Baby want milkies

baby want milkies

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Why is this in the game

>>590669325Because this game is a legitimate artpiece, as was Dark Souls 1.

>>590669249This woman is fucked up, stay clear

>>590669325mommy issues is really common among japanese people

>>590669325It's a Japanese game for sexually frustrated coomers.Case in point >>590669385

>>590669325Miyakeki fetish

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Do japanese women not hug their kids?

>>590669325It appeals to the male fantasy

>>590669708When was the last time a (biological) female hugged you that was not your mum?

>>590669708only during sex

>>590669779um fuck off

>>590669249Men only want one thing and it's fucking discussing.

>>590669249She gave me this dagger and then I gave it to D and now they're both gone from Roundtable. Can someone tell me where they went with no spoilers? I've already explored all of Liurna, Limgrave and most of Caelid but I don't want to search for a needle in a haystack.

>>590669956anon....look around the hold again when you have a moment

>>590669325It appeals to people with mommy issues like me

>>590669325I don’t know actually.The Tarnished, out of all the protagonists prior to him, doesn’t need a hug as much, given that he’s capable of legitimately solving the problem plaguing the world

>>590669325I need someone to hug me after getting my asshole repeatedly devastated by Radahn's bullshit fucking gravity arrows.

does she ever reappear after ganking D and vanishing? I want more hugs...

>>590669325cuz its a fantasy game

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>>590669325you know you can just...decline the hug, right? She isn't pushy about it


>>590669249Japnoids are obsessed with incest

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>>590669537Speak for yourself.

>>590669325It's a kindness to her. She deeply wishes to be a Deathbed Companion but she's can't die anymore, so she copes by taking the 'warmth' though she'll never use until the next Elden Lord arrives.

>>59066977913 years. 6 months and 8 days ago. I think about her a lot.

>>590669325Because its the purest fetish of them all.

>>590669325deep lore unironically

>>590669325Because no souls player has ever touched a woman

>>590670210Yes, you have got to progress through some optional bullshit in one of the underground river maps

>>590669325Martin wanted it, that's his sole contribution.

>>590669325To remind its incel fanbase how completely alone and undesirable they are

>>590672274Who was it?

>tfw finally tell gf about your mommy fetish>gf makes a deal with you where she will act as your mommy one week as long as you act as daddy the next one>accept it>finally understand how fucked up this fetish iswell at least she doesn't mind it at all when it's her turn and gets really into it. mommy issues are a bitch, lads.

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>>590669603lmao, absolutely based

>>590670215only on 4chan is being loved considered an unattainable fantasy

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>>590674154Fucking pussy.Next thing you will say is you never fucked your friends moms either.

I want to be Renalla's shoe


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>>590674570Can you bingo more than once? because I think I got like 7 bingos.

>>590669325>fighting eldritch abominations in a hellish landscape throughout the entire gameWouldn't you want to be comforted through all of this?

>>590674570I'm most of these. Also I got turned on reading the word "mommy" that many times. There's no hope left for me.

>>590674570I just want someone who cares about me.

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shes a nice lady

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>>590674570Jesus fucking Christ I got all 25And I was still there for her 24/7 while she died of cancerAnd now it's just me alone in a world I hate and fear, 18 months of solitude and counting


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>>590669249Based and Boothpilled

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>>590669325Because every time you leave that safe zone you're repeatedly, brutally, raped by everything that moves. Your tarnished deserves a hug for the shit they go through.

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Anyone have a webm of it?

>mfw i first played through this part >>>/wsg/4393067

>>590669249Don't do it anon1 She's evil!

>>590669385Based as fuck

>>590674570The fact that it says mommy so much pisses me the fuck off but yeah

>>590675186>Also most of those>cannot fucking fathom why you'd find this attractiveIf anything it drove me to find a woman that was the complete opposite of my mother, and what do you know now I'm hapoy

>>590669603Can you imagine a western developer saying this?

>>590674570eh, no bingo.

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>>590669249I find this kinda sweet and heartwarming , even though I'm gay as fuck and lusting ovr my elden boy. I'm glad he gets hugged when he's tired after adventuring.

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>>590683589Jobs would lost and projects would be cancelled.


>>590677072kek BS2 nailed it, literally ahead of its time


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Laughed my ass off in the OP but going down this thread man...

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>>590685480Not so funny anymore is it?Remember, if your mother didn't love you, no women will never ever be able to replicate the same kind of love

>>590674570well thats unpleasant

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In retrospect maybe it's a good thing the cunt is dying of cancer somewhere. Still texts me every now and again, even though I haven't responded or spoken to her in about 5 years now.

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>>590684091>I find this kinda sweet and heartwarming , even though I'm gay as fuck and lusting ovr my elden boy. I'm glad he gets hugged when he's tired after adventuring.same

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>>590669249What is the item she gives you? I can't remember what it was and I don't want the debuff.

>>590686332baldachin blessingPoise in a can basically. Having one in your inventory costs you 5% of max health that you get back after resting once you use it.

