Oh, don't mind me, just being the greatest DEX weapon in Elden Ring.I've used my Uchigatana for 50+ hours now...

Oh, don't mind me, just being the greatest DEX weapon in Elden Ring.I've used my Uchigatana for 50+ hours now, nothing tops it and it's at +12 right now. Unsheathe is just so strong.

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>>590680335Moonveil is the Uchigatana on steriods.

>>590680432>INT scaling Katana Ewww, I actually haven't gotten it yet because I missed Gael's Tunnel, gonna get it tomorrow but I can't wield it because I didn't put anything into INT lol I guess I can always just respec to wield it.

>>590680335no washing pole this time around?

>>590680335I'm running a quality build, and putting the bleed art on the Claymore is insane. The projectile is strong as well, amd rhe assassin's dagger talisman heals you on crits. That and bleed are broken. Especially with Claymore's stunlockong and the turtle shield for fast stamina regen.>>590680928There is one in the game. Saw a ghost with one.

>>590680335Used two maxed out blood affinity Uchi's for my first game. I fucking destroyed every boss easily.

>>590680928You get it through yura's quest line or you can just kill him the first time you see him but you lose out on the ronin set

>>590681641Most bosses are immune to bleed, so in my opinion bleed and poison are pointless in the game except for non-boss enemies I suppose, but I was disappointed to learn very few bosses can be poisoned or bleed.

>>590680432I only just found Moonveil at lvl 80 and it reinvigorated my desire to play. I’d been using the fucking spear+8 until that point. (I’m DEX/INT) Never changing weapons.

>>590681876awww that's lameartificial difficulty

It feels like theres a handful of dex weapons and a fuckton of str weapons


>>590682026I agree that STR gets more weapons but all you need for DEX is a katana, any of them are broken IMO. I think there are only like four in the game, but they're all busted. Unsheathe does great damage.

>>590681876Last boss I beat was Tree Spirit and most of them have bled. Do the later ones not?

>>590680335Why is it scaling D in both str and dex? I'm at +4

>>590681876The major bosses all seem bleedable, I've managed to bleed Godrick and Radahn thus far.

>>590682046Does it use FP or HP? The description makes it look like you burn some health to activate it. I'm only asking this because I know there's a summon that uses HP.

>>590682342Both, I didn't like Unsheathe so I swapped it with Blood Slash and it rapes

>>590682492>Doesn't like unsheathe You cannot handle the true power of weeb arts, I haven't experimented with blood arts/builds yet, so can't call you a faggot just yet

>>590682342the projectile uses your hpcan be countered with the item that heals you on crits

>>590682492>>590682567How much HP does it eat?

>>590682046Should I respec my Moonveil with blood slash? I’m DEX/INT and have only 9 arcane.

>>590682342blood slash can add MORE BLEED to the uchi and you get the sick projectile

>>590682606it's unique, so you can't use ashes

>>590680432This. It's the vergil weapon.

STR build = Billy HerringtonDEX build = Van DarkholmeINT build = Steve RamboVIT build = Mark WolfeHYBRID build = Danny Lee

>>590682596not sure if itt depends on your build but it doesnt take much hp or tp for metry it out because you can just remove it of you don't like it

>>590680335i got this after fuckign around with a claymore for ages, so much better.

>>590681876Godrick and Margit bleed just fine.The lake dragon does as well.

What's the deal with blood spells? I found an incantation, are all of them faith based? I wanted to go straight martial build but seeing the love they gave bleed I'm thinking of going for that once I get a chance to respec.>>590682672>>590682567>projectileThe slash? Is there a follow-up?

>>590682729Ah well Moonveil is too kino anyways

>>590682852claymore with blood slash is better as it has longer reach and can stagger and knock enemies down faster

>>590680335Can you imagine DLC that transports us to the Land of Reeds?

>>590682925nah its just a weapon art the does a blood slash

>>590682969yeah i miss staggering people, where to cop blood slash

nagakiba is better if you 2hand the hand of malenia is just straight up a better weapon than the uchialthough I guess the hand does have a high dex requirement.

>>590683131cant remember if its an invader npc or the assassin boss

>>590682550I do miss going into the ready stance in co op and spinning around but the attacks just never felt right to me. DS3 I never used them but I use Uchigatana with Dex/Int builds

>>590683131>>590683252I got it from a non-boss knight in a fort. Either Castle Morne or one of the minor forts in Caelid.

what has more damage in the end if you go dex, washing pole or uchi?

>>590680335>other weapons dont cause bleed despite also being wounding weapons????????

>>590680432moonveil is very goodor powerstance moonveil + frost uchi

Don't mind me, just buttering my bread and all

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Whats stopping str fags from turning low dex weapons into heavy and being also dex fags

>>590681706How do you get an extra uchigatana?And blood infusion? They come with bleed passive buildup

how is the magic in this game? I've only done souls runs with dex, str, quality, faith once, SL1, and whatnot, but never magic

>>590680335Haha laserbeam goes BRRRR

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>>590684203Start as sam and find the uchi

>>590684203its only available for the chads who picked samurai

>>590684203You could use the wakazashi dagger as a dual wield, mini katana

>>590680335it does sick flips and teleport, so its better

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I replaced my Guchi Uchi with Family Heads on an int build holy fuck please shoot me with an astral soul spear in the HEAD

>>590682596Like fucking zero basically. If I mash the button I run out of FP with 2/3 of my hp left. And that's after like 15 slashes or something.

>>590681876Most bosses bleed. It just takes a lot more hits to build up bleed on them, and you usually don't get an opening for it.

>>590681975respecs are cheap. try new things, man.

>>590680335>know the moonveil is better>stick to the dark moon blade for my wifecan't help it bros

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>>590684195Doesn’t scale as high I think. Like a C strength heavy will scale to A while a D will only go to B

i feel like im not understanding the scaling too well in this game. i want to use a claymore with my faith build and no matter how high i upgrade it, it seems to only have D scaling with faith. is it just a bad weapon to use it with? does the scaling improve later? im a bit confused on this and most likely being retarded.

>>590685395Yeah scaling improves with forging

>>590685395When you upgrade a weapon it scales with the ash of war you set it with.

