Master Duel

Chaos Ancient Gear CHAD GOLEM attack for game. I win.

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How far behind the TCG is MD?

>>590677604Other way around senpai.

>>590677513NANO NE~

>>590677632It's late I got it reversed yes


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>>590677683Around 7 packs behind? Have I got my math right?

Can I build a deck around this

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I didn’t get a reply in the last thread but anyone know if this game has gem sales? I joined mid season 2 and only saw the initial discounts. Not even sure if those were for just joining or if it was because the game just released. Spending $45 for a little more than one 10 pack is stupid while you can get around 4,000 gems just thru events

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>>590677513> Ancient GearMD deck list… pretty please

Out of all the yokais which one is the least good?

What the fuck are those gem pricesOn what economy is this based on

>>590677804I still see the initial discount running, but limited to 3 per account.Also, I think they will make various discounts later kinda what’s happening with Pokémon go - retarded example I know-.

>>590677798Yeah. Starving venom turbo

>>590677798Yes, look up diabolos.dek

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>>590677513i tried this game out. i will not come back until they have strict inactivity limits

>>590678003>>590678048Is it good or if not good, fun?

>make gems easier to get>make so you buy cosmetics with money instead>everyone is happyJust fucking do it konami

I already burned you for 8000 on my first turn

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>>590678302>$10 mateWhich mate would you pay for, Holla Forums?

>>590678302>loli profile pic >loli pet>loli main art>loli field>loli card sleeve

>>590678418successful business model

>>590678376Probably either kuriboh or sinister serpent

>>590678376skull servantinzektor hornet if he does sentai poses

>>590678418That will be $100

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>finally draw hfd with garbage joey deck>keith runs waking the dragon

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>>590678418>trannymaid deck

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>>590678302what cosmetics? they haven't added any lol

>Brick whenever I win the coinflip>Open with 0 hand traps or get my Maxx C CTTG'd or Crossout'd whenever I go second

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>>590678372I can never pull off the starving venom OTK. I always run out of steam halfway.


>>590678603Good times.

Today in a nutshell

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Why yes i do play absolute garbage decks just because i like the card art indeed

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>>590678623>he doesnt draw the outsKonami rigs draw rates based on a timer of when you bought gemsI you buy gems you never brick and your opponent always doesYou will always have what you need and win every gameBuy gems

>>590678898>friend has been buying gems this whole time>haven't lost a match against him>won the last one due to heart of the cardsDoubt

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>>590678898>buy gems>konami rigs you both the outs and the starter except

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>>590677513Just got this off legacy packs, what's a fun card I can use as a gift to my opponent?

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>>590679137Harpies feather duster while you have waking the dragon set

>>590678376Inzektor Hopper if he can do a rider kick idle animation

>>590677936Seriously. Cheapest package - $1 - doesn’t even get you a single booster.

Okay Holla Forums, you say the game is dead and there's nothing to do in it, well I have a challenge for you. Make a deck good enough for Gold around this bad motherfucker right here. Power him up, give him protection, I don't care what you do, but he's gotta come out to the field every game consistently (and win sometimes, obviously). Do you have what it takes, user?Alternate challenge: Use Hungry Burger instead

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It feels like every time we demote, I end up playing against the exact same guys. Every single player in low gold / high silver is playing some sort of shitty "control" deck with a million wabokus.

>>590677513Imagine wanking your card and not even knowing it’s named giant, not golem

>>590679273Bro! I ran crab turtle in my progression for so long not because he was good but because he was my BOI!

>>590678623My fucking sides. Especially when I run a funny non-meta deck that gets double Ashed.

>>590679273>put a single copy of any given ritual a drytron deck>summon it at the expense of herald of fuckyourmom having 2 less negates>win

>>590679527OUR boi, user. I want to play him again.>>590679575Well that was obviously not the idea, why do niggers always take the fun out of everything?

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>playing eldlich in silverhow are you silver and why are you pathetic?

MD when?

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>>590678376Mokey MokeyRescue CatHarpy Chick

>>590679667Why are you in silver?

>>590678578>Keith summons a bunch of monsters>draw Instant Fusion>use it to summon Time Magician fusion>lose the coin toss but survive and clear the field>he never recovers and I end up beating him down with a regular Red-EyesShould've believed in the heart of the cards.

>>590678376Maybe one of the Time Thieves

>>590679085Silence FagglerWhat deck you running?

>>590680190Ancient Gears

>>590679137Needle Worm with a Penguin Knight waiting in your deck.

>negate a bunch of opponent's cards>maxx c him>get maxx c'd and negated as well>we both brick

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>>590679686Red pill me on this nigga… Earth machine support?

>>590680052playing fun decks on a 2nd acc


My Yugioh tastes have become so perturbed I play nothing but combo beat heavy light of sekka decks like Fabled/Merlantains or anime styled 40 cards of 1 offs decks against myself

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>>590680759Exosisters. . .

>>590680553He's a dark, this is your earth machine support king

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>MBT>Makes deck using materials from an archetype>All the boss monsters are generic meta crap like Apollousa, Savage Borrelload, etcWhy is this? Why make a video on an archetype and just play generic shit not even related to the archetype?

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>>5906805981-off decks are fun, I don’t care if they’re not viable!

>>590678418Why yes I do want the full Verre package.

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>>590680969The game has slowly been regressing back to pre-5DS of "archetypes are shit, play staple everything" except now everything is control-oriented, not letting your opponent play the game, instead of board breaking like monarchs were back then

>>590681129What should a ruling be then since everything revolves around negates? Limit negates to once a turn?

>>590677513>D/D/D vs EndymionPlease rate these two based on how good they are in competitive sense, how hard to pilot, combos and protection

>>590681129In tcg now : Adventure Token or fuck off.

>>590681285Both are not worth the effort expanded.Just play Eldlich instead.Even Drytron is pushing it. I shouldn't have to spend so much effort to play a card game.

Did this one card last year turn Utopia himself into his very own archetype?

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>>590680969This is what happens when Konami refuses to print in-archetype bosses and makes every archetype some variant on "spam the board".

