Why did Xenoblade 3 remove the lewd?

Why did Xenoblade 3 remove the lewd?

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>>590677039they introduce different artstyle every game


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Good, 2 was ruined because of it

Are all the XB2fags posting about this just secondaries or falseflagging snoys?

>>590677098No they don't. >>590677229You sound like a puritan. 1 and X had lots of lewd stuff as well.>>590677242I don't think Snoys care much for this series.

>>590677601Never played X, so I won't speak for that. 1 had a few characters with their tits out sure, but it was nowhere near as bad as 2, and you cou ld at least change party member's outfits to something less revealing in DE.


Who is the main artist in XB3?

>>590677039Good question. Coomshit was part of the charm.

>>590677968Looks like the same as 2 when you see the faces.


>>590677039If they're smart, they'll make it look like they got rid of the lewd characters. Then it'll be a big part of the plot somewhere that the girls become lewd, like a bath scene or maybe their clothes tear when using their abilities. And then all the fans will claim it's totally "bold" and "unique." And you'll have tons of free marketing and hype.This is what Vanillaware games do.

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>>590677098Literally the same artist and engine


>>590677039No idea, we'll have to wait for the game to be out to see what it's really like. The main cast certainly looks very bland and safe though.

>>590677601Nah, Snoys seethe over it. Censorship posting died out when Elden Ring came out, they were assblasted about having the greatest JRPG of the generation locked on Nintendo switch.

>>590677138Disgusting jew.

>>590680438>they were assblasted about having the greatest JRPG of the generation locked on Nintendo switchXenoblade is as popular as Hyperdimension Neptunia, not shit like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or even Persona. The hell high horse are you on?

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Where booba

>>590681169In fan art

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>>590677039Because coomer art was a XC2 thing only

>>590677039>he can't find the new girls lewdpathetic

>bird girl is flashing her tits>not lewd

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>>590682185>Japanese artists trying desperately to ignore censorship>vocally upset about the forced diversityWhat a disaster.

>>590682990>FLASHING HER TITS>tiny area of skin on her upper chest with no cleavage in trailer>POSTS CONCEPT ART of tiny cleavage>FLASHING HER TITS

>>590677039her boob size grows at the same rate as rex's cock size growsthat's what pyra looks like when rex is ~20 years old

>>590677242Both actually.

>>590683238>the forced diversityWut

>>590682990No one cares for her though. Mio is the face of Xenoblade 3 and she looks great without a fanservicey design.

>>590684169Is a race to the bottom.

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>>590684416I live in Oregon and it is indeed turning into a hellhole (in the cities). But what does this have to do with the Japanese artist for Xenoblade?

>>590684814>I live in California III hope you can get out before it's too late

>>590684416Is this a joke?

>>590685793No, it's not. And it's hardly Oregon doing it. California did this 20+ years ago. You literally can't fail high school in California. They just pass everyone. Even if you have straight F's.

>>590677039They listened to trannies and soon-to-be statistics

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>>590677039Morons. The rating now include sexual content. They added lewd.

>>590677039Monolith Soft are westaboos so obviously they would be woke

>>590686974>Iwata's only request for Xenoblade was not to be wokePersonally I will never consider Xenoblade 3 canon

>>590686927>The ratingWhat rating? Rating boards? The most inconsistent rating?

>>590686282>Watch an hour long video of a pearl clutcher cry about sexualityI'm gonna laugh if Xenoblade 3 flops, because you can blame it on that YouTuber.

>>590686927>Taking anything Australia says seriouslyAustralia banned anime in their country because lolis somehow means pedophilia. Whatever they try to say means jackshit in the main scheme of things.

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>>590682990>flashing her titsmaybe if you're a muslim

>>590680795>Xenoblade is as popular as Hyperdimension Neptunia, not shit like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or even PersonaThat's a funny take considering Xenoblade joined Final Fantasy in Smash and got thre before both Persona and Dragon Quest and even got repped for two games instead of one with Pyra and Mythra literally being the most popular and used characters out of that bunch.Xenoblade is very popular and successful, user. And XB2 is the reason it became mainstream.

