I think the hatred for this character is unjustified...

I think the hatred for this character is unjustified.... SHE BARELY HAS AONE PAGE ON RULE 34 AND THE FUCKING WEED CAT HAS 10 TIMES MORE PORN THAN HER!!! IT'S NOT FAIR BROS!!

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>>590670434Personally I think she's cute and I'm excited for her game

Her outfit is fucking dull and kind of dorky.Worst design ever.

She looks like a background character in a Persona game. Hat-wearing Student or some shit.

Try pixiv insteadWesterners are furfagsJapanese are lolicons

One page is too much, her design is the anti sex

>>590670434Her outfit is boring,that's all,wait until costumes trailer or something

>>590670628What's the tag? Searching with English words there almost always gets nothing but amateur western shit.

>>590670434Post her bare soles.

>>590670537>>590671196Absolute shit taste, both of you. She's cuter this way.

>>590670434I look forward to the dozens of pages

>>590670628>try pixing insteadt-thanks

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>>590671832Being cute doesn't eliminate how boring her outfit is

>>590670434Making both the male and female trainers wear the same shit is fucking stupid. They had a good thing going and they shat it up

>>590670434She looks like she's 10

>>590670434I think she is cute. Yes, the uniform can be seen as silly but is part of the appeal.

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>>590670434>>590672135Based, art of her is super cuteToo bad her model sucks though

>>590672135>>590672239Yeah yeah very cute but I need to jerk off here.

it's not the best but I'll fap to it

She has some blacked porn at least so heh.

>>590670434If the new game is based on Spain, they should have Spanish style clothing instead of generic clothing

>>590672239Her model is super cute too. Your dick just isn't strong enough.

>>590672614>can't jerk off to cute girls???????

>>590673019Look, if I wanted to jerk off to non-subjective or sexual images there are like a thousand better options than her.

I'll be real with you Holla Forums. I love the fact that she's the youngest pokemon protag we've gotten but I'd be lying if I said she didn't look like a literal Youngster NPC.Let's hope they go above and beyond with the customization this time. What we hoping for in terms of cosmetics bros?

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>>590670434The character design is trash.

>>590673280>he actually thinks we'll get customized clothes when we literally have version exclusive clothesLOLMaybe some accessory customization but that's about it

>>590670434she was made literally for the pokemon company international's plan to de-anime the series of course people hate her

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>>590670434how much does the boy have?

>>590673280man remember when people here hated gloria?

What made you become based and love little girls so much?

>>5906734579 pics I think

>>590673549Yes, but at least Gloria had a lot of porn on the first day.

>>590670434works on my machine

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>>590670434I don't think you fags understand that ever since customizable outfits became a thing that GF has started making more generic MC's so it's easier to self insert. The new MC's are meant to be store mannequins.Gloria slipped through this design method though.

>>590670628Jezz... Pixiv is just deviantart 2.0 now.

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>>590670434What's there to even like about her? She looks like a generic NPC close to pic related. This franchise has had a lot of ugly overdesigned human characters for the past decade but this is just too far in the opposite direction to the point of it looking bland.

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>>590673549gloria's cute but boring. new girl is just ugly

>>590673280Customization is well and goodBut AT LEAST make the default design look goodThey even fucking made the uniforms unisex

>>590673280it's unisex like plarceus. but you will have 8 different skin tones to chose from!


>there's already off-model garbage art that gave her an adult figure with massive breasts

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>>590670604she's clearly 10, user.


>>590674250Yeah they are the only good fanart of her.


>>590673280> I love the fact that she's the youngest pokemon protag we've gottenseek help

>>590672135why is she balding?

>>590670434the boy has better porn

>>5906734574 on R349 on GelbooruAnd a handful on BaraagIf only those chumps actually tagged their shit

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>>590675086Opps meant for >>590674657

>>590671307ポケモンSVim just in the habit of using gelbooru source links to get me to the pixiv page that has the japanese tags. Hasnt failed me

I love Serena!

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>>590674657Also Cham22 made this sketch so you know the guy from behind her is black

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>>590673429All this shitty compilation does is make me realize Gen 9's style isn't actually completely soulless like I felt on my first impressionI expect to pretty much forget about them like I did with Gen 7's protagonists but they're growing on me a little

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>>590676310but chicken and the guy were pretty good

>>590670434She's cute and I wanna COOM in her WOOMb

>>590671832wrong and gay

>>590674853Not every girl decides to style their hair like an unkempt mop brush like the girls in your Vietnamese flipbook sketches user.

>>590677037baste so. frigkne j. ashsed....

>>590673980Pixiv's been shit ever since the redesign, but that was years now. Even longer than DA's current dogshit's been mandatory. God, I fucking loathe modern web design.

>>590670537Just draw her without the outfit. Problem solved.