>>590680969because the archetype's extra deck is probably sub-optimal. he's showing you how to compromise between playing your favourite dogshit rogue deck and winning games vs meta

Transonic bird being DARK pisses me off so much

>>590681397nah, this was in 2013

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>>590680969I wish my archetype had a boss monster

>>590681463>Transonic bird being DARK pisses me off so muchTransonic Bird having 0 attack really ticks me off.

what do i do against effects that change my monsters attributes to my disadvantage like the true king of all calamities as an example

>me and opponent both playing blue-eyes>we both brickFuck you too spirit of white

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>play meme deck>win anyway because half my deck is handtraps and the handtraps dictate every match

>>590681632Effect Veiler

>>590681856>just run more handtraps

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Why are Fire monsters the rarest monster you'll ever encounter? And when will Pyro get love? Speaking of fire, what's a fun deck all around flame monsters?

>>590681887run more cards

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>>590681632If it’s the True King then you can’t do anything. I’ve only come across it once; I had an out but since its effect lasts an entire turn I couldn’t do anything else so I wound up with a crappy end board and was swiftly killed the next turn.

>>590681887>He doesn't run EVNGMI

>>590681954It doesn’t do anything to stop The True King of all Calamities once it’s on the field anyway.

I only Rhongo turn1 if opponent has moonrunes on name.

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>>590681887Then run Divine Wrath.

>>590681914Nah, I think wind is lowest on the attribute totem pole. (Remember when they made the effigies and wind had no target? Lol) It is fucked just how slanted it is though.

>>590681914The only semi-competitive fire archetype right now is Salamangreat and that's just a rogue deck at best. Most monsters you encounter will end up being Dark or Light. It just so happens that the vast majority of competitive archetypes are full of Dark and Light monsters for no other reason than Konami's weird bias towards those attributes.

>>590678274Brick like mother fucking crazy, but feel good when you tribute your opponent monster for VirusThe Lair Ogd fuck me over with how much i need to invested on that

>>590681632Xyz Encore

>New Gate Unlocked>Play against special decks for accessories!>Literally two new accessories and a bunch of fucking legacy tickets againFuck off, Jewnami.

>>590680553I haven't played Trains in a bit but he's probably fine as a one-off similarly to Citadel in the deck, thought he seems like he'd better fit in a more Machina-heavy deck.>SS condition is usually pretty easy to fulfill (in most cases its just 1 Train/Machina + Infinitrack) though banishing your GY messes with some of the Infinitrack GY setup (Tunneller and Trencher)>additionally SS restriction prevents Machina Overdrive from summoning it which is pretty annoying>really powerful recursion effect especially when paired with Citadel who acts as fodder for its SS, essentially meaning the opponent has to get through 2 beefy monsters >unfortunately has to compete with Citadel as a dump option for Riverstormer (unless you have Machina Overdrive), who usually wins out because the nuke effect is better than the BP Solemn in most cases, but if you've already set up Citadel, he's a pretty solid monster.>BP Solemn is debatably incredibly situational but I imagine it's a decent way to setup closing out a game with Liebe, due to the usual ease of its SS conditionProbably doesn't contribute too heavily to your primary line of play with Liebe OTK, but in the cases where the game drags out to a grind, he seems pretty good, which is fitting for Machina.

>Single target removal that selects one monster "but totally doesn't target bro"What the fuck is wrong with jewnami? How the fuck does it not target if it selects a specific monsters, rather than having to meet a criteria (like highest attack etc...). The fucking bullshit they'll come up with to push new cards is just pathetic.

>>590682535You will get your tickets and you will play Brick Eyes

>5 card deck>draw exodia>win

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>>590682715I don't mind that bitch, because she's the only thing keeping her archetype relevant. My problem is with shit like accesscode and bird faggot from tranny brigade.

>solo loan matches

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Guy SOMEHOW has only this card on the field with super Quantum blue attacked on it and manage to summon fucking ZEUS THE SUS CARD, HOW!?!?

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>>590682715Who would win in a smug off?Tiaramisu or Verre?


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>>590682915Tiaramisu isn't even remotely as smug as Verre.

>>590682073for me it's the dogmatika icon

what do i do vs dryton

>>590683085rhongo turn1

>>590683085Summon VFD

>>590681091What does she have to do with this?This is young Rilliona.

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she look cute is she good

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>>590683137>>590683101i went second and he negated every summon i tried

>>590683173>>590682878Why can't cards look like this in game?

>>590683217>i went secondskill issue

>>590682962im just asking: how?

>>590683289give me your coin flip luck

>>590683329alt+f4 if you lose coin flip

What is the game plan with familiar possessed charmers? Just hope they don't have negates until I can get some cards out and just beat down everything?

>guy summons dark magician and uses dark magic circle to target my monster>chains magician's salvation to it>now the target effect is chain blocked and i can't respond to it with aruru anymore to delete his fieldSEGOC was a mistake

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>>590683302Read its effect>Once per turn, if an Xyz Monster battled this turn, you can also Xyz Summon "Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder" by using 1 Xyz Monster you control as material.


>>590683329the best duelists can change the result of a coinflip

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Why is there meme fan art about melffies and zeus, I don't get it. What do melffies have to do with zeus?

>>590683198Really good but the deck is upper IQ

are there any good reptile or insect or plant decks? besides traptrix

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Can your deck take the maxx c challenge?

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>>590683495>changes the card he drew with whatever he wantsJUDGE

Ogdoadicplant synchroRikkaInzektors

>>590683604No, which is why I scoop if Maxx C resolves. Even drawing 2-3 cards is far too powerful for this game.


>>590683704Just set, pass and hope your opponent bricks.

>the only way for konami to make dark magician good is by giving you the shittiest loaner deck possible to play against itthese loaner duels are terrible, do they not play test ANYTHING IN THIS FUCKING GAME

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>>590683604No, but I sometimes take it anyway

>>590683604No but I play through anyway because I play petdecks and I would literally just lose if I didn't.

>>590683495wait isn't that cheating

>>590683784>give your opponent an extra turn>in YugiohI might as well scoop. This isn't MTG where sometimes it's a glorified Explore.

>>590682962What's the lore behind Divine Arsenal AA ZEUS Sky Thunder?

>>590681914Infernoids are fun

>>590683879I have made comebacks from it. Not everyone draws perfect hands.Unless of course you let yourself rank to platinum instead of throwing when you're close. But then that's a problem you created yourself.

>>590677604Anything that was not out in TCG by the end of May~Mid June is not in MD, so 8 months or so, they need to fucking release shit soon

>>590683902Zeus is humanity's greatest achievement and was constructed to defeat extraterrestrial gods. It embodies the hope of all humanity.

