NEW Alunya/Stirner/Anime OC Thread

New thread for Holla Forums mascot drawings and OC.
Reposting all of the OC from the last thread. Can someone who was active in that thread please salvage written content from that thread? I'm going to un-sticky it in a day or two.

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oh and some of this should probably be uploaded to




Here's an archive of the old thread.

why live

Dammit. We were just starting to get writers coming back with ideas. To work with.

Oh, allows 8ch again?

just keep this thread from dying then.

I wasn't aware it ever did not.


Will we ever have a /cuteboy/ leftypol couple?

I-I mean, there's is Alunya and Stirner….

Look, I know I work at the pace of erosion here, but I was hoping that you at least would keep the old thread up until that nice editor fellow had the chance to respond to me.

Oh well, back to werk.

it's archived

May I do a request? could someone please draw Alunya in sexy lingerie?

So is this thread going to be stickied?

If I had to guess, probably not. I think the point of unstickying the original thread was to get those involved (including myself) to stop dragging our feet. Now we either produce something or let it die essentially, rather than clinging to the notion that "we'll get around to it."

Fucking Christ.
That puts a lot of stress on me and I'm already pretty strung out.
Okay, on my eternal soul, I'll be done with the chapter by the end of the week.

I know you've been hard at work at least on your project, which I cannot say the same for myself.

Seeing as the creation of OC through inspiration from the works we're examining was one of my stated goals when setting up the Holla Forums reading group, if this or subsequent threads die before you can get your work out, feel free to use my thread. Take your time.

Could I ask you which kind of project you are working on and which kind of artistry you may supply, comrade? :^)


runs counter to the anonymous nature of the boards, but maybe we should get some other locale to discuss this in a more permanent matter? a thread on getchan, a discord chat, something that'll allow for more organisation.

t. the drawfag who was proposing the didactic comic with everyone drawn as a cute cartoon


ayo fam, im just a bit busy these days
I don't enjoy namefagging so ill just have this flag not actually mautist

Sorry fam, just another writerfag. My art is currently on par with your average middleschooler (though I've been working as of late to try and improve), otherwise I would offer to help out in that capacity.

Specifically, I was trying to set up some stuff for this artist here

but sadly was sidetracked by midterm exams and a research paper that had to be done before spring break began. I should get back to writing before the ideas I've collected fade from my mind.

So I just made these, also some old OC of mine to keep it related.

And this.

Anime u say?

dank and ebin le OC maymay ecksdee


So what you're saying is that since Christianity is a spook, Christians don't exist?

Judaism is the spook. The beliefs Jews hold are spooks. Jews themselves are not

Have some shitty stirner

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Jews themselves can also be spooks. Ex. – "I will work to preserve and further the Jewish peoples". Same thing as Christendom or the nation of Islam or whatever.

Look again at that picture
The belief that the jews are responsible for everything and that they must be gassed to preserve le white race can be considered a spook. Tangible people are not.

Being a Jew may be a race, I don't really know what qualifies. Judaism, is a religion, an ideology. A spook.

I know, I was just responding – to the guy I was responding to.

Being Jewish is totally devoid of genetics (aside from grandmother and all that). Being Ashkenazi, Sephardic &c. is, however.

I always liked how Ashkenazi has the word NAZI in it. I'm sure there is some conspiracy theorising to be done there

I made a horribly composed, pixelated shitstain of a thing. It's only built for my laptop's resolution, though.

We should but that depends on the artfag-senseis.

When will this meme die?

kek, is that n1x?


I too come to this board solely to bait retarded liberals

Typical Holla Forumsyp, comes to Holla Forums once, sees that we don't agree with him and assumes we're all zionist puppets.

old thing I found


But she is, you fucking retard. She was made when Holla Forums was majority anarchist.

You can probably tell I don't do this sort of drawing very often.

I've hashed out the script for the first chapter of the comic I'm working on, all that's left is to draw it out. I'll keep you guys up to speed with my progress as I go.

Breddy gud.

You should reconsider: this is pretty good. A few details about the legs are a bit wonky, but otherwise its tastefully lewd in all the right places.

I look forward to seeing what you have in store.

I'm too autistic to draw cheesecake that doesn't fit the character

pitch me why alunya'd be in sexy lingerie, and I'll give it a shot

well memed

Who cares? She represents all of Holla Forums, not just the majority.

These are the only two arguments I've ever heard and they're both bullshit. She's red to represent Marxism and black to represent anarchism. She was always meant to be non-sectarian. Both Marxists and anarchists use red and black anyways, and sabotage isn't solely an anarchist thing.

There's no denying that Alunya has a thoroughly anarchist design. Not trying to be sectarian about it but if you wanted to pin a concrete ideology on her, it would be ansyn/ancom.
And no, she doesn't represent us, faggot, it's a fucking mascot that autists on this board make porn of.

That red represents marxists and black represents anarchists is retarded and disingenuous, everyone knows that the most commonly used anarchist flag is the diagonal red and black for both ancom and ansyn, and that is what it represents.
"Sabotage" is a broad concept, but I am assuming that you mean industrial syndicalist sabotage, which yeah, was a strategy proposed by anarchosyndicalists. Good ideas in leftism eventually spread throughout the sects, it's no surprise some marxist sect recommends sabotage too.
Also, her name is fucking Cat Alunya.

The red in that represents the labour movement, that's why on CNT-FAI flags the red part says CNT and the black part says FAI. The red flag is a symbol of the left and labour in general. I don't think the red and black flag should be used for anarcho-communism because I believe that the different anarchist economic theories are all trying to achieve the same thing. The best way is to use red for the left in general and black for anarchism because we should have the left in general as a united front to give us the best chance of making things better for workers as soon as possible.

Where are the proofs, billy?

You say that like it's a bad thing.

The red and black flag isn't even used by all anarchists, just by anarchist communists. See where I'm going here? Anarchist communists. Think about that for a second. It's the same idea, a mix of the two. The colour of anarchism is black. It's used by all sects of anarchism. Red isn't. Likewise, red is used by most Marxists, while black is a little less common. Regardless, Marxist usage of red and black is extremely common too, probably second only to red and gold.


You come up with a better pun.

You're full of shit.
CNT-FAI flag is diagonally red/black because that was already standard ancom flag by the time the CNT and FAI were organized.

The red flag used to be a generic flag for socialism, but wait, if you were French, as in the Paris Commune, that either meant that you were a Proudhon supporter ("I am an anarchist"), or occasionally a fucking Blanquist (he wanted a vanguard dictatorship before it was popular). No marxism there.
Whatever your personal opinions are, I'm afraid they don't have more sway than over a hundred years of working class struggle and socialist history.

And I'm not even taking into account that post-leftards hate socialism and leftism and would take huge issue with using the same flag as traditional "leftist" anarchists.

Where? I've literally never seen that flag on anything from before the CNT was founded.
Exactly senpai, that's why the red and black flag should be seperate when it's just being used for ideology.
Stalinists were against united fronts then. They would not work with the socdems in Germany or the CNT for example.

Newfriend pls lurk moar.

I don't really care enough to make a judgment, I just think that taking your fap mascot as super serious business is retarded.

Red/black is used by "anarchist communists", anarcho-communists, anarcho-syndicalists, anarcho-platformists, anarcho-especifistas, anarcho-collectivists, libertarian-communists, libertarian-socialists, social-anarchists and a million other denominations.
Diagonal red/black is pretty much the official flag of leftist anarchism (with perhaps three notable exceptions, all the anarchist movements that have ever been relevant period). It's amazing how you are willing to twist countless movements and organizations that have waved that flag for the sake of feeling more ideologically pleased as you stroke your dick while looking at drawings of a midget girl with cat ears and tail.

By the way, like half the flags you have posted so far were left coalition movements that included anarchists and libertarians, they weren't exclusively marxist per se (MIR, Tupamaros, FSLN, M26, etc).
You also appear to be conflating communism with marxism, when they are different things.

I already came up with the one we are using now, you fucking nigger.


I was in the thread where she was created, but nice try. She was put in a Spanish Republican uniform at first, but she was then switched to her current outfit to be less sectarian.

Hey, fapping is serious business.

AKA anarchist communists.

Even if that were true (which it isn't, but let's pretend it is), I don't see any diagonal flags on Alunya. In fact, the closest thing I see is a red and black bandanna, which is actually closer to the bandannas used by the ELN, a Marxist guerrilla.


Wow, I guess we both came up with it, then.

If you believe this you are honestly an idiot

Socs are socs, those who are unfortunate can be removed after the revolution

division before the revolt is treason to humanity

He just brushed off the fact that she was born wearing a republican uniform, didn't he?
Her current outfit is predominantly black. Also red, because black/red, but predominantly black nevertheless.
Truth is that this mascot was made by anarchists, and sure they had no intention of being sectarian but that point is moot when people are just gonna whine about her colors anyway instead of just using her like a stupid board character, which it is.

Epin meme. Unless you are not joking, otherwise pls get laid
>inb4 normie get out REEEEEE

That's neither their official nor preferred denomination.