>>590680172It's going to be like Xenoblade 1 and X where their normal outfits are normal, but they have tons of lewd armor and cosmetics outfits.

>>590689274>Using Smash as an example>Revealing you're a SmashfagThank you for confirming I shouldn't take anything you say at face value. Last time I argued with a Smash secondary, he claimed Bayonetta never became scantily dressed.

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>>590677138>>590680310>>590680519Actual homosexuals.

>>590677138disgusting manthing

>>590677242Falseflagging snoys and falseflagging Xfag.

>>590686927Is there a bigger cope then trying to use the Australian ratings board?

>>590689918>personafag thinks he can judge anybodyYou two are the same. Fuck smashfags for defending censorednetta 3 though.

>Playing Xenoblsde 2 first time>Rex is revived>That war cry AIIEEEEEEEEEEEThis sounds so fucking bad, why.

>>590677138What's wrong with her face? Why is her face long?

>>590677138>>590693190It's a dude with a silicon body suit...

>>590692460open the eshop and get the jap audio

>>590693457But I like Nia's Welsh voice.

>>590677039>>590677138Enel thread


>>590682990>OMG GOD THERE'S A SPECK OF FLESH HOW LEWDStage 1 is still in full force I see. The thought of some 2only masturbating to a fully colthed girl to prove a point is hilarious to me.


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>>590693457>Get Japanese audio>Rex is revived>That war cry AIIEEEEEEEEEEE ONICHANAhh much better.


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>>590687982/v/ still SEETHES about that video to this day, so it won't be any different.

>>590677601>1 and X had lots of lewd stuff as wellAnd they were optional and not thrown in your face all the time like 2. Why are 2fags always so dishonest about this?

>>590677039It'll have the lewd, it's just hiding it from western puritans to avoid pre-release drama.

>>590687982I'm honestly not buying it, first time I haven't feel excited about a Xenoblade, but it has nothing to do with the fan service.

>>590694043I'd believe it. Faggots always pretend to be fans of previous games to shit on newer ones.

>>590686927Actually, it's sex compared to a nudity writing.nudity is what we've seen from the series so far, sex isn't the same thing as fanservice.Sex references would be shit like implied sex scenes, maybe even something as innocent as a pregnant woman.

>>590694178Resetera trannies being happy about the reveal makes me scared bros. If they like it it can't be a good sign.

>>590694316I don't go to tranny sites like that so I wouldn't now or care what they think.


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>>590677039Why is Xenoblade 3 still an offline checklist MMO with braindead combat?

>>590693943>Image that goes against the Enel Cabal's narrative>>590694043>Propaganda by the Enel Cabal literally 2 minutes after

>Xfag has woken upI'm going to sleep now.

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>>590677039>Why did Xenoblade 3 remove the lewd?white westerners.

>>590694316Falseflagging.Nobody on Holla Forums gives a shit if ResetEra likes 3.

>>590677039>Why did Xenoblade 3 remove the lewd?But it did not.

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>>590694043Good shit. Looking forward to replaying X, 1 and 2 before 3 drops in September.

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>>590694418>Knowingly post in an obvious bait thread>OH BUT LE XFAG IS HERE LE THREAD IS RUINED!!!

>>590694456>But it did not.because it has fanart? idiot

>>590694456>Having to use fan art to make the new characters look sexually appeasing

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>>590694043This. Although, the MC design for 2 is absolute dogshit.

>>590693943>Saying this>When every game before 3 had coomer shit in itAre you trying to be retarded?

>make all fanbases seethe>make a game out of itThis is what a true genius looks like.

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>>590677039I'd put the blame on NoE and NoA.Iwata and Kimishima were based. Furukawa may be a mistake.Remember Furukawa was at NoE for a while.I wouldn't be surprised, if he had gotten thoroughly PC'd over there.

>>590694506>muh fanarther boobs are canonically as big as Pyra's and she has a cleavage. That's lewd.