>>590678376Any of the Live Twins would make great mates, also Dark Magician Girl

>>590683963>platThey're staying in Gold now. Until it changes, there is now a finite number of games you can win until entering the metafag pool.

>>590683701Can I get to plat with inzektors?

>>590684537You can get to plat with fucking structure decks (but not at the start of the season). You do need to use modern cards alongside inzektors, like links, and Zeus, and not just the boomer 2010 inzektor list.

how good is TTT?

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>>590684774It's a UR, so we'll never know. They keep made all the fucking tech cards UR, forcing every one to run the same shit, and not risk experimenting.

>>590684774It's shit because Herald can negate it.

>new solo missions enemy decks have full combos that can clear the board>half the cards in your loaner decks are normal monsters from 2006This feels ridiculous.

>>590684774good in meta decks that can play through one monster effectdecent against maxx c because you can (hopefully) rip their best card and you might be able to stop them

>>590677732i had this card as a kid

>>590685064Just suffer through the two that have real prizes and who cares about the legacy tickets from the rest

>>590683604…..No>itt drytron fag

>>590678372i felt my brain expand when in the middle of a duel i figured out i could copt electrumite's effect and pop something again

>>590683198Her and Engage are what make Sky Strikers as good as they are

>>590677513Best teacher

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>>590684774In MD and OCG it's terrible and they're a waste of space because of Maxx CIn TCG it's viable

>>590683583hello me. from what ive seen, i dont believe any of those decks are particularly goodreptiles are waiting for the new support, most of which came out in december for ocg. you either have weak stuff like venom and worms, or very expensive decks like aliens/ogdoadics. insects are waiting for the beetrooper archetype (its basically splashed into every insect deck) which is a tcg exclusive that came out in august(?). its tcg but theres quite a demand for it and master duel is considered a mix of tcg/ocg so its unknown when it'll be out for master duel.i believe predaplant or aroma/rikka seems to be the way to go for plants. think the newest archetype is sunvines but they're missing a key support card in master duel.personally, im just going to shit out a krawler deck tomorrow. they're ugly, seem pretty agonizing to play with/against, and have no obvious win condition, but they're cheap (their main deck only needs UR/SRs for staples and their archetype UR is kinda shit). also the secret pack they come in has knightmare staples.

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Is it me or are thunder dragons a bit cancerous?

>>590683495why are they zentai? do they merge with aliens?

>>590685834Only Colossus.

>>590685834they're cancer

>>590685834When they used to have 3 Colossuses… yes



>>590687085Come on now. /out/ doesn't deserve this faggot.

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>>590685834If you see someone with moonrunes using it it's probably cancer


Bros, what is the secret to make soo many decks like >>374684691#I only have like 3 decks

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>destroys your deck on the first turn

>open unplayable hand>draw Maxx C next turn>off the opponent's next 2 special summons, draw fucking 2 Overdrives back to back>finally draw an Ash as the last cardAmazing how a deck with 14 starters can brick so hard.

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>play against vw>he sets up field with vfd and fan fan>he uses vfd effect and targets dark attribute>i summon pic related and 3 traps>winlol even lmao

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Where is QOL patch or anything?

>>590688672It's happens sometimes, just move along and play another match or you could do yourself a favor and take a break. I played Ignister which have a 1-cards combo and 12 starter but bricked 3 times out of 10 games.

>>590689139Yeah it's nbd, I just thought it was funny. In over 200 something games with Earth Machine I've bricked maybe 3 or 4 times but managed to at least draw something playable later on. This time I literally could not draw a single thing that would have been playable for the next 5 draws.

>Opponent folds right awayok

>>590683604absolutely.made the dude draw 21 cards and ended with 2 omni negates and a banish monster quick effect. opponent was playing tri-brigade zoodiac, pitched the rest of his deck and barely scratched out an accesscode attack the same turn he drew his last card in deck.I swung for game instead of passing turn, just to teach him a fucking lesson.


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>>590685064I just started going through the new solo. These fucking loaner decks suck total ass in comparison holy shit.

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>>590687224what's this?

>>590690776Yugioh Rush Duels. The new version of yugioh, that the current anime is focused on. It's like a simplified version of Yugioh that doesn't have to worry about balancing around 20 years of cards. I think the cards don't have western releases yet, and it's only in a switch game, but I'm not sure on that.

>>590683495>It isnt the edit

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>>590684021Should be new cards in about another 20 days (That's when the special packs in the shop expire, wouldn't surprise me if they were replaced with packs that contain the new cards added).

So when do we get more dark spellian support?

>>590691195That's still too long, that said IF they add cards in 20 days, I hope they add a good batch of packs and not just 2 and stay behind this much

>>590680969Ideally your deck should revolve around a certain strategy and then the generic stuff acts as an extra option you can go into. Instead everything has become an engine for generic goodstuff to the point where it is now feasible to play 60 card goodstuff comprised of nothing but engines, handtraps and blow out cards and do well in YCSs. If you want to play an archetype pure well too bad because you'll lose if you aren't playing good stuff.

>>590680969I have to use Acces Code for now broI geninuely wouldn't even be mad if they ban Access code

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>>590688634Open secret packs you need to obtain what you need then once you get to the point where you only need like 2-3 ultra rares for that deck start another deck and open secret pack for that. Chances are that you'll get ultra rares you dont need from opening all those packs use them to finish the first deck you were making leaving you with atleast halfway done deck after you crrated one.

>>590685842The main character actually fuses with an alien so you're kinda right

>>590691350There's already some store page assets in the game and it looks they're gonna be like that Stalwart Force pack in the store right now where it's like five different archetypes worth of shit

>>590691350Based on the rate that they've been releasing things, the sudden release of the game and the length of the gap I would suspect that they were pushed to release the game early by some out of touch Konami exec.I think the game was probably initially slated for a Feb 1 release, which would have put the gap before new cards at around a month and a half (it also would have had the first event starting only 2 weeks after release, new solo content being added roughly once every 2 weeks, etc).Basically the devs were probably forced to shit the game out at 3 weeks early by some Konami exec who was scared of the game's release having to compete for people's attention with the new Pokemon game or some dumb reason like that.

>>590681914Fire is the lowest percentage of all attributes and of those fire monsters only a handfull of their archetypes are competitive with the rest being apart of a multi attribute archetype.

What are the chances beetroopers gets added next update? Is the reason the update is taking so long because that want to catch up to the physical game?

