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>>590684681Forbidden Siren 2

>>590684681Mary Skelter 2

>>590684681Your favorite game

>>590684681None. Every game has at least one flaw. Nothing men can ever create can be considered a 10.

>>590684681Mary Skelter 2 & Finale

None of them does. There's no such thing as a perfect video game.

>>590684681Mary Skelter 2

Chrono Trigger is literally the only one



>>590684681Witch’s House

>>590684681The Witch’s House

>>590684681Chrono Trigger

donkey kong 64_____________

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>>590684867>10/10 can't have flawsFuck you.

Ignore the tranny pedophile liberals saying typical NPC responsesWitch’s House is the correct answer, shout out to Fragile Dreams Farewell Remnants of the Moon

Ghost trick

>>590684681Alien Soldier>>590684867Not Alien Soldier

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>>590685159Are you a honest retard? 10/10 means 100%.

>>590684681Devil May Cry 3

>>590684681>>590684867>>59068489510 doesn't mean perfection for flawless. 10 means that the game the best games you have played. It's all relative. A 10 is a 10 until you play something better than it. Then it gets bumped down to a 9, and the new favorite game becomes the 10.

>>590685234a 99/100 rounds up to 10/10

>>590684681Elden Ring

>>590685208Dyanmite Headdy is much better and that is a 9 at best. >>590685254Remember that shit section where you have to redo bosses?

>>590684681Witch’s HouseSiren 2Radiant SilvergunAlien SoldierMad FatherLisa the PainfulIbCastlevania 3

>>590685271Oh sorry didnt know the logic was that everything was rounded down to the nearest whole number kek.

>>590685346All of this>>590685208Based>>590685203Based>>590685090>>590684984>>590685003>>590685292Faggots

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>>590685296>Fighting kino bosses againI see no flaws here

>witch's householy shit taste

Metal slug 3

World of Goo

>>590685346Nearly perfect list hereNeeds Fatal Frame 2 though, best game ever made despite what 3 fags say

>>590685441Try again tranny faggot, plebbit is > way. All your roll sims & bing bing wahoo is there

>>590685203Good shit.

>>590685234Autism. This is why people use the obnoxious /100 scale.

>>590685662Mutt education.

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>>590685550I love the first three, 2 and 3 are on par. 2 has the best level design and atmosphere but it's held back by being way too easy and the least scary of the trilogy

>>590685662You are just an idiot who never once excelled in any advanced maths class. Go fuck yourself.

>>590684867Fuck youTetrisEat shit

>>590685752>>590685827As another user pointed out, a game that's not perfect but would be say, a 95/100, can be simplified to a 10/10. This is not an uneducated stance. There would be no point to a simplified rating system if the top rank is never achievable. You are both autistic.

>>590685918That's 9.5/10I'm not replying any more, you are just too fucking dumb.

Majora's Mask Installer and Roms:files.catbox.moe/bztfh8.zipPastebin with all links:pastebin.com/FBix4ZAqPatcher64 : github.com/Admentus64/Patcher64Plus-ToolBetterMajorasMaskInstaller Repository:github.com/Rosalie241/BetterMajorasMaskInstallerFor accuracy purists, here's a download to Parallel Launcher/Mupen64.parallel-launcher.ca/If you're considering playing Majora's Mask, play either this version or the original N64 release. Avoid the 3DS version or any of the rereleases.Guide v1.2 Changes: -Fixed various ingame issues in the non-hero mode roms.-Fixed common crashes. It's recommended you redownload the roms if you were not using the hero mode versions.

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>>590685997I agree with this user. >>590685918 is a fucking spastic.

>>590685997Dunning and Kruger would be proud.You're not smart for being unable to comprehend a simplified system. This isn't hard science, it's video game scores.

terraria and minecraft just pure comfy

>>590684681Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice

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>>590685827>I'm so le smart, I must tell my friends on 4chanlollmao

Donkey Kong Country 2, game only has one bad level and even that one would be on of the best in any other 2d platformer it's the autoscroller level

Ace Combat Zero

590686214Thanks for the (you)

The outer wilds.

>>590685263DS3, BB and Sekiro were 10/10 for me but now with Elden Ring, I don't think I can justify giving the previous 3 the same score when ER is qualitatively better.If 10/10 meant absolutely perfect, cannot think of a way to improve it, then nothing would ever get that score.

