What the fuck were they thinking?

What the fuck were they thinking?

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X6 is gatekeeping at its finest, and that's what makes it the best X series game

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>>590662972Well holy goddamn

>>590663162It's not nice to lie you know.

>>590662972Just use Giga Attack bro

Post the you know who video

>>590663248>Just use your one attack>Against fucking five of them

>they gave us 2 weeks and 7 bucks to make a game, anyone got any ideas

"Lets emulate Duff McWhalen's stage which is the best level in the X series!"-Said no one ever

>>590663396Isn't that X5 not X6?

>>590663238In all seriousness it's a massively underrated game and most people only dump on it because they just wanted another easy "hold right and pres buttan" game like X1-5

>>590662972>hype as fvk music>10 hour boss fightEVERY TIME CAPCOM

>>590663183i miss him

Well holy goddamn

>Amateur dev friend reproduced this boss in 30 minutes, in a fangame for a totally unrelated seriesA truly professional product

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>>590663342Actually I guess I was thinking about this attack, I don't know what you're supposed to do with X because I'm a Zerochad.

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>>590662972"we do this quick one, then the next one we're doing in FULL 3D will be amazing!"

X has 2 or 3 games that aren't shit.I'm tired of people acting like it's the peak of Mega Man when every other subseries is of much more consistently high quality.

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Redpill me on the X series

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>>590662972>Charge metal anchor>Go to next room.Or use ray splasher.


Post the video

>>590664079Best Mega Man subseries. Much faster and more engaging gameplay than classic series and not ugly like Zero series1 > 2 > 4 > 3 > 6 > 8 > 5 >>>>> 77 is the only one that's unplayably bad. The rest range from average to amazing

What was his name again?

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>>590664414Duff "Foureyes" McWhalen

>>590663528X5 was 3 years after X4. X6 was 1 year after X5.

What the fuck happened to the X series? The first game is legendary, the second one is alright but for a Capcom sequel really underwhelming, the third was noticeably lower quality but decent, the fourth was good and then everything after was pure shit on an unimaginable scale.

>>590664414Tidal Whale

How does Holla Forums feel about parrots

I can't believe this shit got released. And then they released X7.

>>590664309>7 is the worstBURN

>>5906643097's design is so fucking bad. Almost all of the bosses have the most simple attack patterns. Stonekong being the worst I think.

>>590664590People quitting, execs slashing budgets and adapting to the newer consoles for the later ones

>>590664590Around the time of X5, they were overloading on Mega Man.

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>>590662972Capcom blew through its animation budget during the later X games. Many enemies just stand still or statically slide around the screen.I stillbthink every person who thinks they should have an opinion on video games needs to X5 and X6 though. They're proof that worse game design can actually make a game more fun and interesting if its terrible enough.

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>>590665337Nothing about any Mega Man X game post 4 is fun.



>>590665658Being filtered by shitty game design is normal.


>>5906639961, 2, and 3, are great, 4 is average, 5 and 6 are shit, and I never played the others.You know, if the internet had more of a presence back when 5 and 6 were made people would've been absolutely pissed about how lazy and unplayable they were.

>>590665871>3>greatKEK, all bosses have like 1 attack and the level design is second only to X6 on how shit it is

4>1>2>5>3>6>>>>>8>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>7My opinion is objectively correct and everyone who disagrees is a homo.


>>590663996X is completely shit but is somehow the most famous series (possibly moreso than Classic) especilaly in South America for some reason.I don't get it

>>590666404X is more fun with it's fast combat.Sadly it's a sacrifice of the "puzzle like" scheme of the original series, but you gain the fun.

>>590666404>fun>Came out in the mid to late 90s so everyone grew up with it>the textbook example of wasted potential as a series

>>590665871>3, are great

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>>5906654348 is fun when it isn't an auto scroller or some other stupid gimmicktoo bad that's 90% of the game

>>590666404>especilaly in South AmericaESLs fucking love edgy shit, they even had their own edgy Sonic comic down there

>>590662972>the Donut Factory level in MAGMML 2Kino.

>>590666730>two (2) ride chaser stages…

>>590665337I like the whole idea of equipping chips that change how Zero/X play. But the game is sadly too fucking easy to actually warrant using them because by the time you actually start getting chips you should already well be on your way to the falcon armor which is utterly broken.For the record Zero had the same basic idea with the Cyber Elves but they completely fucked it up by having it so your ranking gets tanked, some completely break the game and make the game too easy, you need to grind them and the game calls you a fucking cheater. i think 4 had chips though.

