Most people don't really like video games

I've noticed gamers mostly fall into three camps>1. NostalgiafaggotsAll their "favorite games" are games they played when they were 10. They don't actually like video games, they just like wallowing in their childhood memories. They can often be seen complaining about how games just don't feel as fun anymore despite them either A. not really searching for new games to play and/or B. only playing the newest FOTM AAA bottom-of-the-barrel garbage and not even trying to find games they'd actually think are fun.>2. ShitpostersSpend more time on Holla Forums than playing video games. Hate more games than they like, but usually haven't played the games that they hate. Usually hate games for superficial aspects like being on a Nintendo or Sony console, or because some eceleb shilled it. Only like a game if it seems approved by "patricians" on Holla Forums, and then proceed to play for like an hour or two before dropping it.>3. Actual gamersRare breed of ubermensch that actually scrolls through their fucking ROM list or Steam library and plays shitWhich one are you?

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I am unironically 3>>590670356Inb4 500 "redditbob" replies

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>>590670476What game is this?


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I'm 3 i play any and everyy games, literallynot just video games


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if you have a backlog at all you should kill yourselflike, play the goddamn game you paid for

>>5906702641 and 2 should merge, cause they only come here and never do anything else.

steam key for supralandKZF09-R0BPZ-79I73

>>590670820Forcing yourself to trudge through a shitty game you bought on sale is how you become 2. Shitposter

>>5906702643, but I'm a retard with no time to play games, because I'm a fucking wageslave.

>>590670356>KINObobHoly based!!

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>ITT everyone says they're 3

>>590670808Nobody mentionrElden Ring, what the fuck?

what if youre 3 but shitpost at the same time

>>590670264Fucking kys retard.

>>5906702643, but cant keep up cause poverino and more powerful consoles lag on my connection, so not much pvp games going on

>>590671029Means you're schizophrenic

This is common knowledge. You only need to take a look at achievements to see that the vast majority of people who buy games don't play them for more than 1-2 hours tops. It's just empty-headed consumerism. It's actually mind boogling. There is no other industry I can think of off hand where millions of people will spend 30+ dollars on a product they only use for 1-2 hours. And certainly no entertainment industries. Even movies clock in at over 2 hours on average now and it costs 10-20 bucks to see them in theatres. I really don't understand why video game consumers are so stupid and wasteful with their money when they clearly don't like the products they're buying. It feels like video games are a massive bubble that's set to pop any day now.

>>590670264>t. russian NPC.

I'm the third one but I almost never actually discuss vidya because every time I try to, it's either ignored or people just start shit flinging for no reason.

>>590671169Yes this is something I forgot to mention in my post. It seems most people, even people here, just use the medium to pass time and don't actually care about what they're consuming at all.

>4: Racing FagsHow could faggot OP forget a whole section of people?

>>590671496what like sim racers? that seems pretty niche. I mean I see GT vs Forza shitflinging threads occasionally I guess

>>590671141im not schizophrenic

>>590670264I only play a few games that have infinite skill ceilings so I'm never searching for new games. Mario 64 is fine, but you beat it once and that's it. There's no reason to play it again when you've gotten all 120 stars. Games with an ending or a story or a set amount of levels are not important.

>>590671656Infinite skill ceiling doesn't mean it can't have an ending though, because of a cool feature in most video games where you can make a new save file

Post top 5 games and we'll decide>Elden Ring>FallOut NV>Mordhau>Smash IV>DragonQuest 8

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>>590671834Why would I play the same game twice?

>>590671898>doom1/2>resident evil>red dead 1/2>l4d2>american truck sim

>>590671951This It's like watching the same anime series twiceHow can you niggas not remember?

>>590671898>Resident Evil 4>Super Mario 64>Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3>SSX 3>Alien SoldierI have zero nostalgia for any of these games btw. I grew up during the 7th gen. I played SM64 on Wii VC but that's it. They're just really good games.

>>590671951>>590672092Because games aren't movies, you can do things differently the second time. In SM64 maybe you try a new trick to get a star, in RE4 maybe you try different weapons. Or maybe you just play it again because it's a fun game?

>>590670904Was not expecting that to work. Thanks, user.

