Valve says the Steam Deck will be fully compatible with Windows 11 when it releases

>still no videos running windows>still no videos running windows>still no videos running windows>still no videos running windows>still no videos running windows

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>>590666849>youll never be a woman>youll never be a woman>youll never be a woman>youll never be a woman>youll never be a woman

maybe you shouldn't be trying to game on an operating system designed for fucking office applications.

>>590667302even then you can probably run LibreOffice on the desktop mode

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>>590666849It's literally a handheld x86 PC. There should be no difficulty installing Windows 11 on it.

>590666849I hope it never runs Windows. Linux gaming is the future and Valve is helping to make it happen. Microsoft is obsessed with creating the worst, most spyware ridden OS of all time and forcing people to use it if they work in an office. Fuck that.

>its valves fault that MS didn't made driversBabbies first steps outside the walled garden, lmao. W*ndoids on absolute suicide watch.

>>590666849>windowsliterally who cares

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>windows 11

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>>590666849>literally x86 chip>still needs more proofYou never installed an OS in your life why do you care

>>590670084What's this?

>>590670474vkd3d implementing fixes for elden ring stutters into proton-experimental, the compatibility layer steam uses to run windows games on linuxthis means that linux effectively has fixes that windows users don't have access to unless someone compiles the binaries and uses them on windows, but i haven't seen ANYONE even mention that possibility

>>590667963There should be difficulty, since Windows 11 needs x86_64

>>590670589I would be extremely interested in seeing some benchmarks. On that note I wonder if anyone has benched the pirated version vs regular-but-offline version vs online version.


>>590670084destiny>Destiny 2 is not supported for play on the Steam Deck or on any system utilizing Steam Play's Proton unless Windows is installed and running. Players who attempt to launch Destiny 2 on the Steam Deck through SteamOS or Proton will be unable to enter the game and will be returned to their game library after a short time.>Players who are not accessing Destiny 2 through Windows and attempt to bypass the SteamOS/Proton incompatibility will be met with a game ban.


>>590666849>still no videos running windowsPeople have already installed windows, the problem is that no GPU drivers have been released yet

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What about 21H2? fuck W10.

>>590671128>they acknowledge that it works>they won't let you play on it because... because you can't, ok?this is almost as bad as microsoft investing thousands of dollars into a dll that does nothing except crash proton for halo infinite

>>590671128>Apex Legends and Elden Ring both work with Anti-Cheat>shitdev is shit and simply doesn't want to press the button to make it work/get paid by MS not toWho fucking cares, play a good game from good devs.

>>590670589I know dxVK exists for windows, and I think there might be one for vk3d too

>>590670589>>590671464actually there is, I don't have elden ring so I can't comment on if it helps or

>>590671261That sucks, I kind of want one but I really don't want SteamOS. Still have time to decide whether to keep my pre-order.

>>590666849>still no videos running, some drivers are still missing in order to take full advantage of the hardware

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>>590671261>no GPU drivers have been released yetSo what are the chances that AMD will care?

>>590673597who knows

>>590666849The way proton is working and the transparency that Valve is giving us and the way I know PC modders are, I'll be surprised if anyone will game on Windows in 5 years unless Microsoft pulls a diamond out of its ass

Installing LTSC 2021 on my steam deck!

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>>590673597In two weeks when RDNA 2 APUs start releasing to market

>>590674090that's not the way riko would've wanted

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>>590671464API translation is emulation only when Linux users do it, of course.

>>590670603Nigga you are fucking stupid beyond words.

>>590671351wait,really?that would be both hilarious and sad if halo infinite had a .dll to prevent proton from working.

>> DECK RECOVERY IMAGE>STEAM DECK RECOVERY DECK RECOVERY GUIDE>STEAM DECK RECOVERY GUIDE>For all the tinkerers out there, please note that this system image is not quite SteamOS 3 yet. Depending on what you try to install it on (desktop, another handheld, refrigerator, toaster), it may not work properly. SteamOS 3 proper will come out sometime after launch (and even then it may not work on your toaster).

>>590666849REMINDEREvery time you install Windows on a Steam Deck a baby penguin dies

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>>590673597There will be once RDNA2 hits the market.You also need drivers for the rest of it.



>>590676359What if I install linux and windows at the same time?

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>>590672537Please cancel

>>590677126its in a coma with cancer.

