>Aurelia is the best summo--ENTER

>Aurelia is the best summo--ENTER

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All my summons do shit fucking damage at what point do they become good?

>>590687720They can be upgraded like a weapon

>>590687661I use latenna so I can oogle her cute bare feet

the mimic summon destroys the entire game

>>590688409Where do I find them?

>>590688409>My Rogier Set Moonveil build does over 1300 damage with its L2+R2>Anytime I'm allowed to bring a mimic the boss is nuked to death within seconds because the mimic also spams the L2+R2

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>>590688409The bullshit multiboss fights towards the end also kill the game, so it evens out

>>590688492Step 1: Defeat RadahnStep 2: Enter the gravity hole.Step 3: Do the zone. And the one after that. And the one after that. It's in a chest.

>>590687720Their point is to tank, not kill things for you>>590688492City of Nokron, which unlocks after Radahn's bossfight

>>590688513wtf is l2+r2?

>>590688632L2 = Left trigger on a Playstation controller.Likewise, R2 = Right trigger.In game terms, weapon art into heavy attack.

>>590688584Is it after the fight of the two fucking gargoyles? Or before somewhere

>>590688596>Their point is to tank, not kill things for you>all bosses are aggroed on me 24/7So they're worthless?

>>590688843bosses tend to beeline the summons

>>590688789Before. You actually managed to go the wrong way, lol.There's a site of grace on the southwestern side of the Ancestral Woods. It's right next to a zone called Night's Sacred Ground. The ash is in a chest in that zone.

>>590688843Bosses will attack the last thing that damaged them. If the boss is chasing you it means your summon can't get an attack in. Usually if it's a melee only summon that happens.

>Not summoning yourselfyoutu.be/iYZIUtDAFIw

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nah skeltal militia ashes is where its at. I beat margit on my first try with the dudes, they just wont die.

>>590689106now neither of us will be virgins

>>590687720They're meant as a decoy, dummy.Also poise break/stagger.

>>590689106you are one coward little bitch

I still don't know what summons are or how they workthe only summon sign I saw was that brown girl outside godrick

>>590689106>Lord of Blood>Killed by bleedLmao


I haven't been able to use any of these summons and I've beaten Godrick already. How the fuck do I use these bastards?

>>590689106What is that yellow circle?I've seen it a couple of times in multiplayer and never figured it out.

>>590689506>>590689252teleport to church of elleh at night

>>590689106>No secret fuckhuge boss battle against something ever far larger and more powerful than Yhorm but without storm ruler, and you can use all your spirit summons>No previous From game protagonists spirit summonsPower of friendship bros... we LOST...

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>>590689506You gotta be offline to use themKinda dumb honestly, I'd love to be able to play with meme messages and bloodstains and not have to reload the game everytime I wanna summon one before a boss.Is it really hard to code being unable to summon co-op summons with a summon out and vice-versa?

>>590689575Adding to this, if you don't meet a npc there you Can buy the item that lets you summon them in the Roundtable Hold

>>590689804mods will fix this... EAC is bypassed easily,,,

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>>590689804>No previous From game protagonists spirit summonsThis is 100% gonna be in some DLC

>>590689506You have to go to the Church of Elleh, that first grace with a merchant who looks like santa, at night. No you're never given a hint about this at any point in game

>>590689967What are the chances of a mod that enables mutiplayer horse riding? That's the only thing this game is missing for me desu.

>>590690081I'm pretty sure you can get other summoning bells in the game, can't you? Same goes for the arts knife.

>>590689804You know shit will get real in the DLCs when Tarnished starts talking in the final battle, and the first word is "Minna..."

>>590689808>I'd love to be able to play with meme messages and bloodstains and not have to reload the game everytime I wanna summon one before a bossLmao.You can only summon at certain places and you can't summon ashes when you already have any other summon be it player, NPC cooperator or other ashes.Same rules apply for both offline and online.

>>590690081you can buy the bell from a vendor toophysics flask is another feature you can completely miss just because you dont go to every side area

>>590690114EAC blocks out any mods and forces you to go offline if you try online stuff, so it's either some black magic shit that forced DS to go into offline oblivion or EAC being removed in favor of less intrusive shit. I liked Cinders and The Convergence more than PVP anyway.

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>>590689106>Mimic ashesYou know what's even more kino? The fact that you beat his ass into submission before gaining the summon.

>>590689808fucking retard

>No Melina spirit summonLolLmao even

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>>590690509"Mimic tears are the result of an attempt by the Eternal City toforge a lord." It is testing you to see if you can match or surpass it to be a true Lord. If you do, it will be at your service

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>>590690618Much better waifuWay better hub

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>>590688843Then you're using the wrong spirits.

