There are people mad that they made Elden Ring too easy to pander to casuals...

There are people mad that they made Elden Ring too easy to pander to casuals. There are also people mad that Elden Ring is too hard and doesn't pander to casuals.I don't know who to believe.>Just play the game?You think I'm good at video games? That's funny.

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People who complain it’s too easy are using the easy mode of summons, jumping and levelling up. Us hardcore gamers are complaining about the difficulty because we don’t want to succumb to those cheap tactics so the bosses are annoying.

Where do I go after beating Goldrick? I know it's not the capital, and I can't get into the academy, so where next?Also, my Uchigatana only does like 200 damage to any boss, which is like 1/40th of every boss's health. What am I doing wrong here?

>>590691359Most people complaining about difficulty haven't even gotten to a hard boss yet

>>590691431This kind of retard mentality is the real issue, OP. ER is basically as challenging as you want it to be. Encounters can be tough but the game gives you a myriad of options for dealing with them. The community likes to bitch out anyone who engages with these options, but it's clear the game is balanced around them.

>>590691562You can get into the academy, you just need to get the key. The corpse at the sealed academy door has a map.

>>590691715Should I do the manor or academy first?Also, what do I do about my weapon issue? I refuse to believe it's intentionally designed that every boss needs 50 hits to die.

>>590691768Go wherever you feel like. There's no reason not to just explore at your leisure. Sites of Grace are everywhere, if you get stuck just try somewhere else. I'm in the Academy at the moment, not found the manor yet. As to your weapon issue, sounds like maybe you need to upgrade it.

>>590691562Did you put the great rune at the top of the tower?

>>590692051What? Which tower?>>590691963It's at +3 right now

how is this difficulty meme still going. in games where you can overlevel and have op gear difficulty isnt real. look at botw master sword trials on mastermode if you want difficulty. you cant overlevel and the ones that beat it did so because they have the skills. its tough, its fair, its jank free. its everything souls fags claim and wish their game was but isnt.

>>590691359The game is objectively easy, it's literally the easiest one ever because of the amount of options they give you.Need an ally? Summon your ashes.Ashes too weak? Summon NPCNo NPC summon? Go onlineWant something busted? Use magicRan out of arrows in a dungeon? Craft themAbout to run out of flask in the open world? Kill a group of mobsNeed to get somewhere fast? The entire map is filled with teleport pointsGot killed by the boss? Resurrect at the checkpoint statueSuck at parrying? Use guard counterSuck at guard counter? Use jump attackSuck at rolling? Use guardingAnd the biggest one of all, can't progress? Go somewhere elseThe difficulty meme is from retards who have never played a souls game before and actual retards who think roll+r1 is the only way to play the game.

>>590692105Head to the tower by Stormveil Castle, it’s on the bridge that goes east from the castle. You can access it from inside the main gate

>>590692224OK but back in Dark Souls 1 you could beat the minotaur boss with your starting weapon in... 10 hits? This game, none of the bosses are like that.

>>590692401>10 hitsYeah if you're using drop down attacks, that boss is a tutorial for that. If you weren't able to figure that out then that boss is still a threat.Also the only bosses that are an actual threat in limgrave aside from story bosses are crucible knight, tree sentinel and ulcerated tree. Everything else in there even in the weeping peninsula is a joke.

>>590691359the difficulty is frontloaded, once you get an op build you start steamrolling through the game. so it's kinda both at the same time because the initial time you spend can be rough and the casuals won't get to the part where they faceroll through everything with mimic tear.

>>590692797Huh? No, even if you fight him without dropdown attacks he requires 10 hits to beat. Not liiterally 30-40 like Margit does.

>>590691359I thought this game was easy, then I made it to the final region. The shitters complaining about easy bosses like Margit will NEVER EVER beat this game. I hope you like getting stunlocked and two shotted at 40 vigor while wearing heavy armor, fighting multiple bosses at once, and a boss that can heal itself anytime it hits you (pretty sure that last one is an optional fight though.) I've died more times in the final region than I did playing through all of the other ones.

>>590693007That's not true lol, also margit dies just as easily if you did the other area first.