>>590666849I told you they wouldn't provide support for windows drivers. They want you in their locked down store front. They don't want you pirating games or installing epic.

>>590677421>locked down>drivers literally all in the Linux kernel>can install any distro you want and it works perfectly>can install games in any other way you want (Lutris et all)This is your brain on Epic shill cash.

>>590677628Epic is the only chance for the deck to succeed actuallyObey your master steamie

>>590667302You also shouldn't try to game on an operating system that's designed as an autism project for servers

>>590677717Well, Epic ought to make a Linux client then. Tons of the games on EGS have native Linux versions available on Steam and other storefronts. As someone who has both an Epic and Steam account with various games on them I'd very much enjoy that.

>>590670084>Fromsoft can't write a display pipeline for shitlol

>>590677726Sony and Nintendo been using FreeBSD since PS3/3DS era try again Mr Gates

>>590671587>>590670589>>590670474>>590670084that repo has auto

>>590670589>>590671587i was able to get the binaries to compile but the game crashes on launch, logs the following to event viewer:Faulting application name: eldenring.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x620fbd9aFaulting module name: eldenring.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x620fbd9aException code: 0xc0000005Fault offset: 0x0000000001df0af6Faulting process id: 0x2a90it also causes RE2 remake to hang on launch so i think the issue is with my build. I had a few errors about my compiler not understanding certain instructions but it still built successfully, so i dunno.>>590670674these are both on the pirate was impressed enough with the patch to buy the game only to find the performance is significantly worse, but still tolerablethe paid version is much less smooth and runs ~55fps often in the overworld, though I haven't tested to see how much of that is due to playing online and/or with EAC enabled. I have noticed there's A LOT of bloodstains and messages around fwiw.



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auto builds are listed

>>590678118It might need a referrer. click pic at

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>>590675979??? I just use it to make oblivion run better

>>590675979for me? it's dgvoodoo2. a true legend of a program to make old shitty d3d8 games run great

>>590678185i figured it out, had to create and account and loginsame problem though, crashes on launch, Exception code: 0xc0000005

>>590678589>i figured it out, had to create and account and loginhuh. why would they hide that to non authorized users?

>>590678589Apparently DX:MD is a DX12 game. I'll give it a shot. I don't think I own any other DX12 games.

>>590678516dgvoodoo2 is an absolute gift from the heavens, so many games would be dead and buried in the unplayable graveyard without it

>>590678926games go from stuttery unplayable glitchy messes to just... working. it's a literal miracle

>>590676170can't figure out how to get any further

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>>590679164try startx

>>590679253no luck

>>590679898systemctl list-units --state failedmight show what's borked. It might be trying to init a real GPU and failing early

I'm still happy that steamOS3 is an Arch downstream distro instead of a Debian one.

>>590671128Based bungie protecting linux users specifically from their scam game where you rent DLC that is beyond the price of a full game.

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>no driversevery time

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>>590678589hmm. did you grab a dxgi.dll from dxvk?

>>590680529nevermind. I RTFM'd better and saw that the windows prebuilt version comes with that dependency baked in.

Why would you taint your deck with w*ndows when proton just werks?

>>590680529actually that fixed it, game boots, runs in vulkan, quite smooth at that. uploading video to youtube now.

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>>590681097regular ass dxvk in general made it work? or just a dxgi from dxvk

>>590681174copied in dxgi.dll from dxvk

I may have found out how to get the new steam UI on linux and probably windows too>echo "steampal_stable_9a24a2bf68596b860cb6710d9ea307a76c29a04d" > ~/.steam/steam/package/beta>steam -gamepaduiOn windows go to your steam install folder and look at the package folder.There add a file called beta with the text steampal_stable_9a24a2bf68596b860cb6710d9ea307a76c29a04dto launch gamepadui append -gamepadui on your steam desktop client shortcut

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>>590677421you can pirate games on linux bruh

>>590671128They have a linux version but exclusive for the google stadia

Why WOULD you run Windows on it? Everybody's much more interested in SteamOS, what it can do, and how well the Steam Deck handles it and any software. Performance differences are nonexistent at best, generally negligible at worst thanks to Proton.Legit, why would you?