>>590666819Z3 and 4 had chips and ways to use cyber-elves without tanking your rank

>>590663162Alright user, I shall amuse you and give you a (You), but please don't actually try to convince people of this.

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>>590666819In the first Zero game, ranks were largely irrelevant. The game "rewards" you for a high rank by making bosses harder the better you play, but that's it. The original Cyber Elves didn't actually change Zero's playstyle, and instead they existed exclusively to make the game easier. There was a Cyber Elf that doubled Zero's health and a Cyber Elf that eliminated all instant-death spikes form the game. None of them gave him new abilities or changed anything about him beyond health, defense and attack values.With the inclusion of EX Skills in MMZ2, the devs decided to make some things easier. It gave alternate "forms" which actually changed certain elements of Zero's playstyle, and also allowed you to pick up two of the four Subtanks from the stages themselves. The overall game was easier than Z1 as well, so they did attempt to balance things out to make obtaining all the EX Skills easier for the player. Z3 added further attempts at balance and Z4 just stopped caring altogether.

>>590664590I'll really never understand why people rate 3 higher than 5. Yes, Alia is a nuisance, but you can mash the X button and it's no more than a nuisance. Yes, the leveling system and parts acquisition is dumb but you can just not care since it isn't very important. Yes, the RNG locking you out of Zero is dumb, but you can just save beforehand. Lots of stupid implementations but none that really matter much, meanwhile the level design and basic gameplay are as good as ever, arguably the best yet as for the latter. X3's gameplay additions are nothing much to speak of (useless chips and lame weapons iirc), and the level design is poor with garbage enemies that frequently force you to grind to a halt and wait until Simon Says attack. Like, hell, I'll take Alia over the double spike ball enemies that are all over the place in X3, as the former only asks that you mash X for a second while the latter makes you actually have to put effort into reacting to its attack after it stops you in your tracks, yet it only amounts to tedious busywork since fighting it is so simplistic (and then makes you repeat the exact same encounter innumerable times throughout the game)

>>590664414BTW those are not his eyes

What the fuck was nightmare from x6 exactly?I feel it's like a virus but the game makes it sound like it's an event

>>590667767It's a virus loosely based off of Zero's "DNA".


I feel like a lot of elements of Mega Man X's designs sort of clash with each other. Like how in X5 and X6, some of X's armors prohibit the use of boss weapons. I always thought this was rather strange as boss weapons have always been an integral part of Mega Man, but for some reason MMX5 and X6 tried to de-emphasize them. In fact, in many MMX games even beyond those two, I felt like a far greater emphasis was placed on armor upgrades than on boss weapons.

Welcome to the downtimeThis is a rather strange realm where people with my compulsions are caught between recuperating from a nightmare, and being bored of their sorry assesThis results in some sort of psuedo purgatory for pain addicts, where in we try to find our next quick fix, while at the same time staying the loving fuck away from anything remotely as terrifying as the last retarded idea we happened to be recuperating from in the last place

>>590667239X3 is inoffensive in how mediocre it is. Nothing is especially bad. X5's RNG is offensive. Alia's implementation is offensive. They're bad enough that you will remember it.

>>590663479Destroying the sub piece by piece was satisfying though.

>>590668663>Nothing is especially badThe buster upgrade and soundtrack are pretty shit

>>590668827Soundtrack has some high points. First stage was pretty catchy.

>>590669113The soundtrack is a try-hard grunge piece of shit

>>590669236First stage track wasn't particularly grungy.

>>590669236>try-hardOpinion discarded.

>>590668663To each his own I guess, but the enemy design in X3 and just how long I had to spend sitting and waiting was way worse to me than anything in X5.Again, X5 is just a weird case of a lot of offensively stupid shit that actually doesn't mean anything much if you think about it. 5's core jumping and shooting isn't compromised, but 3's is.

>>590664414Stop posting the edit.

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>>590667626I dunno why anyone thought those were his eyes. He's supposed to be a whale. Whales don't have eyes on their snouts.

