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You can also leave messages without the comma if you're smart

Sneed,formerly chuck

>>590692170Found like 3 of theseBased zoomers

>long ass ladder>climb to top>there's a sign>"snake?snake!"I smirked like a dumbass

>dead corpse lying on the ground with legs spread apart>"offer projectile weapon"

>>590692216Spoonfeed me, I've been asking this in multiple threads and nobody knows how.

There's a few of these dudes going around who always leaves the same fucking message on the corpse on the right side of the every catacombs' final room >rump

>>590692845>he doesnt know how lol newfag

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what epic reddit messages do you leave bros just to farm likes to get healed during battles? Mine is>if only I had a giant butthole! on something like a pole but atm the most Im getting likes for is at the start of that swamp area saying something like>why is it always bog and why is it always poisonI think rn its gotten me 50 - 100 reddit upvotes

>>590692973I put a message at every turtle, donkey and butterfly and call them dogs

>>590692845You just enter the shit you want and then set the message back to simple mode and it does NOT stop you. Basic rules:If you enter a conjunction, it is never going away. You can't remove it from your message without deleting the message. Templates require a word to show up, words require a template to show up. Enter one, and it'll stay when you simplify your message. You still need the first template and word filled out, obviously

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>>590692887I am. I just got the game two days ago and sunk around 20 hours into it so far, most of it just fucking around and exploring. Beat Margoat with only parries but not Godrick yet. I saw a message in Stormveil that just said "Holy ****" at the upsidedown hanging giant and was wondering how you write messages with conjunction.

>>590692864>try finger but hole xD


>>590693038ah a classic farming reddit upboat method.

I smile whenever there's a message saying "dung" before a fog door

>>590692537>find capra demon>Elden RIng, seems familiar...genuine kekd


>>590693059>It fucking worksDamn, so that's all it was? I knew it had to be a glitch but I didn't know it was that simple. The preview removes the second part after you switch back so I got tricked this whole time. Thanks a million, user.

>play on Xbox>network is down for the first couple days>enjoying the game>network finally comes back>every single area is full of bloodstains or retarded ass reddit comments>put the game back in offline modeTruly the most immersive experience possible.

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>That big tree filled with hanging corpses at Albinauric Village>"Visions of stomach"heh.

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>>590693481>every wall has "secret passage ahead" or "try attacking"Peak originiality

The new counter-meta is to put "seek lover" "seek life" or "seek grass" in front of every fake wall message

>>590694001>everyYou have 10 messages per character

you don't have the right, O you don't have the right

>>590694068That one is reddit af

>>590694045really pissed me off when I realized that manlost some messages pointing to ambushes and items that had 500+ upboats

>>590694068>somehow has over 9000 upboatsliteral how

>>590694068what does that even reference

I just noticed that you only get 1/3rd Souls for killing bosses as a Phantom instead of the usual half. What gives? Co-op too fun so they had to lower the rewards?

they're all funny the first time, you can't deny this no matter how much you cry reddit now at those very same things you laughed at initially

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>>590694184You get a lot less souls thrown at you in general so that was intentional I suppose.

>>590694272no they're not there just the same joke over n over again. Its literal finding that one comments the first time in 1 "amazing chest ahead" then that shit gets repeated over n over again.

>>590694272Behold, lordbut hole

>>590694184You get fewer souls, don't get your flasks recharged for winning, don't get your FP back for winning, only get a rune arc. At least you get your health set to full, but still it's pathetic

>Just got rid of the frenzied flameFeels good bros, now I can go back to adventuring

>>590694272>get to the first merchant>read message next to camel >"dog"but yeah they lose their luster because then everyone just spams itkinda like Holla Forumsand redditand twitterand twitch

>>590694128You'd think they would at least give you the courtesy of telling you that you're about to lose a message, and which one

>enter *name* dungeon/catacombs>75% of all walls therein are lined with "hidden path ahead" and "liar ahead" messages

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>>590694502hope you like seeing the "dog" message for every small friendly animal in the game

>ambush ahead>therefore lock onwowie what a nice message

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>>590694581I hope the assholes spamming all those messages eventually miss some illusory walls.I'm not even mad at them trying to be le funny, I'm mad that bullshit is taking up space for actually useful messages.