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>>590681452not a single stutter in sight


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>>590681657it's an oddly consistent ~55 fps actually. native DX12 stays at 60 more often but feels like it hitches harder when it does dipi also specifically fought in those bushes because they seem to trigger the framedrops the worst in that area

>>590681329>fullscreen doesn't work>overlay doesn't workneat, but it's probably gonna be a while before official release


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>>590681880Looks like it's even functional

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>>590666849why the fuck would you want to run windows on it most games youd actually want to play on it run fine with proton or run nativelyif youre trying to run online shit with anti cheat those games handle better with mnk anywaysalso windows 11 is a dogshit os anyways id take arch over that steaming pile of shit any day

>> like you're one of the only dumbfucks using gaynux for even gaming

>>590681970It actually was able to launch a game. Interesting. I wonder if there's a plan to replace big picture mode with this?

I wasn't expecting playstation button prompts

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>>590682095Always a great feature. I'm never confused on which button to press with those.

>>590681452>1. Disable EAC by creating a .txt file in ELDEN RING\Game titled "steam_appid.txt", edit the file and set the contents as "1245620", save that means no online at all, no bloodstains, etc?

>>590682017Yea, it was said at announcement that the deck UI was also the big revamp of big picture mode. Don't expect it soon though, right now all work is deck exclusive I imagine.

>>590682246makes sense. big picture mode is sort of bad. It's better than not having it, at least.

>>590666849>game doesn't support linux out of the box>refund it because it's not worth the cost of a new SSD + windows license + tip + troubleshooting + geeksquad support + tip>never give money to windows "developers" (*niggers)If it can't run on linux, it's not real software.

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>>590682276Big picture never got the development it deserved when valve realized linux gaming wasn't mature enough to push the whole PC as a console concept, so they instead focused on proton and such instead. Hopefully the deck succeeds at doing this before microsoft can make the xbox app on windows decent enough for couch gaming with a PC.

So i found out the new UI may need to be run via gamescope> gamescope -- steam -gamepaduiproblem is that if i do that then the game wont rungonna research it further

>>590682370>buy game>play game for 30 minutes, constantly start/restart it>refund it stating technical issues>apply crackthank you gayben

>what do you mean this game doesn't work on Linux? All the devs have to do is push a button, REEEEEEEE WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS?>pfft, I am glad that the deck can't run windows properly yet! Who CARES?Idiotic double standards. Kind of expected from Loonie Troons, though

>>590682496t. itoddler

>>590682218yeah unfortunately, EAC blocks the DLLs from loading/the game from launching otherwise

>>590682582might be worth it for people who have performance issues though

>>590682582Didn't EAC release proton support in newer versions of their software?

>>590680237Nice pic

>>590682665yeah but from didn't enable it because they're incompetent

>>590682719Every fucking time.It's like the whole industry fired every engine dev they had.


>>590671128No Tux, No Bux

>>590681624the shutdown button actually turns off your computer, can confirm

you can also force a window size with -H and -Wit assumes 16:9

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Who the fuck needs Windows in 2022?I still have a Windows partition - just in case - , but honestly haven't booted into it in years.Last time I somewhat seriously used it was probably in 2018 and even that was only for an odd edge case where some unironic shitware (not Holla Forums-related) did its worst to prevent itself from getting launched under anything but Windows.

>>590683112forgot to add the command may be -eas in >gamescope -e -- steam --gamepaduiyou can also add -f for fullscreenit seems though anything other than -e does not give you steam UI sound.not surprising this is buggy. We wont see the new steam UI on desktop for a while.

>>590683267more pics fullscreen

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will it actually install the chrome flatpak?I wonder.

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Anyone with a steam deck can you test wether or not gdlauncher(minecraft launcher) works?

>>590684019Just add the application as a non steam game in desktop mode, I'd imagine.

>>590682496It's not a double standard, I want linux to do more things than it can presently do, I don't want linux to do less things while I concede to using windows.The point is to remove the need for windows by making linux do more things, which is within the power of developers now, not to embrace windows and leave linux behind whenever it can't do a thing.

>>590685194>it's about freedom>but we just need to remove the need for you to use windows!You use a lot of words to try to justify your desire for fewer freedoms.