CNT-FAI militias, anarchist militias (they did it first, you know). Which is the entire point of this mascot named Cat Alunya being a Republican Front fighter in the middle of the Spanish Revolution. You cannot possibly be this obtuse.

What? A number of left coalition flags have had black in them, contrary to (your?) observation that the color of the left was plain red apparently. Your point being?

Whatever you say, newfriend.

I don't see her dressed in one anymore, do you?

Yes, because sabotage cat. That's the point.

Then why did they change her outfit from a republican uniform to something less sectarian?

I try.

Is we're going by your logic that many of the flags I posted were of coalition movements, then I should point out that not all Spanish Republicans were anarchists either. Regardless, just because she was wearing a Spanish Republican uniform in one image once doesn't make her a Spanish Republican. I could wear one and that wouldn't make me a Spanish Republican, just a retarded cosplayer. Someone shoudl draw her in a Soviet uniform to make your point moot.

Precisely. The point is that she represents a left coalition. Not solely anarchism.

what the fuck

I said that Marxists predominantly use red and Anarchists predominantly use black. That's the whole point of her using both red and black.

Nice ad hominem. If you mean you were the one who suggested "Alonia", that's fucking stupid. My idea was better.

Well fuck, the other sects are actually castigating us for not being sectarian against them?
And people wonder why the left is so sectarian.

"Sabotage cat" (the threatening cat symbol thing, also used for strikes) is also an anarcho-syndicalist thing.

Okay, first off,
Secondly, what is your point? Anarchist communism exists as a denomination, but is neither the official nor preferred denomination of ancoms, syndicalists, collectivists and all the rest. Which is what I wrote. Can you read, boy?

Agreed. But if you were a Republican fighter wearing a black and red bandanna then you were a member of a CNT-FAI militia, in fact wearing a piece of clothing both black and red was their distinctive.

She was BORN in the Spanish Republican uniform. That's what she was drawn as when she was "created" and that was her purpose as a "character". It's not just any random drawing, however speaking of which…

It wouldn't make my point moot, it would actually reinforce my point, which is: Cat Alunya is a fucking fictional character on an autistic cartoon board in the asshole of the internet. You can draw her with a soviet uniform, a nazi uniform, a dinosaur fur or naked while taking 20 tentacle cocks in the ass. Because she is fictional. A fucking drawing. It's why people complaining about their representativity regarding this fucking cartoon is retarded and I'm starting to regret we even had this mascot in the first place. Because this board is so fucking sectarian that even when anarchists extend a gesture of solidarity to marxists it is immediately seized by you faggots to spread even more bullshit sectarianism. In this fucking retarded, inconsequential matter of all things. Just fuck you all.

She is an individual. She cannot, by definition, represent a coalition. In fact, once again, she doesn't represent jack shit.
My entire point is not that she "represents" anarchism, but rather that if she had to have an ideology (something I don't in principle care about for a fucking mascot but of course it's all this board cares about) it would be anarcho-syndicalism, because of the conditions of her "creation", the intentions of her design, as well as the inclinations of the community of anons that fleshed her out since her inception.
I wouldn't even bother with that matter, but in this shithole the official specific ideology of the mascot is the most important thing, apparently. Full autism.

Marxists don't actually have established symbols regarding the color black. Their usual symbols are plain red with some sort of significant emblem (e.g. hammer and sickle). Social anarchists use both red and black equally, because, again, their official flag is the diagonal red/black flag. Which is the point. You are dense as fuck.

You don't seem to know what an ad hominem is.

I suggested both Alonia and Aluña. You very slightly modified the latter to make "your idea". Fucking congratulations. It's like I'm talking to a fucking Micro$hill here.

P.S. That PVP flag you just posted? That party literally started out as a foquista ANARCHIST party, with FLAG to MATCH, and then degenerated later on to the confused mess it is today.
Make some research before you post, fucking christ.

What the fuck are you even talking about? You keep making less and less sense as we keep talking.


It's just a way to group all your shitty "sects" into one. It doesn't have to be an official party line.

No. ;_;

Again, who's to say she's a Spanish Republican? She could be an ELN guerrilla fighter. She wasn't wearing the bandanna in the original image with the Republican uniform.

She was also "born" making the pose from "Lenin on the Rostrum", with a flagpole complete with a sickle and hammer. And while the Spanish Republican uniform was scrapped, the reference to Lenin and sickle and hammer were kept. I guess she's a Leninist, then.

I'm not a Marxist, but nice try.

She doesn't have an official ideology, you dense motherfucker. She's a drawing that was supposed to represent the two biggest ideologies on Holla Forums. I don't fucking understand why you're trying to claim she's your own.

I didn't say that her black represents Marxism, fuckface. I'm saying her red represents Marxism and her black represents anarchism. The fascist Spanish and Ukrainians also use red and black, so I guess maybe she's a fascist.

You don't seem to know much of anything.

ITT: Things that never happened.

Nice, you just refuted yourself there, bucko.

Anarchists behave in a non-sectarian manner and your response is to say that if she was, or "represented", anarchist then they should have been sectarian and kept her as a republican. You are literally giving the anarchists shit for not being sectarian.

Can you understand the difference between a symbol and a real fact? No, wait, you can't, that's why you are still babbling on about who it is that this fucking symbolic mascot "represents".

All of them? But then you'll go ahead and insist that these are only a fraction of anarchists because anarchists are black and just a lil bit red or something.

The Republican uniform. thought we established this already.

That's because it was a board triplet thing where all the mascots of the other leftist boards (GETchan and that other allegedly communist shitposting asylum) where doing the Lelnin rostrum thing with their flags. The republican uniform was "scrapped" but she was still given a basically black costume, with a CNT black/red bandanna and a name that is a reference to the anarchist capital of revolutionary Spain. But again, being non-sectarian on this board doesn't pay.

Normally I wouldn't believe you, but after reading your posts you do seem capable of making up your own snowflake socialism that perfectly suits your assburgers.

This is my point. I spent considerable space above arguing about this. But then…

Stop right there. She is a fucking fictional drawing. She doesn't represent anything, which is actually a more important point than her supposed ideology.

I'm not, because again, I can't own a fucking fictional character.

You did say that Marxists used black too, fucktard, and tried to prove it by posting some flags you just googled that make casual use of black as proof that there is some sort of investment (and actually passing coalition flags as half your collection, and even trying to pass one anarchist party as marxist).

Which again, makes no fucking sense when you realize that anarchism is represented by both black and red, because the canonical flag of anarchism is half black and half red. This is like the fourth time I've posted this exact observation. Are you autistic?

Way to miss the point entirely.

Come back when your new doesn't shine so much.

Confirmed for newfag who didn't browse the thread.

Yes, started out as anarchist, made that anarchist flag, then degenerated and never bothered changing the flag. So now it's a heterodox left party that inherited their anarchist flag from an anarchist party. Making the flag you posted an anarchist flag. Are you clinically retarded?

Oh, so you've resorted to making stuff up now. Now I get'cha.

Now you're getting it!

Oh, you mean from that concept art that also showed her with a giant hand and a burly man's chest? Yup, accurate as fuck.

Sorry to break this to you, but that came afterwards. If you're going to revise history, try to be subtle about it. Like when you said that I claimed anarchists should be sectarian. That was a pretty good one.

I'm not a socialist, but nice try.

Then why do you insist that she's an anarcho-syndicalist? She's fucking not. She's a drawing that was made to represent Marxists and anarchists.

Oh, so drawings don't represent anything. Good to know.

Then stop pretending like you do.

They do SOMETIMES use black. Just like anarchists SOMETIMES use red. Jesus, it's like everything I say goes right over your head.

Except for the fact that it's not. Black is the colour of the anarchists of all flavours. Just because some communist anarchists also use red proves nothing. Even then, groups like the FAI, the Makhnovists, and the KAF use(d) only black despite being communist anarchists.

Considering I've devoted hours of my life trying to use reason against someone who's obviously extremely mentally handicapped, I'm starting to think I just might be.

Nice dodge.

Is calling people new in situations where it doesn't even make sense and despite it being proven false your only argument?

The official party line is that it's Marxist. Whether or not it's true is irrelevant. The fact is that they STILL use the red and black flag despite being officially Marxist. Nice nitpicking, though.

Do you even have to ask that at this point?


I'm the one who's trying to be anti-sectarian. This nigger's trying to claim her for the anarchists.

Marxist socialists have Rodina. This board is majority libertarian/anarchist.
You guys need to stop getting triggered every time the black colour rears its head.
Alunya has always been anarchist since her inception. Does that mean that we're not going to represent the statist perspective?
No, not at all. That's certainly something I am working towards avoiding.

You guys really need to stop recoiling so hard.

Rodina isn't even a Holla Forums character.

She's always been meant to be ideologically neutral.

Okay, I was originally planning to stay quiet on this, but it's really gotten out of hand. Creator of the original Alunya image here.

Pics related.

