Should I buy an overpriced 3080 now, or wait for the 4000 series?

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i'm still getting by on a 1060 3gb

You should give me your money

no games; so wait unless you're using literal junk shit and can't even on low settings

>thinking the 4000 series won't also be overpriced

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>>590674598Buy a slightly less overpriced 3080 after the 4000 series releases.

>>590674598wait a few months and get a 3000 series for msrp. 4000 series power draw is up to 850w.

>>590675135I'm aldeady there>>590675148They will, the shortage isn't going to end (if anything it can get worse) but I'm not entirely sold on the 3000 series.A top gamma card should be able to max out EVERYTHING on the market for a couple of years, no compromises. The fact these cards are already struggling with a handful of games is concerning. Top tier power should be able to overcome even the shittiest porting attempts

>>590675586>wait a few months and get a 3000 series for msrpL M A OMAO

so... what's the purpose of quadro gpus? literally nothing i guess

>>590675695>no compromisesthats not how videogames work.

>>590675817data accuracy

>>590674598Just Wait

Is the 3090ti coming out soon? That should be pretty nice right?

>>590675985if regular GPUs weren't """""accurate""""", wouldn't mining on them be impossible?

I used my upgrade money for a series x and PS5. Fuck Nvidia for encouraging that mining market. Scalpers are one thing. Annoying, but they are easy enough to beat. Scalpers AND Mudminers from chinkastan sandalshit on the other hand with their bots, and their massive farms. THEY crippled the GPU industry. Remember that. Not the scalpers. Not the shortage. The MINERS.My 1070 is still usable on VR, so il just ride my PC until it dies. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM >:-(

>>590674598Just steal one after your city gets nuked you dumb faggot

>>590675695>They will, the shortage isn't going to endThere is no shortage. Its buttcoin niggers and their insatiable need to purchase every GPU in existence for internet money.

>>590674598If the quadro is so powerful how come it's so small and only has one fan?

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>>590676415accuracy as in realtime or some shitvisually at least

>>590676932its been infused with jewish bath house water

>>590676602There's going to be a shortage Just wait till China invades Taiwan

wait for the overpriced, out of stock 40XX series

>>590676932It's not, it downloads GPU power via internet from render farms and streams it to your PC

China is going to invade Taiwan so I dont see the 4000 series happening at all

>>590677152why would you buy a 40xx series when the 50xx series is right around the corner? 40xx series is old as fuck

>>590677353So I can play elden ring at 4k NOWW

>>590677282Can it download ram too?

>>590677004You have no idea what you're talking about, based reddit-spacer.

>>590677375RAM farms don't exist so no

>>590677402well that's what linus said

I spent 3000$ on a prebuilt just so I could get a 3080. Pretty sure a 3080 msrp is supposed to be 700$ but I caved

>>590677374ER is old news and ER2 will be here soon captain slow motion

>>590677543Is it a generic no brand gpu?

>>590677543send me the rest of the pc you dont want you wasteful jawa

>>590677543you got a chink tier gpu

>>590677524Everybody knows Linus has no idea what he's talking about.

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what do you faggots even need a 3080 for?to play fifa or league of legends?maybe spend that money on some hookers instead

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>>590677597nah 3080 Ti ventus, went for the msi aegis prebuilt because it had the best specs. Case is shitty and some versions have fucked up bios settings and bloat but at least Im good for 5 years. That's how long I've had my 1080

>>590677698linus is god

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>>590677790>paying hookersDid any of you guys play GTA? You have them suck your cock in a dark alley and then beat them to death with a bat and steal their purses. Absolute plebs, all of you.

>>590677790then the hooker will buy the 3080 that could be yours and waste it being a titty streamer for simps

>>590677862>use his fat jabba the hutt slob of a friend in 50% of the thumbnailsUnsubbed so hard

>>590674598you could overlock your current gpu

>>590678034>overlockinYeah, just use 4 masterlocks on your GPU and throw away the keys. All your dreams will come true.

>>590678034overclocking is a meme. does nothing but increase your energy bill.

>>590678136But I live under your house in a ferrets nest so why would I care about your bills?