>>590692228Still have no idea where you mean. You mean the main gate where you fight Margit? Or where you first meet the maiden lady?

>>590691431>deliberately goes in underleveled and refuses to use helpful mechanics because "it's cheating">gets one shotted>it's the game's faultlmao

>>590693291It is true. NO boss in Dark Souls1 takes anywhere close to the number of hits it requires for Margit or Goldrick. None of them. Manus is the only one that comes sorta close.

>>590691359Elden Ring is objectively harder. Most bosses in the entire Souls series don't have nearly the amount of animation delays and mixups as Margit and Godrick. It's like they took Friede, Dancer, Gael and end game Bloodborne bosses and used them as a template everywhere.

>>590693557This isn't 10 to mention, you can parry Margit to death.

Leave it to the narrow minded fan base to get a new game and ignore all new additions just to stick to a puritan playstyle so they can wank themselves beating a game with the most simple combat mechanics. Toast sandwich syndrome

>>590691431>jumping is easy mode

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>>590693261land of the giants is absolutely intolerable, I don’t know what the obsession with overturning enemy damage is but I have every bit of it, your estus basically turns into how many times you can get hit once

Elden Ring is the hardest game they’ve ever made and anyone who claims otherwise is either lying or hasn’t made it that far into the game. Be my guest, try fighting Malenia or Godskin Duo

>>590692224Anon, literally none of this means anything when bosses attack nonstop, read your inputs and flail all across the screen, giving you almost no opportunity to fight back. The boss and enemy design in this game is fucking garbage and the game would be challenging but tolerable otherwise. At this state though, it’s insufferable.

>>590694312i heard that apparently you can use sleeping grease/pot/arrows on duo.

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>>590694312It's hard for all the wrong reasonsRandom delayed mixups, aggressive tracking, combos that go on way too long and don't even leave an opening when they're finished, enemies switching targets mid attack, input reading and a bunch of attacks that trigger ONLY if the game is reading an input it doesn't like from the player.I'm sure you're well acquainted with your estus button pulling double duty as an instant trigger for the godskin fireball attack.

>>590691431>jumpingthe community ruins these games cause they are literally angry virgins

being good at a video game is nothing something you should be proud of, its a sign of inceldom

>>590694485I hate to be so negative and disappointed but I really can’t get over how bad the bosses are in this game, they are so fundamentally broken that it ruins the game for me. I was looking forward to it for so long and I enjoy the rest of the game, but holy fuck is it not fun to fight bosses that throw 4 attacks at the same time then cancel into another attack which is also an AOE that kills you in one hit. Maybe I could forgive it if not for the fact that 25% of your playtime will just be fighting bosses because they’re everywhere.

>>590691359As a scrub myself I can tell you that I had my 40ish hours of enjoyment out of it, I know that eventually I'll have to drop it, but I'm still pushing forward blind.Like a wise user said this is the great vidya adventure you always wanted, are you up for it?

>>590691359first "real" boss is harder than end game ds3 bosses. on the other hand, magic is op and you can summon ashes to trivialize the game for you. bht if you play as the good old solo no summoning meleefag you're in for some misery.

I refuse to cheat and>summon cooperators>summon NPCs>summon ashes>use spells>use incantations>craft items>fight on horseback>use jump attacks>wear armor>use weaponswtf bros why is this game so hard????

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is magic missile straight ez mode, it seems to do huge damage to every boss

>>590691359PSA: If you get a armor piece, weapon etc that renders as invisible (your body parts will literally turn invisible), unequip it immediately and never use it.It increases the chance of a CTD like 5 times over on every load, random CTD's otherwise occour like 3 times as often, and it can fuck your save up. I had to try 5 times to launch my save before I managed to get ingame and as soon as I had control, I removed the armor piece.

>>590694839Int is busted, so is bleed, so is everything else with the right items except strength builds as usual.

>>590691359I dunno, only bosses are somewhat difficult because of the weird juking before beyblade spinningI found I enjoyed sekiro more but the exploration in this is top notch and unparalleled in my opinion

>>590694879so i need to do melee only?

