>Release Baiken uncensored and improved from XRD>Still doesn't save StriveWhat went wrong?

>Release Baiken uncensored and improved from XRD>Still doesn't save StriveWhat went wrong?

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define save

>Improved>Removed half her movesPeople have gotten sick of how simple strive is and have moved on

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>>590672017no Bridget

>wears boot sandalsfor what purpose?

>improvedHer tits are 2x the size of my head bro how is that improved. Not to mention she's tanned.

>>590672017she saved it temporarily, but alas, it wasnt enough

>>590672552>Her tits are 2x the size of my head bro how is that improvedAre you gay?

>>590672552Literally the ideal body type. You haven't lived until you near suffocate in a pair of huge tits

Strive is boring

>>590672017I would have sex with her if you know what I mean

>>590672017they censored it so i aint giving them moneygameplay is also soulless trash too


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>>590672552>Not liking big titsGay faggot

>>590672552yeah the tits could be bigger and maybe she should have a stronger tan

Strive is such a terrible game, then again so is Xturd. There will never be a good fighting game released again.

>>590673774Tanned skin is indicative of sun damage which means premature aging. People that get lots of sun age poorly because UV light causes oxidative stress and cellular damage.

I really just want to play DNF again

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The characters are fun but the system isn't and the system is heavily tied to the gameplay. What you can do is too strict but I feel like the air update they introduced a few months ago was a right move. Strive's doing ok but with a few tweaks in just a couple of months it will be bigger than ever and with the shit Capcom is pulling then it could even surpass SF as a big title, I doubt it but I'm hopefulRegardless, I enjoy KOF a lot more so I'll stick to that but I'm praying Strive finds its way to be less stale

>>590674429>but with a few tweaks in just a couple of months it will be bigger than ever

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>>590674185All of ArcSys games fall under the Dunning-Krugger effect but the slope of enlightenment is the peak and then you realize there are better games

>>590672017Don't worry, the guy who commissioned May braps is paying for Baiken braps now. The game is saved!

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>>590673774>>590674248Agreed. I mean she has tanned tits which means her nipples are pink. Yuck.

>>590672017Elden ring killed strive. Elden ring killed everything.

>>590674803Why is that fart cloud coming out from her vagina? Shouldn't it slip under her asscheeks?

>>590674378Me too

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>>590674550>>590674960It is quickly losing its playerbase because maybe people grew tired of it after all most of the matches play the same way, that's a problem with the system and not the characters/players themselves, even before Elden Ring the game was barely holding 1.3k in the month Baiken releasedIt only goes back up to 3k when an update drops but it's just Smash all over again where people stop playing after they get tired of the new characterThis game needs a change to the system and then it'll be more enjoyable in a lot of ways. The netcode is already great but everything else networkwise outside of battle is a pain in the ass and no real matchmaking so you have to move your stupid character around which is better suited for parksThen the damage is absurdly high and having a gameplan revolving around skipping neutrals makes rounds feel more like a burst of mashing than a calculated decision, your combo is your blockstring, there's no way to tell if the wall will break soon, roman cancels just serve as extensions most of the time or a timestop "oh fuck what do I do" button and the combo routes are so strict that players will mostly play the same way

Does xrd have a better player base? I was thinking of learning that since even though the netcode is worse, a healthy online environment would be good.

>>590675553>even before Elden Ring the game was barely holding 1.3k in the month Baiken releasedWhy do you lie on the internet like we can't look up these numbers ourselves? The absolute lowest number pre-Elden Ring was 1900, literally the day before Elden Ring came out. The month of Feb had anywhere from low to mid 2000s for about 75% of it.>>590676513Fuck no, Xrd is unironically dead. You need to use discord to find playable matches.

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>>590672017>uncensoredWhat do you mean?

>>590676870Whatever helps you sleep at night, there are better games out there

>>590677319I didn't disagree with anything you said about the game itself though, I'm just telling you that you're wrong about the numbers. Elden Ring literally drove a stake through Strive's playerbase, and every NA-centric fighting game for that matter. 1900 to 1300 overnight.