You're both wrong. There wasn't much thought put into Alunya. I just went by what other people suggested. People wanted to see an angry catgirl mascot, so I made one. When trying to decide how she should be dressed, I just stuck her in the first thing that came to mind, a republican uniform. There's really nothing behind it. When I changed her costume to what it is now, I just did something generic. Black dress, red belt. I figured that if she was based on the black cat, she should be majority black, but with a red belt to tie everything together. If anything, she was supposed to be neutral, but it's my fault for not making that obvious enough. I thought the Lenin pose would be enough to dispel any thoughts that she was an anarchist, but I guess I fucked up. Oh, and the bandana isn't supposed to be a republican one or a eln one. It's supposed to be like those ones that people wear at riots. The reason it's red and black is because of the Holla Forums flag, not because some sort of ideological meaning. You guys are looking far too into it. She was just supposed to be a fun little mascot that all of Holla Forums could use. I probably fucked up and made her look too anarchist by accident, though. You guys can make her an anarchist or whatever. I really don't care. I just thought I'd let you guys know that it's not what I had in mind when designing her.

tl;dr: Alunya was supposed to be neutral ground, but you guys can make her whatever you want to. It doesn't matter to me.

Yo, what group of peeps is that in that picture?

That's the National Liberation Army in Colombia, I think.

Imagine that she is on a mission where she needs to divert attention and gain some time while the revolutionary liberator army is planting bombs on the enemy HQ.

Where's the pouting Alunya?


holy shit, nice

Thanks kind user. Alunya is cute as fug and I'd make her my demsoc princess.

Pretty nice, fam.

10 outta 10


Sweet jesus, you're talented. I hadn't seen you draw anything non-stylized before.
Once I release my own work, let me know if I am worthy of collaborating with you and if you want to do so.
Honestly, I doubt both, because you certainly have skills worthy of admiration.

I try to stylise purely for the love of cartooning and not due to my limitations. I'm not entirely successful in that regards, but still.

Thanks for the praise, m8s.

Some coloring would be nice.

Have this piece of shit I made.

9/10 do bewbs pls :-DDD

Why stormfag cucks delete threads? This isnt the first time.

fuck guys you really went full deviantart with this shit
I warned you when it started but you just kept going
Makes me fuckin embarrassed to be here, i come here for political discussion, not poorly drawn mspaint girls

Fucking grow up



Go to Holla Forums right now. they're being productive and use the stickies to accomplish goals.
We're using stickies to draw Deviantart characters in MSpaint
we can do so much better than those stupid nazi fucks and this isn't accomplishing shit


See this, THIS is why the alt-right and Holla Forums is making progress
we just sit back and say "Nah they'll never accomplish anything" while they play the metapolitical game and poison the rest of the net through social media

And this is the best we can offer?


Requesting a update from Namefag and the other comrades who were writing some stuff

Come on guys, its been quite awhile now and I know that this shit takes time and your all very busy, but can you atleast give us a look at what you have so far?

Yes, I know and I am very sorry.
I am very self-conscious about releasing the first chapter because first of all I want it to be as representative of what I am trying to achieve and share with you as possible, which means that I have to make sure that what I write will be more or less a perfect microcosm of what I want to do, otherwise people might not be very interested at all. This and the fact that the other contributors ITT are so amazingly talented puts a lot of pressure on me. That's no excuse, but this first chapter is going to be uniquely difficult for me to finish, especially as noone is volunteering to be my editor.

As it stands I have a working draft of about 3,000 words. I won't release it untill it's finished and I don't think it will be until I have reached 5-6000 words.
I know I'm working at a snail's pace, but as long as noone is willing to help, it's not going to go much faster than that. I am going to try to release it before the end of the month.

I suppose thats fair enough. Just remember that nothing can ever be perfect, and that the other anons here will probably like it even with all its faults. So sorry if I sounded aggressive I was just curious how you guys were going.

And hey, I dont know how good I would be but id be willing to give a shot at editing?

3000 words? I thought these were supposed to be brief.

Also, we can edit it as a group, don't worry about it.

I'd be willing to help, but I'll need you to share what you have at some point so we can work on it. Maybe throw up a google doc that is suggestion only for people you share it with, that way you can approve or reject any proposed changes we make.

Sounds great; I only have two requirements:

1. Your first language has to be English

2. You're willing to edit and correspond with me about story development at least once a week

I want to make it very clear; I might be the writer and I've come up with a lot of ideas to develop on, but once you join me we both become authors and you get an equal say in how the thing develops. That comes with some responsibility, of course.

If you're still interested, post a burner e-mail and I'll send you what I have so far.

1. As long as you can stomach burger English, then language shouldn't be an issue.
2. Weekly expectations shouldn't be an issue.

It's sent.
I'll be adding more to it though, because I've hit a good groove right now.

drawfag user who wants to do the educative comic but doesn't know enough to write it here

I'll make a small intro establishing a premise, just to get the juices running. something like rodina hearing mr block preaching his stuff in a quarry while coming from a walk and thus asking alunya when she gets home "hey I heard this guy talk shit, did he have a point, what is leftism", or something.

If you dont know enough theory comrade, then just do the very basics, or perhaps devoid of theory completely and just be a dank maymay

1. So long as your fine with Strayan English, cunt

2. Yeah, I think I should manage that. Just to warn you however, I'm going to be away for the next few days.

email is: [email protected]

my entire attempt was (also in hopes of me learning something) to offer the visual labour only and someone else supply the actual didatic material. I really would like to see a well done attempt at breaking down a lot of myths about leftist politics and history, and don't trust myself to be the writer to do that, just the artist to illustrate it. As far as just making it a dank maymay I do enough of that on Holla Forums drawthreads, user

Throw a burner e-mail and I'll give you the material I've got already. not knowing all that much theory is not an issue, but I don't want to boss you around either. You'd be entitled to an equal say in the productive process.

If you want user, I could help you out with the writing. I have a decent theory knowledge, and I've got a lot of experience with writing fiction and screenwriting.

If you want, I could lend my assistance to editing.

Got 'merican english, and should be able to manage the schedule pretty easily. But if you're good with just two I get that.

Thank god! I really need someone with dicipline, creativity and the willingness to work with me. again, you'd get an equal say in story decisions. I'll give you a draft of the material I've already got.

I'll also draw up a rough world-buildinguide outline to clue you in as to the direction I am going and what I'm trying to accomplish.
The former will be sent within the hour.

Sure, send in what you have

Hey user don't forget me as well

Now keep in mind that I'll have to write up a document about the general world-building too so you'll get an idea of where I am going with this.

I know it might not peak your interest at all, what with me giving you a pretty shitty incomplete draft of a first chapter, but if you'd give it a change I would be very much honoured.

Wow, I'm sorry! Missed your post there!

You talking just to namefag, or us both?

You guys should all have recieved e-mails with files attached now.
Have fun tearing it apart! :^)

I forgot to specifically link to namefag's post. as I just told him though, I think some wires got crossed.

from what I recall of last thread, basically two/three ideas were knocking about - a serious visual novel and/or comic with one drawfag, and a kiddish educational peabody and sherman-esque comic with another drawfag, me. Namefag's work is aimed at the first idea, what I'm needing is someone to develop the second one. Of course, I could just end up researching the theory by myself, but I fear my research might not be reliable

Whatever you choose to do, I do not want you to work on something you do not feel passionate about and that you feel you have no input into.
I'd certainly be honoured to cooperatively make this product with you, because you certainly have talent, but if you feel that it's too radically different from what will please you to work on, then I do not blame you for a second if you choose to decline.

Please do understand it's no slight against you, it's more that this isn't the only thing I've got going on, so the children's comic style was suggested not just for my love for cartoony art but also since it'd be easier to produce, and I also do specifically want something that's fun but also outright didactic. Something I could have my teenage niece read to have a start on understanding about leftistm, for an example. Your project is both more elaborate and more fictitious, and in that sense I've already got projects of my own vying for my time, I'm afraid. I do once more appreciate the praise, though.

Absolutely, comrade! No harm, no foul. All we can do is hope that someone else who's also very talented are willing to work with us.

Well, keep blessing us with those neat illustrations though!

now we just need to see here fuck christ-chan

made this as a banner for bunkerchan a while ago

Check it.


I don't know if you visit other boards much, but let me give you some advice from the Holla Forums drawthreads- don't be a requestfag. If you're this desperate, try your luck asking somewhere else for it like Holla Forums or Holla Forums


If I may, I'd like to request a version of the Deus Ex cover art with Stirner instead of JC.

In terms of the protagonist's actions, what's the porkiest video game you've played?

In Roller Coaster Tycoon I actively employed people for a wage as the protagonist.

It's already been posted in this thread twice m8


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Never do I, just grit your teeth and stay for the theory

Man I'd love to see Stirner sketched in a jojo's biz style.

Another OC

that winky pig is actually cute


Someone needs to draw Christ-chan as Chris Chan. I can't believe this hasn't been done already.


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Who knows? Could be. If so where did the other drawfags go?

It is, yeah. I've always counted just two drawfags here, me and the other guy.

Nah, I'm pretty sure there has been three, buy it's difficult to tell when people dont trip :/

anyone got the pepe communist version? like this one but with communist themed. i trying to gather leftist reaction memes so if youve got some just dump them


Okay, I am dropping my material either tonight. It's not going to be perfect, but it's going to be about 5000 words of material I am reasonably satisfied with.
Should I drop it in this thread, a thread of it's own or both?