>>590677949>talking shit about anthony

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>>590678101I fucking knew it the moment I clicked on post...>>590678136I managed to squeeze about 8 fps on average with my 1050ti

>>590678226He'd be more tolerable if they didn't have him make like 3 dozen crappy chink emulation handheld videos and muh linux.

>>590677862He is a fucking leaf, he is less than a piece of shit

>>590678226He is an ugly fat balding man child. why cant i talk shit about him?

>>5906745985000 series is going to dunk on 4000 series, wait for that.

>>590678226>triggered fat guy detectedGo eat an ice cream sandwich crybaby

>>590674598Wait 10 years and you'll have much better graphics cards that run 8k.

>>590678506>not waiting for the 6000 seriesHow impatient are you?

>>590674598>Building my PC right now>Going to just rely on the integrated graphics in the processor and hope my name is pulled from EVGA's hat sometime this millenniumTo live is to suffer.

>>590677790Actually I want a 3080 ti.Because I owned a 980 ti and it lasted for something like 6-7 years now.3080 ti seems like a worthy successor

>>590678621Good point.

>>590678705I signed up the day after EVGA's signup came online and got a 3080 like 2 months ago.

>>590678783My name came up for one of my notifies back in August but I wasn't in a good spot financially and couldn't justify it. Worst fucking mistake I've made in a while.

>>590674598By an 8800gt and play all the worthwhile games.

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>>590678707My 980 TI is still running strong. The only thing it can't keep up with is VR.

>>590679286Yeah, mine is fucked. Already tried everything in my power to save itIt's time to move on

>>590674598dont listen to this guy >>590675000,give ME your money instead

>>590674598You shouldn't buy a xx80 nvidia even when the prices are normal. Anything over xx60 cards and you're just pissing away exponentially more money versus the performance return.Anyway what makes you think the 4000 series is gonna be any cheaper?

>>590677862Without googling it. I'm going to guess that he has an asian wife....Yup. You try to portray him as the typical agenda pushing jew. But he was a yellow fever white boy the whole time.

I want to upgrade my 970 but then I think.......

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>>5906745983080 already can't reach highest settings in few games because of low vram, wait

>>590677790ahh yes covid hookers

>>590674598If you wait for the 4000 series you're going to feel like a sucker when the 5000 series comes out.

Should I buy a prebuilt with 3060 where I make sure to get better CPU paste and power source?

>>590674598You mean>Should I buy an overpriced 3080 now, or wait for an overpriced 4000 series?

>>590681417Just you wait, the 4000 series will be even more overpriced than current day over priced cards

>>590674598Depends on what you currently own. If you have something serviceable, I'd say wait. RTX 3000 is kind of shit in general, on top of being completely overpriced right now it just isn't a great product line anyway. Next-gen is rumored to bring much better performance, if you're going to pay a shitload for a card then that would be a much better choice.

>>590680886This is actually concerning

>tfw just bought a 3070 and waiting for it and the rest of my new pc to arrive

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>>590674598Now is your last chance to buy any luxuries.

>>590677543Where did you buy from user? Just curious since I bought a PC prebuilt too and am waiting for it to ship

>>590681837What but I was told I'm a fag when I said vram will be a problem and it will end up not having enough ram for anything but 1080p.Let's double down by the Year 2026 it will be a 1080p card in 70% of games and it won't have enough ram for 1440p or ultra settings.

>>590675817I heard the main selling point is support.I read somewhere if you have a problem Nvidya will have a guy show up to your office next business day to fix it

>>590682405>he believes the war propaganda

>>590674598IL just get one of AMDs 7k cards because fuck paying 100+ more euros for meme tracing and silty upscaleres that look worse than native res.

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>>590674598If you think a 3080 is overpriced, wait till you see your power bill when you buy a 4000

>>590675148Let alone available.

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>>590678468Because I am a balding, fat manchild, and that would hurt my feelings.

>>590674598If you're spending 2 grand on a card it better be able to play the whole gen no issues ever. The 3080 and 4080 won't. Either get something cheaper or wait for the 50 series at minimum.

