"Open world" game design is the cafe americano of vidya.Discuss

"Open world" game design is the cafe americano of vidya.Discuss.

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>>590682728Does united states citizens really?

>Food Analogy

I like americanos because I don't want to finish my coffee in 3 seconds.

>>590682876no we drink a can of coke in the morningit has caffeine very good alternative!

>>590682728>Drink analogy

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Yes, but there’s like half a shot of coffee and a fuck ton of water to the point where you can barely taste the coffee anymore Short black is a linear game.

>>590682876don't talk to me till i had my cuppa

>>590683028>drain excess water>you can now finish your coffee in half a second insteadFucking minmaxing fag

>>590682728Sure? It does enable devs to get away with having a lack of level design talent

>>590682728don't tell me muricans drink something like this unironically

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Do Americanos reallyano?

>>590682876Did you know when GI came to Italy during world war 2The Italian served them their prized Espresso shotsBut the American hate it because it was too bitter So they pour hot water to dilute it before drinking Hench AmericanoLearned that from vidya

>>590682728Ubisoft is the long coffee of the long baguettes of vidya

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>>590683647you are the long coffee of the long faguettes

>>590682728Why do all coffee have names? To me this is just a coffee. What makes it an americano?a84n4

>>590683647The americano is more like Ubisoft, useless filler and only the end portion of the game is good.The long black is like indie games, great at the start but after you finish the substance it's all filler.


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>>590682728Cappucino is the same but with milk

>>590683848Espresso is made in a slightly different way than regular coffee.A latte is different from a cappuccino

Coffee snobs are every bit as pretentious as cheese and wine ones.Ordinary instant coffee is all you need to get your caffeine fix.

Is there any benefits of making espresso from a manual machine over a regular espresso machine? I was interested in a Flaire Neo, but I wanted to get feedback first before exploring more.

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>>590684150Everything third waves are pretencious Be it wine cheese beer coffee weeds

>>590684150>Ordinary instant coffee is all you need to get your caffeine fix.get a load of this fart huffing snob. All you need is caffeine pills, 200mg cut in half if you prefer 100mg

>>590682728Americano is stupid. Just add milk or cream to espresso

>>590684150hope you're still playing pong and pacman exclusively senpai

>>590684248>beerUm excuse me did you just insult my sophisticated IPA selection??

>>590684349I hate IPA's and that's mostly all there is anywhere now.

>>590682728>same amount of grounds>same amount of water>pourover>it tastes better

>>590684334>video game analogy

>>590684349I've had like 10 breweries pop up in my area over the past few years.they never have any stout or porterits all sours and ipasI fucking hate it

>>590684187As someone with an old Pavoni and a modern espresso maker, I can tell you that provided you can see how espresso is supposed to flow, manual machines will never produce a disgusting coffee. Because you regulate it while it is flowing out. If you set the machine wrong, the cofffee will be either extremely bitter or sour and undrinkable.So if you like to try a lot of different coffee beans and don't want as much trial and error, go for a manual machine. If you want exactly the same coffee everytime (consistency) and the ability to minmax, go for a modern machine.

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>>590684187Cheaper smaller and less convenientIf you want to drink espresso once in a blue moon then you better off just go to Cafe near by and get one Cause you probably want to use freshly grounded beans in which case you need to also have coffee blender and among all other shits. Otherwise you might as well drink brew coffeeregular machine is just a lot more convenient with hot water built in and it also come with milk streamer


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>>590684842>EVEN FEWER GOOD INSTANTSBut they do exist

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>>590685006They're rare but they are out there. You're not going to hear about them unless you go out of your way for them, though.

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>>590682728americanos are delicious and taste better then drip coffee with more caffeine fite me

>>590685123Just get a latte

>>590685061Did you seriously just post this? I honestly can't think of anything more vile than Nescafe 3 in 1. Even nameless Tesco brand instant coffee would be preferable.