>>590694581>there are actually illusory walls

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>>590695065found one in a cave undeneath the academy but that's it so far

Pirate Chads dont get these retarded messages

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>>590694581I play in offline mode because there's no reason to be online if I can't get invaded anyway, and messages are always cancer for a first playthrough.Found like 5 illusory walls in a dungeon with a boss behind them. Very cool.

Shame they don't have a spamfilter in The Lands Between. I'd like to block all those "funny" people.In Dark Souls 3 this shit already started but it wasn't nearly as bad.

>>590695065found one and only one after 30 hours in.

>>590695406but how do you play with friends

>>590695412I disagree. Seeing a lot of bloodstain at an area you know something's up. Or useful messages pointing to hidden items. It's one of my favorite aspects of the souls games.All these meme messages seem coordinated though. Probably some faggot thread from reddit.

I miss him too, bros.

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Why does this thread keep getting made? Are people genuinely stuck on this guy or is it just for shitposting?

>>590695638I don't want to know that something's up. I want to be surprised until the very last second.

>>590695632True, You cannot experience NiggerAssLover69 Carrying you trough the game and you actually have to beat the game by yourself. I know this is a scary thought for you user

>>590695638it would be more eerie if it was only the blood stains appearing

>>590695740Personally, seeing a bunch of messages on a cliff and just one on the ground about jumping did have a very positive effect on my game. Climbed on a stupid mountain like an idiot for an hour, ultimately died slowly walking into the lake as I ran out of options, fallen too far down the cliffside and too far from land. There's something communal about messages sometimes

>>590695827his name is niggerasslover68 actually get it right

>>590695065this is why, despite the memery, I still swing on walls with that messageI know one of them is going to be true eventually

>>590695632>first playthrough>playing with friendsGet away from me, you filthy casual.

25 hours in and I'm still just using the brass shield because everything is worseAre there even any better medium shields? With more stability I mean.

>>590692170Pathetic sort,Seek grass

>>590692216it's not as funny though

>>590697202This is message dependent. In some cases it makes the wording much more smooth

>>590697361the stilted nature of working around the message system is why finger, but hole was ever funny in the first place


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>>590697424Yes, some messages are overly stilted and it catches you off guard. Others are uncomfortably cleanly written, and also catch you off guard

HeySo basically I'm just gonna try finger, but hole.... UGH I know...It's just that I'm gonna finger, but hole is all HAHAHAHAHRHAHAHA

>>590697738time for churchpraise the lord

Scarlet Rot, O Scarlet Rot, so to speak Scarlet Rot, O Scarlet Rot


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>Go in cave>KIll 10 different enemies that jump out at you from behind a wall>Run through poison water>Kiss annoying boss + another annoying boss>Receive new summonI wish armor was more interesting statwise or something, we need more intermediate rewards

>>590698207try lube,but hole

>>590698207>That cave fight that is just two crucible knights

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>>590692170>still no head...

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>>590698391Well, if they gang up on you I think it's only fair you summon your ashes of choice.Can't imagine how you're going to kill two enemies that dont stop attacking ever by your lonesome.

>>590698539Ultra greatsword homies have it easier, depending on your weapon of choice, you CAN stagger and interrupt themThat + my favorite stand [GODRICK SOLDIERS], made that fight actually quite fun.

>>590698207>learn to parry this fuck>"oh hey I can kick him off with this">bridge has invisible walls just for himwhat the fuck were they thinking

Ok i fucking hate these things, that fucking area to the far north west where there is an entire courtyard full of them. Shit actually gave me the creeps a bit

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>>590698615I haven't tried ultras. I can barely get my hits in and roll away with a greatsword. Can't imagine how tight the timing is with an ultra.

>that message spamming "I want to go home" in the platform section of the dark flame towerI felt for him

>in front of Fia>"Time for pickle, unguarded"Had a really good laugh. Best one I've seen so far.

Is that a precious item?Ahh, message...

The finger but hole thing just keeps going and going in every fucking dungeon and every fucking item lootable off a dead guyFucking cancer


>>590692170Beat him on my 2nd try with the help of jellybro.

Actually laughed

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I hate myself for finding barricade. That fucking ash of war has trivialized half of the enemies due to them deflecting off my medium shield so i can easily go for a counter with my great spear.