>>590685289Yeah, I want the freedom to not use Windows.For the record, I'm not a FOSS fanatic even though I do prefer FOSS since it lets the community port games to everything and make patches when something's fucked and the dev won't fix it, but I do still want to use proprietary software, I just want to use it on Linux not windows. KDE Plasma is a better desktop experience to me than Windows has and I like using Konsole for certain things like playing music with mpv --no-video, it's got nothing to do with being a freefag, linux is just better than windows at everything except video games, and I'd like for video games to catch up.That's not a double standard. That's me telling you the truth that I *don't care* about whether windows works on steam deck, which is different than saying "I HOPE" windows doesn't work on steam deck.

>>590667963No TPM supported yet I think.

Windows 11 is WEF great reset cancer and you should not use it.

>>590682430>Big picture never got the development it deservedBPM and Desktop steam are two separate codebases which makes keeping BPM up to date a pain. The deck UI is supposed to unify it all.

>>590686129Personally I just don't want to use it because I got to try it in a kiosk and it felt awful to use, even compared to GNOME. Like, my aversion to windows 11 is from a purely end user "this sucks to use" perspective, I don't even need the threat of a WEF conspiracy to avoid it like the plague.

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>>590666849>cucked by microsoft>cucked by microsoft>cucked by microsoft>cucked by microsoft>cucked by microsoft

>>590682120Joycon styled button prompt would be even better since it'll always be controller agnostic

>>590682437Nvidia GPU?

>>590687465Forgot image

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>gamescope -W 1920 -H 1080 --steam -f -- steam -steamos -gamepadui this should make it so that steam UI runs properly fullscreentry it on another TTY.

>>590680237AMD have always been pathetic.

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>>590670194I was forced to upgrade to 10. Even despite constant attempts to turn off updates or pause them, it still happened. The boxes even eventually became manipulative and restrictive with your options. That was when my disdain for Windows was established.

>>590689010My condolences. I've got some parts coming this week, which would take more tinkering than I know how to make it run W7, so I'll be seeing how far I can get by with linux.

>>590689010>Found old Toshiba Satellite laptop from my college days with Windows 7 on it and it's charger>Was about to wipe it and install linux on it just to make it a media center/steam link for my better PCs that I can hook up to my TV>See a 12 year old version of un-updated steam, wow this looks so much less bloated>The kind of games I had installed, like Sanctum 2, Unreal Tournament 2004, Dark Souls 1, Terraria, Left 4 Dead 1 etc. gave me a huge nostalgia trip back to when I actually had friends to play with and wasn't a lonely adult>Weird text files and notes from when I was in college, feels like the person who owned this PC was a lot happier and more optimistic of a person than the man I am today to the point of it feeling kinda horrible how much I failed teenage me, MFW>Old(er) music like Rip Slyme - Tokyo Stomp that I can't find anywhere on the internet anymore, MP3 file has degraded in quality over time because it's not FLAC>Get ready to say goodbye to it all after backing up some essential shit like that>OS bootloader is non functional and won't even let me change the PC to a live USB so I can start to install linux on itThat was a bit of an anti-climax, but honestly, I don't mind, it's an archive of a version of me who I have nothing in common with anymore, and that's, well, I don't know what I feel about that, but it's palpable. I'd be actually furious if all that got overwritten by windows 10, at least with linux everything I had installed on it would work, ironically.

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>>590689239No worries. I suppose I'll give Linux a look. I'm not an Apple guy and I don't think I'll bother with that route.>>590690137It's interesting to look through old drives and files, yeah. I'm not sure, but I think at least some things do actually carry over when Windows 10 force installs. If I look it up and it ends up being that that wasn't the case, I'll be retroactively even more disdainful of the affair.I remember being told by a friend when mentioning it that it wasn't a big deal and that there was no reason not to upgrade anyway. The complete disregard of my autonomy and even manipulation are things I won't forget, however.

>>590679164login as root? Does it have a root user?

>>590681436>Everybody's much more interested in SteamOSLinuxtards are this deluded.


>>590690993>Hmmmm should I play all the games of my library or just the twelve that work in the commie mess of this systemLess than 5%

>>590691053This is even worse than retardedThis is AUSTRALIAN

>>590666849Why would anyone be so dumb as to install an operating system with no functioning drivers for the Deck's APU?

>>590686063You can bypass that crap.

>>590690640>I remember being told by a friend when mentioning it that it wasn't a big deal and that there was no reason not to upgrade anyway. The complete disregard of my autonomy and even manipulation are things I won't forget, however.I would be pissed if I heard that. I wouldn't like, fly off the handle at my friend, but I'd at least make known I don't really appreciate that.