>>590685184What the hell kind of Nescafe have you been drinking, the stuff I drink is just an okay drip-brew with creamer in flavor.

>>590685156steamed milk has it's place and sometimes water content in the right espresso really opens it up, especially if it's extracted just right. more water can really highlight when the espresso was burnt. plus the higher water content helps depending on the morning

>>590685123>drip coffeeThere's your problem

>>590685280i love coffee all forms i love my percolator i love my espresso machine i even love my instant simple as

>>590684150Never used to drink coffee until I won a $500 Starbucks card and drank random hot shit from there. I started drinking instant Cofee Mate & Nescafe at the office and it's just this powdered shit and it tastes better.Never tried McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts or Tim Hortons yet.

>>590685331You'll lose your fucking mind when you start trying actual coffees that you brew yourself, if you're impressed by fast-food coffee and instant. Try a Chemex brewer or buy an electric percolator.

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most thing taste better when you make it yourselfbut not colayou cant beat the brand

guys is coffee good for you?

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>>590685601Making your own cola ain't worthwhile and most of the knockoff cola syrups you can buy suck. Especially if you want flavored colas like vanilla or cherry.

>>590685496you have to start from therenobody become pretentious thirdwave faggots right awaylike if you give 18 years old IPA they are just going to hate ityou have to start with budlight or bluemoon and work your way upif some 18 years old claim they love IPAthey are either just lying for clout or been drinking since they were 14

You know what? It's not bad.The maker, not the pod in it. Pretty much every coffee company Keurig owns makes horrible product. Buy Peet's if you're going to buy pod coffee. And for the love of God buy a reusable pod that's compatible with your machine so you can just use ground coffee.

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>>590682728what's the difference to using americano volume amount of water on an espresso amount of beans

If you dilute an espresso with more water doesn't it just become normal coffee at that point?

>>590682728>he fell for the brown liquid jew

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Flat white is the best kind of coffee.

>>590685931>he convinced himself the brown tea was a Jewish psy-op

>>590685324That's really cool anonDifferent kinds of coffees scratch different itches at different timesHowever you >>590685123 did say I should fite you so I must inform you that your taste is objectively shit (like drip coffee) and you are a faggot

>>590685923they taste different but they are both still coffeeI guess if you just want a cup of coffee then it does not matterbut its like the different between coke and Pepsi

>>590685714Not the north american kind, which is either reheated stale water o a sugar bomb with a hundred things besides coffee

>>590685496do you grind your own beans? if so, which grinder do you use? if not, what preground brand do you buy?

>>590685714fuck off /fit/ we're discussing video games

if making open world games is so easy then why don't all of you fuckwits get jobs as level designers?

>>590685923i think "normal coffee" is brewed while espresso is pressed with 15bar.

>>590685805>been drinking since they were 14That's pretty normal in every country except America though

>>590685969but i dont even own a drip brewer... i do have a tassimo tho, it is helpful for steamed milk when i dont feel like doing that myself which is usually always. so yes okay i understand

>>590685714Woman are temporaryType II instant coffee is eternal

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>>590684349what are some good IPA then?

>>590686185Open world games don't have levels

>>590686123Yes I do!I use a CuisinArt DBM-8 burr grinder for general purpose but I've been meaning to upgrade to a Baratza or something else in that price caliber for more consistent grinds. THAT SAID, a DBM-8 is a pretty good electric grinder for the uninitiated. You will probably be setting your coffee grinds to the highest fineness setting but you're able to sorta-kinda dial it in (it's not a precise machine) and having a hopper for beans is a good touch. Do note the collection basket is not anti-static so coffee grinds and powder will stick to the inside of it like a motherfucker.Honestly I usually just buy Folger's Colombian brand coffee ("Colombian" has a pretty decent quality floor regardless of brand) if I want pre-ground, I also like Chock Full O' Nuts (seems to be a harsh coffee, has a high caffeine content) and Peet's.One of my go-to coffees for beans to grind myself is Don Pablo, they have a variety of roasts and sell coffee beans in 5 lb. or 2 lb. bags. They also have pre-ground.