>>590672281I'd rather be replaying RPGs with different builds or pvp

>>590672335Sure that's cool too. JRPGs aren't usually very replayable imo but WRPGs give you a lot of options to affect the way the gameplay and story go

>>590670264I'm all three of these.

>create failed online experience>add nothing to single playerkikes

>>590672452What game are you talking about

>>590672335>>590672281And I'd rather be getting better at fightans, or improving my aim/movement in an FPS, or going for an FC in a rhythm game, etc.

>>590670264all 3

>>590672484Obviously FO 76It was too redpilled so the jews fucked it.Todd is fucking redpilled now and hanging up his hatIT'S OVER

>>590670476>Fellow Illbleed enjoyer

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>>590672494Have fun while it lasts. At some point everyone gets burned out. Every game ends. Single player games having an ending could be considered a great strength, they don't overstay their welcome and leave you with negative emotions when you decide to stop playing. Unless you're a speedtranny or something.

>>590671898>doom2>chrono trigger>majoras mask>undertale>paper mario

>>590672759I don't play 'em like they're my job, user. But seeing improvement in my skills is fun for me, and it'll be a while before I reach a peak in skill with any of those sorts of games.

>>590670264Go outside.

>>590673026That's a healthy way to do it, but a lot of people get so invested in multiplayer games that when they stop having fun they see the sunk cost of how many hours they put in and decide to keep playing anyway and just be miserable

>>5906702643 but games are declining over time so a little of 1

I guess I'm 1 but I think I try to keep an open mind with new games I play. I'm not really that judgmental about the cover or the context or whatever hate memes are on Holla Forums so I'll generally play whatever. I usually like most new games I end up playing, I normally don't complain about them or analyze them like films. Still, I guess I lean toward searching for that old high as I did when I was discovering video games for the first time as a kid, so maybe I'll never truly be satisfied. But don't let us gatekeep you, just enjoy your games.

>>590671898>Fallout New Vegas>TES III: Morrowind>Metal Gear Solid 3 >Resident Evil 2 (original not remake)>Star Wars KOTOR

>>590673162I think you can acknowledge that and not be a nostalgiafaggot. The essense isn't how old the games are, it's how old you were were when you played them. If you can't enjoy a good retro game that you happen to have never played before, then you might be a nostalgiafaggot despite that game being old. It's about games that are new to YOU, i guess

>>590673462Then purely 3. It's rare I come across an old game that's accepted as good in a genre I love that I can't enjoy on some level.

>>590673149They should stop playing team games lol. 1v1 or FFA are the objective best multiplayer modes; you only have yourself to rely on.

>>590670264Mostly a 2, but every few months I will become a 3 for a period of time.

>>590673290Morrowind is based but I played the fuck out of it and don't think I could go through another playthrough without heavy modding

>>590670264I'm a bit of all of these. I'm probably more of 3 though because I actually try to seek out new games and enjoy most of them. I'm a bit of 2 because I'm heavily critical about a lot of games. I'm a bit of 1 because I don't like a lot of modern games and do tend to gravitate into older stuff more.

>>590670948I knew Shadow would have a change of heart one day

>>590673712>I played the fuck out of it and don't think I could go through another playthrough without heavy moddingThat's pretty much all of the Elder Scrolls games after you've already exhausted them vanilla desu. I find it extremely hard to get any enjoyment out of Skyrim without loading it with dozens of GB of mods now after playing through it vanilla for hundreds of hours.

>>590671898>DKC2>Castlevania AoS>RE2>Strider 2>Luigi's Mansion 3

Little bit of all three.

I'm a coomer gamer.

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some people just play for social reasons. a guy i know eventually admitted he only plays games with friends and never alone because he just wants to socialize and go to social events like agdq, evo, etc. only superficially interested in the games themselves

>>590670264I'm the first 2

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>>590671898Fallout New VegasStar Wars The Old Republic OnlineA Hat in TimeDeltarune Persona 4 (not Golden) I'm nostalgic for Old Republic and Star Wars in general but thats about it

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>>590674479>I'm nostalgic for Old Republic and Star Wars in general but thats about itExplains your shit taste

>>590670904supraland is such a great game. have you tried the dlc/six inches under?

>>590670948Somethings not right here....