I'd say keep it in this thread, m'comrade.

Here, I can't make this any better. All I seem to be able to add to it is sloppy filler and utter tosh.

I'm dumping it here so I can get to the next chapter.

Oi m8, I thought we were doing short educational strips.

Start writing them, then. Each writefag's doing what they want, which is fine, and so far no-one's actually shown any work on the educational stories idea, which isn't as fine.

I mean, I'd be willing to write on short educational comics as well, but I'm not quite as passionate about that + I don't think it has quite the same potenntial for being spread outside of Holla Forums.

Btw, and I'm not trying to pushy or demanding here, but any and all input I can get would be really helpful, even if it's just "can't get through that many words", "you're wasting your time" or "fugg u sperg".

Anything and everything helps more than you'd think.

This thread is proof that this board is a joke. Alunya porn is the only good thing to come from this place.


christ I wish I wasn't a wagecuck
when I find the time I'll gib my thoughts user

Looks good to me, user :)

>proceed to spill a bit of broth culture onto the paper it was Neisseria gonorrhoeae

I know the OC made thus far has probably led to a few leaky dicks, but I don't think this was what we had in mind.

I've been busy lately, but I can see you're getting antsy. I'll see about rewritting and getting that shit out to you as soon as I can, even if it's a bit unrefined.

I'm sorry if I'm getting antsy, I just worry of this going the same way every user project goes of fizzling out

release shitty over-written fan-fic that noone will read
This causes the rest of the producer to panic and make stuff
just as planned :^)

easy, fella, I'll read it when I can and over a couple nights. Might delay it for this weekend actually, since I'll be at family's place

Jut out of curiosity and so I can have a grasp on them, what are you guys' takes on Alunya and Rodina's personalities? Has this been discussed before, or did threads just focus on making art?

from what I can gather Alunya is mostly a cold and pessimistic type who rarely smiles but she is passionate about liberating the proles. Love's theory and insurrectionism. She's also self conscious of her bust size and is easily embarrassed about sex.

Rodina from what I can tell is more of a happy go lucky loli who enjoys being a pioneer. Marxist Leninist and cute.

For Rodina, I've in many ways thought of her as being much of the same kind of person I was back in middle school. It was somewhere around that time when I first read the Communist Manifesto as part of a class I was taking. I took to it immediately as being some sort of "word of God." In part I think it was because it was my first introduction to the real left. In part because almost everyone else I knew was conservative, and calling myself a Communist allowed me to be a contrarian much in the same way many take to the politics of the far right in their youth. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, I saw it as a fulfillment of the wish for societal liberation that took an approach that most other establishment politics wouldn't dare touch. It wouldn't be until years later that I would take the time to really engross myself in the literature of the left along with more closely and objectively examining the history that it entailed.

I think Rodina would be similar in that case: a naive, ditzy child with a big heart. Someone who has put the cart before the horse and taken up the banner of Communism without fully comprehending what that actually means. This puts her in a position where she is both a potential source of comedy due to her innocence clashing with the vulgar nature of those around her and as a sort of self-insert for those who might be considered "entry level" if a more educational approach is taken to the OC in question. Highly curious, hyperenergetic, and somewhat whiny at times, but never harboring the same degree of core anger of Alunya (mostly to serve as a counterbalance).

In Alunya's case, I think she would represent someone who's personality and actions reflect someone who has grown increasingly jaded and pessimistic about the world around here: angsty to a T and quick to temper. However, I think there needs to be a soft side to her as well, coming to light in her interactions with Rodina (treating her as a sister) and being at least more personable when in the company of other "friendly" characters (whoever they may be). She has to represent the more learned side of the dynamic between the two main characters. She would have to be the more confrontational one when it comes to opposition, and would be knowledgeable of underlying theory. This does create somewhat of a problem in that, if we do not wish to slate her as the more anarchistic character, keeping her ideologically neutral might prove difficult to maintain if anything beyond the most basic of theory is brought up as part of the plot. Her as the anarchist could work with Rodina as the ML foil could work, but that would be fairly one-sided if matters of theoretical debate arise (whatever form that takes).

I have pretty much the same thoughts on Rodina as

However, unlike them Ive never seen Alunya as a negative character. Instead Ive seen her as a true firebrand with a burning passion for liberation in all forms.

And yes, compared to Rodina she has alot more knowledge of theory, but we must also remember that shes still just a kid and we need to remember that she should still ask questions to her mentor-figure, whether its Stirner, Marx or Engles.

Rodina is young and inexperienced and to me she's only with communist faction incidentally, at least to begin with.
I see her as having a fairly bubbly personality and while she doesn't really have the temperment or courage to engage in combat, she's a hard worker and eventually becomes a very skilled statesman, administrator and manipulator. I think a rather ignorant character like Rodina is an important litterary device, so that I can insert exposition into the story, that'd otherwise be awkward or out-of-place.

Alunya is more of a fiery character to me. A person with an unshakable will and a tendency to be short-tempered. I do not at all interpret her to be as cynical or gritty a character that some of the other writers do.
She's perhaps a realist and tough-as-nails, but I see her as a charismatic leader-figure that genuinely cares about the people around her and will lead by example, emboldening those around her.

I always imagine Alunya as a well-learned, but short tempered character. Of course, the exception to this is Rodina, whom she treats like a dear younger sister. She always tries to be as objective as possible, always weighing different ideas against each other to figure out what's true, what's imperialist propaganda, and what's pure dogmatism. As such, she doesn't have a concrete ideology and goes by merely what she sees as right. There are no infallible leaders to her, for to treat leaders like infallible beings goes against everything she stands for in the first place.

Rodina, on the other hand is just a young, naive girl whose only daily interaction with leftist theory is what she gets out of the pioneer organization in her country. I don't think she should have a concrete ideology either, as we shouldn't be painting MLs or other groups that have pioneers as naive themselves. I think that the difference from Alunya is that Rodina's opinions should all be based on a lack of information or knowledge on a certain subject rather than from what she learns from the pioneers. Allunya, on the other hand, always has an answer to Rodina's mistakes.

For example, let's say Rodina hears someone denounce Stalin, so she goes to Alunya and asks her if she should instead support Trotsky. Alunya's response would obviously be that both men actually had their good and bad things to them and that it's not as simple as just picking a side.

So, you see, I think Rodina should be more of a blank slate. Basically we assume she knows literally nothing about leftism, but she's very curious to learn about it. Nor should she actually take sides, though, because of the fact that Alunya teachers her to look at things from all sides.

She can just be a non-sectarian, weighing the good and bad of all ideologies. She doesn't really need to have any specific ideology. She should be there to teach Rodina the objective facts instead of just propagandizing her.

Eh, I don't like the idea of Alunya being the anarchist character and Rodina being the Marxist one. Having anarchists represented by a well-learned adult and Marxists represented as a naive child would be a pretty biased setup.

She's 21, though. I think that's a good enough age to be pretty well-learned on leftist theory. Obviously she's not a philosopher, but I take her as someone who has dedicated her life to the leftist cause.


Except she doesnt represent marxists. She represents Marxist-Leninism and teenage gommunism, both of which dont understand theory.

Says who? You? From everything Ive seen Ive gotten the impression that's shes a kid in high school aged between 16-18 and Rodina 11-15

the profiles up in

give her age as 21. dunno when they were made


speak coherently or not at all

Read coherently.

The profiles up in
(link to the post where the profiles are)
give her age as 21.

I think her being non-sectarian and being very knowledgeable on leftist topics in general is the way to go.

You know, we could have both Alyuna as anarchist leaning, and have some other adult character, like that female version of Lenin that /ref/ uses as their mascot, represent Marxist leftism. I headcanon Alunya as a syndicalist anyway.

Perhaps I should elaborate a bit. What I was more shooting for is that Alunya would be more nihilistic than many other characters (also making a great connection to Stirner if that were to come up (it will)). She can be fiery, she can be passionate, but she does so because she sees it as a necessity rather than a moralist cause. That would be but one of the points where we see a point of contrast between Alunya and Rodina: Rodina takes a more moralistic approach to her cause. This moralism might lend itself to rather extreme conclusions that betray her outward appearance. Alunya might often sell herself as a cold pragmatist, but that facade falls away when Rodina says something that one might expect from a tankie and Alunya has to step in to offer kind opposition to rectify the matter. This sort of situation helps to develop the complexity in the portrayal of the characters, as well as being comedic.

One of the primary reasons that I suggested Alunya as being anarchist (aside from the association a lot of people make of her) is that, compared to Marxism and other philosophies, anarchism doesn't have nearly as many figures who are easily recognizable visually. Think about it for a moment: we'd all know Marx and Engels (the latter is sometimes mistaken). We'd know people like Stirner and Nietzsche (the former has already been prepared for us in cartoonish form, the later has his great handlebar mustache). We'd all know the Trio of Bolsheviks. We'd know some of the later guys like Zizek (looks like a greasy bum), Sartre (had his weird eye thing), or any number of other people. Who among the anarchists is really visually recognizable? Bakunin maybe, though you'd really have to exaggerate his fat-cheeked look. Makhno would be almost unrecognizable if he was not dressed like this. People would be insulted if you made Chomsky the representative of anarchism (I would be insulted). Most other people either have very few pictures of them in common circulation (Durruti, Petrichenko) or just look like more big old bearded guys with glasses (Proudhon, Rocker, Kropotkin, etc). Alunya would, in this context, act as a standin for theorists who would otherwise go largely unrecognized visually, even if they were shown on a semi-frequent basis. Just was my line of thought: not asserting that my way was best or anything. I'm also not going to claim I have a full solution to this problem right now, but I will also add that I do have fears that two entirely neutral leftists characters might somewhat bore an audience once topics are brought up that go beyond the utmost superficial.