>>590672925>some drivers are still missing in order to take full advantage of the hardwareThey will never take full advatage. Linux open source drivers are already superior to the windows counterpart in almost every game and emulator.

>>590690949I'm pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to find emulators on it desu.I've not tried Linux since I gave up on Mint, but this is very clean and simple.I was planning to put windows on it but I don't see the point.

>>590671128>>Players who are not accessing Destiny 2 through Windows and attempt to bypass the SteamOS/Proton incompatibility will be met with a game ban.AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA trannix will mald af

>>590691081Not an argument.Not paying 700 bucks to play in the baby toy that is freeos, off yourself, imma install big daddy os, I'm sorry you're poor and have to deal with that garbage everyday

>>590691358I am so fucking sorry you're Australian

>>590678006This leads me to a 404

>>590691301So long as Proton compatibility is high for whatever you want to play there really is no point to running Windows on it. Maybe if you were going to use the Steam Deck as a desktop for productivity since Linux's productivity (content-creation, etc.) environment is dogshit.

>>590671128Install freedom, money stolen. Why is this even legal?

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>>590691053You will never have suspend and resume.

>>590677126>huge ass mouse padfellow low sens gamer?

>>590677126>TKL75%, 1800 or bust

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>>590691301You have deck already?

>>590682816Well the best do get snatched by the biggest companies. Sony's 1st and 2nd party studios in particular have amazing developers. Nintendo also seems to have amazing engineers and Nvidia in general has really good ones too.

>>590691608>>590677126tranny keyboardtranny(ix) OS

>>590666849why would i want to install that cancer OS?

I recently moved back to windows 11 thinking my Path of Exile problem was linux related (it wasn't, PoE is just a shit optimized game and always has been and always will be)Unironically what the fuck is up with win11's messages being like "We're doing something now. :) [you are locked out]" or"Something went wrong :)"

>>590691849Australian get ye gone you will never be New Zealand

>>590692038It's been like that on Windows for a while now, since 8 or 8.1 I think. Not sure if you can change it to a "verbose" setting or not. The blue-screen faux friendliness is annoying but at least it does still return the error that BSOD usually does and I can do error-logging from there.

>>590692038>PoE is just a shit optimized game and always has been and always will be)I remember them not fixing an engine problem because it was so deep in the code, they'd have to rewrite major portions of it. Hopefuly, the sequel will be better.


>>590691209They just didn't understand my concerns, nothing malicious about it. The way MS went about enforcing/snaking in the update was pretty much the only aspect of my ire.

>>590666849Anon, I don't understand what the fuck you are talking about. Your afraid that it doesn't run windows??? Lmao what the fuck.


>>590691425>Linux's productivity (content-creation, etc.) environment is dogshit.Somewhat depends on what you want to create.I'm professionally writing papers, letters and software and can't complain.And the hobbyesque video-, audio- and image-editing I do also works fine.You (probably) have simply never worked with Linux, so you have no idea how to get things done on Linux.Protip: 99.9% of the time it does not involve Proton, WINE and the likes.

I keep hearing that Proton-GE has solutions for video codecs that Valve can't legally use. How easy is it to put that into the Deck for you to use on certain games? Is it like getting sonething from github and putting it in a steam folder?


>>590692709Haven't tried it on deck but on desktop it's download shit from github, unpack it, select it in steam.Simple as.

>>590666849You get what you fucking deserve!>>590667963GPU drivers fren

>>590692709Extremely easy, there's a proton GUI installer you can find on the "discover" app in the desktop environment. You will have to restart steam for it to show up after it's installed.

>>590692709>>590692813It's called ProtonUp-Qt I think.

>>590666849why would you want it to be?

>>590690137>MP3 file has degraded in quality over time because it's not FLAClol I hate you for reviving this meme

>>590681436vidya can be a social thing and games like halo infinite, fortnite, or other mmos like STO are only in windows. I plan on making a windows partition i only use while docked and when my nephew wants to play le fortnite

>>590691616Yeah I got mine yesterdayNot a huge fan of it if I'm honest

>>590693465I do my best, user.

>>590693651Sell it right now, lad. You can easily make double if not triple your money back.

>>590690137>MP3 file has degraded in quality over time because it's not FLACAh, rotational velocidensity. Sorry for your loss, user.