>>590669286it tries to mimic the "Eddie Veddar is a God" mentality of music and it fails


>>590669531what an original response

>>590662972what about X5 when the end path is RNG, so you're potentially FUCKED if you mained Zero

>>590662972this was unironically the worst game i ever played that wasn't literal shovelware.

I hate megaman x6, everything in it is ugly

>>590663556Retarded bullshit level designs, enemy placements, leaps of faith, at least TWO instances of "You didn't bring the right character, weapon, and combination of parts? Fuck you, game over", being able to find High Max before you have a special weapon and thus locking yourself into having to game over to escape, etc doesn't make a game an underrated gem.

>>590669690It's honestly amazing that it and X5 were made by Capcom. They seem more like fangames in a way. Completely amateurish sprite work.

Well holy god damn. It's a stage so chock full to the brim with bullshit, it's over ten minutes long and I can still spend every waking second talking about what's going on. Since there's absolutely nothing noteworthy about the first battle, I'll use this time to tell you exactly what sort of vomit you're watching pass itself off as genuine gameplay. These are the red donuts. They have four minute weakpoints that take dozens upon dozens of charge shots to kill. On its own, in a nondescript room, this is still so obviously a cheap, thoughtless creation whose entire difficulty is based around tedium and rendering any conventional approach entirely pointless and overly ineffective. The only tolerable way to deal with these is to exploit giga attacks, the charged metal anchor or shining ray, and the special du jour of any armor you happen to be using. There's simply no justification that can lead anyone to believe Capcom threw these together for any reason other than to avoid having to try. I mean think about it: This is literally more basic than some regular enemies. It moves back and forth, shooting projectiles. That's what it does. You could design the fucking AI for this oversized cunt in thirty seconds. I could replicate this so-called design in the upcoming battles by taking this bastard, hastily drawing a bunch of rectangles in MS Paint with my eyes closed, cropping the fucker off in the middle without any consideration having been put into whether or not the main character was equipped to handle some of the absolutely haphazard situations that crop up, and calling it a night by snorting my no-doubt satisfying mountain of coke.

>>590663183I hope he's still alive.

>>590670078Guns n roses sucks lol

>>590669309>Sitting and waitingYeah, like in Mattrex where you have to sit and wait for a five second wave of lava every ten seconds.

>>590669595It holds true

>>590670267I still want to fuck the clown girl

>>590663479That Stage is a Speedrunner’s worst nightmare

>>590669690>>590669995Well that's what no budget gets you really

>>590664414Dumb Stage McSlowndown

Are there any other speedrunners who do insightful commentary as they play, preferably with decent humor?

>game lets you complete a stage and fight a boss that you can't damage>have to game over or restart0/10 just for that

>>590666404>>590666737I'm from South America and this is pure bullshit. People like Megaman 2-4. Sometimes X1, but nothing else.

>>590669765>I got filtered. The game is bad because I'm bad at it.Shh

>>590670637It's sort of a dying breed, especially with the advent of livestreamers.

>>590670862I owned it for years and beat it multiple times on hard mode. I'm still going to call the bullshit parts of the game bullshit. It's not going to sleep with you if you white knight it.

>>590670527in terms of speedrunning wouldn't you just skip it by firing the enigma early?

>>590670862>no argument>can only desperately scream filtered over again NTA, but the game isn't even hard once you know how to deal with its sucker punches. Being able to spam the Giga Buster on the donuts does not make them well thought out level design, or make it harder than any other X game. I enjoy X6, but I'm not gonna pretend its a competently made game, just so I can larp as an elitist on a lithuanian diamond mining forum.

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>>590664079youtu.be/8FpigqfcvlMThis is all you need to know

>>590671089There are different categories of speedruns. If your only goal is defeating Sigma, then it doesn't matter. But if you wanna do a 100% speedrun, then things become less fun.Unfortunately, speedrunners are autistic as fuck, so they force themselves to do things they don't want to do.

>>590664414Slash the guru of Gash


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>>590671182>watch this youtube eceleb, he needs the views

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>>590662972X6 in no way should have been as bad as it is. I couldn't even get through it the level design is just that dog shit. X5 wasn't great either it was okay at best. X series takes a huge nosedive in quality with X5 onwards.

>>590663238Anon's not wrong; it's the hardest X game after all. >>590662972Nothing. They got fucked over by capcom and deadlines.