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>Holla Forums tells me to use the deck my heart tells me to >look up a ruin and demise tutorial video>he's bricking even in the ones he wonThere's just no salvaging that deck is there? Are ritual decks just bad in general?

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>>590691534I know it's been said a million times before but Accesscode could easily be errata'd to require at least one Cyberse monster for its summoning and it'd still be a fucking good card, just harder for any random deck to link climb into.

>>590691703Uhh drytron?

>>590691761Drytron is busted because they don't follow any of the normal terrible rules for rituals

>>590682797Accesscode targets you just can't respond to the activation, Shuraig is gay purely because of how easy it is to summon him and how easy it is to trigger his effect due to the sheer genericness of Tri-Brigades.

God I love this card

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>opponent plays through two turns of rhongo and dark requiem, raigekis the board, kaijus me and summons the 3300 one on his board>i summon arc rebellion and win anywayIm not used to gruelling matches like that. Im simultaneously exhausted, annoyed he managed to stall out so well, and feel bad that he played so many outs correctly and i still just beat his ass

>>590691807Shuraig would be mediocre without Revolt letting you pop his effect whenever and every single tri-brigade GY effect at once

>>590691731same with Zeus

>>590680969MBT is a fag who openly shits on people wanting the game to be more restricted to their archetypes. Seems like a really retarded take when we have at least half of every single extra deck looks the exact same: linkuriboh, I:P, zeus, the knightmares, apollusa, accesscode talker, almiraj, ect.If every single deck is using the same shit, theres something wrong with the game.

>>590691693Unlikely. They didn't show up in the datamined stock art. Looks like the only cards that are getting added are the rest of DAMA like Despias and the new Evil Twin support and the new Synchro support from the side set. Beetroopers might still be a part of it but it looks like they're following OCG schedule whereas Beetroopers were TCG exclusive for awhile

>>590691869It's not even revolt, Shuraig triggers whenever you summon a beast, beast-warrior or winged beast meaning you have a plethora of ways of triggering his effect during your opponents turn even without revolt because of how insanely splashable Tri-Brigade is.

>>590691835Theoretically this should save me more games than it loses me in pendulum magicians whenever i dont have the right cards to extend, but i swear to god my opponents always just have lightning storm or kaijus ever time i try. I also got fucker by a necroz negating it once, that was an interesting one

>>590691969I use Bagooska out of spite when I don't have an answer to Ash or Maxx C

>>590691652Here's my problem with this, I DID NOT KNEW about this game until I saw it in the xbox store by chance, for free and saw it was a fucking, actual Yu-Gi-Oh game, so i don't even know what they expected, but I'm glad this game exploded and went viralJust to be dropped massively because there's only ranked tryhard mode and nothing else besides solo and no custom banlist for private rooms

>>590691969How do you deal with traps/spells and the like with magicians? I feel completely exposed compared to most decks if I don't manage to OTK. Are magicians glass cannons or something?

>>590691652I buy it. And maybe it was a good thing. Who knows, if they had the time they needed to put the finishing touches on this game we might not have gotten the mates from that "300 license free 3D models!" CD ROM that some Konami intern found sitting in an old desk drawer.>>590691731Hell, at this point I'd be happy if they just said "fuck it" and declared Master Duel its complete own format with its own erratas to cut down on the generic boss monster shit.

>>590691731Why do shitters complain about accesscode talker so much? If your opponent has enough resources to make accesscode you already lost, removing him would just prolong the inevitable.

>>590692069if they want the game to not die/get stale, they really need to have at least weekly/monthly rotating banlists in ranked, to force people to change shit and they can collect data from there and slowly add stuff to a more permanent banlistThe XYZ event already had it's own custom banlist, and it was a good thing

>>590685743The Krawler win condition is to outgrind your opponent with your Link monsters' floating effects and immunity to battle destruction while using your flips to ???. Their flaw is the fact that the maindeck monsters need to be face up when destroyed by card effect in order to float which is dumb because they're flip monsters and thus will be put face down to use their effects. You have plenty of generic backrow/world legacy cards to help you make plays but your deck will be really slow and you will kneel to any deck that can banish on demand.

>new gate unlocked>mate base and magical hats field rewardNeat but where are my gems konami?

>>590692173I think you're wrong, honestly that would be more likely to just piss people off since every week/month the URs they spent a decent amount of their fairly limited UR crafting resources on keep getting banned/limited .A format with constant banlist updates doesn't keep things "fresh" it just makes people not want to bother since the cards they put all their resources into are just gonna get fucking banned anyway.

>>590692243Pretty sure it also has the standard solo gate 200 gem reward on the last or second-last duel (with your own deck reward, not the loaner deck reward).

>>590692150It's not hard for a competent deck to shit out enough mediocre monsters to bring out accesscode, and the whole point of him being a finisher is that he takes your opponent from "hasn't already lost" to "has already lost". But the main reason people complain is because it's lame to see the same boss monster that you've seen in the last 10 games despite someone playing something you never see, like vampires.

>>590691703Rituals are fine, the only reason why Demise/Ruin shouldn't brick much due to impcantations and the various ritual/ritual monster searchers

>>590691789Thats just standard for all tier 1 decks at this point>Drytron doesnt care about ritual requirements also our ritual spell recycles itself for no cost>Zoodiac just infinitely overlay your guys lmao enjoy going breaking through a 6 material zeus>Tri-brigade link summon from the grave while were at it, banished monsters? no problem link them again and trigger all their floating effects while putting them back in the graveyard to be link summoned againall of us have floating effects

The key to dealing with Accesscode is changing your response options to "On" instead of "Auto" so that it lets you chain trap/quick effect removal to his summon and delete him from the field.

>>590677513Dont mind me juat gonna play a metadeck and win over here while you losers have shitty win rates.

Was the release of Duel Link like this?God, it looks lile Nip dev ha e no experience with modern PC releasde and content management

>>590692671>God, it looks like Nip devs have no experience with modern PC releases and content managementCorrect.

>>590691789That is true for literally every good ritual based archetype.Ritual summoning sucks ass so you have to ignore at least half of the rules to actually make a good ritual archetype.

>>590692410>it's lame to see the same boss monsterFair enough, I blame netdeckers for having no originality. I advocate for alternate finishers like the topologic monsters or borrelsword, havent seen anyone use it yet.

