LMAO Remember when Holla Forums said that Gloria's design was boring, I'm sure you guys think something different now

LMAO Remember when Holla Forums said that Gloria's design was boring, I'm sure you guys think something different now.

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It amazes me that GF manages to get more mediocre with each new game.

>>590687692Gloria is the reason why I sometimes have an urge to play SWSH

Too bad, Gloria's porn sucks.


>>590687692New designs remind me of Pokemon Go.

>>590687692The design would be okay if1) Male and Female were actually different characters and not the same except one has slightly more girl-like hair2) it was drawn by Ken Sugimori so it looked like Pokémon art and not "post Malone the Pokémon concert"But whatever we all know the truth, idiot will buy the game regardless so they can do anything they want with it

They don't look like pokemon characters, they look like metaverse emoji characters.

Everytime I see Gloria I think about the goofy accent they gave her in the gacha

>>590691118I tend to think about the Scottish accent instead.

>>590689652nhentai.net/g/360145/Say what?

>>590691118youtu.be/zsKtIR41Opkits cute. the memes were just forcing the scotting accent.

>>590687692Gloria has less fanart than chicken and chicken has less fanart than everyone else behind her.

>>590691526How can you "force" the accent when the official one wasn't even there before? I mean, yes, now the official accent means Scottish Gloria is just a meme, but it is not like there was some headcanon vs canon battle.


>>590691959>she didnt have a voice therefore our headcanon was okretard

>>590692291Don't put words in my mouth-- fingers-- keyboard-- anyway, that's not what I meant, it was just that, some headcanon, once the Cornwall accent came her Scottish accent memes died.

>>590687692Yeah, they are both boring

She's still shit, the new one's just even worse. I knew Pokegirls would decline eventually, but not this fast.

>>590687692It's not like that design is going to be what they'll end up looking like at the end of the day, though.

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>>590687692Where’s the soul?

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>>590687692Left one doesn't even look like Pokemon anymore on top of being a generic design by itself.

>>590692495>I knew Pokegirls would decline eventually

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>>590687692>leave the neighborhood milfs to me.

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>>590692495We're experiencing a demographic shift caused by the phone games. These new character styles are clearly aimed to appeal to a broader audience, borrowing more western style that looks 'friendlier' or 'familiar' to this new audience.>>590692659Decline doesn't mean 'end'. She's likely one of the few that we'll be seeing with this "anime" artstyle. You could say 'POKEMON IS JAPANESE', but the new target audience isn't.

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>>590692495They'll make the trainers extra cute to compensate.

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>>590692659>Slightly change the outfit of one from over 10 years ago>newAnon please.


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>>590692291>the accent wasn't confirmed therefor it's ok to speculateYes, user. It's the accent of a videogame character, it doesn't fucking matter. Why wouldn't it be okay?

>>590693351>Why wouldn't it be okay?because its not canon

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>>590693441That doesn't make it not okay. You can just say "I don't like it because I'm autistic" and be done with it, no need to pretend that your opinion matters more than that.

>>590690602Shit you're Right

>>590693585you lost, irish bastard. gloria is a british woman, not a loser.

>>590687692>japanese shadman #2

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>>590693751The meme was that she was scottish, not irish. Get your facts straight, autist.

>>590693903same shit, retard. your capitalization and muh periods dont make you any less that a salty forced meme loser

>>590689652This.Gen 8 had the worst porn so far, only Melony escapes and even then, its kinda limited

>>590694000>gets pissy about headcanon accents>doesn't even know what the accents arelmao, retard. You sure you even know if that's a british accent? Is it canon that you know basic geography?

>>590694370the only thing canon is that im sorry

>>590691340>fatass pornPass

>>590691340Thats like the only good one, marnie has better stuff, gloria has some decent one offs though.

>>590687692Too covered. She should outright just wear a hijab at that point.

>>590687692Avatar customization was a mistakeWhat's the point in wasting time for a good design when you can just slap a meh one and let people decide how to change it?

>>590687692Give it two years of fanart and people will be in love with the new female protag. It always works like this.

>>590691340>Say what?Well you proved what >>590689652 said, they completely ruined her in that dojin.

>>590694802Customization is good for that reason since devs are too incompetent to put together a good design to begin with. It takes a lot less talent to throw a bunch of decent pieces at a player and let them come up with something nice than it does for devs to put them together into a single truly great design.

>>590687692Gloria is great though

>>590687692>chamwould be a good artist if they didnt draw so much niggers

>>590691910???? What are you implying

>>590691340Not her.

>>590687692the only thing that's not boring about Gloria is her being Scottish

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Gloria default outfit sucks.

>>590687692>the new girl design is growing on you thanks to all the shit retard haters are saying. yep, both are good.

>>590690602Pokemon Go, Detective Pikachu, and kind of New Pokemon Snap. I never thought much about how those games looked, but now I do I guess

>>590691910You can't be any more wrong. Gloria has more fanarts than literally everyone.

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>>590697580>Melony that lowIT'S NOT FAIR IT'S NOT FAIR IT'S NOT FAIR

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>>590696879I mean,designs started getting shittier and shitter the moment custom became a thing,and the real meat of the character people like are well defined npcsS/S female one was basically saved by the meme,unless they can find another one fast,it's going to be the most forgettable one ever

>>590697580>Irida is nearly at the 2k fanart mark

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>>590697580>pixivsurely there is a more accurate way to measure this than by looking at one nip site