>entire moveset gutted to the point that she's barely recognizable as a character>"improved" bro i love anime tatas but people who actually play this shit play for the gameplay

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>>590672017Strive is the same as jive. Will be out in five years. This is a beta test.

what if strive slowly ramped up the mechanics and skillsets that every character had and basically ended up with xrd but cell shaded

>>590672017The one armed shtick is gay. I Hate Baiken's design. Overrated character.

>>590672017>>590672438How hairy do you think her pussy is?

>>590672017I thought i was finally going to have a proper main but they ruined her like all the others. I don't want to play ky anymore bros.

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>>590678089If they played for the gameplay theyd play +R, which they dont.

>>590672017>What went wrong?Instead of fixing retarded balance and damage they release even more broken shit like Chaos or Baiken.

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>>590672017plenty of anime games have boobs, that doesn't mean I want to play them.also, strive = simplified shit, it's not guilty gear as you know it.

>>590672017>improved from Xrdshitties bait I've ever seen

>>590672017>Lobby system that everyone thought was a april fools joke when it was revealed is STILL TO THIS DAY in the game, proper matchmaking does not exist>Ranked mode is pathetic, after reaching celestial it's just free for all>Online infrastructure is still horrible as ever, game takes laughtable amount of time to connect to it's servers and it has to do it twice after starting up the game. Downloading R-Code is still a fucking suicide inducing. You can even fail multiple times to show/download combos in the combo maker. It's insane.>Game still does not have interesting single player content which is crucial for casuals>DLC characters apart from Baiken were nothing but a gimmicky disasters, Happy Chaos being the worst offender - literal Injustice 2 character in the game.>Still no 4K support on PC even though it works perfectly on PS5Quick summary from me. I like the game overall, but it does everything it can to make me not play it.

>>590679837she only has one arm user do you think she shaves?

>>590681690>ChaosTheres not nearly enough Chaos players online for that to ever matter

>>590675298shes preping for goblin cock

>>590681760Everytime someone posts this sort of response, I just laugh it off. Yeah bro, you and the 300 other "real" Guilty Gear players are here to bolster the numbers if Strive was like Xrd. Fuck, +R isnt even fucking played that much anymore.


Rev3 will save strive

>>590683196What kind of retarded argument is that? Chaos is ten times more obnoxious than Sign Elphelt and Rev1 Raven combined.>>590683380Her hitboxes are fucking stupid. Yozansen, j.S and 2HS feel like they hit for full screen. You can't win any air-to-air interactions against her because of the range of her j.S. She can safely poke you with 2HS from insane distance. She has a fullscreen punish with her pistol super too. In closer range her buttons are super fast and she has a parry.While not exactly OP like Chaos in some matchups she's absolutely fucking stupid and is braindead to play in general. They really wanted coomers to win it seems. But it annoyed players who now have to deal with Baiken's bullshit.

>>590683702Im saying Chaos representation in both online and offline scenarios are far too low and irrelevant for them to take immediate action. Yes hes dumb, but it takes a special kind of dedication to pick the guy up. Hes not exactly execution heavy apart from timed negative edges and pressure. Just how many people have topped with Chaos in any recent event? How many Chaos players are there in your typical daily lobby? Hell, theres no public outcry for Chaos at all compared to the whining and pant-shitting with other characters like Ram or May. Im saying while its correct to fix Chaos, seems like no one gives enough of a shit in the playerbase side save for a handful of people

>>590672017sex doesn't sell no matter how much you meme it does

>>590674185The only people who want le old fighter games are people like Alex Valle, J Wong etc who are unironically middle aged. Valle is so old he can't even perform the things an old fighter would require. Younger people aren't interested in this shit and the older faggots hold the genre back from evolving for a younger generation. So instead, the genre dies with them while they stream their fat aging asses playing SF Alpha 2 on ggpo or whatever

>>590684015>how many people have topped with Chaos in any recent event?It's the same reasoning Pachi used to not nerf Elphelt in Xrd and a lot of people were annoyed by her.OP asked what went wrong, I explained. Chaos is clearly broken and extremely unfun to fight, it's apparent to anyone who plays this game above floor 10. People who fight against him will rage and maybe drop the game for good because it just feels unfair and stupid.More importantly, it shows that Katano is fucking incompetent as combat director. He doesn't nerf dumb shit, he can't design intersting characters. Half of the cast just spams couple of moves fishing for 80% CH combo, other half have to play a completely different game. This imbalance is frustrating and Strive's numbers are dropping fast. Totsugeki memes are fun and all but people get tired of this shit.