>>590685395Scaling has never mattered in these games.

>>590685548i forgot to mention i put a sacred ash of war on it, sorry.thanks for the replies though guys, i should just chill out

Any of the rapiers worth using? Just picked up a frozen needle. The R2 is cool.

>>590685548When you're a nigger but also a known pedophile

>>590680335whats the best faith weapon? Winged Scythe semms good at the moment

>>590680335Why did they remove thehyphw katana parry then?

>>590685610Scaling gets higher as you increase the weapon's level.

>>590685706I liked the Great Epee. Though I have a hard time guessing what scaling works best for it.

>>590685952Dual scythe's are fun just turn the normal scythe into blessed otherwise you have a few boss weapons or the cypher sword/fists

>>590680432This vs carrian knight sword, which is better? My dex is too low for moonveil but i might change it.

Str looking to respec into int/dex. How does thay build work? Do I dump all my points into int, dex and mind? Do I need vit and endurance at all? Do I have a staff in left hand, moonveil in right, or do I have them both in my right and switch between them? What armor do I wear?

>>590680335Noob weapon

>>590685395>>590685610If the previous games are any indication, some weapons may be more receptive to non-physical affinities, eg that one very light UGS in DS3 that would get very high scaling no matter what you turned it into. Claymore in ER might just be a weapon that only likes the physical affinities.

>>590686261You should have noticed by now that endurance in this game barely matters. Stamina is never a problem. As long as you have the bare minimum for your equip load, you can stop leveling end.

How do sidequests work in this? Do they progress on their own when you reach a certain point in the game or can you do them at your own pace? There's some I haven't heard from in a while so I'm curious if I missed a step and won't be able to continue, or if I just need to explore more. Also, should I have found the Dragon Communion thing early? I don't need to know where it is, but I'm around 35 hours in and haven't seen it, but that the game tells you about it whenever you kill a dragon makes me think I should have seen it.

>>590686161The only scyth I've found is winged. Where do I get another one?

>>590686398Endurance seemes like it matters a lot to me. It takes a huge amount of stamina to block attacks.

>>590686261I put myself at 20 VIT and added the HP buff talisman and the Multi-stat boosting talisman (+3 Vit amongst others). My int is currently 50 and Dex is 30 with just enough mind for 100+ FP for big chungus summons like Oleg. Ideally the summons do all the tanking for you so VIT is not as pivotal. That being said I’ll likely start to get one-shorted as soon as I enter the Capital.

>Start out playing a DEX build>Slowly morph into quality build because all the cool weapons have high STR requirementsI just can't bring myself to use a katana and pure dex has absolutely nothing else going for it.

>>590680335>Katanabro and Bloody Rapierbro meet>Tense standoff, both ready to unzip

>Ranni has 4 hands>Summon cooperators heck maybe even 1 invader >Handjobs for everybody Best NPC


>>590686496Grind the knight in the first military camp in Limgrave, he drops a tower shield with 67 stabilityBut if you're using a medium shield then yeah, it's a drain. But you probably shouldn't block more than one boss attack in a row.

>>590680335how can i use unsheathe with keen enchant?? i dont want to have sword dance..........

I need a bit of help hereStarted as a Prisoner with spellblade build enchanting my Estoc, almost killed myself to get the Moonveil early, but I really didn't see the appealThe damage seems pretty mediocre early on cause it's hard to enhance and I don't think I get how to use the unsheatheThen I found the Night Flail, boosted it up to +9 and with the scholar buffs it decimates anything, just killed the crystal dragon near the academy. I just wish it was a bit faster, as the bleed doesn't proc as oftenAm I using the Moonveil wrong?Where do I go with my build from here? I feel like I should eventually touch stamina and FP, haven't buffed those at all so far

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>>590687220There's a whetstone that lets you use any physical infusion with any ash. I think it's somewhere in Stormveil castle.

What's some cool and good armour for Samurai outside their default one?

Is the beast catalyst weak or do the beast incantations just suck? I’ve got 45 str and the beast catalyst at +9 but I’m still only hitting for like 210 damage with most of those spells. I know I’ve got the bare minimum faith and int but the thing scales off strength so that shouldn’t matter too much.

>>590687334not many options, sadly.there's a recolor of the default set and yura's set and that's it.

>>590687334There's only two other samurai armor sets, and both are obtained fairly late in the game.


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>two handing any sword>dump all in str>heavy blood slash>axe talismanyep, it's cheese time

I'm a souls noob that just wanted to start with a quality build.Am I playing the game on easy mode with this halberd? I know the scaling isn't great but I found this way back at like 25 and with determination ash hitting 160%~ damage with the reach of the halberd it's been ez street so far.

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Does investing in dex speed up my Incarnation cast speed? Is it worth it?

>>590687626Are they both recolors of the starter armor?

>>590688162Yes. No.Increased speed is barely noticeable. Dex/int makes sense because what else are you going to do, but for faith, both str and dex work.

>>590680597it is one of the few low weight weapons that can stagger with its wa

>>590688191just one of them, the other is unique

>>590688338Do you have a screenshot of the unique one? I think I missed it.

>>590683006I will throw money at that instantly


>>590688123>I found this way backwe know who you killed to get that weapon you monster

>>590688449Ah, so you can get it, that's cool. Thanks user.

I just started the game as a confessor any tips I should know?

>>590688162Its usually pretty weird. I think in ds3 for instance it was like 40-49 is when you casting speed was increased for dex or some shit. I doubt anyone has the numbers for ER yet. Dex int is just great because moonveil is probably the strongest weapon in the game.

>>590688529fuck the grace lines, explore south

>>590685246? does she fucking force you to give it up that fucking whore?

>>590688460He implied he had the sword, it had to be done as he was obviously not competent enough to defend it himself. Although turns out what he actually had has been more useful

>>590688529There's respec later on so nothing you do will be a permanent fuckup. Just think twice before upgrading any weapon past +6 - materials for this aren't easy to come by early, so you better be sure that you like this weapon.

>>590686245Someone pls, also i started out as str/int but might dump some on dex.