>>590685757>the 3080 and 4080 won'tOnly if you're playing at a meme resolution with meme settings turned on.

>>590677862well he did knock up the superior race, so I do understand where he's coming from

New prices are here to stay OP


>>590674598>1000 WATTSit will be a warm summer

I gave inI bought from a prebuild sight I regret nothing

the free market will soon kick in as new fabs start spinning up and because the free market is short-sighted there will be an oversupply.there will be so many graphics cards that your fridge will have it's own GPU when this time comes.

>>590674598I have a 3080 mobile. Don't know why people hate on gayman laptops. It's insane how nice it runs every game in QHD or 4k. I can play on it at my desk when my gf want to watch telenovela, i can play on my 4k tv. We play coop games on the couch. It's not louder than my old PS4 but it hits the 120 fps on my tv easily most of the time. I can adjust its wattage in control center from 120 to 165 or 150 with 15w boost. Feels good to not be poor.

>>590686616>implying these prices aren't the new normal because AMD and Nvidia know they can get away with it

>>590675695That's more to do with lazy devs and piss poor optimization than cards being underpowered.

>>590675817>>590675985>>590676415>>590677004I knew Holla Forums was fucking retarded, but goddamn this is impressive even by Holla Forums standards. The advantage of workstation GPUs is that their drivers are specifically designed for workstation applications. The license cost for some of these programs will easily outweigh the hardware that runs on it.Nvidia provides optimised drivers which substantially improve performance.There's also additional features such as a larger VRAM buffer, ECC mode and lower power requirements - none of which gayming consumers need or desire

>>590687523ECC needs to be everywhere. Everyone needs ECC in everything; there's no reason anyone needs to be dealing with random corruptions in 2022+, and AMD agrees.

>>590689278ECC introduces latency as theres time needed to do the error check and correction You dont want that when rendering video games

>>590677456yes they do

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>>590677292After pretty much the whole world shat on Russia for invading Ukraine, I very much doubt China wants to be in any position where what they do can be compared to what Russia does in any way whatsoever. If anything, this is going to be a resounding signal to them that invasion is not the way, at the very least not in the near future while the Ukraine war is still ongoing or even after when it's still fresh in everyone's mind.

I just purchased a custom/prebuild from ibuypower yesterday. Hoping everything turns out well, needed a new pc >3070>i7 12700kf >32gb ram>pro Z690-A

>>590675695That's not really true considering even the best tech on the day of its release could not run the unpatched Arkham port.

>>590677862>uhm. Like just uhhh... Just racemix doood

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>>590674598>Should I buy an overpriced 3080 now, or wait for the 4000 series?You should wait indefinitely and never upgrade.

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4000 series is most likely going to get scalped to some degree still. 3000 series cards are beefy and should last a long while as long as you're not trying to bruteforce 4k gaming (aka meme resolution)At 1080 and 1440p, a 3070 will be much more than enough to "futureproof" for a while (like 5+ years). If you can get one for a reasonable price, do it. You can risk waiting but you might get burned. Are you really going to feel awful if you get a 3000 series for a decent price or slightly over msrp if it gives you way better performance than your current GPU? Probably not unless you're a consoomer baby who always needs the newest thing.If your gut tells you yes, and you have a safe buffer of money to spend on PC gaymer parts, just do it already. Can't always beat yourself up over hindsight either if you overspend a little or miss out on the newest something.

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>>590674598Neither. Man up and wait for 5000 series.

>>590674653This.feels good to be pooryhou can play any game and not complain

>>590692552you know whatnot even gonna ask the beyond retarded price that went forcongratz user

>>590674598If you didn't buy a 30 series when it first release you're never getting a 40 series and taiwan's power and some internet is still out.

>>590693801Wasn't too bad all things considered. Got a decent discount with a coupon code, free shipping, and a free 2tb hdd too. Was the easiest avenue for me to get a gpu so I said fuck it and pulled the trigger.I do rendering work too so I needed the cpu power and fuck the cheapo mobos some people recommend, terrible thing to fail on you so I never will go cheap on mobo again personally

>all the talk of prebuilts>throw a similar thing together on partpicker out of curiosity and its actually more overall due to gpu scalpers>prebuilt using brand name parts, not a noname craptastic chink psu or mobo somehowwtf bros I thought prebuilts were bad? have I been memed with disinfo?

