Here is Arthas's role in Shadowlands in all his "bright" glory, lads

Here is Arthas's role in Shadowlands in all his "bright" glory, lads

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>>590689748it's all an old god nightmare

>>590689748This was the final nail in old Blizzard's coffin

>>590689748slyvanas operating under pretty much the same circumstances as Arthas, she gets a redemption while he is told to fade away forever and be forgotten.

If they brought him back in any other form y'all would still complain

>>590692280Because it's operated by self-hating beta cucks and feminists that hates gamers.

>>590692280>straight white men should fade away forever and be forgottenreally makes you think

>>590691375her time on my dick, hehe

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>mfw garrosh's actually pretty good final moment was SUPPOSED to show what a horrible shitty guy he was

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Do you guys sympathise on some level with devs who seemingly relentlessly fucking despise their own fans? Sometimes I will see the twitter replies of someone like Harada and I am surprised he doesn't fill his games entirely with gay clowns just to annoy those cunts.

>>5906897484 bastardised characters standing around a generic blob of light that represents one character who they didn't manage enough rewrites to ruin.

>>590689748>25 real world years later>still using same original characters for nostalgiabaiting retards who still work i mean play the game ope this greentext is too long and i fucked up the format why are you still reading i miss og wc3 it was so fun more work? haha

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>>590692898Nah. I can't even get mad at them, or even really care. There's some fuck shit wrong with their heads, whatever, some people are like that. The only ones who really bother me are the people who made good games and who then allow someone who hates the game and its audience to come in and take over for them. That I don't understand. Like, did they truly never care? Did they just stop caring once they got old? I mean, I care about WoW, so I'm fucking old too now, and while I'm less of a raging prickhead than I used to be I still fundamentally care about all the same things I used to care about, I'm just less of an immature retard about it. But how do you stop caring about something you used to care about? Not in a 'setting it aside now that you've got other stuff going on' sort of way, but in a 'whatever, just destroy it' kind of way. That I really don't understand.

>>590692753>hey, we've brought you back so the writers- I mean the shadow lands can fix all your problematic behaviour>you're all bitches. I'm gonna explode nowGarrosh got off lightest.

>havent followed story after Sylvannas bailed outside OrgrimmarWhat is she doing now? Is she back at being a horde character? Is she chilling in Silvermoon?

>>590692285Still, what was the point of having an expansion built off of nostalgia for Wrath if they didn't ever bring Arthas back

>>590693202She was working for someone who was apparently the real puppet master the whole time and who is the actual big bad and so the gang journey into the after life where she has a redemption arc.

>>590692280Because sylvanas is danusers waifu, and she represents the blizz employees that remain at the company. Arthas represents the original devs, the original fans of the game that have been playing it since vanilla, bc, wrath, cata, mop. It's the new cadre of devs telling the original devs and fans/customers to fade away and die and be forgotten.

>>590689748How do I unplay WoW? I want the time i wasted on this trash back, or at the least to never have experienced it

>>590692285That's blizzards fault for dragging up arthas realm of undeath, and his now new "master" for their new expac to profit off his legacy try and accrue attention to the game. Blizzard brought arthas back with shadowlands, not the players, they chose this, they chose to use the lich king, the undead, frostmourne, bolvar, and then at the end they spit on arthas and tell him to be forgotten and thrown away. It's complete disrespect and an insult to the character and the fans of the character.

>>590689748T-thank you Danuser.

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I dont know about you fellow channers but i thought it was a deeply moving and poignant twist to emphasis the next stunning chapter in my dark ladys narrative.Whoever writes this stuff for Blizzard needs a raise!

