Soul Hackers 2

>Worldwide release a day after the Japanese release>On PS5/4, Xbox X/S and Steam>Eng dub and Jap dub>EN, FR, ITA, GER & SPN dubsWhat does Holla Forums think of this?

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gonna be pure shit

>soul AckAlso I'm interested

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>>590673147fpbp. shatlus is dead.

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I'm just glad dual audio is becoming an industry standard.

>>590673016Too many dubs that nobody gives a shit about but the girls are cute so I'll buy it. Don't give a shit about seething shin megami tenseifags. They seethe about everything so who gives a shit.

>>590673016it's exclusively not on switch, so schizos like >>590673147 >>590673168 and >>590673240 will shit up every thread about it and make it impossible to discuss.

>>590673016The modicum of interest I had for the game went out the window once I found out that it had a female protagonist.

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>XboxI will now buy your game

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>>590673168Get a life.

ah yes, i love the soul hackers series, all one game of it

>>590673451Why are they always like this?They did the same with MH: World, Tales of Arise, and Elden Ring.

>>590673451>Y-YOU JUST THINK IT'S BAD BECAUSE OF BRAND WARS!!! COPE!!!!No, it's bad because it's not a fucking Soul Hackers game by any stretch of the imagination. It has literally nothing in common with the Saturn game or the 3DS remake besides "HEY REMEMBER THIS??? GIVE US YOUR MONEY YOU STUPID CATTLE" references to elements from it.You've never even played a single fucking Devil Summoner game, fuck off.

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>>590673451? SMTV was garbage too. Atlus has been garbage since catherine.

>>590673786SMT5 will be really amazing when it comes to Steam!

>>590673451I don't give a god damn fuck about your console war faggotrythis is a cheap persona knock-off taking a piss on the devil summoner branding so atlus can make a quick buck

>>590673782you're not fooling anyone, tranny.

>>590673782you faggots didn't play soul hackers and i doubt you played any other devil summoner games either.

>more language options than COMP typesI see a whole party of GUMP users, and not one of those GUMPs looks as cool as the original. If there's not a load of fun Phantom Society retards with their stupid gimmick COMPs like Carol J's guitar and the bomb chick's parasol, what's the point? All the art style shit aside, it doesn't seem like it'll have the weird and crazy shit from Soul Hackers that made it so fun.

we are reaching the singularity

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I could never really get into the first soul hackers, so I doubt this one would pull me in any better

>>590674698they really are creatively bankrupt.

Snoyny paid to keep it off the switch, theyre a fucking sad as shit company that keeps getting btfo in the japan sales chart.

>>590674698Scarlet Nexus really should have just been another god eater spinoff and used the artstyle. At least the god eater style is distinct.

How much longer till they announce ReFantasy bros...

Will the localization have a literal translation option? I hope that becomes standard like dual audio. I don't want dumb leftoids shoving their politics and zoomer memes into translations


>>590673782This, the bonus costumes are from persona 5 for fucks sake.

The only reason I'm going to buy it is to show Microsoft that I want more Japanese content on the xbox. And I hope everyone else buys it for the same reason

>>590675376Anon, eventually you need to get over your stockholm syndrome and stop clinging to a platform that no one in Asia gives a fuck about.

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>>590673016Do they really think zoomers will buy this game?No one even knows what Soul Hackers is outside of super tiny weeb communities

>>590675376>likes Japanese games>buys a shitboxFor what reason

>>590675329The truth will come out when the game bombs even though its on a billion platforms

>>590673016Why do all of Atlus' games now try to look like Persona 5? It looks so cheap and poorly planned when it's just Persona 5 again but not really. No I don't want more Persona I want Soul Hackers you incompetent fucks.I get P5 got them a lot of attention but it just looks wrong. Why don't Atlus let their games have different identities anymore?

>>590675329I mean it's not really beyond Sony to do this kind of shit. Remember that this is the same company that tried to force the 3D mandate on devs during the PS1 days.

>>590673016It looks bad

>>590675531casuals are their target audience now.

>>590673016Why is hair the same color as my sneakers?

>>590673782They were never going to be able to replicate the 90s cyberpunk aesthetic, I'd take this over a soulless attempt to mimic the original

>>590673016i'm going to buy it day 1

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>>590675909>They were never going to be able to replicate the 90s cyberpunk aestheticCould they have at least tried to NOT make Persona 5 again and not market the game with P5 costumes. Keep Persona in Persona and keep it away from other Atlus titles.

>>590676038This isn't anywhere close to P5, you retard. If anything the cast dynamic the trailers are showing us feels more in line with a fusion of Digimon Cyber Sleuth and Persona 2

>>590674920I liked what I saw of the story of the first soul hackers but I couldn't get into the first person dungeon crawling and the combat system. This one changes both of the 2nd points so I'm interested

Reminder that all of your favorite Persona characters are either dead or old as fuck by the time Soul Hackers 2 takes place.

>>590673016I like Atlus rpgs so I'm probably going o get it, but I do understand why the people who liked the first game are upset.

it's not soul hackers or devil summonerit's not 2 another "smt x fe" situation

When can we go back to first person?

