Remember when Steam Machine flopped?

Remember when Steam Machine flopped?

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Yeah but the Steam Deck won't. Now you can proceed to cry about it.

>>590692446I remember people ripping the free beta test units apart for the 680 inside

>>590692484nobody mentioned the deck user

>>590692484>long history of failed hardware after failed hardware>"T-This time it will be different!"

>>590692538>>590692578I can't hear you over the sound of me having fun on my Deck.

>>590692578why do you care then

>>590692446Yes, I did.What do you reckon Valve's beef with Microsoft is really about?

>>590692639but I'm typing not speaking to you

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>>590692446The steam machines flopped because Valve never commercialized an official one, they were all extremely overpriced and more importantly Wine was a piece of shit back then. Valve were hoping for developers to start bringing native Linux games but obviously no one was going to bother with that. The deck situation is entirely different. Games run under the Deck whether the developers want to or not. It's really funny seeing Bungie threatning their own customers for playing on Linux

>>590692578what long history?Every single thing valve has done has evolved into something you use with steam all the time.> Steam Machines -> Big picture/SteamOS> Steam Controller -> Steam input system/Deck> Steam Link -> Steam link app on all devices that exist> Index -> SteamVR

>>590692791It's not just the steam machines that flopped. Maybe you're unaware of this, user, but Valve has launched multiple hardware products and EVERY ONE has failed. Even after practically giving some of them away still nobody cares.

>>590692883>EVERY ONE has failedFucking bullshit. The controllers and steam link were successful, as were the VR sets.

>>590692883I recently bought a used Steam Link and it's amazing, and I haven't even bothered to get Moonlight running on it so it could probably perform even better. I wish I got it when they sold for like $5

I still use my Alpha R2 cause I found it for 250 USD and I'm a poorfag.

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>>590692976>>590693009You guys may as well be telling me about how actually the Dreamcast was very successful. Nobody bought Valve's hardware. Nobody cares about. They failed.

>>590692883The controller didn't flop, they just "stole" a patent from another controller manufacturer and didn't want to pay license fees after they got fucked in court for itSo it wasn't the hardware's fault

>>590692883>but Valve has launched multiple hardware products and EVERY ONE has failedThe Vive and Index hav done well considering their niche.

>>590692639Are you sure it's not the obnoxious fans?

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>>590693130I don't care if it flopped I care if it's a good product, and it is.

>>590692852>using big picture mode and steam controller as positive examplesPlease kindly do yourself a favor and jump off a cliff

>>590693141So it flopped

>>590693121holy shit bro intel inside :OOOO

>>590692484sure thing pal

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>>590693121>intel insidelet my people go


>>590693525>reddit pictureOpinion discarded. Also the PSP and Vita were wildly successful and Game Gear had a cult following. And the Deck isn't catering to 3 year olds.

>>590693525All those other consoles made the classic mistake of not having Pokemon. Meanwhile the deck can play every Pokemon game ever made better then any any Nintendo console.

>>590693805>Vita>wildly successful

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>>590693525Steamdeck is a piracy console, Nintendo is finished.


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>>590694107>Steamdeck is a piracy console, Nintendo is finished.steamdeck failed before it launched. 200k units per quater, limited availability.

>>590692852Nobody uses any of that shit


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>>590693359>Forced to stop selling because of a patent troll>I-It flopped!

>>590694107>piracy consoleYeah we all know how well those sell. Hello Dreamcast!

>>590692446Valve fucked up by trying to make basically Android for consoles, but did not trick enough OEMs into making affordable Steam Machines

>>590693817Wrong. It can't play Legends Arceus. All the "Deck running Yuzu" stuff has been proven wrong many days ago.


>>590692446I hope they give it another try after steam deckin-house that is

can I mod skyrim on it. I would genuinely buy to play modded skyrim in my bed or on the bus.

>steam link was so successful that its purpose was expanded upon, and became a software solution. So the device itself became obsolete >steam controller was successful, most of its users are very happy with it, and it was discontinued only because of a patent issue>valve index is one of the most successful VR headset on PC, despite being one of the priciest Only the steam machine were a complete and total failure, and those were a half assed attempt by valve, who didn't even make them

>2021 global pc shipment is at 340mio>steamchuds literally believe 1/4 of all shipped PCs are going to be SteamdeckThey still haven't open preorded in my country.

>>590694236I use the shit out of my steam link and also steam vr.

I still have one I bought for 400 in 2015. I5 and the GTX 860 which I think was just a GTX 750 ti. Still runs ok, had to replace the CMOS battery which is a very common issue with these things, but only cost about 10 bucks off of amazon. If you replace the HDD with a cheapo/extra SSD it makes for a decent Plex/emulation machine for most things in the gamecube era at 720/1080p. >>590694550Probably not at 4k but yeah I played skyrim with a bunch of mods on it years ago. If you get the R2 version it's probably 10-15% better because it has a 960m inside of it.

>>590693805That's some high quality cope,user

>>590694107so the first guy who received steamdeck from gaben himself pirate the deck ?based.

>>590693805Anon, I have a Vita myself. Wildly successful are strong words for it. It became a cult classic and got tons of support from small devs after Sony dropped it, but I wouldn't call it wildly successful.I do like the steam deck a lot, just don't think it caters to the same people who would buy a switch or necessarily needs to. That said I'm waiting to buy one because I never buy hardware at release. I want to see what will the software support will look like in the years to come.

>>590695108>I played skyrim with a bunch of mods on itI kind of doubt years ago you played modded skyrim on a steam deck

>>590696332Sorry thought you meant the alienware alpha

>>590696332Not him but why wouldn't a machine with a 750ti equivalent be able to run a game from 2011? My craptastic laptop with a i5 2400m and a gtx650m managed to get 40-50 fps on Skyrim at release. Steam machine could definitely handle it with some mods as well.

>>590693525That is pretty much the most Reddit picture ever. PSP was designed to compete with the recently released GBA, Nintendo rushed the DS out the door when they got wind of the PSP. Same story with Vita, 3DS was not a thing when they were designing it.Steam Deck is designed to compete with Windows PCs, both stationary and laptop/UMPC. When did any designer at any time mention competing with Nintendo? It's a completely different demographic, Nintendo targets children and parents of children, Valve targets adults with spending money.

>>590696538Because it's linux and mod organizer might not work on it.

>>590696591You can still do it the old super-crappy way and just chuck the mods in the folder directly, I think you can instantiate a load order in the launcher directly. Also you can just install windows, like the other user did.

>>590693525>I MADE A MEME ON REDDIT SO STEAM DECK WILL 100% FAIL HAHAHAHAhow does it feel being 7yo on 4chan?

>>590694205>>i-i-it's a failure if Valve produces it in manageable numbers!

>>590692446Got my Machine + 3 controllers for a little less than 40 bucks. For that price i cant complain.

>>590694236Call me Nobody I guess, I use steam link every day, SteamVR every other day, and I still have my steam controller

>>590694442There's literally a video of someone doing that.

I really like my steam controller and wish they could make a new one to iron out its flaws

>>590692578>>590693525The cope

>>590692446Remember when steam machines came out and game developers were incentivized to port their games over to linux allowing many gamers and studios to move away from Microsoft monopoly and kickstarted linux gaming in a big way?Yeah i remember