>>590685395you need to slap a faith based ash of war or you're fucked. basically what you do for hybrids is this>min for str/dex>pump fth/int/arc heavy>use talismans for health/vig/str/dex/int/ etc if you can manage to find them

>>590688635fair pointI am using that halberd too

>>590686245Moonveil is the best weapon in the game, its arts do more damage than the strongest spells, while costing very little FP, being fast, having huge range and staggering better than a UGS.Get the dex requirement and pump the rest of your offensive stat points into INT exclusively to rape everything.

>>590685706only if you powerstance the great, or the normie rapiers. unironically the blood rapier+great epee with a blood infusion might be a great arc build when scaling is patched.

>>590680335>katana WAs are better at staggering than hammers/ugs/great spears and greataxes

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>>590687283oh wow okay you fucked up prisoner is for people who are willing to go balls to the fucking walls explorin for anything and everything to power upprisoner does two things>becomes enchanted knight >becomes spellsword this is what i did which seems to sound like what you wanted>got the erdtree talisman>got radagon soreseal >got moonveil>got meteoric ore blade>got meteor staff>got pebble sling>unlocked my sorcery shopI personally stuck with the flail+estoc until I got the great Epee. I even used the bloodhound on the wyrm fight because it has bleed,hits hard, and you can i-frame with the l2. but basically you need to always just put minimum in whatever weapon, and just keep pumping the fuck out of int. everything else you want should come from talismans, and whatever you can't get from leveling up. get your tears, and seeds, or you will regret it. do not be afraid to explore, and most importantly pay attention to the fact that if you have a weapon that CAN bleed either buff it,power stance it, or make sure you're keeping it up regardless if you're a magic build. if you're a melee you're a melee, but if you are then your spells are SIMPLY to be used as a support crutch for large groups of enemies, or certain situations. lvl 38 just beat godrick


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>>590688997>implyingsome of these weapon arts have i-frames, and help proc bleed;for instance bloodhound fang. used it to merc the wyrm.

>>590680432How mund MND should I level to make proper use of the build? Dumping so many points in INT to scale this weapon but having only 10 MND seems a bit of a waste. I can only use its art 3 or 4 times and that's it. Also not enough FP for casting sorceries or summons, even though these are secondary.

>>590689083>>590689114>everyone talks about poise coming back>wear heavy armor and use a GS>dogs and dagger foot soldiers stagger me no problem

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>>590689218if you do Ranni's questline you can eventually buy a talisman that reduces WA FP cost

>>590689221yeah that pisses me off.

>>590689218If you make extensive use of FP, you should pump just enough into mind so that your current flask level recovers all of it, but not more.

>>590689221>its another "get ganked by 3 rats and die" episode

>>590689221want to hear something really fucking gay>first 2 days radagon soreseal, and scarseal can be worn at same time>patch>now talismans are incompatible40 free levels are now just 2 extra levels if swapped out for the soreseal.

>>590684272Is it better to focus on INT with this?

>>590680432>do Ranni's quest for the MLGS and respec to int>its beam attack requires setup, takes ages to cast, and only hits one enemy>try Moonveil after finding it by chance>beam attack doesn't need setup, is fast as fuck, hits every enemy in its path, and you can shoot it horizontally or vertically>and this is coming off using the Halo Scythe that's much the same but with absurdly good tracking on its bullshitIt's so hard to love this thing.

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>>590689317Do you have any numbers? I'm currently at +4 flask.

>>590689335>>590689298I know from experience that poise in DS1 was broken at some points, but they should really make it actually practical against small enemies or only some boss attacks or something.Really annoying getting R1 spammed by an enemy and not being able to get out of fucking dagger, dog and rat attacks.

>>590689595Yeah I'm trying to represent my spouse here but the R2 charge up for beams and it only hitting one enemy is bullshit.It also needs buffed by standing still for 2-3 seconds.Frost synergy with spells is nice I guess.How much do you bet they nerf moonveil into the ground? I don't want them to make it useless but that's their track record.

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I keep the uchi in my pocket because the dps is absurd with bleed, but I've actually been enjoying my guardian swordspear and twinblade a lot more as far as dex weapons go.

>>590689858Hopefully not into the ground but it's fucking absurd as is, it excels in literally every situation and has bleed pop off every now and then as a nice little bonus.

>>590689734you can try to colossal and shield use shield barricade.

>>590689595>mlgs is assI mean surely theyll realize the moveset for it is dogshit and replace it with the BB one right? ...right?

What weapon could be considered an upgrade or at least a sidegrade for the Moonveil?


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>>590690408I'm so glad invasions are optional.

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>>590683006I hope it turns the combat into Sekiro as well.

>>590685093Àre there unlimited smithing stones/ somber smithing stones too?I want to respect but I'm afraid that I won't be able to fully upgrade the weapons of my new spec

>>590690484There's actually an NPC invader with that, and it's already BS even with his monkey AI.

>>590690367moonveil pairs well with the meteoric ore blade if you're twinking with soreseal, or scarseal. i really like the bloodhound fang. if you want to go mid-game, and get cool shit bastard's stars, and morgott's cgs sword.

>>590690548you have to beat a certain boss. and it's like that for each upgrade. you're fucked until you beat this boss.

>>590681876Almost every boss bleeds, its insanely broken

>western medieval setting with dozens of weapon types >best weapon is a KatanaSword bros we lost

>>590680335>uchigatana>bloodflame blade>bloody slashTurns the game into a cakewalk.

>>590680432i'm too low level and terrible to beat the boss to get the moonveil though. gonna pick up the uchi and slap an int ash on it until i can get good

>>590690408*shoots magic at you 10ft away and 1 shots you while in that 10 second animation* heh...

Just spent an hour helping bros beat the boss for it. Is the rune arc item needed for any quests or achievements? Got 10 of them.

>>590690646Ty for the non-spoiler reply user, I'm gonna leave the thread with this in mind

>>590690882It's humanity/emberYou use one to activate your great rune

>>590690408That art looks useless against bosses though.

>>590690894no worries if you restart go arc/dex or arc+fth

>>590690574Oh yeah the one in the caelid swampsI thought it might be the same thing

How do you unlock Rennala's great rune? I rebirthed at her and have done Ranni's questline up until she fucks off after you kill the phantom just before the lake of rot so I'm not sure what other things relevant to her I can do.