>>590667226Z2 is absolutely ass to keep rank up. While bosses are nothing ordinary level design is hostile as fuck and rank is lot fickle.At least z3 and z4 are more balanced and somewhat take account your elves.

>>590662972Left, Left, Left, Right


X has better physics than classic, classic megaman has concrete boots


>>590663162This one is really cruel because if you take the shadow armor to bypass the spikes and don't have the exact right jump/dash parts combination there's a gap at the end of the stage you just barely can't make.

>>590671861Funny thing is the game wants you to use all the Cyber Elves anyway in order to unlock Ultimate Form. If you're okay with using Cyber Elves, you could just try to stay at A-rank or above for as long as possible and then get the last four with the Cyber Elves that give you automatic A-rank.

>>590671819No, it's not, it's only hard on your first playthrough. When you know what to expect and how to cheese it, it's easier then X2, 3 and 8 on repeats.

>>590666404>especilaly in South America for some reasonPiracy. PS1 and 2 were the golden age.

>>590668663>X5's RNGWhy is that so much of a big deal? Alia was just annoying and only gets more the more you replay the game. X7 is offensive as a whole.>>590666819Zero 1 is a really easy game already but yeah the real one flaw it had was having an upgrade system and punishing you for using it. Now Z2, that's a real men game.>>590670267>Shitting on Izzy and Duff

>>590672026z3 system is perfect, fusion elves tank your rank as should be but sattelite ones keep useful. You can ditch extra leeway on hp for more damage or keep up on boss rush with drops.Now ereader bonus is downright retard because lol +8 saber.

>>590672623e-reader cards were just DLC before DLC.

>>590672069>it's only hard on your first playthrough.Not at all>Xtreme>X>unarmoredYou haven't beat X6 until you have done this and 100%. It's a complete different monster.

30XX has been scratching my MMX/MMZ itch pretty hard.

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>>590672820I've been abstaining until it's out of early access, how far along is it?The final boss in the first game had a cool themeyoutube.com/watch?v=bRpiDTZAUiM

I kinda wish boss weapons would stop playing second fiddle to armor upgrades though. I feel like that's increasingly become a trend in X games from X5 onwards.

>>590673032Just recently introduced its eighth stage, Watergrav, "lore terminals" for background story on each level and the setting, two new Core Aug/armor sets, reintroduced bonuses for full sets, an equippable armor set that boosts your Core Augs' corresponding pieces (double jump turns into a triple jump with foot parts, etc.), and all that's really left is its own final stages and QoL.They do seem kind of confused about how to handle their Zero equivalent in some respects, though. They mentioned a long time ago that they didn't like how his charged slashes work (they're still just a boosted first slash in the combo) and they were gonna look at alternatives, and that was around the time that Early Access still only had two or three bosses. Comparatively, they've mucked with how his techniques work two or three times now, the most recently being with this update that changed all the stuff listed above.

>>590672820>>590673032The design of these games feel too damn derivative of Mega Man. Like there's no reason the main character has to be blue as well you know.

>>590673224Other way around. While it reset their pattern boss weapons trigger long iframes and waste your time on top of that buster deals 3-4 while weapons range from 4-5.Then your have x8 with super armor and overdrive making things worse.

>>590663183Post the video

>>590673430Half the joke is that they're derivative, Dracopent buster parts even change Nina's fully charged shot to yellow and Ace's fully charged saber to green.

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>>590673445What do you mean "other way around"? Boss weapons are trash in Mega Man X8, especially in regards to X. Weird hitboxes and properties. Shining Ray is the most worthless fucking shit.

>>590673565Mediocre staff will do that to ya', Mega Man 11 had a Rising Fire equivalent that's straight better.

>>590665871i will never understand these people lumping x3 in with x1 and x2the game has dogshit levels, boss patterns, music and upgrades outside of the air dashthere is no universe where it is on-par with the first 2 games or better than x4

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>>590673610A lot of MM11's weapons are designed to either supplement his basic moveset or address inherent weakness. For instance, ordinarily Mega Man can only shoot straight ahead, but boss weapons let him hit from a variety of angles.But with X, his armors have become increasingly more versatile. He can Air Dash by default now. His buster just gets stronger with each game. Boss weapons just kinda stop mattering. What does he need a shield for when he can just double his defense with an armor upgrade?