>>590684484The difference is that Elphelt was everywhere online because she was obnoxious AND easy. Chaos usage is fucking down there with Jack-O and while youre correct that the balancing philosophy is garbage, everyone knows the perception of whats broken is more relevant than whats actually broken. If that were the case, Chaos would be fixed and people would stop complaining about Sol or Leo or Nago

>>590684423Alpha 2 is scrubby

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>>590672545They're sturdier than regular sandals, letting her fight without suffering a wardrobe malfunction. The boots let her feet breathe a little so she doesn't stink up the house after taking them off in the evening. It also leaves the toes open so you can quickly suck on them in case if emergency.

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>>590672017>height 162cm>weight 45kgsurely this can't be right.

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>>590684423>According to my headcanon these people don't like newer games and these are the problems

>>590672467>bridgetyou don't play GG

>>590689112aww itsok

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>>590675553>It is quickly losing its playerbase because maybe people grew tired of it after all most of the matches play the same way, that's a problem with the system and not the characters/playersIt's losing players because the people who played it were smashers, casuals and contrarians who wanted to show the evil gatekeeping fgc that their time has come, eventho they never gave a fuck about fighters before.It's the worst selling GG in Japan so the dedicated playerbase there is gone, Arc appealed to western anime schizos and they have to accept that those people either drop or rotate the games.


>>590672017what happened to her arm?

>>590672017Meh, her gen 2 design looked much better. Also there's something about those tits that don't look appealing to kook at.

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>>590693201She lost it and her eye when she was a child.

>I constantly play as Baiken beating all my frens>In Samurai ShodownFeels good to be a SNK chad

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>>590692872>worst selling gg in japanIs this really true? If so its nice to know the japs hate it as much as me.

>>590693307I really enjoyed playing Warden

>>590693152>redditThats where (You) belong you fucking larper

>>590692872>Worst selling GG title in JapanIrrelevant since historically, Guilty Gear has ALWAYS flopped in Japan. Its just not a well liked title over there. Sales is also the most retarded metric since Type Lumina outsold Strive 5 to 1 and its dead in the ditch everywhere

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>>590692872>evil gatekeeping FGCOh you mean the pretenders who claim to be hardcore but never play their fucking game? Lmao, yeah back to the xturd discord with you tranny.

>>590693689>Tyke Lumina Outsold striveExcuse me wah?

>>590695540In Japan. Check out the sales for that game.

>>590693689>since Type Lumina outsold Strive 5 to 1 and its dead in the ditch everywherearcsisters.... nobody wants to play our games...

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>>590696103Please, Tekken literally mogs all other fg IPs including MO and Street Fighter but youre a disengenious faggot who dodnt put that there.Also Tekken 7 uses static numbers

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>>590693539ngl Warden was more kino than I expected. Fitted perfectly in SamSho universe.


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>>590672017>>Still doesn't save Strivestrive literally can't be saved, the gameplay is shit. exactly like how sf5 couldn't ever be saved no matter what character they put into it that was cool.>>590695540lumia also failed due to shit gameplay, unanimously everyone you speak to about it thinks the way the shields work completely ruin the game and will happily continue playing old melty because of it.the bottom line is fighting games that try to appeal to anyone except fighting game fans will not succeed, dumbing down the gameplay doesn't actually improve your sales or fix anything. if anything it loses you even more. if you want to appeal to more casuals you add more genuine single player content and not just some shitty arcade mode or short story mode

>>590697348kier starner policing the homos


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