Bungie won't allow Destiny 2 on Steam Deck/Proton, threatens to ban Deck players who get in

help.bungie.net/hc/en-us/articles/360049024592-Destiny-2-Steam-Guide#steam-deck-and-destiny-2-0-3What a disappointment.

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Nothing of value was lost


>destiny 2why would anyone even remotely sane care about this?


>>590672661It's the anticheat I assume.

Even when they're bought by Sony, they're still acting like they're owned by Microsoft.


>>590672986Wasn't BattlEye updated to be fully compatible with Proton and all developers have to do is tick a checkbox or two to get it working? There's literally nothing stopping Bungie from making it work now.

>>590672661>Please, DO NOT play our gameBold and brash!

>>590672947As much as I love to shit on Destiny 2, it brings it a ton of players for some reason.

>>590673116>For some reasonIt's a skinnerbox. If you are not aware of skinner boxes or know how to identify them, you WILL get programmed.

>>590672661Between this and the content vault, they've really taken a nosedive. Sucks because I actually liked the gameplay, the way shooting guns feel and the exotics in this game, and I don't really know of any alternatives.

>>590673264Skinner box deez nutsLmfao owned

>>590672661>why yes, we do want to miss out on a large amount of potential revenue, how did you know?

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Whelp, that does it. What's a good alternative to D2? Anthem is dead and Warframe doesn't look much better off at this point.

>>590673116Well its a free game and its advertised everywhere.

>>590672661>freetards unironically wanting to play destiny of all fucking things

>>590672986That's not the reason though, BattlEye worked with Valve and added support for Proton back in December so that it would be ready to go with SteamDeck at launch. BattlEye supports Proton.This is all on Bungie.

>>590672661Either Activision is planning to get into the hardware business or they must have some royally fucked security issues if they think this is necessary.

But why?Literally every other company just says "k whatever" when someone wants to play their games on non-Windows platforms.

Sounds more like a challenge than a threat to someone wanting to enjoy video games

>>590672986>>590674475Yep, both EAC and BattlEye work perfectly with Proton. At this point, any developer blocking SteamDeck/Proton compatibility is doing it intentionally and doesn't deserve your money, they're getting plenty from Microsoft.

>>590674612Bungie split from Activision back in 2019. They were just bought by Sony earlier this year but they're letting Bungie control Destiny independently.

>>590674707oh yeah that's bungie not blizzard, I'm retardednot sure if sony getting into portable hardware again is more likely than activision though

>>590674661bungie is terminally retarded if you weren't already aware

Borderlands and Shadow Warrior 2 exist.Why would I want to play De$tiny? For fucks sake. The shittin' thing has fucked over players for nearly 7 years now. Finding new ways every time. Why would I want to play this garbage and on the go?

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>>590673673Warframe doesn't "Sunset" Weapons so it's already ten times better fuck bungie "it's to change up the meta" i don't care about some stupid fucking retard meta in a pve game if i could i'd personally rape everyone who made that decision to death with an iron rod

>>590672661Bungie is a special one.It's not the first time they've done this kind of thing, they even threatened to ban Linux users who play Destiny 2 in a Windows VM.

>>590674661They're probably trying to collect system and data usage information

I was gonna get The Witch Queen expansion after hearing from everyone I know who plays it that it's pretty much the best campaign in the whole franchise (even better than Forsaken no less), but I just can't do this anymore. Sorry Bungie, but get your act together.

>>590675051>>590674661>>590672991Yeah, Bungie seems to be specifically hostile to Linux in particular for whatever reason.Hey, their loss when Linux becomes more successful.

>>590672661So they have the gall to support Stadia which has even less of a userbase than Linux gaming, but won't support Linux?

>>590672661if you hate it so much send a bunch of emails to budgie.make your voice heard

>>590672986Don't assume, just fucking read. They're blocking Linux users deliberately. It's not an oopsie poopsie compatibility issue.

>>590676382Even worse, Stadia runs on Linux. Bungie literally has a native version of Destiny 2 running on Linux that they won't let you have.