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>>590693451Nigga Arthas is literally only in it for that one fight and cutsceneIt could have been so much worse

>>590693202>after bailing sge went to ixecrown and soloed the lich king>broke the helm of domination, which made the sky explode and a rift to the afterlife form (the consequences of this have been ignored completely)>then she bailed to hell to meet her new BFF, who is an evil not-titan and the expansions big bad>whined for a bit about no choices, then betrayed him to no effect as he got all the dragonballs and went through another portal >he threw her soul at her for doing this so she's back to being good and her eyes changed colour to show character development>Tyrande decided fuck it, I may have done this forbidden ritual that drives me insane and jumped into hell for the sole purpose of killing sylvanas before I die but I guess burning the world tree was pretty funny in retrospect

>>590693202Shes been working for mega thanos of wow, who has been manipulating all the strings of warcraft since warcraft 3 with arthas as he created the blade frostmourne, was in charge of kel thuzad and nerzhul and even sargeras, and the demons themselves. Sylvanas is working for him too, willingly, and sends him souls to mega hell to be drained of their souls to be twisted and used in his army to break free of the hell dimension so he can remake reality into his image, a bdsm hellscape where he gets to torture and murder everyone he wants, so she genocides the night elves and sends them all to mega hell, and a lot of other people, and works for the jailor until he accidentally points out she's working for him and she spergs out and says "ill never serve" and shoots an arrow at him, so he gives her back half her soul and she learns to accept herself and everyone forgets she genocided the night elves, and now she belittles arthas for being an unwilling meatsock for the jailor, while she was a willing one until her feminism.exe kicked in.

>>590693661I don't care if it could still be worse, it's still bad, and disrespectful to the character. It's insulting and shit. And it should be pointed out for being insulting to the character, and shit.

>>590693721Don't forget that genociding the night elves was elune's idea because she wanted to feed night elf souls to her sister and didn't check the mailing address before hitting send.

>>590693432You don't. Cherish the good memories you have made in the game and don't ruin them by continuing to play and trying to make new memories.Accept that it will never be the same again and move on to something else.

>>590692280the future is female

Wow is shit since wotlk retards.

>>590689748Threads shitting on WoW die because its no longer funny. Just sad. also noone gives a shit and zoomers have no attachment to warcraft/arthas/blizz

>>590693658At this point I think he's doing it on purpose to sabotage WoW, no one can be THIS much of a shit writer.

>>590689748>It's the worst 'break glass in the event of no subs' Arthas name drop possible>He actually has nothing to do with anything >It pulls double duty of having sylvanas monologue about how she was a naughty boy and feels sorry for it AND having her turn to the camera to directly and intentionally shit on the old lore and people who like it People aren't even made anymore it's just sad at this point. No to mention sylvanas has inarguably ascended to poochie tier

"Jailer"? "Shadowlands"? What's all this about Kel'thuzad? We've got a city to burn.

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>>590693453Je's just gonna become hitler where every bad thing is literally Arthas

>>590693573It's like a nod towards all the people who bitched about Arthas returning in Shadowlands.>Relax guys, we are not bringing him back ever, we got the message, fuck off now.

The over enunciating in the cutscenes will never not piss me the frick off.

>>590693432you never had a single good memory on the game?a good time?lmao maybe you deserve to feel the way you do

>>590693453What happened to her lips? Is that another Danuser fetish?

>>590689748Why is Arthas guilty after he had his soul taken the moment he touched Frostmourne, but Sylvanas isn't?

>>590698005Shut up chud

>>590698005You know exactly why, chud.

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>>590698005because he's a white male, chud

>>590698005Because losing your soul in WCIII just meant you lost your morality but you were still in control of your actions. In Shadowlands it's now mind control so you get a free pass.


>>590693453Arthasfags canonically blown the FUCK out ww@ UtherCHADS Stratholme was a domestic war crime Blizzard agreed don't bother them about it

Atleast there's peace for best bug.

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>>590693453how does this rotted bitch even dare open her cunt lips?

Garrosh was reduced to a pile of ash.Now Arthas becomes a wisp.I don't mind but I'm wondering if the current writing team can create characters as memorable and likeable.

>>590689748How about, you know... Why just NOT use Arthas and never bring his up in shitty interviews?At the very least, just have him say this and cut of Sylvanas

>>590693453Replace Arthas' name with World of Warcraft/blizzard and it makes sense

>>590693787Arthas's story in WC3 was about his downfall and corruption, and how he made bad calls at every turn. I don't know how the narrative surrounding his character could possibly have ever been twisted to be positive, but you're not supposed to actually fucking like him, maybe appreciate him but not like him.

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>>590693259But it's not an expansion built off wrath nostalgia>>590692753No it was supposed to show his unbreakable will.

>>590698479>and how he made bad calls at every turnBurning Stratholm was correct by every single angle.