>>590691281after you beat her you get the unlocked version. Its the unborn one

>>590691335Is it not an equipped item? Was kinda hoping for something sorcery related, if so that's a bit shit


>>590691403I think godricks is the only dps increase one. the rest are just survivability bonuses more or less. Honestly the whole mechanic is kinda lackluster. I rarely used the rune arcs.

>>590690408Oh that's fucking nasty. Does it actually hit several times or are the slashes for show?

What scaling ash of war is best for rapier as a mage? Some people use keen because of dex.

>>590690780>int ashHonestly it's better to keep it pure physical and use the weapon buff instead. The damage the buff adds early on is very strong.

>>590690780It's easier solo than with a summon, if you summon he will run to the players while spewing lava, if you are solo and keep mid distance you can get him stuck in a loop where he shoots a fireball followed by a tail swipe, he will keep in place mostly. So it's easy with magic/bow.

>>590691602>I rarely used the rune arcs.And I don't use them because I can't. From what I understand, the only way of farming rune arcs is by helping others players online and I don't play online. Kinda bullshit to be honest.

>>590680335I started with it too but since im kind of a hipster balance wise once i started seeing a lot of them i changed to the Omen Cleaver, and boy does it slap currently +12 with Frost infusion with 95 buildup is a killing machine

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>>590691757I'd say cold. Ash itself, I'd recommend keeping impaling thrust, it's really handy against anything with a shield. Normlly I'd shill storm blast, but as a mage you don't need yet another ranged attack.You can mix&match all ashes of war with magic enchants once you grab the blue whetstone from the academy.As a side note, academy also has a unique named rapier that's also cold.


>>590688460he invades you after doing his quest anyway and he drops it there too

>>590691994I had one drop off a rat once

>>590682046blood slash is the drake sword of elden ring. if you used it you didn't actually beat the game.

>>590691994Respec to high arc and farm arcs.

>>590680335I swapped unsheathe out for sword dance to make it keen, it has slightly more utility giving you aoe, uses less fp and is faster to pulloffTry two handing katanas if you can the R1 attacks are fast and broken, you definitely have a hefty dps increase

>>590691994I wouldnt worry about it. they are all relatively small buffs and one of them id say is an objective downgrade.

>>590692298From the rats*. Rats drop humanity in all games.>>590692292But drake sword isn't even that good. Club, Uchigatana, Claymore, Zweihander, Mace are all better and you get them in early game, probably forgetting few weapons too.

>>590682026There’s like 6 katanas man, and like 40 different daggers and shit. In fact when has any jap game given STR a fair show to flippy dippy ninjutsu bullshit

Kek at people being surprised there are good katana weapons in the game when game is made in Japan, their last game was Sekiro and everyone loves Vergil in DMC5

I was doing DEX/FAI with the hope i would find a good katana with that scaling. Should I respec to use the moonveil?How many times I can respec, anyway? I guess there arent infinite larvas

>>590682026My favorite dex weapon is an ultra greatsword

>>590684353No you can find it somewhere, i dont remember where i found it though i think it was a dungeon

Should I prioritize Arc over Dex for this weapon?

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>>590692479this game has strength weapons that drop nuclear bombs

Im starting to think it should be a PSA that the upgrade number goes up to +25 and +10 for special weapons

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>>590692701Try reading the reply chain.

>>590692276reminds me of the good ol' humanity farming days

>>590693114It reminded me of the conversation of 'why do rats drop humanity' cause I have no fucking idea why they drop rune arcs.

>>590692842>Normal weapon is at +10>special weapon at +6So what is the fucky bit here? Does special weapons just upgrade way faster and are thus way better until end game. Or does the last 4 levels of my special weapon just give it insane bonus stats compared to the first 6? Or did From just fuck up the smiting stones and when you get them.

I was using bloody slash most of the game, then I found sword dance, the rapid approach seems to do more damage the bloody slash and puts me closer, which I prefer

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>>590693165>why do rats drop humanityBecause they ate human corpses.>why do rats drop rune arcsBecause they used to drop humanities.

>>590680335>tfw was a struggling samurai>decided itd be cooler to just get regular armor>also love lancers and the cleanrot enemies are super cool cause they dual wield them>farm the cleanrot armor>already have a partisan so even though I dont have the faith to use their spear I have one that looks even better with the armor>happen to find the sacred ash they use>it can rapidfire>theyre homing>not only can I make it keen I can spam 9 shots with 11 mind>get the talisman that reduces fp cost for weapon abilities>im now a caster lancerho baby this is swaggy, I do like 300+ damage per hit of these and my jump attack still nuts tooplaying dex is suffering though, there are no cool traditional weapons if you want to go full dex and the wiki keeps telling me nagakiba scales worse than the guccitana

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>>590693167I believe in DS3 a +10 weapon was +5% per level whereas a +5 weapon was +10% per level. It's probably something similar where they both reach around +100% base damage at maximum level.My +12 Magic Great Epee and +6 magic axe from that cave were at around 400 AR, and the magic katana is at around 600 at +9. So it does seem that the special weapons get bigger scaling % towards the last couple of levels.

>>590680335I fucking hate how weapons and armor work in this game, pretty much the starting gear is better than anything you can find OR what you find needs a complete respec that you cant do in this game afaiksure its full of weapons but some are just objectively worse versions of other weapons or have ridiculous tradeoffs on your current build when the starting weapons like the uchi is just top 3 weapon kinda makes the game boring especially considering its not like DS1 where you can mad rush to a weapon you want to main, get it in like 15 minutes and be set for the playtrough, here you have to play for like 15 hours to get to a weapon you want while specing your character for that specific weaponI replayed ds1,2,3 countless times cuz they are short and focused, ER? Gonna finish it once and be done with it, just dont have the drive and time to get through all this gigantic content again

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What build should I use? I'm having a really hard time picking, I normally go quality and use the Falchion but I really don't like its moveset in this game

So I'm doing an enchanted knight build that uses carian attack spells (basically the one fextralife uploaded) but I'm wondering how much dex I need, like if later I want to use a regular weapon, should I just slap on a magic ashes of war on any weapon I like so it scales with INT and just upgrade it instead of worrying about how much dex I need? Is the only dex I would need in this scenario just the requirement to wield the weapon?Last question, are there any enemies that negate int damage? What's the best way for a character like mine to deal with that?