>>590692619>I:P masquarena

>>590691703what holds back ruin and demise is that their ritual spells are really restrictive for no reason.

>>590692774Because Accesscode can be used to remove Skil Drain

>>590692335Just give players dust if they happen to own any of the banned cards, don't take away the cards though, players can craft other stuff AND keep heir cards that might get unbanned in the next rotationLike seriously how many people crafted 3 Maxx, knowing that shit will eventually get actually banned

>>590692619No, you beat Accesscode by interrupting his combo. If your opponent resolved Accesscode, then you deserved that loss.

>>590692776>Implying I'm destroying him.If he's up against me that motherfucker is getting banished or sent back to the Extra Deck on summon or he's getting a card like Black Horn of Heaven/Solemn activated that negates the summon itself (destruction immunity and effect immunity DO NOT apply if the card negates the summon, because the summon was negated and did not occur so it has no effects).

>>590691835Bagooska the based saving me from maxx C time and time again

>>590692774Borrelsword used to be the same thing.

>>590692774This is what happens when you make generic wincons like Borrelsword and Accesscode. Honestly, I'd ban both out of principle.

I just want to roll for Exorsisters

>>590684283>People bitch that Gold is too hard now>Meanwhile I'm effortlessly climbing back to PlatI think I have a 10 game Winstreak now, and my deck isn't even T-1. I think y'all just suck at the game.

>>590692028I feel that in my soul.>>590692063Id say the deck is very glass canon in bo1 yeah. A lot of situations you do have to settle for just going next. That said, dont understimate time pendulumgraphs synergies with purple poison, or even better, timegazer or pendulum call for the sweet 2 for nothing plays if its on the board spell shit troubling you.

>>590692774Blame Konamis design choices. Generic boss monsters should be weaker than the archetypal boss monster but have a niche they could fulfill.Why end on blue eyes twin burst when I could just make Hope etc etc.

>>590693213What deck?

>>590693149I want to buy those as my next irl purchase

>>590693213Who said anything about difficulty? The fact remains that top tier decks and Numeron aren't fun to play against.

>>590692890>knowing that shit will eventually get actually bannedIt won't be and you're stupid for thinking so.

>>590692558If i see fraktail turn 1 and i dont have hand traps i go next immediately

>>590693363I haven't bought any cards in 15 years or more, this game brought me back and I now want to buy IRL cardsI know buyng the cards themselves is better than buying boosters/boxes, but I kinda want to open some stuff, any suggestions of boxes with good value?

>>590692774I still kind of regret dusting the 3 borrelswords i pulled when making my first deck

>>590693470Just play more master duel man, paper aint worth it

>>590693352ISD>>590693373The only T-1 deck I've encountered this season is Drytron and I shut them down by going first and Summoning WINda.

>>590693656>Invoked Shaddoll>Not metaFuck you metafag, fuck off and die in Plat hell for the rest of time.

>>590678823i hate that i got 5 and 2 are normal shiny, that would be 2 free UR cards.

>>590693335>mfw Konami is trying to force generic fusions with their refusal to ban VerteTwo years from now fusion is going to either be ruled by a single monster (think Dragoon but not banned) like Synchros or a generic toolbox like Xyz and Links.

Attached: 1568990467517.jpg (648x484, 303.34K)

>>590693767>T-1READ NIGGA!! READ!

>>590693767Not him, but IDS is Tier 1.5.

>>590678274>>590682327its fucking strong as hell don't listen to the stupid metacucks,i've seen japanese players win tournaments with lair decks,you just need to build a different version of it, with things like grass is greener or werid cards like stun cards like Alpha, the Master of Beasts, or stuff like fairy tale snow, which can constantly banish your traps you don't need to recycle, then use that other lady of lament to tribute 2 darks to recycle your banished cards,you can also use the nemsis engine since they can rank 3 spam or link can even use eldlich with it, or zombies.infernoids also work

>>590693656>I shut them down by going firstWow you won a coin flip and they didnt have disruption, youre a fucking god at this game

>>590683219desu konami should actually do this. and just make the description when you click on it while the actual card shows up like that

>>590693848The thing is that you'd think generics make it cheaper to make decks since they go in every deck, but in reality those shitty archetypes that you want to play have their boss monsters blown out of the water by the generic ones, so if you want your pet deck to stand a chance you have to buy the expensive accesscode instead of the archetype boss monster that nobody but you would consider playing.Same is true in Master Duel too. While pulling for the core cards for your pet deck you'll end up with a couple copies of that archetype's UR boss, but you'd probably be better off with a borrelsword.

>>590694050ISD is Tier 2 at best.

>>590678048This guy will never recover from being Raye’s bitch toy.

Attached: BFFB05C0-FB40-418F-A9E7-0F2EC3B6A8E6.jpg (2392x3372, 2.91M)

>the one time i get max c in my hand my opponent instantly negates it

>>590683442>SEGOC>badthats literally the only thing saving you from degeneracy like herald.............chain blocking is how you are really supposed out herald, not some stupid "draw your out" bullshit.

>Every deck nowadays is about control and negate>Play PSY-Frames>Everything isn't once per turnPsychic gets more support when?

Attached: 1200-1.png (471x694, 705.58K)

>>590682073can you at least tell the difference between koreans or japanese or chinese players?so far every korean player has been extremely fast, and they don't waste time with their combos,chinese players have shit connection and lag every 15 seconds,while japanese players literally take 8 minutes to make a single decision

>>590694073Mad cause bad. Ain't my fault you run a deck that ONLY special summons.Winda isn't hard to get rid of. She simply can't be DESTROYED by card effects, and that's only if her effect isn't negated. You're just bad at the game bro.


>>590682962>Zeus is a boss monster>All he does is get rid of everything>Can easily get killed by a spell>Is limited to 1So why do people use Zeus?

>>590694160Invoked Shaddolls is Tier 2 at best. The Dogmatika engine actually makes the deck competitive against Tier 1 (meta).It goes Tier 0 (meta warping broken) > Tier 1 (meta) > Tier 1.5 (competitive) > Tier 2 (rogue). Some people classify Tier 2 as a less competitve Tier 1.5 and have a Tier 3 as rogue, while others expand Tier 1.5 slightly and classify everything below it as rogue.