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>>590684842>blocks your path

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>>590682728>American O>OI don't get it. Is there something different about american O's as compared to O's from other languages?

>>590686535I didn't know they even had instant coffee, I've been buying their vacuum-sealed bricks of espresso grounds for years.

coffeebros, what french press can you recommend?

>>590686420>t. doesn't understand what level design means

>>590686560It's-a how-a Italians pronounce Americano, you Gay Bowser

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>>590686860>AmericanoWhat's "Americano"?

>>590686806Mueller has a great one for $20 on Amazon

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>>590683848>What makes it an americano?It's espresso mixed with water.>What makes an espresso?See here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EspressoBasically: you can prepare coffee in number of ways. Sometimes difference can be noticed by coffee casuals (think gameplay of Streets of Rage and Bayonetta), sometimes you need to experience it for the first time (think Starcraft vs Starcraft: Brood War), sometimes it takes years to notice the difference.Same goes with pretty much all the food/beverages. There are several types of vodka, whisky, pasta, chocolate, tea, bread, cheese etc.

>>590684187No need to be fancyjust get Moka pot

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>>590682728I love americanos. The water gives it a real earthy taste.

Why does coffee make me feel a little bit ill and give me small headaches? And why do I often still feel tired after drinking them despite not consuming it often?

I've never drank coffee. If it smells bad, it will taste bad. And I've never smelled any coffee-related thing thats smelt good.

Light roast or dark roast?


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>>590686961It's-a how we Italians say Americano you dumb-a piece of stool

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>>590687458lol that's what my brother used to say about heroin and now look at him

>>590687384Coffee's a bit of a stomach irritant (drinking it on an empty stomach isn't advised), dunno about the headaches. Maybe a high caffeine toleranceSee if tea does anything for you

>>590684150>>590684842>>590685006>>590685061instant coffee is carcinogenicpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24325083/

>>590687384dont drink it on an empty stomach

What is the pingado of games?Coffee + milk

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Hate the taste of boiled mud but still need my caffeine fixHate it

>>590687902So is fucking sunlight, who cares

>>590687942Switch coffee brands or get a better coffee maker, "boiled mud" means something fucked up somewhere

Do Americans really?

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You don't have any instant coffee? Who doesn't have instant coffee? You buy a jar of Folger's Crystals, you put it in the cupboard, you forget about it. Then later on when you need it, it's there. It lasts forever. It's freeze-dried. Freeze-dried Crystals.

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>>590682728Americano is the dark souls of coffee

>>590687965All coffe tastes like boiled mudIm sorry you were memed into ""enjoying"" it

>Holla Forums - coffee talkBased.Does Holla Forums use coffee subscriptions? I keep having them shown for me as ads. Any recommendations? I bought myself a Ninja brewer so I've been wanting to expand into different blends and beans.

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>>590688147Retard who drinks bad coffee has successfully convinced himself all coffee is like this

plebs here never tasted a good bialetti moka. damn shame. Not a coffee, but a living style

>>590682876>implying Americans know what an espresso isAmericano coffee is not American

>>590688260Never tried a subscription model myself but I've heard good things about Trade Coffee

>>590684150Instant coffee tastes like shit and its popularity nearly ruined coffee worldwide.

>>590686494thanks for all the info user, I've wanted to buy a grinder for a while but all the recs I got were over $100 like the Baratza which is just too much for me. I just got a new job which pays well but I'm still stingy as fuck as a former poorfag

>>590682876americano is the italian way of making filter coffee

>>590687997>posts europoor propagandaMy sympathies.

>>590687997Wasnt this chang food?

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>>590685714I want to lick all of the polka dots off of her panties while she wears them

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>>590685923espresso is brewed a different way, so you end up having different flavors even though it has the same components

>>590682728More like americANO

>>590688260>>590688260find a local roastergutter beans roasted same day is gonna taste better than quality beans roasted and packaged months ago.