>>590694768>>590691431>use summons>use spirit ashes>boss ai breaks down and the fight is now a cakewalk where you basically slap his ass while he is focusing on the summons>never experience the actual bossSee the problem? They give you tools that break the game not actual mechanics

>>590691431>Us hardcore gamersThere are very few phrases sadder than that one. Good luck out there user.

>>590694458You can summon me to beat the boss for you lil bro, just make sure to stay alive.

>>590694839>40 hours in with my main character strenght based knight>start a new game as an astrologer just for fun>just walk to every enemy and two-shot it in 1 second with souls arrows>kill 3 or 4 at once with that aoe spell they give you>run around the map basically killing almost anything effortlesslyIm so glad i always make a regular straightsword guy at the start, i would have missed all the adventure kino if i went mage or bandit

>>590695043If you want the hardest time, yes

>>590694945I'm sure there's a timing you can use to dodge for example Morgot's spin shit but it seems to change every time so I just back off when I see it happening and I'm good.Just don't get greedy.

It's a mixed bag. Some bosses are complete jobbers that a paraplegic monkey could defeat, and then you have bosses that have attack strings that hit-confirm (meaning that getting hit ensures the rest of the string lands as well, unless you have the poise to no-sell the initial hit and roll away) and they never. stop. attacking.

>>590695323i just dont want to be able to kill shit so easily with magic missileI know im not gonna use any summons since they are apparently broken.

>>590693783>This isn't 10 hitsYou're right, it's like 20. And Margit is 40.

>>590695404also 'm not too far into the game though but so far every boss has been easy as fuck because of it. Does it get harder later?

>watched the JoAnderson critique of DS3 again after beating ER>all the complaints he had about the bosses are still there and turned up to 11 in ER

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>Wetch spec into strenght>Vagabond>HeroOr if you are a fag>confessorReminder that if you didnt pick one of these classes you did not, by any stretch of the imagination, beat the game

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>>590695353>and they never. stop. attacking.This is my absolute biggest gripe with some Souls bosses, where they are aggressive to the point that you spend more time dodging than dealing damage, lengthening the fight as you only get very brief windows of opportunity.

>>590695465It gets way, way worse than anything in Limgrave

>>590695268How do you actually retain any sustainability with spells though? Yeah, the spells are powerful, but that doesn't really make the game any less tedious if you run out of FP after each group of enemies and you have only a handful of flasks.

>>590695634Ok so I wont be able to just spam magic missile once i get out of limgrave? I should be fine as long as I dont use summons right?

>>590695649You use your cheaper spells to deal with trash and you equip the talisman that reduces spell FP costs.

>>590695475What you don't like every boss being a pontiff in crack

>>590691359people who has experience with previous souls title will have an easier timepeople who played only bloodborne and/or sekiro, if any, will probably notnot that hard to understand

>>590695628i picked prisoner because i liked his helmet

>>590695649Its pretty easy to get to have like 7 flasks. Just spec 4 into magic and 3 into health or even less. Its not like you are going to get hit since you just have to dodge and spam. Im not having problems with mana at all

>>590695713Well, if you want to do magic there are still ways you can cheese with certain spells especially with summons, but even so just being able to hit at range is a huge advantage more than ever in this game. If you just go in blind except for picking up the spell books you need to give to npcs you shouldn't find it too easy at all.

Are quests permanently missable in this game?

>Godskin Duo

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>>590695823got it, max out dex.

>watching older souls gameplay>a character with HP bar equivalent to about 40 VIG in ER can take more than 2 hits from a boss before dyingI want to go home...

>>590695954Wait, there's a boss with TWO of those fuckers? I got my ass handed to me by just the one in Windmill Village. Please tell me it's an optional fight, at least.

The last Fromsoft game I played was DS1 and I only played as pure strength or pure dex builds back then. If I play an int based mage type character in ER, can I still be effective at melee combat if I find a decent int scaling weapon? Or should you go for int/dex or in/str if you want a character that can do both melee and magic?

>>590691359its too hard for casuals and too easy for veterans.