>>590675623>Hey, their loss when Linux becomes more successful.When will that be again? Linux (and I mean GNU/Linux specifically before you autists bring up gay shit like Android) has been trying to break into the mainstream since the mid 1990s. Before there was Gabe, there were people like John Carmack trying to get Linux to appeal to gamers. Linux will always be niche, and theres nothing wrong with that. Doesn't excuse Bungie being cocks though

>>590675051You can't even use monitoring programs lile RivaTuner in Destiny. If you so desperately want to play it stick to console.

>>590676845The main thing keeping Linux from success is the lack of prebuilts in the wild. You'd go to the store and see aisles of Windows and Mac computers, but nothing running Linux. Most people will rarely ever use an OS other than the one that comes with it.Now that we have a Linux device on the market being talked about in the mainstream and being bought by gamers, I think this will make plenty of waves.

>>590672661Twitter: @BungieHelpForums: bungie.net/en/Forums/Topics?pNumber=0&tSort=0&tType=0&d=3&lang=enIf you actually care about destiny 2 (which i have no idea why) you ever would. Go notify them

>>590676845>When will that be again?Tomorrow

>>590673673Anthem is the closest alternative I can think of, but as you said, it's dead.

>>590677024>You'd go to the store and see aisles of Windows and Mac computers, but nothing running Linux. Thats because there isn't a single, definitive Linux distro. The open nature of the OS/Kernel means that theres also a lack of consistent design/UX standards, and a million distros fighting for the attention of systems integrators, its why the only successful distros are ones like Android where Google can play tard wrangler for both hardware and software distrobution.

>>590673330>>590673673Play Elden Ring.

>>590672947literal addicts who unironically defend bungie deleting dlcs they paid for.

>>590672661Oh no, anyway...

>>590672687fpbp. Shit game who cares

Bungie are overrated hacks who got their start dumbing FPS down by making Halo for Xbox. MS owns their souls.

>>590673487How many people do you think have a Steamdeck user?

Shame a game with such beautiful art direction had to be ruined by upper management.

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>>590675623anon even with the steam deck that is a pretty big if.

Meh, I can always just play it on Stadia.

>>590675051>they even threatened to ban Linux users who play Destiny 2 in a Windows VM.how would they know?


>>590672986Bungie's afraid of cheaters.It's the result of having shit like ring-1.io exist for the longest time on the PC version despite numerous efforts to try and mitigate it and others that they don't want to take any chances going forward, which includes being able to play the game on any linux distro just because they straight up don't trust linux users. The Tim Sweeney approach minus accusing them as being Canadians (lol)They have a working Linux version (accessed only via Stadia) but that's been mentioned several times ITT alreadyBattlEye is officially supported on ProtonIt's all on Bungie to decide whether to give the green light to support it officially on Steam Deck, and they flat out said no.

>>590678798oh and by "numerous efforts" I mean small indie dev "we tried but we don't know please understand" effort mind you

>>590678798Dumb question but do cheaters even use Linux? Aren't most cheaters these days running fucking Russian trainer EXEs?

>>590678889Most of them use Windows IIRC.

Hot take but Borderlands is still the only good "looter shooter" out there. Despite the bar being so fucking low all these other attempts still come up short. There is a perfect formula just waiting to be taken advantage of but too many other games don't adhere to it and go off course, creating tons of issues that shouldn't exist in the first place.

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>>590678640Pretty sure detecting a VM is super easy.

>>590679453Sad but true.

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>>590676382>>590676731>>590678540 >>590678798At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they take down the Stadia version just because it lets Linux users enjoy it.

>>590674697>is doing it intentionallyOr just doesn't care to support it. But yeah, this case is very intentional.>>590676382>>590676731Stadia is a closed platform, and it's the safest in terms of anticheat, no shit.