>>590693651Then hock it quick.You can get triple your money

>>590666849>still no videos running windowsBummer. I really wanted to ruin my deck with windows.

>>590693727>>590693851Yeah I've got it on ebay now

What kind of black magic did Valve do to make this suspend/resume shit so good? It works near flawlessly and even works for non-steam shit.Is this just linux or something at work? It's so goid that it honestly feels like one of the biggest reasons to never install windows on this.

>>590677126nice mousepad, could you post the original?

>>590694089>Is this just linux or something at work?They most likely contributed code for the suspend/resume to work well in the kernel. Linux used to be notorious for having shit suspend and especially garbage hibernation. Valve is saving Linux by themselves.

unfortunately steam deck failed before it got out the door.they are so unsure of their product they are only selling 200k units per quater in like 3 countries. i dont blame them, all their hardware has flopped

>>590694215>>590694089yeah the suspend feature is surprisingly well-implementedthe only real flaw is that online games get screwy for a bit because you lose internet during it so it acts like you got DCd

>>590666849Valve deliberately delayed releasing Windows drivers because if people were able to run Windows with all drivers correctly installed it would completely crush SteamOS in it's current status. SteamOS is still very far from ready and was the real reason they delayed the launch.

>>590696520beyond the software, how does the hardware fare?

>>590667613funny how all the shitters ignored your post because you btfo them easily

>>590683153Anyone that isnt an autistic nerd?

>>590688956Uh. Radeon 6900XT, hello?

Only thing akshually bad about the deck is the fan. It's too loud too often. When playing some action game I don't really notice it but with something more chill it is annoying without headphones.

>>590690137>Old(er) music like Rip Slyme - Tokyo Stomp that I can't find anywhere on the internet anymore, MP3 file has degraded in quality over time because it's not FLACLol

>>590696583Hardware is fine, well specced and well built for what's intended and especially for the price. I'm not even discounting SteamOS for the future, but right now it's a liability and the option to run Windows with all drivers should be available. But Valve is clearly worried that it would tank SteamOS before it even managed to get of the ground, and with good reason.

>>590666849>still no videos running installed windows on it but its not worth it because there aint no drivers for most of the hardware including the gpu.



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Why are Pajeets so mad they can't install windows on a device they can't even buy?

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aperture desk job was pretty cool brehsit's basically an interactive 30 minute short film that was more substantial than youd expect

>>590694089>linux or something at work?i have no ideanever pressed this button and i am afraid of what it might do.

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>>590694089why is the suspend function getting people so excited?i expect its like on my PSP where a fast flick will make the device sleep, did consoles get so bad?

I literally can't find any reviews on the Windows performance. I know it's going to be terrible, but I still want to know if it's viable for some meme games.

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>>590667613>portrait windows>console vertical>picture horizontalexactly how retarded you need to be to take a photo like this

>>590698018Because it's a PC.

>>590677918BSD is functional unlike Trannix. Proton can't even into EAC games.>>590681996This. is NOT okay. @Nintendo @FBI @WhiteHouse

>the faggot redditor that spends 16 hours a day crying about Linux is still seething in this threadabsolutely beautiful, stay mad brainlet

>>590697790It puts you to sleep user.

>>590697786yeah I liked that, any Portal content is always great

>>590698221For anyone who doesn't know what this user is talking about, there's a guy from some subreddit called linuxsucks or something who constantly posts in linux-related threads here and on /g/, all day US time. He does it more than a full time job.


>>590698104The Deck screen is a portrait screen.

>>590698743this, the first time update it did was portrait

>> for the upscale. Black bars on the borders were for the mousepad stitches.

>>590698851Thank you.

>>590698179i mean the osd is pretty useless here since typically emulators will handle excessive loads by slowing the whole game down instead of outputting less frames, you could see this plainly in that other mario odyssey videothis one does look like it's running at mostly full speed though


>>590692114>Hopefuly, the sequel will be better.oh you poor soul. path of exile 2 is path of exile one.they just call it that for the marketing which seems to have worked on you. its the same game and the same engine. all they did was add a second campaign. you can choose to play the old one we currently have or the new one. the endgame is maps and is shared between the campaigns.

>>590697790I'm going to press this button right nowkernel 5.16wish me luck

>>590697048GeForce 8800

>>590697790>>590699313PC woke up without troublethank you Valve