>>590693510>want magic hybrid?Dex/int prisoner>want a martial character?Quality vagabond

>>590692674Wich one?

>>590693578I'm doing dex/int vagabond. Fite me.

>>590693510Dual Wield Whips

>>590690228>shield barricade.This has become the most fun thing to me. I don't have to learn when to dodge when I virtually don't take any damage. That combined with guard break is a fucking blessing

>can wear the heaviest armor I own with ease and still be at mid load>have to remove pants, gloves, talismans (besides arsenal) and casting stick while wearing the lightest armor I own to just barely make it to light load

>>590693726Now combine it with great epee poking from behind a raised shield.

>>590693781Hold on there, my penis is trying to communicate a very intense feeling of satisfaction. Will try that shit, I was also thing of a dial shield build using elemer on the right hand for the bleed memes

>>590693886Thinking of a dual shield build*

Getting a 48 MB update here, anyone know what it fixes?

Attached: 2022-03-03 11_52_01-Start.png (419x154, 97.89K)

Bros I just did the subterranean area, lighten up the 8 torches, beat the animal hod in his realm, and got nothing for it. Is that it?

>>590694015You should have gotten some summon ashes but that's basically it for now

>Start off as a STRChad>Eventually cave to bloodhound step grug bleed dual uchi setup.

Rannis quest or move on to the capital? I assume the game doesn't end when you get to the erdtree. Unless there is some fast ending like Shura in Sekiro.


Attached: wing of astel.webm (1280x720, 2.96M)

>>590693958>another update to break the cheat tablesfucking hell m8

Finished with lake area, should o go to volcano manor or caelid?

>>590693476You can respec down to your starting class. Not ideal if you want to minmax 100% but those few points wasted are not really going to hurt later on.Afaik the tokens you need for it are limited per playthrough though.But you are right, everything you find is either a sidegrade or simply not viable for your build which makes powerspikes after you acquire a gear upgrade non-existent.>>590693572You only need the dex to equip things, the damage will come from your int.Not sure about the int damage resistant enemies but I'm STR/FTH and except for one miniboss I never changed weapons and it wasn't the holy damage portion the enemy was resistant to.

>>590694116You literally need two great runes and you can head on to the final boss. The game can be 60 hours or 16, depending on how much you want to explore and deal with optional challenges like getting the other great runes.

SL1 speedruns will either be the best or worst.

>>590680335>land of reedsWhy can't they just say JAPAN like a non-autistic non-retard?

Large Club or Lordworns Greatsword?

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>>590680432>>590680335>moonveil>uchigatana>not the chika->not the rivers of blood katanacasuals.

>>590694263> SL1There are no souls in this game.

I saw the infinite FP webms (you get the flask ingredient from the northwesternmost erdtree, before someone asks) with soul streamAre there any equivalent FTH spells to break the game with infinite FP?

>>590694202Oh so I could actually just go and end it right now. I assume the game warns you so that you don't do it on accident?

>>590694305Isn't rivers of blood scaling not working? Saw a lot of people complaining that a lot of blood weapons are bugged right now.dansh

>>590694305>rivers of blood katanaI'm not going to level the useless ARC stat.

I'm using Bloodhound Fang.It's absolutely based, staggers for fun and the special ability is great for defensive play

>>590694202Does the final boss scale at all? I imagine fighting it after doing every other thing in the game would be a total joke and a normal challenge at 2 runes.


Attached: jennifer-lawrence-j-law[1].gif (220x256, 521.52K)

>>590692814Yes, it's one of the few ARC weapons that actually scales with ARC. Half of the ARC weapons are bugged.

>>590694305>Can't get till end of the game>Scaling is broken on itNo thanks, ill cheat one to myself at the start of a new game once it has been fixed.

>>590680335Can i play like im Vergil from the Devil May Cry series with the katanas in Elden Ring

>>590694382Last boss is often weak, Sekiro and BB being exceptions.

>>590682083at least 6.UchigatanaWakizashi(short katana)meteoric blade(int katana)moonveil(int katana)rivers of blood(dex/faith katana, blood damage)

>>590694293Large Club + Wild Strikes for maximum unga.

>>590680335>boasts extraordinary sharpness

Attached: 1451721999174.gif (400x225, 1.87M)

Brainlet here, how should I distribute my points for a Moonveil build?>>590692605There arent any DEX/FAI katanas.

>>590680335Do spells do extra dmg if I use smithing stones on my staff?

>>590694463Unironically considering this.I like it's moveset more. I still have to compare them on horseback though.

>>590694339There's an object you can interact with once you beat the final boss, so the game doesn't end immediately after defeating him, but there's no explicit warning that using this particular thing will end the game.>>590694382That's just how these open-ended games work. Margit died in literally four or five hits when I got to him after exploring, leveling and upgrading my weapons elsewhere.

>>590694510ye, but fuck upgrading your staff go get the meteor staff.

>>590694447Moonveil and pick up the the blue flying swords magic.

>>590694447Yes, go int/dex, get moonveil and use carian phalanx (summoned swords) or better yet equip it on a weapon and enjoy.

>respec to 50 vigor>still get 1 shot

Attached: 611877_1469252550819_185_273.jpg (185x273, 9.2K)

If i'm going dex/int is it worth trying to scale dex past my weapon requirements or just go all in on int and magic infuse them?

>>590694601>putting anything into vigor when talismans, and heavy armor exist>>590694628bare min for whatever wep, and pump int/fth/arc.

>>590694628Dex improves cast speed so it's nice to increase it.

How is the Caestus in this game I loved it in 3 Endure was awesome

Me? Waiting for Honest Merchant to play the game.

is it doable to be a rune knight and just dump all points into int for MLGS without doing any of the faggy magic bullshit? i dont want to put any points into mind

>>590694601How? I'm at 35vig and even shit like Astel and crazy red lightning dragon didn't one shot me.