>>590673673Personally, I got into VR Games like Boneworks, Pistol Whip, Beat Saber, and Alyx, turn based strategy games like Fights in Tight Spaces, Fae Tactics, and XCOM, and just went back to playing a lot of classic Doom mods. If you're averse to expanding your horizons genre wise, I'd definitely recommend doom with some mods like forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=67939https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=33292And a launcher to top it all off and load up mods with these other mods.github.com/FreaKzero/ssgl-doom-launcherNot sure if OBLIGE oblige.sourceforge.net works in WINE or not, which is why I'm recommending SSGL instead of QZDL which is more lightweight and easy to set up than SSGL, because SSGL apparently has native OBLIGE integration, so you can generate randomized maps to your heart's content.

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>>590672661Stadia Bros... we won.

>>590673347Late to reply, but based as fuck

>>590679453Ear grating reddit writing aside, on a fundamental gameplay level Borderlands lacks proper level scaling, so say your friend is at a different point in the game than you, you're going to wipe the floor with everything while their gun does less damage than a paintball rifle. Enough looter shooters either make that problem not matter, or level cap the higher level player in such a way that they don't have as much XP waste for heading back to earlier areas. Borderlands is not a good looter shooter. It's a mediocre one.Still would recommend borderlands over Destiny 2 though. Last I checked, you're not renting DLC with borderlands.

>>590672986Its all the telemtric data Microsoft harvests from players.

>>590672661Why though

youtube.com/watch?v=LRKfd5EKBtIgod this shit brings back so many good memoriesi couldn't stand how Bungie kept changing the game to force people to play a certainwayI gave Destiny 2 another shot because it was on PC and wanted to try it with keyboard/mousei stopped playing in 2019 though, simply can't stand the fat headed faggots at Bungie who kept changing the game

>>590672661>destiny 2lol

>>590682123youtu.be/PnzjqTvHJtoThe soundtrack and art direction had so much soul for a game that felt so fucking soulless to play.

>>590682247Here's the full version of the song. It's pretty majestic.youtube.com/watch?v=JWu0eOYgk5QSadly, Bungie never officially released the Music of the Spheres album (or the full songs on it) to the public and have repeatedly tried to DMCA it down from the internet (thankfully to no avail).

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>>590672661... why?

>>590673673>What's a good alternative to D2?hitting your balls with a rubber mallet

>>590673673bro destiny IS the alternative

>>590673673Get taste.

>>590682516Destiny as a franchise is this weird anomaly where I have emotional attachment to the game in a way that only stuff like Sonic Adventure, Burnout 3: Takedown, and Ocarina of Time does to me, but unlike those aforementioned games, I really couldn't honestly say I actually would recommend it to anyone or that I truly enjoyed it. Sunsetting DLC gave me the excuse I needed to drop the series forever.Like, I hear that they're not letting steam deck users play Destiny 2 and my thoughts aren't "oh what a tragedy" it's "thank god steam deck/linux users are spared from that scam of a game."

>>590672661>Bungie used to be the company that went out of their way to support non-MS based OSs>Now they literally force you to pay for maecle soft bimbos to play their post-prime titlesSoulless

>>590675623I'd bet someone on the management team got filtered by the CLI and refuses to get over it.

>>590683096That does seem like the kind of petty shit modern bungie would do.Man, what the fuck happened to bungie, anyway? They used to be so cool, it's like destiny turned them into fucking assholes. Remember when we thought all of the problems bungie were having were a result of Activision, and yet when they went independent from them, they actually got WORSE?

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Expected from bungie desuOf course theyd do something like this especially after the overpriced destiny 2 expansions and the literal removal of the campaign from their best expansion and still have the audacity to charge full price for it Of course they'd want to fuck linux gamers like this

>>590672986Nah. M$ wants that statistics dosh.

>>590679453Borderlands is still better but d1 was really good and it was a looter shooter mmo which is just a fun concept in and of itselfStill waiting for the day d1 gets a pc port or remaster but knowing bungie it won't happen and they'll keep shilling d2

>>590683520That's what happens with big companies, corporate takes over and passion walks out the door.Shit sucks.

