ITT: The hottest vidya legs

ITT: The hottest vidya legs

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>>5906759842B's legs look so good in her big black boots. She's so cool.

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>>590675464Kyoko a best

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>>590678218I love women who look like they're ready to beat me up.

>>590678954Same.Those type of girls have the most athletic bodies.Also the hottest

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>>590675464The high Judge of hell has a killer set of legsGod bless Eiki

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>>590675984Don't forget her pocket Shota

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>>590678954I just like Kuuderes in general.

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>>590675464Not even the best legs in her series

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>>590678954My man

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>>590680590My nigga

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>>590681693Uuuuh you know she's like 14 right?


>>590682167out of 10

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Vidya legs thread??

>>590682118>>590681662>>590681524>>590680590I would like to have lovey dovey sex with these legs

>Ingrid will never returnIt hurts.

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The best legs of Tekken.

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>>590684050vidya legs.

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>>590686281those thighs are nice


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>>590690630I like the Philemon butterfly symbols at the bottom

>>590675464>hottest>has those ugly veinswhat the fuck

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The most underrated fetish

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This thread is shit, here's some proper legs>>590691170It's more of a paraphilia actuallypic's good

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>>590691253>retard fumes you played yourself

bare is love bare is life

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this gacha shit is a video game so it counts

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>>590675464Pretty sure at some point she also had the hottest vidya hands (or was it acid? Can't really remember)

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>>590691253There's nothing odd about it, women wear skirts/dresses exactly to show off their legs.

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>>590691543that's a good one

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>>590675464It counts.

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I played this game exactly for the legs

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>>590691440This may in fact be a perfect illustration.

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this game is 100% leg and pantyhose fetishist kino

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I can't believe this is still up

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>>590698052the thread I mean

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>>590698094I get it, what's surprising thoguh? I think there are plenty of legs-chads on Holla Forums.

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>>590698740it's just that janitors are extremely unpredictable, I guess they are legfags too, can't blame them

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Caught this from a deleted thread, it'd be a shame to waste it

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