>>590678659The OTK is absolutely an all in so dont go for it if you dont have it 100% mathed out. Its either 5 on the board before normal summon or electrumite summoned before pendulum summon. If you cant meet either of those or get disrupted, immediately bail and go into bagooska stalling. What i really find strange is how not very applicable a single starve venom swinging for 6100 with piercing and immune to card effects tends to be when on paper that should fuck a lot of things up

>>590694303Quick effect wipe everything is pretty good bro. Like Nibiru the Primordial Being without have to wait 5 summons first. Also extremely easy summoning condition for XYZ decks. You can punch with an XYZ searcher and then slap him on top.

>>590681396fuck of trannyshill>>590681285d/d/d is more fun however they don't have their best support yetendymion is the vastly superior deck currently, its actually far better than drytron since it can get a max of 15 negates per turn instead of just 8 for drytron. and it can actually pop skilldrain going second easily while drytron just loses instantly.

>>590694303>all he does is non target, non-destruction get rid of everythingHow quaint, good thing we trust in the heart of the cards and always draw the removal and the bait to out the multiple negations of that removal.

>>590694265Winda is way less of a problem than infinite card advantage aleister and mechaba desu

>>590681939im so glad that synchros are good again in the tcg, after being the worst summoning type for the last 5 years

>>590681632play a deck with no effects like phantasm spiral that doesn't give a fucking shit about vfd

>>590681939Honestly i was thinking of building 60 card zefra next

>>590681954effect veiler is absolute trash outside of skystrikers.infinite impermanence is literally 10000 times better

>>590694386Having a Tier 1.5 is stupid.It goes Tier 0 (busted and on the chopping block, meta warping and when they show up they become unanimous. They're genuinely unfair decks).Tier 1 (strongest without being broken, extremely consistent, these are the most consistent tourney winners from locals to Nationals)Tier 2 (very strong, but has flaws and consistency issues, also includes Anti-meta, will win tournaments, very popular but not as popular as T-1, usually fails to win first place at large tourneys)Tier 3 (weaker than T-2, but stronger than rogue, still popular enough to be a part of the meta, will win locals no problem, struggles to keep up at higher levels)Rogue (none of these are meta, but if built correctly they can win against meta decks and can sometimes steal a tourney).Tier "1.5" only ever shows up if there's a lot of variety in Tier 2 and there's a power gap between one half and the other, where the stronger half isn't quite good enough to rank with T-1

>>590682073i alt f4 every game so I always go first

>>590694731You're literal trash outside of Sky Strikers

Kinda funny

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>>590681406Lets say there was an in archetype version of zeus for every archetype. Would that really fix the problem or would you not be annoyed about every boss monster doing the same thing?

>>590694303>Stupidly easy to summon as the wording says if Xyz monster you control BATTLED this turn. It does not need to survive battle - you can summon another and go right into Zeus.>Board wipe is non-destruction. It removes indestructible monsters and does not trigger destroy effects.>"Send all other CARDS to the graveyard". This hits spells and traps in addition to monsters>Unlike Black Rose Dragon, Zeus doesn't kill himself>CAN BE USED MULTIPLE TIMES DURING THE CHAIN>Has a big body to close out the game after nuking his opponent's back rowZeus is goddamn amazing

>>590694731>effect veiler is absolute trash outside of skystrikers.EV is for Accesscode right?

>>590694594>Infinite card advantage>Stopped in its tracks by:>Ash>Veiler>Imperm>Skill drain>Chalice>Maxx CThat's 18 CARDS bro. Literally git gud.Ash, Imperm, and Maxx C are a must 3 of in every deck. You have a 70% of opening with one, wtf are you doing?

>>590694706>pull 10x shaddoll pack 7 times in a row>only shaddoll, zero zefraFuck me, I guess I have to build IDS and wait until I have gems.

>>590694073>doesn't know you can just alt f4 without penalty and go first every single game no matter whatthey can't even report you since you don't even show up in their replays list lol

>>590694164whats the story behind this?

>>590694764The difference between Tier 1 and 2 is far too great. Decks like Adamancipator, Prank Kids, IDS, Sky Strikers, and Pendulum Magicians are too strong to fit in with Tier 2s, but aren't Tier 1 meta decks, hence why they are Tier 1.5.Don't like it? Too bad. Welcome to TCG tiering.

>>590691534I dont get it. Its strong enough to punch with, yet its main function is to chuck itself to summon something weaker, then banish itself to get something else in the grave and non target removal one other thing?

Zeus is the cancer killing games>god of thunder>does to raigekiLol

>>590695078All those decks you mentioned ARE Tier 2 you mouth breather.

>>590695078Just add a tier 3 and put tier 2 there, retard.I hate this sugarcoating for tumblrites.>no your deck isn't tier 3, you see its tier 2 but we added a 1.5 tier so you don't feel so behind. Because your feelings matter!Shut the fuck up. You're deck is tier 3, move on.

>>590695018fuck you, i had to craft every single shaddol and kept getting dogshit zeftrash shit after spending 25,000 gems

>>590695223>>590695225Tier 2 isn't competitive. Tier 1.5 is. Why is this concept so hard to understand?

>>590694521You forgot the part where it's can be multiply chained so activating continuous shit like Skill Drain in response doesn't matter either.

>>590694920That is correct

>>590695225i know right? i hate how all these faggot websites now put the lowest tier as A tier, and then put S SS SSS

Is there a way to reset my account to start over?

>>590695297Tier 2 IS competitive you utter moron. Everything that's meta is competitive. That's why it's meta. Rogue means it's outside of the meta, that's why it's called ROGUE.Where it falls on the tier list (tier 1, 2, 3) is based on the decks' performance at tournaments.

>>590695393Because that's how high power level games work.

>>590694901Ruddy Rose Dragonis the upgrade and better than zeus but its not generic so i guess zeus is more common

>>590695440No, it's not. You're actually retarded, holy shit!

>>590683604Theoretically. As long as he doesnt pull ash before electrumite pops a scale, i dont think i care about anything once i get the mats for double starve venom and verte

>>590695297Tier 2 is competitive.What makes you think it isn't?

If there were no generics, you retards would be bitching about how new deck require you to build a whole new extra deck

>>590695440Tier lists weren't invented by games. It goes from F to S, or from 1 to as many numbers needed.There is no SSS or SS tier. That's leftwing shit to avoid hurting feelings.

>>590695281>calling zefra deck shitYou make me sad user.>>590695420No.