Considering the community (not the original artist) took to naming her after revolutionary Catalonia, I'm FAIRLY certain you're not alone in that internalization.

What is this? A picture for antarchists?

Remember that things I said about being biased? We have to give each ideology its fair shot, regardless of how much you may dislike it.

More like indoctrination. Again, the point is trying to find a place between imperialist propaganda and full-fledged dogmatism. Rodina represents that dogmatism, and Alunya should be the one to snap her out of it.

Says the poll we made ages ago.

Rodina was created on the basis of being 12-years-old for reasons not even worth going into. It was decided she'd be 12 before it was even decided she would be a pioneer.

/ref/ actually created a new mascot by the name of Tania Banderas, who is a Latin American guerrilla fighter based on Che Guevara. I'll see if I can find the pictures of her.

I see what you're saying. It's like a Hoxha situation. He has literally no features that make him stand out. But on the other hand, we don't want to use the Holla Forums mascot as a representative of anarchism, because it's not a completely anarchist board in all fairness.

There's always other characters we could use. Alunya should be the one who always speaks the objective truth in a world of sectarianism.

To be fair, it's just a pretty great pun. Especially when you remove the "cat" part entirely and you leave it for people to figure out themselves.

I'm just going to warn you guys, but "objective characters" suck all the dicks.
Essentially, what you're doing is creating "CNN: The Cartoon Character" who just shrugs everything off and goes "well, one side says this, and the other side says this and I guess we'll never ever know who's right :^)" and believe me, much like people abhor CNN with a passion, they will fucking hate Alunya if this is the way we choose to write her. It is much better than we make a new character(s) that can represent the ML-side of things, one that is sympathetic and charming in his/or her own right.

I am doing this myself by making a Lenin/Stalin parable who also serves as Alunya's romantic interest.

It might skew out board-chan in a certain direction, but I guarentee you, it will suck a lot less than if we just make her an "enlightened neutral".

It's more like: "They're right about x, but on the other hand y is just propaganda." That's just what non-sectarianism as an ideology is. That doesn't mean she can't have opinions. Hell, of anything she can be representative of the general opinions of the left. I imagine she looks up to both Marx and Bakunin and thinks that both Lenin and Makhno were heroes, while at the same time being highly critical of Stalin and just laughing at Hoxha and Ayncraps. The more popular a figure is in Marxist circles, the more highly she looks up to them, and the same goes with the popularity of anarchist figures in anarchist circles. You know that "socialism has never worked" image that includes Marxists, anarchists, and grey areas? Those people could be her heroes, for example.

And so she'll come off as a life-stylist.
Look, all I am saying is that while that might be the best thing for ideological representation, there is simply no way to write a character like that in a compelling way.

Now, you may have a go at it, if you want to, but I am warning you that in 99 direction out of a hundred stories you can write with a character like that, she's going to be completely unappealing.

I do see what you're saying, and I think you're right to a certain extent, but the whole idea behind Alunya is that she represents Holla Forums as a whole, not the anarchists. If anything, her opinions should be the embodiment of Holla Forums's. And yes, I know Holla Forums isn't one person, but there are certain things that resound true with most of the board, such as an anti-idpol stance. There needs to be some way we can work around this. If the main character of the story is portrayed as an anarchist, how can we claim to be unbiased?

Now this is autism. I just want cute pictures of the anarchist catgirl, not shitty fanfics.


Easy. A main character does not have to be right all the time. Indeed, it is better with the main character fails a lot, lest it becomes a Mary Sue character.

Your mentality behind this is the same as the one behind CNN, and it makes CNN boring and unappealing.

Well, I wholeheartedly disagree. But at the end of the day, you're the writer here. If you think the board should be represented by an anarchist, I guess there's not much I can do. But if anything she should be Marxist, then. The newest polls show that Holla Forums has a slightly higher percentage of Marxists.

Make your own then comrade

Sure. The polls where everything from juche-supporters to council communists are lumped in together against a group that also has marxian leanings, showed a 10-point difference between full-on black-flag anarchists and the much more vague term "marxists".

The fact that this lead was not, say, a 25-point lead really shows the ideological merits of Holla Forums and how much the statist factions have to inflate themselves to even compete.
In all other polls, vanguardism and democratic centralism has polled at about 20-25 percent.

Any way you cut it anarchism is the plurality if not the majority, which it also often ends up being.
Then again, this is not a popularity contest. In the end, we have to do what makes sense from a narrative standpoint.

Which was a retarded poll, because it spoke nothing of actual policy preferences and instead made the false dichotomy of "if you like Marx, you can't also hold a libertarian/anarchist stance: you must be authoritarian/statist." Recent polls that look instead at policy preference clearly show a libertarian preference. MLs still trying to establish for themselves a monopoly on Marxism based only on their own interpretation remains intellectually disgusting.

I just get the feeling that this is going to backfire on us. People will just disregard it as anarchist propaganda without even giving it a chance.

Again, I'm not the one actually doing anything. Go ahead as you please. I'm just afraid of this blowing up in our faces.

Oh baby, please do.

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Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but this is for you, Holla Forums.

So, double pol

Holy shit, did you sing this, user? Awesome OC


Jesus christ comrade, this is some of the greatest OC ive seen in awhile

10/10 deserves its own thread

I don't know how you got "leader, Hitler" out of "liberator". Even trying to listen for it I can't hear it.

Holy shit, I love you guys. This is fantastic.

Absolutely glorious.


top kek

Rodina is a very kind, optimistic, and moderately autistic person. Good at math (especially discrete math), but also prone to making mathematical models and trusting them without checking how they correspond to reality. She fully believes in the feasibility of central planning. Rarely considers there are discrepancies between what people say and what they think and what they do. Gets upset about sarcasm and dark jokes. While she doesn't consider herself religious, she does have superstitions relating to numbers which are absurd to everybody but her (she somehow believes the silent majority is with her on that stuff).

Alunya and Rodina talk about some bullshit column by a rich speculator.

Alunya: Look at this asshole. Says he worked hard for his money. Got 47 million dollars in his bank account. Like you can get that by your own work. *slams hands on table*
Rodina: Of course he has 47 hairs on his head! *slams hands on table as well*
Alunya: …



That, that actually brought a tear to my eye.

Thank you.

Be proud, that was excellent.

Literally only a third. If you mean to include countries sympathetic to the Soviets, it's purposefully about half (8/15).

actually it's 9/15 leaving 6 to kurds, zapats, maknos (anarchists), yugos*2 (market 'socialists') and khmer

the relevance of soviets in this is above all


Are you seriously trying to claim that the Spanish Republicans (especially the anarchists pictured in the video) were under Soviet influence?



excuse me, are you retarded?

The ones *pictured* are anarchists, you illiterate nigger. You know, the ones riding cars saying "FAI"? The Iberian Anarchist Federation? I don't see PCE, POUM, etc. written anywhere, do you?

I just wonder how Stirner would react if he was told that in the future he was going to be paired up with Anime Anarchist Catgirls on an Anime imageboard

quick question: is Stirner actually worth reading?

He'd probably ask you what anime, catgirls, and imageboards are, as well as how Alunya is an anarchist.



shit boy, what youtube channel is this guy? I can't remember for the life of me.

Xexizy: resident cuteboy of Holla Forums

Dankon :)

So I wrote up an initial draft for your first suggestion for a comic addressing why we're called the left. Its rough and probably a bit too wordy, but I'll admit that I have almost no experience writing in comic form.

