The Dorsia level was complete bullshit

the Dorsia level was complete bullshit

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>he got filtered by the Dorsia levelLmao

Great thread OP really bringing new and interesting shit to the table

>>590689215>where are you going?>I'm going to return some video tapes>level starts>music kicks inso fucking kino man

>>590689215>Great thread OP really bringing new and interesting shit to the table

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>>590689215>not playing the PC

>>590689509Steam has movies? What the fuck?

>when your limited edition copy with the eggshell white card is worth $2000 nowfeels gud man

>>590689215how do I fix the bullshit glitch where paul allen's card spazzes the fuck out from the uncapped framerate? I'm playing the PC version and already tried using Win XP compatibility mode.

>>590689215How did you manage to land an 8:00pm reservation?

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>final level>massive shootout with cops>very difficult, takes several attempts to beat>game then says all that never happened LMAOI fucking hate this trope. The sex torture scenes were pretty hot though

>>590689215That's because OP wouldn't give the maitre'd head

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Go read the novel. Much better than the movie, and the best scenes from the movie are taken word for word from the novel. The Huey Lewis and the News monologue is just one of many.

>Spend an hour making my business card>Paul Allen scores higher than me anywayThis has the worst online polling feature since Splatoon 2

>>590689559It was a thing they tried some years ago, didn't seem to work out and most have been delisted.

>>590689215I could never figure out where to drop off the videotapes in this game.

>>590689617Are you using the Restoration Patch? It fixes that bug and restores a bunch of content. Dorsia Act 2 with Bateman's brother as the end level boss was kino that should've never been cut.

>>590689215>they couldn't get licensed music for the gameWhat trash. I want my Phil Collins!

>>590689215The way they implemented the non-Euclidean geometry of Patrick's apartment was great.

Fuck you gaslighting faggots, you can't get in the Dorsia level.

>>590690210>he didn't realize that he could no-clip through the door during Bateman's psychotic episodes

>he didn't romance the secretary

I remember dropping this shit because I couldn't find the stray cat for the ATM anywhere in the Pierce & Pierce building, I checked every fucking executive suite. The brain cooking minigame and chainsaw levels were fun though

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>>590690331I killed the dumb ice cream bitch before realizing I could actually do that.

>>590689639Cheat codes you fucking sperg, stop bothering me.

>>590689215I can't even get in the Dorsia level, fuck this game.

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What did we think of the DLC outsourced to different devs?

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>>590689493>links himself by accidentLOL

Is it scripted that you come in last place in the business card tournament?Every fucking time, no matter what I do, I come in lastI even tried copying their cards 1:1 and they still prefer Van Pattens card to mine

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>>590689509>not available in your region>>590689713I think the last thing to ever go up there was the null and peta OVA, they made a little game to go with the show and you can get it in a bundle with the full series + OVA or buy the anime stuff separately, but for the actual anime episodes steam movies are just streaming and I assume the crunchy player is better so you may as well use that for the episodes and just use steam for the OVA, funnily enough though steams actually one of the best places to buy music because unlike video content you can just download it as mp3s under the new system

>>590690917It's a bug with the way the scores are calculated. The patch >>590689813 mentioned fixes this.

>>590690654I found it angrier, deadlier AND sexier.

if you let it live you get some quest to kill all the other dragons flying around it and then it turns into a cute girl and is tied to one of the endings

>collected 29/30 diary pages>can't find the last one anywhereI checked the custodian's closet at P&P, the good coke bathroom, and even retraced my steps from Paul's apartment to Hell's Kitchen, where the fuck is it?

>>590691374There's a missable diary page during the lunch with Detective Kimball. You need to search his briefcase when he excuses himself to go to the bathroom. I don't blame you for missing it, the game doesn't give you any hints or prompts to do it, it just focuses on the salt-pouring minigame.

>>590689704One thing I loved about the novel was that it had romance added in. It was interesting. Not a fan super fan about more the more gorey bits but it was great overall.

>trying to perfect the Huey Lewis sceneHoly shit Paul just stay the fuck still while I get this paper down.

>>590689215Paul Allen’s business card power up is OP

>>590690654>The original devs actually wanted to make a Lunar Park DLC to serve as an ultimate conclusion to Bateman's story>Instead we get this shit that even William Shatner was too good for that he didn't even come back to voice his character

>>590689670This is like the only game where "lmao it didnt happen" is a nice pay off. The way you slowly revisit the levels to see they weren't even the same thing before and meeting that guy you "killed" was kino

>>590689215Why is Paul Allen calling me "Marcus Halberstram"? I entered my name in the beginning. Was this an oversight by the developers?

>>590690438Stray cats drop from any ordinary homeless faggot NPC once you have the tuxedo equipped

>>590689215I stabbed the homeless black dude in the alleyway a little too much... Just spent five minutes repeatedly splicing him.

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Subs or dubs?

>>590689215Anon, stop lying. You are not good enough to enter dorsia level

How do I beat the final level? There is no escape

>>590689670Yeah but it happened, he's that rich to cover up.

>>590692045DEAD ON

Did anyone accidentally get the "Lovers with Luis" ending? I guess I should've picked more aggressive dialogue options when he complimented my Valentino Couture suit and Jean Paul Gaultier overnight bag.

