Atelier Sophie 2 flopped in the West

Only Japan and Asia are buying it. Holla Forums is pretending its somewhat popular in the west too but eventually, """""""western"""""""" """"""""""gamers""""""" arent buying games like

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>>590690775West is irrelevant>GamesBeat: What region has the strongest sales for Atelier?>Kikuchi: Japan has the top sales, but sales in Asia are still growing since last

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>>590690775>weebshit only sells in asiaweird!


>>590690775Gust games are shovelware for Japanese incels and weebs.

>>590691331Man tendies really get triggered everytime some games get some attention in Holla Forums

>>590690775The game is mediocreNot surprising

>JRPG garbage>not sellingno shit

Is every Gust game getting threads like for half a year?

>>590690775because it's garbagethe west has standards.

No thicc meme to save them this timeRyza 3 confirmed incoming

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>>590690775>UK physical top 10lol, show me all the jrpgs that charted on it.

>>590691624Tendies were mad because Ryza stole threads from them for a year

>>590690775I don't know how to play Atelier games, the time limit really makes me anxious. My little sister likes the characters but the language they use it's too hard for her to understand

>>590691397>>590692030You do realize they're also on Switch, right?

>>590691397>>590692030Are the tendies in the room with us right now?

I bought it.

>>590690775Top 40 UK Games Chart

>>590692141He's a schizo convinced that Switch users shitpost all games unless they're exclusive.

>>590692089When was the last time an Atelier game had a time limit? Firis? And even then it was extremely lenient, served mostly as a decorative feature and gets removed halfway through the game. If time limits cause you anxiety then the new games have you covered.

>>590692089I completely understand. However, the last eight or nine games haven't had a meaningful time limit, if they even had one at all. So just jump in if you want.

>>590692141Tendies are this schizo since before they used to skip nintendo. And Ryza stole threads from themThey did the same with MRW threads

Why doesn't Atelier do well in the west?>North America 10%>Europe 4%>Japan 60%>Asia 24%

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The game came during the worst month

>>590692432Atelier are niche games

>>590690775Good. If it doesnt do well in the West, the devs won't feel the need to cater to the West.

>>590690775not enough plump teen fanart

>we now get simultaneous worldwide releases>Koei Tecmo will never bother wasting time with English dubs again because it's not worth itThe series being niche in the west is the ideal scenario.

>>590692452>>590692604Yeah this>Pokemon Arceus>Elden Ring>KOFXV>Triangle Strategy>Final Fantasy: Strangers Paradise They basically sent the game to dieI love Atelier but I have been saving for Triangle and CHAOS Fantasy

>>590692432>Finland that high upProbably all the copies that I bought

It's doing well on Steam by the way.

>>590693041It probably won't beat Ryza but those numbers are still quite high like for Atelier game.

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should i get this game?I haven't finished the first but want to support this series also i want to nakadashi sophie-chan and her big titty twintail friend.Also pc or switch?

>>590693565I prefer these games for portable (they were perfect for vita) so switch

>>590693565Why didn't you finish the first? 2 is much better, but you may still not like it depending on the reason.>Also pc or switch?Both are good so decide based on whether you'd want to play it on a bigger screen or handheld and if you'd pirate the DLCs.

>>590690775>Only Japan and Asia are buying it.Famitsu numbers come out>Atelier Sophie 2 - 30kWaow!

it's a $20 game they sell for full price, that's why

>>590693779i want to, i got the first game for pc but i didn't really play it much, mainly cause i guess jrpgs are somrthing i like doing lying down, that said i did finish atelier ryza on pc so idk.If i get it for pc I can't really lie down plying.>>590693680same but i kinda want the performance, i got ryza2 for switch and it looks worse becuase my switch isn't as good as my pc

>>590690912>>>/r/edditbye bye

>>590690775That's because we have a good protag again instead of the fat cow Ryza

see you in the famitsu thread

>>590693565that's not her friend, that's her grandma

>>590693968>pays 70$ + tax and tip for Roll and Backstab souls in a giant shitty open world

>>590690864Why do Chinese buy japanese products? I thought they hate them.

>>590694580China has more weebs than America

>>590694580Cute anime girls

>>590692452Agreed, I will get it when I'm done with horizon and elden ring. Sophie is my second fave atelierer

>>590694580In case you didn't notice from all the Chinese gachashit, China has been culturally conquered by Japan.

>>590694729>gachawake me up when they beat japan in a real genre

>>590695028They have no incentive to make real games because they're too niche in their domestic market compared to f2p scams. Maybe if they focused on selling to the Japanese, but it still wouldn't amount to much.

>>590690775>Release niche game before a massively awaited game >Said niche game flopsIt was inevitable.On the other hand,Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin comes out just in time after I get burned out from Elden Ring. What great timing.

>>590695293i only want this game for the chaos posting, it's a shame that it's epic only.Guess I'll pirate

>>590690775For such a niche,cutesy and casual series,the pc requirements are quite mid/highI remember Ryza working kinda bad-ish on my pc,so I didn't bother with sophie 2 sadly.

>Holla Forums is pretending its somewhat popular in the westbarely anyone is talking about this shit

>>590690775Serves them right for being fuckin' retards and not giving us Ryza 3 instead.

>>590695601It most definitely looks like it’s worth a playthrough, either way. Especially so, seeing as it explores Garland’s backstory. Have fun on the 15th (or 17th) user.

To be fair they didn't even market this thing at all, at least we heard about Ryza coming out, I wouldn't even have noticed this game if Holla Forums didn't talk about it

>>590690864>posts an interview from before RyzaAnd only Japs give a FUCK about Sophie so this outcome really isn't surprising.

Why doesn't Dusk work with a Switch Pro controller?

People only cared about Ryza cause she was sex incarnateTake that away and of course it wont sell here

Sorry bud but RyzaCHADs rule this franchise now

>>590693968Aye, the high price point for these games are a total turnoff for most

>garbage game by garbage developer sells like garbageimagine my shock