>>590672661how is gonna know? can't you just instal windows on the steam deck

>>590684153Sure but the experience is gonna be fucking ass cause valve cheaped out on the cpu so linux works better for it anyways, valve used linux for a reasonYour performance is gonna be awful even if you run it on lowest and turn down the resolutionThen again i could be wrong and valve is just to cheap to buy a windows license to use windows and wants to shill steamos

>>590683973Speaking of which, I would really appreciate if bungie instead of sunsetting DLC, turned big destiny expansions into standalone expansion packs you can transfer your save across and turned Crucible into like, a separate centralized EXE that all expansion packs called upon when it was time to PVP. That way, if we're REALLY concerned about storage space, we could uninstall an expansion, instead of just paying money and bungie going "WHOOPS IT'S GONE, WE SUNSET IT" what feels like only 6 months later.I miss Vex Offensive.

>>590682680The taste of cinnamon.

>>590678640I think there are ways, such as looking at the VM's system hardware info.

>>590680289Vulkan support can be built into the game with very little effort from most engines and is cross platform. It would take very little effort and produce very little overhead to support Linux.

>>590674856Give it to me straight, is Borderlands 3 good for just loot and shoot? I just want to find neato guns and level up but I haven't really seen anyone just talk about Borderlands.

>>590689504All the Borderlands games are good for that. I'm not playing BL3 because I hate the way they monetized it, but other than that it looks like a good game, and I played the shit out of BL2.


>>590689504i was gonna get BL3 but randy pedo memelord pusblisher, that and apparently the main story is a satire of twitch streamers, which i just dont want to cringe my way through

>>590672661Shit game, no body cares. It’s now officially Snoy on top of that.

>>590684427>>590684153The hardware is fine, it's basically a laptop Ryzen APU. Valve doesn't like Windows or Microsoft. As long as the UEFI/bootloader allows it you should be able to install Windows, but why would you? On top of likely losing driver support for some of the hardware, the inputs aren't really well suited to a desktop OS.>inb4 I only game on SteamdeckIf you only game on mobile devices you're a faggot anyway so do whatever you want.

>>590672661If I remember correctly you can just install Windows in the deck

>>590689885It's not even a good satire, but that's not why I stopped playing it. I waited for the Epic exclusive deal to expire to buy it (on sale) with the season pass. I enjoyed it for the most part, death-by-cringe-inducing story aside, but the moment they dropped Season Pass 2™ I uninstalled the game and hid it in my library. Never playing that shit again.

>>590683520>love Hitman >IOI did a lot of weird shit with Hitman (2016) like the always online progression thing and planned to release the levels episodically) >ok well it might be Square Enix doing this weird shit to them>oh they're going independent and have the Hitman IP, cool>they do the same online shit with Hitman 2 for no real reason>Hitman 3, they go full EGS, sign a timed exclusivity deal with Sony for the VR mode>said because of some technical reasons, you couldn't carry over your shit from Steam to EGS>everyone thought it was EGS doing this>nope, it was all IOI and EGS made them setup the website to transfer over>servers were busted for basically a week after the game came out, you couldn't even play it properly because your DATA WAS ON THE FUCKING SERVERS so you'd make no progress>Seven Deadly Sins DLC is shit, it's just escalation missions It pisses me off because I really like nu-Hitman but there's just so much stupid bullshit tied to it.

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>>590673107More like You need to go back

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>>590678640It's easy to tell if someone's running in a VM. A while back the head of GW2 security at ArenaNet went in and looked at the original Guild Wars and banned everyone who was running the game in a VM, because he thought there was no legitimate reason to be doing so.

>>590672661Who even plays Destiny?, Bobby Joe from Arkansas who got an Xbox discount pack at Walmart?