>>590676412hopefully never

>>590676286>>590676408Yeah that's the thing, the game looks good. It just doesn't feel or look like a successor in any way shape or form.People would stomach it a lot better if it was just its own thing.With TMS it was no where near what you'd want from an SMT x FE crossover and I don't think it was that great overall, but I still found it fun in its own right.TMS combat is unironically really fucking fun and some of its dungeon gimmicks were neat.I hope SH2 is the same, where if I stop thinking about it AS SH2 I can enjoy it for what it is.

>>590675240Never, and that's a good thing. Modern atlus would make it garbage.

>>590676260What does Persona have to do with Soul Hackers?

>>590673016It looks like a shitty sequel to Digimon Story. Kek.

>>590676738They take place in the same universe

>>590674698malding /smtg/ tranny

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>>590676861none of those are me retardGOD

>>590676930>he doesn't remember that Sony heavily pressured devs to make their PS1 games ONLY in 3D by refusing to publish games that weren't 2D, they only stepped back once the Jap's told them to fuck off.Learn your history retard.

>>590673782>Tranime avatarfagTypical

>>590673016I like the character designs.

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>>590675217Fuck right off, Scarlet Nexus is good and doesn't deserve being shackled to God Eater. Code Vein suffered for that, too. They need to flush the rancid GE turd already.

>>590675240I hear they made a deal with Rockstar, playable demo will be included in copies of The Agent.

>>590677718Well you must be either underage or have really bad taste, meaning either way you have no standards thus this game being literally made for you. Congrats.

>>590673016I think it's not soul hackers.

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>Megaten with a femMCthey already fucked up on such a fundamental level that I have no hopes for itI usually don't mind female protagonists, but Megaten is one of those series that unironically doesn't work with females as the leads. And no I won't elaborate, because if you have played any of these games either Persona or SMT you already understand me.

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>>590677718Your taste is garbage. You have no concept of quality or design. There is nothing even remotely salvageable about any of these hideous designs. If you think any of this looks remotely cool there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

>>590678551what the fuck happened

>>590673016Doesn't look like SMT at all, just looks like every other JRPG ever released in the past 5 years. Bland as fuck.

No demon party, so it's shit

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Looks boring and bland af

Just give me desu 3 plz, also the fact that tendies and snoys drag SMT into their console war shit with V and SH2 is funny as shit since the actual community is incredibly disappointed with V and straight up hating SH2

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>>590679081>since the actual community is incredibly disappointed with VSome jewtuber saying V is bad doesn't mean everyone thinks that

>>590679173Out of all my friends who play SMT only one of them really likes it and it’s their first one, the rest of us were pretty disappointed and it’s not hard to see why since we waited since 2017 for it

slowpoke here, just watched the traileram I the only one who thinks the music is fucking SHIT?

>>590673016Looks like shit, and nothing like the first game.

>>590676820I thought that was just 1 and the 2 duology, while 3/4/5 are their own world or universe or whatever.I don't know. I could be wrong, never paid that close attention to any references between them.

>>590673016no japanese, no buy very simple

>>590678649See, I wouldn't mind a female MC if they treated her like an honest-to-god summoner, not even like Flynn/Nanashi who get 'whispers', but just stuck with a Sword/Gun.Have the classic heroine role either be played straight with a different chick or a guy for all I give a shit. I'll take damn near anything if I can just get another classic 6-party with a Summoner again, honestly. I do understand your reticence, though. Believe me, I do.

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>>590673016I don't like that your party is a group of humans instead of one human and a crew of demons. I also think Arrow would've been the better protagonist design.

>>590683397Oh, and the Spookies better show up as super bosses otherwise I don't give a shit.

I think it's fucking retarded that they're not including Japanese text option. The data is gonna there anyway, most likely.I live in Japan, so it's not an issue for me per se, but it's still a stupid trend they should stop.

>>590683860Apparently it's to stop reverse-importing since they'd be able to save like a good $20 by just buying the US copy

>>590683956That's idiotic. Day after release the game's gonna be at like 20% off at million Geos and Book Offs anyway.

>>590673662You never got a (You) after 3 hours so here's a pity one. I know you still have this tab open, waiting.

>>590684064Remember how P4 Arena was the only region-locked PS3 game expressly for that reason?Never expect sensible decisions from Atlus

>>590675531Because no one buys anything else. Atlus's best selling non-Persona game didn't even sell 1 million. That said this shit isn't going to either kek

>>590683860If steam version doesn't have jap text I won't be buying.

>>590673016This is probably the most expensive localization for any Atlus project

>>590675217Scarlet Nexus artstyle is great

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>>590684347true. strikers sold like shit too.

>>590673016More meat for the era mill. I don't expect much from the gameplay considering the Persona 2 system they are using.