>>590684681Vagrant Story

Mount and Blade Warband

>>590685234you have burgers of the ass


>>590686296Apparently never being able to achieve that score is the point. Guess I'll have to bump Bloodborne down to a 9.6 on my list.

>>590685425I like Witch's House, especially after reading the prequel manga, but you have to be retarded to give it, a clearly flawed game, a 10/10 while also calling people who gave examples of better games, faggots.

>>590686296None of those games were 10's. Nearly every Souls game is flawed and I'm a huge fan of them. For instance, one can't deny the repetitive enemies and repetitive bosses as plain out lazy design in ER.


>>590684867>Nothing men can ever create can be considered a 10.Idk, I've seen some pretty darn good hentai. Perfect, even.

>>590686418Tranny>>590686456Nobody cares

>>590685203Objectively correctThat game is without flaw

Bioshock for sure

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>>590684681It's only a matter of time until a game gets 11/10 for the sensationalism of it all. Rating things out of a maximum implies that something greater has been seen, or perfection has been achieved. If it was open ended like earthquakes it would make more sense desu

>>590686690Oot already got a 110/100 score in 1998

Leon Scott Kenedy adventures in spain

>>590684681Doom: The Golden Souls 2

>>590686739well there you go, and it will happen again

Superman 64

>>590686497Prove it.

>>590684681Witch’s House


>>590686553Why is it always closet trannies calling people trannies out of nowhere?Just rope yourself already, projecting on 4chin won't help you accept that axe wound of yours.

>>590684867>>590684895tetris is perfect. the formula is simple and you learn it in a split second, and you can potentially play it forever

>>590686642This but the second one

>>590686968Le heckin moving blocks amazing!!!

The Neverhood

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>>590684681Unironically Tetris DS

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honestly? it's gotta be kotor 1it felt like a self-contained adventure that kept me thrilled from beginning to end and which i still enjoy replaying especially because every part of the game feels meaningful in its own waythe locations were great, the characters were great, the music was great, and the combat was far more tolerable than other games of its kindthe storytelling was perfect as it slowly upped the stakes until you were in a final showdown against the big bad and got an appropriate endinghonestly, they don't really make them like that anymore, every rpg i play nowaday feels like an endless fucking slog with no end in sight

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>>590684681Team Fortress 2, at least before 2016 when there was no matchmaking

ghost trick

>>590687012inbred retard>>590687059I was thinking of this one actually, fucking kino

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>>590685003>>590685850>>590686384>>590686456tetris has 1 flaw tho.... its fucking boring

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>>590686968flappy bird is perfect. the formula is simple and you learn it in a split second, and you can potentially play it forever

>>590687194You just upset the npc hiveminded trannies. Watch them use sales buzzwords to justify their position as they know your right

>>590687239well yeah? there's a reason it became so popular

Mario Kart DS

>>590684681rct/rct2 B)

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>>590687307>Trannies are unironically using sales, a 100% marketing thing as a baseless claim for popularityHow out of touch


>>590687335RCT2 has too shitty scenarios to be a 10/10. The original has a much stronger argument

Ketsui. The pinnacle of stage design and the in your face aggression with how the game comes at you.

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yassss I love animu shovelware 10/10

>>590687059The best guideñines tetris I've ever played

>>590685203Based and truth pilled

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>>590687389so the fact they keep releasing tetris like 40 years after it was first made is a marketing thing? tranny obsessed faggot, you retards could argue over fucking anything

13 Sentinels

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>>590687194YOU'RE fucking boringyoutube.com/watch?v=ekqtV7sH1Zw>>590687447rct1 is absolutely superior for scenario play, but openrct2 has been around for long enough now and the core gameplay is more or less identical between the two no matter what version you're playing, so i can't really shit on either of them too much. autistic nitpicking like this will be the death of me

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>>590687389This, newfags ruined this board

>>590687820ironic shitposting about sales and review scores has attracted actual retards who care about sales and review scores. We need to go back


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>>590685174>Fragile Dreams Farewell Remnants of the MoonBad controls, the most fundamental function, so its not a 10/10

>>590684681Metal Gear Solid 3, easy

>>590684681kotorskyrimneed for speed underground 2halo CEoriginal lego star wars trilogywitcher 3


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>>590691147I like Skyrim, but it's the most generic fantasy shit stuffed into a decent action adventure. I'll call it 6/10 with extra 2 points with mods at max. There are total overhaul mods which are miles better than Bethesdashit.