>>590673565Because lot of busters have consistent damage or other proprieties. Like Gaea ignoring iframes and damage chart fuckery on x6 favor a lot falcon.There is a reason of why Speedrunners avoid like plague weapons outside of few scenarios.

>>590673960Also, X8's decision to let you use two characters and change between them actually hurts special weapon viability a lot. X has absolutely no need for vertical attacks because Zero can easily hit things that are above him. When you have both X and Zero together, you don't need X's special weapons at all. Zero address literally all of X's weaknesses even with just his default moveset. Add in the fact that Zero has double jump by default and you have the textbook definition of unbalanced.

>>590669458you see him close up in game for like a second

>>590662972Did you get filtered?

>X6 is bad because it's hard! No, I didn't read the manual or dialogue, explore the stages, or use subweapons

>>590662972Literaly haven't beat it without bullshiting to this day.

>>590675760>shit, this didn't work earlier in the thread, i'll try it again

>>590675760Everything that isn't part of the game is good. X6 is a perfect example of a game getting strangled in its crib, if it had gotten more development time than a year or less then it would've kicked the shit out of X4 and X5.

>>590673809It has the best maverick theme thoughyoutube.com/watch?v=ihrty5vF30g

>>590674169The only thing I know about X8 is the dash and Zero's polearm thingy turn everything into a joke. but while three phase bosses have been a thing since X1 Real Sigma is cheap as fuck since you can only damage him with charge shots.

>>590676250It got about ten months of development, to coincide with holiday sales.

4 and 1 are the only good X games

>>590672820every time I think the game is getting worse and worse, a new stage or something comes out and rekindles my hope a little bit. I hate so many of the new items, armors, and tiny tweaks to the gameplay, but with the last two stages, it's clear they they know how to make a good megaman game. All the rogue-lite elements don't compliment the game very well, but this would be nice as an alternate gamemode

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>>590677180I'm not a fan of them being attached to Binding of Isaac minions, that gameplay style fucking sucked ass in 20XX and they talked about it not being fun to play in 20XX so they wouldn't do much for it in 30XX. And now it has an armor set dedicated to it

>>590677267Exactly. They're adding so much fluff that takes away from the game. Also they need to focus more on finishing the levels instead of constantly going back and "fixing" older ones. Games tend to not get finished with that sort of mindset, though I'm glad the devs are putting some sort of deadline on their updates so they can get a move on.

>>590663162There's being difficult, and there's shit design. X6 is the latter.

>>590677617On the bright side 30XX's development is overall much more competent and streamlined than 20XX's and it pleases me a great deal that they do know what makes a Mega Man game click. 30XX frankly has better level design than the majority of the X series and a few of the Classic games, I'm a huge fan of Penumbra's wall-jump puzzles with the colored blocks and Watergrav's new gravity/water mechanics are mindbending at first.

>>590662972I never could beat X6, game was hard as fuck and made me feel bad since I finished all the others just fine.

>>590678771>Penumbra's wall-jump puzzlesThat's the shit I hate the most. I get having more complex jumping puzzles, but I hate either having movement upgrades to jump passed them or having to solve them in specific ways. Also every update makes that shit more and more frustrating. Oddly enough the new water stage is actually great

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Honestly, I think making Zero playable hurts X a lot, not just armors. All the moreso if you can freely switch between the two. By X8, X is little more than a brute force character who shoots giant energy blasts everywhere with little to no finesse or interesting weapons.

>>590678890Biggest issue with x6 is level drsign, besides this game is quite cookie cutter.Zero games are ones that are truly challenging.

>>590679910The Zero games have too much screen crunch

>>590678890>liked using Ninja armor>get to the end of the game>you're fucked if you use Ninja armor>have to redo that whole gauntlet of bullshit as the 'proper' suitNah.

>>590662972They were thinking you idiots will buy it anyway, several times every single year since the 1980s.

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>>590679910>Zero games are ones that are truly challenging.Only the second.

Out of all of Mega Man I only played:>Mega Man 2>Mega Man X1>Mega Man Battle Network 3>Mega Man Network TransmissionWhat are a couple more I should play if I'm only trying to experience the best of the series? I heard MM3 is a definite yes

>>590680095Meanwhile one of capcom's excuses for cancelling anything mm related was not a good seller.