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>>590677039The game isn't boring, so they don't have to prop it up on fanservice.

>>590694972>No concept of volumeLmao

>>590694587Rex's design is terrible, for sure, but you know what else it is that the XB3 designs aren't? Memorable.


>>590694972>Applying real logic to shitty anime designsThis is the funniest cope

>>590695207I dunno, ponytail jacketman is pretty memorable.

>>590694972That's barely cleavage and not lewd at all, user. She looks plain and boring just like everyone else from the trailer. I thought th MC might've been at least okay until I zoomed in and realized he's literally a black-haired Shulk with a ponytail.

*put controller down**win*

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Is XB3 the next shazamdoomposting or something?

>>590694972her waist is a fucking tragedy

>>590695315He's memorable because he's the first MC we've gotten that looks like he knows how to dress himself in the morning.

>>590694972>using 2d designs not their 3d models that have different proportions>coping this hardembarrassing desu kek

>>590694676>Managed to mentally destroy his entire fanbase in only three gamesI KNEEL

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>>590695436You mean a miracle.

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>>590695442Be fair, Shulk's outfit is fine aside from the goofy ass layers built into the garments.

>>590695531How is it a miracle? She's a fucking fridge

>>590695436>"I don't know anything about fashion or how clothes work."She's skinny you numbskull. She wears layers to draw attention away from her balloon tits.

>>590695271Explain why having boobs and ass in your face all the time is a bad thing.

>>590695606>She's skinny you numbskullNo she fucking isn't, skinny and fit would be pic related.

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>>590695751>Thinks a goodie and leather jacket cling that close.You're hopeless.

>>590694114They can't bring themselves to admit XC2 was pandering the mobile gacha crowd, which is why it had so many moments like that

>>590694972>omg collar bones I'm going insaneLiterally Muslim country tier

>Holla Forums still mad about xenoblade

>>590695315He is memorable because we played SMTIV already.

>>590696065As long as both sides adamantly refuse to acknowledge their shortcomings, we'll never see an end to it.The intense ego that radiates from this fanbase is unlike anything I've ever seen, like in other fandoms it's just one or two autists, but with the Xeno fanbase on Holla Forums, like 90% of the posters are ready to argue for 8 hours straight about how superior they are to those they disagree with.

>>590696071That's like saying>"short hair red jacket guy is memorable">"Yeah, we played DMC"

>>590694043>It doesn't look like dogshit so it's bad!>Attractive females make me scared!>"5 years"Mim made this image

>>590695391Xfag has spent the last 5 years of his life trying to derail every Xenoblade thread because he was butthurt about how popular XB2 was. When XB3 was released and the characters looked boring and forgettable he started shitposting endlessly that XB2 fans got BTFO and Xenoblade was going back to what it was, even though its got the same artist and is probably going to have the same feel. Snoys jumped on board because they are desperate to prove that Nintendo still censors their games (they claimed XB2 and XB DE was censored too). Then finally you just get shitposters attracted by the 'drama' and fanboys reacting to all 3 making the threads unbearable and not actual conversation takes place.TLDR see >>590694043

>>590696210>Shortcomings of XB1It gets a bit tedious in the endgame?>Shortcomings of XWriting is ass and incomplete.>Shortcomings of 2Writing is ass, pacing is terrible, new combat system is inferior

>>590696268If the MC looked exactly like Dante sure.

>>590696403Should looks as much like Dante as Jacketman looks like Flynn, you deceitful prick.

>>590695606>thinks plain black bulky clothes is fashionableThis is funnier then your autismo pictures of Eunie with red lines all over it.

>>590677138You know all things considered, the schnooze "do hit different"; as the youth says nowadays

>>590696518>lime hoodie, black leather jacket and sky blue accents is "plain black clothes."It really is just gachafags complaining about these designs, huh.

>>590696450>you deceitful prickHoly shit get out of your mother's basement. Imagine seething this hard over people pointing out Saito is a hack of all things.