>>590696115It's not, it's at the end of the game

>>590692124zelda combat is so broken mastersword cahllenge was a joke

>>590696163From what it sounds like, most people who think the game is easy haven't made it to the difficult parts yet. The whole too easy vs too difficult discussion seems to be mostly based on everyone's experience in Limgrave so far.

>>590696115Mandatory and it's not two, it is four of the fuckers. Use sleeping pots/arrows

>>590694879I'm doing strength with the Greatsword and defeated nearly every single boss on my first try, what the fuck are you talking about it's much too easy

>>590695052what? enemies attack the last enemy who hit them, and have been doing this since DeS

>>590694742>Like a wise user said this is the great vidya adventure you always wanted, are you up for it?Already have that covered, thanks.

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>>590694458>>590694458and they go down way easier, didint u play bloodborne? its like this but bosses have 5 times larger health pools. and no cheesing startegies.

>>590691359I'm 11 hours into the game and killed a few bosses. It's on par with DS3 in terms of difficulty in my experience.

>>590696534Don't worry it's gonna get much worse

>>590691359I've only played Bloodborne and Dark Souls, but it's much, much harder than them. Everyone has long combos, range coverage and high poise. Stormveil Knights are like Black Knights but they can jump 50 feet and hit you when you're standing behind them. The first boss can scream you to death.People who say it's too easy are probably talking about ashes, which let you summon a monster for boss fights. They are really strong.

>>590691359People who think the game is too hard are really bad and/or think the game is linear. The game gets easy soon as you stray from the most obvious path for a bit. Particularly if you find some mines.

>>590691359You can say this game is too hard or too easy, but you know what it's perfect for? Co-op. God damn is it ever fun to have a partner.OG dark souls was a good solo experience, but who can argue that Elden ring isn't for friends helping each other? They made it easier than ever to connect with groups and explore or dungeon crawl. Being solo is miserable, I'm only having real fun when I'm together with someone. It feels like a lot of bosses are designed with this is mind. With little to no openings Im only ever getting hits in when the boss is looking at someone else.Yeah it kinda sucks that we can't be a solo guts hero anymore. But variety is important, also the fact that they made 2 games based entirely around DEX and speed and parrying is enough if a hint that fromsoft doesn't want us to just greatsword spam

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>>590694687what boss do you mean, they all have been piss easy exept margit

>>590696486There's no challenge, nothing to overcome, no rewards, no point.It's boring shit aimed at children.Stupid mongoloid

>>590691359People who try to play it like Dark Souls are having a hard time and either enjoy that or get filtered. People who play it like the devs intended have a great time experiencing the gameplay freedom way above any Souls game

>>590696115It's genuinely one of the worst fights I've ever experienced in a Souls game. We're talking 2cat levels of shittiness here. That fight had B team written all over it. It's fucking mandatory too. I could understand if they had crammed it into one of the shitty Elder Scrolls caves somewhere, but making it so that it's required to reach the ending just felt like pure trolling.

>>590696654Everything you said is untrue. Tell your parents I'm sorry they had to give birth to you.

>>590696594>Yeah it kinda sucks that we can't be a solo guts hero anymore.You can. Jump attacks absolutely demolish bosses with UGS. You can even use FP on a straight damage+stagger buff with cragblade.

>>590696594Is it really better if you play it with a friend? You have to explore everything on foot instead of riding freely, kill overworld bosses on foot, do the same exploration twice and one of you going somewhere locks the other into that direction too. If one misses out on something the other will be forced to too unless one is practically backseating saying where to go and what to look for. Doesn't it make it basically a shittier Dark Souls?

>>590696691but there is no challenge or real rewards and its aimed for children tho

>>590691359imagine caring about how other people choose to play their single player game. imagine caring about how easy or difficult THEY found it.

>>590696892Exploring in co-op is best when you're not taking things too seriously and with a real friend, not randos

bros... I'm 40 hours in and just realized I have a mount. I got drunk a few nights ago when i was like 3 hours in and must have unlocked it and forgot about it. I thought the mounts were end game and ive been hauling my ass all over creation.