>>590680095Yeah yeah real chads only play obscure series with one title get some fucking material you waste of skin Aussie

>>590680148>MM9>MMX2 and X4>Battle Network 2 and BN6>Megaman power battle 1 & 2>Megaman & Bass>Megaman Zero 2 and Z3MM3 is terrible, only liked for the crowd who wants the difficult route.

>>590680148Mega Man X2Mega Man X4Mega Man Battle Network 2Mega Man Zero 2-3Mega Man 4Mega Man 9Mega Man Star Force 3

>>590679910>it's not hard, it's tedious and poorly designed!Classic cope

>>590680148>I heard MM3 is a definite yesit's just battletoads-hard so it kind of became a meme. best stage select theme though

>>590680419classic dipshit post

>>590679951IntiCreates really should have used a smaller sprite scaling to at least give us more vertical playspace. Shit is fucking cramp compared to MMX. Leads to too many cases of those flying drones dropping an enemy in with barely any time to react.

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>>590664414Sneed McFeedin

>>590680728these things coming strait at you and not even dying in one hit should be a crime. You either memorize their location or get hit

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>>590664079Play X, X2, X4 and then move on. The rest are various levels of "okay" to "I want to kill the people who made this game."

>>590680630Skill issue

>>590680904I'd have allowed it if the saber would one-shot them, but nope. No-fun-allowed with the dash on any levels that abuse dropped enemies. Zero1 being especially bad about it.

>>590680728It got a little better on ZX also mobs take your position in account instead of being active right off the bat, unless you play on hard then kiddie gloves come off.Ironically dive suffer a lot from this bullshit despite 720p-1080 resolution.

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>>590681249I couldn't stomach ZX on expert solely because of the way it handled the fucking lives system.

>>590681302needs sound

>>590680186The thing about Mega Man games is that they didn't really sell gangbusters but development was cheap and quick enough that it was still worth it. Unfortunately, Legends was more expensive to develop but wasn't all that successful despite three games being released, so that's why they discontinued it. And with the advent of the 6th generation of consoles, they kept trying to breach into 3D with X, but since none of the X games released for the PS2 or Gamecube reused assets, it meant that each game was more expensive and had a larger dev time than previous games.

>>590681309Yeah it's awful on ZX, at least ZXA boots you to last save but save points are near from whatever coming next.

>>590681591I wasn't big on checkpoint spots costing more than enough e-points (or whatever they were called) in ZXA requiring some grind to unlock, because you'll never have enough on first time seeing them.If ZX reset your lives to 3 when continuing a save so I didn't have to grind out more lives (or finish a stage without taking any more deaths than lives I come across), I'd have probably finished it on that difficulty.

>>590681801You don't need all points, just few key ones.

X2 and X3 music are shit compared with X1

>>590680904>He doesn't knowIs this one of those filtering moments/git gud moments? Fuck never felt it so hard before... this is one of those can't defeat airman tier moments. >Make a series about megaman and its frames startegy become a thing>In the year 20XX people still suffer from basic stuffZ-Saber is broken. Jump and attack right in the middle of landing and you can land two strikes. >real men jump, attack in "mid"-air and then press back and forth inmediately hitting twiceSolved you and issue the game somewhat teaches you.

>>590662972>thinkingNothing, there wasn't any time for thought in X6's rushed development.

>>590663162How are you supposed to do this with just base X?

>>590681093At the very least, even if you aren't going to play any of the other games, listen to the music. The soundtracks are always consistently very good despite the middling quality of the games themselves.youtube.com/watch?v=VHkkensA774https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlfdu8thNa0

>>590686365Memes aside; it's one of the rare moments, if not the only one past X1, where the weapons become useful again which was how it was supossed to be originally. Like really fucking useful.

>>590672820So when is it leaving early access? I don't care how good it is, I never play games in early access.

>>590686524>post two of the worst music in the game>Not X5's Zero stage 2 >Not Commander Yanmark's from X6C'mon now.

>>590686731Not that I don't like the songs you listed, but why do you consider the ones I posted the worst of the games?The boss theme is incredible. It's got that dark vibe that's a perfect reflection of the darker nature of the story. The Blaze Heatnix theme is pure power metal goodness.

>>590686629Same here. The demo I played months before release was really fun, but it sucks that it's not even a complete fucking game and it showed which held me off from buying it, not to mention the loud/booming sound effects seem just a little too compressed.