>>590687902so is your fucking wifi, the sun, the air, and your food.

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Fuckin love coffee. Wish it didn’t give me caffeine addiction. Decent decaf beans are hard to come by

>>590688480Coffee's one of those balancing games where you're gonna be constantly scrounging for price/performance, but don't worry too heavily about it since it only starts getting absolute retard several-hundreds/thousand dollars when you enter espresso. If what you're mainly after is a cup of coffee in the mornings from a drip-brewer or a percolator you can stay very cheap and still get a good cup.Truth be told I use a Keurig for a lot of my coffee because I have several cups throughout the day and the sheer convenience of a cup, fresh, NOW is unparalleled. It's either because I'm using a K-Supreme or people are just too snobby about an automatic machine, but I haven't noticed any strength problems with my machine. But when I've got guests or I want a GOOD cup instead of 10 to 20 ounces that I can swill without having to get up again, I bust out actual coffee makers and actual grounds.

>>590682728>It's a people don't know anything about coffee thread

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>>590688147are you really that fucking stupidyou must be because if you werent you'd drink something else that has caffeine

I have no money for actual coffee machine What is the best way to make coffee with beans?From this thread I see suggestion like Moka pot, Chemex brewer. My local mart also sells those drip coffee bag.

>>590688270Faggots who add milk, sugar and whatever the hell is popular at memebucks shouldn't be allowed to talk about coffee.It's a bitter utilitarian beverage that's supposed to keep you up. Only pretentious fucks act like it can taste good.

>>590688891french press is cheap and liked by many

>>590688891chemex or plungermoka pot gets too hot

>>590689043>french pressSounds like a sexual pose.

Why would you drink coffee when yorkshire tea exists

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>>590688891If you can buy a Moka pot or a Chemex (they're $40-$50 on average) you can buy an electric percolator, no need for a big fuck-off coffee maker.For a manual machine try a french-press, a Mueller one was linked earlier in the thread and will run you $20.

>>590689041Yes your chest and dick are hairy, I know, you're drinking bad coffee on purpose at this point

>that one bong that brings tea to a coffee thread

>>590689307I'm australian and I don't know how americans can drink coffee it tastes disgusting

>>590689143i hate bugmen as much as the next guy, but tea should be left to the chinese or nips

>>590689350nah they modtly drink green tea that tastes like grass

>>590689348Australians are notorious for travelling the world and complaining about the coffee.

>>590689143i didn't answer the call

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>>590689420mostly>>590689423coffee drinkers in aus look like pic related

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>>590682728Americano is my favourite coffee. Also no sugar added please.

>ask for an espresso at a café>"no thank you, you can keep the sugar packet">everyone looks at me like i'm a psychopathwhy is this? i drink coffee for its bitterness you nonces

>>590689180I had what's supposedly considered "good" coffee on several occasions and there's literally no difference between that and cheap brew I drink for free at work.Unless you mean one of those coffee flavored sugary milkshakes in which case I suggest you neck yourself.

>>590689760You wouldn't convince a fucking child, stop trying

>>590689760I had that poop coffee and it was definitely better than what I drink at work, but I wouldn't actually pay for it again.

>>590689845Oh, yeah, that stuff fermented in the monkey's guts or whatever? That's actually what I hear from basically everybody that's tried it, even big high-falutin' coffee reviewers. It's basically just top-shelf "diner coffee."

>>590689721where's that? pleb city?

>>590684150You have genuinely not have had coffee if you cannot tell the difference between brewed and instant. Seriously even McDonald's coffee and Nescafe black taste different

>>590687997>posts video of chinese ripoffs of American foodEuropoors are THAT obsessed. Wew lad.


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>>590689891I wonder if you could get the same result by bathing beans in some acid instead of digging through fucking shit.