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>>590675217There's nothing wrong with SN, one of the most stylish and good looking nu-JRPGs>>590677867Nothing wrong with GE either

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>>590684825>>590685304God I wish Snexus's combat was better, the lack of any basic cancelling, even after all these updates, makes the skill ceiling feel so low


>>590685454>God I wish Snexus's combat was betterIt's great>the lack of any basic cancellingIt's done on purposeThis is why there's stun states, elemental damage, or hypervelocity and hyperarmor SAS There's now flaw in that, literally adapt

>>590687479Except it's far too conditional. The game got pretty fun once you get the skill tree modules for multi-SAS but by that point it's already in the final act


Dubniggers shouldn't be catered to.

>>590674698supreme vita kusoge

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>>590687538>Except it's far too conditional.What does that mean? Other than hyperarmor, teleportation, hypervelocity and stun SAS powers there's SAS attacks fitting to keep combos in any situation. You don't need cancel because the game is set up for you to plan ahead your combo. Dodge counterattacks would be OP if you could just cancel on reaction, you realize that right?>The game got pretty fun once you get the skill tree modules for multi-SAS but by that point it's already in the final actThe game is clearly set up for a NG+ playthrough with the opposite character

>>590673016>atlus suddenly starts releasing games on pcwhat happened?

>>590687823Because you're never guaranteed a set of SAS skills as your teammates are in constant rotation and sometimes you're 100% soloYou're not like fucked in combat encounters but you're also not given a defined set of tools


>>590673016It's hpefully a sign that Atlus have realized (most likely heavily influenced by Sega, thank god) that they're a third-party developer and can support multiple platforms with one game.SMT being exclusive and Persona being exclusive needs to go away, there's no reason for them to limit their IPs like that. Platforms are there to be used, not to be worshipped.If a platform holder wants an exclusive game, there are first-party devs to do that. Sony could make a JRPG themselves, they just need to re-build Japan Studio or another Japanese dev.

>>590687852PC market got increasingly big? Atlus is one of the latecomers actually. Have you checked how much money do Bamco and Capcom make on PC?

>>590687742What are the games on the left side? And are any of them any good?

>>590687873You are always guaranteed either hypervelocity and shock with a ranged oriented character or hyperarmor and teleportation attacks with a melee oriented character.When you are alone you are against specific enemies and 100% can do it, or they are literal dodge counterattack tutorials like in the startThe entire party splits up to synergize and offer options

>>590673483>Doesn't want cute female protagonist>Calls others gayProjection

>>590673016Good job on them for the steam release and simultaneous worldwide release but wake me up when they do it with a game thatll actually be good

>>590676408This is exactly why im upset about this piece of shit If they called it Generic shitty atlus jrpg #59 I wouldnt care but when they put soul hackers on it I get upset

>>590673016I don't expect it to reach above 75 so I'm sceptical about this.

>>590673016They're investing in and hyping this more than they did with SMT V. I don't understand.

>>590689956>I don't understandWhat's to understand? SMT V was a contractual obligation they pumped out with little effort.Soul Hackers will be the real mainline SMT going forward.

bait or console war faggotry? either way it will sell way less while on 3 platforms kek.

>>590673016>A day after the Japanese releaseWell, they're getting closer, I guess. Better than the six months to a year they've been doing. They're really behind the times as far as global releases go. Even fucking Super Robot Wars does it now.

>>590673016Why is the art style so generic looking? Honest question.

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>>590690130Because the original looked generic 20 years ago so they had to adapt it to modern times

>>590689991but SH2 is just Persona

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>>590673016>femc not even worth a pirate

>>590690205If SH had a generic style I wanna go back

>>590674698Ok but does it have a funky mode?


>>590690205I never played it, but it looks timeless and distinctly Atlus. This game looks like it could be a Persona 5 inspired RPG from Singapore or Taiwan.

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>>590690130Because it's an anime style, all those games are generic and look the same.

>>590690324>but SH2 is just the more popular subseries but now mainline Y-yes?

>>590687958Conception (I think it's Conception 2)Caligula OverdoseDunno what the last one is

>>590673016>No high-schoolers again like in Persona>But also no autismo 95% dungeon crawling 5% incomprehensible schizo story like SMT eitherMight be an interesting game from Atlus for once, but the visuals look even more dated than what I'd expect from Atlus for some reason. Probably basement budget again.

>>590673016>Persona multiplatNice, when will the phantom thieves be on PC?

>>590673016>no JP textImport it is.

>>590673016I think sub/dub is pozzed as always

>>590691109>all those games are generic and look the sameThose are westshart games with ugly realistic gremlins or CalArts garbage with bean mouths if we talk about animation.


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>>590678551Fuck. I just remembered I bought this game last year and never actually got around to playing it.

>>590673147>>590673240>>590673451>>590673616>>590673782>>590675202>>590675517>>590675708>>590682565seething Nincel cope

>>590698031>NOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU MUST CONSOOM BECAUSE IT'S NOT ON THE EVIL FISHER PRICE TABLETGet fucked nufatlus shill, this game's doing TMS numbers.

>TMS but without the idolshit and purely focused on SMT instead of being a poor attempt at a crossoverDay one buy as someone that liked TMS a lot despite those negatives. This game is gonna be great

>>590673337this! And it feels even better when you know you were one of the persons that was always asking for it or complaing the lack of it on the official announcements while also kicking every retard english natives that appeared saying that you just need english dub to enjoy the game.