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>>590687661I'm in the Shunning Grounds now with the huge purple niggers and one-shot lobsters. This game is fucking relentless with how hard the enemies are, and in contrast the summons fucking blows for the most part. What are some actually good summons? I've been using the nobles and they get atomized instantly this late in the game.

>>590691324oleg aka chadeg

>put 10 exalted flesh on quick slots>mimic wont stop fucking eating jerkybe wary of plump sort

>>590691324Marionette Soldiers have been holding up for me pretty well

>>590691038Where do I get these niggas?

poison doggo has claimed its second magma wyrm kill.


>>590689106It’s pretty strong for the cost of one flask charge.

>>590691957it's like breath of the wild, you can go to the end game dungeon early but there's still tons of "optional" content. you are normally supposed to do most of them at your own pace.

Best Summons for different purposes?I want to make an arsenal of Ashes for different scenarios. Maybe one for DPS, one for Tanking single enemies, one for Crowd Control, Ranged, Melee, that kind of thing.Is it like weapons where all of them can be viable if you just upgrade them enough? if so I might just choose one based on Roleplaying.

>>590691908Personally, I summon my Mimic, then pop a Physick with damage absorb, and insta-HP.it almost entirely blocks my next hit, and leaves me at full health (once you have at least 1200 HP of course.)

>>590689804God that imagine is fucking kino

youtube.com/watch?v=AK28Fyqp-YACan't believe you can get this axe with a broken ash of war so early.

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>>590688682L2+R2 means pressing them at the same time ESL, which does nothing. Say L2 into R2.

Are any of the named Ashes good? I didn't try any of them because they require 90+ FP and I have 75

>>590687661I didn't even use summons yet, I heard they make the game easy mode. Should I start doing it?

>>590687661Does he become good after upgrades? I summoned him once and he did jack shit damage and died immediately.

>>590693407Yeah, I really like Oleg.

So I can just put Latenna somewhere unreachable and she'll just shoot everyone to death?

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>>590693407I really like Lhutel, but she's expensive as fuck with a 104fp cost.

>Summon shrieking pack of Orcs. I haven't needed any other Ash.

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Anyone tested if these Spirits scale with anything or just their upgrades?

>>590695316yeah arcane.

Me and my bloodhound bro will last the entire game.

>>590695389Might actually go ahead and waste a couple of rebirths to test a DEX/ARC build, dual blade with bleed or cult affinity and a strong named spirit just to see how it works out with 40 ARC

best spirit summon besides mimic is lhutel because she can phase in and out and has ranged attack on top of weapon buff and a damn shield

>>590694681Yeah just make sure the boss doesn't aggro on her. Very strong in some fights.

>>590694153hes a joke summon that never gets good outside of being a punching bag to attract aggro which every summon already doesall the more reason to keep him as your right hand man

>>590690618Melina is not even the main girl

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>>590695257As someone who used the shit out of them early on, they regrettably drop off later. Bosses just murder them with large sweeping attacks. I've actually replaced them with skeletons, because those rascals can revive with full health and keep tanking.

>>590690618you can co-op summon her for one major boss at least

>>590689719Any other night events that can happen? I found a boss near the entrance to the academy at night


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omenkiller rollo bros represent.That mother fucker can tank some dmg.

I'm pumping my FP to 110 to use the mad pumpkin head. I hope I won't be disappointed.


I always see the same summons mentioned, has anyone actually got their hands on a few of the other named ashes like dragon Knight Kristoff or the Black flame Monk Amon? They look cool as fuck.


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>>590693128just as early as you can get Bloodhound's step which absolutely demolishes degenerate gimmick spammers like this

Based mimic bro helped me with apostol in radan tower and in his castle against crucible faggot and lican gang bullshit. Now i have great sword of my dreams

>>590687661mimic question: can i summon the mimic while holding one weapon, and then swap my weapon to something else? like if i wanted the mimic to use a poison weapon, and then i swap to a frost weapon, we could both stack ailments, right?

>>590690618>Io sees herself as just a doll>Ranni is a soul inhabiting a doll>the Plain DollDollbros keep on winning

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>>590693407Tiche does surprisingly great damage with her knife, and she dodges around constantly. I hope she has the super edgy attack her dad does.

>>590697936nigga you can even equip weapons you can't use, summon the mimic and change to your main armor/weapon. The mimic use it effectively anywayYou can go full int casting spells like the autist you are and summon fucking havel to help you


>mfw bestest knight broleg

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>>590698305This is so broken it's not even funny

>>590697337You're beautiful.

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>>590698205Io is not for lewds

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>>590699230MADE for servicing her Successor's cock