>>590690827It's replicable but would be way more complicated than that, you'd basically be reproducing the environs of the monkey's guts, including gut flora.

>>590690827Digestive track chemistry is shockingly complex, we can't actually tackle that yet.

>>590690651sparkly packagingpremium pricetagsame ol' slop as the regular one>reason-why-marketing-teams-still-exist/10

>>590687997LOL, get this Chinese back street shit outta here

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>>590689845I tried one of those 90+ beans beforeI would not say it are bad or goodit basically taste like tea at that pointthey are just unique

>>590684586I like sours if they're really tart, but none of them are anymore. IPAs all taste like pine cones, which I hate.>>590686405English style, same with barleywine. Doesn't taste like pine cones.

>>590690827the process is actually more simple than you thinkyou can basically get wires fence cage put one of these damn thing in the cage and only feed it raw coffee beanand basically shit will drop through those fences and you get your shits that weighted in goldsame shit with those foie grasinhumane maybe, but as long as you dont live in a country with California in it nobody really care

>>590682728>espresso + hot wateryou mean hot water + hot water?


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>>590683647i hear long black is popular with the ladies

>>590689143I didn't like tea until I dove into loose leaf. Don't feel a need to try more bags at this point

What's the need for all these fancy coffee variantsJust drink ordinary black ground coffee

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>>590692239why did you think this was a good comment

>>590692649You have a 3 incher, ruggarell

>>590689721Hmmm...rd.com/article/coffee-black-psychopath-study/I like mine bitter too, but only when I make it at home, the shit they serve at our cafes is absolutely undrinkable without sugar.

>>590692669>I didn't like tea until I dove into loose leaft.

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>>590682728The chad coffee is black dripper coffee.

>>590692738free replies

>>590684150>you vill consume the instant coffe that doesn't taste remotely like the real thing and you vill be happynoI will not consume the instant coffee

>>590682728a good americano is delicious, but i think i prefer a black coffee with a shot of espresso, i believe this is called a hot carl

>>590692723why have color when you could be boring and gray?

>>590682728Do Americans REALLY????

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If your "coffee" doesn't look like this then it's garbage

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>>590693262Nice widdle cup Samantha, do you also drink your organic yerba mate out of it?

>>590687997I am baffled by the number of people that accept all the claims about what food 'should' and 'shouldn't' do as fact just because it appeared as text in a video.

>>590682728Americanos aren't terrible

>>590689721Because no one put milk or sugar in the espresso shot to begin with

>>590693058kek, sweet processed drinks are in no way good for you

Is a coffee machine coffee really that good? I'm poor so I use a french press.

>>590693262Cheap espresso machines can't pull this quality, you need to spend at least $1000

>>590694192Having tried most of the ways to make coffee, I actually like the french press the best. It supposedly lacks the health benefits of drip coffee though because of the lack of filtering certain molecules.Espresso is completely different though.

>>590687997This is a genius bait webm because people with blindly accept it. Even the people who claim the foods are "Chinese knockoffs" don't realize it's complete bullshit

>>590687997>guys why is there nutritional supplements in baby foodeven the "legitimate" criticisms are terrible

>>590686405Two Hearted.

>>590688493This. If all you have is a machine for making super-concentrated ultra dense ultra strong coffee, and you want regular fucking coffee, you just add some hot water. Done. I don’t know why anyone thinks it’s bizarre it’s basically just the frozen juice concentrate of the coffee world.

More of a cold milk mixed with milo kinda guy

>>590692810> drink coffee > now a crazy personDidn’t see that one coming this morning

>>590682728Where is this picture from, OP?I want to learn what kind if coffees i can make with my machine

I drink coffee with nesquik. AMA

>>590685006>>590685061>why yes i love burned artificial sugar with artificial caffeine substate and artificial flavours and other fake shit

>>590683052it is a good analogy and it's even better because it's triggering (you)

>>590685714imagine how ugly she look today