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>>590671898Isn't it a bit early for Elden Ring to be a favorite? You gotta let that shit sit a while, it's probably just recency bias

>>590671898>Fate/Stay Night >House in Fata Morgana >Steins;Gate >Umineko >Yakuza 0

>>590670264all of the above

>>5906702641 & 3.

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1new games are all gay as fuck with the same repetitive formulathere hasn't been anything truly new and different in the last 20 years

>>590681472>there hasn't been anything truly new and different in the last 20 yearsThere was, but it probably "doesn't count" because you got filtered by it

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>>590671898in no particular order>inscryption>bug fables>baba is you>sonic mania>ftl

>>590670820Anyone who contributed to humble bundle has a backlog. Fuck off.

>>590670264if you like videogamesgo play crosscodeits a really really good videogame

>>590670264Somewhere between 2 and 3, I suppose. I don't shitpost too much, but posting takes less effort than playing games and sometimes I just can't decide what to play after work and chores. I don't really hate many games, though.

>>590671898Dead Rising 2NFS Most Wanted (2005)Fallout New VegasDMC3Postal 2

>>590670264I've played so many games i was able to make this image

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>>590683487>able to make a list of every single game he's playedfake gamer

>>590683635I'm bored user, what else i am i going to do with all of this free time & Money? I only have Mary Skelter 2 from my backlog before it's done

>>590683740You won't be impressed by that shit judging by how much you've played, it's just Etrian odyssey with a story & yuri in it

>>590670264Dear fucking god OP your absolutely rightThis fucking board is infested with people who don't play video and shitpost and attack other peopleComplaining about their boogymen and people who arent themIts all around us>Holla Forums>/qa/>Wojak>Ageist bullshittery>Trans boogymen>Coomers>Elden ring>Calling everything "reddit">People calling fucking "though" a reddit wordWHAT ARE WE DOING???WHY ARE WE HERE???WHY?WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!That said I would say 3. Though I go for a lot of more neish stuff so I guess 1? Little bit of both

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>>590670264>games just don't feel as fun anymoreIt's true though, they're only fun for zoomers who refuse to play anything made before the release of the PS4.

>>590670264Mainly 3. Finding new favourite games all the time through exploring gems I never had the chance to experience. Also, games are my main coping mechanism, so when my backlog does finally run dry, I am fucked.

>>590684114stop taking the bait you stupid faggot.

>>590670264I am playing demos every single Steam fest and adding the ones that I enjoy to wishlist.

Not sure why faggots keep crying about "vidya's not fun anymore" when there's plenty of vidya out there even from the past to play that are good. Not denouncing their feelings on the industry being compromised, but for God sake, come the fuck on. Stop pretending like you've played LITERALLY everything and go find some cool games.inb4 "B-BUT WHERE?"Shit thread.

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>>590671898>Dirge of Cerberus>World of Final Fantasy>Drakengard 3>Twilight Princess>Bayonetta

>>590670820anon i bought persona 5 and sims 4 because everyone was shilling them. they will forever remain in my backlog, along with a few other shitty games. some of us have backlogs because we bought games we thought might be good.

I just hang out here to get free steam keys ill never play

>>590670264I'm number 3, but I don't use steam

>>590670264No shit, you're on fucking Holla Forums, No one here likes video games, they just flocked here because it's the new popular board and basically just became Holla Forums 2.0

>>590670476>>590670720What the fuck? Is this an emulator with increased internal res and a filter? I'm really digging the look of it. Based Illbleed enjoyer btw, play Blue Stinger if you haven't

>>590670264I have a niche. I like mil-sim, but not too serious. Semi-serious Arma groups, Squad, Project Reality, Ready or Not, Ground Branch, Zero Hour. They're all my most played games. What can I say, I have a type.