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>>590691664Some bosses I don't even bother trying at first without calling upon a fellow jolly cooperator

>>590696995FROM should've allowed full coop this time. Simultaneous playthroughs with a friend were already a pain in the ass in Souls but at least the levels weren't long to do twice in a row, here it's a lot harder because the game is so fucking big and most of it is overworld exploration, not dungeon crawling.

>>590697005Not that it's comparable, but I didn't know how to run for the first 12 hours.I also played a pirated copy for those 12 hours and lost all the progress when I switched to the Steam copy.Life is suffering bro.Try fingersbut whole.

>>590697267I didn't know you could do a guard counter either because I skipped the cave of knowledge not knowing it was a tutorial. seek holeand then offer seed

>>590696892>You have to explore everything on foot instead of riding freely Ya well we aren't doing it all the time obviously. We play solo, but hiking with an objective is very fun. It never feels like a slog because you can just talk to each other on the way until something happens, the map is really cluttered anyway.>kill overworld bosses on footWhich boss would this pose a problem?>do the same exploration twiceGood point, usually we go in different directions and then lead the other to where we last went like guides. That way we get to relive the cool parts without missing anything and sometimes we learn something new. I was showing my partner stormveil and realized I skipped like 80% of encounters and items by accidentally taking the 1 single route of shortcuts.Anyway it's a lot of fun redoing stuff, or just having a guide who will protect you. This game is unrelenting and constantly wanting to feel "challenged" by putting yourself at a disadvantage is someone else's enjoyment. Sometimes it's fun to curb stomp and steamroll through enemies with a partner.

>>590697432>>590697267>>590697005I realize now that I only got as far as I did because I watched every gameplay demo before release. But you guys sound like the types that played Skyrim and never figured out how to open that shitty door puzzle with the claw because you didn't know you could look at items in your inventory.

>>590691578Or they're putting on self imposed rules e.g no ash summons, no weapon arts, no shields, no bleed, little Vig investment etc...People are playing this same as previous souls games and not adapting.

>>590695649Enemies recover flasks

>>590697594Bro, I'd love to see you play through Fallout 1 and 2. I'm sure you would be the kind of person who understands, first time, that to turn off some energy shields in a military base you need to open up a menu you rarely used, pick the ability science, not lockpicking, and use it on a very particular part of the door frame. It also has a fairly substantial chance of not doing shit and making you believe you are doing something wrong.You would get it first time, no doubt, you were always the smart kind, and this is almost on the same level of bullshitery, so you should be fine. It's not convoluted at all bro.

>>590696138There's a ton of int scaling weapons 8n the game. Some really cool ones as well.

From what I've seen so far, Summons are easy mode, I use summons once in a while if I'm facing a repeated boss, using them on a first fight robs you of the experience, I summoned a Jellyfish while fighting Margrit and he got so distracted my victory felt cheap.>>590693321Just look around Stormveil Castle for a tower bigger than the others, past the Lion with a blade. Afterwards is Liurna and Raya Lucaria, you'll stumble across a map that tells you were to find a Glinstone Key, but you can find it yourself, is northwest on the swamp, there's a Glinstone Dragon on a little island, if you don't want to fight it you can rush in with Torrent and nab the key off a Glinstone Wizard's corpse.

>>590697463I figured it'd be best to just explore on our own too but then there's a chance of missing some night bosses or not fully covering the landmarks we still don't have maps for.>Which boss would this pose a problem?Not exactly a problem but fighting bosses like night cavalery on horseback is a lot of fun.

>>590696590The endgame would like to have a word with you. Godskin DuoBlack BladeMrs. I have never been defeatedLord of BloodAnd I havent fought it yet but I guess the fucking Dragongod gonna be fucking supid hard.

>>590697005>>590697267>>590697594My first FromSoft game was Dark Souls 1, which I played tons of times, then I picked up Demon's Souls, I didn't know I could lock on enemies during fights until my third playthrough of Demon's Souls, while fighting Allant.