>>590686539>that you get back after resting once you use it.I read the debuff is permanent once you use it. That was on here though so not sure if true.

>>590669325>hugging her gives you a debuffTo penalise infidels who touch w*men before marriage, masyallah

>>590669779two weeks ago but she was drunk

>>590669249she's evil bro, she "sucked" the life essence of champions and then used it to help her lord. she's a literal metaphor of a whore humping for her pimp and getting him a payday. Refuse her and learn some faith spells instead. smdh this board

>>590686780No, using the item she gives you gives you the debuff not hugging her.



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>>590669325It's to shit on mommyfags because it gives you a debuff

>>590669249I found her later and she got me a other ending.Pretty cool.

>>590669603Must protect his smile

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>>590669603>Everyone: rofl

>>590669325a woman would never do this irl :/

>>590669249Incel Ring

>>590686884The blessing being in your inventory is what gives the debuff.If you use it like an item and wait a couple seconds for it to wear off, the debuff goes away.

>>590669603it can't be helped

>>590669325Fanservice (for me)

>>590677072>You're a good boyI'm a man not a dog fuck you Alice

>>590669325to make mentally ill trannies seeth


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>>590674570>have an excellent relationship with my mother>no drama>no weird incest thoughts>no resentment>still have mommy fetishIt's a curse anons. sometimes you do everything right and it doesn't help.

>>590677072the "you're a good boy" part makes it kinda creepy

>>590669325We can only experience women like that in fantasy

>>590669325>>590671957>>590673090>>590669514>>590669537>>590670058hugging her gives you a -5% hp debuff until you use the poise item she gives youI only learned this last night after playing for 35 hours, I've had a debuff the whole time; because I hugged a chick, she literally gave me an STDthis is more Miyazaki trolling>aww you want a hug? here take it, ENJOY HAVING LESS HP WITHOUT KNOWING, BITCH!

I've only experienced this with older hags.I want a waifu my age or younger to do this with, but they're extremely stuck up and will never do anything for you.

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Fucking bitch she killed the guy with the cool roman armor because I gave him her daggerFirst the blind girl who dies, now this. I just saved that poor girl in the scarlet rot church , I hope she won't end up dying or killing other NPCs. Though she seemed nice.

>>590695205lmao that's hilarious honestly, didn't know either

>>590674304life is the ultimate form of suffering

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>>590695205i will carry this burden for my (not) maiden

>>590669779high school

>>590669325because honey, men want one thing and it's disgusting

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>>590674570fucking hell

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>>5906952055% is nothing

>>590669779not even my mom has hugged me before.

>>5906962675% could be the "magic pixel" that you survive on and healit's not a huge problem, but it's enough to be annoying, there have been a dozen times where I'm sure I could have survived an attack with just a BIT more HP

>>590674570>All but 2 of theseYeah, good news is she's completely out of my life and nobody in the family deals with her anymore. Pretty decent chance she'll die alone which kinda makes me happy.

>>590694286>mommy badwant a mommy to make up for lost experience>mommy goodgrew up but miss being cared for, want a mommyAll roads lead to mommy

>>590669779Shit man, don't gotta do me like that.

>>590669603>MIYAZAKI: Simply put I wanted to feature a big womanI don't need to read more, that guy is based.

>>590695205She outright tells you she'll drain your energy

>>590696418Get out of here Freud.

>>5906962675% of 1 million is 50 thousandcase and point

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>>590669779Jokes on you, my grandma gave me a hug a few hours ago.

>>590674570tfw no mommy issues

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>>590696491There's also an icon under your HP barand you can see it happen while hugging, the bar will pop up and shorten which is pretty noticeable since it's not normally onscreen in the hold unless you brought it up

>>590669325It’s a meme. It’s there to provide the game free advertising.

>>590674570Only the second from top left and the middle one apply, but those weren't my moms fault. Still have a mommy fetish tho. Psychology is cringe.


>>590695592Do you really wish to know? Her quest can lead you to unfucking an ending if you made some poor choices.

>>590696703I wrote it in free trial novel AI, sorry user.

>>590669708They actually don't. Asians literally murder their children if they fail to outperform their peers


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>>590669708more the other way around, they often smother them because the father/their husband isn't around, because he's working 12 hours a day 7 days a week because japan

>>590674570I'm exaggerating the severity of these, and can even notice these flaws in myself.

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>>590696760If it's really this important I'd rather find out myself but thanks for the warning. Also, anyone knows how the dragon cathedral works? I bought the three spells on the little island but the eastern one does nothing.


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>>590696062What glowie psyop is this?

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>>590674570It was over for me before it even began. Is it even possible to recover from this?

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>>590669249Pathetic sort, Seek grass

>>590683589>Can you imagine a western developer saying this?Nahh since peeminist dominate in west

I bet this bitch has an account on OnlySouls and she charges you at least 2000 runes a month to show feet and hug roleplay