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>>590690604mario if he real

Post games you are playing recently and your thoughts>Battle Circuit and Armored WarriorsI've never been a fan of the beat em up genre but these ones are really fun. Especially Armored Warriors. It's interesting to see their influence on the "character action" genre, mainly the upgrade shop in Battle Circuit, and also you can pick up enemy weapons in Armored Core like how you can pick up enemy weapons in Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101, there was a drill attachment that really reminded me of TW101 because they also had a drill as an enemy weapon.>Nier ReplicantVery mixed feelings but mostly positive. The combat is simple but fun enough once you can utilize all the different magics and you get the spear, probably not as good as Automata's combat but definitely more challenging at least. My main problem is that the side quests and traversal are mind-numbingly boring. I did not 100% the first act, I tried, but I could not be fucked to level up my fishing to catch sharks for some fucking tavern owner. The saving grace for this game is the music, the story, the world, and all the lovely gimmick sections like the text adventure and the RE Mansion. It's a beautiful game that's not fun to play but I'll still gladly finish it. Helps that Automata is one of my favorite games of all time.>Replaying RE4 for the fourth timeStill extremely fun, not much to say, went with the Red9 again and yeah it's a lot more fun than the Blacktail. I managed my inventory a lot better so the extra space isn't much of an issue.>Replaying SOTNOk I feel like I remembered this game being worse than it is, somehow. It's easy as fuck yeah but the feeling of adventure through the castle more than makes up for it. I played for 2 hours straight when I booted it up. I like how you don't start as a loser like in a lot of Metroidvanias. You don't even get a movement upgrade until like an hour in but it still feels great because of the backdash. I've also noticed a lot more background details.

>>590690604mario if he real

>>590670264I am all three.

>>590690604mario if he real

>>590670820What about emulators and piracy dipshitI can backlog whatever I want without even buying it

>>590690604MARIO IF HE REAL

>>590690939>finished Siberian MayhemIt was really good, but I don't get why people shit on 4 while praising it. The levels and secrets are more soulful in SM, but it never quite reaches the intensity and scale of some of SS4 encounters. Fun game overall, good addition to the series, the boss is probably the hardest one in the series if you don't use gadgets. Crossbow is not as good as Devastators, though.>playing Stalker Clear SkyIt's pretty good with the fan patch.

>>590692771Based, this is only the real gamer

>>590670476>3Too old. I'd hit it

>>5906702643.I don't bind myself to stupid shit like console loyalty or multiplayer game unless a friend invites to play a fighter, or a party game.I always look to new franchises and play games on roms, physical media, or steam, whatever is most convinient.i also learned the hard way to stop giving a shit about public opinion and only make my own because before that would limit the ammount of games i would want to try.Last games i played are this:>Burnout Legends on Xbox SEX>Hitman 3>Apollo Justice (been playing the entire AA franchise recently, got done with AAI2 and i loved it)>Ratchet and Clank 1 on my PS2>Kirby Star Allies for the new Kirby game coming out>Metal Slug 3-7>FE4 on emulator (Friend kept recommending it)

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>>590690604Mario if he real

>>590670264You realize 1 and 3 are the same, right? Only nostalgiafaggots even bother with emulation. The rest of us play the newest games and dab on faggots who are still stuck in the past lol.

>>590694562I never grew up with most of the games i emulate.I just have interest in playing them for multitudes of reasons.

>>590694562>The rest of us play the newest games and dab on faggots who are still stuck in the past lol.Only playing the newest games is how you become The Shitposter. It's very easy to fall into a mindset where you're just playing it because it's being discussed on Holla Forums currently, not because you'll actually think it's fun.I more often use emulators to play games I've never played before and are thus new to me, than to replay games that I played before

I'm an "actual gamer" and I think most people outside of Holla Forums fall into that category. I used to hate the shitposters the most, but now i think the nostalgiafaggots are worse. There's this guy on youtube who's the biggest nostalgiafag in the world, just a fucking faggot who won't shut up about playing ps1 with his brother while his mom made pizza and how poor he was as a kid and how video games saved his life, he actually makes me seethe. it's the guy with the yoga ball if you know him

>>590694721>it's the guy with the yoga ball if you know himthere's probably like ten different AVGN clones that are way worse nostalgiafags. I was thinking of those when I was reading that. AVGN clones are so fucking annoying.

>>590694721>>590695945>Guy in the Yoga ballNow i'm curious.

>>590696160naked jacob i believe

>>590698034Oh i know this fag, he made a video when valve released Artifact i think

>>5906718981>>5906719751>>5906727642>>5906732901>>5906741581>>5906744792>>5906799450>>5906827401>>5906833401>>5906858941I expected more 2s

>>590699101what is this measuring + you forgot one