>>590690217Anon you responded to here, I've actually got a story of my own about hitman.>Have not played a lot of AAA games since 2017, been mostly sticking to older games, comfy JRPGs, indie games, Doom, and VR games exclusively and not played anything by EA or Ubisoft for a while so I'm not used to "modern industry bullshit">Hey I kinda like hitman, and since I haven't gotten any of the new hitman games, H3 finally coming to steam with a VR mode is enough to get me interested since it'll be my first foray into the reboot trilogy and what better way to do it than with VR>Play the steam demo>See pic related as my first ever impression of the "World of Assasination Trilogy">Genuinely doesn't register at first as real, because I've been away from modern video game bullshit for so long I think it's a joke IOI is making about "aren't modern video games so shitty? Haha we're just kidding you can skip this and play the game now", like I was being pranked>...Still waiting for the "sike, we're not actually this bad">They're serious>They put an MMORPG queue in a single player game>Try to play the demo offline>Doesn't even have any playable content, I downloaded like 63 GB for nothingI wasn't even mad, I kinda transcended anger and went straight to pity, because they have to be insane if they think I'm gonna pay money for this kind of bullshit, I already boycott games simply for having Denuvo DRM, there's no way I was gonna buy a single player game that makes me wait in an MMORPG queue even if a game getting native VR support would basically guarantee a buy from me in most circumstances. I've got other stuff I can play and experience no FOMO, frankly IOI can fuck themselves for trying to pull this shit.

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>>590677969are these all concept art/promo pics or real ingame places you can go? like to the base of the columns that hold those railways for example, or those are just some out of bounds scenery?

>every other company>if you run this game on a OS that we do not support, we can't help you if you run into problems >Bungie straight up bans you if you run on Linux despite their anti cheat apparently working fine on Linuxso why do they hate it? if they don't want to help linuxfags if there's an issue, just say it's not officially supported

>>590691647the ones with a sitting guardian and another with a standing one aren't in-game

>>590675623>Hey, their loss when Linux becomes more successful.lol delusional, linux is just an app and run in VM as appliance.

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>>590692116Nice. Nice waste...

>>590673106That's where you are wrong friend. Dont underestimate bungle's ability to slowly shit things up

>>590673673I think im going to have to go, unironically, with outriders. There is little to no verticality. Skill tree/multiple abilities/weapon builds. The story can be enjoyable if you just allow your characters sarcasm and nonchalance be your own. Dont flame bros.

>>590673116It has great feel when it comes to the guns. Everything else is shit.Beyond the few who actually enjoy the shootan, everyone else is a fucking slave to the loot grind or whatever the fuck else there is to the game that I never bothered with.

>>590673673For broad "persistent multiplayer FPS" but entirely PvP, Planetside 2.It has shaped up very well in the past two years after Arena flopped and they crawled back to creating real content for PS2. They actually added a roadmap again and have real naval vehicle content prepared later this year.The game is technically supported for the Deck, but BattleEye is being shit.>>590693091Outriders was "okay" when I played it at launch, but really stiff when it came to skill use, and most enemies were obnoxious.What's been added to it since, besides them adding more to the post-game raids or whatever?

Isn't Destiny 2 a literal skinner box game that deleted the campaign to make room for season passes and battle passes and deletes your items so you can grind new ones?

>>590672687fpbp. fuck that faggot shit

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>>590693620Yes. This is why nothing of value is lost.

>>590672661I'm getting a Steam Deck and installing Windows on it to play whatever I want from my library so I'm not even affected by this. But this is just another reason for me to not play Destiny aside from my existing apathy after 7 years of playing the damn game. Bungle really are incompetent morons. I guess they're more interested in their bullshit "inclusion and equity" that's been fucking the game up than making something people want.

>>590693756Anon, there are no windows drivers for the deck's hardware, mainly the APU. Why is this so hard to grasp.

>>590693620Allegedly their game is so poorly put together and bloated that the filesize would be 200GB and they couldn't even include new stuff if they didn't delete most of the old maps or something.The real kick in the dick is that basically with each expansion, they add some roaming superbosses at the new higher level cap in existing maps. If you do not have the new expansion and therefore do not have access to the new level cap, these superbosses are outright invincible to you and one-shot you if they so much as look in your direction. So not only do they make older parts of the game literally unplayable because they took them out, most other parts of the game are rendered unplayable because enemies become unkillable hazards unless you pay up.