>>590686629>>590686940"It'll be done when it's done," basically. EA is more of a public beta test than anything.

>>590686895BH is cliché for edgelords because muh metal, after playing that stage you get headaches from hearing it. X6's ost glory lies in its incredibly varied tracks, all nailed. >Infinite mijinion is Europe's final countdown in disguise

>>590663162>X6 is gatekeepingheh

>>590687151>cliché for edgelords because muh metalTo each their own. I'm a big Falcom fan and that song in X6 sounds like something that could easily fit in a Ys game. I agree with you on the Infinity Mijinion stage theme being great as a reference to Final Countdown though.

>>590686365Ice burst and jumper. Game still is designed to use armor tho.


>>590687237>I'm a big Falcom fan and that song in X6 sounds like something that could easily fit in a Ys game.Nah, Falcom mops the floor with. They had actual good composition instead of putting agressive sounding guitar because that's "metal" and call it a day. It was just cheap.Don't forget Gate's.

>>590686578X3's items are pretty great. Not really defending the game but I won't allow people to shit on it's items.

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>>590687683All of X3's weapons were either good charged or good uncharged but never both.

>>590665067>2003>19 games in one yearjesus fucking christ. and some people say that over-saturation was not the death of the blue bomber.

>>590663556There are good and bad ways to be hard, user. X6 isn't the former.At absolute minimum I would never recommend anyone play X6 without the Tweaks patchromhacking.net/hacks/4035/>reploid permadeath is gone (they still die but respawn after the level is exited giving the player more than one chance to get what may be an important upgrade)>changes to the Rank system to make grinding less necessary (part slots are unlocked earlier and it takes less souls to reach Rank PA)>possible to fight Lv 4 Nightmare Zero due to the above changes>upgrades and rank shared between X and Zero to encourage using both instead of minmaxing>unarmored X gets an air dash so some sections aren't near-impossible with him>armor sets can be equipped before fully complete to give the player partial benefits>several bullshit or blind jumps have been slightly tweaked, Gate Stage 1 now completeable as Unarmored X>Nightmare Snake (a.k.a. The Donut) takes quadruple damage, thank fucking godThere's also some optional stuff like disabling Nightmare Effects altogether. The game at its core is still X6 but this smooths over the objective worst parts of it that nobody defends

>>590688027Forgot to mention Shadow Armor X also got an air dash, which fixes this problem >>590672019

>Block Dropper: Excellent for attacking enemies that are too high to hit. It has excellent power and attack radius so it's very versatile.>Scramble Thunder: Great for hitting enemies in awkward angles and locations.>Chain Blast: A bit finicky but the Power Gear version can destroy things that you can't normally destroy.>Blazing Torch: Can pierce shields and great for hitting enemies that are diagonally below you. Great for killing certain Mettaurs and Sniper Joes.>Pile Driver: Can function as a makeshift dash/air dash, but it doesn't transfer any momentum into Mega Man's jump.>Bounce Ball: Shotgun/room clearer.>Tundra Storm: Giga Attack.>Acid Barrier: Shield that also lets you attack.MM11's weapons were all really practical and satisfying to use. It'd be neat if that same level of attention could be given to a MMX9.

>>5906879808 of them are mobile games2 of them are alternate versions2 of them are ports1 of them is a toySo really "only" 6 games

What is your honest opinion on Cyber Peacock?

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>>590688506Cool themeCool stageCool designOkay boss fight

>>590666737There was a Sonic comic? What was it called and was it worse than Archie (Penders era)?

>>590662972left left left right for ultimate armour.I enjoy the game.

>>590688506Cyber Kujaker a faggot.



>>590688506Why'd he want to do such things?

>>590689045He knew about SNS before it happened.

>>590664435I'm glad someone posted it.


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>>590663479blaze heatnix's stage was better than tidal whale's simply because it was a tediously slow autoscroller

>>590664435I was about to post this


>>590663183>Almost 10 years later and no one has topped him in vidya game analysis

>>590680728>that stage where you have to disarm the bombs>one bomb is above an instadeath pit with moving platforms>the platforms are offscreen when you need to come back downFUCK off I still really like all the Zero games though

>>590664435Well holy goddamn is fun and all, but the true star of that series is the Ground Scaravich video

>>590671182>groom grumps