>>590695529No because then we'd have a lot more existing archetypes getting steady support instead of them making entire archetypes from scratch made to turbo out generic links and xyzs like we do now.

>>590695019Im too paranoid about tying down an account permanantly so i play on phone...

>>590695529Boomer ygo had generics too you know>pot of greed>summoned skull>graceful charity>change of heart>heavy storm>man eating bug>magician of faith

>>590694970>pendulum magician ftks in your path

>>590695724I dont think anyone cares about spells being generic to be fair. Shit on mtg all you want but the spike johnny timmy profile shit absolutely holds up and the timmy part of ygo is punching people in the face with the boss monster that you think has the coolest effects and aesthetics

>>590683604i play true draco, phantasm spiral, and anti meta inspector stun, so yeah

>>590691898He made a video recently calling yu gi oh boring lol.

>590695929>Tranny the Pandering

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>>590695438Wrong, wrong, wrong.Meta in the context of TCGs are the very best decks. Not decent. Not high tier. Top tier. You build your sidedeck (or a small chunk of your maindeck) to prepare for these threats. That'a what make them "meta". If your deck is high tier, but not a top level threat, then it's NOT meta. You do NOT build your deck around these threats unless you REALLY feel the need to dab on Aleister Redditors by extra decking Invoked Mechaba in shit like Cyber Dragons. However, they are still very strong decks, so they are 1.5. Tier 2 are for the decks that are simply "good". These are your rogue decks that can pull off a win against higher tier decks with a good hand (FYI, Rogue is the modern term for "Dark Horse) or your gatekeepers decks that get stomped by the higher tier decks but crush everything else hard and cause a lot of salt. Numeron is one such Gatekeeper deck.TL;DR Stop Making bad tier lists. And for Pete's sake, stop listing Blue Eyes as rogue in your tier lists.

>>590691703>are ritual decks just bad in general?ritual decks have had the MOST meta decks to non meta decks out of ANY other type of card.its true that there were not many ritual archtypes, but even within the small amount decks like gishki hand loop in its prime, nekroz djinn lock and now drytron, rituals have always dominated for a huge margin that far exceeds the small amount of decks that revolve around them.

>>590695362Zeus needed that to counteract the low 3k attack it has

>>590696248Imagine listing older Ritual decks and forgetting about Demise OTK.

>>590692740> sword soul breaks synchro rules by allowing tokens to become tuners and giving every card the ability to make token tuners of any level.> zoodiac breaks xyz rules by literally allowing you to xyz stack on just a single card.> shaddolls and infernoids basicly allow you to fuse directly from your deck>true draco literally allowed you to tribute spells and traps.>spyrals allowed you to lock your opponent from summoning anything at all.literally every meta archtype of a card type that became super good allows you to break rules of that summon type

>>590695695>every deck should play like D/D/D, Performapal, Odd-eyes

>>590696246You're absolutely retarded. Meta refers to decks that consistently show up in the METAGAME of tournaments. These are then ranked by power as T 1-3 based on their consistency and power. Stop getting your opinions from Reddit. They didn't invent language. And bases on the crap you're writing, are completely fucking moronic too.

>>590677732>5 other monsters + 5 unions>can't ohko>will just get cydra'd

>>590696387I know it existed, im just listing the decks that were so fucking broken that the bannlist had to sweep their archtypes pretty sure few of the gishki rituals are still banned today.and nekroz only just recently got unbanned this year



>up against a Pendulum deck>seeing all these different effects go off while cycling for stuff>"Oh wow, these Pendulums are some big brain shi-">he ends his combo with just Apollousa and BorreloadReally? All that for two generic bosses and nothing else? I know for a fact that this dude didn't brick.

>>590695529>new deck require you to build a whole new extra deckFunny thing my 2nd deck needed a whole new extra deck because my first deck happened to be Heroes.

>>590678376Geargiano is free :)


I hate fucking Pendulums so much it's unreal

>>590693048>>590692958Borrelsword is fine because it can't be used to wipe your opponents field, it's just a big beatstick that can attack twice.

>>590696246This post reads like you just now learned what "meta" actually means, and it just dawned on you that you've been saying idiotic shit, but are trying your hardest to save face by saying even stupider shit. In any case. Pic related.

Attached: images (83).jpg (600x450, 37.54K)

>>590696567>I know for a fact that this dude didn't brick.bullshit,normal pen magician is literally brick city,just because he didn't brick like your shiteyes deck doesn't mean it isn't a brick,normal pendulum decks at full power will literally just end you in one is what a good pendulum non brick is like

>>590696689i hate links so much its unreal,you're literally complaining about pendulums, in master rule 5, where they don't get their own scale zones on top of 5 set,and also they can only summon 1 from extra deck, as opposed to all 6 zones at once

>>590693470>any suggestions of boxes with good value?Synchro Storm is the only one that comes to mind if you want to build a speedroid, lyrilusc or Sherry Leblanc deck since there isn't any filler cards. You might also want to wait for Duelists from the Deep for water shit if you want. Don't bother buying any other set boxes you'll end up wasting money even if you pull high value cards.

Attached: 1631435657746.jpg (3130x1986, 1.36M)

>>590683583hmm a reptilianne kaiju deck can work. gonna try that out.


Attached: astrograph_sorcerer_by_kai1411_dbe8hfn-fullview.jpg (600x875, 187.39K)

>>590694246Like, right now nigga.>e-tele at 3>P.U.N.K. archetype>Psychic END Punisher in DIFO

>>590696426Unironically yes.

>>590696843I play Stun bro. I put up with being nearly guaranteed to lose going second, but in return I hardly ever brick.

>>590697067Astrograph-sama... please don't summon Zarc on my full board ... onegai

>>590697067How do I learn to use this deck properly

>>590697240which stun are you playing?just miscellious stun cards? or an archetype like yosenju or true draco

>>590695529There's nothing wrong in theory with generic cards, they should be easily splashable into most decks but should have a lower power level compared to in archetype boss monsters/powerful spells/traps in exchange for being so accessible. The problem is that these generic cards have powercrept so hard they now invalidate a lot of archetypal cards, overshadowing them almost entirely which kills a deck's identity. It seems nowadays archetypes exist to better vomit out the same handful of good generics. If you can use any synchros, you'd be an idiot to not include a Halqifibrax, a borreload savage and a Baronne if you can. Xyz? Zeus or one of the many different utopias. Want to use links? Accesscode/borrelsword finisher works for everyone, Appolousa turn 1 always a classic. Link 1 almiraj to get your normal summon into the grave.