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>>590693020>You should wait indefinitely and never upgrade.I want to fap indefinitely and never die.

>>590677790For VR. But my 3060ti does the trick,the only problem is the VRAM

>>590674598At the current price point you should just get a gay laptop

>>590695098fuck are you playing that needs so much vram?even VAM is doing fine even though it caps out pretty fast.

>>590695060Based immortal cumposter

>>590677862I hate stupid fucking broad statements from white people, then I remember I'm a brown latino married to a german girl.

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>>590674598depends on what you currently haveif what you're running is genuine garbage, or you're just starting and building from scratch, yes buy the 3080if you're on a 2000 series card or equivalent, i'd hold out for the 4000 series

>Should I buy a 3080 for $5000 or a future 4000 series for $10000?Buy both

>>590694932going on that same tangent, I can get an alienware R13 with a 3090 with a $2000 discount (wife works at dell).I've always memed on prebuilt suckers but this is really tempting

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>>590695425>30803070 is probably enough for most people and 80 is way more than the 70 by a huge cost margin still. Unless you want 4k or only play AAA stuff on ultra at 1440p, a 3070 will be what most want. If you're on a 1070 or below I'd say a 3070 is the way to go, the performance increase is enormous. Anyone on a 2k card is probably alright unless it's the lowest of low tier.Also if you need a CPU/mobo/etc, NOW is the time to buy ideally. Thank me later

>>590677543is that pre or post taxes, and where did you buy fromi thought i was getting a slick deal on a 3070 prebuilt from newegg, marked down $400, $2100-$1700. but after shipping, taxes, and insurance i was basically at the pre sale point anyway.

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>>590695605>2k discountBasically a steal with that privilege. Though I've always been wary of Dell anything. I'd say jump on it as long as you know you're not getting a fire hazard PSU.

should I settle for a 3070 if I have a good opening to get one?I mainly play stuff at 1080p and might go to 1440p later3080 is tempting but might be overkilleveryone says 3070ti is a scam if more than the 3070?

>>590677862to be desu id take any cute girl regardless of race idgaf

>>590695643i agree but the way the OP worded it made it sound like he could get a 3080 if he wanted. if he had free choice of cards i would also rec the 3070 first. but i'd advocate for any 3000 series you can snag and afford if really you need to upgrade.

if you play at 1080p60, just buy a 6600 xt for 500 dollars and call it a day. you max out everything and dont need to break your bank.

>>590696039>way the OP worded it made it sound like he could get a 3080 if he wantedAh, guess so kinda missed that. I'd still suggest the 70 though unless the 80 is a really really good steal though. Any 3k I agree is good though, maybe avoid the 3070ti since it's a bad deal (if more than the normal 70) and eats more power for little gain.

>>5906958793070 vs 3070ti really depends on how the prices are where you live. Like here 3070 was around 900 and 3070ti was 1000. So you were paying 10% more for around 10% performance meaning that it's not really a scam it's just very slightly better version of 3070. But if you get a 3070 ti you really should look up how to undervolt the gpu because by default the power limits are bonkers and it builds unnecessary heat for close to no performance gains.

never be a waitfag but also don't fall for fomoin the current climate for electronics you probably will get fucked unless you get luckyand most likely, if you don't waitfag you can buy now and be "lucky" when later something new fucks up the market inevitably if you follow politics shit at all (don't blame you if you don't) then you'd know the market is a mess and you should take what you can get right now unless you're sitting comfy

>>5906958793070 will be the sweet spot between price performance and longevity for most people3080 might be more useful if you're series about 1440p; not too sure about the specifics of the 3kti cards but also heard they're scams.

>>590695301hello transsexual how’s the voice therapy

>>5906745984000 will be the first series that will probably run awful ports decently well. getting a 3000 is a mistake.

>>590689278Especially with retarded shit like superfetch on win11.

