Stick Reimu

Stick Reimu

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can someone point me the direction of the thread

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>>590689872There is no thread, wait warmly.


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i can't

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>>590690184I guess I'm your thread now hahaha

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>>590689521What no donations does to a woman.



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>>590690184.I missed a whole threadfuckI only saw the meiling image dump thread

>>590690227lmao owned

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>>590690272>>590690301imagine being bullied by a suku irl haha

2hu games are 2hard

>>590690374It would be funny.

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>>590692043only a sicko would want that haha

>>590689521sexwith a twig

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i keep thinking you guys are saying suika

>other thread got killedso I guess this IS the thread

finally, the official Holla Forums touhou thread


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I’m going to fuck these 2 things:>>590690132>>590689872

Normal 1ccs?

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I want to play IN give me a shottype NOW

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>>590692575Solo Yukari

>>590692575Solo Sakuya

>>590692575Solo Alice

>>590692556you will not fuck those 2 things

It's Hina Day

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>>590692510what is this black magic

>>590693427being good at art, its a forbidden spell

>>590692575Lunatic No Focus Solo Sakuya

>>590692573Normal isn't fun anymore

>>590693640getting a single lunatic 1cc ruined menow normal isn't fun any more but I'm not good enough to complete anything else on lunatic so I just don't want to play

>>590693950what about extra?

>>590694003I thought I'd be good enough but I still can't beat UM's extra and don't even make it to momoyo most of the timeI think the lunatic was just a fluke

>>590694212try pcb

For me it's bashing my head until I beat the game and never using Stage/Spell practiceThat way a month from now unless it was particularly difficult or very specific spells i've forgotten most of the game, that and I probably cheesed it and will cheese it againEndless fun!

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>>590694212As much as your base skill transfers between games you still have to learn the stages for each game.

>>590694331Once you get good at the early stages don't they become a slog to go through when all you have left between you and the clear is improving on stage 5/6? I really can't justify not using practice mode at all when you just need to improve on a particular rough section.

Using practice mode is fine as long as you're not using thprac

>>590694825Nah, I let the ride take me along, its like a long warmup, and one with good music. Always found it very soothing: Its never gotten particularly boring to me. As for later stages, yeah if the bleeding is exclusively happening on 5/6 it's useful but it's not my style, it's like using Training Mode in a fighting game: Undeniably useful, but i'm a retard and I like my stubborn ways better. I always end up finding little things here & there that I improve upon or understand anyway, but it might be slow.

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>>590694825i agree i dont see how people get mad at using practice for later stages

>>590694881Why do people say that spell practice is fine but thprac is cheating? Aren't they basically the same thing?

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>>590695128>spell practice is already in the gameNot cheating, ZUN intended it to be there>adding spell practice to a game that doesn't have spell practiceCheating, ZUN didn't intend it to be there

>>590695231this but unironically

>>590695274I wasn't being ironic

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>>590689521Reminds me of Cleopatra

>>590695120I think it's fine either way.

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>>590692510Reminds me of when I did 2.5D drawings for mock ups of stuff for Pokémon games.Took a picture of them for backup and was tripping the fuck out when I realized it all looked like it was popping off the page. Had no idea that was a thing you could do.

>>590692510My fucking brain

>>590695441i know i just want to be like you>>590695626yea same, i play these games for fun at the end of the day and i hope everyone else does

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>>590695923It's not a fighting game (unless it's Hisoutensoku but that's another story and a rare one in Holla Forums to begin with) so retards & autists don't get to be on the receiving end of their conflictual ways of approaching the game so I don't think it matters at the end of the day.

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>>5906931853 and I finish that Hina story I worked on during super hina day.

>>590693185I'm scared to draw Hina again because my PS kept crashing

>>590695441This, but unironically

>>590696348you are not funny

>>590696368This, but ironically

>>590696406this, but unsarcastically

>>590696419this, but in a moral grey area

>>590696445This, but lowkey literally, period

>>590696368It's the story of 2 slices of bread crossing the road, until there is no more road ahead. The 1st one, courageous as ever, goes for a leap of faith, landing right inside of a toaster.Doomed to unbearable heat, his last words were >Aw man, i'm toast!

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>>590696494this, but no cap n keepin it litty two titty

>>590693185I'm scared to draw hina because it's a pose I've never done before


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>>590696510this is the funniest shit ive ever seen

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>>590696549It's really easy user, don't give up!

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>>590696510Nvm it's no longer funny

>>590693185i'm scared to draw hina again because last time i did the drawing came to life and i spent the next 3 months hunting it down


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>>590696878I wish Hina came to life

>>590697315>that third eyeDumb, but hot.

>>590695923went back to play some more AoCF again. Jo'on was so cool. wish she was more popular

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>>590696510I'm going to save Kogasa!

>>590697637She got a cookie and looks happy. She doesnt need saving, does she?

>>590697702She needs save as .jpg correction

>>590697702I just know Sanae is planning something nasty.

O-oh no!?

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>>590692652First try ended at Hourai Jewel, this one went much better. I'll try Solo Sakuya sometime laterActivate Windows isnt here because i just started the PC, it takes a while for it to pop up i think

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>>590697832how about you activate deez nuts

seeing other people get lunatic clears makes me incredibly jealous and annoyed for the rest of the day

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>>590697895Tenkyuu my balls

>>590697832Good job

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>>590697942who is my balls

frogs go mlem mlem and ribbitsnakes go sssss sssssss and rattle rattle

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>>590697927Hey user, don't worry, you're not alone

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>>590698000I hate everything about this post because it made me smile

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>>590698000And touhou goes like not video games, not video games, not video games

>>590697927Dont worry i'll be there to post failed attempts on Normal

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>>590698000Why is Sanae blushing?

>>590698000shrine maidens go PLAP PLAP PLAP PLAP PLAP and SCHLOP SCHLOP SCHLOP

>>590698000Nice abuse of Miracles, did Zoomireko make you do this?

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>>590698182me on the left


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Marisa is a fairy-human hybrid.

>>590698182me on the right


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>>590699085What is she doing to Cirno?

>>590699197Heartbroken, she tells Cirno how much she loves her

>>590692689I knew Sakuya sucked but i didnt know she sucked this bad. You can't end a single spell without hearing the BEEP BEEP Where is Reimimi-sama when you need her

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What about American reimu?

>>590690253post 3D reimu