>put Moonveil, Spiked Caestus and Weathered Straight Sword in weapon slots>Spells: Glintblade/Carian Phalanx, Founding Rain of stars, etc.Oh yeah, I'm motivated

>>590692013Found this but the jump heavy attack is absolutely retarded I went back to dismounter

>>590694741It was a white bat's grapple in fort faroth, i was very surprised

>>590694573Know where the ash is located? Heard it does more damage for less cost than the spell.

>start off with quality build>switch to just str with dex minimums for web>getting bored>decide to go full autism and make a dragonborne meme specI'll do the fire and claw abilities but I doubt I'll be able to put enough in fp to warrent the third dragon ability

>>590682083They’re always broken, you literally can’t name one jap game that doesn’t make dexfaggotry at least competitive. There is not one jap game where STR just completely outdoes dexshit. Even souls has dexfags all over the place, it’s a meme for a reason.

>>590693725Even Dual Wield WhipsOdd GreataxeDoubles Arcane

>>590694836Once you beat Godrick you get a rapier+8 from Rogier (at Roundtable) that has it.

>>590694738yeah you can be a vit knight, but it's suggested you keep glintstone pebble, and glint arc with carian piercer as your third. you'll want the mind for the wa special

>>590690289Even the Dark Souls 3 moveset was better. Elden Ring's MLGS is the worst it's ever been.

>>590694738You're not going to find the MLGS without a guide.

What is the Hunter Axe in this gameMy weaponfu, I loved it so much

How much extra damage does Radagon's Scarseal make you take?Are the bonuses worth receiving extra damage?

>>590695196Switch view, it reduces your damage negation stats

>>590684203Deathtouched catacombs or somehing like that

>autism won't let me use a katana alongside a shield because aesthetics>autism also won't let me not use a shield because I'm a shitter that needs the crutchIt's been this way since DaS1. I wish I was normal.

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>>590695345just take the roll pill and leave shields behind.remember: roll through, not away

>>590695345Use the morning star or flail, they're shield-appropriate weapons with bleed.

Why should I go for Bleed over Frost? Frost does a huge damage proc AND it does magic damage AND it debuffs enemy defense.

>>590695345Shields are not crutches, they're the testament, living proof of the mighty, the wall that shan't never be pierced. Embrace your shield barricade and go forth for there is no stopping in this madness train. They will accept the superiority of the shield by slamming their skulls with it if needed

>>590695119im finishing Ranni’s quest with and already at Rot Lake, just wanted to know if it’s viable to go full melee with the sword without ranged shit even at full INT dump

>>590695345>unlocked respec having started as wretch and doing a weird quality build with some arcane>respec sorc cause I wanted to do that, several days later regret it cause I feel im not learning boss movesets as much as I want due to the range and want to be something else>choice paralysis due to what builds my friends are playing (faith, dex) and worrying about how common it is online for 3 hours and countingI wish I was normal too

>>590695494>AND it does magic damageThat's the downside. Split damage will set you back vs pure physical.

Anyone doing a Quality build? How is it, any really cool weapons?

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>>590695494>not using bloodflame on a cross naginata with hoarfrost stomp and having access to bothngmi

>>590695519You'll do good damage but the MLGS moveset sucks in Elden Ring, so you might be disappointed. The Moonveil is the most OP INT weapon at the moment, and its basically what the MLGS should be.

>>590695494You should do both. Both will definitely be nerfed soon

>>590695616There's a truckload of weapons with DD scaling, you won't even know where to begin. But the actual "quality" infusion is bad until very, very late levels.

Can someone explain weapon upgrades to me like I'm five?I can choose different stat scaling, so that means it scales better off say DEX (C) than STR (E), but my dmg on the wep becomes lower than before?

Thinking about a quality FTH build, any good weapons? Is the golden halberd good?

Attached: 1591180365335.gif (229x229, 3.02M)

>>590695779Base damage might drop, sure, but if you have a lot of a well-scaling attribute, it more than makes up for it. Low stats -> go for higher base damage and ignore scaling, high stats -> don't mind the lower base damage, your stats will boost it above and beyond if the weapon has good scaling.

>>590695779Basically you alter the scaling to be more like what the infusion (from ashes of war) is and less like the weapons default, and you lose flat damage too, so at lower stat amounts it doesnt really make sense to use anything but standard, but when stats get higher infusions will be stronger. They can also be used to alter something you cant realy use normally, like a rapier on a str build into something that is pretty strong too

>>590695779You trade base weapon damage for a higher % return from your stats. It becomes worthwhile pretty early. For example, a normal mace from the merchant will already be worse than a heavy-infused mace when your strength is in the 20s, and the gap will only widen later.

>>590695779Do you understand what "scaling" means?

>>590695907This is true, but it does depend a lot on the weaponHeavy mace is perfectly synergistic since it has no Dex scaling to lose, compared to something like heavy longsword where you lose the dex scaling, and even if your dex is only 10 its still contributing some damage

>>590695889Are there diminishing returns for stats too?

>>590695885>>590695889>>590695907So say beyond 20 points in a stat, it's more worthwhile to alter the scaling rather than go for base dmg?

>>590695907Im at 27 strenght and like 20 dex now and D scaling on both still makes more damage than B in strenght with the heavy infusion considering the base stat gets reduced. Heck it makes more damage with two Ds than two Cs with the quality infusion since it gives you a substantial base damage nerf

>>590696073No, look at how much damage it makes. It will be worth it eventually tho

>>590696121Yeah but you pumped 20 into dex, you shouldn't be looking at heavy infusions at all.Quality is odd. It seems to be an endgame option, the base damage is dropped so much that it will be ages before your stats compensate for it.

>>590696073Not sure about the breaking point, but that sounds around right. Just try it out, you can see how much damage comes from the weapon's base and how much comes from your stat scaling when you're applying an affinity.

>>590694362Yeah it seems that way, Arcane scaling is currently not working and they need to patch it. It only works for the Reduvia dagger at the moment, otherwise that Rivers of Blood katana would be absolutely godly, probably the most OP one in the game if it actually had its plus damage properties.