>>590696753Ah yes building overpriced PC just so you can run those few awful ports while every other game runs at 50% gpu usage. What a great idea.

>>590696753Give me some real examples of games you'd want to bruteforce with a 4k series gpu.I have a hard time of thinking of anything worthwhile a 3k series can't handle at 60fps (if not more) at 1080 or 1440p

>>590697068>60 fpswtf I can do 140 fps in pretty much every game ultra with 3070 in 1080p. Could go 1440p if I drop few settings down.

>>590697162I'm throwing dumb/shill user a bone here, well aware that the 3070 is pretty stacked. His use case is nicher than niche and I'm genuinely curious what he can't possibly run well on a 3k card that somehow the 4k could bruteforce.

>start a little project to upgrade CPU since my 1st gen Ryzen is showing its age at this point>bought a nice 5800X>BUT WAIT>have to upgrade BIOS on mobo since it's an old, humble little micro-ATX thing>also may have to upgrade PSU from 600W to something a bit more robust since that may not be enough for the new load>also scratch that I may have to change mobo entirely since putting such a high end component on this cheap thing could very well make it more prone to failure>also have to get a new case since my current one has shit airflow and no cooling solution would be able to keep up with the new CPU>finally my trusted local retailer is really short on air coolers and even if I went through all that I wouldn't be able to actually cool the thing unless I got a liquid AIO that I'm honestly terrified given my luck will leak or explode and ruin everythingBros wtf you told me it was like putting together legos!

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>>590697342you can put together that much bullshit, you'll be fine

>>590697342It's the Intel/AMD trap user...>you want to move to a new gen cpu?>weeeeell you better get a new mobo, oh guess what DDR4/5 is here... better get new ram... >and wait you need better thermals and power too so better up those tooBasically if you wait a long enough time between upgrades when it comes to cpus, you will basically need to get a whole new pc.

>>590697342>also may have to upgrade PSU from 600W no you dont>also scratch that I may have to change mobo entirely since putting such a high end component on this cheap thing could very well make it more prone to failureno you dont>also have to get a new caseno you dont

>>590697686>what is overvolting>what are cpu gens>what is basic geometry

>>590674598how about you use that money to improve yourself instead-gym equipment-decent food-a shitty motorcyclethe sky's the limit brodon't waste that kind of money on what ultimately is a toy

>>590697995nigga you really think someone who wants to buy 3080 cant afford decent food? get out of here mister improover

I'm buying a new PC soon, is it better to get a prebuilt and add a few things like more storage and RAM or buy a custom one?I think going with the prebuilt route would be a little cheaper.

>>590697995A PC is also a multitasking tool you can do work and be productive on. It has many use cases such as content creation, programming, writing, financing, etc. All these other things you list are either barely a drop in the financial bucket or stupid>gym equipmentWeights and a mat are basically nothing, or get a membership>decent foodCheap already, shitty food is usually more expensive>motorcycleLol Lmao

>>590698416show us the content you've created.>>590698248>you really think someone who wants to buy 3080 cant afford decent food?yes

>>590698395Hate to say it, but I'd say prebuilt atm unless you can for sure score a good price on a gpu.Nzxt and ibuypower let you pick out parts and are ok, but there are others too.

>>590698484stop busting balls you fucking woman

>>590698248Have you not seen the people buying Elden Ring who still play on 10 year old pcs? Some people just live from paycheck to another and want to burn it all.

>>590698484I create art, I use a drawing tablet on pcNo I'm not doxxing myself by showing my workFeel free to believe me or not it really doesn't matter

>>590698601I fuck your mom, I use her on your dinner table and pc deskNo I'm not doxxing myself by showing the naked pics she sends meFeel free to believe me or not it really doesn't matter

>>590698416>>590698524>>590698601JUST BUY IT®

>>590674598Neither.GTX 680 is more than enough to play any new game on Ultra.

>>590697995This is the videogame board, the "I want to help autistic incels" board is 2 blocks down buddy>>>/r9k/

Is the eth merge still coming?

>>590698969No but the dimensional merge is already happening