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>>590698316>3rd playthroughgod damn dude

>>590698003Aha sorry m8 I didn't mean it in a condescending way, I would've been just as lost as you if I didn't watch it all on YouTube first. Although I like how absolutely nothing revealed until you find it for yourself, I think they could have at least three everyone a bone and used the grace guides to show more hints to new objectives rather than relying on luck. The flask of physyck and the ash summoning bell also took me a dozen hours before I discovered them.

>>590691359I beat the game yesterday. I can honestly say that boss design in Elden Ring is vastly inferior to what it was in DaSIII. In Dark Souls 3, if you start playing as a knight and keep to that kind of build (heavy armor, str/dex weapons) no boss will feel like it wasn't designed to be defeated by your build. Some will be hard, sure, but as long as you time your rolls properly and have upgraded flasks and weapons, you should be fine. It took me 5 tries to beat Slave Knight Gael and about 20 for Midir, but in the end I killed them both solo. In Elden Ring, I spent the last portion of the game respeccing between each boss, so I could defeat each one of them with a build specifically designed to counter them. I killed Malenia with a Moonveil Int/Dex build and the final boss with a FTH/INT SoNaF build.

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>>590694865What armor, where did you get it, and have you verified file integrity yet

>>590698190Hell, I made a 2nd character just for fun and with him I discovered 2 major things I need to do over with my main character. This game is insanely deep

>>590698260>Mrs. I have never been defeatedJust use dex and bleed bro fr fr zoom zoom zoom

>>590691431bitch im spec'd out all 99 stats and even normal mobs kill me.

>>590695847I can only think of one and it’s related to renni

I need tips to beat Elden Beast

>Melina wants to burn herselfwtf bros??? do i save her?

>>590693007if you can't beat him just finish the zone and come back at lvl 20+ with some levels on your weapon holy fuck

>>590698521I may have overreacted. My bad. I agree that it's cool to not have everything in plain sight, but they are quite blunt with some things (Graces signaling your next objective, having an entire mini dungeon to explain how to counter etc.) and completely obtuse with others. You can understand using quickslots and how to use the same weapon with one or two hands, that's all well explained and repeated a few times.On the other hand, how am I supposed to know that affinities go from S to A through E in a descending order?Or is it reasonable that, in 2022, you need to write down stats for your equipment in order to compare to equipment from vendors?Still, I enjoy the game, and, god willing, intend to finish it. I like getting BTFO'd unfairly, every now and then, to keep you on your toes, same reason I like OG fallout.

>To retry the moon queen bitch, you have to waste upwards to five minutes of time reaching her room and doing the yawn-inducing first phaseThis is the peak of FROM faggotry.

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>>590691359tons of bosses are ridiculously hard. and several bosses are ridiculously easy, and some bosses differ greatly depending if ur melee or magic. but in all cases y ou shouldnt listen to what the fuck retarded people are saying. especially not the spamming discordsisters here.

>>590694458That is indeed how to make the game harder. Having hard to read movesets and punishes for raw estus is the next step, hard != fun or good

>>590698697>Malenia starts her second phase with low hpKek, normally she starts it at full health. What happened in that video is that, due to the guy watching the cutscene in its entirety, it gave time to his mimic to keep attacking Malenia in the "real world" while the scene played. That's why she was almost dead by the time the gameplay resumed.

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I'm planning to use moonveil and reduvia, throw twinblade in between. Too spread out to increase int and arcane ? 55 atm

>>590698912>how am I supposed to know that affinities go from S to A through E in a descending order?Literally what other order would it go in? Racing and fighting games use it too, it’s a pretty universal way to do tiersShocked you can’t compare equipment easily though

I just beat Margit and arrived at Stormveil Castle. Is it time to press on and kick Godfried's ass or should I keep exploring?lvl 34 btw.Also what's more fun? Faith+STR or Faith+Dex?

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>>590691431You got this backwards. Tryhards are getting anally obliterated because they refuse to use a basic, central game mechanics.

>>590696659How do I play as devs intended then?

>>590698979if you die to her you might be mentally challenged

>>590699240I'm not as far as other user in the game but from what I can tell all the combat focus is on stance breaking and stagger.