>>590696073It depends, fortunately you can check the end result in menu and apply/remove ashes of war as much as you wantIn my experience 30+ in a stat was needed for Heavy/Keen to really surpass it but its a weapon by weapon thing>>590696063In older souls games things diminished hard post 40 in a stat but from my (very limited) testing that doesnt seem to really be the case here, Vigor/Mind literally scale backwards and get better and better the higher they go it seems like, but my levels not high enough to see past 70 yet

>>590696073There is a very easy way to see this is real time. On the after section of the upgrade you'll see the attack power from from BASE + WHATEVER to a new BASE + WHATEVER. The WHATEVER is the bonus from scaling. Add them together and see what is higher. Note that scaling grade also increases with upgrades.

>>590680928it's called the nagakiba this time around and it's great

>50 hours in, level 70>bored of getting losing every encounter with a crucible knight>rerolling pure sorcery build nownow im ready for FUN

>>590684203>And blood infusion? They come with bleed passive buildupthey do but the bleeding build up doesn't scale with arcane whereas it does scale when the ash of war is applied. it's still not worth doing if you have a weapon that already has bleed though

>>590680335So I just beat Morgot in the capital as a sorcererHow the fuck are you supposed to beat him as melee?

Attached: 1625236635949.gif (480x360, 1.33M)

>fighting radahn>horse gets one shot>character decides to lie on the ground and die with itgod what a shit boss

>>590696336there's two ways you can easily beat the crucible knight. git gud and learn to parry or put kick one of your weapons. you don't even need to be that good at parrying since he has this super telegraphed overhand attack that you can safely fish for. you also don't need a weapon with kick you can quickly switch to your fist then use the fist weapon art which is a kick, switch back to your weapon and beat him up. i shouldn't be telling you this

I just killed Greyoll and have 100k souls waiting to be spent. I'm thinking of pumping FTH for dragon and Crucible Knight's incantations, but it's a steep investment and I don't know if they're any good. I haven't leveled FTH or ARC yet but I recently got the beast catalyst that makes incantations scale with STR, and I think I want to start heading in that direction. tl;dr are the dragon and Crucible Knight incantations memeshit? They sound cool.

Attached: 20220303035738_1.jpg (1920x1080, 727K)

Any Uchichads with enough experience to tell me if Bloody ones outclass the Keen ones? Currently dual wielding Keen ones since the flat scaling seemed better than the dmg loss+blood gain tradeoff

>>590696709No. But lighting bolt and black flame are good FTH spells.

>3/8 greataxes in the game require over 20 dexwtf

>>590680375Broken caps lock user speaks the truth.

bros unsheathe is so fucking good I can't give this weapon up

Please, Holla Forums. I'm stuck in the foreskin duo fight as a STRfag, I need the easiest way to cheese this bullshit fight

>>590696775Do either of those spells give me a cool scorpion tail or sweet dragon claws?

>>590696770no, they already have bleed on them. the only reason to put bleed on your katanas is for bleed build up scaling but that's all it does. it doesn't increase bleed damage, decreases your base weapon damage and also makes the scaling worse but makes it so it can scale with arcane. think of the bleed as a little bonus for being aggressive on the katanas, not something you build around

>>590680335I like that I can use this with my STR build.

>>590693578i'm a vagabond with 20 str/20dex and i've dipped into faith cause I wanna be a crusader. currently using a sacred flail and a +8 spear I might have accidentally killed Patches to get. are there better weapons in the future for me?

>Fallingstar BeastI fucking hate these dickheads with a passion. Never any god damn opening to attack them with and then whoops, comboed to death.

is the Winged Scythe any good?

i have one freezing uchi in one hand and a blood uchi in another. seems fine for now...the scaling is fucked though

>>590696704I appreciate your reply user but I wont heed your advice.I tried parrying the one in sofria river with both a buckler and parrying dagger and they just wouldnt workParrying blows in this game and I'm skipping every crucible knight I can, which so far has been all of them

>>590680335What are good weapons for max parry into crit impact? So far have rapier from table shop doing 130% crit also is it me or it's easier to parry with a buckler shield then with bigger ones that have a parry I am going shizoid because first one has 'buckle parry' skill when other have 'shield parry' are they different on functional level AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

>>590697549The worst part is the run back to him. What the fuck.

>>590697795Misericorde dagger has 140 crit

>>590697795There's a 140 crit dagger you can get in Stormveil, it's near the room with the grafted thing from the tutorial area. Bucklers are small shields which have always had more parry frames which is why they're distinguished from other shield types.


>>590697919>>590697918note you need an imp keystone to get at it

>>590694363>arc>uselessit gives you access to best incantations in the game

so many nigger dogs in the academy run up fuck you who ever designed this. i have 46 poise and i keep getting gangraped by 4 dogs. whoever decided to place 5 of them in the same room need to get their balls bitten off

>>590682774based gachimuchichad

>>590698101Sure if you level up FTH as well. But raising ARC by itself just for a weapon seems dumb.

>can’t remember which caves and shit i haven’t beaten the boss forman i gotta use a notebook or something

>>590697795these are the parry frames from ds3. i'm pretty sure it's exactly the same as in this game. the buckler is the best, yes. there's other factors to consider though like weight. the caestus is popular for parrying too because it weighs a lot less

Attached: 1645866361503.png (1683x309, 87.17K)

>STR bad!This is clearly some pavlovian response from people who thing that strength MUST be a slow ultra greatsword-ish unga weapon. Literally any weapon in the game with D+ base scaling will work in a str build, as long as it doesn't have outlandish base requirements for dex. Elden Ring is insanely forgiving with changing the weapon's infusions in various ways.

claw talisman + dual scimitars + jumping L1curved swords deal a lovely 4 hits per L1 and if you time it as you hit the ground they all connect to do devastating damage.It also helps break poise: most tougher k***hts can be stunlocked by doing jumping R2s and they can hardly retaliate

So what's with unlocking the dectus lift to Altus requiring you to go into a much harder zone than Altus in the first place?it's not like the alternative patch is hidden or secret anyways

>>590680335Could one of you anons explain the correct stat distribution when using this thing? Do you just leave your DEX at 18 (minimum DEX requirement) and pump everything else into INT? Or does INT only influence the beam attacks and not the actually physical sword damage? I'm currently 30/30 DEX/INT and the weapon feels powerful but I'm worried that I wasted pointx going into DEX.