Oh boy a xenoblade thread, I hope that its not shitposting about censorship or something else

>>590694506isn't that literally how this thread was started? retard

>>590680795>Xenoblade is as popular as Hyperdimension Neptuniaretard.

>>590677039SIPS>It doesn’t MATTER that they removed the lewd crab squatting animation for all the females in your party>It doesn’t NEED to have implied Oppai loli Paizuri as the opening moments>It doesn’t NEED a Nero Angelo costume>It doesn’t NEED to make you think>It doesn’t NEED a Nia flashback>It doesn’t NEED to have an anti drug ad>It doesn’t MATTER that there will be no Mechanical Rhythm remix>It doesn’t NEED to innovate>The character designs don’t NEED to be distinct, SHUT UP 2COOMER!>It doesn’t NEED to have Mental Machine remixes>The females don’t NEED to have huge cleavage windows for easy acess>It doesn’t NEED to pull your Devil Trigger>It doesn’t NEED female characters to do splits on screen>It doesn’t NEED Reyn to use the Pegasus Meteor Punch>It doesn’t NEED the end credits have everyone sing Pegasus FantasyYOU ARE NOW HERE>It doesn’t NEED to confirm YGO WC 2014 release date>It doesn’t NEED a full version of HYPERDRIVE>The character designs don’t NEED to be distinct, SHUT UP 2COOMER!>Death to all CATS>It doesn’t NEED to have a 2 year timeskip GigaChud Rex put a noose on the new protag and hang him with Ansem the Wise informing the res of the cast it looks like a suicide, making him the final boss.>It doesn’t NEED CHADhan and GIGACHUD Rex to duel Nia and Melia for the fate of the XC Multiverse while playing Z-ONE’s theme>It doesn’t NEED a Anime directed by Hideo Kojima>It doesn’t NEED “SNAKE EATERRRR”>They don’t NEED to have grassy plains>It doesn’t NEED DELTA ACCEL SYNCHRO>It doesn’t NEED for you to sip on Senzu Lean>It doesn’t NEED to confirm VersusXII release date>It doesn’t NEED a fortuneteller sidequest where you duel Sartorious Kumar and he OTKs you complete with The World and both EX arcana rulers finishing the Duel.TORtanic incoming. A Dying Light 2 in the making mark my words. If I’m wrong I’ll gladly eat my words. Don’t say Shazam didn’t warn ya.

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>>590696630>Choose a word other than faggot for varieties sake.>"WOOOOW SEETHING"Fag.

>>590696613>half quotes the post>rants about gacha for some reasonYour fashion sense is still terrible.

>>590696849I bet you think Mythra was a completely unique design.

>>590686282I remember this.I didn’t wven watch the video, i said “wow what a fag” out loud and left to watch 5Ds subbed.

>>590696929>rant>one sentenceLmao

>>590697243I accept your concession.

Gonna try my luck here but if any femanon is here and willing to talk, Axi#9878


>Hi everyone, this is Tetsuya Takahashi from MONOLITHSOFT.>Just over four years since the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and one and a half years since the release of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, we now bring to you news regarding the latest game from MONOLITHSOFT: Xenoblade Chronicles 3. As the name indicates, it’s the third installment in the Xenoblade Chronicles series.Reminder Monolithsoft doesn't even acknowledge X' existence anymore. Xfags lost, NoA lost, Treehouse lost.

>>590677039To filter secondaries.

>>590698859I don't care about X that much but the simple explanation is that X will be part of a "Xenoblade X" series of games, separate from the "Xenoblade" series of games

>>590698859I thought X was done by 8-4 not Treehouse

>>590699024Why would a tech demo have a series of games?

>>590698859If they don't acknowledge it anymore why was Elma in the most prominent position for their official 10th anniversary celebration art?

>>590696840>>It doesn’t NEED DELTA ACCEL SYNCHROI will never say this. The only good protagonists are those that can use Over Top Clear Mind. All of the previous Xeno protagonists have shown no ability to do so and I won't stand for this anymore.