So what are Tyrande and Malfurion up to these days? I want a laugh.

>Just copy Heavensward's Estinien/Nidhogg scene where you have to remove his eyes to stop him from being corrupted>Have Uther and Jaina silently sit by with blank looks on their face while Sylvannis gets the only monologue (not even a dialogue with Arthas') about how he was an evil piece of shit and she wasn't because she was mind controlled, even though he was literally mind controlled in the exact same way she was>This is supposed to be a triumphant moment for herNo matter how hard they try, Blizzard can never change.

>>590698458My favourite quote for that is "what, were you hoping to piss on them one last time before leaving his kingdom to rot?"

>>590698342>Garrosh was reduced to a pile of ash.At least he did it himself while telling everyone to go fuck themelves.

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>>590698005Because picking up that stupid sword was only a formality, by the time he had done it he was already corrupted. Also Sylvanas IS still guilty, that's the whole point of her prior cutscene with Uther but you dumb faggots don't actually pay attention to anything, you just cry like the dumb fucking babies you are >>590698093>>590698102>>590698109

>>590698479I'm not that autist No Arthas is a villain you aren't supposed to like him. What you can like is his story and his motivation, being a half step up from every other sad attempt at storytelling blizzard ever tried. Having slyvanas (the head writer's mouthpiece and stand-in, who's whole point is she was just as bad as him) turn to the camera and symbolically say, "the old lore/characters are shit forget about them, embrace my superior story" while simultaneously being the biggest hypocrite on earth. Is the height of galling hubris and directly and knowingly insulting. People are allowed to be mad about that.

>>590698634Not bothering to come to terms with Uther cost him more time than it saved. Rushing headlong to northrend served no cause but the scourge. Burning his fleet and framing the mercenaries was unambiguously an evil act.

>>590698707holy wizerked

>>590698634Srath was the inflexion point, it was always meant to be arguably/mostly correct. The point is it was handled poorly and locked him into what follows. You know one of the key points of any classical tragady structure.

>>590698707Shut the fuck up, Steve. Quit your job already.

>>590698707he did what he had to. The sword made him a living slave.

>>590689748It is HER TURN, chuds. DEAL. WITH. IT.

>>590698870>>590699071These are not arguments I'm sorry you aren't capable of the 2nd grade reading level required for WoW

>>590698005Because she still hates him for what he did while Jaina and Uther are sad over what happened to him. How did you miss this?

>>590695384The future is trans you bigoted chud incel

>>590699156only person arguing is you with your second personality, schizochud

>>590699156>These are not argumentsIt's not an argument. I accused you of being Steve Danuser. Stevey-boy if you read this, you are one of the most incompetent story writers I have ever seen. You stupid fucking cuckold.>inb4 I'm not Steve Danuserdon't care didn't ask

>>590699207Uther is even partially responsible for all of this.He is the one who threw Arthas in bypassing standard Shadowlands procedure.

>>590698634It wasn't both in the heat of the moment and in retrospect, it was a stupid fucking idea and was a major factor of the fall of Lordaeron. Morons on 4chan have simply latched on to it as both an authoritarian fist-pump and simultaneously an anti-authoritarian fist-pump because you like to imagine yourselves as both rebels and upstanding citizens at the same fucking time. Arthas betrayed both his kingdom and everything he was taught to uphold as a paladin, but he did it by telling Uther to go fuck himself while he murdered a bunch of peasants "for the greater good" so you love him for it. Stratholme, the largest population center in Lordaeron, was completely destroyed and almost everyone there died, absolutely devastating the Alliance's chances at surviving the Third War and greatly empowering the Scourge who now had ample resources and room to grow.The best part is that Strat the ONLY thing you brought up because you know every single other thing he did during that campaign was unarguably bad and led directly to the ultimate victory of the Scourge and the Lich King. You fuckwit.

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>>590699271Must really hurt to be so low IQCan't say I relate, maybe check reddit for some people more your speed?

>>590699342It does, there's no need to rub it in.

>>590698646Simping I'd imagine.

>>590699342>>590699156>>590698707the angry mazedweller lashes out as his cave is deconstructed around himwatch him thrash like a rabid puppy

>>590699342No one cares, Steve. Just leave the company.