Attached: 1611192388128.png (1373x833, 59.2K)

>>590698168>Sure if you level up FTH as well.To 15 you retard. You need 15 faith for the dragon breathe incantations. That's nothing. Then you can get a seal that makes all miracles scale with Arcane and powers up dragon miracles. Arcane/Faith, Arcane/Dex and Arcane/Strength all work as builds, the only one I wouldn't do is Arcane/Int but there might even be gear for it I missed so maybe it still works. I'm not going to be like you and say a build I haven't even tried is worthless. Literally Arcane from Bloodborne all over again where niggers like you are too stupid to figure the build out so you label it nonexistent and the stat as worthless. So incredibly stupid.

>never saw Ranni at the church >apparently this means I’m locked out of a crazy questline and the Acadian study hall entirely

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>>590698206Honestly I just made a new character due to how many times I left caves unlooted/unbeaten and never marked them. I was playing co-op pretty heavily the first few days and had to keep leaving my locations to help my friends out.

>>590698515>weapon literally lists magic damage and shows scaling damage bonus next to it>scaling letter is a higher grade for INT

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>>590698645Explain it to me like im 8

Attached: 1643231955399.jpg (600x400, 25.23K)

Just finished the Rykard battle. What the fuck was that? Gimmick "not stormruler" fight. I thought it'd be harder. I had expectations when his concept art leaked years back.

>>590698625Just go to the Carian Manner in Liurnia

>>590680335I really really regret not using this on my first playthrough, bleeds are godlike in ER.

The bosses in this game are such bullshit, if ER had sekiro-like gameplay it would have been much better

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>>590698636Remember to very early hardcode shit for yourself with various icons. Like I use diamond for merchant, four legged critter for horse whirlwinds, the human stick figure I just slap all over the map to places that look like I should go there.Don't mix&match icons on impulse because then you'll forget what you meant by this.

>>590697549I actually like that boss weirdly enoughmy problem is the retarded collisionbox on their pincers stopping you from actually getting a jump attack on their head

Choosing Prophet has been a shitty experience, despite how much fun I'm having, in terms of loot.>oops can't use that not enough STR>oops can't use that not enough DEX>oops can't use that not enough INT>oops can't use that not enough FAI you need 30 minimum LMAO>here's a sparse selection of incantations that are worse than Fire Fling you bought 30 minutes into the gameI'm rushing to the Respec boss now that I know where it is, FAI is fucking miserable.

Attached: 1626292979413.jpg (521x592, 51.17K)

>>590698515Weapons have a letter telling you what the scaling is in a certain stat. The scaling from your stat has nothing to do with the stat requirement. It has to do with the letter next to the stat on the equipment screen. The higher the letter the better so A scaling is better than B, B better than C, etc. S is the best and is above A though. The scaling will also change if you put an infusion on it. For example a frost infusion adds magic damage that now scales with your Int.

>>590680335I'm respecing into pure dex just because of the Godskin Peeler, what are some other fun weapons to try?

>>590698865Hey dumb ass, you will always have to level stats outside your build for stat requirements of things. Where the fuck are you putting your points if not into Str, Dex, Int or Faith? Are you just power leveling your health? Because that's your real issue retard. You should not have all those stats too low to use anything. That or you haven't leveled up at all and stupidly expect to be able to use all the gear you find in an open world game right away? Which is also retarded.

>>590698625I heard that there is a "failsafe" route for her quest in case you fucked up that part (like how some of the other NPCs are ok with you skipping their first encounter, like Yura, Blaidd and Alexander). I don't know how to trigger it but I'm sure you can just find her at her house in the area after Carian Mannor.

>>590680335Also I keep unsheathed or slap on the one blood ash of war, bros?Started bandit btw.

>>590698687>E strength>C dex>B intThe weapon has terrible STR scaling and decent INT scaling with DEX being mid tierThe letter scaling system goes E

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>>590698206I always pop a marker on every dungeon until I have cleared it.

>>590698865This is exactly my experience. Everyone was saying how cool faith was but truly there are like 4 spells that are fun. The rest are utter dogshit and you are locked out of fun weapons like meteorite blade, moonveil and Rosus' Axe. I respeced as soon as I got my hands on moonveil.

>>590680335Seriously? I desperately need a new katana. Keeping unsneed though

>>590698795it would have been much easier*the combat is a fine evolution of Souls combat and you can parry and posture break just like in Sekiro, just learn the new mechanics instead of whining

>>590698625Just go to renna's rise in carian manor. I didn't meet her at the chapel either.

>>590699051>>590698687forgot to mention that even without using beam attacks it does the magic damage on top of the physical, my b

How good is 2 Uchis at once, and how to get the Frost Ash of War I hear is so good for both?And should you dual wield 2x of them?

>>590698865>here's a sparse selection of incantations that are worse than Fire Fling you bought 30 minutes into the gameYou mean sorta how most int spells are worse than the starter spells for astro.

>>590698913>>590699051Thanks guys that makes sense to me now. I'll reset my stats and keep DEX at 18

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>>590693637Godslayer Greatsword

Attached: file.png (200x200, 22.03K)

>>590699034Blood Slash is a faster Unsheathe with more damage and range for minimal HP Loss

>installed stormcaller on a scythe>hits don't seem to apply bleedIs this how it's supposed to work?

>>590699154Yeah INT spells blow dick for a long while compared to the 2 starting spellsIt takes until like 30-40+ int requirement spells and Ranni's questline for them to get interesting

>>590680432host: cower behind summon and repeatedly use L2+R2invader: cower behind monster and repeatedly use L2+R2everyone and their mother and dog is using this fucking thing

>>590697379There's quite a lot including all of the Godslayer weapons

>CringVeilNo thanks, i only use the real chad weapon

Attached: Untitled.png (307x723, 65.83K)

>>590694015It's connected to Ranni's questline. The spirit ashes from that boss is really good too

>>590699225>It takes until like 30-40+ int requirement spellsnono. Those suck even more. 3-4 times the FP cost and 2-3 times the cast time to do maybe twice the damage of pebble.

>>590694628everything starts declining after 20/40/60

>>590694453BB's was pretty weak assuming you get the true ending