>>590690654Only good thing about it was the rule34.

>>590689215>implying it was a videogameIt was a cinematic experience, faggot.

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>>590692229You go out the door that says THIS IS NOT AN EXIT

>>590689215What kind of game would this even be?

>>590692546>he doesn't know

What's the best business card style to order?

>>590692546A kino one

>>590690654We could’ve gotten a detective Kimball DLC instead…

>>590692546VN/management game but the final level is hotline miami

>>590692546Combination of Manhunt/Hitman and Ace Attorney

>>590692546A mix of VTMB and Postal 2

>that level where you just brutalize that homeless guyJesus man, I know old games were pretty... untame back then, but I couldn't believe the depravity of that part. It was like they hired some twisted fuck just to make that level. Its a dark game and all, but geez that ones tone was just too far...

>>590692601post yfw you find out Louis's card is the most OP cheesable item in the game

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In the end, the real American Psychos were the friends we made along the way

>the level where you have to kill a child>you don't even get any rewards

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>>590692974>tfw most players didn't complete the Louis social linklmao

>>590690331>going for noncanon endings

>>590693078I was one of the few who did. I'm this user>>590692412 Luis' business card is definately the most OP and cheesable item in the game, but I'm not sure it's worth the awkwardness of the unskippable make-out scene in the bathroom when you max out his social link

>>590693078I couldn't stand the unskippable cutscenes of Bateman whining about how "nobody could understand me". I understand you. You're a deranged serial killer. Go back to the chainsaw prostitute minigame. Felt more like the writers pathetic self insert half the time anyways; nothing Bateman would actually say. What a gay side quest

>>590693380I don't think it was the writer's self insert, rather the type of person this game is marketed towards is likely to self-insert as Bateman, and all that bullshit was put in so the players could see Bateman and think, "wow, he is just like me!"Regardless of that the story and gameplay is only slightly above average and it's only relevant in 2022 because of the memes and a cult following with shit taste (like MGR:R).

>>590693553>rather the type of person this game is marketed towards is likely to self-insertFuck you're right. They were spot on with making the Luis sidequest so homo.I love this game

>>590692546>He didn't even play it

>>590691604>Have to time it perfectly with the "I USED TO BE A RENEGADE" line while equipping the rain coatZero margin for error there, what were they thinking.

user doesn't know this but Patrick was a complete autist in the book. He even spilled all his spaghetti in front of his family.

>>590689215good game but if you ask me the whole morning cut-scene is too artsy and self-indulgent for me

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>>590691604>>590694689>all these casuals wanting the game to be easier so they can feel good about themselvesThat level was pure ludokino and you guys just whine that the game demands you to be good at it.

>>590690438>he read the book based

>>590692921Yeah but with the VR smellovision that homeless man was fucking rank. I couldn't relate to him at all. Not sorry!

>>590690914i was confused for a second then i saw it too LMAO>>590689493kek :D


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>secretary comes over>fuck up the quicktime event and kill her>my sanity bar drops like crazyhow the fuck was I supposed to know I had to avoid killing her

Why IS American Psycho suddenly popular?

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>>590698128well of course on 4chan there's the "check this 7" imagebut then suddenly saltydkdan references "I have to return some videotapes," a line with very little memery attached to it, and of it jermais that why it's becoming mainstream

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>>590698023>suddenlyUm, sweetie, Holla Forums has ALWAYS been a psychoboo board. Hell, all of 4chan originall was. It was the culture of the entire website and it still is today. If you don't like it then you can leave.

>>590698359>check this 7>newfags are so young nowadays they dont even remember the time when we had dubs

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>>590690654Turns out the psychosis that makes MC so deep and interesting in the original is just what a regular bitch is like. The dlc blackpilled me on women. Playing it felt like a rose-tinted glasses memory of dating my ex.

>>590698572I never said I didn't like itAlthough the film tends to feel like a 30s-60s "things happen" movie that invites discussion based on being shocking, but more interestingly when Bateman's apartment is suddenly stark clean and free of bodies, especially since the director said that the murders were real, I still think the acting and specifically that the "things" that happen being fun and weird make it a good film to watch.

>>590698359oh shit sorry i fucked up, what i meant to say was hey why do you have links of youtube all over the place?*hic*do you have a chow, y'know, a vtuber or something?*hic*

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>>590698359good lord this post fucking reeks of summer

>plot is rich white man kills a bunch of people and gets away with itBORING AND GAY

>>590693027Actually, you're supposed to fail that part, then the game continues after the game over screen, they didn't expect people to just go along with it then complain afterwards

>Thought I killed Paul Allen in the apartment level.>Turns out he survived and got the shit endingFuck this shit, i already overwrote the saves and im not starting again. shit game design

>>590698014Dude, the whole gameplay is trying to resist the murders. The payoff is that doing that just makes them drawn-out and hilarious most times. You're supposed to be Batemans conscience

>>590699169>dude just hold onto the chainsaw for 5 minutes while the girl runs down the staircaseyou artsy faggots are tiring

I always go down the timeline where I kill Paul Allen because he's Jewish