What is the most reddit game ever?

What is the most reddit game ever?

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>>590691625Pokémon Clover

>>590691625God of War


>>590691625You will only get insincere responses like >>590691658, and it's kind of deserved, because realistically you already know the answer is Borderlands.

Any Soulsbornering game


>>590691625Fallout New Vegas

portal 1&2

>>590691625New Vegas



>>590691625Borderlands 2 and 3

>>590691751>>590691784GOOD MORNING SIRS

Elden Ring

>>590691625Doom Eternal

>>590691708At first I was confused as to how BotW would be insincere or undesereved, but then you said BorderlandsYeah... Okay. You're absolutely right

Doom Eternal



>>590691625elden ring



>>590691625your favorite game

>>590691625>Doom Eternal>Undertale>Skyrim>The Last of Us 2>Uncharted 4>God of War 2018>Elden Ring>Overwatch>Horizon Zero Dawn>Pretty much any Zelda gameEssential basedcore games.

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>>590691625That cancelled game about being a twitch mod.


>>590691625Shadow Warrior 3

>>590691975>0 female classes>Everyone is a stereotype

Every fanbase that I don't like.


As other faggot said Zelda shit, borderlands, last of us, uncharted, witcher/memepunk, elden ring, terraria, minecraft, undertale, deltarune, smash bros, portal, star wars, bioshock, kingdom hearts, bayonetta and other weeb trash

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>>590691625mario 64

>>590691625Genshin Impact

>>590692115oh and Spec ops the line, the absolute reddit-tier trash game praised by retards >muh emotional scene, i did not know war is about civvie casualties noooooo

>>590691658This. The other guy said borderlands and that was true in the past but now it's BOTW without a doubt

>>590691625League of Legends

>>590692128>Touch Grass

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>>590691625Fallout New Vegas


>>590691625Outer wilds

>>590691625UndertaleWowCelesteIt Takes Two



>>590691625Any Nintendo game

>>590691848>>590691784>>590691767Good morning sirs


>>590691625Persona 5

Definitely Doom Eternal

Reddit Ring/Soulshit

>>590691625Animal Crossing

The current FotM



>>590691625Whatever game you're playing


>>590691625Anything made by this faggot

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Your're favorite


>>590691625Reddit voted new vegas as their favourite game of all time, so new vegas.

>>590692628Wrong, that's TumblrHe was literally involved in Homestuck

>>590691760This 100%. Portal is THE Reddit game.


>>590692760The cake is a lie le lol :)


>>590691625Witcher 3

>>590692297updooting outer wilds

>>590691625Metal Gear Rising

>>590691625Souls games

>>590691708fpbp (fifth post best post)

>>590692225touch grace

>>590691625Portal 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of Soi, The Last of Us Part II, Undertale, Genshin Impact.


the witcher 3 obviously

According to this thread every good popular game is reddit apparently. I really think Borderlands encapsulates reddit though>Tries way too hard to be funny>Obsessed with numbers and getting higher stats


>>590691813It to violent for them

>>590691708you're right, borderlands is the perfect choice

Fallout NVMorrowindOblivionDark Souls

>>590693057>According to this thread every good popular game is reddit apparently.Being reddit game doesn't exactly means it's "bad", it's simply something that's popular with the reddit community.

World of Warcraft.

>>590691625Stardew Valley

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FartniteCODGTA VFar Cry 3-6


>>590691625All Nintendo games obviously

any game that bans or mutes you for racism

>>590691625Any game with spongbob in it.

>>590691625Binding of Isaac

>>590691625All games that you enjoy. Only the games that I personally enjoy (Deus Ex, Thief 1998) count as 4chad games.