Panel 1
(Initial setting and character actions are entirely arbitrary; draw whatever strikes your fancy)
Mr. Block: If your politics were so great, don’t you reckon it’d be called the “right?”
Mr. Block: How can you be right if ya ain’t right?
Alunya: Right to whom? Right OF whom?
Panel 2
(Mr. Block would probably look a mixture of irate and curious. Alunya's expressions should be whatever looks to fit the scene)
Mr. Block: What’s that supposed to mean? Right for me? Right for the people? Right of liberty?
Alunya: History would say otherwise.
Alunya: What is “left” and “right” goes back to a time just over 200 years ago.
Panel 3
(Scene cuts away to either some representation of the Estates General or a representational standin for the political climate of the time.)
Alunya (as narrator): On the precipice of the French Revolution, the King attempted in vain to appease public unrest by organizing the revived Estates General after over 150 years of dormancy.
Alunya (as narrator): The Estates General was a quasi-democratic assembly consisting of three estates: the ecclesiastical first estate, the noble second estate, and the third estate of the commons.
Panel 4
(Fair bit of flexibility in how you represent these guys, though I'd recommend design that is a "reflection of the hearts within." In an image I was initially preparing for a proposed layout, I had an entire stand filled with copy-pasted wigged porkies)
Alunya (as narrator): Those who sat on the right of the king represented the strengthening of the decadent monarchy, the supremacy of a morally bankrupt Church, and furthering the interests of corrupt nobility.
Panel 5
(Same as above, but in the opposite direction in terms of intent. Can be a low-detail crowd, but perhaps shoot for at least one unique feature per person)
Alunya (as narrator): Those who sat on the left of the king represented opposition to the monarchy. They were mainly members of the third estate, representing the interests of the commoners and workers.
Panel 6
(Some sort of inspirational image. Might be funny to have it be an idealized Mr. Block in period clothing that cuts away in the next panel to his unrefined, modern, lupenprole self)
Alunya (as narrator): Workers like you in fact. Common people looking to establish a society founded on principles of the very liberty you hold dear.
Panel 7
(Cut back to initial setting)
Alunya: Times and the methods have changed, but the sentiments and goals between the right and the left existed long before the Estates general, and they will persist long after.
Alunya: There will always be conflict between the elite and the common man; master and slave.
Panel 8
(I'd imagine Mr. Block would be looking as though in a dreamy state. Alunya would probably looks smug)
Mr. Block: I don’t know, slavery don’t sound too bad if I get to keep a fridge of beer, a good sittin’ chair, and a job.
Mr. Block: Besides, I’m fixin’ to get rich one of these days and live like those fancy European kings. You’ll see.
Alunya: I guess a right-angled head doesn’t mean a sharp mind.

Take what you want, change what you want, give criticisms on what you will. It's a bit dry, but basic historical elaborations like this are hard to liven up textually. I'm not here to overdirect, and I know that my suggestions would put a lot of artistic work on your plate.
Got bored today and thought I would finally get around to writing something. Might as well have some people give their thoughts before I get busy again and forget I wrote anything to begin with.

This is pretty great

The only thing I can think of changing is the bit that Mr. Block says about slavery at the end. Change it to him saying that masters and slaves don't exist any more and that everybody has OPPORTUNITY™ in today's society.

This is pretty great.

I honestly think it's exactly how he'd want to be remembered.

That's actually a good point. While mildly humorous in its absurdity, I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who is ACTUALLY a proponent of slavery when it is called out. Maybe then something like:

Mr. Block: That's silly; good ol' Lincoln freed the slaves back some 100 odd years ago.
Mr. Block: This here's a land of OPPORTUNITY™now, and I’m fixin’ to get rich and live like those fancy European kings one of these days. You’ll see.

Also, after some thought, Alunya's expression in the last panel could either be smug or appear exhausted/disappointed. I think either would work.

Yeah, that sounds like something that Mr. Block would say in the old IWW comics.

I recognize Alunya and porky. The Medusa-look alike is a reference to lolbertarians and anarckiddies but I don't know her name. Who are the christian chick and the little girl?

Christ-chan, from /christian/, and Rodina, from GETchan.

And what's a christian board character doing here?

You've gotta have villains.

It was requested in order to set aside a cast of characters that could act as ideological opposition. Can't have it just be porky every time: that's going to get old.

She's here to be violated. Her beliefs, you perverts.

This. Porky is like the Joker: he's the main threat for Batman, but not the only one.

Which is funny, since there are unironical Christian Commies flag bearers in here

Is this a reference to Dead Dead Demon Dededededestruction?

quick layout sketch

awesome pawsome!





Small correction:

It wasn't the Estates General.
It was the Legislative Assembly.

Other than that, all of it is accurate.

As for the art?
10/10 would discuss politics with Catgirl and Blockhead again.

I'm wrong, soz.


God damn, this was even better than I could have expected. Keep up the good work comrade; you working at quite the feverish pace.
I'll make sure to prepare some additional material so you don't have to wait around like last time for contributions to come through.

We need to bring back posadist memes: they're too dank to allow to become stale.

That stirner vaporwave is fucking saved

make text more readable
type it if you have to

It's a planning sketch user so the actual finished one will look better

Very nice. Alunya's expression in the last panel is perfect.

Market socialism is capitalism

Would it be okay to ask for the original of this? Thanks.


I kinda meant the other one. Thanks for the laugh though.


Market socialism is market socialism, it does not have the capitalist mode of production. And regardless, I think it's the only viable way forward for western economies.


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You need to be forced to read Capital at gunpoint.

Hey, I get that markets are anti-social and will still cause exploitation and alienation, but at this point its impossible to just jump into full communism in developed countries. Market socialism is the only viable political position for true socialists in the west, but I concede it is ultimately a transitory phase.

What exactly are you trying to do?

You should be forced to have a reality check at gun point and realize that market socialism is the only way to communism you dumb fucking leftcom

There's one thing advocating to transition to communism based on market exchange between public enterprises and/or co-ops, but calling a system that is still based on commodity exchange socialist, is pretty dishonest (at least if you're a marxist).

As for my position, I think commodity production needs to be eliminated as fast as possible to prevent conditions suitable for political reaction from arising. Just take a look at the NEP period of the soviet union to see what I mean.

Capitalism arises from commodity production you fucking tankie dolt. If people like you have your way the revolution will be dead before it begins.

Capitalism AROSE from commodity production, sure. I'm not saying you're wrong, but could you explain how commodity production NECESSARILY leads to capitalism?

Shit, you might actually have been right about this at least partially. It wasn't the Estates General after all: it was the National Assembly / National Constituent Assembly. From my understanding, it was essentially just former members of the Estates General, but reorganized with more proportional power based on the number of delegates rather than voting as a whole estate. Once the Legislative Assembly came into the picture, the hardcore aristocratic monarchists were basically out of the picture, only really leaving the constitutional monarchists and the republicans.

I mean, it doesn't really change much for the comic's sake. The only thing that would need to be really changed is making clear that the Estates-General failed, and that its members (by choice or by necessity) reconstituted under the National Assembly. That is when the divide was established in the left-right dichotomy: an opposition force to revolutionary change in the conditions of the commoners out of a system that was still nearly feudal in nature.

No, it's still correct to say that the Estates-General was the first place where this left-right idea came from. Left and Right from the king's perspective.

The argument from Richard Wolff's side, at least, would be that commodity production and markets are separate from the fundamental class process which defines capitalism: the appropriation of surplus value by the industrial capitalist. But this isn't really the space for this debate; there's already a thread up for it >>630368

I have a draft script for another comic, if any drawfags are interested/bored.

[Scene: Rodina and user are walking, doesn't matter where, having a conversation. Unless otherwise indicated Rodina should be looking serious; this stuff is important to her. user can be any gender or age, up to the artist.]
Panel 1
[Both walking]
user [argumentative, gesturing with an index finger]: All I'm saying is that you shouldn't buy at big chain stores. You should support co-ops, thrift shops, even small business over those.
Panel 2
[Both stop]
RODINA [fists on hips]: There is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism.
user [agitated]: Of course there is: it's about refusing to give Porky your money!
[Could show Porky's head popping up in the background, grinning.]
Panel 3
RODINA: Small businesses are merely petit bourgeoisie. So are thrift shops, and even co-ops aren't free from engaging in exploitative social relations.
Panel 4
user [skeptical, arms crossed]: You're being pedantic.
RODINA: Not at all. Where and what you buy doesn't change anything by itself.
Panel 5
user [expressive, throwing up hands]: What about stores that have SLAVERY in their supply chains?!
RODINA: So long as there is capitalism there will be slavery. Again, it's not about your consumption.
user [curious, frowning, thumb and index finger on chin]: Then what is it about?
Panel 6
RODINA [listing them on her fingers]: Wage labor, commodity production, market exchange, the appropriation of surplus value – all in all, an anti-democratic society.
Panel 7
STIRNER [cupping his mouth, shouting in the background with Alunya, looking smug]: Democracy is a SPOOK!
[Rodina looks startled, user confused]
Panel 8
RODINA [turning to yell at him]: SHUT UP!
[The two scamper off, looking pleased.]
Panel 9
user: What did he mean by that?
RODINA [rolling her eyes]: It means he doesn't like democracy. Or any "higher beings" that aren't himself.
Panel 10
user: Uh…
RODINA: Don't worry about that. The point is you don't need to worry about your consumption habits. Instead, do something of substance: join the fight against capitalism!

I've never written any kind of script before, so feel free to modify it if necessary. I think the fact that Rodina is calm and firm in her argument should subtly, perhaps demonstrate that arguing from emotion is a liberal tactic. I left Rodina's gesturing up to the artist, I mainly wanted to make sure user was being a bit over the top. Mr. Block could possibly replace user, with some small modifications, so that way it could be Rodina defending herself from a total classcuck out to score some cheap points, but I don't see why we can't have throwaway characters if the cast is represented enough. Mr. Block just didn't strike me as a liberal tbh.

Dammit hotwheels.

just at a quick glance- 10 panels is a lot for one page, assuming we're doing regular pages and not bizarre webcomic formats. see if you can maybe divide that into two five-panel pages or something.