>>590697370Unironically watch TrifYGO and learn how to cycle astrograph with electrumite and starving venom.

>>590697603Why does the funny meme man like Pendulums so much?

>>590696567Yeah pendulums negate game is generic outside of vortex dragon, but their removal game and what they can kill you with is unique at least ignoring the fact that we also run accesscode

>>590697660Honestly no idea, but he does know how to play and build them. Maybe it's just his schtick at this point, so he can't let it go.

spyrals still good i can’t find a deck list with them

>>590697603>Unironically watch TrifYGOPreferably on mute with captions to spare your ears.>>590697660No idea, and it sucks cause his youtube acting is annoying as hell but he really does know almost everything about how to play and optimize pendulums

>>590696457What part of "meta in Yugioh's context is different" do you not understand? This is not a video game. This is not MTG. This is not the New York Stock Exchange. It's different. You don't call a Tier 2 deck "meta". Yes, no fucking shit it's part of the metagame - everyone knows that. But, again, meta in Yugioh SPECIFICALLY refers to the very top of the pecking order. No amount of calling someone a retard will change that.

>>590697859I think i have only seen them in a duel room once, no one plays them now.

These solo loaner decks are garbage, even a kid could make a better deck than this.

>>590697994>even a kid could make a better deck than this.Define kid

>>590685465I fucking love how he was a low-stakes villain for the first few episodes of the show and then when the Dark Signer arc kicked off you see him actually man up and display the qualities you'd expect from a teacher. I've been a fan of Ancient Gears ever since watching that duel as a kid.

>>590697994Some of them are funny, like the dinomists one that makes you play zefra out of nowhere

>>590698025>Dark Signer arcWasnt that 5Ds?

>>590678302You forgot:>Increase card animation speed>Half turn timersreally turns me off from playing when I'm forced to watch 10+ minutes of someone going through their flowchart combos

>>590697947>Unironically watch TrifYGO>Preferably on mute with captions to spare your ears.Actually I usually just screenshot the decklist and watch his combo once to get a hang of it. I've played pendulums enough to get the gist and practice more on my own.



>>590697381It's about as generic as it gets. Literal caveman deck lmao>unga bunga smol monsters that prevent special summons >Inspector Boarder. Nobody reads the card making it even stronger >lots of Solemn traps and Dark Bribe>Moon Mirror and Power of the Guardians to swing over stuff>Card of Demise because it's a broken card

>>590696905Its so fucking infuriating that they unfucked the extra zone for everyone but pendulum and yet dont make link primarily pendulum focused support

>>590696234Based baby tiragon posterWhy didn't Konami make him good

>>590698341They are scared of us.

>opponent set 3+ cards>hit surrender>opponent use a tribrigade/adamancipator/drytron/vw/prank kid card>hit surrender>opponent use a hand trap>hit surrenderThats how you can enjoy MD

>>590698134Oh shit, it was. What were the bad guys from season 1 of GX called? I swear they were dark something.

>>590698558Dark riders?

>>590698404Just stop playing at that pointThere clearly is no fun to be had if you're quitting every duel

>>590697482You've hit the nail on the head. This is why YGO is becoming somewhat frustrating, they make incredibly generic powerful monsters while most in arcehetype boss monsters are significantly weaker or significantly more fragile when it should be the other way round. And instead of trying to rectify this problem Konami instead just prints a bunch of ridiculous blowout cards(which are super hard to get and thus expensive on the 2nd hand market) which does nothing but ultimately make playing said in archetype bosses even more pointless because they can be easily assraped especially if they don't have any sort of NEGATION or some other form of protection which Konami typically halfasses for no real discernable reason. Almost every deck ends up turning into some sort of engine for generic powerful ED monsters which in turn also causes Konami to limit the power of in theme bosses for some asinine reason which shits on people who can't afford or don't want to play said generic powerful ED monsters or the very expensive outs to them. This company will put fucking retarded clauses and ill thought out effects on cards like Prior of the Ice Barrier and P.U.N.K. Ogre Dance but will happily make easy to summon SHIT like Accesscode and Borreload Savage who are far more powerful.

Attached: 1619920973253.jpg (811x769, 173.77K)

print better fairy cards.

Attached: 1643324820722.jpg (600x491, 119.05K)

>>590680969I just want Borreload Riot and Borrelend to come out for pure Borrels to be able to do something more than pray for Savage to be enough protection and hope the opponent is too retarded to realize Furious is immune to ED monsters.

>>590698076I hated that one, expecially because zefra with the new master rule kind of sucks, i want to summon zefraath but he is just a beatstick when you cant make use of the second pendulum summon.

i just cant stop BTFOing those sky strikers fags after reseting to silver.they just cant deal with my trains with those weak sub 2000 atk bitches, why everyone is using this faggy deck?

>>590698852They want to be women. It's easy to tell which player is a chad and which one a betacuck Waifuincel.

>>590698695But Heral of Ultimateness was printed years ago.You just can't improve from that

>>590698665Im not watching your 20 minute drytron combo, go complain to steam forums if you cant find a match because everyone surrender before you complete a turn.There are no ranked rewards so there is no reason to play vs meta.

>oponent goes first>summons a monster and uses three spell cards one of which that toon searching spell>puts a card face down >scoops instantlyWhat the fuck

>>590699241He suddenly realized he's playing a toon deck.

>>590699241He either goofed up or bricked lol

>>590699241Bricked exodia

>>590693656>ISDKill yourself seriously

>>590699146I don't play that shit deck and I understand surrendering whenever you see it, I do it too.I meant surrendering every time you get inconvenienced by a hand trap or sets some cards.You're not even playing the game at that point.Your time is better spent doing literally anything else than wasting time until you find the 1 match where nothing poses any kind of threat to you.

>>590698695delete this aoi is my wife

>>590698404>>opponent set 3+ cardsAdd more backrow destruction cards, stop netdecking.>>opponent use a tribrigade/Easy to beat, just ash their ponyman. >adamancipatorI barely see them desu>/drytron/Good>vw/I feel like one ash can stop them enough for a turn. Then you OTK them the next. >prank kid cardThey need to normal summon and then manually activate their effect to start rolling. Just cuck them out with a negate or this. >>opponent use a hand trapUse yours. Gamma is a great anti maxx c or ash.

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