>>590691625resident evil series

>>590691658fpbp, troondies on suicide watch

>>590693405Those games are the opposite of reddit

>>590692046>popular game bad

>>590691625Outer Worlds or just anything by Obsidian

pick 3

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>>590691625UndertalePersona 5Souls gamesDanganronpaWitcher 3

>>590692628That'd be Tumblr




>>590691625Batmam Arkham series




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botwwitcherlast of usunchartedmetroidcastlevaniadevil may crybayonettaresident evilsilent hillstreet fighterdouble dragonstreets of ragefinal fightgod of war 2018returnaldark soulsdemon soulselden ringbloodbornehalo 3halo infinitemass effect 2undertalegone homeborderlandsowlboycelestecross codedonut countyouter wildsouter worldsgta roleplaysuper mario makerprey 2017nier automataall suda51 gamesall platinum/clover games besides metal gear rising and vanquishff6chrono triggeryoshis islandhorizonhellbladespidermanavengersguardians of the galaxycontrolalan wakedeathloopforspoken

>>590693878take it back

>>590693671>persona>danganronpa>anything anime or jrpgi can already see the "oof yikes problematic, wtf sexist racist toxic bigot japan" comments

>>590691760Portal is more a FACEBOOK game than a reddit one, right behind candy crush and shit like that.

>>590691625Hollow Knight

How do you guys know so much about reddit?

>>590694407Because most people here use reddit (and that's a good thing)

>>590691625RDR2 no question.

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>>590691625Ace Attorney

calling things reddit is reddit


>>590694536>bro is 4chan as fuck

>>590694023>besides metal gear rising and vanquishBut those are the most Reddit games Platinum has made


>>590691625Banjo-Kazooie. Banjo was never good.Captcha: JHRTR You can see what Banjofags take daily, can you?

>>590691625Fire Emblem

can we all agree reddit has more chads than 4chan?

>>590691625Reddit is just 4chan with usernames


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>>590691625Souls shit.

>>590691658lmao the memes are true. This board cant do one day without seething over BoTW. I dont get wtf it ever did. Was it cause Nintendo won e3 with 1 fucking game?

>>590694876Except you can have an unpopular opinion here without your comment disappearing into the void.



>>590691708That or some game that gets most of its advertising through and panders to Reddit.So probably Crusader Kings 3.

What does reddit mean?

does 4chan hate reddit because redditors have sex more often than 4channers?

>>590695439>have sex with a woman>i hate womenfuck you women are gay

>>59069543910 years ago reddit used to steal our content. Now we don't make content anymore and just repost reddit threads all day.

>>590691625Undertale no questions.

Literally Japanese developed game

>>590692046Skyrim can be mega based if you mod it right. But base Skyrim is trash and the redditors who take the "lore" seriously are retarded.

>>590695439Go back.


the most reddit games ever are [popular games i happen to dislike], they are so shitty only a normalfag could stomach them.on the other hand a true, oldfag connoisseur would only play [niche games i used to play as a kid], now THAT'S the good shit


>>590696321>elder scrolls? fromsoft schlop? paradox grand strategy? normalfag bait>digimon world 2? now we're talking

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>>590691625Any Bethesda game, Borderlands, and Soulsborne

>>590696321This, but unironically.

>>590691625Outer worlds. (Not wilds)

>>590691625Outer wilds. (Not worlds)



Xenoblade 1


>>590692628People saying Tumblr but people forget Undertale originated here.


>>590698280Even if you think wilds is reddit, you can't disagree that words is 100% reddit

>>590691719/thread only true rebbitors disagree

>>590695439reddit mockery has looooooong since not been a 4chan thing anymore, even on social media reddit is a universal punching bag. the site just sucks.

minecraftand animal crossing

>>590692046>>SkyrimSkyrim was fun and I'm not going to pretend it wasn't. I'm still mad about the "I yield I yield! Never should have come here!" bs though.

>>590691625Reddit: New Vegas


>>590691625New Vegas/SkyrimBotWThe Witcher 3

>>590691625Every single Souls and Soulslike game.

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>>590693057> Every popular game is redditSo what would the most 4chan game be then?That cripple girl visual novel?

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Disco Elysium

It pains me to say, but every From Soft game besides Demon's Souls


>>590699128Demon's Souls is reddit.

>>590699067God Hand