe this so much that they dedicate their lives to proving this point.

Atheists don't believe he doesn't exist. Atheists do debate people, but we just ask why people BELIEVE what they do without evidence. Non believing =/= faith it doesn't exist.
You sound like you believe a god exists. Tell me why you believe a god exists, because I don't have the burden of proof.

You sound like a agnostic faggot who has yet to realize that atheism isn't his thing. Maybe when you turn 15, you'll realize how dumb you are. :^)


Welcome to the internet, guy.
You seem to be unable to detect trolls. It's ok, you'll learn over time. Just like you'll learn over time not to engage in discussions about religion online.

It's hard because I've met actual people that believe these things. I personally love debate, and it's good practice for both me and even the troll. The harder they try, the better I can try and solidify my arguments. I knew I'd probably be dealing with a troll with this thread, but it's not exactly something I didn't want. Anyway, continuing with what I'm doing.

Pic related. You're correct, I'm agnostic- an agnostic atheist.

It's funny how you originally tried to call me out as being "special". Please separate agnosticism from atheism, if you know what's good for you. Fucking tumblrfag.

Nice try, here's the exact definitions. Atheism and Agnosticism are two separate things and deal with them differently.
1)I'm an atheist
2)I'm agnostic
3)I'm an agnostic atheist
see how that works?

Do you rely on dictionaries to dictate your principles? You remind me of myself when I was 12, always looking up dictionary definitions of things to see what I believed in, so cute but fucking pointless in the end.

Nope. I still don't see how it works. Those are two conflicting beliefs, they don't relate to each other. Atheism denies a god while agnosticism accepts that a god can or cannot exist but neglects the knowledge to prove it being possible.

Are you implying the dictionaries are wrong? Because that's what I believe. It's clearly written, and makes sense. Atheists do not hold a belief in god, but a god can still exist (5th or so time I've written this, it's not the same as agnosticism). You have not dis proven the statement that I am an agnostic atheist.
Try again.

No, I am implying that dictionary terms change through time and you shouldn't base your entire opinion on a dictionary definition. Dictionaries just give you the basis of a word's meaning, you need life experience to truly understand a word's meaning. The fact that you are primarily using a dictionary reminds me of myself when I was a little kid. I had no idea about life so I just compared everything to the "grown up" definition of life. It's like you are so dumb you rely on a book written by older guys to tell you what is happening. You see what I mean here?

I didn't base what I believe on the dictionary. The words in the dictionary are what I personally believe, so I'm happy to label myself as such. And to further things, the history of atheism, and agnosticism have never changed, and never will.
Just because a lot of people are misinformed does not mean the definition should conform to their beliefs. Many Christians believe atheists think that a god does not, and can not exist. That doesn't make that the definition of atheism. They would be classified as atheists, but not as agnostic atheists, because agnosticism says it can't be known.

I'm clearly not biting the attacks on my character (assuming age, lack of knowledge, etc) so try a different approach.

You do realize that dictionaries are firmly controlled by the powers that be (ie government).


I didn't base what I believe on the dictionary. The words in the dictionary are what I personally believe, so I'm happy to label myself as such. And to further things, the history of atheism, and agnosticism have never changed, and never will.

I agree, the definition of atheism is completely fucked. We need to change it back to the normal form. People these days think it relates to agnosticism.

So that's the brick wall? The "government controls the definition of atheism" and you don't like that definition, so to you that's not atheism.
Good night man, try again tomorrow with a fresh start or something, that way you don't just hit the same conclusion.

No, the government controls our speech. Let me guess, you think it's just a meme that the government controls us. I bet you think 1984 is a meme :^).

What does this mean? Wake up with a even head? Okay guy. Will do. How about you try waking up and joining the right.

Here's a good question for both religious and irreligious people. Why are you so caught up in debating about it? You have some great minds in both camps, capable of interesting discussion but as soon as these people try to justify their belief or lack of belief, they become downright retarded. I'm not even playing the fence sitter, I just don't care about religion that much unless I need to read about it for whatever reason, like trying to figure out if Islam truly is peaceful or not. And as such, I usually avoid discussions about it, since it's just like today's Xbox vs Playstation or Android vs iOS, your decision is fine but as soon as you try to seriously defend it, you are stuck in a terrible discussion because no one can admit that maybe their opinion MIGHT be badly formed.


Would you say that your faggotry would be in-between both sexes?

nice meme

When I took the heh pill

Holy shit this is some fedora tier shit, I thought we drove your kind out of here a long time ago. Get back to reddit where you belong.

ur gay

No, I'm saying that what he is saying is fedora-lord shit. Not all atheists are fedoras but all fedoras are atheists. Get what I'm saying?

How so? I myself am a Christian but I understand what he's saying.

It's easy if you are atheist you DO NOT BELIEVE IN 1 OR MULTIPLE higher power(s). If you are Agnostic you simply believe that you are not able to determine whether there is/are or is/are not 1 or multiple higher power(s).

The problem people have with atheists and religious people is that they both believe they are right no matter what.

I believe some self proclaimed atheists are actually agnostic but don't know it is even a term. And some are too lazy to figure out exactly what they believe to come to the conclusion they are agnostics.

