Gran Turismo 7

less than 14h leftIM SO HYPED BROS

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pc release when?

>>59068793212 hours for me. Can't wait.

>online requiredpass

I'm going to LS swap a Mustang the moment I buy the car from the car dealer.Any objections?

>>590687932Wait, is that a real photograph or a screenshot for a new PS5 game?I can't tell anymore.

An Elden Ring thread died for this.

>>590688797go jerk off to formulaic soft games elsewhere

>>590688107Man this would sell well on PC. I don't think any other game series has as many cars or as good a single player mode (if 7 is as good as 4) on PC. Forza Motorsport is OK but is lacking something the GT series has.

inb4 pajeets defame team typing snoy snoy

>>590688570N-no objections...Can't wait until the midnight. Everything's ready.

>>590687932>Go to order>Delivery estimate 7-8 MarchI may as well just go out and buy a copy

>>590689107>tfw living in the countryside, middle of fucking nowhere>Physical release: 11th March>estimated day of arrival 16-17 march

Nothing spectacular, move along

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oooooh gt7

I'm not gonna buy a scarce console from a scalper for one game, no matter how good

>>590691282you have had like over a year to put in reservation in a store and get the console ages ago to play gt7

>not playing the far superior Gran Turismo 2

>>590687932Might get. I just want to drive 700hp econo shitboxes around the nurburgring in track day lobbies like the good old days.

>>590687932where we're you when kino is back on the menu?

>>590689107Download it ;)

>$70 + Online Only + MicrotransactionsPass

is the always online garbage on ps4 too? because i'm not spending more than $20 otherwise

Still waiting for ps4 footage.

>>590691282I bought mine a week ago from Sony Direct and it was here in 3 days. No hassle, and retail price.

>>590691575It looks like GT gonna lie. I'm disappointed that this isn't the true generational graphics leap that people were making it out to be.

>>590691401>ridiculous rubber banding AIGT4 is the best.

>>590687932Can I do anything in it without being online?>>590688107It appears at the Geforce leak but if it's true then it will take at least a year if not two.

>>590687932Wow. It looks like an old TV broadcast of one of those endless races they play on Sunday afternoon when everyone isn't paying attention. Quite thrilling.

>>590687932My dad is a huge GT fan, he bought a ps5 only for thisI'm hope he'll have fun playing this tomorrow

>>590691809>they redo everything to make it "next gen" due to kaz's autism>it ends up barely looking better while having way less contentI'm kinda glad that they didn't

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Friendly reminder that literally non of the negative reviews are valid.>complain about menus too complicated>complain about music being "too weird">complain about the lack of rewind (because le Forza has it)>complain about it not being (((accessable))) like Forza>too boring and lifeless unlike le forza horizon>complain about actually having to play the game to get credit to buy the car instead of the game throwing super cars at you after every race (like le Forza)>complain about ot teaching you about the history of cars>most of them play in chase camera without even changing the settings>complain about the game showing you historical eventsOnly genuine complaint is the online only requirement.

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LOL why are w*sternoids so easily triggered?

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>>590693276Forza Horizon ruined racing games


>>590693347How dare a game to not be pozzed by american politics?

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>>590693276why do you read the retard casual reviewers? find some reviews from racing enthusiast sites instead

>>Idris Elba made a song for GT7Ummmm yep, I'm thinking kino.

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>>590687932>IM SO HYPED BROS>being hyped for a GT game post 4I'm so sorry user.

alright troopspost your main carsuper car fags need not apply

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I might check out at some point if they remove the internet requirement for single player. Other than that, it's yet another GT game. They'll never top 3 or 4.

>>590693541*2ftfy bro

>>590693513>why do you read the retard casual reviewers?Because I was curious about all those 7/10 reviews on metacritic.

>>590693276>tfw I will never be a soonerFeels good man

>>590693276>>complain about menus too complicatedIf 5,6,Sport are anything to go by, the menus will absolutely be fucking garbage.

>>590693612>not being a soomer instead

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>>590693549she's mine, everyone else can back the fuck off???

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I wish I could play.

>>590693709>Sport menus>badTasteless faggot.

>>590693570based, where the fuck is my accord wagon in gt7, kaz?

>>590693935They were awful man, so much shit that should have been grouped together was tucked away in completely different areas of the game and in different menus, especially with regard to car tuning and modification.Nothing intuitive about it at all.

yellow miata from '98-01 with a turbo dropped in

>>5906881072% chanceSony still too retarded that PC is the main platform for Sim Racing.

>>590693846>Best first used car in GT1 and 2WE ALL HAD HER

>>590695538>not using a Civic SiR-IIyou're not my bro

>>590688107Never EVER

I worry the AI will still be too easy to just dive bomb in each corner. I know they showed off the machine learned AI and such but that isn't part of the game, is it?

>>590695538>million kg supra>bestlmao try mx-5

The liocense tests look far to easy. It's become casual shit.

>>590688794It's a real picture, the trees are way too defined to be a game and the road is too imperfect and unique, not tiled like games usually are.

>>590692664Mine too kek, wish I could have got him a ps5 though

Why does it take a decade to make a car turn left on like 5 maps?

>>590696231I think they'll add it in later, it would make no sense to develop the tech and then not use it for anything

>>590696416A friend of mine got a physical early copy, he says he's constantly filtered by the last IA license test because it's an overtaking race in the burgerking similar to mission 34 but with a GT3 car.

>>590687932Why do they refuse to make a 360º third person camera like every other racing game?

>>590697990>Why do they refuse to make a 360º third person camera like every other racing game?Wait for real? They still haven't done that shit?

>>590687932Here's the intro for GT7 btw in case anyone missed it >>590691467