>>590675051>>590676979It's worse than that. I haven't played TWQ yet because I just don't feel like it, but when I played the 30th anniversary addon you couldn't even alt tab. If you alt tabbed it was impossible to return to the game even though you could hear the sound running in the background, you had to force close it and start it again. It's the only game that does this on my PC, every single other game I've played can be alt tabbed without issue.

>>590693495I wish i could tell you, but i joined a friend who was way ahead of me and it fucked up my progression. That and the various problems around launch i decided to shelve it for a while. Seen the big update they did a while back. Re-dl'd it a month or 2 ago. Performance is real good now. Skill usage seems more fluid, but may not be as smooth as what you're looking. I dont know how smooth we're talking. I apologize for not being able to give you actual details that matters.

>>590678798So much racism toward PC platform, given a couple of years even console platform will not be safe from cheaters and hackers for fuck sake Bungie get the fuck out of here!!

People still play Destiny 2?

>>590694227I primarily played Pyromancer and the Destroyer(?), both of them had skills where the camera would lock up and the player would be rendered stationary during the animations which were rather lengthy for what they were doing. I just found it irritating (especially in regards to the way most melee enemies behaved, being so relentless and beelining to my position, having to stand still was a death sentence most of the time) so I relegated myself to other skills most of the time, despite possibly being sub-par, it was simply nicer.Compared to those two, the Trickster was way more fuild and free to move about using all of his skills, and that alone made him way more fun. I don't imagine they would have bothered to loosen up those stiff classes.

>>590682123Yeah, my best memories of the game are from the original and the TTK expansion. The universe and lore seemed so immense, like we were just tiny little specs of dust starting our journey into the greater world. Every expansion since has seemed to make the universe smaller and smaller. And the writing has gone to shit. The original lore and the Book of Sorrows are absolute works of genious compared to the shit we get now, like cunt Mara, snarky Savathun and onions Osiris and Saint. People hated Dinklebot, but I much preferred his cold voice to the overly emotional one we got due to those complaints, it fit the universe much better. I hate these contemporary depictions of the characters, it ruined the world-building. I'm just sad for what could have been and how much Bungle fucked up.

>>590693889Anon, there will be by the time I get mine because I only managed to reserve 1 hour after it started. Why is that so hard to grasp?


>>590673673>Whelp, that does it. What's a good alternative to D2?i just redecorated if you want to come and watch the paint dry

>>590673673How about playing a good game for a change

>>590698012Name one

>>590673116it's a fun game and bungie is somewhat competent when compared with other studiosthey're far from perfect, but i'd have them over blizzard, ubisoft or EA any day of the week

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Bungie have always been a fucking pain when they came to PC.Their PC port was actually rather good, but I remember when D2 first came out, they basically said that you were not allowed to use that Discord overlay, or any overlay in the game.

Linuxfags, assuming it's a case where both Wine and Proton aren't able to make some game properly playable, how much of a performance hit I'd get if I run it in XP/7 VM instead?

Don't care, still sharing Music of the Spheresfiles.catbox.moe/3l1nd4.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/8uuzhc.rarhttps://files.catbox.moe/75rdue.mp3 The Pathfiles.catbox.moe/pkmfum.mp3 The Unionfiles.catbox.moe/9i4lkc.mp3 The Ruinfiles.catbox.moe/38axac.mp3 The Tribulationfiles.catbox.moe/sgm4qd.mp3 The Rosefiles.catbox.moe/wdj9jf.mp3 The Ecstacyfiles.catbox.moe/wi0h7t.mp3 The Prisonfiles.catbox.moe/2dx5tw.mp3 The Hope

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>>590677248Same shit is true of Android and those things are everywhere.

>>590679453If only the writting wasn't reddit tiers and the dlc were better

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