Sure. Rather than dump another version in here I'll use a pastebin.

You could simply break up the comic right in the middle, as that's the point user starts being receptive to Rodina's argument. So page 1 = panels 1-5, page 2 = panels 6-10. I also noticed that Panel 5 is a bit full so I moved its last line (Then what is it about?) to Panel 6. It's otherwise unchanged.

Like I said, chop it up/rearrange as necessary. I likely have no clue.

So I found this article this morning and thought it might provide some source for OC.



TIL: Edmund Burke, the father of philosophical conservatism was an irishman.

Can't believe I didn't realize those fucking druids invented MUH TRADISHUN

Does any one have, or is working on, some new Stirner OC?


Not really, dude just wanted to chill and drink water in his garden with his bros, living the good life.

Fun fact, the phrase Carpe Diem comes from a poem about a guy trying to convince this hoe to have sex with thim


quick doodle to take my mind off other drawings

qt af


I read this on the train and laughed so hard I'm sure everyone else thought I was a madman.



I want to do incredibly lewd things to that cat.


ftfy fam

Hey fam. I've had this idea of OC for a while that basically goes like this.

Its theme is similar to Soviet-style propaganda perhaps.
On the top, it says "Capitalism is for rich white men", and has a picture of Porky or some representation of the Bourgeoisie, and perhaps pictures of poor exploited white workers alongside it, underneath there are some statistics about white poverty, e.g. "The Majority of welfare recipients in the U.S. are White People", "The Majority of Homeless are White Men", etc.

Then underneath it, it says "Socialism is for ALL White Men", then a picture of proud working class white men, and maybe some of the accomplishments of the Labour movement in the U.S. and how they benefit white people.

Than underneath that, it says "Socialism is for EVERYONE", and has a picture of working class people of all backgrounds and such, and beautiful Socialist Imagery (Red Stars, Hammer and Sickle, etc.)

I don't have photoshop tho.

Try GIMP, Krita and Inkscape.

we need to go deeper



Hey, you're on Fedbook, right? Join the Holla Forums maymay page. Send a PM and I'll get you on board.

Do you mean De-Classcucking memes for commie proles?

how is it coming along comrade?

Just started a twitter feed for all of my unchecked leftie anger:

pretty good, but a glitch here :P
the fingers

Can someon make a flag with the letters "MNSNP" please?
Don't care about the colors while there is red, white and black.

Keep it up!

me ironic OC

Since you asked so nicely.

I didn't really know how to arrange it, so I just went with what I thought was appropriate. I made sure the "S" was in the middle so it encapsulated both the red and the black.

If you want something different, just ask.


Thanks a lot, that will do it!!

Holla Forums how will your movement ever succeed when nobody understands what the fuck you are trying to say

Political movements aren't built off of the backs of third graders, fortunately.

Nice work m8

sorry user, got a bunch of other drawings I'm trying to clear first so I can finish this (and do the other page with rodina)

well I'm eagerly awaiting delivery my drawfriend

post "thanks for the rope porky" in this thread and communist revolution will come soon

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Real, is in fact, Real/Ideology, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Reality plus Ideology. Reality is not an ontological doctrine unto itself, but rather another free component within the ontological fabric, knitted by the hegemonic systems of representation and reproduction, comprising a full ontological doctrine as defined by Plato.
Many people run a modified version of the Ideological system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of Ideology which is widely used today is often called “Real”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically an Ideological system, developed by the ruling class. There really is a Real, and these people exist within it, but it is just a part of the system they experience.
Reality is the state of things as they actually exist. The truth is an essential part of an ontological doctrine, but useless by itself; it can only be experienced in the context of a complete Symbolic Interpretation. Reality is normally used in combination with false consciousness: the whole system is basically Real with Ideology added, or Real/Ideology. All the so-called “ideological conceptions' are really distributions of Real/Ideology




holy shit i made this for /lit/ years ago

someone give me Holla Forums gold

Great stuff everyone


I'm triggered right now

thanks for the rope porky

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

You literally topple the people's government and infrastructure so the US can take their oil.


I'm doing this ok?


More than ok, this is perfect!

Man, fuck right off with that.

You can do what you just said, and illustrate the hypocrisy and corruption of the U.S, or you can side with the actual Chinese communists/ Marxist guerillas and bring communism.

Either way, it's a leftist video game.

Have some shitty OC I made while teaching myself some basic photoshop.


Here you go, finished just a few minutes ago

Thanks for showing me a side of politics I would otherwise probably never known about

What a nice UFO you got there, comrade!
Posadas would be proud!

Amazing work Comrade! Glad you joined the left!

Thanks comrad, although I always found they look more like hats
All that empty space was bugging me and a few other fixes

Do you have them in png?

Pretty good but what the heck is that black rose tattoo?

The amount of talent on this board never ceases to amaze me.

Keep it up comrades

According to wiki. I wanted something a bit more subtle than a standard A or black flag. I discovered there was an actual "Black Rose Anarchist Federation", so there's that too.

just this updated one
thought the difference in filesize was going to be way bigger

It's pretty sexy to be honest

Does anyone have the one of Stirner dressed as Holden Caulfield? I can't seem to find it.

It's on leftybooru, fam

More photoshop training and dank OC.

You can make more caption memes from official Karl Marx manga:[Manga]_Karl_Marx_-_Capital_(Das_Kapital)_Vol._IampII_(Engli

Fresh meme.



Daddy makes them fresh.

Because of my Autism, I made one with the glasses coloured in.

Stirner had blonde hair

Black's more aesthetic tbh

made this a while back

A Juso (young socdem) told me literally this, when I asked him how can he still be a socdem and what is so leftist about them.

That's Rudolf Steiner, you fucking moron. There are no photos of Stirner.


Will share soma bla bla I recently had to hear from some kurrd.(His family is completly PKK and he doesn like that) He literally wears a fedora and describes himlef as leftist-liberal. Im not even making this up.

He is anything but dumb, Smart people with retardet opinons are wors than retards with retardet opinions.

I can't get over the fact, that your Stirner guy looks very much like Russian poet Alexandr Pushkin.


100000 hours in paint

Great content user, perfect idea.

Doodled this an hour ago or so. I'm not that good of an illustrator and usually keep my sketching to rudimentary concept art for personal projects, but since it was witting there I thought I might as well share it.

I was loving it until Sartre

That's not Sartre though, that's Adorno.


I like it.


Yeah, he does kind of have a slight eye thing going on IRL.

I love you

I've set my cause on nothing

It's shitty

Ich hab' Mein Sach' auf Nichts gestellt

I can haz moar Alunya?

No, because you write like an underage meme-loving fuck

Some sketches I doodled a few nights ago.

Disregard the first guy, he was a great writer but also a Vietnam War-supporting faggot.

i hate my fellow germans

good work user

i demand more

I made this. I was thinking about adding a "borjgali", which is the representation of the sun and a georgian emblem, but those damn nazis use it here.

I made this akrep bbq glitch gif.

I feel like Holden would have been much happier if he was less spooked.

Georgian has such beautiful scripts






Holla Forums as in left wing?

What a joke!

Here you are making another anime fuckdoll…
This isn't progressive, it's ==MISOGYNY==

there's like a ton more SFW alunya stuff than NSFW
unless just being a catgirl makes you a fuckdoll in which case stop being sexist and speciesist you sinner

lol, gimme a break. pin-ups are not inherently woman hater.

this one's for you, weirdly obliviously sexist user.


Thanks, comrade.
Unfortunately, the whole country is ran over by ultra-conservatives and literally nazi sympathizers (check Georgische Legion)
They even have the audacity (or shamelessness?) to retrieve under their banner the founding fathers of the modern Georgian nation whom where socialits/internationalists/anarchists.




Requesting Alunya purring happily as she cleans her Mosin

tbh fam thats how we reproduce

Nazi stands for "foolish person" or "foolish people"

I made something for accelerationists

Have a Stirner-coon making food his property.


inspired me to try making vaporshit for the first time

Surely it's derived from the same root as the French "Allemagne" and the Spanish "Alemania", given that it refers to Jews in Medieval Germany?


holy shit


Nice, how did you make these horizontal TV style lines?

I wonder what Debord would have wrote about OC and internet culture in general. Too bad he killed himself.

take a picture of scanlines, set the layer filter to overlay, and lower the opacity

I won't download your cheese pizza user.

annyone got any webm requests?

What did Christ-Chan ever do to us anyway? Hasn't /christian/ been subverted already?

So how do you guys feel about ponies?

They still aren't accepting of the fact that Jesus was a $$kike$$ pinko


Patience, anons.
I'm working on them.

Can we get some backup in /a/? The Holla Forumsyps used to be banned on sight by the meido, but lately they have relaxed their stance. Of course idpol took this as a sign they can do what they want and they are swarming in. Most of /a/ is pretty non-confrontational so I am fighting a one man war to keep the board sane. Any one who can help would be greatly appreciated since /a/ is one of the boards that has been very friendly to us in the past.

It would be better if you linked a thread or something.

ok.. Will try, though I don't watch current animu that much.