>>590684681Team Fortress 2 (pre-hats)

>>590691147>Halointeresting choice. its campaign is a bog sometimes but it is pretty fun and comfy

>>590684681Burnout 3: Takedown. To this day I'm waiting for a better deathmatch racer game.

Cataclysm: DDAHeroes 3FactorioSs13

There isn't one. Works of creativity shouldn't be placed on a 10 point scale, but then you'd have to actually listen to the criticism.

>>590684681Elden Ring

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Mario 3

>>590684681There's a few actualmy but it depends on how accurate your scale actually is, for exanple I don't think sny game deserves a 100/100 score when it comes to 5 star ratings or 10/10 ratings the game doesn't need to be perfect.Similiarly there's plenty of games that deserved a 10/10 at the time but that just no longer deserve it due to other games sinply surpassing them, fixing their mistakes and having objectively better controls. So the question would be a 10/10 right now and does a 10/10 need to actually be perfect or just what someone personally believes to be a 10.Anyway my answer would be peak Emma Watson she used to be a 10/10


>>590685234No 100% means a 100/100 a 10/10 is a much broader measuring unit leaving alot more room for interpretation and most people will not only give out a 10 for something truly perfect while they'd never give something 100/100

WarzoneRed Dead 1Kingdom Come Deliverance

>>590684681None because that's a perfect score and nothing is perfect.

>>590684681Elden Ring

Luigi's Mansion 2

>>590685263Yes, reviews are worthless and nothing is a 10/10. Thanks for confirming it.

>>590684681Total Annihilation

>>590685918>zoomer mathNo. it's a 9.5/10. Stop pretending you're an engineer if you went to school after 2005, thanks. No one wants the shit you're building.

>>590684681Rain World

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>>590685234I think Earthbound is a 10/10, yet it still has like a billion annoying flaws. A 10/10 can have flaws.

Hollow Knight is the only game I played recently that I genuinely thought had pretty much no major flaws


>>590695992Thinking untrue things doesn't make untrue statements true.

>>590685174if you want people to take you seriously you can't just cram your post full of buzzwords instead of arguements

>>590684681Babs is you. Brainlets will try and refute this.

Ender Lilies

>>590684681I've never played a game I didn't think could be improved in some way

>>590685918You would maybe have a point if we rounded 8.6 up to 9 for exampleBut 10/10 means perfect, you cannot round anything up to a perfect - that's why any media outlet who unironically gives any piece of art a 10 is not to be trusted

>>590696324That doesn't mean you can't give them a 10/10 rating though. While I agree that 100% is an impossible score a 10/10 just needs to be the best game of it's kind at the time.However eveyone is entitled to their own opinion on how THEY define a 10/10

a 10/10 can not be equated to perfectionno game is without flawa 10/10 means perfection on a reasonable scalea particular game being as good as it can possibly be within its own style and genrenow ofc this rules out tons of games, very very few games are actual 10/10sI'd say that Rain World is a 10/10I'd say that Portal 2 is a 10/10I'd say that Dishonored is a 10/10There are quite a lot of games that are rated 10 or close to 10 (by the public and by critics), but despite that, I cannot see them as 10/10sHadesGod of WarGTA VSuper Mario OdysseyElden RingAnd so on and so on

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>>59069717099% of critics and even the current audience for video games is full of shit so that's no way to look for a perfect game. Yoshi's Island is better than all the games you mentioned, but Rain World you can at least make a good case for being just as good

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>>590684681to me 10 means it has next to no flaws. DMC3 comes close hitting that. with amazing gameplay, story, music, art direction, general uniquness, every single wepon and gameplay mechanic being viable and working together, it's influence on other games in it's genre. but it's dragged down by the heart boss and the doppleganger boss and some annoying enemies so it only gets a 9/10 desu.I think OG FF7 has 0 glaring flaws that arn't retroactive, so yeah thats a10/10. Mario 3 and mgs3 can be argued aswell.

>>590684681DQXI:Seasy.skyrim is also criminally underrated (you guys always shittalk it and moan about how morrowind is better) but its the best and deserves a 10/10 with dlc.

unironically skyrim

>>590685234they hated user because he told them the truth

>>590684681F-Zero GX