ITT: Post IRL Vidya Locations

ITT: Post IRL Vidya Locations

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>>590693638This city is asking to get swept away. Are chinks that stupid?

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>>590693949It's kino

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>>590693949Don't worry, they have two giant boulders on both sides of the valley to stop water from overflowing.

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>>590693638Hoenn region... home.

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>>590694147The buildings look like shit but I like that there's tons of foliage.

checked out chernobyl in google earth recently. holy fuck the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. devs were PRECISE.

>>590694692Yes, kino

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>>590694154>apparently gets overrun by mosquitoesKek

>>590694843mitsubishi you god damn genius

>>590694895>it's reallmao

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>>590694895not surprising, just looking at that pic i can tell its humid as fuck

>>590693638that's just waiting for a mudslide to happen

>>590694843Looks like something out of Symphony of the Night

>>590695165Looks comfy


>>590694154Kek, I live next door to this

>>590693638I know what OP ment with that picture.Now post it.

>>590695358It is. Only problem is when you're a tourist and you need to use the bathroom. I ended up climbing some outside stairs on an apartment to the 4th or 5th floor, where it was dark and hopefully nobody was looking. Then I pissed into a pile of snow up there.

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>>590694147>>590693638This can't be real, I simply can't imagine such a place is stable enough for skyscrapers, nor the surrounding mountainsides not prone to landslides.

>>590695165This looks like a shithole.

>>590695165Is this Norilsk?

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>>590696580Didn't lovecraft write a story like this

>>590695939Funny you should say that because it doesn't exist anymore. It was largely destroyed by a flood a few years back.

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>>590693638replace the tiktok logo with liveleak and youll have my interest

>>590694843Was this place used in the movie The Haunting?

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>>590696726Why'd dogbro do it, lads?

>>590694147Where was this?

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>>590696978he had a ruff life


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>>590695936Can we make the jokes about that now?

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>>590694692>>590694732its called solar punk,thats what real solar punk is, not some ecoshit tumblr shit. its this very aesthetic

>>590697278Chulak has changed a lot since the jaffa became free.

>>590694843resident evil puzzle location

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>>590694589Reminds me of this one I took. Maquoketa caves in Iowa

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>>590693638Looks comfy af

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>>590694843Straight out of a graphical adventure like Syberia

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>>590696978What makes you think he did anything?

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>>590696672This seem to funny to be real,any article on it?Or the name,work too

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>>590697392I can already hear the "oooooooooo" in the ost

>>590697996Alps or somewhere in asia?

>>590697957this has to be tinted pic, no way that running water would be that green

guess the game.

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>>590698116Nah that's in Ohio


>>590698116That's downtown St. Loius.

>>590698142Arma 3

>>590698138I took it myself. It's not tinted, just the lighting because of all the algae on the rock walls reflecting off the surface of the water

>>590698142Your favorite game

>>590693638that's nice and all but what if landslide

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>>590698310If landslide, then dead Chinese

>>590698327God I love being white

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>>590698327>white people


>>590698434imagine all the poopoo

>>590698434Beautiful scene... for me to poop on!

>>590695358>>590695996Duality of man

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>>590698157I'd like to float there belly side up while it's raining

>>590697985>this place somehow becomes a battleground for yakuza every couple years


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>881 people used to live here, now it's a ghost town mate

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>>590698142Forza Horizon

>>590698607What city?

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>>590698756The roads look great.


My hometown.

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>>590696954>>590697797>>590694843I'm like 99% sure that's a miniature, still looks gorgeous though.

>>590698902Germany? Denmark?

not really one specific place but Howth in Ireland would be a perfect location for a small open world adventure>peninsula on the outskirts of Dublin>has neat harbor town with lighthouse>has a famous large castle with estate grounds>has an abandoned medieval abbey with hundreds of gravestones>beautiful trail around the whole peninsulaif you ever take a trip to Ireland make a day of going to Howth

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>>590698932Segovia, Spain.

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Akon city. Accept nothing less.

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>>590697980The city is Yanjin.


Wouldn't mind playing an assassins creed game set in here

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>>590697278Kairo is so fucking large it's boggling. Officially there's 20 mill living there but the unofficial estimate is closer to 35 mill with all the illegal immigrants and unregistered poor people.The pyramids are like 1 hour highway drive from the central and the entire way there it was just chock full of those ~10 story blocks, couldn't even see the horizon from panaroma points, just more blocks into infinity.

>>590696342Reminds me of Persona 1

>>590698142Euro Trucker


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>>590699039I'm not very smart sorry. I also don't know if pic related is based on a real location or not.

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>>590699226let me

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