It's just a general diffused sort of idpol presence. The meido relaxed the rules because of an upcoming anime that is basically about Nazi Loli Jesus purging the world of communists and Jews and they have been using that to push the envelop to the point where threads are filled with spooks. Case in point they managed to derail the cute girl masturbation thread into a witch hunt for homosexuals.

I'm so temtped to go fullZizek on them right now…

You would just be talking over their heads. I enjoy anime and manga, but I am well aware that it is simplistic wish fulfillment for the most part. The average user of /a/ is not intelligent enough to follow a decent conversation. So if you have to show them what is what you need to talk down to their level.


And it looks like idpol's paranoia and constantly monitoring this board managed to conflate reasonable discussion and keeping /a/ free from their BS with a full blown raid.

Eat shit commies.

Japan is Not Socialist country.

You both eat shit

I just want to watch anime and not get infected by fascists or commies.

Japan and especially animal and mango culture was always fascist and pro-White. Search in your heart. You know it to be true.

Stay out of /a/.
I'm talking to you too, Holla Forums.

I'll keep my ideological dong out of the board's pudding if Holla Forums does, and that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. If political discourse is inevitable, I'll be damned if I allow the stormfags to monopolize it on my home board.

Up the revolution fellow comrades!!!!!

It's not, politics will never have a place on /a/.

I really didn't think things had gotten that bad on /a/. I mean between the abuse thread and the warning thread the places is filled with NEETSocs. This is pretty troubling. /a/ has always existed as a leftist board and in a lot of ways it was a colony of ours. Every so often a Holla Forumsedditor would wander in, but the meido would smack them in the ass and tell them to never come back. We may lose /a/ if we don't do something.

I don't even know where to start with you.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Anime is 2D you fucking dense political faggots

Fixed that for you..

Fuck off commies we dont want your shit on /a/.

And then, everything was fine, in /a/.

Forgot my epiloge.

Stanislav Petrov would feel proud

I appreciate all your help. Thank you for helping save my homeboard from Holla Forums

I remember when we made /am/ revolutionary.

Pitty we let the revolution die along with the board.



btw did you see tht thread where they were claiming that Solomon was white because the bible called him fair? top kek.

Yeah, but I'm working on them no worries.
Even got a video on christian socialism coming up.
/christian/ will bow to Marx's glory.

Back to meming comrades.

someone make an edit with stalin and trotsky

This is how Cluss-Cuckery works.

Fresh from the meme oven.


You're doing God's work, comrade.

Made this.
By the way, stocking is a qt, but is the anime/manga worth watching/reading?

I made one but Hotwheels ate it. I'll try to reupload later.
Or maybe it will magically appear if I post.

Every time. Fix your website bucko.


So fellow writefags and drawfags, do you make any progress? Also fresh OC.



Thanks for the dank OC mutualistfriend

not a stalinist but this can be used when Holla Forums tier fags use the "muh 100 million ppl" argument and then deny hitler's 6 million

also my autistic ass have fascination with making my own flags.

Cool anarcho transhumanism aesthetic coming at ya!

Indeed! I have not yet left my work.

However, I found out that completing the planning phase would probably be a good idea. Also, I am going to make the whole thing a lot less cartoony.

I think I'll release the whole thing as a novel once it's done. I like what I have so, but it's going to be a lot of work.

cute Alunya tho

I remember when futabachan made shit like this as a joke
Funny to see people actually take them seriously

droppin fresh pepe stock

I want to try drawing some Alunya and Stirner but I don't have a drawpad. Should I just draw on a piece of paper and then scan it, or is drawing with the mouse humanly possible?

It's possible, but you're going to have a hell of a time.


fukken saved
Can you post the lyrics?

Holla Forums, we revere you, our dear motherland,
Bravely built through the struggle by the people's hand.
With the strength of our great Holla Forums liberator,
We will answer to despotic tyrants no more!
And fulfill the wonderful dream that we all strive for!

With power and liberty,
We're masters of our future.
Long live our bright new Holla Forums,
May you thrive and grow forevermore!
Long live our bright new Holla Forums,
May you thrive and grow forever!

Thanks, comr8.
What is the music? It sounds a little like the Soviet national anthem.

Requesting Stirner drawn in the style of Jojo.

kek, saved. These are great.

le vanguard of le working class amirite? XDD

r/FULLCOMMUNISM is not welcome here.

If you can't make fun of Holla Forums then you've probably not been here very long tbh

>I'm not the redditor, you are. :^)
You'll have to do better than that if you want sweet upboats.

Kek, I was expecting this.

At least your fair.

Man these are really damn good, you have a pixv or something?

I approve.

You know who has good op on this?

This. We have always riffed ourselves. It's a part of the culture.

This is perfect, holy fuck my sides.


Cute as fuck fam, what fonts did you used?

Anime Ace 2.0.


Wait. Is this hand-drawn?

Now let's make this reality.

If you like raunchy comedy, interesting art direction for an anime, and that isn't afraid of showing affection/parody to western cartoons, go ahead






I want Zizek to review it.

It's not an animu though.
It's a Cartoon, with parts and any episode of animu.

Animu and cartoon are art styles.


Was intending on replacing Dio with Alunya, but have neither the photoshop skill nor drawing skills to make it look decent.

I suppose this probably works better, considering both Stalin and Porky mastered worker exploitation in their own right.


fucking kek, Holla Forums is the biggest sectarian scumpit of the internet. Come on now, you can't deny this.

this pic sums up Holla Forums best.

kill yourself

what triggered you?
and did you mean to do
this you fucking newfag?

Holla Forums being against idpol does not make it any less of a sectarian shithole, it is certainly progressive because of it, but it is still a shithole.

No you autistic fuck I didn't mean to do that and why would I? The message is still expressed, and if not more clearly

pick one

you'd have to be pretty stupid to say the only division here is identity, when anarchists refuse to work with marxists over petty ideological disputes, and many marxist elements would rather have capitalism than other marxist elements. That is sectarian as fuck, wanting capitalism over socialism, no matter how bad it is. The worst socialism is better than the best capitalism, just look at how even the run down soviet union under Gorbachov and his reforms is better than the russian federation after it and even the russian federation today, yet many 'communists' here would rather have a bourgeois russian bloc in the east than a degenerate socialist state, which is still however a socialist state.

I have literally never seen any of that

stop shitposting and go read a book


I have seen it quite a lot of times, like trots claiming that the nazi occupation of europe was prefferable to the soviet, because it would spark a revolution in europe. I have also seen people completely denouncing the legacy of the october revolution and everything it wrought up to 1991, because it was 'not true socialism', and I am surprised you have not seen this.





I don't know. Assuming both numbers are accurate, 6 million is a hell of a lot less compared to 100 million. I suppose you could give it a spin, but I don't know how. Anyway, you're on to something, but it needs work.

thanks for this rare gondola

You mean

A lot of non-Jews died in those camps.

so, realchats, who owns this character? Could i make comics with her?

Alunya? She is the belongs to nobody but herself

So go ahead and do whatever OC you like

Is any one ever going to finish that cartoon?

Everyone and no one.
That spooky thing called "Intellectual "property"" can't hurt you here.Especially when nobody "legally" owned it in the first place.
This a safe space.

yeeeahh! I had an idea of a political ideology catgirl high school. I did an Ayn Rand too.

Thats some amazing OC you got there comrade

Whats your Ayn rand look like?

You're free to do with her as you please. The whole point of Alunya is that you can do with her and the derivative works exactly what you want. Generally we don't believe in intellectual property.


thanks! :D


Amazing work Comrade!
some of the best art on this thread!

More great work there mate!

If your willing to take some constructive criticism it would be that you should take the blue/purple theme and change it to yellow/black to make it more in line with Ancap symbolism. At the moment it looks like they're Transhumanists

great work nonetheless

ah, cool, ty!

When historical necesity makes the creation of excellent art for the people possible!

the one on the right(if that's suppose to be Alunya) looks like a college feminist tbh

Read what the artist said, they're libertarians

is Alunya and Rodina?

Found this on /GET/. Enjoy, Rodina fans.

Too big to post both at once.



Ok realchats pt 2, I'm the faggot who drew these:

I wrote a little comic with Alunya, I just want to ask all of you before I draw it: is there any Alunya "lore" or "canon" I need to read for it to match what's already there? I just want u nerds to enjoy it basically.

Nah. There's been discussion of basic character traits scattered through this thread and the thread this sticky spawned from (, but nothing concrete. Use what you like and make the comic you want to make first and foremost, even if it deviates from preconceived notions. I think you'll find most people here will be appreciative of any OC you're willing to share.

Thanks comrade

you are all slaves to ideology

Who's cover is that?


Is there a problem, comrade?

This is hot!
Those are gross…

Pretty sure fucking a 10 year old can classify as exploitation of children….



the fat neckbeards im guessing.

"We can't convince christians" they said
"They're too narrow" they said

No one said that. They're just spooked faggots.

The three of them are supposed to represent /GET/, Holla Forums, and Bunkerchan, obviously.

YOU DAMN PERVS YOU… .. .. this is excellent

All you are doing is revealing how much of a woman hater you actually are and how you yourself see women.