>>590676418>only known for a hatthis is what happens when the anime gets run into the ground

>>590670434the weed cat porn is also mostly shit.quality over quantity

>>590670434It's because she's the most generic looking anime girl to date. All the pokewaifus have something distinctive nd defining about them. Looking at her plain ass doesn't evoke the series whatsoever.

>>590675020That's still more than the SwSh boy got within the first week of his reveal

>>590674189>"The graphics of the pokemon characters, the girl is unforgivable, the boy is erotic so i forgive it"

>>590679860Oh okay, makes sense now

>>590679042If every other character is distictive, being plain is distictive. Also the porn will be great because of the contrast between her plain apperance and her acting slutty. Her not wearing panties and letting people peek at her pussy by pulling her shorts to the side while sitting on the train on her way to/from school. Her tricking the male character to follow her to a dark alley where an ojisan is waiting to rape him. Good times ahead.

Honestly the only problem is the pants, the pants are atrocious and the male and female sharing the same pants is a attack on society, it's all tranny propaganda of are you thing 1 or thing 2 and they made the pants to reflect that.

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>>590680643The indigo shorts look okay on both of them but the scarlet shorts look awful. Scarlet would work much better on a skirt.

>>590680776The blue shorts make them look like actual uniforms. The hat is weird as fuck though.

>>590673429God this compilation looks so soulless

>>590680776While I agree the indigo looks ok it's still tranny shit putting them in the same pants, it's literally the same outfit so they can go are you body type 1 or body type 2.

>>590681291True, I would've preferred unique designs for the both of them. Really, I kinda want some of the more extravagant designs of the early gens. I like how Brendan and May were decked out in sporty clothes and had gear on them. At the very least, Pokemon trainers shouldn't be wearing anything they wouldn't mind getting dirty and scratched up in.

>>590673549that was before she had the drunken Scottish attitude

>>590681291Rise had an update saying they fixed some glitch with some gear for Type 1. Confusion because NoA doesn't want to say male or female to clarify what they're talking about. You can't even check what "type" your character without looking it up or making a new avatar, when normal people can just look at the fucking thing and clearly see if they're a dude or a chick.Wvtd0

I hate coomers

I love coomers

I've pledged myself too chicken-chan, and no other!

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>>590681170Everything that exists is soulless to you life-drained miserable Holla Forumsirgins.

>>590680558>If every other character is distictive, being plain is distictive.No it's not, by definition it's not. People will look at her and go "literally who?" until they're told she's from the latest pokemon game and not, in fact, a generic anime girl.

>>590673280Imagine how hard people are going to seethe if the only kind of customization in the game is skin color and dying their default clothes lmao.

>>590687419>from the latest pokemon gameI don't agree with that. They look enough like Pokemon characters, just generic trainers, like the youngster and lass or what have you.

Literally the only thing Pokemon had still going for it was character design and they managed to fuck even that up. I'm done, fuck Pokemon and fuck Game Freak.

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>>590686369Based. I too, love Chicken.I wish the undershirt weren't canon.

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>>590688953The undershirt is cute anyway.

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Is there a logic behind the appeal of loli or it's natural for humans to want forbidden things?

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>>590689792Youth is an attractive quality in females.

>>590689341It is cute but imagine if she were a bit more of a tease. Maybe even in an unintentional kind of way.

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>>590689792Same logic as any other fetish like cockvore it makes the wee wee go BOING BOING

>>590689792Everything about loli is the best.

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>>590689968Not that kind of youth, neckbeard pedophile.


>>590690532>neckbeard pedo That's not nice, also pokemon needs more toddler sized girls desu loli is cool and all but I want more toddler cunny.

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>>590690519>>590690626Nevermind, found it. youtu.be/W2z_BXBMhPA


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>>590690532>Not that kind of youthYouth is youth, user.

>>590690684is this that idol master game? asking for a friend

>>590691237Who knows?

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>>590691402Is it not even out in english? I cant find any idol master games on pc...

>>590670434>SHE BARELY HAS A>ONE PAGE ON RULE 34 AND THE FUCKING WEED CAT HAS 10 TIMES MORE PORN THAN HER!!! IT'S NOT FAIR BROS!!The game has just been announced dude, of course she is not gonna have a lot of fan art.

Her outfit is trash.


That's a boy.

>>590680643It's a kids game, bro. calm down.

>>590693029pedocoomers are used to new pokemon main characters having dozens of pages of porn at the start

>>590678941nah, fag. she's an adorable design with an adorable hat.

>>590670434The only people who play pokemon anymore are literal 6 year olds and sperglord degenerates of the highest order who just want to jerk it to the pokemon. Of course the cat has more porn.

You WILL fap to the Spanish boy

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I like Violet's smug, confident grin and Umbreon socks.

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>>590673429I recognize all of those with the exception of the Harry Potter reject image under Post Malone, what was that one from?