[Side story] My girlfriend is a self proclaimed atheist. After I explained agnosticism to her she still is a hypocrite and believes she can be atheist. I am really bothered by that because she is usually very smart about most decisions and can decipher hypocrisy.

I still love her though



I wanted to make this graphic to show that OP falls into the bottom right corner, he is not a "true" fence sitter like he thinks himself to be.

You understand this? That he's implying 'smart' people lose their faith? This notion is idiotic and one frequently brought up by fedoras, people who think they're smart.

So having faith is logical? Believing in something that you can't prove is somehow smart?

You're a fucking faggot. Having all of these sub categories makes you look like an SJW, it's just a way to justify your beliefs. There's no such thing as a "agnostic atheist", it's just called agnosticism.

This implies that you know what a god is in some form or fashion. What if it is a boy playing a game. What if it is multiple boys and girls playing a game. I have no idea what lies beyond this universe(multiverse? Is there anything other than this universe). There are an exhaustive amount of possibilities that it is WAY TOO EARLY to even have a definitive answer to describe how and what is happening in our "world".

It doesn't imply anything about what god is, you fucking idiot. It's basically saying that you have no fucking clue simply because it can't be proven what God (it?) is. There is no scientific data that can prove what God is on either side of the argument. You're trying to claim that agnostics are riding on a high horse when they are doing the exact opposite.

You're missing the point. The point is, that fedoras make the argument that "smart" people don't believe. But we know this to be patently false, Descartes, Washington, da Vinci, Galileo, Newton. We know' that people are smart regardless of whether or not they are theists, atheists or agnostics.

I'm not justfing anything you dumb nigger, you're the one trying to make yourself out to be something special. Agnostics, can exist as theists or atheists, this is clear. You just fall under a label and you don't like it because you're 13 or something. Or have the mentality of one.

Yeah sorry my bad.

I meant more that you can't be atheist and agnostic because they contradict each other.

Atheist -"ain't no higher power(s) no questions asked"

Agnostic - " wait a second, do you know for sure? Have you seen proof otherwise or do you just believe something without having facts to back it up?"

Yes, you are. You are using your neat little sub-categories to justify your atheistic views. You use this to try and expand atheism into other realms where it cannot even exist. It's like how SJWs use "intersectionality" to combine feminism with other concepts. It's completely retarded and it is associated with immature millennial faggots who are completely disconnected with reality.

You're just using that as a buzzword. Atheism only really exists in two forms, as agnostic or gnostic. For all intents and purposes we can say agnostic, but these categories exist regardless of what you think of them.
I'm not even an atheist bruv.
The only one disconnected with reality is you my agnostic friend. You're the one trying to 'justify' your own beliefs simply by the making of this thread. That's a mite more effort than making an infographic.

No, I am using it as a legitimate term, and not using made up sub-categories like yourself.

They exist in the mind of a special snowflake like yourself. People who can see shit for what it is completely disregard these terms.

I didn't make this thread.


i hate christfags more than fedoras tbh

I didn't realize this, I already knew it as I am not a faggot.


When did you realize that if there is a god it's not something a fucking human can comprehend and therefore unlikely to think like a human and hold petty grievances over how you live your life?

How fucking retarded do you have to be to think that you're the only species in the universe and that god is an old white man sitting in the clouds who watches you masturbate?

Oh, it's this debate… again… and again… and again.

Do you automatically believe every extraordinary claim? Unless you're retarded, you don't – you need evidence.

Religion/any concept of God is, and always WILL be, a construct of the imagination – there is not a shred of anything even resembling evidence to suggest otherwise. Why do people believe? Wishful thinking.

It's amazing that people some of you dipshits still don't understand how the burden of proof works, despite the fact that you've probably had this debate 10,000 times.

Theism: wrong until proven otherwise
Agnosticism: a tepid position for people who either don't understand logic, or don't wanna let go.
Atheism: absence of belief
Fedora: me

Found the-
Aww, how am I supposed to call you out if you admit it? :^( Anyway, thousands of years of religion from hundreds of cultures is a pretty hefty amount of evidence. I'd like to see you disprove all of it. Protip: you won't and can't. :^)

So you're just a run of the mill faggot eh?

God is the ultimate Schrodinger's cat.
I don't really care where you side on the matter.
Though, I don't like seeing existence being used as an excuse for human behavior, it's just irresponsible.

Well that's certainly evidence of SOMETHING. Do I really need to point out the fact that people have believed all kinds of absurd things over the years? And they've written extensively about them. Is that proof? Nope.

Given the fact that you can formulate relatively complete thoughts, I'm going to assume that you're not a fucking retard – stop acting like one.

OH SHIT… THIS JUST IN!!: Lord Zipzop just told me that I'm supposed to tell you that you should send $10,000 to my paypal. You better comply with Zipzop, or somethin real bad is gunna happen.


i can't believe in god because the definition of god seems to me to contradict itself. if could choose my beliefs i would love to have a religion but i can't just make myself believe in something i know doesn't make sense. if you can, power to you.

When did atheism stop being cool on the internet?

After Steve Shives and feminist ruined it and turned it into a tumblr meme.